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She was wearing that stupid headband again.

And it drove him nuts.

It was at times like there when she most resembled Hyun Gyu in both mannerisms and appearance and that pompous idiot had a proud smile on his face, as if she were his child.

It had been a year since she had joined him in his oddities and surprisingly, it had been a year she had thrived.

Yoon Yoo Rae was the best fact checker on their team and had the ability to worm the best information out of the Han River Police. Even more so, her confidence had grown and she had matured into a respected reporter.

Gyo Dong had watched her for the past year and through her internship and he was amazed every time he saw her. Honestly, it was no surprise that he was attracted to her.

It was time for the team’s weekly item meeting, a time where Yoo Rae always got a little pouty. Her ideas were much better than they used to be and were quite often chosen, the issue was that she never got to carry them out. Hence the pout.

She had walked into the meeting room alongside Ha Myeong the pout already fixed in place as she flipped through her notebook. Gyo Dong’s gaze was fixed on her from the moment she walked in.

She readjusted her headband as she sat down, and Gyo Dong was reminded how much he would love to snap the damn thing and run his hands through her short hair. Though he tried to be inconspicuous about it Sunbae elbowed him since he hadn’t realised that everyone was looking at him expectantly.

“Juniors first, Yoo Rae-a, go.”

“Nurses are going on strike again this week, so I think we should focus on pay-cuts and maybe do a piece on the day in the life of a nurse.”

“Good, go ahead with that.”

“Ah but Sunbaee-. Wait, what?”

“Ya do you not listen? Do the piece, have a specific focus on the contrast between big hospital nurses and rural nurses.”

“Ye Sunbae.”

The little wiggle and smile as she started scribbling in her notebook made the knowing look that Ha Myeong and Sunbae were giving him totally worth it.