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Twisted Wonderland Gangsters

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Thursday 12:35PM



“Here you go young fella, I hope you enjoy your stay at Royal Sword apartment.” 


The sweet lady behind the desk gives the keys to the dark haired protagonist who is wearing only sweats. “Thank you, Agatha”


“Please let me know if you need anything.”

Yuu nodded as the old woman walked away.




Yuu uses the keys to open the door to settle in their small room apartment. 

It was a nice room. A small kitchen on the side, a couch with a tv in front, small table with four chairs and a small bed against the wall. 

Feeling a little uneasy about living there, shook it off, and tried to think positive. Closing the door, putting their clothes away in a closet. Holding up their uniform for the coffee shop they applied to setting that aside for tomorrow. Another set for a clothing shop at a mall on Saturday.

They set aside some oil paints or acrylic for them to do for some free time other than the Internet. They put up an aisle and on top of that a stretched canvas of acrylic paint they’ve been working on since a month. 


It’s a painting of a detailed silver mirror, the inside is not quite finished yet. But they hope to do so. Stretching their arms, looking out to the single window from the four chair table.

Maybe some fresh air and a walk around a new area would be nice?

Maybe meet some new people.


Leaving the apartment locking the door up good. A loud bang from down the hall.

“Oh good gosh!”


Yuu spun their head around to see a boy with raven hair wearing a black sailor hat. He was quite handsome. He had hands on his hips, looking down at the ground was a box of bottles of apple juice. He picks up the box right side up and puts it one by one at a time in the box.


“Here let me help.” Yuu walks over to kneel down and picks the bottles up to put it back in the box. 

The boy looks up to Yuu and smiles 

“Thank you so much.” 

“No problem.” 


When they pick up four other bottles in the box. The boy picks up the box to carry.

“Say, are you visiting anyone? I know everyone like the back of my hand.” The boy laughs a bit.

“Ah, no I’m actually living here.” Yuu said rubbing the back of their nape


The boy’s cutesy smile drifted to a dumbfound

“Wait, really? Living here?”


“Uh… yes.”

“In this town?”


“Yeah?” Yuu was puzzled at this boy’s confusion.


The boy shook his head “My apologizes. It’s been a long time since anyone would move here around a place like this. You know the reputation and all.” The boy smiled sheepishly.


“Reputation?” Yuu asked.


The boy looked up to him, wide eyed 

“Do you not know what goes on around here?”

“No what do you—“


A ringtone went off interrupting Yuu’s question. 

The boy took his phone out and answered. 



A moment of silence.


“Oh gosh! I’m on my way.” The boy hangs up and quickly looks up to Yuu 

“I’m terribly sorry I can’t talk now, I need to go— uh, what’s your name?”


“I’m Yuu, and you are?”


“I’m Neige!” Neige quickly gave Yuu a sweet smile “It’s very nice to meet you! Welcome to Twisted Wonderland.” He told them as he quickly goes running off.


Thursday 1:30pm


Moving their legs on the sidewalk. The area isn’t bad. It’s quite nice. Some stores and cafes are open. 


Yuu took out their phone and unlocked it to open to text a friend about how things are.


“F*cking sh*t!” Someone cursed as they looked up to a damaged car on the parking side. The wind shield is totally smashed up, the side doors were deep dented, the lid of the car is scratched up and bent as if it was crashed. The young man was on his knees crying out. 


“My car! What the hell happened to my car!!” A man next to him smacked him by the side of the head.


“It’s those Savanaclaws! I know it! I I told you not to mess with them!”


Savanaclaws? Was that something Neige was talking about?

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Friday 4:40AM


Morning, a new day! 


Yesterday was an odd start, but Yuu tries to keep in mind that this will be a fresh start. Putting on their café uniform for work and tan shirt to go with the black pants. They leave the apartment to walk over to the Coral Reef café that is 20 minutes away. 


“Ah good morning Yuu! You’re early!”

A male with a Jamaican accent said, greeting at Yuu with a smile as they arrived inside the café.


A simple looking cafe with some fish themes around the walls. The dark skinned male wearing the same uniform, looks about in his mid 40s. He gives them a black apron for part of his uniform. 


“Morning, Augustus.” Yuu smiled at him. 


 “Time clock is on the register screen, Rielle will show you how to use it.”


“Okay, thank you.” Yuu smiles.


Augustus turns back to shouts

“Rielle! Please help mister Yuu here.”


It was quiet for a brief second as Augustus rolled his eyes and went towards the counter as Yuu curiously followed him.



Before he could go to the back, what popped up from the counter was a redhead with a ponytail tied to the low back. Dangling from his necklace was a purple shell necklace, he looked about 18.

“Yes, Augustus?” Rielle smiled.


“What were you doing behind the counter, mon? I thought you were restocking.” Augustus looked at Rielle


“Oh, Fletcher and I took a break and we’re both playing Among Us.” Rielle said nonchalant.


“Put those video games away and help around a little more!” Augustus snapped. 


Fletcher popped up next to Rielle. Short blue hair boy that looks to be Neige’s age.


 “Sorry sir!” Fletcher quickly responded.

Augustus turns to Yuu “After you clocked in, clean the tables.” He said “If anyone needs me I’ll be in my office.” He walks off as Rielle mocks his voice quietly. His blue eyes landed at Yuu’s dark brown ones.


“Hey there newbie, I’m Rielle!” Rielle raised his hand at Yuu as they blinked. They shortly laughed and shook his hand. 


“Nice to meet you, I’m Yuu. I’m new around here.”


“We can tell. It’s been a while since we’ve seen anyone new around here! Right, Fletcher?”


“R-Right!” Fletcher nervously said as his golden eyes looked away. 


Yuu went around the counter as they put on the apron. Rielle led them to the register computer screen to show them how to clock in. Yuu did know his code from yesterday when Augustus sent it in the morning through text.


“And you should be set!” Rielle reassured them. “Thank you, Rielle.” Yuu said.

“No probs kid! Let’s clean before mister crabapple pops out.” 


Fletcher brought out towels and a spray bottle for himself, Yuu and Rielle to clean the tables and counter before opening up. “Say, uh, Yuu where do you live?” Rielle asks

“I live at Royal Swords apartment.”


“Sweet! I live across from there!” Rielle grins “Agatha is such a sweet old hag. How many roommates do you have?” Yuu smiles at Rielle’s comment about Agatha.

“I live alone.” 

“You live alone?” Fletcher stares at Yuu, flabbergasted as well as Rielle.

“Y-Yeah.” Yuu was confused at Fletcher’s reaction, his reaction reminded how Neige reacted yesterday.

“Damn Yuu, you’re a brave soul around here! Next thing you know you’ll talk down to Azul!” Rielle laughs. Yuu’s face was puzzled.


Rielle laughed and died out as he stared at Yuu, he put on a reassuring smile as he patted their shoulder.


“Hey kid, don’t worry about it. I know if you do, those twins will squeeze ya.”


“D-Don’t say that!” Fletcher said shakily.


Yuu looked to Fletcher and then to Rielle.

“Sorry, I’m at a loss.”

Rielle's smile fell.


“What do you mean?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.


“I have no idea what you guys are talking about. What’s going on around this town?”


“Y-You have no idea about the amount of gangsters around here?” Fletcher was tense.


Yuu felt a cold rush at the back of their nape. What came to mind was yesterday, that man’s car was demolished.


“...Were they the ones that damaged someone’s car?” Yuu stared both at Rielle and Fletcher.


“Wait, what car?” Fletcher asked, petrified.


“Yesterday I was taking a walk and someone was shouting about their damaged car and some else said that “Savanaclaws” must have done it.”


Rielle sighed, looking absolutely frustrated.

Fletcher on the other hand looks like he was gonna piss himself.


“No, that’s not them. They’re a different group.” Rielle said.

“H-Honestly I don’t know who I prefer Floyd or Leona....” Fletcher shivered. “Th-That says a lot in my opinion."


“The group we are talking about is the Octavinelle gang, their leader Azul and the twins on his side are Jade and Floyd. For Savanaclaw their leader is Leona and his buddies on his side are Ruggie and Jack.”

Yuu's chest a tight, how could they not know this before the move?


“H-Hey, Rielle we should start opening up.” Fletcher spoke up, hoping to change the subject.


“Oh yeah! We’ll talk more after this, okay?” Rielle said. Yuu nodded “Alright.”




Customers came by and left. Some stayed to talk and eat or would be on their laptops doing whatever they are doing.


Rielle was doing orders while Fletcher and Yuu prepared drinks for the customers. 

Augustus would pop in to see what’s happening. Quite frequently.


“Order 101!” Fletcher shouted. 


“Spiced Chai tea Latte with a chocolate chip cookie!”


“That would be me.” A female came up taking the drink with a pleased smile.


“Thank you!” She walks off.


Then Yuu noticed a male wearing a trench coat under his suit, he had long orange reddish hair. Not red as Rielle’s hair.

On top of his hair had lion ears. 


Next to him was a little boy with light orange hair with lion ears as well.


Having a huge smile ran over straight towards to register to see Rielle.


“Hi Rielle!!” The boy squeals happily hopping a little looking up to him.


“Hey squirt!” Rielle chuckles at the five year old’s reaction.


Rielle looks up to male with a grin. “Sup Farena.”


“Hello to you too.” Farena smiles. 


“Dad! Dad! Can I have a cakepop! It has the pretty shells on it!” The little boy tugged on his father’s jacket.


“Cheka, I will. Calm down.” Farena said almost laughing looking down at his son as he pats him on the head.


“Oh, Farena is your car alright?” Rielle asks. Farena’s face was confused when he looked up to the red head.


“My car is alright, why?”


“Oh well, someone said yesterday a car got damaged and said it must have been the Savanaclaw gang.” As Rielle explained, Farena's eyes darkened, for a second and then started to sighed.


“That does sound like Leona…ah, what am I gonna do with him...” Farena had a disappointed look on his face. 


“Aye, if the cops would catch them he would make a very handsome throw rug.” Rielle smirked.


Farena lightens up and a chuckle escapes “Rielle!”


“Ah screw him! What would you guys like?” Rielle asks while preparing the screen.


“I want a cakepop!”


“Cheka, what do we say?” Farena assures his son.


“Pleeeease!” Cheka pouted.


“Alright lil bud!” Rielle grins putting the order. “How bout you, Farena?”


“Just a medium roast coffee.” Farena said. 


“Alright, anything else?”


“That’s all.”


Rielle tells them the cost, gives lil Cheka the cake pop with the sprinkled shells on it and gives them the number to wait for the coffee with receipt.


“Hey, Fletcher.” Fletcher looks at Yuu, he nodded while preparing the coffee.


“Who was the guy with his kid?” Yuu asks


“That’s Farena and his son Cheka. Farena is rich, but he is really nice.” Fletcher said.


“He and Rielle were talking about Leona. How does he know about him?”


Fletcher flinches when they mention Leona.

“F-Farena and him are brothers.”


Yuu eyes widen open. “For real?” Yuu watches Fletcher’s reaction, Yuu cringes at Fletcher’s reaction. Immediately regretting asking.


“It’s really weird that Farena is so nice while his brother is just too scary!” Fletcher said as he cringed. Yuu pats him on the shoulder. 


“I’m sorry for asking.”


“D-Don’t worry about it! You’re new to this town. You need to know more information about here as possible anyway.” Fletcher sets the coffee ready for Farena, calling out his number.

Chapter Text



Time flew by pretty quickly. 

Yuu switched with Rielle to be cashier for a while.

 Rielle prepared the last drinks for the night. Fletcher was cleaning tables.

The two people got their drinks and left.


Augustus walks from his office “Fletcher, switch the closing sign up.”

Fletcher nods as he quickly switches open to closed.

“Alright, quick Rielle, Fletcher, count as fast as possible and bring half the money to me. Yuu, come with me to my office.” Yuu walks over to Augustus.


Yuu started to look back, it was like a blink of an eye. Fletcher and Rielle were in a hurry counting the money at the register.


Yuu followed Augustus to his office as he closed the door.

“Rielle just informed me that you do not know anything about the gangsters around here.” Yuu felt cold sweat on the back of their nape. “Y-Yeah, why? Am I fired?”


“Of course not, lad. However, it’s very important, because I don’t want to lose another employee. You have been good and cooperative here.” He goes over to his drawer and pulls out a notebook. He hands it to them.


“What’s this?”


“It holds some information about the gangs, from certain territories, certain areas they would hangout, alleys ways, etc. I would be careful around gangs like Diasomnia, Heartslabyul, Pomefiore and Savanaclaw. They will tear you to pieces.” Augustus explained as Yuu looked through all the pages  from the notebook.


“Y-You did all of this?”


“Of course. This is a copy I would give to my employees. This was my and Rielle’s father idea. We must be careful."


Yuu stared at the notebook and then at Augustus. “If you guys are so afraid, then why don’t you leave?”


“We can’t. We just can’t.” Augustus said as he looked away.


Yuu just wonders why, why would they do this?

Yuu at first thought about just move out and go to different place to live.

But, there is a guilt on the side of that. 

Yuu felt like their stomach dropped. These poor people live in fear because of them. Yuu only wished they were something.

Augustus looks to Yuu. “Please keep this book with you. I have more around.”


A burst from the door made Yuu jump as if they thought an actual gangster barged in. 

It was Fletcher that had the money bag with him. 


“They'll be here any minute!”


Augustus hurried and moved the top of the cabinet from the side of his office. “Yuu, could you please help me.” They put the book on his desk and helped move the whole cabinet to the side. what shows a hole in there. Fletcher sets the money inside the hole. "Okay move it back"

Fletcher helped them moved the file cabinet set back.

“Did you count for them?” Augustus asked


“I-I have it!” Fletcher said, holding the bag up. meanwhile Rielle arms were on the counter by the register. 


His blue eyes were staring at the door. Seeing who finally walks in was a male with wavy lavender hair, wearing silver glasses, a beauty mark below his lip on the left side of his face and wearing a business suit along with twins behind him both had teal hair.


Both had one dark green streak on the different side. The twin eyes were normal while the other twin’s eyes were droopy. 


“Hello Rielle.” The male with Lavender hair spoke with a coy smile.


“Hey Azul.” Rielle glared at him.


“Where is that friendly smile you would always give around to people? It would be nice to see it right now.” Azul said with that stupid smile Rielle always hated.


Rielle tried to open a smile, he would rather spit at his than give him a stupid smile.

“Hahaha~, red drum is not even trying~” the one twin with droopy eyes laughed. “Have you prepared our money?”  The other twin said with a calm smile.


“They’re counting, they’ll be out in just a second.” Rielle said.


Azul walks over to the counter in front of Rielle and the redhead steps back. “I hope it won’t be for too long, I need it now.”


“They’ll bring it out, don’t worry. Good grief.” Rielle said as he rolled his eyes. As Azul chuckles “You have such a bad attitude. You should be careful who you’re talking too.”


“I didn’t do anything, four-eyes. I’m sick of you coming here and taking half of the money that we need deserved .” Rielle snapped.


“Ah see, you’re doing it. You’re just the same as you were as a child.”


“Says the one hiding under a façade.” Azul glares at Rielle as he did.


“Hey, hey! Knock it off!” The men turn up to look at Augustus who walks over to Rielle with the bag of money. Behind him was Fletcher.


“Ah~ well, if it isn't mister old crab and the little flounder~” Floyd smiling at them.  Fletcher shivers hearing Floyd’s voice.


Augustus’ brown eyes glared straight to Rielle, making the redhead look away with "tch".


“Hello Azul, we have the money we owe you.” Augustus walks over to hand Azul the bag when Rielle steps right in between them.


“We don’t owe him anything!” Rielle snapped again.


“Rielle, that’s enough.” Augustus glared at him while putting his hand gently on Rielle’s shoulder. Rielle smacked it off.

“No. I’m tired of them taking all of it. You need the money for your kid, man!”


Augustus' eyes sadden, he opened his mouth, quickly closed as Azul spoke “Rielle, you’re the one that wanted us to help your father’s café. You should be grateful that we were kind to do so.” Azul said with a smirk, a spike of anger rushed Rielle 

“F*ck you, Ink spitter!” Rielle spat

Azul's smirked dropped to a dark glare.


“Rielle!” Augustus snapped


“Jade, Floyd, I think he needs to be taught a little lesson.”


“Of course~” Floyd smiles mischievously as grabs Rielle, drags him over from the counter. 


“Hey! Let go jerk!” Rielle protested, tried to push or kick him or hit him to let go, but it was no use. Fletcher was shaking like a leaf, watching Floyd taking Rielle outside.


Fletcher tried to defend “S-Stop! He didn’t mean to say—“ 


“I think he did.” Jade's smile was more sinister as Fletcher backed up for. Jade turns around to walk out from the entrance to follow Floyd.


Yuu was at the back watching it all happen. They struggled to conceal their shock. Augustus told them to stay in his office until Octavinelle leave but Yuu couldn't help it.


“Stop this please!” Yuu shouts as they ran out from the back to run out. 


“Yuu no!” Augustus immediately grabbed their arm. 


“They’ll hurt you too.”


“Oh, who is this?” Azul's dark glare was gone when he noticed Yuu. His silver eyes analyzed them. He’s never seen this person, making him slightly interested.


“They’re new in town.” Augustus said as he let go of Yuu, standing next to Yuu. Yuu felt as if they were in some kind of mob movie.


“Please don’t hurt them too!” Fletcher said quickly, his golden eyes glancing towards the door. The twins and Rielle were not there.


Azul gives Yuu a friendly smile. 


“Hello, Yuu, I’m Azul Ashengrotto. Pleased to meet you.” He said as he steps towards Yuu raised his hand toward them. Yuu felt tense with Azul’s presence.


Yuu shook his hand as Augustus and Fletcher watched.

Yuu let's go of his hand, not too fast nor too slow.


“N-Nice to meet you too. Y-You’re not g-g-gonna—“

“Kill him?”


Fletcher yelped at Azul. “Of course not, not yet anyways .” His smile becomes a sly one, making Fletcher gulp.


“Remember this moment as a warning if you have a bad temper like the red head or if you ever try to mess around with the Octanvinelle group.”


Augustus hands up the money to Azul. “Please just take the money and go. Please make him stop hurting Rielle before it gets worse.”


“Thank you.” He takes the bag from Augustus. “Sorry but he needs to be taught a lesson. It’ll be a little while.”


“Wh-wha-what if Floyd hurts him too much!” Fletcher looks like he was about to burst into tears. Yuu hugs for comfort, he didn't hesitate but hugged back, crying on their shoulder.


“Why do you think Jade went out with him? He’ll be fine.” Azul cracked smile as he pulled out a chair from the tables to sit down.

Yuu's stomach clenched.

Chapter Text



Jade and Floyd walked back inside.


“He’s been squeezed~” Floyd chimes happily, as if he was a child. Yuu flinches, still hugging Fletcher who has been crying on his shoulder for a while. Azul was sitting on a chair waiting for them. 


“Ah~ I see a new cridder around~ Why so jumpy like a little shrimpy~” Yuu quivers they couldn’t help but give a slight glare.


“Aw poor little flounder is sad~” Floyd laughed at Fletcher. Fletcher finally pulled away from Yuu, he is still shaky.


“Wh-Where is R-Rielle?”


“He is at the back. I would hurry. I feel as though Floyd was a bit too much with him.” Jade said with the same sinister smile. They both chuckled, Yuu eyes widened at their sharp teeth.

Fletcher ran as if his life depended on it, sped past by the twins letting go by as Floyd waved bye like nothing bad even happened. Azul got up from his seat. “Mister Augustus,” The 40 year old male looks up towards Azul “Have a goodnight.” 


He gave him a friendly smile. Augustus didn’t want to glare so he nodded.

 “You too, Azul, Jade, Floyd.”


“Goodnight~ Goodnight to you little shrimpy~” Floyd said as Yuu cringes.


They three left.


Yuu ran from the cafe around back, their chest felt heavy to see Fletcher on his knees to Rielle cough up. “Rielle!” Fletcher looks up to Yuu running towards them, and notices Augustus behind Yuu.


“Rielle!” Augustus kneels to him, has his shoulder on to look at his wounds. His face is black and blue, blood stained from forehead, Black eye, his uniform is a mess from the dirt and red finger marks around his neck.“Rielle, we need to take you to the hospital!” Augustus said.


“I-I’m fi—“ Rielle coughing

“No! Look at you!” Fletcher was practically crying.


“ I—!” Rielle was struggling to cough up.


“No you’re not! What were you thinking?! Insulting him?! You’re the reason you’re like this!” Augustus snapped, taking out his phone to dial an ambulance, telling them that Rielle was brutally beaten and couldn't breath. Yuu noticed Rielle was shivering a bit, they took off their apron and put it on around his shoulders like a blanket.


“Please don’t do that again, it’s not worth it for you to get hurt.” Fletcher said to Rielle, using his thumb to wip of the tears.


“They are on their way,” Augustus looks to Yuu, sighed feeling a bit of guilt for Yuu to witness this on their first day. But Augustus didn’t think they had no idea about how bad Twisted Wonderland was. 


“Yuu, I understand if you want to quit—“ 


“I-I’m not quitting.” Yuu spoke quickly. Augustus blinked for a second to eye at Yuu, as if he thought he was hearing things. He raised an eyebrow. “You’re not?” Augustus asked to make sure he heard Yuu correctly.


“I want to help you guys out of this. This is not fair to you.” Yuu said.


Augustus puts his hands on his hips. “How can you help us out with this?”


“I-I don’t know how. But I’ll find a way.” Yuu said sternly. 


“I understand Yuu, I appreciate it, but this isn’t an action movie.”


“There has to be a way, right?” Yuu looked at Augustus' expression, at first he looked dazed until the corner of his lip raised.


“I wish there was. If you do actually find a way, I would finally have hope.” Augustus shortly laughed, however he couldn't take Yuu seriously. Augustus deep down want Rielle’s family off from Azul’s control, but is there a way?


He still couldn’t believe after what happened, Yuu had no idea about the gangsters around and they still wanna work here? However, he was glad they could stick around longer.

“Yuu, for now, you need to go home and rest. Make sure you have the notebook with you. They’ll take care of Rielle.”


“Are you sure you don’t want me to come?” 


“I’m taking you home. Make sure you drive here for now on.” Augustus said. Yuu nodded to him.


Fletcher was with Rielle as Augustus and Yuu closed up the cafe infront for the  ambulance arrived to carry help Rielle out in the truck along, Fletcher was by his side.


Augustus took Yuu in his car and dropped them off at Royal Sword apartment.


If the first day at the job was just insane.

What’s tomorrow gonna be like?


+  +  +


9:02 PM


“Hey, Yuu, are you alright?”


Yuu stopped themselves from turning the door knob to go into their room apartment, whipped their head to see Neige at his door with a worried expression.


“Oh hey, Neige, I didn’t see you there.” Yuu said with a sheepish smile.


Neige walks over to Yuu “You look so distraught. Is everything alright?”


Yuu chuckled for a bit. They stopped rubbing the back of their neck. their mind was consumed about Rielle.


“Did someone threaten you or anything— I-If you don’t want to talk about it, it’s alright.”

Yuu shook their puts on a smile. 


“It’s fine, it was a… scary moment.” It made Neige raise his eyebrow.

Yuu explained what had happened at Coral Reef cafe Rielle and Fletcher telling them about the town and then Octavainelle gang. Neige's face frowned.


“Oh dear. I hope Rielle will be alright.”

Before Yuu could respond, they heard some sort of a purring. Like a cat purring.

“Mreow~ Rielle started trouble again?” Yuu jumped a bit, noticed a floating head behind Neige.


 A male with purple hair choppy hair, his bangs are curved, grinning them. He had purple cat ears with some piercings.


Neige looked back at the cat boy with a smile “Oh, hi Chenya! You’re back!”

The floating head’s body started to appear, wearing a baggy buttoned white shirt under it and a light and dark purple striped shirt.

His golden eyes landed upon Yuu.


“You must be Yuu,” Chenya said smiling “I am Alchemi Alchemivich Pinka, everyone calls me Chenya.”


“Nice to meet you. How did you know my name?” Yuu was almost worried about the thought of rumors spreading about a new fresh meat in town or something,

they wouldn’t exactly be surprised if that is the case.

Neige nervously laughed a bit.


“Neige was talking about last night how you didn’t know what goes on around here and asked me how to spill it to ya,” Chenya patted Neige’s shoulder as the raven haired boy sighed. 

“I told him you’ll eventually find out, how can ya not?” Chenya grins. 


“We’re both roommates here.” Neige mentioned.


 Chenya took a glance at the notebook Yuu was holding under their arm.

“Have you looked into that notebook yet?”

Neige looked puzzled until he noticed what Yuu was holding. They pulled it from under their arm. “You have a notebook like this?”


“Augustus gave us a copy. He wants us to be safe at all cost.” Chenya laughed a little.

“I haven’t looked into it yet, I was going to read it when I was inside.” Yuu said holding it back under their armpit.

“Please read it well, and if you want to ask us any questions. You can come by our door, okay?” Neige said smiling.

"Sure! Oh, I have an idea, why not we can exchange numbers?" Yuu asks.

"That's a good idea! Let me give you my number."

Neige and Yuu both took out their phones, giving each others number.

Chenya gave told Yuu his number.


They put away their phones as a thought occurred about tomorrow, another job, something may happen.

“I-I do have one question.” Yuu said that Neige nodded.


“I am going to another job tomorrow at 6 o’clock in the morning and it’s called Cha Bella. Is there anything going on there?”


Neige frowns and lets out a sigh as Chenya sheepishly grins


“The Pomefiore gang would hang around there to go shopping. Their names are Vil, Rook and Epel. Rook is not bad but still watch out for him, Epel is quiet lil cutie-pie and for Vil, he is kind of the queen bee. The leader of the gang to be exact.” The male cat explained

Yuu glanced at Neige’s looked so distressed. 

He noticed they were starring as he quickly put up a smile on.

His eyes however felt meek for some reason.


“Don’t worry too much about them. They’ll probably be a little bit harsh but just don’t sh*t talk around them.” Chenya said.

Yuu cracked a nervous laugh “Like I would.”


“Well let’s not keep you up all night. I’m hitting the hay. Goodnight Yuu!” Chenya walks over to his and Neige’s apartment door.


“Oh right, I hope you have a goodnight! See you in the morning.” 


“Goodnight guys!” Yuu grinned.


Neige gave them a sweet smile before he and Chenya went back in their room.

Yuu went back into their own room.

Chapter Text

5:40 AM


Yuu wore a pinkish orange shirt with black pants.

They got a text from Augustus that Rielle was going to be alright, however he’ll be resting in bed for a while, but he’ll be back into shape at work soon.


Right now, Yuu can only worry about the gangsters coming into the store.

Yuu was using the swifter to wipe up the floor while a woman was cleaning the large glass door. 

She had long black hair up in a pony-tail with a white ombre at the end of the tip of her ponytail. She had large wolf ears, one ear on her left had a split. She wore an all black long sleeved shirt and leggings.


“Okay, Yuu, once you’re done here could you wipe up the counter and the mirror for me? Oh, Wraith, we got some more of those red dresses in the back. Can you please put those red dresses from the back up and make sure they are steamed up?`` Spoke a woman with brown hair with a ponytail with a blue ribbon, wore a white blouse and blue skirt.


“Yes ma’am.” Yuu nodded


“Kay, Cathleen,” Wraith said.


The store was sort of small, but it was a pretty cute clothing store. 

Relaxing music was playing from intercoms. 

It’s unisex store, however men’s clothes on the left side and the other right-side is the women’s clothes.

Wraith walked over to the employees only to go get the dresses at the back.

Yuu looked around for a second to make sure they swept up and went towards the direction where Wraith went too.


They opened the door that said “Employees Only” It was a small storage room with some cleaning supplies and boxes. Yuu saw Wraith taking the clothing rack out from the storage room as Yuu moved aside to put away the Swiffer and grab a clean rag towel to use.


“Hey, Wraith?” Yuu spoke


Wraith stopped herself with the rack as she looked toward Yuu with her golden eyes.


“Yeah kid?”


“Do you know anything about the gang that comes in here?” Yuu kind of felt stupid for asking, she should know.


“Yeah, the Pomefiore gang. Honestly they’re the only group I can ‘sort of’ stand. Why?” She raised an eyebrow.


Yuu took a deep breath “I moved into town not knowing about the reputation here, but now I sort of know...” Wraith looked at them as if Yuu had grown two heads. 


“What should I expect once they come in here?”


Wraith puts her hand on the rack as she puts her hand on her hip.

Analyzing Yuu for a mid second.


“Honestly, they come in here to just look and buy. Vil would make comments that would piss me off. Don’t get me started with Rook with his annoying habit of over talking.” She said as her eyebrows would scrunch up.


“What about Epel?” Yuu asked. 


“Oh, him. He's kind of quiet, some people would mistaken him as a girl for his feminine features. I would watch out for him. He’s not as bad as Rook or Vil. But don’t be fooled by his innocent persona that he portrays himself to be.”

Yuu sweat dropped at that.


“I remember Epel would pick fights with other gangs, he was totally a different person from what I saw.  He got scolded by Vil before anything could happen, though Rook scared them off. I gotta say, Epel is kind of unpredictable.”




“Yeah, is that all? All you have to do is not annoy their fricking “queen”. Don’t look at them. Don’t even talk to them and just do whatever it is that you're doing.” Wraith said as she rolled her eyes. She takes the rack out from the storage room.


9:45 AM


For a while, there weren’t as many customers, but there were some people that came in to buy some clothes.

Yuu helped one of the customers to find some certain size clothing.

Cathleen or Wraith would help to answer some questions that Yuu couldn’t answer. 

Wraith and Yuu would take turns at the register.

Wraith right now is behind the register.  She was somewhat intimidating to others, but they got comfortable when Wraith was being polite.


“Here you go. Have a good day.” Wraith spoke with a polite smile, she gave out the paper brown bag with one of the clothes picked out to the teenage girl as she took it.

“You too!” The girl said cheerfully, as she was walking away with another girl by her side. Wraith polite smiles disappear to an annoyed frown.


“You guys are doing such a wonderful job.” Cathleen praised. “I am very proud.” She said with a smile.


“When is Lamario coming in?”


“He’ll be coming in at 10:30.”


“I hope he is not late this time. I swear if he makes an excuse that he was with his wife...ugh, I don’t want to hear about it.” Wraith groans.


Cathleen giggled, as soon as her eyes landed at the large glass windows showing off the mannequin in the clothes.


“Okay, Wraith,” Cathleen’s eyes darted to Wraith who raised her eyebrow. “Whatever you do. Do not make any comments.”

Wraith looked at the back where Yuu was at for their 15 minute break.


“Fine, let me let the kid know.”


“Alright, please don’t take too long.”


Wraith walks over to the back into the Employees only break room that was on the way back from the storage, finding Yuu on their phone.

Wraith rolled her eyes when Yuu didn’t even notice her. She walks over and tapped them on the shoulder as they jump a bit to look up to Wraith.


“O-Oh, hey?” Yuu smiled nervously, was it time already? 

They thought they had 5 more minutes.


“The Pomefiore gang are outside. Just to let you know. Remember what I told you before.” She reassured them.


Yuu nodded at her.


She turns to go to the doorway but stops herself to see a male.


“Bonjour, mademoiselle Loup!” Yuu’s head looked up straight to whoever was in front of the employee's only break room doorway was a blonde hair male with a bob-cut with green eyes happily smiling.


“F*cking sh*t  Rook!” Wraith jumped as she then crossed her arms.


“What the hell are you doing?! You can’t come in here. It’s employees only.” She is trying to hold her snarl.


“So sorry, I couldn’t help that from afar I spotted new prey here.” He looked to Yuu who was seated in front of a table. 


‘Did that guy just say 'new prey?'’ Yuu's eyes widened as they thought. What did he mean he saw them? They were in the break room.


“You can look at them from out there.” Wraith pointed to the register. Rook raises both of his hands up before back up, putting them down as he turns himself back to walk away.


Wraith lets out an annoyed sigh as she looks back at Yuu.


“Breaktime is over.”


Yuu nods as they lock their phone to put it in their pocket to leave the room. 

Both of them went out to their stations. It was Yuu’s turn out while Wraith was behind the register. Cathleen mouthed Wraith to ‘Don’t say anything’ as Wraith eyes couldn’t help but roll at that.


Yuu glanced at the three. An updo braid blonde haired male looking through a pair of dresses. Yuu couldn’t help but think he was definitely beautiful from an angle. Yuu noticed next to him was a pretty girl--no wait it was a pretty boy with shoulder length light purple and blue eyes. Both wore indigo robes, however the blonde male robes were long enough to hit the floor. The short boy’s robes were knee length.

He has to be Epel, and then the taller male with the braids was Vil. 


Wait, where did the other guy-


“Admiring their beauty?”


Yuu jumped seeing next to them was the blonde man from earlier, his smile was unsettling. Yuu noticed the blonde wore the same exact robes as Epel’s.


“U-Uh, I guess…” Yuu replied.


“Excuse me for my rudeness.” Yuu glanced at Rook “I didn’t properly introduce myself earlier, my name is Rook Hunt. I am also Le Chasseur d’Amour,”


“Le Chasse huh..?”


“It’s a pleasure to meet you. Roi d'Effort has told a little about you."


“I’m sorry, what?” Yuu felt a chill go down their spine.


“Why, none other than Azul Ashengrotto,” Yuu’s eyes went wide, Azul talked about them?! Why? Rook continued on.


“He described "a poor unfortunate soul” with short black hair and brown eyes living in this town and working at Coral Reef. I didn’t know what he said was true, yet, here you are! I am happy to know that someone new is living here, it’s very rare. It's a beautiful thing to meet people don’t you think? It’s like seeing adorable new creatures wandering for me to seek out!”


“Rook, would you stop talking to the stud and come over here this instant.” A male voice, it was Vil. Rook, looked over.


“Coming!” He smiled at Vil.

 He walked over to him, who was holding up a shirt to Epel.


Yuu walked fast over to Wraith behind the counter.


Wraith looked up to you, flabbergasted with an raised eyebrow


“What the f*ck did you do to Azul?” she whispered


“I only met him yesterday. The only thing that had happened was someone lost his temper with him and it was really bad...” Yuu whispered back.


“Was it a guy named Rielle? Redhead with a ponytail?” She raised an eyebrow, nonchalantly.




Wraith rolled her eyes groaning “Rielle…” before Yuu could tell her how bad it was yesterday. “What are you guys doing? Ask them if they need help.” Cathleen whispered, she was in front of the counter.


“When hell freezes over I will.” Wraith argues, Cathleen gives Wraith a disappointed look. 


Yuu sighed,


“I’ll do it.”


Yuu looked at Epel, he’s not even looking at Vil nor Rook when they are talking. Like he wants no part of it. He only looks down at the ground with his meek eyes as he looks around.


Yuu walked from the counter over to the three as the two women watched.


“I think this sweater would look magnificent on Epel! It’s a beautiful white sweater, it would bring out his exquisite features!” Rook complimented.


“I agree, but I think it needs a little of something.” Vil hesitates while looking at a white sweater, then to Epel. Vil puts the white sweater back up on the rack with the other line of sweaters and keeps on looking. Yuu forgets that they were gangsters but just curious fashion geeks. It’s weird for Yuu to even think that way.


“Hello, do you need help finding anything?” Yuu spoke up, and Vil’s eyes glanced at them.


“We’re just fine, thank you.” Vil said politely, poker faced.


“Alright, if you need help with anything let me know.” Yuu said with their friendly employee voice before they turned themselves away, thanking the universe.


“Hang on a moment.”


Yuu halts for a second, they didn’t move their head but their eyes were looking at Cathleen and Wraith who were watching as if some soap opera moment was going to happen.


Yuu turned their head back to look at Vil who stepped forward.




“Can you show me where the dresses are?” Yuu blinked at his question, but then nodded with a smile. 


Yuu led them to the right side of the store and showed them a rack line of dresses.

“We just got some new dresses in, take your time to look.” Yuu said politely as Vil looked through along with Rook.

Vil took out a red dress that Wraith was putting up.


He put it up to Epel, their eyes seemed to look even more dark than before.


“Oh! I think it would look absolutely beautiful on him!” Rook encourages.


“I think so too.” Vil nods.


Yuu almost grins.


It faded as Epel spoke up softly, 

“I don’t particularly want to wear th-”


“You have to.” Yuu stiffened when Vil wouldn’t even let Epel finish. 


The atmosphere changed in the store. Yuu thought it wasn’t going to be as bad as they thought, aside from the hunter. Vil gives off a vibe that tells them to run.


Epel looks up to Vil, battling to not glare up at him.


“We came here for you, don’t be selfish about it.” Vil snapped.


Yuu frowns at that.


“Rook, take him to the changing room and have him to try this on.”


There were three changing curtains in the middle of the store.


“Of course.” Rook obeyed as he led Epel to one of the curtains with the dress to change into.


Yuu looked to Cathleen and Wraith at the counter.

Cathleen looked calm while Wraith looked even more annoyed.


“Good grief, the things I would do for him…” Vil muttered.


Vil just glances at Yuu.

Yuu felt like they were under a microscope with him.


“Y-Yes?” Yuu asked


“Nothing, you just look crusty.” Vil walks off leaving Yuu baffled, the absolute nerve of this guy.


 Cathleen quickly walks over to Yuu.

“Don’t start anything. Please.” She warned them.


 Yuu nodded as Cathleen smiled.


“Beaute, 100!” Rook happily said


Yuu and Cathleen looked to Epel from the changing curtain, who was wearing a red dress. Yuu couldn’t but think he looked so beautiful in the dress.


“It really does suit you Epel!” Cathleen commented with a sweet smile to him.

Epel glanced at the kind woman and smiled a bit.


“Hmph, out of all the shabby clothes here, it’s not bad.” Vil said as Cathleen smiles a bit


“Why the f*ck do you come here if ya think it’s ‘shabby’?” Wraith said.


Cathleen whipped her head to Wraith to mouth her to “stop” and then turned to Vil.


“I am so sorry Vil—“

“Why do you apologize for her? You have done nothing wrong but compliment our poison apple.” Vil said as Wraith glares daggers at him.


“It’s her fault for not containing her anger when we come here. She’s so low class, it’s honestly so embarrassing.”


Wraith jumps over the counter as Cathleen sticks her hand out to stop Wraith from going further to Vil. He has that smug look on his face as he watches Wraith’s reaction.

Rook watches, seeming like he was waiting for an opportunity.


“The f*ck you said, boy?” Wraith growled


“My, my so sensitive.” The corner of his lips rises a bit more.


“Listen here you—“


“Wraith, stop!” Yuu said as they ran front of her. Before she could tell Yuu to stay out of it.


She noticed Epel ran in front of him.


“Vil, please. Let’s just get the dress and go.” Epel said then he looked back to Wraith.


Wraith steps back as she sighed, taking a deep breath as Cathleen lowers her arm.


“... Sorry.”


Vil chuckles at Wraith that made her want to punch him. 

But for Cathleen, she couldn’t.


“Epel, go back and change.” Vil ordered.


Epel nodded as he went back into the changing curtain room as they quickly closed the curtain.


Wraith breathes in “What time is it?”


Yuu looked at their phone. “10:05.” Yuu as they put it back in their pocket.


“It’s my break time, I’ll be in the back.” Wraith walks over and passes the counter to the employee break room.


“It was nice seeing you again, mademoiselle Loup!” Rook said that made her slam the door that made Yuu jump.


“Sometimes I don’t understand why you still have her work here. You should fire her.” Vil said, looking to Cathleen.


Cathleen sighed, as if she heard this before. “She’s a family friend, Vil. I can’t just do that. She’s not always like this, you know. She’s really sweet inside.” Cathleen said as Vil rolled his eyes.


“Ah Madame Belle,” Cathleen smiles to Rook “You’re too kind as ever! Despite her being from the Savanaclaw gang, you still stick by her side. It’s truly a beautiful thing!”


“R-Really? She’s part of it??” Yuu spoke.


“She used to be. I used to see her as a guard for Roi du Leon! She was quite vicious at the time. Still as ever. What happened between her and Savanaclaw?” Rook looks to Cathleen curiously as she starts with a sheepish smile. Yuu raises a brow, roi du Leon… is it Leona to be exact? Well, they don’t  really know French.


“My apologies. It’s her story to tell, not mine.”


“Very true. I do hope to find out! I’ll always find out.” He said with that smile, that last sentence made Yuu's spine shiver.


Opening the curtains from the small changing room is Epel holding the dress back into his indigo robe.


“Yuu, can you go behind the register while I check on Wraith?” Cathleen ordered as Yuu nodded as she walked over to the back of the employee break room as Yuu went to the back of the counter as Vil, Epel and Rook went in front.


Yuu scanned the price scan, $60.00.


Vil paid for it.

“Thank you. Keep the change.” Vil said as he walked out along with Epel holding the dress,

“Goodbye, Yuu!” Rook said as he walked off them.


Yuu sighed, hearing the door creaked open as looked up to see Cathleen with her arms crossed with a sympathetic look.


“Um.. Cathleen,” she looked up to Yuu with a smile. “Is Wraith alright?”


“She’s alright. Don’t worry.”

Chapter Text

4:40 PM


“Thank you and come again!” Lamario said in a French accent wearing a huge smile with his dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. Wore a white blouse with a brown vest.

While Yuu was straightening out the shirts from the clothing rack.


“Hey Yuu, I’m so glad we have you! You’re doing good for your first day!”

Lamario complimented. 


Yuu beamed at him.




“Of course! You’ve been a great help! Without you, we would have been alone... I wonder why Wraith left so early?” He looks to Yuu, as if they would know.


“Ah, she got really angry when the Pomefiore gang was here.”


Lamario nods “Ahh, those guys. Rook is nice, but something about him is really weird. Was he bothering her?”


“Ah, no. Vil had made some comment about the store and comment about her being low class. He for some reason said I looked crusty?”


Lamario waved his hand as if saying “Whatever”


 “Ah! That’s Vil’s mood swings! He is probably thinking about Neige Leblanche, so he has to insult to make himself feel better!” Lamario smiled with a shrug.


“Neige Leblanche?” Yuu asked, could it be his neighbor?


“I’m quite surprised! He is famous around here for his looks. Have you not seen the commercials he has been on?”


“No, I don’t really watch TV.” Yuu walks over to the counter. 


“Ah… well look!” Lamario goes on his phone to look up Neige Leblanche to show Yuu. They look at this phone screen of a picture of a male with short raven hair with black french hat with the red ribbon bow around with that sweet smile.


“Oh yeah! I am two doors across from his apartment door at a Royal Sword Apartment!” Yuu said.


“Oh really? He's a nice kid, ain’t he?” He asked as he locked his phone, putting it back in his pocket.


“He is a really nice guy.” Yuu said with a grin.


“That’s good! Rumors have been terrible for the poor kid lately.” Lamario said.


Yuu’s smile disappeared, “What do you mean?”


“Rumors have been going around about Neige is not as nice as we think he is, and he makes enemies all around. It’s so sad people love to gossip. Neige is a sweet boy.” Lamario sighed ruffled through his hair with his fingers.


“Do you think Vil spreaded it?” Yuu saw Lamario looked away nervously, but he looked back at Yuu.


“There is a chance he may have, but I would be concerned to know if he did.” Yuu looked puzzled. “He has that hunter that would find out certain information for him. It could be true and I hope it’s not.” 


Yuu gave him an understanding nod. 


“Okay, Yuu. I may let you go home early.” Cathleen spoke aloud as she walked from the back.


Yuu turned to her “Are you sure?”


“Of course! We’re gonna be closing soon.”


Yuu grins and nods 

“Alright, thank you for having me” Yuu looks to Lamario “It was nice to meet you!”


“It was nice to meet you too, Yuu!”


“Just remember to clock out, and please be safe!” Cathleen reminded them.


Yuu quickly got their jacket, grabbed their bag with their keys and clocked out as they waved bye to Cathleen and Lamario.

Yuu went behind the Cha Bella store to find their gray car.




Yuu jumped a little noticing a small dark gray looking cat with a pitchfork looking tail with catlike ears that were spouting fire from with Cheshire smile, paws across their white fur chest.


“Hah! Now, human, surrender and give me your money!”


Yuu just stared at the grinning raccoon dog or… cat thing on top of their car. They opened their car door, putting their bag under their back seat.


“Oi! I said surrender!” He yelled.


“I don’t have time for this! You’re not scary for a raccoon dog.”


“Raccoon dog?! Why you! Take this!” The creature spits out blue flames as Yuu jumped back and fell from the ground. They managed to kick their car door closed from him getting in.


“Ha! How is that?! I am not a racoon dog!” The small creature grins.


“You jerk! You could've burned me!”


“That was the plan, smartass! For that I’ll burn you! That’ll show these gangsters who’ll be the ruler of this town!” He shouts as Yuu quickly looked around, grabbed a rock and threw it at the creature as he got hit.




Yuu quickly got up running out from the back.


“Oi!! Get back here human!!” The small creature chases after them. Yuu ran to get that thing away from Cha Bella or the cars. They ran as fast as they could on the sidewalk passing by some people. Turning corners for a chance to out run that creature, but they could still hear him.


“I said, get back here!” The creature cried out.


They turned to another corner, butting into someone from the back. The person stumbled a bit but Yuu fell on to the ground, scraping their knee.


“What the hell—?!”


Yuu looks up to see a dark skin muscular male with white hair and golden eyes. Wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants. He had wolf ears and a tail.


“Quick! Please Help me! Hide me!”


The male looked puzzled for a second til he heard someone shouting.


“Where are you human?! Come out!”


“I'm guessing that’s you?” The male looked to Yuu. They shrugged with a sheepish smile trying to get up, hissed at the pain of their knee that was scrapped up.


He noticed their knee was bleeding. He sighed as he quickly picked Yuu up from the shoulder. 


“Follow me. I’ll take you to the safest place. Don’t worry.” The male said.


“Th-Thank you!” Yuu smiled 


They ran down the sidewalk as fast as they could away from the creature from the other side.


“Oh…uh, what’s your name?” Jack ran as Yuu followed.


“My name is Jack.”


“I’m Yuu!”


Jack led them across the street and to the right corner.


“Who were you picking a fight with?”


Yuu groans “I wasn’t! This raccoon dog or cat demon thing wanted to rob me, so I tried to ignore it but I guess it wasn’t a raccoon dog because it was trying to burn me alive when I called it!” 


“Hm, that’s new...”


Yuu looked at Jack before asking.


Yuu stumbled as he stopped running, putting his arm up. blue flames blocking circular around their way to escape.


“Haha! Think you can outrun me?!” The small dark gray creature said “Now burn!!”


Yuu's blood ran cold.


Jack looked around with a “tch” before he could do anything. He heard some sort of whip snap in the air as the creature screamed as the flames died out.


“Aaaah!! Wh-What was that?!”


“That was the love whip!”


Jack and Yuu saw a male short black hair with a mask with a beak. His eyes were glowing from the mask. He was wearing a dark blue police uniform.

Jack looked over to see at the corner not too far from where there was a police car.


“How convenient…” Jack commented.


“Good grief these new gangsters keep popping out of nowhere! We just arrested one. What to do with this particular one?” The male with the mask said picking up the creature.


“Aye! Lemme go!”


A male officer with short hair with black on one side while the other side had white with a smirk.


“I’ll deal with this one, Crowley.” With a strong grip grabbed the creature.


“Fgha! Let me go—!!” The male covered his mouth. “I know the right magic to punish this bad boy.” The male grinned as the creature panicked trying to struggle free but couldn’t as he walked away.


The male mask looked to Yuu and Jack.


“Are you two alright?”


“I’m fine.” Jack said.


“I’m a little scratched up, but I’ll be okay...!” Yuu smiled.


Jack rubbed the back of his head as he looked at Yuu's knee. “I can help you treat it.”


“You don’t have too. I appreciate you helping me.”


Jack nodded, rubbing the back of his nape.


“Is that cat a familiar of yours?” The officer asks with hands on his hips.


Yuu looked up and shook their heads. “It’s not mine. I don’t own any pets. You can ask my landlord at Royal Sword Apartment.”


“Why was he chasing you guys down then?”


Yuu explained what they explained to Jack before.


The male nodded. “Alright then, since it’s not yours, you’ll have no problem with him.”


“What’re you going to do with him?” Yuu asked


“Don’t worry about it.”


“Okay, officer...”


“I am officer Dire Crowley. You are?”


“I am Yuu. I just moved here two days ago.”


“Oh really? That’s interesting. Well, it’s nice to meet you. Don’t hesitate to call our police department because we are gracious to help!” He said with an open smile.


Yuu nods “Okay!”


Crowley and the other officer went into their police car and left.


“Hey, uh…Yuu.”


Yuu turned their head to the muscular male.

“I know we just met, but do you want me to walk you home or anything?”


Yuu smiles at Jack.

“I really do appreciate it, thank you. I just have to run back to my car.”


“Do you know where you are?”


“Well, of course I...“ Yuu looks around, realizing the place they are at is not familiar to them. They were dead silent as they sheepishly smiled, shrugging. 


Jack almost smiled, but kept a straight face.


“Don’t worry, I’ll help lead you back. Where were you?”


“My car is at the back of Cha Bella store.”


“Understood, follow me.” Jack leads Yuu back to where they were.


5:40 PM


Jack and Yuu walk over to the back of Cha Bella seeing the cars.


“Thank you so much again, Jack. I probably would have been double dead if I bumped into the other gang members!” Yuu said with a laugh but it died out when Jack was silent, putting his hands in his sweatshirt pocket.


“No problem, be careful next time…if you can.” Jack mumbles a bit at the end.


Yuu laughed at what he said. “Yeah, literally.”


Jack smiled until it frowned looking at one of the cars.


“Yuu, is your car a gray colored car?”


Yuu looked at him, afraid to even look.


“Yeah, why?”


Jack looked away, rubbing the back of his nape.


Yuu looks at the car.


Their car door was open.


“Oh, gosh…”


Yuu ran over to look at the inside of their car.

The car was a mess! Their backpack that was supposed to be in the car hidden under the back of the car was gone. Their glove compartment was opened, their extra money was gone!


“F*ck! I’m such an idiot!” Yuu slams their head on the wheel. Yuu was in so much of a hurry to get away from that cat demon thing, they left the car unlocked.

If only Yuu had a chance to choke the living hell out of that creature!


“F*cking great! I almost got burned to death and now this! What else?!” Yuu groaned.


Yuu didn’t notice Jack leaned closely in their car, his eyes landed at the bottom of the car.


“Yuu, look down.” 


Yuu turned their head to squint at Jack. They looked down, under their shoes. It was a playing card. Yuu lifted their foot to pick it up, turned to look at the back.


It had 10 hearts on it.


In the middle of the card had a heart symbol with red and black colors on the both sides with a golden crown on top. There was a white ribbon across the badge that said,




Yuu remembers Augustus mentioning them.


Jack steps away from Yuu as they get out and slammed the car door.


“Are there surveillance cameras around?!” Yuu looks around as Jack does.


He points up to the surveillance Camera on the top corner of the back of the store.


“There!” Jack said


Yuu ran from the front to open Cha Bella’s door and it was locked. Before Yuu’s hope was lost, Cathleen was at the register.


“Cathleen!” They shouted, knocking rapidly as she looked up to see them.

Cathleen puts on a worried look as she hurried over to unlock the door.


“Yuu, what’s going on?” Cathleen panicked.


“I just got robbed and I need your surveillance cameras to know who did it!” Yuu quickly said as they held up the card from the bottom of their car.


“Heartslabyul…” Her eyes widened a bit. “Call the cops and I’ll try to get the films up from the computer!”


Yuu goes through their pockets “Crap! My phone was probably in my bag!”


“Don’t worry, I got mine.” Jack took out his phone.

Chapter Text

6:45 PM


Officer Crowley and the rest of the officers were at Cha Bella.

They asked Yuu questions, gave them their finger print, and their information about themselves. The cops asked Jack, Lamario and Cathleen some questions. 

Later checking the scene.

Crowley, Jack, Lamario, Cathleen and Yuu stared at the computer screen footage from the parking lot in the back.


Showing the footage of Yuu being chased by that cat demon from before. 


Minutes later, the screen cut off to black.


Yuu felt even overwhelmed by the black screen.

Someone must've cut it off.


Crowley looks to Cathleen “Is that the only footage you have?”


“Sadly, yes.” Cathleen admitted.


“There has to be other surveillance cameras outside.” Lamario said.


The black and white hair, Divus Crewel walked into the store.


“We couldn't find any fingerprints on the glove compartment, the wheel nor around the car. Whoever broke in was crafty. Trein is still looking for more.” He said.


Yuu’s chest felt heavy, why did this have to happen to them? Can they feel safe to go back home?


Yuu felt someone’s hand on their shoulder and looked up to Jack. Reassuring them to calm down. But how can they not?


“Y-You’ll find out who did it and get my stuff back, right?” Yuu looked to Crowley who looked away a bit.


“Yes, either this was a set up to make it look like Heartslabyul did it and it’s just the other low class gangsters, We’ll hope to catch them. Pray that is the case. If it really is the Heartslabyul gang. It depends on Heartslabyul.”




“Getting to them is not easy. We only have to persuade them to get them back, their leader is pretty stubborn.”


“What if it was Octavinelle or Savanaclaw?!”


“It depends on them too.”


“I...I don’t understand...”


“It’s complicated.” Crowley sighs


“H-How is this complicated??” Yuu asked “Those gangs seem pretty bad news and you’re letting them get away with it!?”


“Like specifically with those gangs, Octavinelle hasn’t done anything wrong, all they do is help other businesses. They have been helping them sell more. Savanaclaw is another story, they’re not easy to catch nor to find. They don’t always come out in broad daylight, at night they would roam around but it’s not like they would go after anyone. It’s those who would like to pick a fight with them. They do roam around alleyways or streets at night. For us, we’ve caught their weakest members.” Crowley explained.


“What about Pomefiore?”


“Pomefiore gang, they have their own business to help others, however certain people would say otherwise...” He took a deep breath in. “They do have their own makeup line, potions, fashion shows and promoting some items to help sell.”


“What about Heartslabyul? That was a crime they just pulled!”


“Oh, they own a flower shop,” Lamario added as Yuu looked up to him “They would sometimes host tea parties events for special occasions. It's quite nice there. Sadly, they are brutal because of those ridiculous rules they put up around, let me tell you.” Lamario said


“Yes, there are some that make it harder for some people in this town. I think the reason you got robbed is because you left your door unlocked and one of the rules is not to let your car door unlocked or you’ll get punished.” Cathleen sighed at what Crowley unfolded. 


“F-For real?! So the punishment is that they can steal my stuff?! That’s ridiculous!” Yuu was dumbfounded. “How many rules are there?”


“Oof, pretty much... around to a nine-hundred or more.” Lamario answered.


“That’s outrageous,” Yuu commented. “Are they the only gangs I have to worry about?” Look back to Crowley.


“With other well known gangs, Scarabia gang hasn’t done anything, but they do have some parties not too far from here. Rumors are suspicious of the leader, we are trying to figure out why that is. Ignihyde gang are really closed doors in their territory, we are keeping a close eye on them through computer systems. Diasomnia…” Crowley trailed off.


Cathleen tensed.


“What? What about them?”


“They’re pretty umm…” Lamario was trying to find words. “How do we explain it?” Looks to Cathleen.


“They… they are not approachable.” Crowley said.


“What do you mean? Savanaclaw and Octavinelle already gave me a reason not to mess with them. What has that gang done?” Yuu asked, looking at Crowley who didn't have much of a reaction, he was looking at Cathleen and Lamario who were looking at each with concern. Their faces look scared stiff.


“Just listen to them about that…'' Jack said as Yuu looked at him, noticing how he is not even looking at Yuu in the eyes.


“If they’re so bad, no offense, how come you guys haven’t caught them yet?” Yuu pointed out.


“...We’re working on it. Trust us with that. We’ve been trying to arrest others trying to form their gang as quickly as possible. We’re doing everything we can. Thank the great seven that they’re not as strong.” Crowley tried to sound positive about it, but there was something about the way he said it. Made it sound like it’s not promising.


“Alright…” Yuu crossed their arms, not even looking up to officer Crowley.


“We’re getting off topic, we’ll definitely still investigate for you, Yuu. It’ll take a while but we’ll definitely find out who did it and get your bag back.”


“And if it’s really those gangsters...” Yuu is thinking about doing so many phone calls. First is they need a new phone first… that’s gonna be a lot.


“Then there is nothing much we can do.” It made Yuu made a irked sigh.


“I am sorry Yuu, truly am...” Crowley sympathized, Yuu however just didn’t want to hear it.


They can arrest others, but not the ones causing problems? It made no sense!


7:45 PM


Later, Crowley took Yuu home, Yuu wanted to say no, since they had enough of everything that's happened. Jack gave them his number if they ever got a new phone or found one to call if anything occurs. Cathleen hopes they’ll be alright as well as Lamario.


When Yuu arrived at Royal Sword Apartment, before when they went for their door. They looked at Neige and Chenya’s apartment door. Since the notebook is in their bag now on the hands of someone. Would it hurt to ask to borrow theirs?


Yuu walks over to the door. 




They knocked on the door and waited for someone to open, it was Neige.


“Oh! Yuu! Hi!” Neige greeted them with a grin.


Yuu barely put up a smile.


“Hey Neige..”


Neige's grin was gone as a concerned look formed.


“What’s wrong? Did Vil say something to you? Oh, dear. Why don’t you come in then?” Neige moved himself, opening the door for Yuu to walk in.


Yuu walks themselves inside of his apartment.

It wasn’t small like Yuu’s apartment.

It was fairly fit for two people.

It was a homely looking apartment to Yuu.


“Hey Yuu!” Chenya appeared in front of Yuu as they jumped a little and Neige closed the door shut. 


“Chenya, please stop scaring Yuu.” Neige walked over to Chenya.


“Hey, not my fault Yuu is so jumpy.” Chenya shrugged with a smirk.


Neige giggles a bit while Yuu started to crack a smile.


“So, what happened at work?” Chenya asked


Yuu and Neige ended up sitting on the couch while Chenya was sitting on a chair next to them.


Yuu explained about work, it wasn’t a big deal, although Neige looked tense when Yuu mentioned Wraith jumped over the counter to Vil. And then about the cat demon creature chasing after Yuu, and lastly being robbed.


“Dear lord, this is a lot. You haven’t been here longer than a week or even five days! I am so sorry you’re going through this…” Neige sympathized, and Yuu nodded at them giving him a smile.


“Do they know who did it?” Chenya asked.


“They left a card that had “Heartslabyul”.” Yuu said, Chenya was with a mischievous smile.


“Now I see. Ah, Riddle and his rules~.” Cheny got off from his chair.




“That’s the gang leader, he’s also my friend.” Chenya said.


“...You’re friends with a gang leader?” Yuu tensed up as Neige put a hand on Yuu’s shoulder, hopping to let them know to stay calm.


“Well, of course! We’ve been friends since we were kids. It’s better being friends with them now, right?” Chenya said as he put both hands behind his head.


“Are you part of his gang?” Yuu looked at him.


“Nah, rather not be a gang member or ever. Sounds like a lotta work.” Chenya chuckled.


Yuu jumped from the couch to Chenya “is there a way for me to get my stuff back from him?”


Chenya hesitated, as his eyes drifted off.


“...Maybe we can sneak in and grab it! It’ll be hard since it’s heavily guarded.”




“Well, yeah? I mean it’s your bag and I don’t know what your bag looks like, silly.”


“'re right.” 


“How are you able to sneak in?” Neige asks.


“In two days, there will be an UnBirthday party they will hold in the afternoon. It’s a special occasion for them! They’ll close up their shop and it’s probably in there somewhere.” Chenya explained.


“Ah, I got it! Why not bring Yuu to the Unbirthday party to celebrate their first time in town?” Neige chimed in.


“Wouldn’t that be pretty suspicious?” Yuu asked.


“Heheh, I tried…” Neige smiled nervously.


“Hmm… we’ll think of something! We got time.” Chenya smiled.


Yuu laughed nervously, “Yeah…”


Neige glanced at Yuu, looking distraught.


“Do you want to stay here with us, Yuu? In case you're not comfortable being in your own apartment room.”


“I’ll be fine, don’t worry…Oh! I forgot, is it okay if I can borrow your notebook? Since you know, mine is gone.” Yuu smiled 


“Sure! Here! Just remember to give it back.” Neige went over to a bookcase against the wall and took out the notebook and gave it to Yuu.


“Thank you so much!” Yuu smiled as Neige gave it to them. “I promise I won’t lose this one. Have a good night guys.” Yuu waved. 


Neige and Chenya said their goodbyes as they let Yuu leave.

Chapter Text

10:17 a.m.


Today was their day off.  Yuu didn’t really want to stay at the apartment. However, they thought they could talk with Chenya.

There was note left under Yuu’s door that said:


'Morning Yuu!


Since you don’t have your cell phone. Might as well leave you a note.

I’mma be at work for a while. I have some ideas about how to get inside. I’ll come back to talk with you at 3:00 p.m. when we meet up!


See you till then,




Another hour before they had painted little more on the canvas of the mirror.

They stopped for it to dry.

Looked into the notebook about certain territories around town.

The gang leader Riddle does own a flower shop called “Queen’s Roses''. Not too far from Cha Bella’s. It cringed Yuu at the thought that maybe they've been watching Yuu the entire time at work.

But they hope it’s not the case. However that hope didn’t last very long since there was a creepy part of the notebook that said that he has members spying around areas.

If one breaks a rule of theirs, they will receive punishment either by stealing or getting beaten.


Yuu closed the notebook and put it on their dresser.


Yuu didn’t want to go outside, they felt as if another scenario would happen again. But they can’t be cooped up in their apartment room forever.

They have nothing on them so even if some gang tried to rob them, there is nothing to give. The only thing Yuu has to do is just try to walk away or run away if things get ugly.

This makes them wish they can go back home, but what would happen if they try to get back home?

Yuu wore some hoodie and jeans.


Maybe they should walk around a store? Yuu wished they could go see Augustus at Coral Reef, but it was closed because it’s a Sunday.


Maybe they’ll sit at a park. 

It’s public.


Yuu walks out from Royal Sword Apartment and straight down to the park.


It was pretty mostly green grass with some flowers, some trees, a wishing well in the middle of the park, and around the park there was a long line of bushes.


Yuu walks on the road, just glancing around the beautiful area. Some people were either walking by or jogging. Yuu thought it was odd for a second, but wanted to not think about it for a while by walking on the cement road. Almost forgetting what happened, but still. How could they forget?


It was a nice walk for about a half hour. Yuu walked over to one of the exits from the park, before walking past the bush walls exit. Yuu stopped themselves as a guy stopped mid fast to whirl around and notice Yuu.


“Oh, thank the great seven.” He panted as he grabbed both of Yuu’s shoulders.

“Please help me! They’re after me! I-I don’t know what to do!” A male spoke with auburn messy hair and cherry red panicked eyes. 


“Who is after you?” Yuu quickly asked.


“I-It’s Heartslabyul gang! I broke one of their rules and they’re after me, please help me!” His hands gripped onto their shoulders like his life depends on it.


“I think he went this way!” A voice from afar said that made Yuu rigid.


“Yeah, let’s check!”


Why Yuu out of all people?! They couldn’t ignore nor walk away from this.

They had no other choice.


Yuu grabbed the guy’s wrists and pulled him to run down with Yuu throughout the park to the other side of the end of the park. Yuu stopped quickly to look left and right.


“I see him!!”


“Sh*t!” The guy muttered


Yuu pulled the guy running through the empty street down the curb running down the sidewalk. Trying to analyze where they are going.


“Hold it right there!” the voice was still far.


Yuu couldn’t look back. They were far away, but they were afraid it would make them even more anxious.


“Where are we going?!” He asked frantically, trying to keep up with Yuu.


Yuu noticed when they looked up, it was a shop around the corner that had a sign up on the side that said “MR. S’s Mystery Shop.”

They have to be open! Please be open!


Yuu turned the corner and pulled the guy behind the building.

They quickly looked at the wooden door as they grabbed the handle, pushed in as it opened, they pulled in the male inside along with and closed the door.

Yuu waited for them to run by, they hoped they'd run by.

Yuu listened closely from the door. Yuu’s chest felt tight when they heard footsteps.


“They must have gone down there! C’mon!”


Yuu heard them running by going down a block. Yuu and the guy let out a sigh of relief as they slid against the door against the floor.


“Thanks for helping me out there!” Yuu looked to an auburn male who grinned ear to ear.


“Yeah, but for how long are you going to keep hiding from them?” His smile disappeared at what dawned on him.


“Ah, you had to remind me...” His eyebrows forward into a worrisome look.


“Hey! My lost little demons, running from gangsters I see?”


The auburn male and Yuu both looked up to see a man in front of them, black and purple hat with black and purple dreads undercut. Paint body marks of what looked like a skeleton like. Even on his magenta purple vest had human skeleton ribs on top wearing a dark purple jacket.


“I would appreciate it if you two step away from the door, or else you’ll be stepped on.” He shrugged with that smile still.


Both of them got up from the floor.


“Oh, sorry!” Yuu apologized.

“What’s there to be sorry for? You were practically running for your lives from what I just saw.” He laughed a little.


“Yeah, thank goodness your shop was open or else we’d still be trying to get away.” The male next to Yuu said.


Yuu looked around the guy’s shop.


It was filled with a literal bunch of stuff. Sets of bookcase filled with practically books, jars and potion bottles. A piano and grandfather’s clock against the wall. A table with a crystal ball with a bunch of small crystals and a crystal skull. There was still more to look at.


“This place is… extraordinary.” Yuu was astonished with what was in this shop. Yuu's eyes landed upon a treasure chest, They wondered where he got that from?


“Why thank you! Interested in anything specific?” The man looked at Yuu curiously with a bright smile.


“Uh, no, I don’t have money with me at the moment… Who’re you by the way if you don’t mind me asking?”


“Oh pardon me, I am Sam. Welcome to MR. S’s Mystery Shop. Nice to meet you!”


“Nice to meet you too! So sorry to intrude. I must be going”


“Yeah, same.” The guy said deadpanned.


“Ok, ok. Come back anytime when you have the chance!”


Yuu opened the door to look around, “All clear.” They said as he came out from the store.


“Hey, I’ve never got your name?” The guy looked to Yuu as they glanced back.


“Oh, I’m Yuu, what’s yours?”


“The name’s Ace,” He smiled. “I can’t thank you enough, if only there was something to repay you…”


“Oh, there is no need for that.”


“No, I insist! Hopefully they’ll find someone who broke their rules!”


“What rule did you break?”


“Ah, I was trying to bribe someone off the street with a little something. I guess you can’t bribe someone, but Heartslabyul can do it with no consequences.”


“What were you trying to bribe?”


“Oh, some fairy dust in a bottle.” He smirked


“Of course…” Yuu sighed.


“..Now I know where to go! But let’s be quick.” Ace grabbed Yuu’s arm as they sprinted back to the corner away from the mystery shop.


+ + + + 


Yuu and Ace were inside a small café, he ordered Yuu and himself cherry pie Frappuccino.

They were sitting down on a two chair table.


“I’ll make sure to pay you back.” They reassured him.


“I told you don’t have too!” He laughed “Can’t believe you never had these before! It’s as good as having a slice of cherry pie!”


Yuu took a sip from the straw from the red and white beverage.

He was right, it’s really good.




“It’s delicious!” Yuu grinned.


“I know right? So, uh.. I never seen you around before? Did you just move here?”


Yuu nodded, taking more sips.


“No way! That’s crazy! No offense if I read a town called “Twisted Wonderland” I would have second thoughts.” Ace laughed.


“Well, I didn’t think there would be a reason.”


“Sometimes names have reasons why they were named the way they were!” Yuu raises an eyebrow as they smirked.


“True. Haha, it’s too late now. Well hey, at least you got away from the Heartslabyul gang.”


Ace’s smirk turned puzzled


“Why? What do you mean?”


“Well, yesterday my car door was unlocked while I was running away from a crazy small demon, when I got back, my car door was opened, my money, my bag filled with my phone, and my stuff were gone.”


Ace’s eyes widened as he listened to Yuu. 


“Oh wow! That’s scary!.”


“The cops are still looking if it was that Heartslabyul gang or some other gangs or the weak gangs. If it’s the weak gangs then I can get my stuff back. If not and it’s Heartslabyul there is nothing they can do.” Yuu explained.


“That’s so unfair! You just moved here.”


“Mind telling Officer Crowley that?” 


He chuckled, taking a sip of the Frappuccino drink and putting it back on the table.


“I do hope you’ll get your stuff back. Sorry that I pulled you into my mess then.” he frowned.


“It’s not your fault. For the past three days, I’ve witnessed some crazy scenarios. I can’t seem to catch a break.  I work at Coral Reef and I hope I don’t get squeezed by those scary twins, and I work at that clothing store that Pomefiore gang are practically gonna be around at times.”


“That’s quite a bit.” Ace commented.


“I know. So far I have met two gangs. I’m terrified to meet the rest.” Yuu cringes.


“At least some of them don’t have some stupid strict rules like Heartslabyul. It’s so annoying with that gang. If I had to choose a particular gang, I would pick the Scarabia gang. I heard that their night club is amazing! The food and drinks are so good there!” His eyes practically glimmered at the thought.


“Wow, they don’t sound bad.”


“I know! But they could be doing something there, Scarabia gang are well known for a reason.” Ace shrugged.


Yuu shivered a little at the thought. He was right. Crowley did say something about their leader…


“Oh! You mentioned a small demon, what happened to that?” Ace asked


“Oh, it got caught by Officer Crowley. Thank goodness or else I probably would have been barbecued with the guy who helped me yesterday.”


“Damn. Who helped ya?”


“He seems like a really nice guy, he was half wolf and big.”


“What’s his name?” Ace took a sip of their Frappuccino from the straw.




Ace almost choked on their straw as they coughed a bit.


Yuu stood from their seat as they patted him on the back.


“You alright?!”


Ace coughed “Ah! I’m fine! You said he was half wolf, right?”




“White hair? Golden eyes? Macho looking dude?”


Yuu probably regret ever answering.




“Yuu, he’s from the Savanaclaw gang.”


Yuu’s eyes widened as they felt their stomach sink as they sat back down on their chair. Remembering the first day they were walking around and seeing that damaged car.


“W-What? He seemed so nice.”


“Of course he would. You should watch out who you talk to. People can seem nice until they reveal their true colors.”


“Crowley said they don’t come out at daylight.”


“That’s his assumption. Since you’re new here, of course they’ll be gangs going after you. You’re practically an easy target. But I guess being friends with him should be an alright thing. Unless you piss off the guy.”


Yuu hated hearing the sound of the first part. But he is right, Yuu moved into this town without any clue of who these gangsters are what they are capable of.


“This is aggravating…” Yuu commented.


“Well, duh, we all go through this.” Ace said.


Yuu looked into Ace’s eyes. 

“What would happen if I tried to move out here?” 

Ace’s eyes became shallow.

“Ah, well, there was someone who tried to move out. To sneak out of here actually. I don’t remember their name but, one of the gangs practically stopped them and killed them. Cracked their skull open.”


Yuu’s body felt cold.

“Are you serious?”


“To the gangsters, if you want to leave this town. You have to go through only death’s doors.” Ace said as if it were a promise.


“Great. If I stay, I’ll probably be tortured and get killed. If I try to leave then I'm dead. This is a no-win situation.” Yuu groans.


“As obvious as that is.” Ace laughed with a sheepish grin.


“What else should I know?” Yuu asked, taking a drink from the straw.


“Don’t look back.”


Yuu squinted at Ace. They turned their head a bit back


Out the window, three guys were talking to another. All wore a white shirt with a diamond red or black vest on top were mix with white blazers.


“I said don’t! It’s the Heartslabyul gang.” Ace whispered, sounding distressed.


Yuu quickly whipped their head back to nervous looking Ace, however he was trying to keep his cool.


“What now?” Yuu asked


“We have to sneak out. We go front, we’re dead.”


Ace turned his head to look at the back.


“Let’s sneak from the back!”


Yuu shook their head, “Look, maybe we can wait for a while. They’ll leave and we’ll make a break for it.”


“Yeah, for how long? I need to get home to see my older brother or else he’ll freak out!”


Yuu looked back at them outside and turned back to Ace.


“Let’s try the back.” Yuu said as Ace nodded. They slowly got up.


“Follow my lead.” Ace whispered. They both walked past the counter, then bathroom doors to the exit door.


Ace pushes the door open.

As Yuu looked back, they were still there.


Yuu and Ace ran out from the café as he closed the door as they both looked around.


“This way!” Ace said as he ran to the left behind the building. Yuu trying to keep down the alleyway.


Ace halts himself.


“Oh sh*t.”


“What is it? Are more Heartslabyul members?” Yuu whispered


“Oh yeah.” Ace said, looking tensed. “I don’t understand… Why are there so many around?!”


“Man, they’re really after you…” Yuu felt sorry for the guy.


“How do they even know we’re here?”


“They’re like hawks! Man! If only I had my phone, I’d call my brother to save us! Sh*t.” Ace said as was patting on his sides pockets.


“If only I had my phone too…” Yuu looked down.


“Oh, don’t worry I have it.”


Yuu’s eyebrows foreword as they looked up to Ace, holding up a phone with missed calls from Augustus and text messages from Neige or Chenya or unknown messages. Behind it Yuu recognized their red and black phone case.


It is their phone.


Ace’s frightened expression slowly turned mischievous as Yuu began to step back.


“No way.” Yuu practically glares at him.


“Like I said before Yuu, you should be careful who you talk to around here.” 

Yuu was heated with anger at the realization,


 “You were the one that robbed my car!”


“Oh wow, such an assumption! Accusing me?” Ace mocked as he stepped forward to Yuu as they took a step back.


“I’m just an innocent bystander.” He pouted.


“Innocent bystander, my ass!” Yuu snapped.


They bumped into someone from behind as they jumped to look up to see a male with dark blue hair and light blue eyes, who had a spade mark on his right eye. Wearing the same outfit as the guys from in front of the café.


“Haha! You should have seen your face from before when Grim almost tried to spit fire at you!” Ace laughed.

They knew who the creature was?!

Did they plan this all along?!


Yuu backed themselves against the wall looking at both the Ace and the blue haired male.

“So Yuu, will you come with us peacefully or want to be taken by force?”


“What the f*ck do you guys want?! You have my bag with literally my money!” Yuu was watching them.


“You’ll find out when we take you to Riddle.” Ace stated.


“What for?! You’re gonna kill me, is that it?!”


“Look,” Yuu’s eyes turned to the other male as he gave them an irked expression. “You either come with us or I’ll knock you out. Don’t waste our precious time.” He lifted both of his hands up and made one hand clench hitting it against his other hand on his palm as a threat to Yuu as they stiffed.

If they run, it might make things worse!


Yuu took a deep breath, making Ace smirk confidently.


“Alright, fine. I’ll go with you.”


“You’ve made a wise choice.” Ace smiled.


Yuu gave him a death glare as Deuce grabbed Yuu’s arm taking them out from the alleyway.

How is Yuu gonna tell Chenya?!






“You should be resting at home, you know!” Fletcher glared up at Rielle as they walked on the sidewalk. Wearing a purple sweatshirt with green dark green sweatpants. Fletcher wore a yellow buttoned shirt with blue jeans.


“I need to do some errands anyway!” Rielle groaned as he rubbed the back of the nape. His neck was wrapped around with bandages.


“Your dad is gonna be so mad at you!” Fletcher reminded


“He can be mad or be glad he doesn’t have to go out.” Rielle said before entering a small mart they went in.


They waved at the cashier that waved back.

Walking into one of the aisles.


“ Cajun seasoning… Cajun seasoning…” Rielle looking through the seasoning section.


“I don’t think they have any here…” Fletcher was looking with him.


“Gggreat.” Rielle rolled their eyes.


“Oh hi, you two!” Rielle and Fletcher looked to their left of the aisle to see Neige holding a shopping basket. wore a sweater half was blue bottom had a mustard color, the middle of the print had birds and small snowflakes. Underneath how a white blue check pattern with on his collar was a red bowtie. 


“Neige! Hi!” Fletcher greeted as Rielle waved.


“I heard what happened two days ago, shouldn’t you be resting at home, Rielle?” Neige asked pointed at his bandaged neck.


“That’s what I said!” Fletcher glared at Rielle as he patted him on the head, Fletcher grabbed his hand slowly off from his head.


“I hate staying at home. Rather be out.” Rielle said as he kept looking for the Cajun seasoning.


Fletcher looked to Neige “How did you know what happened?” Neige walks over to them as he exlains.


“My new neighbor, Yuu, told me. Ah, I feel so bad for them… did you hear what happened?”


“We know Yuu! Wait, what happened?” Fletcher looked nervous as Rielle glanced at the Neige at the corner of his eye.


“Someone stole Yuu’s bag from the inside of their car along with money, notebook and their phone. They said Heartslabyul must have done it because they left their piece of evidence.”


“No way!” Rielle exclaimed.


“Oh, goodness…” Fletcher shriveled up.


“I know. Not only that before they were also chased down by a small cat demon creature.”


Rielle and Fletcher, both were confused as they looked back to Neige.


“A what?” Rielle raised an eyebrow.


“That’s what Yuu said.”


“Goodness, what if monsters are emerging to take over and are allies with the gang?!” Fletcher hugged himself in awe.


“Oh, hush!” Rielle snapped at him.


“Yuu seems miserable. I thought I could make something for them, but I realized I have no idea what to make for them. Do you know what they would like by any chance?”


“They had a slice of apple pie during break at work.” Rielle said. 


“Oh good!” Neige smiled. “I can make them an apple pie then!”


“You gave them the last slice then?! Augustus said to save it for the last customer.” Fletcher


“Augustus doesn’t know.” Rielle waved his hand.




Neige giggles a bit.

“Have you guys seen Yuu at all? Chenya wanted to help get their bag, but they weren’t at their apartment yet.”


Fletcher gulped.


“Okay, let’s not make any more conclusions, Fletcher . They could have gone to work or maybe a long walk!”


“I hope you’re right, they do come back at night so I hope they’ll return.”


“I hope so too.” Fletcher nodded.


Neige hesitated an idea as he looked to the two with a big smile.


“Are you guys doing anything later?”


“Nope. My dad is supposed to come visit at like 10:00pm.” Rielle answered.


“Being dragged by him.” Fletcher laughed a little to himself.


“I was thinking we can make the apple pie together and spend some time with Yuu!” Neige advised as Fletcher rubbed the back of his head.


“I don’t know…” 


“We’re in!” Rielle quickly answered as Fletcher spun their head to the redhead.




“I can have a slice, right?”


Neige laughed.


“If Yuu let’s you.” 


“I think it’s a good idea. Yuu has to be so stressed out, maybe it’ll cheer them up.” Rielle stated, Fletcher blinked as he nodded.


“Yes, I think they need it.” Neige grins.


Rielle began to ask “What should we get to make the apple pie?” 


“Let me look up a recipe.”

as he took out his phone to look up some recipes as Fletcher looked.


“Oh! This one has five stars!” Fletcher smiled.


Neige looked into it, reading it.


“Ah! This one sounds good!” Neige smiled ear to ear.


They found one of the items for Neige for the apple pie while Rielle did find some items for himself, even the Cajun seasoning.


“Thank you, have a nice day!”


“You too!” Neige gave the cashier a sweet smile before grabbing the bag of items he got for the apple pie as he followed Rielle and Fletcher who already bought their own items, out the door.


“Let’s hurry home before it gets dark.” Fletcher looked around shakened up.


“Oh yeah, scared Leona is gonna jump on you?” Rielle teases as he grinned at Fletcher glaring at him.


“It’s not funny! I thought I was gonna become dinner at the time!”


“Nah, you’re more of an appetizer.” Rielle snickered


“Rielle! You’re not being funny!”


“What?” Neige ogling at Rielle and Fletcher as they were walking.


“Oh, yeah I thought taking a shortcut to a video game store would be the quickest way. The only quick way was the Savanaclaw territory alleyway,” Neige’s eyes widened as Rielle was telling the story. 

“Augustus said as long we’re not bothering anyone we’re okay. However, I would have gotten a lecture if he found out that we did go through, ehehe... When we were walking past the alleyway. We didn’t do anything until Fletcher got so scared that he was walking faster than I was, he accidentally stepped on someone’s tail.”


Neige mouthed an “Oh my goodness” as Fletcher nodded closing his eyes.


“And whose tail was it? His unlucky day, it was Leona.”


Neige’s jaw dropped.


Rielle snickered “I feel bad for laughing—“


“No, you are not.” Fletcher interjected.


“But Fletcher’s face was freaking hilarious!” Rielle laughed a bit “Leona was pissed. So I quickly scooped up Fletcher like a bride and ran for our lives! Thank goondess that we got out from the territory to down the street as soon as cars started coming from left and right! We got away, but yeah we never went through that alleyway ever again. We never got that game until the next day!”


“Well at least you guys were not hurt.” Neige reassured smiling at Fletcher.


“Yeah, I wouldn’t be laughing if we did get hurt.” Rielle admitted as he pat Fletcher's shoulder.


“You mean if YOU did get hurt!” Fletcher playfully nudged his stomach. As Rielle flinched a bit, almost dropping the two bags he was carrying.


“You’re such a guppy.” Rielle laughed as he ruffled up Fletcher’s hair messy.


“Am not!” Fletcher laughed and pushed his hand off.


Neige cracked a giggle at them. Happy to see them playing around feels nice to him. He wished it happened more often.


He hoped this would be a day of laughs and smiles for tonight for his new friend, Yuu.


For a while close to Royal Sword apartment.


“Okay, we’ll come over in later on once we put our stuff in the fridge!” Rielle told Neige as he nodded.


Rielle and Fletcher went to the other side across from the Royal Sword apartment.


As Neige went inside the apartment building, saw to their right of the counter, Agatha.


She was tying her fuchsia colored bow around her purple collar blouse then steady’s her glasses.


“Hello, Agatha!” He smiled at her.

“Oh, hello Neige! Do you need something?” She gave him a smile back as he walked over to her desk.


“Yes, do you know when Yuu left?”


“I believe I saw them left somewhere around 11:00am?” She answered him. She noticed Neige's eyes looked concerned.


“What’s wrong, Neige?”


He snapped out from his thoughts. “Oh… it’s nothing, I was curious what time they left. I just want to make sure they were okay.”


Agatha took a deep breath as her eyebrow narrowed. “Y’know Neige. You can’t keep living your life in fear for everyone. I understand we are living in a dangerous place, but we have to keep going and protect ourselves.”


“I know...” Neige said, “but I feel as if there is something wrong and I don’t know what it is...”


“In all honesty, I feel that way with everyone here. Especially you Neige. I don’t know where to begin with those horrible rumors of you being a bad person! I’ve known you since you were a little boy. There is not a mean bone in your body.” She vented as Neige gave her a sweet smile. 


“Thank you. At least you and my friends know.”


She gave him a warm smile as she nodded.


A phone rings.


“I have to take this!” Agatha said as she picked up the phone. He nodded as he walked off waving bye as she waved bye to him.


Neige walked past some doors as he stopped at his door. Before using the keys to open the door.

He took a glance at Yuu’s door.

Something in his gut makes him feel on edge. He’s not sure why that is.

He hoped maybe it’s nothing but at the same time. It may be for a reason. He opens the door to go inside to greet Chenya.


Neige asked if they heard anything from Yuu. Chenya only shrugged and said he’ll wait until they get back.


It only concerns Neige even more for some reason with a thought…


Where could they be?

Chapter Text



Yuu felt as if they were hit by a train, numb around their shoulders or their stomach.

Yuu didn’t remember what happened other than alleyway of the Heartslabyul members taking them away. 

Their vision was black.

They made a slight groan as they tried to move their arms. Yuu felt their rear was sitting on something wooden. Their arms were wrapped around it. It felt like a chair.


“Unfold. They are awake.” A male voice said.


The dark vision was lifted as it’s now bright.


Yuu squinted trying to see.


Bright sunny day, shining on what Yuu looked in front of them was a wide table with a tablecloth on, it had a bunch of desserts like cakes or muffins, A basket of apples, tarts, a tea set and a three handle candle not even lit with Roses around it. Yuu then noticed a male on a huge red heart chair.


Honestly made him look small.


He had red hair and on top had a small golden crown that was parted on his left.

His suit is like the other members but buttoned up. Wrapped around his left shoulder is a black cape inside red with a white collar on top.


His gray eyes felt as if they were looking into Yuu’s soul.


“Morning~! Did you sleep well?”

Yuu glanced to the side next to him was a man with orange hair, the top half of his hair was pulled into a ponytail.

He had green eyes, under his right eye had a red mark diamond shape. 


Yuu felt a throbbing in their head as Yuu couldn’t even look.


“Don’t worry, the feeling will wear off.” The male from the heart chair said.


“Ugh… where the hell am I?— Argh! What the hell did you do to me?!” Yuu asked, groaning from the throbbing in their head as they felt a cold sweat down their chest.


“You’re in the Tea Garden.” he only answered the first question as he analyzed Yuu movements from them tied up to the chair.


“W-Why the hell am I here?”


“Isn’t it obvious?” He took his tea cup and took a sip.

“We brought you here for my tea party.” brought the tea cup onto the saucer.


“F-For what?”


“To welcome you of course.” Redhead said with a smile, Yuu had a feeling that smile was hiding something.


“Yeah right! Was stealing my bag part of that?!”

Yuu’s eyes widened as they looked away, and couldn't look at him. For some reason everything became so bright it hurts their eyes.


“That was part of your punishment. For leaving a car door unlocked was a foolish thing to do.”


Yuu couldn’t properly argue back as they tried to glare at the red head. But everything was so bright.

“—I-It wasn’t my fault! That cat demon chased me down—“ It dawned on them that Ace mentioned the name Grim. Did they plan this to happen?!


“So disappointing that people don’t take responsibility and yell at us for doing what is right.” He said.


Yuu tried to look at him as the brightness was dialing down.


“Y-You must be Riddle, right?”


“Riddle Rosehearts.” He nodded.


Yuu was able now to glare at him in the eyes this time.


“Why did you capture me?!”


“I just told you.”


“There h-has to be a.. reason! Do I look like a-an idiot to you?” They cringed as their stomach felt if they had knives stabbing in their stomach. They didn’t know if it was the ropes or what.


“Do I have to answer that?” He smirked “Don’t you want your bag back?”


Yuu looked up to him, puzzled.

There has to be a catch Yuu thought.


“Y-You’ll.. give it back?”


Yuu’s throat for some reason felt right enough for them to barely speak as they coughed.


“Yes, but,” he then starts to chuckle, “I think you need to learn more of your lesson, I did think of a little game for you.”


Yuu cringed even more. Of course they would.


“If you’re able to win. You’ll have your bag back. If not, you’ll leave here empty handed.”


“Do .. do you do this to e-every.. person that b-breaks the rules?”  Yuu tries to speak, feeling nauseous as they lower their head.


“It’s a rare event. Especially on an unbirthday party.”  Riddle said as he got up.

“It is when I feel to be fair for once, but someone has to be taught the hard way, right.” He made it sound like it wasn’t a question at the end. 


Yuu couldn’t argue as they started coughing up.


“—W-What the h-hell did … you do to m-me?!”


“This is part of your lesson. I told you not to worry. You’ll feel better until tomorrow.”


“W-Why —“ Yuu interrupted by coughing up.


Riddle only watched them as they coughed up. No sign of concern was ever shown on their face.


“— did you d-do th-this?!”


“You don’t seem to remember when you arrived here, we used fairy dust to calm you down when my members took you in and you tried to pick a fight. Another lesson, you’ll have to play the game while you are drugged.”


Yuu couldn’t remember that happened?! They remember going with the members from the alley way.


“Untie them.”

Riddle ordered as Yuu looked around and noticed a dark green hair male and yellow eyes with glasses on.

Yuu noticed he had three leaf clover mark under his left eye.


Yuu felt free as he and the orange haired guy both grabbed Yuu by the arms to force them up to follow Riddle as they walked away behind from the Tea garden.


Yuu was thankful they could walk, but they felt as if their legs were a little wobbly.


“It’ll be fun!” The orange haired male consoles them. 


“Well, not for them, Cater. Look at them.” The dark green haired male said.


“I didn’t mean for them.” He lets out a giggle.


Thoughts begin to spiral about what they are talking about, what game could they be part of?


Like a hangman or something?!


Yuu felt the two men drop Yuu as they walked back, they didn’t realize where they were in front of was a bush entrance until they got up to see bush walls.


“For this game, you’ll have to go through the huge maze.” Yuu looked behind to Riddle. To his left was Ace and the blue hair male.

To his right is the dark green haired male with the white fedora and who green hair said is Cater next to him.


“It’s simple, all you have to do is figure a way out to survive and to make it to the end.”


Yuu flinched a little hearing “survive”


“W-what do you—… y-you mean s-survive?”


“Well both of my men beside me will try to prevent you from trying to reach the end.” Riddle crossed his arms.


Yuu scowled at him “Th-That’s not fair—“ they protested.


“Life isn’t fair.” Riddle shrugged nonchalantly.


“Y-You ..drugged m-m-me on purpose for th-this I bet!” Yuu accused.


“Don’t pin this on me. You’re the one that came into this town. You foolishly moved here for whatever reason unprepared and you can’t even protect yourself properly. How dense can you be?”


“..I—I don’t want to be part o-o-of this stupid game!” Yuu trying to form out words.

Whatever the fairy dust was, it made Yuu’s throat tighten enough for them not to speak well.


Riddle a sarcastic smile forms “Oh? So you want to lose all of your belongings? There were some items in that bag of yours that my members found quite intriguing enough to sell through black markets. Be glad that I kept them nice and locked up for you.”


Yuu’s eyes were filled with rage.




The men beside him all smug.


“I-I’ll.. p-play your g-game!” Yuu spatted.


Riddle then took out something from his pocket was a golden pocket watch.


“You have at least 15 minutes to run as fast you can into the maze before four of my men will try to get you. You have 3 hours to make it out.”


“I-If I win, ..y-you’ll give m-me all my stuff r-right?” Yuu wanted to make sure.


“Yes, I just told you that before. You really are a densed.” Riddle looked at the time then to Yuu.




Yuu tried to kick their legs to run, as soon as they did, they tripped. Ignoring the laughter who they assumed was Ace.

Yuu wishes that they'd beat his ass if it wasn’t for their current state.


They run off through the maze.




For a while picking up speed through a path that seems endless, they turned to a corner to find themselves at a dead end.

“F*ck!” They turned themselves around, only to stop as they hit themselves against the bushy wall.


“Gah!” hold their head with their hand as their fingers were tangled around their short black hair. They felt as if someone was beating their head.

Yuu took a deep breath 

“Y-You can .. do th-this!” Trying to whisper to themselves.

As they pushed themselves off from the bushy wall. Trying to run quickly to another path. 

Trying to ignore their killing headache.

Yuu can’t help but think about how long this was going to take?!

They can’t possibly be in this maze forever.

It’s not that big, right?


Picking up their legs as fast as they can but no matter, they ended up at a dead end three times past. Feeling sick on the way.

How long has time gone by they thought.

Riddle said 15 minutes for Yuu to run out before the guys beside him were to come in.

Yuu stops as their vision is becoming giddy. They couldn’t help but put their knees down.

They feel as if they’ve been spinning themselves around for a long while. They want to just lay down on the dirt to rest but there is no time for that!

Slowly picking themselves up trying to run but their legs began to feel heavy.


“C-C’mon!” Yuu muttered as they tried to move.


“Yuu~?” The back of the hair of their nape rises at a voice, almost to where they are.


“F*ck.” Yuu mumbled  as they tried to move as fast as they could. Their legs began slowly to give out.

No no no! Yuu thought. 

Fatigue builds up in their stomach.


“Where are you? Do you want some help?”

The voice was coming closer.


What a liar .

Yuu thought as they tried their best move. There is a corner leading Yuu to a path. Yuu hopes that it’s not a dead end or else they're done!

Their legs began to feel weak. 

C'mon move! Yuu thought again.


Yuu leaped enough to grab the corner to pull themselves to the corner of the other side.


To Yuu’s relief, another path!


Yuu grabs the bushes of the maze to climb themselves to keep moving as fast as they can!

They were slowly reaching to the middle of the path.


As they try to grip onto another bush to keep moving. Their luck, they pulled parts of the bush that began to tear off as they fell onto the ground with a thud.


“Dammit!” They groaned.


“Oh man, are you alright?” 


Yuu turned themselves up to see the orange haired male before, Cater, At the corner Yuu grabbed onto.


“I do admit, it’s not fair for you to be in this vulnerable state. But what can you do?” Cater shrugged.


“S-Shut up!” Yuu spat and quickly turned themselves away and began to climb from the ground to try to reach the corner.


“Eeeh~ that’s cold. I haven’t done anything and yet you decided to be mean.”


Yuu tried to ignore him, they felt a sharp kick in the stomach that made them flinch back.

They moved their head up to see it was Cater.


How did he move so quick—


Yuu looks back to where Cater is at that corner. 





“It's a unique power, pretty cool, right?” Original Cater said.


The other Cater gave a sharp kick in the stomach again as Yuu yelped in agony.


“Hey, Cay, not so hard on the poor kid!” Another Cater stepped in.


“Riddle said to teach this guy a lesson, right? This is what they get!” A Cater snapped.


Yuu groans as they try to lift themselves up, their arms wrapped around their stomach. 

Yuu's nausea kicks in.

Next thing Yuu is forever humiliated, their throat swell up as they couldn’t help but puke.

A Cater jumped back a bit “Oh gross!”

“Ah, see I told you you were too rough.” B Cater pouted.


They coughed up, feeling light headed. Yuu felt a tight grip on their hair as they lifted them up.

Looking up to A Cater who knelt down.


“Aw, so sorry. Do you still want our help ?”


“F*ck you!” Yuu spits at his face, he begins to give a threatening glance that makes them tense up.

A Cater knee hits Yuu’s face.

“Ah Yuu, that wasn’t very nice~” B Cater mocked as they chuckled a bit.


A Cater slams their head on the ground where they puked.


“How do you like that?!” A Cater blurted.


With a blink of an eye before I could give a glance, the clones disappeared.


Yuu’s picked themselves up, feeling dizzy as the world spins around them. Groans from the sharp pain in their stomach and their face.

The only thing they are glad is they can move again.


“It’s unfair to have all the fun, I’ll let the others know you are over here~.” Yuu's vision became a little clear as they saw his white phone out.


“Seeing you getting beat up was quite entertaining! Good thing I won’t be the only one to see it~” He smiled smugly. His thumb tapped onto his phone.


Yuu was puzzled for a second but had a realization that made them boil up.

Did this bastard record them?! Yuu thought.


“I-If.. I wasn’t d-drugged up.. Y-You’re gonna be sorry!” Yuu tried to threaten as they spit out a little bit of blood.


“Aw, that’s cute you know~” Cater cooed as Yuu glared daggers at him.


“You better hurry or else the others will find you too.” he laughed as Yuu took all their might to run as fast as they can to the other corner of the maze leading to another path away from Cater. Thanking the universe that they can move now. Trying to ignore the pain in their stomach or their dizziness.

Taking the next corner on their left leads to another path. Thank goodness!

They’re not going to let those bastards win!

They just can’t!


Running as fast they can, they noticed as they stopped to see there are three paths to take.


One of them leads to a dead end.


Which way?! 


They looked back to see nothing. but it won’t be for long as they look back at each path.

A flash zaps past them as they jumped with a scream.


“Yuu hoo~!”

A voice chimed Yuu recognized as they looked back to see Ace with the blue hair guy with the spade mark.

Both with evil smiles.


“Better be careful to choose what path or else you’ll end up at a dead end.” Ace said.

Yuu didn’t hesitate but to run into the left path as they started to hear them chase them down.


They see way down two corners. Which dammit which?!


Yuu sprinted to the right leading them to another path on the left.

This makes them feel as if they are gonna reach the end! They’re not too sure however.

They’ve been lucky so far!


That luck soon faded as their head began to feel a sharp headache, making them clutch their head hissing from the pain. Keeping their legs up to not slow down.


“Aw, Deuce, I think our poor friend seems to be having trouble!” Ace mocked.


The other who was called Deuce responded, “I think so too.”


Yuu couldn’t pay attention to them as Yuu’s head was spiraling a bit. Their legs were wobbly a bit more.


This was a literal nightmare.


Not again!


“First off, they should just stop running!” 


Yuu felt a huge metal hit them as they fell hard to the ground as they yelled out in pain.


Yuu looked up to see a cauldron on them.


Ace began to laugh hysterically as they noticed the two were getting closer.


“Ahaha! look at you! You’re flat as a pancake!”


Yuu manages to push off the cauldron trying to get up but as soon as they do. Deuce picks them by the collar, pushing them backwards. Yuu stumbled as they fell back onto Ace as he held themselves up by the shoulders with his arms.


“L-Let go!” Yuu yelled as they tried to struggle off.

Yuu then felt a punch strike right into their stomach.


Yuu's mouth was open with a yelp in pain.


“Yeah, Deuce! Hit them with all you got!” Ace laughed.


Deuce throws in fist at Yuu’s face and kicks them in the ribs.

Ace lets them go as they fall right down to their knees. Deuce kicks them in the face as they flopped over on their side letting out a hiss.


Yuu wants to tell them to stop, but begging for mercy is what they want.


Ace grabs them by the hair, like A Cater clone did.


“So you’ve given up or what? This could be over if you just say the words.” Ace smiled.

Yuu glares dangerously at Ace who formed a smug.


“L-Like f*cking hell..!” Yuu snapped furiously.


“Well that’s good! Because this is a hell you’re gonna be in for a long time--”


Just when Ace was busy talking, Yuu managed with half of their strength to throw a punch directly to his face.

“F*ck!” Ace lets go as they pull back as he clenches his face in pain.

Before Deuce could strike, Yuu quickly got up to lift their knee to hit his crotch.

He backs away his hands covering his area as he groans in agony going down to his knees.


Yuu stumbled, tried to ignore the pain from their ribs to try their best to run off in the right corner down to another path as they could.

Yuu can hear Ace rant from a far until they were further away.


They tripped on the way but managed to crawl up to run still. As they see fourth paths, they can’t wait, they manage to go through the third path running until they turned to a corner to hide behind as they stopped to breathe.


Their nausea was kicking in once more as they began to puke a bit again, coughing up.

Yuu touched their face, their bottom lip had a bloody split, and their nose had a tiny speck of blood dripped. Hissed when they quickly pulled their hand away from their forehead.


They rested up against the bushy wall, they felt their head beating and spiraling up.

They need to move now!


Yuu started to move their legs to run down the path leading to them hoping that it would be close to the end of this game.

Yuu’s legs were running as their legs seemed to go wobbly a bit as it made them feel anxious.

Yuu tries their best to keep moving, trying to block out the spinning sensation.

Before they take a turn to another path.

Yuu jumped as a flash of light shined from the opposite corner as they jumped back.


Yuu looked around to notice the green haired male with the glasses from before. 


“I’m honestly surprised you’ve made it this far with the way you look right now.” He spoke,

he didn’t sound as mocking as the other three, however there was something off. 

Yuu narrowed their eyes at him.


“I-I’m not ...g-g-giving!”


“Of course you wouldn’t, I don’t blame you.” Yuu blinked at him, mystified.


Yuu noticed in his hand was some sort of pen with a red crystal on it. He puts it back in his suit pocket.


He took a few steps towards them making Yuu jump back, flinching as they began to knelt down. Their legs were starting to give out again.


“G-Get away!” Yuu exclaimed backing away against the bushy wall. He only stood there watching Yuu.


“Calm down, I’m not going to hurt you. It’s rare for me to even get ahead of anyone in this maze.” He said, as he held his hand out. “Please, come with me or they’ll be here and you’ll have no chance of getting out.”


“W-Why… y-you h-helping?” Yuu asked, coughing a bit.


“You being in this state is unnecessary. I don't like that Riddle is doing this to someone.” Yuu wants to not trust this guy, they were fooled by Ace but not this time!

However, something seems genuine about him.


“Yuu! Come out! Where the f*uck are you?!”

Yuu and the guy can hear Decue’s voice from a distance, making Yuu’s cringe as their face looks pale.


“Please, let me help you.”


Yuu didn’t hesitate but to grab his hand as he put them over his shoulder and ran off carrying Yuu to a path.


“W-Who a-are… y-you?”


“I’m Trey Clover.”




He didn’t respond as he looked around to run off the other path.

For a while he took them paths straight, left or right.

Yuu wondered how much time had passed.

Trey made a quick halt to put down Yuu.


“W-What?” Yuu asked.


“I can’t take you further down, if I do, Riddle is going to have my head, knowing I’m defying his order. You have to go on your own on this one. Go straight and then right, okay?” Trey looks to Yuu to make sure he pointed down.


Yuu nodded, “O-Okay.. Thanks a-a-again!” smiled at Trey as he smiled back then ran back.


Yuu starts to sprint down to the path, feeling at least some hope to be out from this dumb game!

As soon as Yuu took turn to the corner to their way out.


It was a dead end.


“Aw, Yuu, thought you had the taste of victory huh?” 


Yuu head whirled around to see, blocking their way were the four members.


“Haha! I can’t believe you fell for the nice guy act, twice! You really blew my expectations away.”

Ace laughed, Yuu noticed his nose was stained with blood. Their brown eyes glared right to Trey who formed a cruel smile.


“Y-You t-t-tricked… me?!” Yuu spit venomed at Trey just shrugged with a smug smile.


“What do you expect from us gangsters, Yuu, it’s so cute that you are completely densed.” Cater laughed a bit.


“Let’s just beat them up, we’ve clearly won!” Ace declared.


“Oooh no !” Yuu argued as Ace’s eyebrows forward.


“J-Just because y-you say i-it’s done doesn’t m--mean I am!” Giving every single dangerous glare to the members.

Ace raises an eyebrow.


“You’re not even stable to fight against us!” Ace complained.


“Says th-the guy that g-got punched!” Yuu snapped, making Ace give a threatening look.


A flash hits them in the gut as they fall backwards with yelp. They clenched their stomach with their arms like a shield.


“You want a fight? I’ll give you one.” Deuce walked towards them, putting his pen back in his pocket. Grabs them by the collar to pick them up.


“This is for before!”


Yuu closed their eyes as they tried to struggle from his strong grip.

A fist hits Yuu’s head, making them fall right back down on the ground as the pain surfaced on their back and irritating headache forms. Their vision begins to wear out.

Deuce begins to kick Yuu in the stomach, not once, not twice.

Several times.


“Ha! That’s what you get!” Ace cheered.


When will this nightmare end?! Yuu thought as another kick hit them in the head. Feeling as if they were to black out.


“Guys... do you smell that?” Cater asked.


Yuu waited for another strike in the gut but didn’t receive. 


Yuu couldn’t tell what was going on, they took a whiff of breath air to breathe but they smelled something distant… smoke?


“The hell?” Deuce mumbles.


“It’s coming from the entrance! Let’s head down there now!” Trey announced


“What about them?” Ace asked.


“We’ll leave them here. Besides they won’t be able to get out of here. Nobody does. Let’s go! Riddle is probably in danger!” Yuu heard them run out.

Leaving Yuu on the ground bleeding.


Yuu tries to push them off, they feel ill to get up. No matter, the pain was unbearable as their arms wobbled trying to get up.

Letting a moan from the pain in their stomach.

Yuu flinched and felt as if someone was picking them up from the ground by the arms. 

Yuu’s head quickly turned to look up to feel some relief to see purple hair cat ears with piercings.


“Sorry for being late to the party.” Chenya said with a sheepish smile. He picked them up slowly bridal style, running out from the dead end to somewhere.

Yuu’s eyes seemed to not focus when they gave out seeing all black.






Yuu groans a bit, shuffling up feeling a soft cushion they were trying to get comfortable.

They felt a sharp pain in their stomach, hissing.

Yuu wonders why does their stomach hurt--


It hit them,




Yuu quickly lifts themselves up from whatever they are on.


Another sharp pain in their stomach made them clench their stomach with their arms wrapped around.


“Yuu! Thank goodness, you’re awake!”

Yuu looked at the voice and next to them was Neige on a chair, holding a wet towel. Yuu’s lips parted, feeling a sting from their bottom lip.


“...N-N-Neige!” Yuu spew a word out. However it’s still shaky from that strange drug.

Realizing, they are in Neige and Chenya’s apartment room on their couch with a soft blanket and a pillow.


“Please rest back down. You really are in bad shape! Thank goodness you have no broken bones though. Augustus knows what happened, he was really worried about you.”


“W-Where.. Ch-Chenya?” Yuu looked around as Neige sighed.


“He is in bed, he used up a lot of his unique magic today. He and I drove you all the way back here. He managed to get your bag back from the inside of the territory!”


Yuu's eyes widened to Neige as they grabbed their bag up on their lap.

Yuu grabbed it quickly, opening up the front zipper to look inside.

It had their wallet, notebook, their phone, keys and others.

Yuu felt a big relief with weak laugh.


“I-I-I wish Ch-Chenya.. w-was awake! H-He o-o-owe my th-thanks.” Yuu smiled a bit of relief.


“YUU!” Yuu jumped as they heard a squeal as they looked up to see Fletcher run around the couch to give Yuu a hug as he wrapped his arms around them.


“Oh my goodness! I thought I would never see you again!” He wailed as he cried.


He was pulled back to let go by the ponytailed redhead Rielle.


“Sometimes you embarrass me..” Rielle laughed a bit,

Then gazed at Yuu. “I am really glad you are alright. But jeez I thought I had a bad Monday.”

Rielle tried to joke at the end as Fletcher used his elbow at his gut for him to stop talking.


“Wh-What happened a-at H-Heartslabyul? H-How did y-y-ou kn-kn-ow? ” Yuu looked to Neige.

He took a deep breath before speaking,

“Chenya found out you were captured by the gang. When Chenya got your bag, something unexpected happened, what he described was a cat demon going after Riddle and it was trying to burn everything down in the garden! Chenya got the chance to get you out when the members were going after the cat demon.” Neige explained.


“Grim…” Yuu blurted.




“I-I-I r-remembered ...they c-called the creature G-Grim.” Yuu answered.


“Well, whatever it is. We’re glad you are alive.” Fletcher smiled,

The smile faded when Yuu flinched a little as pain was building up in their gut.


“Yuu, please rest up for now. You’ll be better by tomorrow.” Neige reassured them, gently laying them back on the couch.


Yuu couldn't help but relax then went to sleep.

Chapter Text

Last night, Yuu woke up wanting to go back to their room. Neige insisted for them to stay, that it wouldn’t be a bother.

Yuu thanked him, but they wanted to go back to their apartment room.

Yuu took their bag with them and laid in their nice cozy bed.


Good part of it is that they were able to speak clearly without stuttering.

Augustus sent Yuu a message to have the day off to heal up, but next day they have to go back to work.

Yuu called Cathleen about what happened and gave them the day off today. 

Today they were supposed to go after Coral Reef.


Yuu tried to get comfortable on their bed as they groaned from their sores they were feeling in their stomach. They ended up putting their arms around themselves, closing their eyes for a while to rest and trying to ignore the pain.


Yuu’s eyes opened when they heard silight rustling noises.

Their eyes closed back, thinking it was just outside wind. They shuffled up against the comfortable sheets, feeling a stinging pain in their stomach. 

The corner of their brown eyes peeked into their room. It was a bit dark, but the window showed some sunlight in the room. A sound came from the content behind a small trash can near the two chairs table.


Yuu quickly grabbed their pillow from under their head and aimed to throw.




Yuu jumped from their comfort zone, narrowed their eyes.


“Grim?!” Yuu exclaimed, trying to get up ignoring their pain in the gut.


The smug creature jumped onto the table.


“Fngah! So you know my name now? Thought you’ve seen the last of me?”


Yuu grabs another pillow and throws it at him with a bit of force.


Grim dodges to jump making him land on the chair next to the table.


“Stop throwing things at me!”


“Shut up! Just wait till— Argh!” Yuu tries to get up from the bed quickly, they go on one knee while feeling sharp pain.


“Fnyahaha! Till what?” He laughed. Yuu tried to ignore their pain until they got up to get to the door.

Grim was fast enough to jump in front of them on the door knob.


“Hey! One more step or anything and I’ll burn this place with you in it!” Grim threatened, making sure to block their way from them to grab the doorknob.


“H-How the hell did you get in my apartment room?!”


“I have my ways.” A confident grin spreads.


“Get out of my apartment or I’ll call Crowley!” Yuu dawned on them about their phone on the dresser as they looked back to see it’s gone.


“Looking for this?”


Yuu looked at Grim holding up their phone. Yuu went to grab as his fork tail swift whips to hit their hand away.

“F*ck!” Yuu yelled, rubbing their hand. He puts the phone behind his back with his tail wrapped around it with a glare.


“One more attempt and I’ll roast you up!” Grim threatened again.


“What the hell do you want?!” Yuu irked a scowl.


“I want to stay and hide here!” Grim answered with his head up.


Yuu let out a weak laugh as Grim kept giving them the threatening look.


“Me? Letting you stay here? Please. You’re the reason I am this way! If you didn’t chase me down to help your stupid gang, I wouldn’t have gone through the hell they put me through!” Yuu snapped furiously.


“Well, I was the reason that you are alive!”


“Yeah right.”


“Hey! Those Heartslabyuls left me behind so they deserved my wrath! I saw you arrive at the flower shop! I came across that cat guy who was there the morning and he wanted to help you! Without me, you probably would have been dead!”


Yuu remembered what Neige said before yesterday of what happened when Chenya was there to rescue them. 

Yuu didn’t say a word as Grim looked smug.


“What? Taking back from what you said?”


“No, even if you did manage to help me you only did it for yourself. Like you said, you wanted revenge so you really didn’t want to save me.”


“Fnya?! But you’re alive, right? I helped that creepy purple hair cat guy friend of yours to get your bag! He was hiding around away from Riddle and his members to try to get to you out of that maze somehow!” Grim explains “I had to fight Riddle to get the members on high alert to protect their leader. Thus, to get you out of there! If I can’t get what I want, that gang doesn’t either!”


As he blabbed, Yuu couldn’t argue. They didn't know what Chenya could have done if Grim wasn’t there.

Chenya said it himself, he was friends with the gang leader and would rather stay that way.

He wouldn’t harm Riddle and wouldn’t try to get you if those members were there. It makes them feel sad at the thought, however, they would understand him.

If it wasn’t for Grim, they would have probably been dead already or worse...

Yuu sighed in defeat.


 “... Thanks.”


The corner of Grim’s lip raised slightly

 “For?” Grim asked slowly.


Yuu scowled at him 

“You know.”


“Know what?”


“Thanks for saving me! Are you happy now?!” Yuu shouted, feeling as they were gonna have a migraine.

The cat demon smiled widely as he hoped in joy.

“Fnya! Yes! You finally admit yours truly did save you!”


Yuu felt a tight knot in their stomach, regretting the thanks to him but honestly, what could they have done yesterday?


“So, do I get to stay?”  Grim’s grin widens.


Yuu made a poker face look as a response. 


“...Fine. You can stay.” Yuu’s stomach’s knot was even tighter.


“Fnyahaha! For now on, you're my henchman!” He said with a smile.


“Whatever, could I have my phone back?” Yuu raised their hand out as Grim leaned back a bit that made Yuu head feel tight.


“Try calling the police and I’ll burn you up before they come here!” Grim threatened again that made Yuu sigh.

What’s the point of calling the police and then getting BBQ by a demon.


“I won’t. I promise.” Yuu said.


Grim hands it out for them as they put it back.


“You better! Shouldn’t you go back to bed? You look awful.” Grim said.


“What a sudden change of heart.” Yuu responded sarcastically as they tried to move over to the bed as sharp pains hit their guts.


“Aye! You don’t need to be rude,” 

Yuu sat on the bed as Grim walked in front

“You should be respectful to your savior!”


“Okay, if you’re gonna be here,” They clapped their hands together, looking as if they were praying.

They bit the inside of their mouth lip as they gazed at the gray demon, “I’m gonna set up some rules!” 


“Better not be like Heartslabyul’s rules...” He mumbles with his paws on his hips.


“Listen, rule 1. You don’t ever leave this house when I’m at work or when I am out. 2. If you want food; make a list, not too much. 3. Don’t touch my stuff or burn anything. If you touch my personal belongings or burn them, I will throw you into the Queen’s Roses shop! 4.—“


“Fyna how many rules do you have?” He yawned.


“Not even 900.”


“4. If I catch you doing anything suspicious, well, let’s be honest I wouldn’t be surprised, but I will show you no mercy. And I mean it.” Yuu said with a dark glance to him.


“Fyna! Geez!—“ Grim tensed a bit but shakes it off “Like you can! You ran for your life when I was chasing after you!”

Grim puts up a that stupid smug as if he were any threat.


“That was only two days ago and now you are running from Heartslabyul to me.”

Grim's smug turns to an angry glare.


“I’m the one threatening you to let me be here!”


“Because it was your only option?”


Grim didn’t respond to that.


Yuu starts to lay back down on the soft comforter to rest their back.


“Lastly 5. IF those Heartslabyul’s forget about you. I want you gone. If I find out this is another trap. Remember the last bit of rule 4.”


“Well jeez, you're nice.” Grim dropped a sarcasm.


“I am nice until you piss me off and I have a good reason. I’m sick of these jerks around here acting like they own the f*cking place! You practically wanted to be one of them. So tough.” Yuu rants off as they kick up their lay straight on the bed and Grim jumps up onto the bed.


“Yeah, yeah.” Grim response.

“I don’t want to be part of those gangs anyways! Heartslabyul betrayed me, Savanaclaw tried to eat me, Octavinelle is well.. another story, Scarabia maybe fun but it’s weird there, Pomefiore is not my taste, Ignihyde is full of nerds and Diasomnia…”

Yuu listened closely “Fyna! I can’t even approach them 10 feet!” 


“What is it about Disaomnia that is so bad?” Yuu asked as they raised their head up from the pillow.


Grim noticed their head up.


“Why? You want to join their gang?”


“No, have you ever met their gang leader?” Yuu looked to Grim closely.


“Like hell! That territory is so creepy with their aura! They literally live in some old abandoned area.”


“Has anyone ever seen those gang members? You’ve been here before I was. How did you end up with Heartslabyul?”


“Firstly, there would be little Disomnia members wandering around the town. I haven’t really heard about what they do, nobody seems like they want to talk about it. Second, I came to Heartslabyul when I ran away from the Octavinelle gang, who I used to work with. Ace and Deuce found me and brought me in their territory, saying I could be ‘useful’ to their gang. Which now I found out it was bullshit! The guys, Cater and Trey told me about certain things about gangs around, names, their sidekicks and whatever information.”


“Do you even know the leader’s name from Diasomnia?”


“Of course! It’s like a forbidden name! It’s Malleus Draconia.” Yuu felt the shivers down their spine. 


Yuu blinked when they realized what Grim said before.


“Wait, you said you used to work with Octavinelle? How did you end up with them?”


“The freakin freak with the droopy eyes took me in when I was trying to sneak around at their place. Called me “a baby seal”, what a f*cking weirdo. Their leader Azul had an idea to keep me in to help around their Monstro Lounge. I was there for almost a week until I did something to upset the guy. Floyd tried to squeeze me! I almost thought I was going to die! Luckily I found a way out.``


“Do you know…” Grim raised a brow at them as they were  trying to think of what to ask, “Do you know Octavinelle’s unique magic?” Yuu remembered about Cater magic to clone himself and being attacked by magic from Deuce. 


“Well of course. Azul is “It’s a Deal” simple enough, when he makes deals with people that’ll sign his contract. If they don’t fulfill the mission, they’ll get antennas on their heads and work for the guy for life with no choice,”

Yuu grimaced, jeez no wonder they can’t get out, it makes them feel sorry for Augustus, Rielle and Fletcher even more.


“For the twins, Floyd’s unique magic is “Bind the Heart” controls the opponent attack’s to miss and Jade is “Shock the Heart” when you look into guy’s left eye you’ll be forced to tell the truth, they said at times it doesn’t work until get he gets them to let their guard down.”


This made Yuu cringe a bit however they were lost in thought, Azul’s power is to make a deal.

Is there a way to break the contract? 

Maybe the notebook will give some ideas…


“Oi! You became all quiet now? What’s going on?” Grim snapped them out from thought.


“You… you actually may be kind of useful after all.”


“What?! What do you mean by that? I am VERY useful!” Grim argues.


Yuu tried to get up to get their notebook from the other. Pain hits them in the gut again but manages to take it out and look into it. Flipping the pages to Octavinelle gang page.


Yuu reads the Notebook, the gang owns Monstro Lounge as Grim said, a successful lounge bar for non members to come in and enjoy, even other fellow gang members would come. It said if you don’t buy anything from there, they’ll kick you out in an instant.

Which is not a big deal. 

The Octavnielle members will bother someone for a certain price they want, and they’ll bother you to the point where you have to make a deal with them. Want help from them, no problem, they’ll persuade you no matter what it is to fulfill your desires,

One sentence said:

 “Asking for help from them is like giving your soul to the devil.”


It gave Yuu the heebie jeebies reading that part.


“What is that?” Grim tried to peak.

“Woah! This is about the gang?! I’m guessing you have beef with them?” Grim grins with a raised eyebrow.


“I’m trying to help the guys I work with at Coral Reef. Ugh, this will take a while.” Yuu said with an irritated sigh.


“No kidding.” Grim shrugged, he tilted his head up to Yuu.

“So I’m also guessing you want answers from yours truly I presume?” Grim smirk widens.


Yuu’s eyes turn down to him.


“What did you do for a while there?”


He started to frown as he explains,

“They put me in the back to help clean dishes! Although, I didn’t care as much when they gave me cans of tuna as a reward!” His eyes seem to glitter at the thought of eating some delicious tuna.


Yuu wanted him to stay focused as they kept asking, “How long were you with them for?”


Grim stopped to think “Hmm… I remember for about two weeks, I ran off on a Thursday night. I remember daylight on Friday morning, I was hiding in a rose bush, I didn’t realize I ran far enough to Heartslabyul. That’s when Ace and Deuce found me.” Grim explained as Yuu nodded.


“What do you know about Heartslabyul?” Yuu knows it is off topic, but they hope a little info about that gang.


Grim hesitated for a second before responding.

“Other than the stupid rules and Riddles short temper. The only thing I know is the guy Trey has Bakery shop. It’s actually really good!” Grim smiled, thinking about the desserts there. Yuu sighed, it’s not what they want but they guess it’s good to know to stay away from there.

 Grim sighed with a sad whine.


“Fynaaa that was a good tart he made, oh well! Tuna is better!” He began to smile when popped an idea to make him jump from the bed to their fridge.


“What are you doing?” Yuu lifts themselves up with their elbows to sit on the bed, seeing what he is doing. Grim ignores them and opens the fridge door with his small paw and sees some water bottles and some fruits like apples or bananas.


“Fyna?! What’s this?! You don’t even have real food!” Grim complained to Yuu as they rolled their eyes.


“I haven’t gone to the store yet. As soon as i’m better, I’ll go.” Yuu said as they flipped more pages looking into the notebook.


Yuu stared at the time on their phone 




“I can order take out or something.” Yuu mumbled as they glanced back to the notebook.

Grim closes the fridge with a hmph!


“Focus. Tell me. If you used to be with Octavinelle for a while, do you know anything about them? Anything like a secret wise or some sort?” Yuu trying to get Grim to talk. Grim crawls over back onto the bed.


“There is something but… you get me 50 cans of tuna and I’ll spill!” Grim smirks 


“50?! That’s a lot! 15 cans!”


Grim was angry as he argued with Yuu, “Fnya! 50 or I will not speak!”


Yuu rolled their eyes, this guy is annoying.


“Ughhh fine!” They grimaced as Grim smiles and he starts to explain, 

“Azul does have a safe in his office. That’s where he keeps his contracts and some other stuff. However there is no way to get rid of them.” Grim said.


Yuu raised an eyebrow waiting to hear more.


“I heard some guys tried to touch one of the contracts and it electrocuted them to death!”


Yuu eyes widen “H-How?!”


“Well, you shouldn’t be surprised,” Grim said. “All these gangsters have their own unique magic. That’s what makes them so threatening!”


Yuu groans, putting her hands on their head “Just when I thought I may have a solution…"


“What do you mean? From what I witnessed, you look like you went through hell from Heartslabyul!” Grim snapped.


Yuu didn’t respond. 

Grim was right.

How can they go against them?!

Yuu felt a little bit of hope washing away.

They still need to try to think of something…

But what?


Yuu jumped a little when they heard their phone ringing.

They grabbed their phone to see someone was trying to FaceTime them.


It was Rielle.


Grim went silent and parted his lips.


“Just stay quiet, it’s just a friend.”


Yuu answers with one tap, trying to smile to see pops up is Rielle an Fletcher on screen with their work uniforms.


“What up Yuu!” Rielle grinned.


“Hi Yuu!” Fletcher said with a friendly smile.


“H-Hey guys! What’re you guys doing there?” Yuu smiling back at them from the screen phone.


“We’re on break, duh. How are you doing over there?” Rielle looked closely at them.


“I'm getting better, no worries.” Yuu waved their hand.


“That’s good!” Fletcher smiled. Yuu noticed the corner of their eye Grim was just watching them. 

He is probably suspicious.


Rielle looked to the right side as Yuu heard a door open

“Rielle! When you're off break, clean one of the tables on the left. It’s a mess!”

Yuu recognized that Jamaican accent.


“Augustus! C’mere! Look who it is!” Rielle chimes excitedly.


“Better not be a stupid video or I swear to Triton himself…” Augustus walked into the view, his eyes widened in surprise as a smile relief came. 


“Hello Yuu! How are you doing, lad? I’m sorry about what happened…”


“Ah, well...I’m alive right? I'll be better by tomorrow.” Yuu smiled sheepishly.


“Thank Triton. I hope to see you then. You missed a little event that happened yesterday.” As his smile got bigger.


Fletcher giggled a bit. 


“Wait, don’t—“ Rielle looked back to Augustus when the camera shook a bit. The camera went side right up as Fletcher grins at the screen.


“Rielle made a drink for a customer. He went to go to the counter to give it to them and somehow slipped on his feet and the drink flew across the counter hitting the customer.”

Fletcher started to laugh. Yuu looked to Rielle who made a face and rolled his eyes. Augustus couldn’t hold his cackle. Yuu also couldn’t help be letting out one too.


“Wow Rielle. Clumsy much?”

Yuu smiled as Rielle glared, but couldn’t contain his laughter.


“You know…”

Rielle looked away and leaned away making a pfft sound on the screen.

Yuu could see that he was trying not to snicker.


“This is why I need you, Yuu. Rielle is just extremely chaotic around here.”

He chuckles making Rielle whip his head back to Augustus.


“Oh so now you’re laughing?! Yesterday you were pissed! The customer was laughing too!”

Rielle shouted with a huge grin.


“Alright Yuu, please rest up! I need to go back to my office.”

Augustus said quickly as he made a quick wave bye as starts to walk out,

Rielle whipped his head the other side as the camera tilted.


“Don’t ignore me! Hey!” Rielle shouted as Yuu can hear Fletcher laughing in the background.


“Alright Yuu, we’ll text ya later or see you tomorrow! Bye! August—“


Yuu waved bye as they couldn’t help but laugh once the phone hung up.


Yuu’s laugh faded as they realized they hadn't called Crowley about their bag nor what happened.


“Grim. Don’t be alarmed. I need to tell Crowley about what happened about my bag and Heartslabyul. I won’t say anything about you.”


Grim still looked at them suspiciously as glares rose up to crawl over near them.


Yuu dials Crowley’s number to call him.


“Hello? This is Dire Crowley.”


“Hey, Crowley this is Yuu!”


“Oh! Hello Yuu! We tried to call you yesterday! Everything alright?”


Yuu explains on the phone what happened, instead of Grim who started the fire Yuu just said that a fire started suddenly, which it was probably by a gang member or something.


“Oh dear, I am so sorry this happened to you…” He sounded pitifully. “Are you feeling any better?”


“I’m getting better than yesterday,” Yuu smiled “Are you going to go after them? They literally could have killed me!” Yuu waited for a response as Crowley was silent for about a minute.


“Of course, we’ll take care with them as fast as we can. I’m glad you got your things back.”

He said happily.

“Hope you’ll be better soon--Oh! Please watch out for that racoon dog! He somehow escaped the station. Officer Vargas and Officer Divus are on it to try to find him. We’ll bring your car back well.”


“Okay, I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you, bye,” Yuu said.




They hang up the phone, Yuu throws themselves back on the bed with a small whine.


“What?” Grim asks.


“Crowley said ‘they’ll take care of it’, I have a feeling they won’t.” Yuu flips over to the side.

“Oh, and two police officers are looking for you.” Yuu said nonchalantly.


“What!?” Grim shrieked. “Crap! I hope that scary guy— Crewel is not after me! He was damn well terrifying!” Grim with a mewl.


Yuu yawns “Whatever, please let me rest. If you disappear, I’m gonna regret not throwing you to him.”


Grim looked uneased at the thought.


“Fyna! I am not going anywhere anyway!” Grim exclaimed his voice then sounded curious. “...I do have a question for you Yuu.”


“What is it?” Yuu tilt their head to look at Grim.


“I heard from before in Heartslabyul. The rumors about you. Why did you move over here?” Grim looked at them curiously.

Yuu felt their heart beat raised a little while hearing what he said.

It makes Yuu’s blood run cold at the thought that maybe Yuu is gonna have it worse later.


Yuu took a deep breath before answering,


“Honestly, I wanted a fresh new start in life. I didn’t know about the reputation around here, how bad it was. I thought about going to a new town, to start over with my life was my best option.” Yuu sighed.


“Wait, How did you not know? What do you mean?”

Grim was asking again.


“I just didn’t know.”

Grim stopped asking as he looked at Yuu with a bored look as he sloaches on the end of the bed.


Their phone dings with new messages as Yuu irked as they grabbed their phone.


Chenya: (ΦωΦ) Sup Yuu! Hope u r feeling better!


Neige: Hello Yuu!! I hope you are feeling better!! Please rest for now and please drink some water! ❤️😊


The messages made Yuu smile from ear to ear.


Yuu typed and sent a reply. 


Yuu: Thank you guys! I am getting better!


They locked their phone, putting it back on the dresser as they go back to sleep on the bed.






Yuu woke up and ordered pizza as Grim was so excited. He seemed as if he hadn’t eaten food in a while. He was happy when it finally arrived. He was displeased with the plain pizza and it didn’t have tuna but he still ate two slices anyways.


“Mm! Mmm! Mmmm! That hits the spot! thanks!” Grim satisfied smile appeared on his face.


“Least you’ll have some leftovers while I’m gone.” Yuu said, biting into a slice of pizza on a chair.

Grim was slouching on the other chair with two half eaten pizza crusts on his plate.


Yuu heard a dinging, it was their phone.


“Have the last piece and then don’t have anymore.” Yuu said getting up.


“Don’t tell me what to do.” Grim taking another piece of pizza.


Yuu picks up their phone from the dresser and noticed an unknown message.

Unlocked their phone to read,


Unknown: Hey Yuu, This is Wraith from Cha Bella. Lamario and I are sorry about what happened to you. We heard about it from Cathleen. A friend of mine is coming over to bring you flowers from all of us in the store. He said he knows you and wanted an excuse to see you.”


Yuu smiled at the message, but was puzzled at the end of it.

Who would that be? Yuu couldn’t think of who she might be talking about?


A few knocks at the door.


Grim made erratic movements as he flinched at the very sound to look at Yuu.

They mouthed “Go hide!” as Grim obeyed quickly as he slid under the bed.

Yuu quickly moved their legs over to the door at the peephole.

Seeing flowers, and familiar white wolf ears…

Yuu opens the door.

It was the guy who tried to help Yuu to get away from Grim, 




“Hey, Jack!” Yuu gives him a small smile. Their stomach felt a bit clenched up.


“Hi Yuu, uh one of my friends, Wraith, from Cha Bella’s told me about what happened to you,”

Jack was holding up a basket full of different kinds of yellow flowers that made Yuu give him a sweet smile.

“ I told her I knew you, so I insisted on seeing you, and she told me the address that you were from. I’m glad you got your bag back.” Hands the bowl of flowers to them.


“Thank you! I didn't know you and Wraith were friends.”

He rubbed the back of his nape and looked away a bit.


“Yeah. She and I are close. She knows my family and they get along with each other,”

He looks back to Yuu as they nodded.

“Do you need any help at all?” Jack asks.


“I'm fine, sore, but fine.. I had a long nap and ordered myself a pizza to have.” Yuu reassured him with a smile.


“Alright. I’m glad you’re doing okay.” He smiled a bit.


“Thank you. Would you like a piece of pizza before you go?” Yuu asked.


“I’m good, I need to be on my way for now. Have a good night, Yuu.”


“You too, Jack!” Yuu smiled as Jack waved bye as they closed the door holding the yellow flower bowl.


“That was sweet...” Yuu said to themselves. Yuu couldn’t believe a guy like that could be part of a gang. 

Especially when mentioning the name “Leona”, Fletcher's reaction gets so terrified and Crowley explains what the gang does. 

Remembering what Ace said.

He was pretending to be nice.

What if Jack is?

They hope not to make the wrong decisions.

This guy could probably beat Yuu to death badly or probably worse than what Deuce did!

It made Yuu’s veins run at the thought...


“Fyna! Who was that, your boyfriend or something?”


Yuu looks to Grim who peaked out from under the bed.


“No. You’ve seen him before. Remember when you chased me down and I was running for my life?”

Yuu closes up the pizza box as they put it away in order to put the flower bowl on the small table.


“Hmm… Oh yeah! I remember him now!”


“Have you ever heard of a Savanaclaw member named Jack?” Yuu asked putting away the box pizza in the fridge.


Grim slides off from under the bed as he thinks.


“No idea. Why? Was that him?!” Grim stared at Yuu as they closed the fridge.


“Yeah, he doesn’t know that I know... Do you know anything about Savanaclaw, like about Leona for instance?”


“Fyna! Leona was the one that had his members try to eat me! The jerk!” He snapped. "They're really strong gang! Especially Leona. He freaks me out!."


“Oh, sh*t.” Yuu gawked. 


“Yeah, he's the worst!” Grim pouted.

He then made a curious look up to them. Deciding to change the subject,

“So, what’re you doing tomorrow?”


“I’m gonna be working at two jobs. I’ll probably be back before or after 5.”


“Fyna! That long?”


He jumped a bit as he looked around as he started to look like he regrets the decision of staying in the small room.


“Don’t worry you have leftovers. The bathroom is right there,” Yuu pointed to the door on the opposite side from the kitchen, “Just don’t burn anything, and stay away from my personal belongings. Remember what I said.” Yuu then glares to point out at Grim.


“Okay, okay. I got it.” He raised his paws up, annoyed.


Yuu hopes that he’ll stay in.

If he disappears, Yuu is going to feel more like an idiot than they already have.

Leaving this creature in their apartment room rent free with their stuff.

They don’t want to get into more bad situations than they already have.

But, Yuu hopes that maybe they can get along with Grim...

Like how Chenya mentioned about being friends with Riddle. 


It’s better that way.

Chapter Text



Yuu woke up dressed up for work at Coral Reef today. Yuu left a note for Grim, on the table with the flowers.




I’m at work right now. Please remember what we talked about yesterday.

If you break any of these rules I’ve told you.


Signed, Yuu


Yuu only hope that thing can read well. They walk out from the apartment door to go straight to the direction they need to go too.

Walking down the curb, whatever happens down the way. Yuu tries to keep their guard up, if not they just pray to the universe that they won’t die too soon.

Remind themselves to not try to trust anyone, obviously.

It makes them cringe but it should have been obvious. They began to feel their stomach tight with over thoughts running through their head.

Grim said that he heard rumors about them from Heartslaybul.


Gangsters must be talking about them...


They haven't done anything?!

Because they are new?

Are they going to have more encounters with more gang members?!


Yuu felt chills on the back of their shoulders.

Yuu was so much into thought they didn’t notice someone was coming by from the corner and bumps into their chest.


Yuu flinched and jumped back,


“O-Oh! Crap! I-I am so sorry!” Yuu frantically looks away and prepares for the worst to yet again start.

Great, Yuu, now you look more like an idiot! They thought.


“It’s alright, I was the one not looking so I should apologize.” A deep male voice said.


Yuu thought, great. Another one of those nice guys acts! This guy is definitely like Ace!


Yuu opens their eyes to look up to see. 

Blinks in a bit of surprise at this guy’s appearance. 


He was tall.


Black horn, long flat black hair draped on over bra strap length. His eyes were like glowing green eyes with a split pupil.

Wore a black sweater turtleneck, on top of a gray trench coat with a belt around it and black his pants. 

Yuu can see pointy ears through his hair.


Yuu's brown eyes landed on his horns, they were something they didn’t see everyday. 

They were shiny…


“Is there something wrong?” The male asked.


Yuu blinks, embarrassed a bit for staring off.

“Oh! Sorry. It’s just I haven’t seen anyone with horns around here.” Yuu forces a laugh as the guy raises an eyebrow at them as it drifts.

His green eyes looked closely to Yuu when his eyebrows forward.


Did Yuu offend him?


“Hm… I’ve never seen you around here before, are you perhaps new?” His luring glowing green eyes analyzed Yuu that made them feel a bit anxious.

Yuu couldn’t tell if he was serious or if this was another act.


“Yeah, I just moved here on a Thursday. I’m Yuu! What’s your name?”


His eyes widened a bit. He parted his lips but didn’t respond, he closed quickly to avert his eyes to the sidewalk cement, looking hesitant with his finger curled to his chin.

Was he cautious?


“Uh… what?” Yuu watched him, he looked back at them.


“I’m quite surprised someone would move into a place like this with such a reputation.” He said he moved this hand away from his chin as he crossed his arms.


“I actually didn’t know the first time, so getting to know this town. It’s pretty bad.”

Yuu smiled nervously. The horned male seemed as if he was surprised yet slightly amused by this. It made Yuu feel a bit anxious. 


“How interesting. Do you know anything about the gangs here?”


“Y-Yes. I actually met Hearstlabyul gang and their leader.

It’s a long story, Pomefiroe I met them too because I work at Cha Bella and met Octavinelle because I work at Coral Reef—!”

Yuu made a loud gasp as they quickly looks at the time on their phone,


It’s 4:35am


They quickly put it into their pocket.


“Sorry! I have to go! It was nice meeting you sir!” Yuu waved bye as they ran off as fast as they went down to get to Coral Reef.


The horned male watched them run off as they put on an amused smile on his face.


“How rare…”






When they came in, Rielle, Fletcher and Augustus were glad to see them.

Augustus told them if they feel some sort of pain, let them know. Now, it was starting to get slow as some people came in.

Two people sitting on their chairs in front of the tables either on their phone or on their computer.


Rielle was cashier as Fletcher was helping to make drinks. Yuu was wiping up a table that was left with crumbs.

Yuu couldn’t help but think what could Grim be doing right now… hopefully he didn’t burn down the apartment building.


Yuu has only until 2pm to go to Cha Bella’s then go for quick grocery shopping.

The thought of going to work at Cha Bella’s makes them feel ill. 

Not only to see Vil and his gang, the fact Heartslabyul is close.

What if they’ll bother Yuu again?!




Yuu looked back to Rielle.


“C’mon, we need you over here.” Rielle said. They nodded as they walked over behind the counter with Fletcher.


They heard the doors open.


“Hi guys!” It was Neige who entered and walked over to where Rielle is, he put up the sweetest anyone has ever seen. Yuu couldn’t help smile back.


“Hey Neige!” Rielle grinned.


“Hi!” Yuu waved from behind Rielle.


“Hi Yuu! It’s good to see you are out! Are you feeling any better?” His smile cheerfully.


“I’m better than before.” Yuu answered.


Neige looked as if surprised himself then looked at them. 


“Hey, Yuu, are you free after 1?” 


“Uh, I do have work after 2-5 then I have to do a quick grocery shopping. But after that tonight I’m free.” Yuu explained to him.


“Oh it’s just that, you’ve been through a lot. Rielle, Fletcher, Chenya and I wanted to do something nice to make your day better.

I know it’s silly and all, but you deserve a special day. We can do it on another day!” Neige said.

Blinked at him, this was so kind of them to do. It made Yuu feeling upbeat inside rise inside for once in a while, it made themselves flush a bit, 

“I actually don’t mind tonight.” Yuu answered.


Neige's smile grew

“That’s great! It’ll be at my and Chenya’s apartment! Let us know when you come back. We also have a surprise for you to see!”


Yuu smiled curved on their face.


“Daw, Yuu is touched!” Rielle grinned at them. 


Fletcher chimed an “Awww!”. As he hugged Yuu as they laughed a bit.


“Stop teasing me!” Yuu cried.


Someone let’s put a loud an "Ehem". 

The four looked to their right to see Augustus at his arch way to his office, his eyes narrowed at the employees.


“Three of you should be on tasks.” He said strictly with his arms crossed.


“Ah! Sorry, Augustus!” Neige defended with a nervous smile. “I did come here to order.”


“Well it’s not only that, you’re holding up someone in line.”


He said as he walked away into his office to close the door as they looked back, noticed the familiar hat with a black feather.

Blonde hair.

Indigo robes clothes.


“Oh don’t mind me! I was watching such a beautiful touching growth of friendship!” Rook said happily with his arms behind his back.


Fletcher squealed as his eyes widened, to let go of Yuu and rapidly hit under the deck.


“Oh hiiii Rook!” Rielle gives a smile nervously.


Neige eyes were surprised to see him there,

“Oh, Rook, I’m terribly sorry! I didn’t see you there.”


Rielle glanced at the closed doors to Rook, whispered “I didn’t even notice he walked in... Did you?”

Yuu shook their head no as they felt frozen.


Rook waved his hand to Neige as a sign of approval,

“Non non, it was a pleasure to see Roi du Neige cheering up Trickster,”


Trickster? Yuu thought


“Seeing how they felt touched to the point they couldn’t help but be so pleased!

They were indeed embarrassed yet, they shouldn’t, it’s a selfless act! It's a beautifully thoughtful and touching interaction!”

Rook marveled with a hand on his chest, with a awe look to Neige and then to Yuu.


“Uh, yeah, Rook you gonna keep talking or…”,

Rielle was interrupted as he stumbled, felt a hit in the leg, to look down to Fletcher glaring at him from below.


“What the hell are you— get up!” Rielle grabs him up as Fletcher quickly walks over so he is doing something to the coffee maker.


“Ah, Thank you, Rook. Would you like to come over then?” Neige asked,

It made the three employees stiffened and looked at each other nervously.


“Oh that would be a wonderful offer to accept, but sadly I must decline.

Roi de Poison has me doing some duties that I must do after I go! Merci d'avoir offert!” Neige nodded to him with a sweet smile.


The three sighed with relief.


“I completely understand! Oh! Excuse me I am taking too long!”

Neige turns himself around to do a quick order of a latte from Rielle.


“Oh, Hello Trickster~! It is good to see you again!” Room looks directly at Yuu.


Yuu looked to their left and right to Rielle and Fletcher.


“Oh-- Uh, me?” Yuu tries to be friendly with a fake smile.

“Well of course!”

“Oh, ahah, it’s good to see you too!” Yuu tries to say in a friendly voice.


“Ah yes indeed! I was wondering what happened to you after that video of you!” 


Yuu’s eyebrows rose up.




“Monsieur Magicam sent the others a video of you in such a fretful state, being chased or beaten by the Heartslabyul!

I do say, I wished I was there for the thrill of the hunt of cat and mouse!” Rook smiled, it was a creepy smile to Yuu.

They felt their spine shivered.


Rielle eyes widened as soon as Neige locked eyes with him too. Neige gave Rielle money for the drink as he took it in exchange for change quickly.

Neige focuses on Yuu's frightened reaction.


Monsieur Magicam?




Yuu then recalled back at the Heartslabyul maze.




“...Good thing I won’t be the only one to see it~” He smiled smugly. His thumb tapped onto his phone...


It had to be him.

Lightness in their head begins to feel mellow as they stumbled a bit.


Fletcher grabbed them to make sure they weren’t going to faint.


“Y-Yuu? Do you need to sit down?!” He asked.


“I-I’ll be fine.” Yuu tries to smile.


Yuu quickly walk way from Fletcher to over the other side of counter where they give away the drinks from as does Neige who got his change.

Rielle is stiff when Rook goes up to him as the counter with that mischievous smile.

Rielle let’s put a weak nervous laugh,

“So uh what would you like?”


Yuu and Neige looked at each other over the counter.


“Yuu, I know this is bad. But you’ll be fine—“ Neige whispers, tries to calm them. Yuu interrupts him with a furious look that hints fear,


“You say that but I feel like one big target,” Yuu whispered back.

“If you saw that video, you probably think I was some weak stuttering idiot!” 


“I would not.” Neige said.


Yuu blinked at him, his eyebrows together looking sympathetic.


“Please, we all are suffering too. You’re not the only one.” Neige breathed as he looked down to the floor, his eyes gazed, starting to look glassy.


Yuu felt guilty for snapping at him.

He was not wrong.

What happened to Rielle on their first day.

Lamario telling Yuu about Neige’s bad rumors.

 Yuu’s eyes soften from anger to sympathy.


Before apologizing, Neige felt a gentle hand on his shoulder, as if it was reassuring.

He looked to his right to see Rook, and seemed to be giving Neige a smile.

Yuu blinked at Rook, surprised at his sudden action.

Rook let’s go and walks to a seat to wait for whatever order he was waiting for.

Yuu eyebrows forward, why did he do that?


“What was that?” Yuu asked.


Neige looked a bit worried, he shrugged.


“Here you go, Neige!” Fletcher holds out his latte he ordered.


“Ah! Thank you, Fletcher.”

He smiles as he takes it with a straw that can with it. His brown eyes landed on Yuu.


“I-I’ll see you around, Yuu!” Neige quickly walks out from the cafe.


Yuu noticed Two people at their seats glared at Neige and started to whisper to each other.


Yuu’s mind reminds them of what Lamario said on their first day on Saturday, 

... rumors have been terrible for Neige...


Yuu glances to Rook who was looking away at the door where Neige left too, with a smile.


Was he here only to make Neige nervous?


Yuu felt anger stirring themselves up. Yuu quickly looked away before Rook looked in their direction.

Yuu walks over to help Fletcher with making more coffee drinks.






The rest of the day at Coral Reef wasn’t so bad, they clocked out and hurried to work at Cha Bella.

It dawns on Yuu about their car, they should call Crowley to get it back.


Lamario was persuading a male and female about certain clothes they wanted help with while Yuu was folding up some shirts that were messed around with some customers before.

Wraith was using their fake friendly voice at the cashier with some teenage girls.


It was almost funny to Yuu that after they leave Wraith would be herself, groaning and hoping the day will end.


Yuu walks over quickly to Wraith.


“Hey, Wraith?”


“What kid?”


“Thank you for the flowers. Your friend Jack is really nice.”


She shrugs, “No problem. I’m just glad you’re not in pieces,” Yuu chuckled a bit nervously “yeah, Jack, he’s a sweet guy, just that...,” Wraith quickly shook it off.

“Never mind.”

She lookedto the register as she pressed a button open to count the money.


Yuu leaned in to Wraith as she noticed.


“I know he is part of Savanaclaw.” Yuu whispered.


Wraith stopped, as her eyes averted from the register to them as she raised her eyebrow.


“He told you?”


“The Heartslabyul member told me before I was taken.” Yuu told her as they rubbed their arm.


She sighed as she put the money to push it back in the register to close it up.


“F*cking damnit… look, he is really a good guy, despite what others would say. He is settling off a path that I’m afraid he’ll regret later in on.” Wraith explains, looking a bit angry.


“Why did he choose to be a part of it?” Yuu asked.


Wraith looked from behind to Lamario walking over with the customers.


“Yuu, this is bad timing, it was his decision anyway...” She looked frustrated to the point where she walked off to the back.


Lamario quickly walks over to the counter, he shortly grins. As two people walked over with some clothes.

Yuu looked over to fold more clothes.


When he checked out two people and walked off.

Lamario went to the back to talk with Wraith. Yuu wished they didn’t open their mouth.

They were so curious and hoping Jack wasn’t like Ace, they wanted to know.


Lamario popped out from the back.


Yuu asks “Is she mad at me?”

Lamario walks over to Yuu with a pat on the shoulder.


“She’s not mad at you. Please don’t worry.”

Is all he could say as he walks over to the register.


They heard the door open up as they both looked to see who it was.


“Hello!” A dark-skinned male opens up with a friendly smile. 


Short white hair with a white and gold turban bow with two parrot feathers around, wearing golden earrings,

wearing a white sweater on top of his dark red unbuttoned vest under a white blouse out over his black trousers.


“Ah! Hello Kalim, it’s good to see you!” 

Lamario said with a grin.


“It’s good to see you too! How’s your wife?” Kalim waved as he walked over to the counter to talk with Lamario.


“Kalim, let’s not be too long.”

Another dark-skinned male who wore a choker brace, around his shoulder and wrist. His red turban was draped around his shoulder.

Wearing an open vest hoodie red and black. Black Pants with red flames. A yellow safety belt around his waist.

His hair was long enough to his waist with some braid tied to a ponytail. His hood was up.

His expression wasn’t friendly like the other, more annoyed like Wraith with customers when they leave.


“Ah, right!”

Kalim nodded back at Jamil as he turned himself to Lamario.


“My wife Jessamine is just fine, thank you! She’s been working on making music!

I tell you, it is beautiful! Like you want to dance around to it all night!”


“That sounds so nice! I can’t wait to hear it! It must be so good!” Kalim grins excitedly, as he leaned a bit over to the counter


“Ah sadly I don’t think it’s your type of music. It’s classic piano music!” Lamario added. Kalim shook his head side to side.

“I don’t mind! I’ll gladly listen to it! Maybe we can listen to it together, Jamil!” He said as he tilted his head to look over to Jamil who shrugged.


“Yeah, we’ll see.”


Jamil’s eyes glanced to Yuu as they sort of had an awkward moment of staring Yuu decided to friendly wave at him.


Kalim turned away from Lamario to Yuu

“Oh, Who is this?” Kalim asked with a smile. Yuu looked at Kalim with a kind smile gesture,


“I’m Yuu, nice to meet you.” They answered.


He greets with an open friendly smile back,


“It’s nice to meet you too! I’m Kalim!”


“Jamil.”, The guy with the hood up spoke up as he walked next to Kalim.


Kalim leaned to Yuu a bit to get a closer look at them. He held head back to analyze them up and down. Yuu was puzzled at this reaction.


“Hm… You seem familiar...” Kalim said, as he dropped a smile. Looking as if he was trying to remember.

“They do actually…” Jamil said as he analyzed them too.


Yuu hopes it’s not the case what they think.


Kalim snapped his fingers as if a light bulb lit up,

“Ah! I got it! We saw you running from that cat demon from not that long ago!” Kalim exclaimed “That must have been crazy!”


Yuu raised an eyebrow. They didn’t expect that answer.

But it's better they guess.


“Yeah, I’m fine. No worries.” Yuu nodded reassuring them.


“Ah! That’s good! Did you move around here? I thought maybe you were visiting and got in a bit of trouble.” Kalim questions, his eyes glint with curiosity.


“Yeah, I moved in just on a Thursday.”


“Wow! Really?! Where did you used to live from?”


“Uh, I rather not say, it’s kind of personal.”


“Ah! So sorry. I understand,” Kalim sheepishly smiled, it brightens up as an idea appears to him. 

“Hey! Wanna be friends?”

Yuu was kind of surprised at him for asking. They were sort of hesitant but would it hurt?


“Uh... sure!” Yuu smiled back at him.


“Ah! Sweet! If you want any help, I’ll gladly help you around this town!”

Kalim grinned.


“Uh Kalim…”


“Yeah, Jamil?”


“You said you wanted to shop around…”


“Ah! Alright, alright! But first, want to exchange numbers? You can text me as many questions about around here!”

Yuu thought this was sort of strange for someone who they just met to gladly give their number. He didn't seem like a bad guy but Yuu could be wrong.

They remind themselves about Chenya and Riddle being friends, so they decided to agree with Kalim as he took out his phone to exchange their numbers with him.


“Thank you, Yuu!”

Kalim grinned at Yuu with a nod with a thanks.


“Ah, Kalim, please tell me what you are looking for!” Lamario said, for some reason Yuu noticed he looked a bit distraught.






Lamario helped Kalim with what clothes they wanted to get.

They left with a sweet bye from Kalim to Yuu.


Wraith came out to help around and count the money.


She didn’t explain about Jack but Yuu didn’t want to pressure her so they left it alone and kept working for a while until the end of work.


Yuu clocked out, thanking Wraith and Lamario for the flowers from yesterday.

They said goodbyes as Yuu did and left. 

They texted Neige about coming over, he was glad.

They went on a quick grocery store trip getting some food for themselves. On the way, they got themselves pepper spray and a taser. 

Yuu can’t end up like before.


Even the cans of tuna Grim wanted, a promise is a promise. Also to show thanks, hoping maybe they’ll get along. Yuu hated to admit.

But not 50 cans, since it’s too much money. 

15 cans is all they can get at least.

Yuu was holding two bags of groceries as they walked down the curb to reach Royal Sword Apartment.


Yuu walks past the area where they met the guy with the horns. Yuu stopped for a moment to look back.

They wondered if they would be able to see that guy again… they never got his name.


Yuu got inside the apartment room.

Predicting Grim is gone and is ready to hunt down the creature.

Opening and closing the door to the inside of the apartment room.


He was laying on the bed as he stood up with a smile.


“Ah! You’re back!” Grim smiled


“Yeah and I got your cans of tuna too.” Yuu said as they plopped the bags on the table.


“Y-You remembered?”


“Yeah, don’t push it. I didn’t get much because I need some things to get. So I got what I could.”

Yuu said, taking out some meat and vegetables to put in the fridge.


Grim jumps and takes out the food.


“Hey! Don’t eat now!”


“What’re you talking about? I wanna help!”


Grim tries to pick up a bread wrapped in plastic to put in the fridge.


“Are we going to have leftovers again?” He asked.

Yuu was about to respond when they realized before about Neige inviting Yuu to their apartment.

“Uh yeah Grim, I may have to leave the apartment room again. I'll be across from here. My friends want me to cheer me up from what happened this week so it'll be a while.”


“Ugh… as long as you are near, fine. I’ll just lay here doin... nothing.” Grim said, sounding annoyed.


Yuu nods at him “We’ll still talk about Octavinelle. We need to think of something to that contract!”


“Why are you doing this when it’s someone else’s problem,” Grim frowned at them.

“If they’re not bothered to do anything about it. You might as well leave it alone.”


“I promised Augustus,” Yuu answered “and I don't want to let them down.”


“Mhm, sure. How do you know they want out?”


Yuu hesitated and then to reply,


“Rielle wants out.”


They will never forget how Rielle snapped at Azul on their first day.

Trying to convince Augustus not to give them the money, saying he was tired of it.

They wonder why Azul was offended about Rielle calling him “Ink spitter”? It sounded so childish yet Azul was mad.


“Rielle…,” Grim mumbled. “I think I've heard that name before when Azul was talking about him… he definitely hates him.”


“What for?”


“Something about how disrespectful he is and he is too gullible. I feel as if there is more to it...” Grim said.


“Like what?”


“No clue.”


“Mhm… I promise to come back, okay?”


“Okay jeez, I’m not a kid!” Grim complained.


“You act like one to be honest.” Yuu commented.




They finished putting away the groceries, Yuu is considering getting something for Grim to keep him occupied. Like a… ball of yarn? 

He would burn it.


"See ya, remember my rules."


“Bye, mom.” Grim groans on the bed.


Yuu rolled their eyes as they left the apartment to wander over to Neige and Chenya’s door.


They knocked onto their door to wait for the door opens to reveal a happy Neige that made Yuu smile.


“Yuu! I’m so glad you came! Please c’mon in!”


Yuu took a few steps inside the door as Neige closed the door.


“Quick! Close your eyes!” Neige excitedly told them too, Yuu closed their brown eyes.


“Okay now what?”


“Come forward! Follow the sound of our voice~!” Chenya's voice said aloud.


Yuu heard a familiar snicker to where Chenya is.


Yuu took a few steps in, Neige helping Yuu to walk forward to not hit a chair or table.


“This feels like my birthday.” Yuu commented with a small giggle.


“Well, aren't you feeling special!” Rielle's voice chuckled.


“Oh hey Rielle!”


Few steps forward before Neige stops them.


“Stop! Open your eyes!” Neige ordered,

Yuu lifted their eyelids open, they raised a huge smile as their brown eyes laid upon a delicious looking apple pie on the counter in a kitchen.

Chenya, Fletcher, Rielle and Neige were standing there with smiles on their face at Yuu.


“We made this together for you!” Neige smiled happily.


“Oh my gosh, you guys didn't have too.” Yuu was ecstatic, they did this for them!


“Hey, this was Neige's idea. You deserve it.” Rielle said then he looks over to the apple pie. Practically looking as if he was ready to dig in.


“He is right, you need this day. You have been through a bad week, you deserve a good day.” Neige puts on his sweet smile that melts Yuu.


Yuu felt tears coming from their eyes as they began to drip down their cheek. They couldn’t help but smile.


“Gosh Yuu, are you this sensitive?” Rielle chuckles as he takes out a tissue to give Yuu to wipe their tears away.


“It’s so sweet of you guys, thank you!” Yuu meant every word.


“You’re welcome, Yuu.” Fletcher smiled.


“Aw, don’t keep crying!” Chenya laughed a little.

Yuu without a hesitation ran and hugged Chenya, it surprised him at the moment.


“W-Woah! Haha what’s this for?” He shortly laughed, looking at Yuu.


Yuu quickly replied, “Thank you for saving me!”


He chuckled at their response,

“Aye I didn’t do much, it was that demon cat that did most of the work. I kind of wonder where he went off too?”


“Probably ran off out of this town, the lucky bastard.” Rielle muttered.


“Doesn’t matter. You could’ve left me there while I was practically bleeding. I was beyond scared and—“


Chenya gave Yuu gentle pats on the head as it made them pull away from Chenya.


“Hey now, it’s over," he grinned. “For now, let’s create a better memory.”


Yuu knew he was right.

Neige cuts everyone each a piece of the apple pie they made for Yuu.

This night was filled with a different from Yuu was used too before, it was more positive.

Yuu took a piece of the pie and started to chew on it.


“Yuu! What do you think?” Fletcher asked eagerly as Yuu was chewing on the apple pie. It tastes sweet with a hint of cinnamon.


“It’s so good!! You all made this?” Yuu took more pieces to consume with the fork.


“Yes! We were excited to see what you thought of it!” Rielle smiles happily.


“I’m so glad you like it!” Neige said thankfully.


“Like it? I love it!” Yuu said with their mouth stuffed.


Neige laughed a little at Yuu motion of devouring the pie.


“Rielle from what I remembered, you really didn’t do much.” Chenya smug grin at Rielle, green eyes blinked at him.


“Wha— not true! I helped put the cinnamon in! Also you guys didn’t trust me!” Rielle retorted.


“Mhm, likely story!” Fletcher smiled mischievously.


“Hey don’t betray me! Is it because I called you a guppy?”


“Many things Rielle, many things.” Fletcher chuckles but is interrupted by a playful nudge elbow to Fletcher's arm.


“Rielle I’m eating!” Fletcher cried out.


“It’s what you get, you jerk!” Rielle said playfully.


“Ah, Chenya, did you have to start…” Neige sighed but couldn’t help but smile.


“I only made that comment.” Chenya shrugged, smiling as well.


Yuu couldn’t help but laugh.


It made everyone happy to see Yuu enjoying themselves.


Yuu at the moment forgot all about the gangsters. They felt happy for the first time in days.


Yuu can say it was the best night they ever had in that town for the first time.

They had fun talking, about themselves,


Chenya mentions he works a bakery shop. 

Neige mentioned he is a popular influencer and helps around a little shop for his friends. Yuu couldn't believe it yet they did remember about the commercial Lamario mentioned. 

Rielle mentions his dad owned the Coral Reef café, business and likes to collect all kinds of junk. 

Fletcher mentioned that they grew up with Rielle when both of their fathers knew each other. Fletcher saw Rielle was struggling with the café, he decided to help him and his family business.


Yuu didn’t say much other than they moved from their town just to find a new place to live at.


Nobody questioned, they then watched an hour-long movie of kid Neige starred in a movie. It was not bad of a movie but kind of typical children’s movie.

To Yuu’s surprise, a kid in the movie almost reminded them of Vil. But he was just there for a pretty short time as the movie continued.




The movie ended,


Neige and Chenya gave Yuu half of the apple pie.


“Thank you guys so much!” Yuu smiled happily, carrying the pie that was wrapped in thin plastic.


“You're welcome, Yuu! Have a good night!” Neige said with Chenya at the door.


A good night indeed, Yuu thought.


“You too!” Yuu looked to see Rielle and Fletcher leaving.


“Good night guys!” Yuu said aloud as they waved goodbye


“You too, Yuu! We should do this more often!” Rielle waved bye as did Fletcher.


“We should.” Neige mumbled as Chenya grinned as they went back inside. 

Yuu left to go inside to see Grim.


Rielle and Fletcher both walked outside from the apartment building.


“That was such a good night!” Fletcher smiled happily as if he hasn't for a while.


“Honestly, yeah.” Rielle made a small smile.


Fletcher noticed his facial expression sorrowed.

Fletcher nudges Rielle's shoulder as they walk across the street.


“What was that for?” Rielle asked as he looked to Fletcher.


“We’ll get through this.” Fletcher nodded with a warm smile.


Rielle smiled a bit at the Fletcher as they inside of their building.

Chapter Text



Last night, Yuu couldn’t talk to Grim when he had fallen asleep when they arrived back.

So they decided to hit the hay to go to bed to wake up early.

They didn’t have work at Cha Bella’s on Thursday but Coral Reef.

Yuu got a call from Dire Crowley to bring back the car at the parking lot at RSA, because he said he was “gracious”.

They’ll have to drive when they go to the clothing store.

This time locked up the car doors.

On the way, Yuu was prepared with pepper spray that they bought yesterday to have as weapon for now on. 

Magician or none-magician, they hope to really fight back against a gangster, especially Heartslabyul.

 Yuu wondered about people they met yesterday.

Kalim seems sweet, Jamil seemed a bit cautious, and the goth guy… Yuu never got his name.

They wonder if they’ll see him again.


Yuu was at the café working, as a cashier while Fletcher and Rielle were working on drinks.


“Thank you! Have a good day!”

Yuu smiled with their friendly customer voice.


“You too!” The kind female said as they walked off with the next customer in line.

Augustus was usually popping out from his office to see what was going on.

Checking on the employees and customers.


Rielle walks up to Yuu.


“Hey, Yuu want to switch now?”


“Sure.” Yuu nodded as they stepped to the side as Rielle came up.


“Oh, can you throw out the trash bags from the back, I forgot.” Rielle said as Yuu nodded, ran through the back and grabbed two trash bags as they carried them to the back door.

Yuu dragged the bags outside of the back way as went towards the trash container. Lifted to the top to throw each of them in at a time.

Yuu closed the lid up, they froze up to hear sniffles in the air.

Yuu quickly looked around,


Yuu called out before they could step away; they froze when they heard more sniffles.

Yuu is trying to look around, they took a step trying to hear where it was coming from.


“Is someone there?”


Yuu grabbed their pepper spray from their back pocket, slowly walked across from the dark blue trash container. It maybe stupid but Yuu feels as if this is something different.

Hearing the sniffles close as they peaked to the side.


They peeked out into the dark corner, it was a child.


Yuu moved closely as they saw the child's head shot up, widen eyes starting at them.


Yuu recognize the light orangish hair with lion ears.




His eyes were watery, his face was mellow as he stiffed himself up into the corner.

As if the darkness could protect himself from anyone around.

Yuu quickly raises their hands up empty handed.


“Don’t be scared!” Yuu reassured him calmly.


The boy was silent as his eyes began to be calmer than frightened.

It made Yuu feel happy but why is this kid over here in the back of Coral Reef?


“Y-You’re not gonna hurt me, right?” The boy asked quietly.


Yuu shook their head no.


“Of course not. Where is your dad?”


“H-Home..” he answered, as his gaze looked down to the ground.


“Why are you out here?”


He pulled himself away from the trash container as he stood up.


“I wanted to see my uncle.”


Yuu felt a bit of a cringe in their stomach, they tried their best to not make a reaction and stayed calm. Hoping there was another uncle he was talking about. 

They doubt it.


“Who is your uncle?”


He looked into Yuu’s eyes


“Uncle Leona.” 


Yuu blinked, why would a little kid want to see him? 

They shook off the thought and looked to Cheka,

“How come you are over here?”


He shriveled up as if he was about to cry as he tried to wipe them off from his knuckles.

Yuu slowly lower to one kneel down.


“Hey, hey. Calm down. It’s okay.” Yuu gives him a sweet smile.


“I-I O-Only wanted-to see my u-u-uncle.. These mean people chased after me! Saying th-they’ll eat me i-if I come b-back!”,

He sniffles up again rapidly as Yuu’s anger rises in them. How could they do that to a poor innocent child!

Yuu didn’t know what to do, looking around then back to Cheka.


“Well, they’re gone now. You are safe from them over here, okay?” Yuu smiled at him as they put their hand on his shoulder.


Cheka wiped his tears again but with his arm.

He gave a nod to Yuu.


“Come with me inside, you know Rielle, right?”


Cheka slowly smiles and nods again.


“Yeah! He and my father know each other.”


“He is inside, I’m sure he’ll cheer you up.”


Cheka begins to give that cute smile to Yuu that made themselves happy to see that.


“Yeah! Whenever father is sad, Rielle would try to cheer him up!” 


Yuu chuckled as they got up and held out their hand.


“Let’s go see him!”


Cheka nodded once more and grabbed their hand to go inside the café. 


They begin to walk over to the corner where the employees would go off to the back. Cheka see Rielle at the register, already done with a customer.


“Yuu, can you be any slower—“ Rielle's began to say until he took a turned wit his head as he noticed Cheka on their side, holding their hand.

His clothes looked dirty as if he were outside for far too long.


Cheka stepped himself to be behind Yuu. Rielle looked around and noticed Augustus who came out from his office.


“Hey, Augustus, can you take over a second?”


Augustus looked down to Cheka and then to Rielle. He nodded.


“Of course, please go to my office.”


Rielle went into his office as did Yuu who was dragging Cheka to follow him when they closed the door.

Rielle looked worried as he gazed to Cheka.


“Cheka! Where have you been?! Yuu how did you find him?!” Rielle asked panickily.

Cheka grabbed a chair in front of Augustus’ desk as he sat on it.


“He was in the back crying.”

Yuu answered looking at Rielle who put his hand on his hip with a hand on his face as he sighed.

Yuu watched Rielle's eyes avert to Cheka as his lion cub ears lowered.


“Cheka, did you go off to look for Leona?!”


Cheka gulped before replying,



Rielle rubbed his temples,

“He told you not too! Your father called me because he was so worried!

He has told you countless times Leona is bad news! You can’t keep doing this to him.”

Rielle snapped into a lecture to then sighed to himself.

“Great I’m becoming like my dad…”


“I-I’m sorry—“

Cheka tried to apologize as Rielle raised his hand for him to stop.

He lowered it as he took a deep breath.


“Please Cheka, I get it, but you need to stop or else you'll get hurt... or worse. We don’t want that for you or your family.”

Cheka was silent, as he began to look guilty as his eyes looked down to the floor.


Rielle turned himself to Yuu trying to look calm, but his frown was still up.


“Please go out there and tell Augustus to come in here. And go work.”


Yuu nodded and looked down at the little boy who was looking down not looking at anyone in the room.


“See you later, Cheka.” Yuu used their friendly voice to Cheka. Yuu started to walk away and opened the door.


“See you, Yuu!” They heard Cheka say loudly.

Yuu couldn’t help but smile.


After a while of working. Augustus was sitting on a chair with Cheka sipping from an apple juice box, swinging his legs.


“I can’t believe Cheka would still try to sneak out! How does he not see the bad of him?!” Fletcher whispered to Rielle as Yuu was making a frappe.


“Yeah, I know. It’s sad that he still loves Leona.”

Rielle replied in a whisper.


“Why does he love him?” Yuu asked.


Both of them shrugged.


“We don’t know. Maybe there was a side of Leona we haven’t seen.” Fletcher said.


“I doubt it! The guy looked at you with cold dead eyes with a loud lion snarl like he was ready to pounce at you!”,

Rielle argued to Fletcher as he quivered up.




They heard both doors open as a orange haired male with the trench coat came walking in, Farena.


Farena ran over as soon as Cheka jumped off from the chair to run over to his father who knelt down with open arms to hug him.


Two women in suits came in with lion ears and a tail came in.

They were built lean from their suits.


“Cheka! I’m so glad you are alright!”

Farena said heartfelt, he pulled away to look angrily at Cheka. “You’ll be punished when we get home!”


“But why can’t I just see him?!” Cheka whined.


“I’ve told you, he is too dangerous for your own good! He will hurt you and I will never forgive myself if something terrible happens to you!” Farena replied.


“He won’t hurt me. I know it!”


“If he wouldn’t hurt you then why can’t he just end this?!” Farena said loudly that made Cheka's eyes widen. 


Yuu realized part of that must be mostly asking that to himself.


“When will his pride end…” Farena muttered to himself quietly.


Cheka looked upset as he quickly hugged his father.


“...I’m sorry, father.”


Farena picks him up with his arms, standing on his two feet. 

His head gazed to Augustus.


“Thank you for finding my son.”


“It wasn’t me. It was one of my workers, Yuu, who found him.” Augustus said and pointed to Yuu as they looked nervous when they put their hand at the back of their nape.


Farena’s brown eyes landed to them and gave Yuu a grateful smile.


“Thank you, Yuu.”


Yuu nodded with a smile back at him. Yuu noticed Cheka fallen right asleep against his dad’s shoulder.


“Have a good day everyone, please be safe. Thank you again.” Farena nodded as he and his women left the café.


“Poor Farena. I wonder what he is going through…” Fletcher said sounding sympathetic.


“Probably worse than we are…” Rielle mumbled.


Augustus turned to the three employees.


“Alright, go back to work.”

He ordered as he walked back to pass them to his office.




Rielle and Yuu were both on break sitting at the side of the café. Rielle was scrolling on his phone bored while eating a bagel he brought.


Yuu looked to Rielle.

Thinking should they ask him…


“Hey Rielle,”


Rielle his green eyes noticed them. 


“You don’t have to answer if it’s too personal, but, why did you made a deal with Azul in the first place?”


Rielle looked at his phone locked as he placed it on the table with his hand on his chin.


“Honestly if this town wasn’t the way it is. My dad and I would have had other better options,”

Yuu blinked at his response

“My dad’s cafe business was shortening out and gangsters would barge in and take literally everything. I didn’t want it to go on for any longer, that's when those twin leeches came to persuade me for Azul’s help. I thought maybe it would be the end of our suffering. It kind of did, but with a new way around. Payments for us would be low while we owe Azul’s gang higher payment. Any disagreements with the bastard, you have to deal with the twins. The gang is so greedy it pisses me off. It’s their way or the highway.”

Rielle explained with an angry comment at the end.


“Do you want to get out of his contract?”


“More than anything. But if we do, my family and I are going to suffer again. I hate to admit, but Azul did help my dad. But the payment is bullshit,”


Yuu felt sorry for him...


“Like I said, he is very greedy. He’ll give off that smile as if he had triumphed. Ugh, I swear, I liked it better when he was smaller…” Rielle rubbed his temples.


Yuu blinked at him in confusion,

“You guys knew each other before?” 


“Heh, yeah, I remember I used to tease him as a kid. It was pretty bad, I would admit. My dad would find out and yell at me,”  Rielle chuckled nervously. “I used to call Azul “Ink spitter” I thought it was gross that he’d spit out ink to write because he was an mer-octopus. I was just stupid.”


That sort of explains Azul’s anger… 


“Mer-octopus?” Yuu squinted at them, as if he were crazy.


“We’re merfolk. He is a mer-octopus. I’m a merman. We used to live in the ocean. I do miss it...” Rielle answered as Yuu’s eyes widen

“I never thought you would be a merman...”


“Well now you know,” Rielle laughed a little

“You’ve probably bumped into people with animal ears,” Rielle smiled as he raised an eyebrow to them.

“Why do you ask?”


“I want to help you with Azul’s contract.”


Rielle stared at Yuu for a second until he let out a laugh as Yuu glared at him.


“Don’t get my hopes up. I do wanna get out of it but there is no way, like I said, anything you disagree with him. He’ll just call his twins to torture you.

You don’t want to end up like me last week when they get here too.”


Yuu blinked “They’re coming back?”


“Every Thursday they come and take half the money we “owe” them,”

He said ‘owe’ in as if it were venom. “Besides, it’s impossible to get the contract, unless you want to get electrocuted.”


Yuu sighed, then thought of something and began to ask,

“Have you been into the Monstro lounge, Azul’s office?”


“When I made the contract with him on that day, yeah. I remember sitting on their couch with the two twins beside me. Luxury style office honestly. Golden papers piled up neatly on Azul's desk while he was smiling knowing that he had me fooled.”


Yuu sighed, maybe they can talk with Grim when they get back. There has to be something, Yuu can feel it in their stomach.


“Make sure to prepare when they get here. I have to do the same too. Good thing is when they leave we can have some of the pay we deserve.” He puts up a sly grin.

Yuu was confused for a second till they remembered that hidden hole they put half the money in Augustus’ office.




Yuu puts the closed sign as they turn their head to see Rielle and Fletcher counting up the money as fast as they can.


“Done!” Rielle shouts, closing up the register. Making Fletcher hold both bags running into Augustus’s office.

Yuu slowly walks over to the nearest chair to sit close to the counter.

Watching the doors for the Octavinelle to come in any time soon.

Chills ran across their shoulders to their spine.


Will they mention the video?


Are they gonna do something like what Heartslabyul did?


So many things come to mind as they feel uneasy at what will happen, but they are sure as hell they are prepared this time!

As they hope…. Maybe this time they will die!


Yuu flinched as they felt a hand on their shoulder made them shudder as they looked up to see the Augustus.


“You’ll be fine. They’ll take the money and go.”


Rielle and Fletcher sat around with Yuu as they watched the doors as well.


Yuu looked back up to Augutus as they smiled a bit and nodded.


“They’re here.” Fletcher flinched a bit as Rielle looked as if he was trying not to give an intense glare at the two doors that someone opened, it was Jade.

Opening the door for Azul to walk in along with Floyd behind him.


“Good evening, gentlemen.” Azul greeted with a friendly smile.


Jade took a glance to Yuu, “Oh my, I’m quite surprised to see Yuu still here. I hope you are doing well.” Jade said with a calm kind voice, however Yuu still feels something sinister about this man.


“Ah~! It’s good to see you again, little shrimp~” Floyd chimed with a childlike tone.

Yuu jumped a bit feeling their stomach turn into a knot.


Yuu nodded “It’s good to see you guys too.”


“Aw~ little shrimp, how thoughtful!” Floyd smiled as if to poke fun.

Yuu wished they stayed quiet.


Why Yuu?!


“Evening to you too, Azul, Jade, Floyd.”, Augustus gave them a smile that was way more accurate than Rielle’s smile.

Rielle’s smile was as if he was trying not to look as disgusted.

Fletcher couldn’t look at them in the eyes as he looked down at his lap, scared as if something may happen.

His stomach churning for something to happen, but prayed for them to leave so he and Rielle could run out.


Yuu tried to stay neutral. They didn’t know if smiling would do any better so they kept themselves poker face.


Augustus lifted the heavy bag onto the table.


“Here is the money we owe you. I hope you have a good one.” Augustus said, his gaze then glanced to Rielle making sure he doesn’t say or do anything with his reckless actions.

Azul told Floyd to grab as he happily walked over to grab it off from the table as he gave a smile to Fletcher when he flinched.

Making Floyd hummed a chuckle then walks over back to Azul’s side.


“I must say, you're a more cooperative group I’ve been working with for a while. I am deeply pleased despite a week ago. Others who work with me are terrible when they lie and disrespect us when we’ve been kind to help their businesses.” Azul praised the employees as Augustus put on a proud smile to him.


“We appreciate that, Azul. We’ve been working hard around here. We are thankful for you helping our café for the better.”

Rielle so badly wanted to glare at Augustus for that comment, he knew it was to stroke Azul’s stupid ego. But he hated that.

Made himself feel heated to just say something but he held his tongue.


“You’re very welcome, however,” Azul’s smile disappeared to a frown. “there are always consequences.”


Rielle and Augustus looked at each other in shock as Fletcher jumped into shaking as Yuu’s eyes widened in shock.


Augustus whipped his head to Azul with a shock on his face.

“What do you mean? What could we have done?”


“Oh no Augustus, you’ve done nothing wrong. You’ve been doing quite the help,” Azul eyes glanced to Yuu, preparing themselves for the worst as they tried to look calm as possible looking into his silver eyes.


“Yuu, you’ve been doing quite good as well. However, don’t be too reckless next time.”

Azul said generously. They were confused for a second, Floyd opened up a laugh to them,

 “Ahah~ we saw a video from Sea bream. It was so funny! You look like a dying fish being smothered!”


Yuu couldn’t help but scowl at Floyd, then to Jade a mischievous smile appeared with a chuckle.


“It’s just these two.” 


Azul said, stared at Rielle and Fletcher. Rielle raised an eyebrow while Fletcher was shaking nervously.


“Oh yeah okay, what did I do?” Rielle scowled, with a hand in his cheek with his elbow on the table.

Fletcher looked to Rielle then to Azul.


“B-But we haven’t done anything wrong! You already gave Rielle punishment.” Fletcher tried to defend.

Thinking maybe it was two days ago about the spilled drink, it shouldn’t have been a big deal?!


“I was at a meeting with the other gang members recently. A certain gang leader told me about what you two did on his territory.”


Rielle frowned in confusion at Azul as well as Fletcher. Augustus panickily looked to both of them, staring at them for an answer.


“Rielle, Fletcher. What in triton’s name is he talking about?” Augustus looked at them, hoping they’ll usher an explanation.


Rielle whipped his head to Augustus then to Azul.


“What gang, Heartslabyul?”




“Then what gang--”


Fletcher nudged behind his back, Rielle turned to glare at Fletcher but formed concern when Fletcher’s golden eyes widened.


“I think I know who he is talking about…”


“You herbivores better know who...”


Fletcher and Rielle both jumped from their chairs, they fell over hitting the ground. Noticed a male with brown skin with sharp green eyes, a scar over his left eye from his eyebrow down to his cheek. Thick long dark brown messy hair with two braids either side. A sleeveless leather vest under is a V-neck yellow shirt that shows his chest. a grey pants around it a belt with some fabric pelts around with a yellow bandana with a lion symbol. He also wears a beads choker and a golden necklace.


His arms were crossed as he leaned against the arch doorway that was opened, Yuu could see a lion tattoo below his shoulder.

Yuu blinked to notice he has lion brown ears and a lion tail.


His green eyes scowling dangerously to Rielle and Fletcher.


Another male dirty blonde hair with hyena ears. He was next time but a bit shorter, he wore the same intimidating male but his yellow shirt had short sleeves, his shirt was draped over his belt with no pelt fabrics around it. He wore a bandana around his neck. He was scrawny compare to the muscular male next to him.


“Shishishi~ thought we would forget about ya?” The dirty blonde haired male laughed.


“W-What’re they doing here?!” Augustus got up from his seat as did Yuu.


Azul seemingly looked calmly as he glanced at Yuu, his hand to halt them from doing anything.


“Oh, Yuu, don’t worry. You just sit back down to watch and learn.” Azul urged them kindly.


“Who are they?” Yuu spoke,

feeling tension as Rielle and Fletcher backed up a bit, Fletcher was behind Rielle as the redheads' arms were trying to shield up to protect Fletcher.


“Oh my, you still don’t know the rest of the gangsters. These men are the Savanaclaw gang.”

Azul informed his arms crossed under his jacket that was over his shoulders.


Yuu's brown eyes felt they automatically widened at the smug dark haired male who walked from the archway entrance, next to Azul as Rielle and Fletcher took a few steps back to the counter.


“S-So, you’re Leona Kingscholar.”

Yuu blurted as they noticed his smugness as if he was proud of their frightful reaction.


“Why are they here?”

Augustus asked to walk over in front of Rielle and Fletcher, while he looked at the two gang leaders.


Leona looked quite amused,

“Heh, guess you didn’t tell your old man what happened two weeks ago.”


“Jeez! It was just an accident, can’t let it go?!” Rielle snapped.


“I-I-I’m so sorry!!” Fletcher blurted “I-I go-got so sc--scared and when y-you got up I was e-even more s-scared to speak!!”

Fletcher tried to come up with an excuse with the apology.


“Saying sorry is a little too late there!” The dirty blonde smirked who walked next to Leona.


“Ahahaha~! You two are dumber than I thought! Going through the Savanaclaw territory when you are not wanted is like asking for death!”

Floyd cackled as Jade smug.



Augustus looked back at the two.


“Okay! We went through the Savanaclaw territory for a short cut. But we didn’t bother anyone! Fletcher accidentally stepped on his tail by accident! He did not do that on purpose.”

Rielle explained with a protest.


“That’s not the point,” Azul argued,

“You are under my contract to not only help you with your café, but for your protection as well. Yet you think it’s all fine and dandy to walk around in other territories, and take advantage of your protection as if that is okay?”


“That is not what we were doing!”

Rielle argued back at Azul,

“We weren’t picking a fight with anyone! Hell, we weren’t bothering anyone. All we wanted to do was to go get a video game for pete sake!”


The two merfolk were dangerously glaring at each other.


“If you wanted to go through our territory, ya should have just asked. Shishishi~!” The blonde laughed again.


Augustus mouthed at the two near the counter ‘I am so mad at both of you!’ Augustus turned his head to the gangs.

“Please, Azul, Leona, let them off the hook. If they said it was an accident, we all make mistakes. I know what they have done is wrong however I know they won’t do it again. They’ve learned their lesson.”


“Hey, Octopunk, are you just gonna let the old man run his mouth?” Leona made a sigh, but it sounded more like a lion growling.


“He always does this to defend them a lot, sadly.” Azul shrugged.


Fletcher quickly ran from behind Rielle to over in front of Augustus to take a stance to Leona and Azul.


“Please! If it’s me you want, then take me. I-I am sorry! B-B-But don’t hurt Augustus and Rielle. Just beat me up instead!” Fletcher said, trying to stutter as much, trying to stand his ground.


“My, Fletcher, this is a huge step for you.” Jade cracked a sarcastic smile.


“Fletcher no,” Yuu exclaimed. ”This is not fair! This is dumb!”


Leona's green eyes looked over to Yuu that made them flinch. Puts a hand in his hip, stalked over to them as they froze up from where they are standing on.


Augustus was watching him as well as Rielle.


He leaned to Yuu as he began sniffing them.


Is he… is he smelling them?


Not only did it make them feel nervous about him leaning to them, but how they felt small compared to Leona’s figure. Yuu was short but not shorter than Neige.


“Heh, I don’t feel like taking on an opponent that can’t resist,” Leona smirked looking at Yuu’s scrawny figure, it annoyed them with that comment.

He leaned back to turn himself to walk over to Fletcher, Yuu noticed his legs were shaking. 

“With you, I, Leona, can’t just let you get away after stepping on my tail. Not only that but to trespass onto my territory, unwanted and you think I’ll just let you get away with that ?” He watched Fletcher, analyzing him seeing as he was shaking like a leaf. 

“I-I’ll do what you want! J-Just don’t h-hurt anyone!” Fletcher shakily responded.


“Shishishi~! Look at him tremble! This is priceless!”


Fletcher felt as if Leona was staring into his soul.


“We’re gonna have a talk at the back with the red head along.” Leona's eyes landed on Rielle.


“Oh, yeah, bet Azul would just LOVE to watch.” Rielle scowled at Azul as he smiled.


“Ah, Rielle, always so mad at me as always. I’m not surprised when it comes to you. You probably dragged that poor boy into the alleyway for shits and giggles.”


“Seriously, do you have an off button?”


Rielle snapped angrily. Azul glared at him for a second, but then smirked deviously.


“No, but you do.” Azul took his hand out from under his arm as he snapped his fingers.


Rielle looked at him bored, to part his mouth with a snarky comeback.

His voice didn’t respond from his lips.

In panic, Rielle touches his throat, trying to feel a vocal as if he is trying to figure out where his voice is.

Augustus turned himself to Rielle with panicked eyes.

Seeing Rielle freaking out as his eyes widen, trying to speak but nothing is coming out.


“W-What did you do?!” Yuu whipped their head to Azul, smiling to himself.


“I took his voice away. He’ll have it back for about… maybe three weeks or more.” Azul smiled,

making Rielle ready to throw fists as Augustus holds him down by the shoulders.

Augustus told him to stop, Rielle didn’t listen. He was too focused on Azul with a dangerous look in his eyes.


Floyd cracked his laugh at Rielle,

“Haha~! Red drum looks so goofy! Hey, hey, Azul, when the Sea lion is done with them, I want to squeeze Red drum~!” His voice was child like, then went creepy deep.


“Hey! Let me give the guy some poundings before then!”


"Damn Ruggie, earger?" Leona chuckles Ruggie chiming in.


They were all practically laughing at Rielle.


Azul was smiling at Rielle’s anger, it was making Yuu’s blood boiled up.


“Leave him alone.” Yuu blurted a demand.


Augustus blinked at Rielle who stopped. Everyone looked to Yuu, who looked pissed.


“What did you just say to me?”

Floyd's friendly expression turned to a dark, cold to Yuu, it reminded them of an Anglerfish.


Leona was watching Yuu and Floyd.


Yuu felt tense in their stomach, a knot forming making themselves uneasy.


“This has gone too far! Why are you doing this to him?!”


“Your voice is starting to annoy me.” Floyd as he starts to step over to Yuu as they start  backing away from Floyd for getting closer to them.


“Wait! No! Azul, Jade, please tell him to stop!”

Fletcher begged Azul. Azul and Jade only watched Yuu hit the countertop.

Yuu remembered about the pepper spray when they felt their back pocket. They tried to pick out from their pocket, feeling cold sweat as Floyd approach to them.


“You’re gonna regret telling me what to do, little shrimp.” He said coldly.


Before Floyd could make an action, someone stepped in front of Yuu, making them freeze up.


Familiar white hair with wolf ears.




Instead of the sweats from last time, he is wearing the Savanaclaw gang uniform.


His muscular arm was raised for Floyd to not hurt them.


“Leave them alone, they’re obviously an amateur.”

Jack said.


“You telling me what to do too, Sea Urchin?”

Floyd’s face was close to Jack as the both were glaring at each other.


“Floyd, please come back over here. We are not here for those two, remember.”

Jade ordered Floyd. The angry twin walks back off to Jade looking like he was in his worst wood.


“Wow, Jack. Suddenly protecting the human? For what?” Ruggie said curiously with a giggle.


“I don’t think it’s right to pick on the new guy who just moved in a week ago.” Jack said with a frown.


Jack at the corner of his eye to look at Yuu then quickly averted away.


Leona scoffed “Whatever, we’re not here for them. Let’s take 'em out at the back. Time is wasting.”

He smug as two Savanaclaw members came into the café, one took Fletcher and one took Rielle as they dragged them out.

Fletcher didn’t struggle but Rielle did try to break free from its grip. Ruggie and Leona walked out along with the Octavinelle gang.


Yuu wanted to run after them to save Fletcher and Rielle.


They can’t, 


They’re outnumbered.


Augustus looked depressed as he took a seat on his chair with a slouched back and his hand over his eyes as if he looked sick to his stomach.

Jack kept his frown as if he was sympathizing with them.

They knew he wouldn’t help.


Yuu felt cringed remembering the night at Neige and Chenya’s apartment. They felt utterly guilty when those two, along with Neige and Chenya did something nice for them.

Yuu’s legs uncontrollably gave out as they fell to their knees. Jack quickly picked them up by their shoulders.


“... I’m sorry, Yuu. I’m going to make sure they’ll survive.” Jack helps them to sit on a chair, with that he ran out.


Yuu looked around, it was empty but Augustus. Yuu got up and ran over. They banged their first in the table making Augustus look at them with a jolt up to the angry Yuu.


“How could you let them do this to Rielle and Fletcher?! They haven’t done anything yet you let those gangs take them! For all we know they are probably beating them to death!”

Yuu exclaimed angrily.


Augustus only looked at them.


“Do you think I haven’t tried?,”


Yuu stared at him.


“Do you think I haven’t tried to tell those gangs to stop? Do you think I never tried to jump in a beating but they would hold me down to watch?! The countless times trying to tell Rielle not to disrespect Azul? Do you? Because I'm always trying, yet he is too stubborn to listen. He is full of anger for Azul and that gang leader knows it. Now, poor Fletcher got himself into this. I know Rielle didn’t mean for this to happen. But taking Rielle’s voice is the only thing he deserves for punishment. Not being brutally beaten along with Fletcher,”


Before Yuu could respond,

“Please don’t misunderstand Rielle. All he wants is to rebel along with Fletcher. They want their freedom as much as I do. It’s impossible with these gangs flying around town. I pray to the evening stars to hope that maybe someday we have our freedom. And I mean for everyone. For these gangsters to be gone! They’re nothing but evil filled in their hearts. Azul hates Rielle with a passion and what’s so good about feeling hatred for one another? What is the point? It's nothing but a waste of life, air, time.”, Augustus vented out, releasing a sense of breath air out.

Yuu only stared at him for a brief minute, listened to every word he said.

Yuu grabbed a chair and sat next to him.


“... Augustus, I’m sorry.” Yuu spoke, looking down at the table.


“Please don’t be. If it was reversed I would be mad at me too. It’s just the way of life right now.”


“It’s so unfair…” Yuu commented, Yuu wanted to say something to him, to tell him about Grim.

Maybe there was a chance to help.

However, how is that going to help? They thought.

Yuu felt as if their hope may be slipping away.





Leona walks in the Coral Reef. Putting his hands on the table to look at Augustus.


“You should probably go check on the little herbivores, the redhead is pretty out of it.”


Augustus got up along with Yuu. They flinched when Leona rapidly grabbed Yuu’s shoulder before they could pass him. Augustus didn’t notice as he ran out in a hurry.


Yuu slowly looked to Leona, his grip loosened on their small shoulder.


“I hope that little moment will stick to your little head if ever try to mess with us.” Leona said, making Yuu to grab his hand off from their shoulder.


“Get away from me! How could you be this way?!” Yuu fumed  as Leona was looking at them with his poker face.


“Your nephew, Cheka, was looking for you when I found him this morning and your gang practically scared him to death!” Yuu scolded him, they heard him give out a warning snarl.


“Don’t talk to me as if you know me.” He then crossed his arms,

“I don't need that coming from someone like you.”


He took a step close to them as they flinched to step back.

Yuu flushed at this reaction but they couldn’t help it from what they heard from the others, grabbing the pepper spray from their back pocket.


He confidently smirked at Yuu’s action.


“Like I said, I don’t fight weak herbivores, unless you can actually prove me wrong.”


“Is that a challenge?” Yuu blurted giving him a dangerous glare at amused him a bit.


“Temper, temper. What are you going to do? Use that pepper spray? Go ahead.”


Yuu stayed quiet, glaring at the man.

Yuu felt their chest tightened for some reason, a cautious feeling. A growing knot in their stomach, it made Yuu let go of the pepper spray.


“That’s what I thought. Say something like that again I'll might as well eat you alive now.” Leona practically gave a venomous glare to Yuu that their spine has goosebumps.


“Leona,” They looked to Ruggie at the door. “C’mon! We’re waiting for you!”


Leona glared back at them, making them stiff.


“Watch your back when you’re around my territory.”


Leona turned his heel walking off with Ruggie. They waited for Leona and Ruggie to disappear from their view as they began to run out around the back of the café. Yuu eyes widened to Augustus holding up Rielle as well as Jack was helping. Rielle looked black and blue on his arms and his pants were dirty from puddles. His nose was bleeding with a black and blue on his cheekbone. 


Augustus looked at them, to quickly say, “He’s going to be alright! He’s breathing okay.”


Yuu almost panicked as their stomach felt ill, their eyes scanned around Augustus, Rielle and Jack.

Where was Fletcher?!


“T-They’re on their way.” Yuu looks to see Fletcher walk over to them holding up Rielle.


Yuu sighed in relief seeing him.


“Fletcher!” Yuu ran up to him.


“Y-You’re alright?” Looking at him, he was in perfect condition. Yuu noticed his face was all red, and his eyes were puffy.


“Y—yeah…” Fletcher looked down.

“Azul didn’t want me to get beat up so Leona insisted on making me watch Rielle… Jade and Floyd held me to w-watch...” He started to tear up. Yuu quickly gave him a hug. While Yuu was hugging him back, he noticed a bloody bite mark on his neck, his t-shirt uniform had droplets of blood on it.


“Don’t cry! He’s gonna be alright!” Yuu said, they weren't sure however they didn’t want Fletcher to cry more.


“It’s not like what you’ve seen! It was awful!” He hugged them back tightly. “They kicked him, punched him, spit on him, and stomped on him. I tried to yell stop but Jade and Floyd covered up my mouth. I thought his bones were gonna break! I still screeched until Floyd got really annoyed and bit me!” Fletcher was crying on their shoulder, all Yuu could do was pat him on the head.


“He’ll be alright, Fletcher,” Jack assured him. “Don’t worry.”


“Wh-Why are you helping us?” Fletcher looked back to him.


Jack's eyes were sympathetic. “It’s all I can do.” All he could say.


Before Fletcher could ask, the ambulance arrived.






Augustus went in the ambulance with Rielle as well as Fletcher did to go to the hospital.

Augustus told to go home as rest for the night, Yuu urged to go but Augustus insisted not for them not too.


Jack and Yuu stayed behind, Yuu locked up the café before Jack walked with Yuu back to the Royal Sword Apartment.

Yuu sat on the bench that was next to the entrance of the building, closing their eyes.

Today was just disgusting to them.

Rielle said that he wants to be off from the contract but doesn't want too. Yet, Azul pulls something like this on him.

He has to change his mind at this point.

“I’m sorry you had to go through that.” Jack responding interrupting the silence.


“Why are you apologizing? I feel sorry for all of you.”


His eyebrows were foreword in confusion at them.


“You all probably have suffered far worse than this. Especially Rielle, Fletcher and Augustus just now… I just arrived and it’s like hell, seeing some I care about getting hurt or being sad…”

They lowered their head “They’ve shown me kindness and I just don’t know what to do to help them…”


Jack then walks over to sit next to Yuu.


“It is hard," Yuu looked up to him "If I were you, I would work on trying to protect yourself. Sometimes trying to protect others can be hard in this town, no one can trust one another. Fearing as if the person on their side will betray them or feel as if they’ve wasted their time,”


Yuu was hearing his every word as they nodded.


“You also need to watch yourself anywhere you go or you may end up getting picked on. Get some weapons around you.”


“Y’know, I was just wondering,” Jack waited for an answered, “Why are you part of the Savanaclaw gang?”


“I joined because I wanted a different life from before. My life wasn’t the easiest when being in this town. I kept getting robbed, trying to fight back but I’m always outnumbered. The only way for me to survive was to join a gang. So I had to prove myself worthy to Leona, and he approved me to be part of the gang.”




“I had to fight some strong members other than Leona. It wasn’t easy but I managed.”


“Anything else to know about what to do before you go?.” Yuu asked


“Don’t walk off alone, ever.”


Yuu nodded. “You got it. I got my car back but I just hope to not get into another--” Yuu realizes tomorrow as they groaned annoyed with a facepalm.




“Tomorrow I’m going to Cha Bella and the Pomefiore gang are probably gonna come by,”

Yuu puts their hands on their face.

“Not only that, one of the Heartslabyul gang members are probably after me other than the demon cat!”


“Demon cat?"


“Yeah the cat demon we ran from a week ago--” Yuu immediately got up from the bench.

“Oh crap!”


Jack frowned as he got up as well, looking at Yuu suspiciously.


“What’s the matter?”


“Oh uh, that reminds me I should go back to my apartment! Thanks again! Have a goodnight!” Yuu grinned sheepishly as they stepped over to the entrance door to open.


“Hey,” Yuu look at the wolf man “Remember what I said. Protect yourself.”


Yuu grinned and nodded to him.


“I will remember that.”


Jack smiled at them.

Yuu hurried inside as they ran past the apartment doors as they stopped to open their door to go inside their room.


“Fyna! What took ya so long?” Yuu looked around to see Grim laying on the table, looking as if he was bored out of mind.


“Ugh, had an awful day with Octavinelle and Savanaclaw.”


Grim got up flabbergasted as jumped up from the table on his two feet. 

“What?! What happened?”


Yuu sat down on the bed as they begin to explain what happened.


“Geez! I told you Azul hated the guy!” Grim responded.


“Yeah, I just hope Rielle is going to be alright. I really don't want to go to work tomorrow but I need to.” Yuu made an aggravated sigh.

They heard their phone ringing as they picked it from their pants pocket.


It’s Kalim.


“Who’s that?”


Before Grim could look, Yuu answered as they made a silent hush to Grim.


“Hey Kalim!” Yuu greeted.


“KAL—“ Yuu puts a hand on Grim’s mouth.


“Hi Yuu! Good evening! How are you doing?”


“Ahaha... wished I had better days.”


“Oh gosh I’m sorry! Did something happen? Do you want to talk about it?”


“Hey it’s alright. Ah, just a gang problem is all.”


Grim was glaring up to Yuu, making them cringe from remembering Lamario's reaction from before.


“Ah I completely understand! Hey, if you want to make your days any better. You can always chat with me to get some relief! I’m always available!”

Yuu cracked a smile hearing his exaggerated gasp,

“how bout when you are free, you should come to my nightclub! It’s called Arabian Nightclub, it’ll be fun! We have a bunch of themes for every week!”


“That’s sweet of you. Is it really safe there?”


“Of course! My bouncers are gonna make sure no gangster or others will make a scene. You have nothing to worry about! Wanna come?”

Kalim asked excitedly.


“Uh, I’ll think about it!” They replied unsurely.


“Okay! Please let me know before then!”


There was a slight pause, hearing an echo from Kalim’s line.


“Ah, sorry Yuu! I must go now! Jamil is shouting at me for something. We’ll talk another time?”


“It’s okay! Have a good night!”


“You too! Bye!” Kalim said sweetly as they hung up. Grim as he wiggles away from them.


“Yuu,  I'm starting to think you’re too trusting!”, Grim sounded all concerned.

Yuu looked at him with their eyebrows scrunching up, “That’s the Scarabia gang leader, you were on the phone with!”


Yuu let’s a nervous laugh slip through their lips.


“Haha, I’m not even surprised anymore at this point… let me guess he acts nice until turns on you?”


“Actually, not really,” Grim said,

“he is genuinely kind. He would have his moody side from what I've heard. His partner, Jamil, is not kind like him. He really protects the guy and whoever hurts him, he’ll show no mercy. So I would definitely be careful when it comes to them.”


Jeez, Yuu thought,


Yuu brought out a reminder in their head about the goth guy with the horns from yesterday morning.

Would Grim know anything about him if he has seen people around here before more than they have. Yuu decided to change the subject,

“Hey, do you know a guy with horns that wears all black?”

Grim hesitated, looking as if he was trying to remember.


“Nope. I don't know anyone with horns. Why?”


“I met this guy from yesterday. He looked cautious when I met him. He never gave me his name.”


“Hm,” Grim paused and made a smug look on his face “Call him Tsuntaro when ya see him! That’ll show him!”


That’s sort of a stupid nickname, Yuu thought

But who was that guy…

They wondered if was a gang member or an innocent bystander?


Yuu’s phone vibrated to see a message from Fletcher.


Fletcher: Hi Yuu! Rielle is gonna be in the hospital for a while. They’re checking if he broke his ribs. They said he’ll be okay. Let us hope! 🙏


Yuu couldn’t help but feel heated up over today. Azul was too much with Rielle.

They need to figure something out, Azul seems smart. But he has to have a weakness, 



Chapter Text

12:03 pm


This time Yuu drove their car to Cha Bella.

Made sure their car doors were closed shut, even if it wasn’t. Yuu didn’t have their bag in the car but inside of the store safe and sound.

Yuu looked at their phone to read a message from Fletcher saying that Rielle is luckily okay.

If the gang member beat him up longer than they have he would have broken some ribs.

Yuu sighed to themselves, they wished they could have strength to fight off the gangs but obviously it would make the situation worse. They've gotten a nice text from Kalim telling them have a good day and be safe. I was sweet but they were still nervous about him since he is a gang leader.

Put their phone quickly into their front pocket to pick up the clothes silk shiny blouses on a hanger they put up one by one.



They quickly turned their head to look back to Cathleen who was smiling at them with her hands behind her back.

“Please go to the register for now when you are done.”


Yuu nodded to put the two more of the silky blouses up with the other shirts to put away the rack in the back.

They went over to the counter, their elbows on the wooden counter with their chin on the back of their hand. Staring around for anyone to come in through the door.

Feeling the familiar knot in their gut, the back of their nape felt cold.


“You really need to chill, kid.” 

Wraith said out loud, as Yuu averted their eyes from the door to her, putting up some beautiful gowns where the other dresses were hung on the side of the right wall of the store.

“I can see you are nervous. Don’t be like that kid who is with Rielle.”


“You mean Fletcher?”


“Yeah, that one.”


Yuu parted their lips to say something but quickly closed, averting their eyes away from Wraith. She made a quick sigh to them as she placed another gown to hang up with.

“I understand for a while being here, getting to know more about the town is making you even more scared than before. Especially what you went through. You can’t live in fear like how they want you to be. The gangs are nothing but stupid people who got bored and want to create havoc.”


Yuu nodded then started to look up back to her to meet her gaze, 

“You’re not wrong..."

They remembered about Kalim being here with Jamil.

What is starting to bother them is Lamario knew all the gangs and never told them after the ganga leader and member left. Was he afraid to tell them?

Was he that nervous?

It shouldn’t have mattered, they wished he told them.


“Hey… there were two gangsters— well I didn’t know before until a friend told me, but Kalim and Jamil were here.”


Wraith just shrugged, she didn’t look mad.

“The Scarabia came here for their theme at their club soon?”


Yuu slowly clapped their hands together as they moved their head away.

“They do that?”


“Yeah. I think their theme coming soon is Fairy Gala from what I've heard.” She shrugged, to wander over to the counter to them.


“I see. Is there anything I should know about them?”


“Kalim is okay, he’s not like Rook when he won’t shut up or creep on you. Be careful about his odd mood swings. I wouldn’t trust his partner, Jamil.”


Yuu squinted. “What do you mean?”


“Kalim I’ve heard would be a sunshine then ready to kill someone. It would happen rarely. Jamil is weird all I gotta say. Something about him that makes me weary,” Wraith explained as she crossed her arms, “they are not the worst out of all the gangsters...  maybe that’s just me.”


Yuu leaned back to place their hands on the counter, looking into Wraith’s golden eyes, 

“Why does Kalim have these mood swings?”


She shrugged “It would just happen.”


Yuu bit their lip to look down on the wooden counter. She took  notice and began to ask,


“Why? Did Kalim talk to you?”

Their brown eyes look up to her as they took a deep breath and responded,


“Y-Yeah. He was so nice to ask me to be his friend and gave me his number. He called me yesterday and I remembered him asking me to go to his Club.”


She made an irked sigh as Yuu closed their lips tight.


“Dammit Yuu. You literally are just asking to be picked on.”


Yuu couldn’t argue, Grim was worried about it. Which was weird to them but they guess because he was staying and hiding in their apartment for a while.


“Okay if I were you, I would be careful if you want to be friends with the gang leader for the sake of trying to survive. If not, I would keep my guard up and play nice.” Wraith told her as she slammed her hands on the counter making Yuu flinch a bit.

"Got it?"


Yuu nodded “G-Got it.”


Cathleen walks in with a pile of sweaters in her arms, “Oh yeah Wraith I’m sure you play nice like when the Pomefiore gang comes by.” Cathleen poke a tease at Wraith as the wolf tried not to grin.

“Not when it comes to them. Especially the hunter.”


Cathleen was smiling as she shook her head to put the sweaters on a table with some folded up tops.


“My problem with you Cathe is when you’re too nice to gangs.”

Wraith said that made Cath turn back to her while she was piling up the sweaters, organizing them on stack to match with the colors.

She quickly looked to them for an answer. “I am not that nice, I get cautious. But not too nice! Right Yuu?”

Making Yuu smile nervously a bit. Not knowing the answer but replied,


“Uh I would have been mad when someone said this store “shabby”.”


Cathleen shook her head slowly with a sheepish smile.


“Ah, yeah. Vil is kind of confusing. He’ll like the store but then later will not like it.” She told with a shrug, finishing off the piles ready, patted them to look flat.


“What does he do other than shop?”

They asked Cathleen to walk over to join Wraith and Yuu. She pushed back the pieces of her hair behind her head,


“He has a potion business not too far from here along with skincare products he has made and his other brand Schoenheit cosmetics.” Cathleen’s answer made Wraith rolled her eyes in annoyance


“Ugh, I keep seeing girls and guys wear their stuff because “it’s trendy”.”



Yuu eyebrows forward as Cathleen laughed nervously,

“Even when they are a scary gang, some are very attracted to their looks. But they know not to mess with them.”


The brown hair woman changes her facial expression to enthusiastic, “Oh by the way, Wraith,”

Wraith raises an eyebrow at the woman.


“Darline is going to bring in more of her dresses soon! They’re pretty! I could just keep one of them!”

Cathleen smiled excitedly, hoping a bit. Wraith almost giggled a bit at her exaggerated reaction.


“Maybe you should wear them, I think it’ll look nice.”


“I know right?! I should! I’ll be right back!” She ran over quickly to the storage room.


Wraith and Yuu watch her as she goes to the back and hears a sudden door open.


“Yuu hoo~!” 

Yuu flinched at the familiar voice cooed making them turn to see the two very figures that made Yuu’s hands feel white as they clenched their hands.


Ace and Deuce.


“Oh what do you clowns want?”

Wraith couldn’t help but snap at them, with a vicious glare.

Ace and Deuce already stepped inside to walk over almost to where it is. What is in their way was the wolf woman, who is practically snarling at the two gang members.


“How rude. We just got in and we already have some bad customer service.” Ace faked his voice trying to sound concerned as he placed a hand to his chest.


“Put a cork in it will ya,” Wraith retorted. “What does Heartslabyul want this time?”


Ace moved his hand away, his fake sympathy turned to a ‘friendly’ smile, “We’re not here for you. We just noticed walking by that our dearest friend Yuu is still around!”.

They darted their eyes at Ace with a deadly glance, Ace was amused by the sudden reaction.

“You have balls to still be out here.” Deuce smug at them.


“I could say the same about you coming here,” Yuu roughly said,

“you think your appearance scares me?” trying to sound cocky to them. It only made Deuce snicker a bit that made themselves heated up.


“Hm, let me think about it. Hm, maybe when we arrived. Yeah.” Ace couldn’t help but smirk.

The wolf woman stepped over near Ace and Deuce as the two darted their eyes at her as soon as she took a single step.

“Okay, did you come to try to taunt or shop?”, For a quick glance Ace and Deuce blink to her in almost a fright.

They try to look as confident as they show themselves but straightening up themselves with a cocky smug persona.


“Yeah, I don’t wanna distract you while you work, maybe we’ll see you later, Yuu! We’re so glad you are still around.”

Ace chimes that made Yuu cringe a knot in their stomach.

Deuce puts on a malicious grin, 

“Yeah, see ya.”


The two stepped away to turn themselves around to walk out from the door, away from the view from the huge glass wall where the mannequins were. Yuu slowly hits their head onto the counter.

“Oh please Yuu, these clowns think they’re all so tough when Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum ain’t shit.”

Wraith rolled her eyes at Yuu’s reaction. They picked their head up to glare at Wraith.


“Easy for you to say—” Scrunch up a puzzled look “Tweedle what?”


Her golden eyes forward, “You know, from the old tales?”


Yuu looked at Wraith confused as if she were going crazy. Making her sighed again.


“You don’t know? Ugh I don’t want to give a history lesson...” She rolled her eyes as she began to explain, “Whatever. They’re just two twins from an ancient story. Heartslabyul idolizes the Queen of Hearts in that story. She was some queen who put rules upon her land to keep land safe as possible from the insane. Honestly, she was too strict to the point where you do something that highly disrespects her, it’s off with their head by the queen.”


“So… Do all the gangs idolize her?”


“No. The Savanaclaw gang, they idolize the lion, The Beast King. When his older brother got killed from a stampede he took over the land to help with the luck of his intelligence, and helped the hyenas. The Pomefiore gang idolizes The Beautiful Queen, not only does she try her best to look presentable, honestly what the hell is the point, she has a lab to make all kinds of potions.”


“Are those stories the reasons why they become gangsters?”


She shrugged, “I have no idea why, but it’s probably part of it. You should check them out if you want.” 


Yuu’s mind remembered what Ace said to them about their names for a reason.

Maybe they can check out at Sam's Mystery shop.



Cathleen shouts from the back.


“Can you give me a hand? There are these boxes I'm trying to move but-- Oh dear! I am holding it up but please quick!”


Wraith looked back at Yuu for a second to quickly say. 

“Shout if those idiots come back.”

She ran herself quickly to the back room.


They wonder about what the other gangs idolize…


5:10 pm


When work was over later at 5pm, Yuu was glad to have an almost normal day at work without the Pomefiore to come in. Wraith decided to check the back with Yuu in case.


“Here.” Yuu blinked to see her hand out a black silver swift knife.

“have something to protect yourself. It’s yours.”

Yuu takes it.


“Thank you.”


She smiled a bit,

“Yeah, yeah. Just don’t be stupid.”

She waited for  them to get into their car as they looked around, everything was the same.

They started the car to drive out to drive by Wraith to wave her a goodbye as she walked off back inside.

Yuu drove into town, had a place in mind to quickly stop by.




5:30 pm

“Welcome little demon! Oh I see you are back without the redhead man friend of yours.” Sam smiled at Yuu.


Yuu closed the door from behind them.


“Ahah, yeah about that. We were not friends,” Yuu said. “It’s a long story.”


“Ah I am so sorry to hear.” He showed a sympathize expression as he said


Yuu nodded to him.


“Well let’s put that aside now. Are you looking for something here?” He grinned with his hands on either side.


“Oh yeah! Do you happen to have any textbooks? Like a book about old tales. Like the Queen of Hearts and The Beast King?”


“Mhm, Ah! You must be looking for the History of the World of Magic! Is that correct?”

He smiled eagerly that Yuu was surprised.

“Y-Yeah! I think so.”


“Of course! In stock now! Only 20% off!” He said as walks over to the bookcase.


“That's great!” 


Yuu grinned to follow Sam, watching him take out a thick book from the bookcase to hand it to Yuu.


History of the World Ancient Magic


“This is ...interesting?” Yuu flipped open the book to look into the pages.


There was a page with some illustrations on it that had a beautiful girl in rags with short black hair at a window peaking at a boy who looked prince-like as he was staring at her looking as if he was shouting or singing with his hat to his chest. On the middle of the page a bit, there was a woman with a crown in a long dress who looked mad from behind the red curtains.

Yuu looked closely at the page.


Turned the pages to find a page that said

Alice in Wonderland…


Yuu smiled to see it had the Queen of Hearts in it.


“This is it! So what's the price for this?” Yuu asked them to look up Sam.


“It’s 20 dollars.”


And only on 20% off?

It’s much but it is a lower price of a regular text book. Yuu thought, 

“Alright, I’ll take it!” They closed the book to put the book under their arm


“Is that all you want?” 

He raised an eyebrow with his arms crossed. 




He nodded, went over to the register for Yuu and gave him 20 bucks for the history book.

“Thank you, little demon! Please come back any time and stay safe!” Sam smiled at them as they approached the door. Yuu nodded at him and said bye as they walked out from the store.

Outside of the town, looking at the book.


Yuu started to walk over to their car on the curb.


“Ow!” a squeal echoed making Yuu jump to look around their surroundings to notice an alleyway path.


“C’mon cutie, how bout you come with me and my friends.”


Yuu heard the voice, making them feel goosebumps rise from the back of their neck making themselves turning their head around.


“I said let go!” The voice yelled, Yuu heard it coming from the alley way.

Yuu couldn’t help with heat at the moment that someone could be in trouble. They ran over the entrance to the alleyway but were told to halt onto the brick wall to peek out.


It was three guys, one of them had a grip onto someone’s wrist as they were trying to pull off. They looked like they were trying to struggle off. 

Yuu blinked at the familiar light purple hair.

It’s Epel.


“You’re hurting me! Please!” He begged, trying to pry himself away as they see his arm trying to pull back..


“Aw c’mon, shy much?” One said with a creepy smile.


“I’m a guy!” Epel told them.


“Does it matter?”


Epel gritted his teeth at them with an angry look.


“I already gave you the potions! We’re done!” he argued trying to wiggle off his grip.

The guy grabbed his other wrist as he struggled even more with a glare.


“That’s not enough, how about you come with us for a special treat--”


With no warning, Yuu bolted down to used their book to slam the guy to let go from Epel right at his face.



He yelped in pain covering his nose, droplets of blood dropped on the ground and through his hand as back away kneeling the ground.


“What the hell?!” 

The second guy yelled while the third guy went over to his partner.


“Oi! Who the hell are you--” They punched the second guy right in the stomach, making him back away to jump back. They grabbed Epel’s shoulder back for him to be behind them.


“Get away from him!” 

Yuu shouted a threat to the guy that got punched who withered up, looking into Yuu’s dangerous glare.


“You bastard!” 


The third guy shouted and went to punch them, before could make an action Epel pushed them aside. The guy got kicked in the crotch as he fell down on his back to cover his area and curl up himself on the ground. They noticed Epel’s eyes were absolutely enraged.


“Now I’m even more pissed off!” 

Epel yelled then started to swiftly kick the guy in the gut and face of the guy laid a hand on him.


“Argh! Stop-- ugh! S-sorry--” 

The guy tried to plead as Epel gripped on his hair to start beating the crap out of his face with his now bloody fist.


“Sorry ain’t gonna cut it for making me look weak! HUH.”

 They flinched from Epel's voice, it sounded so different from before. He throws more hits, the guy that ended up being unconscious. 


They quickly grabbed Epel from under his shoulders to pick him up away from him to back away from them enough almost out from the ally way.


“Stop! That’s enough!”


“Let go! I’m gonna kill’em!” He snapped angrily struggling from Yuu’s grip.


“Th-These guys are insane!”


“Let’s get out of here!”


The guy ran away while the second guy grabbed the bleeding man to escape.


“Yeah! Run away! Next time when I see you guys! You’re dead meat! Ya hear?! DEAD!”

 Epel threatened, They released their grip on him to back away. He used the back of his bloody knuckles to wipe off the blood as if it was nothing.


“You alright?” Yuu asked.


He huffed out his anger to let out a breath as he composed himself.

“I’m fine.”

They blinked at him, just before Epel looked like a completely different person. He went from rowdy to soft like he wasn’t ready to murder to begin with.


“No scratches?”


“I’m fine, really. Thanks for the help. I could have done it myself.” Epel said with his head up.


Yuu parted their lips to reply with a different answer but decided say,


“You’re welcome. How come you’re not with Vil or Rook?”


Epel sighed with his eyes closed “Vil wanted me to deliver magic potions to some low lives. Rook, I have no idea where he is at.”


Yuu nodded, realized how dark it was getting by the alleyway as the bricks of the wall building were giving out a sunset yellowish orange glow. 

“I-I should probably go. I don’t want to keep you out here.” They turned themselves around to run out.




Yuu jumped a bit from Epel and cried out as they turned their head to him.


“Your name is Yuu, right?”


They raised an eyebrow at him from their confusion


“That’s me.”


“Why did you…” Yuu turned themselves to him as he began to ask “Why did you help me out?”


Yuu felt perplexed at his question, why not?


“I just.. snapped. I wasn’t going to walk away from that. Who would?”

Yuu had a sudden thought, as they stared at him wide eyed.


“Epel… Does this happen--”


“Not as often!” He interrupted Yuu in defense,

“I do get into fights but I would manage to beat those lower class gangsters. Even if those guys tried to touch me, I would manage a good beating. Or Rook would happen to be out of nowhere to help me out. I wouldn’t be surprised if he would pop in right about now. Our gang is definitely not weak or we wouldn’t be as well known as the others. but,”


Looked around a bit as soon as he mentioned Rook would be out of nowhere. 

Stared back at Epel as he continued.


“non-gangster would have just tried to ignore and run off as possible. So, thank you for helping me, Yuu. I must go now. See ya!”

To their surprise, Epel smiled ear to ear. Hurried pass them to leave the alley way.


Yuu smiled to themselves as they hurried out as well. They quickly got into their car to drive back to their apartment building.

For a while until they arrived back at the apartment building.

They went into the building and went straight to their room with the book to see Grim laying on their bed.

“Fyna! You’re back!” Grim smiled, noticed a book they were holding.


“Whatcha go there?”


“A history book.”


“What? Why?” Grim frowned, staring at the typical text history book cover.

They closed the door and locked it


“Well, I found out from work that their idolizes from the gangs are historical figures.” They opened up the book to sit on the comfy bed.


“Wait? Really?” Grim wandered over to take a look. Making Yuu look at him in the demon cat’s blue eyes


“Yeah, you didn’t know?”


“No really. This is new to me. I knew the gangster names had to come from somewhere.”


He then started to yawn, making them raise an eyebrow at him almost chuckled,


“Fnya, if you’re gonna read that all day. I might as well sleep.” Grim then laid down on the bed next to them.


Before they could make a comment to him, they heard the phone ring on the table. They quickly grabbed it to answer




“Hello, Yuu?” Fletcher’s voice said.


“Hey Fletcher! What’s up?”


“It’s about Rielle…”


Yuu felt a shiver down their spine what the way he said it,

“W-What? Is he okay?!”


“He’s fine! He’s better! But… He’s going to be working at Monstro Lounge for a while. He just started working today.”


Yuu felt shocked about the news as they clenched the phone with a grip,

“Why?! Not even let him heal?!”


“I know, I know. He took some painkillers before he left. I’ve been worried about him. But I hope to Triton he’ll be alright... He won't be coming back until midnight I think.”

Yuu quickly looked at the book and then thought. 


“Hey, do you mind if I can come over tomorrow to see him?”


“Of course! Are you able to come around 11 or 12?”


“Yeah! I am fully free tomorrow. I’ll be there! I hope Rielle will come home safe. Alright, bye.”


“Thank you, Bye!”


They clicked off their phone to open up the history, and started to read the book about the Queen of Hearts. Says that she was in a place called Wonderland, with her husband, the king by her side and a royal herald, the white rabbit that always be late for some reason. She placed very strict rules around for the insane. Whoever breaks these rules will be off from their head.

How interesting…


They read a part where the girl somehow entered named Alice, because she was following the white rabbit carelessly. Mistakenly didn’t know about the rules yet the Queen misunderstood her and tried to have her head off breaking countless rules.


That’s sad, they thought, they never gave her a voice to speak up?


They continued reading.




Rielle wore his new uniform, not the usual outfit to go to Coral Reef. It was the uniform that Ocatvinelle would wear, the usual purple blouse and blazer with scarf around. Trying his best to make some juices behind the bar. He thanked king triton for at least some members were helping.


“Hey~! Red drum~!”


A voice called to him as sighed in annoyance to look at the childish smiling Floyd.

“Table 5 is all dirty! Can you go over there and clean it?”


Without Fletcher to help answer for him was difficult, all he could do is nod..


“Great~! Finish up some drinks and so that’s it~!” Floyd wanders off to somewhere, Rielle didn’t bother as he was trying to finish off serving drinks to some customers.

He goes to the table with a towel and a spray for him to clean up. Rolled up his sleeves to quickly spray and wipe up the table for it to be stain free and shiny clean. Before he could move on her looked to the other twin Jade who walked over to him as he spoke,


“Excuse me, Rielle, there are some more tables to clean 4, 15 and 13.” he looked at him with a calm smile.


“Oh and here is a little notepad for you to write with to communicate. Azul must have completely forgotten you can’t speak yet.” The redhead wanted to roll his eyes at that statement. 

Yeah right, he thought.


Rielle shook a hard nod to him, to grab the notepad with a pen as Jade chuckled at that as he walked off.


The lounge is beautiful with its own luxury ocean theme. It had some small aquariums around the lounge next to one of the cushion tables. Creating an aesthetic atmosphere. The dark purple color with a blue dim light from the small aquariums was honestly eye catching that made this place extraordinary with its fancy decorations like fake seaweed and coral. 


Rielle then cleans the other three tables. As he was wiping up he jumped from a liquid splashed down with a thick glass hitting onto the table. He got hit a little bit thank goodness it’s only a sprinkle on him.

He looked up as his eyebrows furrowed to a member of Octavinelle who looked as if he stumbled himself onto the table by ‘accident’.


“S-Sorry, Rielle!” he ‘apologetically’ said. He could tell something wasn’t right off the bat as he got off to walk away quickly. Rielle felt a heat of anger through him. If only Azul didn’t take his voice. Clenching his fist, he  cleaned off the juice from the table.


“Hey Red Drum~ I said for you to clean a table and that’s it~” Floyd chimed to him, his voice sounded annoyed.


Rielle turned to part his mouth, no response.


Floyd made a face at him. “We need you over here! People are waiting~!” He hurried over to the bar to make some drinks.



He looked at Jade who had a serious look on his face. “I thought I told you to clean those tables.”


Rielle raised an eyebrow to see the table he cleaned was now spilled with juice around it.

His anger was fuming a bit more as he heard some small chuckles from the other members. Trying his best not to show us anger but his clenching fists is aching to punch a wall or those members. If only he could say something to call out the members.


“Please clean them when you're done.” He walked off.


Rielle took a deep breath, trying to think about keeping himself calm.


While serving drinks to people, then got to clean the tables. It was going quite fine for a while.


“Rielle, could you bring these drinks to table 18.”

Jade insisted as he held a tray of three drinks. Rielle nodded as took the tray with three drinks, walking over to table 18.

He felt his ankle get caught on something, making himself fall over to the ground with the drinks spill over to the floor and on himself.


His cheeks were red from this embarrassment, but also a boiling irritation was coming in. Feeling a bit of a sore pain not only from the fall from yesterday.


“Oh sorry Rielle!” A member said with fake sympathy.


He snapped as he quickly got up and grabbed the member. 

His smug expression changed to frightened as he saw Rielle’s eyes were practically on fire.



The redhead ponytail boy looked to the side to see Azul frowning at him. “Goodness, stop yourself. It’s not looking good if you continue this behavior. I will have to give more of a reason to give you punishment.” Rielle released the member as he walked quickly away as possible.


He patted himself to get the notebook and quickly write down with the pen, showed to Azul as he leaned to read


“I’m sorry Azul. I’m trying.”


Azul looked at him, “You better. Go find out what the drinks were and make new ones. I'll have someone clean this mess up.”


He nodded over to the table 18 as he wrote down.


1:30 am


After remaking a while trying to work. The Lounge closed at 1am.

Azul put Rielle in charge of cleaning everything in the lounge, the tables, the floors, the dishes and even the bathroom.


He took off his blazer, had his purple blouse sleeves up behind his elbows.

When he was done cleaning, it seemed like forever.

Rielle’s mind was racing with things to say to the bastard as he wandered over to his office to hand over the janitor’s key.

He walks in the office where Azul, Floyd and Jade are. The twins were sitting on the leather couch while Azul was looking over the golden papers

His uncontrollable anger walks over to his desk and plops the key on his desk.


Azul froze as he looked up to him.

Rielle quickly wrote down on the small note and raised to his face 


“I want my voice back.”


Azul laughed, “I would but your punishment only just begun. You must learn to be respectful. Right now you are doing not well for yourself.”


Rielle flipped the paper to rapidly write down to fit in the rectangular page for a few minutes as Azul watched him until he was finished putting it up his face.

“I’ve been sabotaged by your members when I cleaned the tables they ended up being dirty again and I've been purposely tripped! Not only that I'm having a difficult time talking to customers. I can't say anything unless I have my voice so give it!”


Azul practically rolled his eyes.


“Not until those three weeks are up. So suck it up.”

Azul said sternly that made Rielle drop the notes to grab him by his collar to drag him off his seat.

Jade and Floyd grabbed Rielle away from Azul that made him release his grip, Rielle scurried away from them to turn himself to the twins and turned his head to give a dangerous gaze to Azul. Making him step away from his desk to watch Rielle.


“My, my Rielle, what a bad move. You should work on that anger of yours~” Jade smiled mischievously.


Rielle opened his mouth to make a remark. But of course nothing comes out. It’s so annoying to him.


“Oh what’s that Red Drum? Did you say something~” Floyd’s mocked him with a goofy laugh.


Snapped, Rielle got himself charging up to raise his fist to Floyd’s face to punch him.

The creepy eel grabs him by the fist with his hand.


“Did you just try to hit me Red Drum~?”

A creepy eerily smile rose to Floyd’s face, making the redhead froze when he grabbed him up by the neck to slam him at the safe door in Azul’s office.


Floyd! Get him away from the lock! What’re you doing?!” Azul yelled, making Rielle look at him.

He was kind of surprised at his reaction, the droopy eyed twin turned his head to Azul.


“Huuuh~? Why are you complaining?”


“If you’re going to beat him, do it outside! You are going to put dents on the safe door! Don’t be reckless! How careless can you be?!” Azul was yelling at his companion crazy, making Floyd glare at him that looks like a child would to a strict parental figure.


“Gosh Azul, it’s just a stupid door. Aren’t your contracts untouchable?” Floyd releases Rielle, thanking that the twin didn’t squeeze his neck.

Rielle managed slip through to escape Floyd and out of the office.


“You idiot! After him!”

Azul glared up to the angry twin.


“You put me off the mood, I’m going outside.” Floyd stumbles out as Jade goes following his brother to the back doors.

Rielle from the other side of the door entrance as he quietly walked over to look around before he walked over to the office, taking a peek at Azul looking at the locked door with his hand feeling around it as he takes out one of his keys to open up the door for the lock, the key was all golden checking it out as he closed it as Rielle walked off quickly but not too quick enough to go back out to the Lounge.


The fuck? Rielle thought

Chapter Text



Yuu left the apartment building to cross the street from Fletcher’s text of the address.

They got inside of their apartment. Their apartment is sort of the same size as Neige and Chenya's. All blue with some unique antiques that Yuu noticed. A couch in the room  next with a kitchen. Their coffee table had a three arm candle stand with one had a knife, a fork and a spoon next to them were box filled cork openers. On the other side away across from the kitchen was a bookcase filled with some random items in front of the books, next to the bookcase was a painting of a woman looking at a candle lit while her hand had a skull. It was an odd collection they had but they didn’t care. They were paying attention to Rielle’s writing about what happened between him and the trio gang in the office. Rielle wrote on a yellow notepad for Yuu to read.


“...Azul yelled at Floyd when he held me up on his lock door. Floyd even made a point about his contracts being invincible.”


Yuu blinked as they finished reading and started to perplex.

“Why would he be cautious about his lock door when his contracts are invincible?” Yuu said.


They handed the notepad to him, he flipped the page to quickly write down to show them. 


“He is hiding something in there.”


“Like what?” Fletcher asked next to Yuu.


The redhead brought it back to him to write more for a minute then show,


“It has got to be his contracts. I need to figure it out. Later, I’m going to work at 12. I'll let you know whatever happens.”


Yuu gulped, “I hope you’ll be okay. What you wrote down earlier about yesterday sounded  awful. I’m sorry you can’t just walk away.”


Rielle quickly wrote with a shrug  looking down to the floor.

“I-I’ll come by to see you later to check on you.” Fletcher said.


“Mind if I come with you Fletcher?” Yuu asked.


“Of course!” 


“When do you leave the lounge?” Yuu asked Rielle



Yuu's eyes widened. “That long?!”


“It’s a night bar. I’m worried about people coming in to get drunk and cause fights” Fletcher sheepishly said


Rielle wrote down with a smirk “I’m going to end up being drunk for being there anyways.”


“Rielle! You’ll get punished!” Fletcher frowned with a nudge on his arm.


The redhead only shrugs with that playful smug smile making Fletcher nudged him with his elbow on his arm again.


Yuu smiled a bit at the writing. They don’t understand that he is in a terrible position yet he can still joke around. They wished they were able to do that but they don’t think it’ll be so worth it.


Rielle wrote down on the notepad and left it on the table to get up to go into his room to grab his now uniform for Monstro Lounge.


“I’m going to shower and then head to work.”


Yuu nodded, “I need to go too. Errands and all.” They watched Rielle go into the bathroom and close the door to lock it.


“O-Oh, Yuu.” Fletcher spoke up.

“Is it alright if I can come with you? I need to do some errands as well.”


“Sure! We can go see him after.” They smiled.




Rielle was done with the shower to come out wearing the Montro Lounge blazer uniform.

Rielle, Fletcher and Yuu both left the apartment.

Hoping nothing bad will happen to Rielle. Fletcher and Yuu made it to a supermarket, inside they were walking around in one of the iles to look around for some snacks.

Yuu picked out some chips as did Fletcher for himself.

“So, uh Yuu. I haven't ever asked you this before…” they looked to him. “What was your life like before you decided to move here?”


Yuu blinked at him, “Oh, uh. My life was kind of chill with my family back at home and I did have some issues.”




“Yes, it’s just personal issues. Not about my family. Something else I don’t want to go too deep into it.”


Fletcher nodded but continue on, “I understand… Are you close with your family?”


“Kind of. I made the decision for myself to move out. I wanted to have a new chapter in my life.” They sighed with a small smile.


The blue haired male then frowns, “Oh… And you’re stuck here…”


Yuu took notice and forced a small as they patted him on the head, widening their smile to him.

“Don’t be upset. At least I’m with you guys. You, Chenya, Neige and Rielle.”


“True,” Fletcher smiled “We should plan another movie night to make Rielle feel better! He wanted to see this hilarious movie Aaaa what was it called? Something to do with sharks in a tornado?”

He saw something from the corner of his golden eye till he turned his head to the side and jumped back with a yelp.

They blinked and flinched a bit. Something Yuu doesn’t usually see at all. Aside from the Tsunotaro with horns.


This guy was floating.

His body looked like a robotic metal of silver. There was a small blue flame from the left of his chest. His hair, they thought it was spiked up to stylized that way, they were blue flames flickering a bit from his head. He had a mask covering his mouth and what looks like headphones behind his head. He had a pale face that brightened up his bright golden eyes.

The boy’s eyes widened like Fletcher's.


“Oh! Sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you!” He apologized, moving back a bit.


“A-Ah! No, it’s okay! Sorry. You were too close!” Fletcher said as he backed away a bit more.


“I thought I recognized you from afar! How’re you guys doing?” He said cheerfully, blinked up to Yuu who had a puzzled brow forward.


“You’re not Rielle?” He tilted his head to the side, “Ah! I recognize you from a video I was sent from!” He said happily.


Yuu’s eyes widened. A gangster member?! He looks kind of young to be part of a gang.


“I didn’t think I would be able meet you in person nor didn’t think you could still be around! It’s nice to meet you!”


“C-Can you not speak of that please…” Fletcher said quietly.


“Ah! Okay! By the way I am Ortho Shroud!” He said cheerfully.


“I-It’s nice to meet you too.” Yuu said with a forced smile.


“Where is Rielle?”


Fletcher sighed “R-Rielle works with M-Monstro Lounge now.”


“Oh gosh! He must have done something bad if he’s working with them!”

Ortho exclaimed,

“Well I hope it’ll work out for you guys! I’ll see you around later! I need to get home quickly!” Yuu noticed he was carrying a plastic bag filled with junk food.


“A-Alright, see you later!” Fletcher said with a forced nervous small smile.

Ortho floated away that made Yuu almost think he was walking away. He floated away enough that made Fletcher sighed with relief.


Yuu looked to Fletcher. “Hey do you need anything before we go?”


Fletcher blinked, “I think I’m done here for now.” Fletcher said as he turned his head up to them who nodded. The both of them got themselves checked out as soon as they walked out.

While walking down the sidewalks back to their apartments. They decided to speak up,


“I’m guessing Ortho is a gang member.”


“I’m still a-afraid of Ortho. He is part of the I-Ignihyde gang.”


“I don’t think I’ve seen them around nor Diasomnia...”


They started to walk down a sidewalk.


“D-Diasomnia members kind of pop out around a bit more than Ignihyde members, I-Ignihyde gang are kind of more introverted into technology. Ortho is the one that mostly goes out. He met Rielle and I at a videogame store and he started to talk to us. It was too scary!” Fletcher gritted his teeth while his eyes looked as if they were going to pop out


Yuu waved his hand to calm down, feeling a sweat at the back of their nape.

Fletcher sighed. “S-Sorry!”


“You have nothing to be sorry for.”


“Oh! What time is it?”


They pulled out their phone from their pocket to check the time, “It’s 1:15pm.”, Putting their phone back in their pocket.


“Okay, let’s go see him-- EEK.”

Fletcher's eyes froze as they took a turn. The dark haired human slowly looked at the corner of their eye. Turned their head fully to see it was a male sleeping on the ground or against the wall. Silver haired male wearing a black and green suit with a strapped gear around under his shoulder and waist. He was further away, from where they were.

Why is this guy sleeping in the middle of a sidewalk? they thought


Yuu felt Fletcher grab their arm to pull them back, as his eyes widened frightfully. Pulling them back making taking a fews steps backwards.


“What?” Yuu looked back at Fletcher. “Who is he?”


Fletcher shushed them. “It’s a Diasomnia member right in front of us! Let’s hurry--”



A voice shouted, making them flinch from surprise. It was a green haired male pushed back. 


The silver haired male awoken up by his eye opened wide in surprise.


“A-Ah! Sebek…” He looked a bit stressed as he got himself up from the concrete floor.

“Lilia and I are done here let’s hurry back to-- Excuse me?!

They felt Fletcher hug behind them, feeling his arms are quaking like none stop as the one called "Sebek" looked directly at them to shout.

The silver hair male noticed them as well.


“Staring is very rude, human! Mind your business!”


“You yelling is what probably got their attention…” The one called Silver mumbled with a hand to his face as he was getting up from the ground.


Yuu managed to raise their hands in defense,

“Sorry. We were just passing by.”


“Sebek, there is no need to yell at them.”

A mischievous giggle spoke up, Yuu looked around, noticed a short young male waking up next to the green hair male from a building. His short black hair with hot pink highlights. Wearing a somewhat matching gangster uniform. Instead of long baggy pants, he wore shorts, under were legging and his jacket was pulled back hanging from his elbows.


“Please excuse him. You don’t have to be scared of us, we’re not like the Savannaclaw gang. Just walk by us.” The short male gave a friendly smile. Yuu shudder from his voice. For someone who looks so young his voice is completely different from his appearance. They shook it off to respond,

“Ah-- okay. We’re just gonna go-- Yeah! Go.”

they started walking while Fletcher was practically holding onto their waist for dear life walking along. Going by him, Silver and Sebek as they stepped aside. Silver’s expression was nonchalant while Sebek’s green eyes gave them a dirty look.


“Hmm… Are you Yuu perhaps?” The short male spoke up curiously.


Yuu immediately froze up as they and Fletcher turned their heads back to the short male.


They spoke up, “I-If I was?”


He gave a short chuckle, “Like I said. There is no need to be frightened. If you need any help, we will definitely do our best. After all, nobody likes to get hurt.” He curled his lips to them.


Their blood ran cold. It reminded themselves about Heartslabyul. Something about these guys give Yuu an unsettling feeling in their stomach. Worse than before with other gang members. Fletcher shook them a bit for them to hurry and respond. They quickly looked down to him then to him.


“Oooh okay! That’s sweet! Maybe I will siiirrrr…”


“Lilia. Lilia Vanrouge.” He nodded with an amused smile.


“Lilia! I’ll think about it! Sorry we’re in a rush.”


“It's okay, we need to go too. Bye-bye~” Yuu turned their head away as they and Fletcher hurried off down the sidewalk for a while directly between the apartment buildings.

They made it to his apartment building out of breath.


Fletcher made a big sigh of relief “We’ve made it out alive!”


“Those were the frightful Diasomnia people?! The guy seemed so persuasive. Scary.”


“I know! Th-They seem like helpful people but they’re like a spider waiting for their prey to land on its web like a trap!” Fletcher explained rapidly.


“G-Gosh. That’s really scary.” They commented.


“Please don’t ever ask them for help! Ever.” Fletcher said strictly.


He looks so freaked out more than he did with Leona or Octavinelle. They partially laughed a bit sounding nervous

“Oh believe me! I won’t!”


“A-Anyways. Let’s put our stuff away and hurry to see him.”






Yuu and Fletcher left their apartments to put away their food. Telling Grim to stay put, making the demon cat even more annoyed about staying there. Yuu and Fletcher went by the silver car they have to Monstro Lounge. The parking space was annoying but they managed to go inside to the bar area.

Rielle wasn’t there when they were looking around the lounge room for any signs of the redhead merman anywhere. They've walked inside, they saw someone at the door with a welcoming smile.

“Oh my, oh my,” Yuu blinked at Fletcher flinching to see the gentle smiling Jade.

“Hello you two. I didn’t think Fletcher would step foot here.”


“H-Hi!” Fletcher uttered a word out from his nervous smile. “W-We came to see Rielle.”

“Is he on break?” Yuu asked.

Jade chuckled a bit, “He’s in the back for now cleaning dishes. Don’t worry about him. You can come in to have one of our drinks.”


“O-Oh, so he won’t come out?”


“I’ll let him know you two were here.”


He didn’t answer my question, Yuu thought.


“O-Okay.” Fletcher nodded.


“It’s sort of funny. Azul wanted to have a chat with you, Yuu.” Fletcher almost choked his drink.


“W-What do you mean?” Yuu looked at Jade with a frown as his eyes were analyzing Yuu.

“Oh maybe we it’s not best to talk about it here. Why don’t you come with me.” Jade's smile widens a bit.

The blue haired male quickly frightened eyes looked at Yuu.

“Yuu--” A hand gripped onto Fletcher’s shoulder as he looked back to see with his eyes widened, Floyd.


“Why if it isn’t little Flounder~! Hello! How is your shoulder?” He cackled. Fletcher felt tight in his throat to not speak, afraid he’ll almost mock him.

Fletcher noticed that Jade had Yuu follow him around him.

“Y-Yuu?!” Fletcher called out, tried to go after them but Floyd roughly grabbed him back.


“How rude of you to leave, little flounder. I wanted to talk to you.”

He pouted, Fletcher felt frozen hearing him being upset. Shaken up to disagree and to run after to help Yuu but he has to deal with this psychopath.


Yuu followed Jade to Azul’s office, curious what he was talking about. 

A threat maybe?

 They have to tell them later on. There was no way of trying to avoid. Whatever it is, they need to be careful, if not they might as well try.


Jade opens the door, leading them to Azul’s office.


“Pardon the intrusion, Azul.”, 

Jade said as he waved his hand for them to come inside. They see him behind his desk papers on his desk as he looks to be trying to write something down. Azul puzzled turned to a smile as soon as he saw Yuu entered.


“Oh, Yuu, hello. Came to see Rielle I assume?”


“Yes. I wanted to see if he was doing alright.”


“He’s been doing well around here.” 


Yuu wanted to argue but kept it to themself. Doing well? Not from what they were told.

“I’m glad. But what do you want from me? Did I also have done something wrong?”


“Oh no. It’s like I said before, you are doing quite well around Coral Reef. Augustus is happy to have you around and says you’re doing a good job.” Azul smiled,


Jade led them over to his desk as they felt thrilled to hear Augustus compliments.


“However, that is not what I wanted to talk about.”


“What is it?”


“It’s about Heartslabyul.”


Yuu’s nape felt some sort of shivers,


“Riddle wants you back there. He said you were so rude to leave when that monster was attacking them. Couldn’t have just waited for them to continue their fun Unbirthday Game Maze.”


“I’m rude?!” 


Yuu jumped from their seat, Azul blinked at their reaction. He saw in their brown eyes a familiar anger like from two days ago.


“They’re the ones to talk! Kidnapping me, drugging me and beating me!? They sabotage me from the start when had that stupid imp chased me down so they could get into my car!” Yuu snapped angrily, and felt heated with irritation. Some nerve that gang leader, trying to make them as the imbecile. 


Azul half laughed at their sudden reaction, “My, if you were to tell Riddle this right to his face. I think he wouldn’t hesitate to put you in your place.”


“I’m not going back there. What gives you the right?!”


He smirked that made Yuu's anger boiled upp, “Are you forgetting you’re in a town filled with gangsters like us?  I’m afraid it’s what Riddle wants. You must have amused them so. Not only did you escape from the maze, you did said something to those other members from what we’ve heard,”

Yuu raised an eyebrow at him in confusion, “ “Just because you say it’s done doesn’t mean I am”.”


They did say that, didn't they. It wasn’t true about how they escaped. If it wasn’t for Chenya, who knows if Yuu were still be able to live after all that.


“I-I said that at the heat of the moment. It’s clearly over.” Yuu argued.


“Not to them it isn’t.” Jade chuckled. “Isn’t that kind of them? Continuing their special game for you.”


“You can’t make me go back there.”


“I think we can.”


“How bout this,” slammed both of their hands on his desk and looked straight into his silver eyes. “No. Tell them they can go find some low class gangster to pick on!”


“You don’t have a choice.” He gritted his teeth although he was still smiling.

“ You are stuck in this town and no matter what your fate will be, you have no free will when it comes to us. So tough luck unless you want to leave by dying.”


They then thought of something in their mind they might regret later, but what can they do?


“I’ll make a deal with you then.”


“Oh?” Azul’s smirks widen at their offer.


Yuu heard from behind at the door entrance to the office, “Yuu! Don’t!--” Fletcher’s started muffle by a hand mouth was covered by Floyd.


“Haha! You got guts little Shrimp!” Floyd chimed as he wrapped his arm around Fletcher holding him back he struggled to get out from his grip.


“Let him go!” Yuu glares back at Floyd, raising an eyebrow at their glare.

“Oh? What a scary looking shrimp.” He grinned playfully at them, and seemed so entertained by Yuu’s dark stare.


They averted to look back to Azul. “Tell him to let him go!”


“I will if you tell me what it is that you want.” Azul said interested.


Before speaking they thought about it as they composed a bit to look directly into his eyes, they can't make go free. It's like what Rielle said, he did this so they can have more protection from being robbed so much. Yuu thought of an idea,


“I want Rielle back at Coral Reef and not just that,” Azul raises his eyebrow.


“I want him, his family, the others at Coral Reef to have better fair protection, and have fair payments that they deserve than what you guys are doing.”


Azul laughs at them, “Is this a joke? We are not a charity. Only just to them?”


“Maybe some innocent people that are not gangsters. The ones that you’ve taken advantage of.” Yuu said.


“Taken advantage of? I’ve been properly trying to help with their businesses.” He snickered. “It’s those who are disrespectful and taking advantage of our deals. People are not innocent, Yuu. It shouldn’t seem so black and white.” He said flatly.


“You are right it’s not black and white as it seems. However, that doesn’t mean you should trick people into scams to give them little or nothing.”


He only laughed at Yuu’s seriousness. He seems to not take them as seriously. 

Who would? 

“You’re a funny one Yuu, really. You want me to give fair protection and fair payments to those who are considered ‘innocent’ and are not gangsters. Those 225 people?” He said as if he were mocking them. They’re not going to take it.

They blinked in shock to hear they've made deals with 225 people?! 


Yuu blinked and nodded,



“And you’re willing to do anything for them?”


Before Yuu could speak, they looked at Azul for a second they chose to answer, 




Yuu closed their eyes as they heard Fletcher muffles squealing knowing what he was trying to say. 


It made Azul smirk widened at their confidence. “Hm, maybe Riddle shouldn’t have all the fun. I do like your spirit. Stupid yet entertaining.” he made a quiet short laugh. Yuu began to glare at him, waiting for whatever he has to say for Yuu.


“Although, there is a problem,” Azul analyzed them up and down with a frown. “You don’t possess any sorts of magic, you don’t own any kinds of businesses, nor do you have a beautiful voice. You’re just a simple ordinary human trying to survive this town like anyone else. I would say you would have to go to Riddle, but that's his option. I’ll end up having more unnecessary problems with him than I already have. But,” His smile widens, “I think maybe something you have in your apartment that may help.”


Yuu forward their brows in confusion, something in their apartment?


“Perhaps a fluffy gray cat with blue flaming ears would ring a bell.” Azul said with a chime that made Fletcher suddenly stop struggling. Raising a brow to the brown haired human.


Their eyes widened at the realization, They tried to find their voice as  Azul's cheeky smile opened up with quiet chuckle.

“I don't know what you are--”


“You think that little imp can stay hidden at the Royal Sword Apartment forever? Jade and Floyd spotted him trying to sneak around nearby at the apartment days ago.”


Yuu’s eyes widened at Azul’s words.

He broke their rules after all this time yet he stays there.

It felt like a hit in the face to them. 

How utterly stupid are they, they thought to themself.

Has Grim been sneaking out while they were at work? They couldn’t believe it yet how can they? That little bastard didn’t listen to a word they said, even when they threatened with a vicious glare at him to not leave.


“Oh my? Are you perhaps going to throw that little fur ball to us?”


They were almost considered to do that. But they kept in mind about Coral Reef and the others. They weren't just going to just do that. Even if this is pathetic to them, they might as well keep Grim longer. Maybe after they could kick him out.


“No. What are the conditions?”


The gray haired male leaned on his chair as Yuu didn’t blink as interested as he already is.


“The conditions are to retrieve something at the bottom of the ocean at the harbor for three days.”




“An item. However sadly, the twins and I cannot find it anywhere under all that sand, seaweed and rocks.”


“What makes you think I’ll be able to find it?! For three days?! That seems so unfair.” Yuu exclaimed.


“Of course it does sound unfair. However, it doesn’t have to be if you get Rielle to cooperate.”


Yuu raised an eyebrow at him. “What do you mean by that?”


“Rielle has hidden it from me. No matter how many times I ask where it is in the ocean, nor Jade can try to hypnotize him, he’ll make such a foul remark and not say a word. Ugh, how utterly disappointing that his voice belongs to that poor excuse of a merman.”


“What item?”


“It’s a simple golden shark eye shell of mine.”


“A golden shell?


“Yes. He has been hidden from me for a long time, almost two years. So now Yuu, what will you do? Will accept the contract?”


They begin to hear Fletcher’s muffling sounds as they can slightly hear Floyd trying to make him stop.


“Little Flounder, you’re being so rude while they are trying to have a conversation. Do you want me to squeeze you?” Floyd’s annoyed voice whispered to Fletcher’s ear as he cringed trying to pry away from his tight grip, it was no use. 


He practically had a tear creeping from his left eye. Looking to Yuu, knowing they are going to regret what kind of shenanigans they are going to pull and it’ll only make them miserable from their foolish decision.

Fletcher only wants to tell them.


Stop! Don’t do this! We can manage! We’ll survive!



the blue haired male wasn’t so sure about his own words.

How long until Azul snaps to take Rielle’s, Augustus’ and Fletcher’s life. It makes him think of what was their purpose in life? Just to be controlled and then die? 


Azul takes out a black marbled pen holding it out,

“I am a very busy man, please do hurry up and make up your mind. Well?...Well?!” Azul’s voice sounded so impatient. The human already thought about it in the process.


They took one big gulp, looking at Azul with dead eyes as they took the pen as Azul slowly let go.


“I’ll sign it.”


“Please sign here.” He snaps his fingers as a golden contract rolls out in front of them.

Yuu looked at the bottom of the contract with an X where to sign off.

It reminds them about the notebook they read from that Augustus gave… Or perhaps it was Neige’s book. He must have forgotten he lent it to them.


“Asking for help from them is like giving your soul to the devil.”


It wasn’t wrong. Yuu felt it.


Then they signed off their name on the blank space of the paper.


Yuu Mitsue


Azul chuckles under his breath as he then takes the contract to look at Yuu’s signature then back up to them.


“If you come back with the golden shell by the time the sun sets three days from now. I promise to be more fair with my clients and bring Rielle back to Coral Reef.” He puts on a devious smile to them, “If not, Coral Reef might as well be closed down and you all will have to work for me, even the cat demon.”


“I’m not gonna lose.” Yuu blurted.


“Hm, we’ll see. Jade, Floyd. See our guests off. I will simply be looking forward to these three days,” He laughed under his breath again “I’m curious of how Rielle would react to this.”


Floyd released Fletcher with his arms wide open making Fletcher jump away from him out of the office as Yuu began to run after him.

The both of them ran out from Monstro Lounge.


“Fletcher! Are you--”


“Why did you do that?!”


Yuu jumped from Fletcher’s anger when he interrupted them. He glared straight at them. They could see his tears pouring down his cheeks.


“Why did you do this to yourself?! This is not your problem Yuu! You’ve practically sold your soul! For all of us. Please…” 

Fletcher glare faded as he slouched and looked down to the concrete ground. He used his thumb to wipe off the tears. 

“I can’t take this anymore! N-No matter w-what we do, we’ll always be in a d-d-deeper hole than w-w-we already are. It’s not because of y-you. It’s always been like this when it comes to th-these assholes,” He hiccupped as his voice shook. “I can’t stand them. I can’t stand this town--!”


Yuu quickly grabbed him by the shoulders as he flinched to look up to force to look into their brown eyes, they looked so determined.


“Stop. I am doing this because I want to help! I want to help you guys! I’m not going to break that promise. I’m not some weak human!,”


Fletcher’s eyebrows raised at them.

“We’re not going to let them win. You’re doing that right now! Crying and having them get into your head is what they want! They love to see you in pain. It makes them feel like they can do anything,” Yuu said, making Fletcher listen to their every word. “We are going to beat them in this deal. When Rielle we have to let him know right away. We have to plan out as soon as possible.”


“R-Right...” Fletcher uttered a word.


They let him go as he shuffled a bit.


“Let me take you home. I have to confront someone.”


“Grim, right?... You’ve mentioned that name before at Neige’s when you were injured. Was he a familiar of yours?” Fletcher asked, skeptical.


Yuu looked around for a quick second at the area from the sort of empty crossroad they were on, “We can’t talk about it here. You can come with me to meet him.”


Fletcher frowned at them for a second, they sighed, “He’s not going to hurt you. I won’t let him. He’s honestly like a house cat.”


Fletcher looked at them and nodded.


The two of them hurried back over to the gray car at the parking lot to leave from Monstro Lounge to Royal Sword Apartment’s parking not too long. Fletcher felt a pit of cringe in his stomach, he has been curious through his head about Yuu. He barely knows them yet he is comfortable with them along with others who are not gangsters. Yet how are they so determined to help him and the others, those poor unfortunate souls. He can’t tell whether to even trust them or he is able too?


The both of them got out from the car to the inside of the apartment building, walking down to the floor. Yuu and Fletcher saw Chenya at his apartment door. He said he is hello's to them as they did back. He noticed something wasn’t quite right with them in the eyes. Feeling as if something has happened, he didn’t bother to ask when he watched them go into Yuu’s apartment.


“Oh! Yuu you’re back-- FYNA!!” Grim jumped on the bed to notice inside the room was another person with blue hair and golden eyes wearing a yellow jacket with blue pants.


“He knows and he is not the only one.” Yuu said, starting to glare at Grim.


“Fyna?! What!? What do you mean?!”


“Th-This is the creature?” Fletcher looked too nervous as he watched it as if it was a huge spider on the bed.


“Azul told me that his twins saw you around days ago outside from the apartment building!” Yuu told him.


“All I wanted was some fresh air! There is nothing in this apartment that is even remotely entertaining!-- Wait Azul and the twins know?!” 


“Y-Yuu, you’ve never answered, is he your familiar?”


“No, he somehow snuck in my apartment and threatened me for him to stay here and I threatened him with rules that he broke.”

Fletcher was almost frightened then frowned at their response.


“FYNA! You had to tell this kid?!” The flaming ear demon exclaimed angrily slowly.


“You’re involved! I’m concerned if something happens to you and we lose the deal!” Yuu snapped.


“Deal?" Grim's mind clicked at what they meant, "You made a deal with Azul!? Are you insane?!”


Fletcher shook his head, “W-What’re we going to do? I’m concerned if Rielle is going to be stubborn about this.”


“He can’t, his father's whole café will shut down if we don’t find this… Golden shell?”


“I-I’ve seen it before one time when Augustus told me to go to Monstro Lounge in Azul’s office to give something to them and I saw it on his desk.”


Yuu raised an eyebrow, “What is this golden shell of his?”


Grim then stated, “I think I’ve heard about it from Azul about a certain Golden Shell. Is it really his mother’s?”


It made Yuu raised an eyebrow,

Fletcher took a deep breath and sighed, “Yes. Rielle thought he took control of his father’s café, he took something from Azul's golden shell that used to be his mother's.”


They wanted to be surprised but it sounded like what Rielle would do.


“Gosh… No wonder Azul hates him. I’d be mad too.” Grim commented.


“He hated him before they made the deal between each other. Rielle did picked on Azul when they were kids in elementary school. I remember for a while I was afraid of him too. Slowly he stopped and apologized to Azul at the end of elementary school. As soon as middle school started we then started to talk  and became friends. I remembered he told me how he regretted what he did in elementary school. It really did made me became friends with him, it shows that people can change… with Azul, he changed for the worst. I feel so sorry for him, he could have done better to help others with their  businesses but yet, he chose to scam people and become the bully.” 

Fletcher ended up looking down on the floor with saddened eyes.

Yuu showed expression of sympathy to the blue haired male in their eyes, switched to looking determined.


“That’s why we are going to win. To show that he can't do this anymore.”


“How are you so sure?!” Grim exclaimed


“He promised. I heard it, if he breaks it. He is going against the deal.”


“To be fair, Azul is not the type to go against a deals,” Fletcher explains, “He may like to sabotage or hurt others. He’ll still try to keep his promise. We just have to keep a full eye. I remember before the gangsters, he made a deal and lost but went through even if he hated it.”


“I hope you are right…” Yuu mumbled.


“He does think he will win this deal. What is making me so concerned about the trio is that he will make the leech twins stop us no matter what.” 


Yuu looked down at Grim as he froze a bit.


“Guess you’ll have to come with me then for now.”



Grim started smile then turned it into a frown as soon as they grabbed their bag and opened it wide with a huge teeth grin.


“Of course, it’ll be a ride you’ll never forget.”


“Are you kidding me!?”


“You want to be captured by the twins?”


“What if that is what they expect!?”


“I’m not taking any chances of leaving you here! You’re gonna come with me to work tomorrow AND the harbor for now on whether you like it or not. Just don’t set anything on fire.”

“H-He can what?!-- Oh dear, how do we tell Augustus?! He’s going to be so mad.”


Yuu sighed, they know it too. They know if they lose and the Coral Reef closes, they will all hate them for it. 


“Yuu,” They looked at the blue hair frowned,

“We have to win this. I hope Rielle remembers where the golden shell is. It’s been almost two years anyway.”


A realization hit them, “You guys have been working with them for almost two years?!”


Fletcher nodded, “Y-Yeah, it’s not easy when trying to please Azul. I’m surprised now he is doing this to Rielle. There was someone before you came along who used to work at Coral Reef. He was nice but he had it with them, tried to fight them but it was no use. They were brutal on him and made him work for them. So one day…” Fletcher started to shake up, “… he tried to escape Twisted Wonderland. We all tried to beg him not to do it but he didn’t listen. All the gang leaders somehow found out and stopped him. Th-Th-They tormented him to the p-point they c-cracked his skull open.”


“H-H-H-H-Holy shit!” Grim flinched in full terror that his comment couldn’t come through.


Yuu felt sick at the bottom of their throat, thinking about half of the gang leaders they’ve met. Riddle, Leona, Azul, Vil and Kalim.


Could he be that vicious under all the cheerful persona? It’s hard to believe them yet he is part of a well known gang as the gang leader.

They remembered it was something that Ace said before. They wondered if it was the same person he was talking about.

They were scared about the other two are gang leaders they haven't met, they weren't sure of the leader of Ignihyde gang's name but they do remember the name of the leader of Diasomina, Malleus Draconia.

His name still continues to make them shrivel, they do hope not to meet him. They knew they will soon.


Yuu shook it off, trying to ignore their fear in the bottom of their stomach. “Let’s focus. I am sorry about what happened. But when Rielle comes back, tell him about what happened and try to ask where the shell is. When we go to work tomorrow, we have to tell Augustus in the morning. No matter how angry he gets we have to convince him for us to leave to go to the harbor.”


"H-How?" Fletcher questions.


"I'm not sure..."


The furry creature puzzled, “Where is it in the harbor?”


“At the bottom of the ocean.” 

“What?! How can you find it when we can’t breathe under water?!”


“I-I have something that can help!” Fletcher said “When Neige and Chenya want to come swim underwater, Rielle created some gummies for them to breathe underwater and we would do some silly games like hide and seek.”


Yuu cracked a smile, “That sounds so much fun.”


“Haha, yeah.” Fletcher smiles a bit from the silly memories.


“I doubt they know what fun is! They leave me here bored to death! You ever watched cartoons as a kid or did something fun like having a PSP or PS4?!”


Yuu shrugged nonchalantly, “I used too. Not as much anymore.”


“Wow. If you look up the definition of boring, Yuu’s picture is in it.” Grim sighed.


“That’s great, look up the definition of childish and it’ll show a cat with flaming ears.” Yuu rolled their eyes as Grim was glaring right at them.


Fletcher couldn’t help but giggle at them as he tried to hide it with his hand.

“Fletcher, do you want to stay for dinner and we can talk about this more?” They asked.


“A-As much as I would like to, I need to go back to the apartment now. Rielle’s dad is going to come over.”


“I’ve never met his dad, what is he like?”


“Ah he is a very strict and protective man. He can be a bit scary. He’ll come by to either drop something off and come to talk about things. He is a kind man. I-I’ll call you later.”


“Alright, remember what I said! Also don’t tell anyone about Grim being here.”


Fletcher nodded in agreement, before he could leave.


“Oh! Wait a second,” They said as Fletcher stopped his tracks to look back at them.


“Who does Octavinelle idolize? from the old tales.”


Fletcher frowned in confusion but answered, 

“They idolize the Sea Witch of the legendary story about the mermaid princess. She helped the princess to get her to meet her human crush that she saved from the shipwreck.”


“Okay, I just wanted to know. Thank you.”


He smiled and said each others goodbyes. As soon as Fletcher closed the door to leave the building.


Grim sighed, he gazed up at Yuu that made him he squirm a bit at Yuu’s deadly brown eyed glare towards the cat demon.


“W-What the hell?! Why are you so mad all of a sudden?!”


“You’re lucky that you can stick around. I would have literally kicked you out already.”


“Sheesh! It wasn’t like I wanted to get caught!”


“Maybe but that was stupid!”


“Says the one that made a deal! Why’re you helping them if it’s not your damn problem?!”


“I told you I made a promise to them! When I make a promise I don’t ever break that promise. I hope Azul doesn’t if I win. I’m sick of hearing “it’s not my problem”. It may not be my problem, but I will never forget what Rielle has gone through, I’ll never forget about Fletcher being so terrified and crying all the time by those three and I can’t stand Augustus being so depressed about this whole time and unable to do anything about it. And you expect me to just sit back and watch!? You are horrible Grim. You are just like those gangsters!” Yuu lets out their vent to Grim, he was speechless about it. 

He only stared at their angry gaze.


Grim’s only thoughts were, this poor human has no idea what they are doing. Are they willing to do such a foolish thing to help the Coral Reef crew and the others to fight against Octavinelle? They are so determined, it scares Grim.


His curiosity got the best of him, he wonders if they do manage to beat Octavinelle,


How are they going to deal with the other gangsters?

Chapter Text

4:20 am

Day 1, Monday


Last night Yuu found one of the chapters in the textbook about The Sea Witch. 


The passage said from what they have read; the mermaid princess and her father had a terrible argument when he found out that she had seen a human man, who she saved from a shipwreck. She slipped out that she had fallen madly in love with this human right to her father’s face. This made her father vivid and destroyed all of her human junk that she had collected that had been abandoned at the bottom of the ocean that she found intriguing now to be in pieces. She then meets the witch’s trusted eels persuading her to go to her for help to somehow go to her human crush. She then made the deal with the Seawitch to turn into a human to see him again for three days, but the Seawitch can have her voice for the meantime as payment. To complete the deal she must kiss her crush before the sunsets on the third day, not just a kiss, the kiss of “true love”. Sounds gushy. But if she kisses the lover, she’ll stay human.

If not, she’ll be a mermaid.


The Seawitch taking the mermaid princess’s voice reminded Yuu of when Azul took Rielle’s voice when he was sassing Azul. Her stubbornness and rebelliousness did remind them of him too.


They didn’t think much of it and stopped reading for the night to wake up early.

They grabbed their notebook about the gangs in the bag, along with Grim inside of their bag.


“I hate this.” the cat demon grumbled.


“I don’t want you to be seen. I told you about Divus and Ashton, didn’t I?” They reminded him, making shiver up. They zippered up half the bag.


They closed the door from their apartment room. Started to walk off down to leave.


The both of them ran out from the apartment. While running down the sidewalk, it reminded where they met the horned goth man, or what Grim suggested to call him, 


They remember him being hesitant to tell them his name. The possibility he was either afraid or he is a gangster too. Jack is also a gangster but they have gotten along so far. 

Kalim too and as Grim said he was a gang leader. They couldn’t imagine seeing his “mood swings'' as others mention.


They just hoped that this goth guy isn’t a bad guy. 

Sadly, their hopes always doubt it…


They were starting to doubt it along their way to Coral Reef as Yuu reached over to the front doors to open to enter through to hear.




A voice snapped that Yuu flinch a little to see Augustus and Fletcher at a table. Augustus was the one that stood from the table to shouted there as Fletcher looked away nervously to the floor. Grim frantically hits Yuu’s back, it starts to annoy them but they try to ignore it to look at their boss.


“Do you have any idea what you’ve gotten yourself into?!”

 Augustus brows were close together in anger. He began to sigh to calm himself with his hands on his hips waiting for an answer.


Fletcher starts to look up to them with a sheepish smile. 

Yuu sighed, started to walk over to Augustus who only watched. What they thought would be disappointment in his eyes, it was more mixed with fear in their boss’ eyes.


“I know this is really bad Augustus but please listen to me! We have to win this deal to go find the shark eye golden shell-- OH!” Yuu ran over from him to Fletcher, making Augustus frown at them in puzzlement. “What did Rielle say about the shell?!”


Fletcher averted his eyes away again to bite his lip. Yuu's slight cringe had a gut feeling about it.

“Rielle doesn’t exactly remember.”

Yuu felt as if more hope were washing away from them as they placed their hands on their face. Their elbow hit the table. Feeling as if a weight hit them in their gut. 

This is really bad. 

They said he threw almost two years ago and Rielle obviously wasn’t going to give it back. If only Rielle were able to come with them but they doubt Azul would be so kind to give him the day off. Fletcher noticed their body language to quickly say, 


“There could be a chance! H-He told me to give you this.” Fletcher said, giving them a folded up white note. They took it from him to open it and unfold to read.


“Hey Yuu,

I knew there was something weird about Azul and twins yesterday. BUT MAKING A DEALING WITH HIM?! I am pissed off that you did this! Not only to yourself, but the cafe will be closing!!!

Thanks a lot.

This isn’t just an angry letter. 

The golden shell  I don’t remember exactly where I’ve put it.

My only memory of when I went to hide it in the harbor was at night in the ocean. when I made it back home. Fletcher freaked out when he noticed I had cuts on my hands. I’m surprised Octavinelle didn’t find it yet. Wish I could help out. But Azul is on 24/7!  I still need to figure out how to get the key. If he sends out the twins to go after you or Fletcher, and lay even a finger on guys. I will f*cking kick their twin asses and forget about staying out of trouble.


Anyways, gotta finish because I need to go to work at that hell.

Good luck Yuu,




Well they did expect him to be mad. Guilt and confusion about the cafe.

Augustus notices something ruffling from Yuu’s bag. He was staring closely at the bag, hoping it was eyesight.


He blinked to see the bag unzip itself on its own. Pops up from their bag taking a big huff of fresh air, a small demon cat with flaming ears took a deep breath of fresh air.

“FYNA!!  Need air!”


Augustus’ eyes widened at the creature in the bag. Seeing the cat ears were flaming blue, wondering how the hell did this kid’s bag didn’t go on fire?!


“Yuu. What is that?!” 

He started to respond, hoping there would be an explanation about the creature.


Yuu quickly took off their backpack in panic. Drops the letter to place down their bag below the table, 

“Careful! I don’t want anyone or the gangsters to see him!”


Grim started to glare up at the human, “Well you didn’t have to suffocate me!”


Fletcher looked down at Grim, “N-Nice to see you again, Grim.” he smiled nervously at the small creature.


Before Grim could jump out, Yuu placed their hand on his head to keep him inside the bag, “Grim, stay in the bag! I will be so mad if you jump out!” They told him angrily.


Augustus raised both his hands and shook his head, “Okay, never mind about that. Did you read what Rielle said about the cafe? Azul thinks he is going to win. So the cafe will be closed until the third day.”


Yuu looked up to their boss, “He can’t do that! We just started this deal.”


“Azul does what he wants. You shouldn’t have done this. I know you want to help us but this is only to get worse. I’m glad at least we will be working until it starts closing...”


Yuu narrowed seriously at Augustus, as they took a deep breath.


“Augustus, please let me not work today.” Pleaded, a mercy look on their eyes to convince him “I need to go to the harbor. Rielle wrote down a clue and I hope I can find the golden shell sooner. I know we can win this. Rielle can come back to the cafe and you guys don’t have to hide half the money anymore! Azul promised me. So, please Augustus. For Coral Reef?”


Augustus' facial expression did not change his worrisome look. He knows Yuu wants to make a difference. It’s deeply concerning to him. Especially when Yuu sounds so determined. Like Rielle and Fletcher. Chenya and Neige. He wants to protect them so badly like his son back at home. 


He felt awful when he heard about Yuu getting beaten by Heartslabyul. They didn’t deserve it. Even if they broke the rules, who the hell would remember 900 rules? 

Rielle getting beaten by Savanaclaw was truly horrific, even seeing Fletcher in a crying mess with a bite mark on his neck. Augustus wished he’d give Floyd a piece of his mind.

Neige’s rumors keep spreading around town about him being a bad person under that innocent smile of his. He is a sweet boy who only guesses that his kindness is what made him guilty. Chenya may not be in as bad of a shape as they are, but he tries his best not to make Riddle mad and to help others through the gangsters' sick ways.

These boys have done nothing wrong other than trying to survive.

They don’t deserve this... , Augustus thought.


He took a breath of air to let him compose himself, he knows he can’t change Yuu’s mind since it’s too late.

“How are you going to do this? Azul’s twins will go after you. They are like spies. They will know once you make action.” Augustus pointed out.


“How long are they at Monstro Lounge?” They asked.


He hesitated to respond, “They are there all day. At least I hope. We could text Rielle if he is able to reply.”


“What time is their busiest?”


“It would be at night. They would deal with drunkards who would cause trouble. I heard it was so bad Jade and Floyd had to deal with them. It was not pretty. I could let you and Fletcher go till Rielle says they are there. Don’t worry about being here since Rielle’s siblings are going here to help. Thank triton for them…”


Yuu flinched hearing about the twins but they looked curiously to Augustus, “Does Rielle’s father know…?”


Augustus sighed, “This morning he found out. He was mad that someone like you is doing this.”


Yuu felt a tight clench hearing that they may have never met him.

“Alright, for now let’s open up. I hope you two will be okay once i have you off.”


“We won’t let you down!” Yuu said, Augustus didn’t respond.


They went to clean up before opening.






Yuu Fletcher tried their best working in the cafe. Yuu did meet two of Rielle’s siblings. 

Tilar and Andy. 

Tilar had a more mature attitude than Rielle. Short brown haired male, he was the older brother. He was kind but seemed a bit strict when it comes for Yuu, Fletcher and Andy doing their tasks. Andy was short blonde, he was almost like Rielle, but way more chatty.

During break Yuu sat with Andy chatting among themselves while Tilar and Fletcher were working.


“No way! You were the guy that was being chased by the demon!?” Andy's jaw dropped while he was on his phone.


“Y-Yeah, it wasn’t fun.” Yuu shortly laughed


“Y’know, ever since you’ve came to this town. You’ve been quite the talk around here!”


“W-What for?” They blurted.


“Oh! “Some idiot new guy” Haha sorry! Sorry! Oh! Tilar, my other brother and three of our sisters have heard about the deal between you and Azul! That’s insane! But if you guys need a hand to help. Let us know, okay?”


Yuu frowned at him, “Are you serious?”


“Yeah! Rielle may be an annoying little brother but he doesn’t deserve this shit! Tilar is just waiting to get his hands on Azul!” He laughed a little bit.


“I feel the same way to be honest.” Yuu half smiled.


Augustus popped from his office over to the back making Yuu notice.


“You guys must go now. Rielle said that they are at Monstro Lounge and it’s busy that the twins are taking over.” Augustus said.


“Aw, you’re leaving. Well, good luck!” Andy smiled. Yuu nodded with thanks..


Fletcher looked to Tilar, he nodded. “Call me if things go wrong, okay?” Tilar said.

He nodded back.


Augustus held up the bag with Grim inside from his office. He had Grim inside the office for a while.

“Don’t forget this!” 


Yuu grabbed their bag for the both to run out from the cafe.


Andy got up to go behind the counter as Tilar walked over to Augustus.


“I do hope they’ll be alright.” Tilar whispered to him.


“I do too...” Augustus said, concerned rushed into his chest as he no longer sees two from the glass.






Yuu and Fletcher made it over to the harbor. It was fairly a small harbor, Yuu took a look inside the huge old looking fishing shop white and red to get some equipment in case. Yuu was thankful for that. Grim insisted on getting more tuna but Yuu told him that they already have more tuna back at the apartment. Which made Fletcher unease hearing that. 


The deck was a long line with all kinds of small boats or fishing boats.

Yuu quickly ran over to the deck with Fletcher and Grim in the bag to put it down to unzip. He slowly jumps out. Yuu placed their bag to be hidden around the ropes with the red and white lifesaver on top.

Fletcher followed along, as they stood next to them, watching them take off their shoes with a bag of gummies that Fletcher mentioned before last night.


“Okay, I hope these work.” Yuu said.


“Th-They really do. Augustus left some potions in there for myself.” Fletcher says.


“What for?”


“Y-You’ll see.”


Yuu grabbed a piece to give to Grim and then for themselves. Yuu and Grim both looked at the gummy and then placed it in their mouth and chewed on it.


Yuu grumbled, the taste of it was too bitter and tasted like chalk. Yuu wanted to spit it out but bites the bullet to swallow the gummy.


“PWAH! Oh gosh! That was horrible! It tasted like really bad chalkboard!” Grim mewled with a teary eyed.


 “Remember we have 24 hours. Go in first, I’ll be right behind you.” He reassured them.


Yuu coughed a bit from the bad taste. They nodded at him.

“Let’s jump in.” They hopped right into the ocean as Grim jumped in.


Yuu dived right into the water, it was chilly. They could see the view of the bottom of the ocean. The sand, the huge rocks, seaweed. Fishes swimming by Yuu nervously opened their mouth to feel water dumble into them. Almost freaked out but realized they were okay.

 Grim lets out a “FYNA!!” As bubbles float out to the surface. 


Seeing Fletcher the whole appearance sort of changed. His legs were now a yellow merish tail and at the end of the tail was blue with blue fins as ears too with blue marks on his back. He shrugged with a nervous smile.


“Woah! Fletcher! You look…”


“Different I know haha… This is my true form. The potion in the bag if for my human form.”


Grim swam next to Yuu. It was sort of cute, he looked like a cat trying to swim. Not only that, it was weird seeing Grim’s flame ears out.


“Okay, Let’s search around!”

Fletcher insisted as his tail moved to swim to the other side as did Yuu. Picking up rocks, it would be nothing or small crabs would be crawling away or snails stuck onto the rock. Yuu swam up to the other rocks while Grim was swimming by them looking as well. It has to be something rough and sharp… What can give Rielle a cut…


It’s hard when there are these rocks. Where are the corals? Yuu swam around to look for any sight of corals. They spotted over a bluish coral for them to look around for some sort of opening, there was no luck. Yuu tried to pick up one of the huge rocks. hoping maybe it was under there. Grim only frowned at them. He swam to the other side to search around. 


Ugh, where could he have put it?! Yuu thought, swimming around to search for some more coral. He got cuts right? So Corals or rocks could have been something. Picked up some rocks that were either big or small.


Grim swam through seaweed, or struggled trying to pick up big rocks. He away swam to search for more, but he got side tracked as he saw small fishes swimming by.


Fletcher searches through sand and tries to find anything that would seem unusual. But let’s be honest, everything looks the same to him when he and the others used to play stupid games underwater. He smiles to himself about the memories but shook it off to focus on trying to find something that would seem like where Rielle would put it.


He thought to himself, if I were Rielle and Azul was as smart as he seems to be…


For a while of searching around under the sea, Yuu felt their hand in between the two rocks of the corals on the other side. Gotten a little scratch that tore their little skin off from the side of his hand from the coral. They flinched to quickly pull their hand away.


“Ow!” They yelped. Look to the side of their scratched hand. 


“Yuu! Are you okay?” Fletcher hurried to swim over to look at Yuu’s hand.


“I’m alright, don’t worry.” Yuu said a small smile to reassure them.

They noticed a huge shadow went across their hand. No, around them. They thought maybe it was a boat for a second but this boat seemed pretty longer…


“Aaaah~ Hello little shrimp~! Little flounder~!”


It made the two freeze up hearing that voice.

Those nicknames.


They can’t possibly be here?! Yuu thought.


Another voice chuckled, “Greetings you two. Are you having fun underwater longer than usual, Yuu?”


They looked up floating from above around their surroundings to see long scaly like eel tails that remind them of snakes.

Yuu let out a gasp that bubbles came out as they began to rapidly swim back away to see them clearly. It was something they didn’t expect to see.


“What the hell?!”


“Oh goodness gracious!” Fletcher mellowed.


The twins who they’ve seen before in their uniforms were now scaled with white and teal colored long merfolks, their hair was the same but their faces were a lot paler than the members from the Diasmonia gang. They looked more frightening than their forms from land. Yuu was intimidated by their lean built that they can clearly see from the paleness. 


“Do you need some help~?” Floyd started to swim towards them as Yuu made themselves waving their hands back rapidly as bubbles appeared through the rhythm as Fletcher used his tail back up with Yuu.


“What the-- How?!” Fletcher said loudly.


“It wouldn't be wise to tell now would it?” Jade said shortly with a smile that made them feel nervous, if they weren’t underwater they could just break a cold sweat. Jade watches Floyd swim after them.


“Aw if you don’t want any help then let’s play tag~! I’m it! Here I come~!” Floyd said happily, making them try to use their arms to swim away from the mischievous twin brother.


“Get away from us, jerk!” Yuu snapped, Fletcher grab Yuu to try to swim away to the surface over the boat deck.

Jade swam in front of them as Fletcher halts with Yuu.

“Careful now~ You don’t wanna go too far~.” Jade said it that sounded like a warning from his calm smile. Making Fletcher swim quickly with them to the other side.


“Hurry, hurry, you better swim away! If I catch you then I’ll wrap you up in my tail fin~!” Floyd chimed playfully as they continued getting closer to them. Fletcher yelped, goosebumps shriveled down the back of his nape. Swimming away as fast as he could to the surface quickly. Yuu realized that Grim was still missing, crap if he took off--


Fletcher didn’t notice as he was trying to make it, he hit his shoulder against a rock with barnacles around the rock. Scraping is his shoulder with a hard scratch. It made him slow a little as the pain was unbearable. Yuu noticed trying to swim with Fletcher to the surface. Floyd took a chance to quickly swim faster to them and wrap his arms around them into a tight hug that made them stiff.


“Haha! I win! I win!” Floyd said loudly like a happy child.


“Ah! L---Let go!” Fletcher cried, fearfully as his voice shaken as he winced from his injured shoulder. They struggled furiously to try to get out of his grip. 

Yuu notices Grim swims to Floyd’s arm to bite it. Floyd hissed, being caught off guard to loosen his arm, for Yuu managed to slip Fletcher's arms off from under. His other arm still had Fletcher.


“Let him GO!” 


They swung their arm with force to directly punch Floyd right in his right jaw. Jade’s eyes widened at Yuu’s action. He didn’t expect them to be this stupid. Yuu’s eyes widened at what they just did. Fletcher swam away quickly as he let off of him. Yuu rapidly waved their arms around to swim back away from Floyd who slowly touched his cheek.


They were trying their best to the surface but it was not enough as the surface to the harbor was pretty far away when they were trying to swim away from the scary twin. Floyd’s cheerful playful look turned into what Yuu thought before. An anglerfish, but it’s scarier in his merfolk form. His eyes glared deadly towards them like a shark about to hunt down his small fish prey.


“Little shrimpy shouldn’t have done that.” His voice sounded cold,


He then quickly swims over to Yuu's stomach filled with fear as their arms feel a bit wobbly, unable to swim as much faster as they should.

Fletcher right away grabbed from under their armpit to swim away before Floyd could get near Grim who grabbed Fletcher’s fin tail. He chased after them from the sudden pulled force.


“FYNA! He is really mad!!” Grim made it to the surface along with Fletcher. Fletcher couldn’t look back. Yuu  pulled themself up to the surface to a steel dock ladder, then  Yuu quickly pulled him to the dock.


“Let’s go! QUICK!” 

Yuu got up to go pick up Fletcher to start to run down the deck.

Yuu halts midway out from the deck. 

Their bag.


The notebook.


Fletcher’s potion!


“Wait! My bag!” 


Yuu sets down Fletcher on a nearby bench. Didn’t listen to Fletcher trying to tell them to not go over to grab their bag. Yuu hurries over to move the lifesaver and ropes to see their bag was still on the deck, to go grab. A webbed hand grabs them by the wrist. A wince came from them, biting their lips as claws were digging into their skin. Fear begins to eat up in their stomach. Floyd’s head popped up from the ocean and they heard the water made a clashing sound. Made them flinch from his dangerous look in his eyes.


“Come back in little shrimp ~! The fun has only just begun . ” 


Floyd said with a cheshire-like smile, his grip on them made deep cuts on their wrist, trying not to wince as they were trying to struggle from him to let go. He began to try to pull them down to go into the ocean as they were forced down, hitting their chest to hit the deck. Yuu tries to pull themselves away from him as they gripped onto the deck for dear life.


“Oh no you don’t!” The cat demon shouts.


Grim runs from behind Yuu to directly hit blue flames from his mouth at Floyd. Making him let go with a bloody mark left on their wrist to flip over back into sea. Yuu made a break for it to run with Grim who hopped back into the bag out from the harbor to go get Fletcher.




They hurried back over Coral Reef, Augustus came out as soon as Andy was pounding on his door enough for him to burst out to see Yuu and Fletcher injured.


Lucky enough, Augustus gave Tilar first aid. Their injuries weren’t too bad. Tilar was sitting on a chair in Augustus’ office with Yuu sitting on another chair in front of them.

Fletcher explained what happened, making Augustus have a horrendous guilt of letting them go off. Fletcher's shoulder was bandaged up. He reassured Augustus that he hit a rock with barnacles . He should have known this would have happened, he thought.

Fletcher drank the potion, turning him back into a human, Augustus gave him a towel to cover up since he didn’t wear any clothes. Yuu's clothes were still soaked up, though they put the towel  where they were sitting on.


“Your arm is going to be fine, but it’ll heal for quite a while as well as Fletcher’s shoulder will.” Tilar said.


Yuu gave him a small smile, “Thanks.”


Augustus approached them as Yuu looked towards him, Yuu saw that look again from his eyes. But more sadness like he regretted it.


“I’m so sorry Yuu. I should have known...” 


“There isn’t a reason to be sorry! We had no idea! We had to take a chance, right?”


“Are you kidding?! Look at you!” Tilar snapped, making Yuu look at him. “I really don’t know you. But this is completely stupid of what you are doing! You should have just stayed out of our business! You’re lucky that you’re still alive. Especially Fletcher!” He glared at them.


“Tilar…” Andy said shortly,


“You know I am right. The cafe will be shutting down soon and we’ll be stuck under Azul’s control. Not only will his gang harass us but it’s all thanks to them !” His voice sounded so distasteful towards them. He got up to leave the room while Andy followed.


Yuu sighed, averting their eyes to the floor.


They felt a pat on the back as they looked to Fletcher on the other side from Augustus.


“I-It’s only the first day! We have tomorrow!” Fletcher tried to reassured.


Grim hopped onto Yuu’s lap from the bag as the two brothers were gone.


Yuu’s tight feeling creeped through stomach, but they tried to ignore it as they hugged Grim in their arms. Feeling some stings little from Tilar’s treatment.


“I know we can win this. We just have to keep trying.” 


“What’re you going to do? If you go back to the harbor, Floyd’s going to hurt you again.” Augustus said.


Yuu thought about it, they can’t go back for now with those twins at the harbor for who knows how long they would be there. They must think of another plan, maybe at night once they are gone. They need underwater flashlights...

Later, Augustus let them and Fletcher go back home to rest for the day. Urged them to please contact him about any ideas. Grim hops in their bag as they leave. They were glad it’s still light out but watching the sunsetting makes them on edge.





“Aye, Yuu!” 

They halt their footsteps to hear a familiar voice. They look around the hall to see somebody from behind or at the doors. They frowned to turn their head away to only to jump from seeing a floating head in mid air. Chenya laughed and made his full body appear. Placed his hands behind his head.


“A-Ah! Chenya! You scared me,” 

They sighed in relief, feeling as if paws were hitting their back.

They began to say “what’s up?”, As they tried to pull their sleeves down.


Yuu flinches by Grim’s rapid patting their back from the backpack.


“I know you made a deal with Azul.”




“I overheard you and Fletcher last night.” Chenya grinned.


Yuu’s eyebrows frowned into anger, “Ever heard of privacy?!” 


“Hehe, I couldn’t help myself.” His grin faded into a small smile, his eyes for some reason looked a bit more serious. “I didn’t like how you and Fletcher looked last night. I knew it was something bad, but making a deal with those guys,” he cracked a nervous cackle “I didn’t think you would.”


Yuu’s anger faded, to look away to begin to reply, “Partially, it was to help Rielle and the others but I also did it so Azul doesn’t throw me over to Riddle’s gang.” 


His smile turned nervous, “Ah Riddle... and people call me crazy,” He raised his smile to be more positive to them, “I do want to help you. You need another ally, right?”

Before Yuu could reply, they hesitated. They didn’t want Chenya involved. They didn’t want to see anyone get hurt anymore.


They took a deep breath to make a quick say, “I appreciate that, Chenya. But I don't want to give you too much trouble.” 


“Hey now, don’t be like that. Who knows if those members will do something if no one is around to help you or Fletcher.,” He curves his lips that looks like he was about to laugh “No offense, Fletcher doesn’t look like he would last 5 minutes with  twins coming after the two of you.”


Sadly, he was definitely right.


Fletcher is a sweet guy, no matter the times he tried to stand for himself. Yuu couldn’t stand him being in pain or crying. Yuu doesn’t want to think about what could have happened if Fletcher was alone.


They felt as if Chenya would continue to make more excuses, but they were curious to ask him, 


They looked to Chenya. “I do want your help, but for now. I’m not sure what my plan is for tomorrow. I have to think of something. Something they wouldn’t expect.”


Chenya nodded, “Alright, tell me as soon as you can.”


“Will do!” Yuu smiled at him. “Does Neige know by the way?”


He shook his head, “Nope.” 


“Is he here?”


“He is at work still.”


“What does he do again?”


“He works at a small shop with seven friends of ours. Half of the stuff there is handmade, it’s really cool! Like jewelry, candy apples or sweaters.”


“That sounds really nice. What’s the store called?”


“Oh it’s called The Cottage Shop. It’s kind of far from here.”


"Hm, maybe after all this I can go visit." Yuu made a small smile.


They said their goodbyes as they depart from one another. A thought occurred to them, as they went to their room to put down their bag on the bed to unzip for Grim to jump out.


“Fyna! Finally. I rather be here than that stupid bag!” Grim limped on the bed as he slept.


Yuu took out their phone to text Rielle,


“Hey Rielle, I’m sorry to bother you at work. I got your letter and I know you are still probably mad. I’m trying my best to win this deal and it’s difficult at the moment. Did you figure out how to get the key?”


Yuu was about to put their phone down until they saw Rielle texting back as they saw the three dots processing.


Then it dinged for a message replied just now, 


“You caught me on a good time. No, the twins are always on the watch. It's annoying. But right now they are nowhere to be seen. Right now I've been trying to watch Azul’s routine..”


Yuu bit their lip reading. They took a deep breath and started to text back, 

“I need to talk to you in person.”


Replied with, “You can come over in the morning if you are able to. Tonight I’m going to be here till 2 am. Tomorrow I’m going back until 12am.”


“I will. I will see you tomorrow. Be safe.” Yuu sent


Rielle replied, “You too.”


They clicked off from their phone, but looked at the screen for a second, slowly thinking something...

Chapter Text



Day 2, Tuesday


Yuu texted Cathleen about the Octavinelle situation. Gave them the day off and wished them good luck. Yuu, with Grim in their bag, again, hurried over to Rielle’s apartment to discuss.

Yuu sat on the couch next to Rielle as Fletcher sat on the other side from them, listening.


Rielle held up his notebook that said, “That’s crazy! No wonder Floyd didn’t come in last night.”


Yuu sighs., “It's weird how the twins knew we were at the harbor.”


“It’s pretty scary...” 


Rielle held up a notepad with a, “Definitely. They’re a bunch of annoyances.”


“Fyna! You said it.”


Rielle flipped the page to write down quickly and show Yuu,

 “I still can’t believe you had this raccoon dog with you this entire time.”


They made a small sardonic laugh. “You have no idea. It feels like I’m taking care of a child.”


“Hey! Without your savior, those leech twins would have-- FYNA!” 


He squealed when a pillow was thrown hitting Grim to make him fall flat down on the coffee table. Rielle uses the pillow to press down onto the small creature for him to stay down to show Yuu what he wrote on his note page on the bottom.


“This rat is suspicious. Do you REALLY trust him?”


Yuu still questions about it to themself, looking to Rielle’s green eyes.


“Honestly I don’t know anymore. I still question Jack, Kalim and some goth guy I met once.”


“Y-You met Kalim!?” Fletcher shrieked at Yuu as Rielle frowned at them.

Goth guy? Rielle thought. 

Who could they be talking about? 


Yuu began to say, 

“Kalim seems so nice but I heard about his odd mood swings. I’m curious yet I don’t want to see it...”. Why would they face more torture than they already have? It would be stupid. Fletcher shuffled on the couch next to them.


“Y-You really need to be careful! I don’t want you to end up like Rielle.” Fletcher said anxiously.


Their head turns over to Rielle’s view as he held up the notebook saying,

“Haha yeah.”


“FYNA!!! Lemme go!!” Grim whined struggling under the pillow that Rielle pressed down the pillow but picked it up to quickly flip the page. Grim jumps up on the coffee table to stand to glare right to the redhead writing something.


“You’re a rude one!” Grim yelled.


He rolled his eyes. Yuu shook off the moment to look directly at Grim in deadpan.


“Focus. Grim, you knew Octavinelle's gang for a while before Heartslabyul. Do you know what they could do?” They asked.


“Hm… All I gotta say is we gotta be really sneaky.” Grim said he made a small shrug.


Rielle turns the notepad over to show “We have to be quick about this. I can come with you guys.”


“W-What?!” Fletcher stuttered, “Y-You’ll get into trouble!”


Rielle glared at Fletcher for a quick minute to write down as his best friend continued to explain, “You’ll get hurt again! What if you’ll end in the worst condition! You’ll probably end up dead--”


He shows him the notepad as it is turned over for Fletcher to stop talking, “Enough. You guys got hurt! I’m still pissed off about it! Those twins are going to regret that!”


Fletcher was trying to convince him for safety. Fletcher’s mind ran off the possibilities of what could happen to him. Maybe something worse… “Rielle, you’re not thinking this through!” Rielle rolled his eyes again. Yuu interject into the conversation between the two of them,


“Fletcher, with Rielle on our side we could definitely have a better chance in finding the shell!”


Fletcher started to sigh and as he slouched his shoulders looking to the floor. What replays inside of his head is Rielle’s constant beating by Octavinelle or what happened to Savanaclaw. It makes him have goosebumps. Something about the situation makes him feel as if it’s going to get worse but he has no idea.


“I know. But, how do we know if we can? We could lose and it’s goodbye to the café. Us being treated worse than before by them and...” Fletcher looked down with a concerned expression as he slouched his shoulders with his lips tightened.


“Fletcher, look at me.” He looks up into Yuu’s eyes.

“Don’t assume what will happen when it hasn't happened yet. Azul has no idea what’s coming for him. We have to do what we can and try to find that shell. Once we do, he’s going to have that sweet taste of defeat. I know you and Rielle have longed to want him to have.”


Fletcher looked over to Rielle as he nodded then moved his eyes over to Yuu.


He nodded understandingly, “Okay. But what about the twins? They will come after us. We still have no idea how they knew we were at the harbor.”


Rielle writes down on the notepad as Yuu, Fletcher and Grim watch. He turns it over to show them,

“They are always watching from somewhere. It’s unknown.”


“Oh great…” Yuu commented.


“Would there be someone who really knows the Octavinelle trio?” Grim asked, looking over to Rielle.


Rielle turned it back to himself to write it down. “Augustus. We should talk to him!”


Yuu nodded, “I agree. He probably has a better idea than us.”





They went over to the cafe inside to go into Augustus' office. Rielle, Fletcher and Yuu with Grim in their bag hiding. They do not only see Augustus at his desk. They also notice a man sitting on a seat at Augustus desk.. Who looked a bit older than him. Tan skinned gentleman wearing a black suit with a blue tie. Silver short hair, slick back and short beard. His blue eyes analyzed Rielle and Fletcher then to Yuu as Augustus looked at the three as he stood.


“H-Hi Mr. Fontaine!” Fletcher waves with a nervous smile. Yuu blinks at the man, getting up from his seat. Augustus got up as well to give some papers to him.


The man started to speak “Hello Fletcher, Rielle,”

Rielle huffed, looking away from the man.


The man's eyes trailed to the young fellow with them,

“Who might you be?”


Augustus spoke up, “Trenton, this is Yuu who I’ve told you about.”


“I see...” He started to frown at them, making themselves flinch from his stare, he was intimidating.


“U-Uh... Hi!” Yuu looked over to Rielle and Fletcher then back to Trenton who puts the papers into a purple folder stacked as he puts it around the rubberband.


“Excuse my rudeness. I am Trenton Fontaine. I am the owner of this cafe.” He introduced himself calmly. 


“I-It’s nice to meet you sir!” They forced a smile trying not to look as nervous. He didn’t give them a kind look, more like a disgust look in his eyes to them when he analyzed them.


“What’s going on here?” Fletcher started to ask, looking both to Trenton and then to Augustus.


“We’re just getting ready before Thursday...” Augustus said, looking away to his desk. He then looks up to Trenton as he began to speak,


“Indeed. I’m going to miss this place but we must keep going forward.” His eyes analyzed Augustus’ office slowly.

Rielle wrote down quickly on his notepad as his father looked at him.

To show as he walked over.


Trenton gave an annoyed glare to Rielle, “I don’t want to read any more of your nonsense! Look at you, Rielle. You are covered in old and fresh bruises. I’ve warned you about Azul yet you didn’t listen! Now look! I knew something like this would happen one day. But not just by you. By his human friend of yours.” Trenton finished as Rielle lowered his eyes to not even look at him. Lowered his hand with the notepad.


“But we can’t sit around!” Yuu injerected, making Trenton’s glaring eye move to them. “We have until tomorrow. We have time today! It’s better than nothing!”


“Have you not realized that Azul has the upper hand? He’s impossible. Especially his twin partners.” Trenton argued. Despite making them fidget at this man’s angry gaze. Yuu continued to reply,


“We have to plan something. We can’t admit defeat!”


“You’re either insane or foolish. There is no way of beating him. You might as well pray to the evening stars to go through their harassment as soon as you end up in Heartslabyul. I’ve heard of “things will get better” or “Things will be alright.”. Every time I hear it. I lose more faith. We never were.``


Fletcher’s eyes saddened watching Rielle clenching his notepad as the papers crumpled up.


“I must go now. Be safe everyone.” He said as soon as Rielle took a step back away from his dad. Trenton looked at him with a slight calm look averted away when he left the office to leave.

Grim peeked out from Yuu’s bag as he saw him disappear to look up.


Fletcher and Yuu quickly walked over to Rielle. A tear dropped down to his cheek, using his hand to his face. Augustus walked over to Rielle as he patted his shoulder.


“Don’t beat yourself up Rielle. I want to hear about this next plan.”


The three snapped to look up to Augustus.


“Y-You do?” Fletcher's voice cracked asking him as if he didn’t hear him well enough.


“Trenton may have given up, but I’m not. You need more people to help you.” Augustus makes a small smile. Rielle started to wrap his arms around Augustus into a hug as he did.


“Your father does love you. Don’t you worry about that. He’s only scared.” Augustus said. Rielle pulled away. Rielle shook his head, looked away glaring off.


“What can we do now?” Fletcher looks at them in the office room. Grim started to hop up onto Yuu’s shoulder, making them flinch from Grim’s small weight.


“Yeah! The twins are probably out there somewhere waiting for us!”


Rielle wrote down for a moment for everyone to wait and see what he wrote down as he took a step back to show. “He’s right. No matter where Yuu goes. They will try to get in the way.”


“But how do we get to the shell?!” Fletcher asked


Yuu’s mind was trying to come up with something as an idea came to mind. 

The twins are out there.

What if his members come after them too probably...


What could possibly distract them…


Yuu started to speak up, “I… may have a risky idea… but it may work if I can tell what Azul or his twins may try to do..”


Yuu began to tell them as they all listened carefully.




10:30 pm


As Yuu finished their plan. Augustus, Rielle, Grim and Fletcher were processing their plan. They weren’t sure this would work. Talking it through, mainly Augustus. They hoped whatever happens will work. Augustus was worried since the four were willing to go through the dangerous tasks. 

They have 3 steps to do.


First step. It maybe stupid. But They had a better chance for Rielle to get into the water to find the shell.

Yuu with Grim in their bag. They went off in the opposite direction of the town as Fletcher and Rielle left too.

Yuu left to go somewhere to distract the twins. Augustus told them that whoever makes the contract they will keep an eye on closely.

It maybe stupid but what chance can they have before they reach for get tomorrow. 

“Where are we going?” Grim asked from the bag.

“Somewhere I think the twins would be suspicious of.” Yuu whispered. They try to remember the destination of Sam’s mystery Shop…


Rielle and Fletcher both jumped into the ocean. They opened their eyes to the underwater world. Fletcher looked over to Rielle whose tail was now a long green scale fish tail.

Fletcher was looking around his surroundings as he looked over to Rielle, “Okay, let’s try to look around quickly. I hope it’ll help your memory, Rielle.” He said, Rielle nodded and swims over out as they split up.

Rielle waved his fins over some rocks, looking around, trying to see something familiar around the area to hopefully find something. Some rocks, some barnacles, shells, or seaweed. It was giving Rielle a headache as he was trying to remember, who can remember something like that from long ago?! He was hoping that he would leave that shell of Azul’s hidden for a while until this happened…


“Ah! Yuu! Welcome back to the Mystery Shop!” Sam chimed with a huge smile. 

His magenta colored eyes looked to the neutral person closing the door behind them. Hoping Grim would keep quiet.

“Hey Sam, it’s nice seeing you again I was wondering--”

“Aren’t you going to introduce your little friend in your bag, little demon?”

Yuu blinks at him, startled a bit. “W-What?”

“You heard me. A cat in your bag.” Sam said smugly with his arms crossed.

Grim’s head pops out from the bag.

“How the hell did you know?!”

“My friends from the otherside would tell me everything!” He gave out a crazy look before looking like an eager seller before.

“What!? Who!?” Yuu asked in a panicked backing a bit away.

“Nope, I do mean here. I mean from the afterlife.” Sam said with his hands out as jack o'lantern-like faces appeared around the shop’s walls as if someone was doing a shadow puppet show. Grim flinches as he screeches a bit, making Yuu jump from his loud voice.

“A-Are you going to hurt us?!” Grim looked around frantically as Yuu were backing away to the door.

“Of course not. As long as you don’t do anything to my shop or myself. You’re perfectly fine.” Sam nodded as he snapped his fingers making the shadows disappear.

Grim sighed in relief.

“We’re fine Grim, don't worry.” Yuu reassured him as he glared over at them.

“FYNA!! I wasn’t afraid. The great Grim does not get scared!”

“Whatever you say.”

“My little friends have told me everything about you with Octanvinelle. I believe that you have little eyes that have been keeping an eye out on you outside as well.” Sam informed

“Th-That’s sketchy...!!” Grim said.

“That means the plan is working!” Yuu whispered to him.

“So what is it that you want? I’ve also heard from my little friends you didn’t just come here for nothing.” Sam stated.

Grims to Yuu as they stared at the seller before replying...


For a long while of them trying to find something that could the shell.

Fletcher was swimming around a different area from before as Grim swam by, looking at Fletcher.

“Find anything yet?”

Rielle shook his head swimming over to the other side.

Rielle swims around the sand, but nothing. It’s really irritating him. Where could he have put it?! He blinked up to see a huge rock shaped rectangular. Rielle swam over to the other side of the huge rock. Seems to be nothing until he noticed something underneath the rock. Feeling some sort of familiar sense. He sees a barnle by the rectangular rock but, it seems to be nothing as he felt around the bottom of the sand, it was all soft and mushy until  he patted something flat and rock. He analyzed around, he thought it was a mountain filled with sand, he was processing as he felt the rough surface. Rielle felt a single touch on the surface looking around his surroundings, his eyes blinking to sudden memories of the night at the harbor coming back to him.

“Rielle!!” Fletcher shouted.

Rielle’s mind was interrupted as he quickly swam over, hoping it’s not what he thought. Seeing Fletcher swimming away from the terrifying eel brother.

“What made you think coming back wouldn’t be like last time? Hahah! Hey, Hey~! Don’t swim away!” Floyd said coldly as voice sounded more agitated while smiling. He tries to grab him by the tail-fin.

Rielle gave out a vicious glare before he could make his attempt to swim over to stop him, the calm eel brother appeared in Rielle’s way. Rielle’s glare went from surprised he flipped his fins away going near him.

“Oh my, hello Rielle. I’m afraid you have to deal with me while Floyd plays around with him.”

Rielle glared at him to open his mouth but closed it realizing he can’t speak yet. Hating that. Making Jade’s lips curved into a grin showing a bit of his sharp teeth that made his spine shiver up. Rielle hurriedly flipped his fin and turned himself away from Jade as he started to chase after him.

Fletcher was trying to swim away from Floyd. He notices Rielle being pinned down to the sand as it clouded around him and Jade as his tail was struggling to  swim from his grasp. His hand fully around Rielle’s neck as the merman was trying to claw his arm off from him.

Jade only smiled down at him. 

“Maybe we can give you your voice back if you can cooperate to tell us~. Don’t act like you didn’t just remember.” Jade said with a sadistic smile down upon the redhead. He only glared up at him, gritting his teeth.

Fletcher panicked, started to glare down. He flipped up fins to hurry over to Rielle, as he didn’t realize he swam by Floyd who looked over to Fletcher, puzzled. Fletcher lifts his tail whipping Jade’s head hard enough to let go of Rielle as he makes an attempt to grab Fletcher away from. 


“Thank you! Come back any time! Be safe.” Sam said happily to them as any seller would waving them a goodbye.

“Seriously. Those twins are freaks!” Grim snapped, hiding inside the bag again.

“I know, I know. I’m as scared as you are.” Yuu said, walking over to the door.

“I told you I am not scared!!”

Yuu walks out from the shop, preparing for whatever surprise will happen. Yuu took out their phone from their pocket...


“I hope they found it… They haven’t texted me back or called me. We were there for a long while.” Yuu mumbled.

The phone was ringing but no answer. It made them cringe a bit. They started to call Augustus.

“Hello, Yuu?”

“Hey Augustus. Have you heard from Rielle and Fletcher?”

“No. Have you?” He asked.

“N-No… I hope they are okay.”

“If we haven’t heard from them by 12 o'clock. I’ll call Crowley.”

“Like he’ll do anything…” Yuu muttered.

Just then, Yuu felt their phone vibrate with a text message.

“Hang on Augustus,” Yuu holds the phone to look at the text message, from Rielle.

Rielle: I know where the shell is!! I couldn’t grab it because the leech twins came and got in the way. But we’re fine!”

Yuu blinked at his last sentence.

Eyes widened in panic. They quickly switched the dm to Augustus to type out rapidly.

 “Keep talkn 2 mi” 

Yuu quickly used their thumb to message him. He was quiet for a second before responding through the phone.

“Yuu is everything alright?”

“N-Nothing, say did you get my message?”

“No uh, I'll check.”

Yuu kept walking looking side to side. Augustus took a second before responding.

“Where are you?” Yuu looks by at a store as they legs kept on their pace to faster.

“I’m actually going by a grocery shop.” Yuu said smiling like nothing is wrong.

“Good. You’re almost to the café. Come quickly!”

“Yes I will come over there right now.” Yuu says in a genuine voice.

Thank Triton for Augustus.



Yuu made it to Coral Reef Cafe as soon as they quickly went in to hang up.

Rielle and Fletcher made it back to the café to tell them what happened. Yuu told them that someone else was watching them.

They kept trying to think who it could be that is out there?!


Was it Octavinelle members?


Heartslabyul members?


Yuu will never know.

They went back to the Royal Sword apartment with Rielle and Fletcher before departing. They made it back to their room apartment for Grim was free from their bag as he complained that he rather stay in bed than in that stupid bag!

Yuu told him they’ll be outside for a second to take some breath of fresh air that was near the apartment.


“What!? I thought you said that someone could be out there.”


“Don’t worry, I’m armed.” Yuu pulled out the silver black swift knife that they got from Wraith.


“Jeez. Kay. Don’t blame me if you get kidnapped again.”


Yuu walked to the other side of the apartment building where the wooden benches to were for them to out to look up at the stars. Yuu has until tomorrow before the sunset. They couldn’t help being anxious as the back of their throat. Felt as if they were going to vomit. Azul will probably try to stop them. 

If that happens, Azul wins. 

Everyone in the Coral Reef will end up and will hate them for it. They tried to shake it off but it consumed them their thoughts that there could be no way they could win.


Yuu shook their head, 


“Argh! I know this can work! I can’t mess this up!”


“Child of man?”


Yuu hopped right off from the bench as they heard a familiar deep voice.


Looking behind to notice the familiar tall goth man with horns. Wearing his black sweater turtleneck, on top of a gray trench coat. Glowing green eyes staring at Yuu.


“Oh! Tsunotaro!” 


Yuu froze as their eyes widened as the goth man’s eyes were in confusion.


Why the hell did Yuu say that nickname that Grim came up with?


“Tsunotaro?... Did you just call me Tsunotaro?”


Yuu took a second to then make a quick reply, 

“You called me Child of Man.” 


Tsunotaro slips a snicker then starts with a short laugh glancing down at them,

 “Touché,” he said with a grin.

“I’ll allow you to call me by that nickname. It’s been a while since we’ve talked.”


“Yeah. Do you live here?” They asked as he wandered over to them to the bench they were sitting from. They’ve seen some people but not everyone there.


“Oh no. I came here to have my night strolls. I noticed someone was over here. How have you been?”


Yuu snorted a laugh as they sat back down on the bench, “Oh you wouldn’t believe what I’ve been through.”


Tsunotaro walks over to Yuu to sit next to them.


“Tell me.”


Yuu’s eyes looked up to the curious man.

Yuu explains about Coral Reef and Octavinelle. What happened in the beginning shortly to Rielle and Fletcher with Savanaclaw to Yuu making a deal with Azul. They have only tomorrow before sun down to get the golden shell to Azul. They never mentioned the plan to him. But they did say they want to do something about it.

“This is quite something.” Tsunotaro comments. “You sound so determined but you seem afraid.”


“I know. I want to beat him. But I’m afraid if I lose, everyone’s faith in me will turn into hate. This is not what I’ve wanted since I’ve moved here,” Even though Yuu told Fletcher not to assume, they are doing that. Which makes them feel so dense. “It’s frustrating.”


“I wouldn’t blame you. The thought of Azul’s smugness falling into despair, would be such a sight to see.”

 Yuu would want that. But for them, in a way for him to see that he is not always in control. Knowing how others feel. Something about Tsunotaro’s tone sounded sadistic, eerie. It questions them about him. Before they could say something to him. He sat up from the bench to turn himself to look over to them.


“I’m afraid I must be going now,” He sighed for a brief second to make a warm smile to Yuu ``Struggle with all your might and prove their faith in you. Have a goodnight.”


They curved their lips and nodded.

“Thanks, Tsunotaro.”


He then walks away from Yuu. They watched as he was walking off.


The back of their mind still wanders, 


Who is Tsunotaro?

Chapter Text

8:45 am


Day 3 Wednesday


Step 2 of Yuu’s plan.


Yuu hurried over to the harbor, meeting up with Rielle and Fletcher in the water. Yuu and Grim in the bag, had some crowbar. They chew the gummy that they had last time. They jumped into the ocean to swim with Fletcher to follow Rielle over the spot where he started under the rectangular rock. Rielle waved around the sand revealing a long rock on the surface. Yuu grabbed other side with Rielle and Fletcher as they 


Pulled the rock, gripping onto the side tight enough for them making the huge rock lift a little.


“C’mon!” Yuu said as the rock started to rise up a bit more. 

Rielle to pull with enough strength. There was more sand but as soon as they raised the rock they quickly pushed it back for it to fall back on the other side. Rielle waved his hand quickly motion for him to claw at the sand to dig. The others followed along to dig enough for a while until Rielle waved his hand for them to stop. Brushing off the sand, they see a shiny golden shark-eye shell. The merman picked it from the hole.


“W-We found it!!” Fletcher's eyes light up seeing the shell. It fit right onto Rielle’s palm.

“Woah! It’s beautiful! I can sell that to get more cans of tuna!” Grim swam over to give a good look at it.


“No wonder they couldn’t find it. I wouldn’t have thought it would be under a huge rock.” Yuu said with a huge smile on their face until it fell.


 Yuu’s eyes analyzed to notice a long shadow slithered on the rocky texture towards the sand.


“Guys…” Yuu’s smile dropped as Rielle started to glare from above. Seeing the two leech twins.


“Ah~! Here they are~! Hello Little shrimp~!”


Oh great... , they thought cringing hearing that stupid nickname he came up with.


“Good morning everyone, I see you have found the shell.” Jade glanced at Rielle as he clamped his other hand to hide the shell. Floyd swims over with a mischievous smile.


“Now let’s play a game where we try to take the little shell~.”


“Fyna! We’ve won though! We got the shell!” Grim said,


“We have to get it to Azul!” Yuu quickly turned to Rielle and rapidly said “Rielle, quickly give me the shell!” With a blink of an eye Rielle pushed Yuu back away as the merman was swimming away from the moray eel. Fletcher shriveled up, to then swim after them.


Rielle tries to swim to the surface as Jade pops out of nowhere, blocking his way. He gives him an amused smile, 

Rielle swims from the other side to try to get passed, forgetting Floyd was behind him as Floyd’s tail wrapped around him, squeezing him around his arms and stomach, gripping onto the shell as possible.


The goofy looking brother lets out a cackle like laugh that sounded that was contagious, 

“Got you Red Drum~”

Grim, Yuu and Fletcher hurried to swim over, as Jade approached to the redhead to take the shell from his grasp.


“Fyna! Get away!” Trying to slash Jade with his small paws as he swims backwards away with the shell. He looked as if he wanted to laugh at the little creature.


Fletcher stares at Rielle, shakened up to see Rielle gritted his teeth as he looks like he started to give out.

Fletcher sped up to go hit Floyd with his tail fin, Floyd ended up grabbing his tail as he pulled Fletcher to him. 


“Little Flounder~. Now is that nice to do~?” 


Floyd said with a chilling smile that made Fletcher tremble a bit. He shook it off as memories of Floyd beating up Rielle came to mind as an anger course through him. 


“Is putting my best friend through your abuse in any way nice?!” He snapped, Fletcher without hesitation slapped Floyd across the face. Yuu approaches to go help, their eyes widened open, and couldn't believe what Fletcher just did. Never in a million years would they see him slap another person. They could see a red mark on Floyd’s face. Fletcher's stomach sank as his blood began to run. He started to swim away from the twin.


“I think Red Drum has enough squeezing for now.” Floyd cold dead eyes look at Fletcher.




Fletcher started to flippin his fins as he can away from Floyd


“Rielle!! Get the shell-- AAH!!” 

He cried out as he was trying to swim away faster from the pissed off leech brother. Rielle started to cough a bit looking around to see Grim trying to get to the shell as Jade was messing with him a bit.


“Oooh! You’re just asking to get flamed! If only.” Grim grumbled. Rielle hurriedly with his tail to go over to Jade to this time dodge Rielle’s attempt to whip his tail at him as Jade started to grab him by the neck again to slam him against the wall rocks. The redhead gritted his teeth as a headache started to hit him.


“Nice try.” With that stupid sadistic smile of his at Rielle. 

Next thing, Fletcher hits Jade on his side making the calm brother let go of the shell of Rielle to grab it and grab the cat demon and swim over to Yuu to grab them over to the surface of the docks. Waving his hands for them to hurry and go!


“What about you guys?!”


Rielle made a sarcastic smile and waved one hand like he would if we were saying they would be fine.




Fletcher tried to get away from Floyd as they were a swimming chase like a shark after a small fish.


Yuu nodded, “I-I’ll see you later! Hopefully.” Rielle half grinned to quickly swim over to help Fletcher.


Yuu climbs with Grim that swims on the inside of their hood. Rielle swam hurriedly over to help Fletcher who was being cornered by Floyd.


“C’mere little Flounder ~ .”

Rielle hits Floyd with his tail for him to back away from Fletcher. He swam away from the corner. Rielle made a cocky smirk at the twins. Feeling a little confident about Yuu now running over to Monstro Lounge to give Azul the shell and it’s still morning.


“What’s with the stupid looking smirk for?” Floyd said, sounding like an upset child with the tone of his voice. “Little shrimp and baby seal have some unfinished business with Riddle’s gang waiting for them.”


Rielle’s grinned dropped as his and Fletcher's eyes widened as they both looked at each other.


“Floyd, why would you reveal such a thing? Honestly now.” Jade lectured his twin.


“Who cares, they have to deal with us anyway. We’ll have more of a chance.”


Fletcher mumbled to himself, “Oh gosh Yuu I hope your plan will work…” he then swims away.




Yuu started to sprint down to go over to their car, hope coursing in them. As if a weight was lifting from them other than being drenching salt water from head to toe. Just then a huge metal with a hard bump to their back, makes them fall over to scrape their face against the hot road. 

They yelped, hitting the ground as they heard a loud “FYNA!”


They slowly got up to touching their face only to pull away as a sting increased on their cheek. Their back ached from the hit. The weight was coming back onto them as they noticed a black cauldron. 

A black cauldron? 


They knew who would use that. They looked from the cauldron to quickly grab the shell and to get up from the ground.


“Oh Yuu hoo~!”


Yuu knew who it was as they gave a vicious glare to the ones who approached, Ace and Deuce.


“You guys again?! Don’t you have something better to do?!” Yuu snapped.


“Then what? We came all this way to help you!” In a happy tone Ace gave them a kind smile. Before Yuu could give them a reply, a voice replied from behind.


“Hi hi Yuu~!” a voice said, “It’s nice seeing you again!”


Yuu looked back to see it was Cater and Trey around their gray car.



No! No! They were so close!


“C’mon, Yuu, let us help you! We’ll give that shell to Azul!” Ace’s voice trying to convey a helpful tone to them. Making Yuu’s anger stir up.


“How stupid do you think I am?!” Yuu gives them a smug look.


“Give us the damn shell or we’ll make it the hard way!” Deuce snapped, in an impatient tone.


“What does it look like to you genius?” 


“Watch your f*cking mouth, kid.” Deuce clenching his fists.


“Jeez Deuce! Let’s just take it from them!” Ace frowned at Deuce.


“I won’t let you! Grim!!” 


Yuu shouted as Grim jumped out from their bag to spit out a sea of blue flames for the Heartslabyul members to back away or dodge for Yuu and Grim to make a break for it to run as fast as they could away from the harbor.


They ran as fast as they could by some people walking by, not paying attention to who it was. All they could do is to keep running and running.


“Fynahaha! Those idiots didn’t see that coming!”


“Yeah! Haha!That was a great Grim!,” Yuu laughed. 


“Huh, we are actually getting along for once.”


“FYNA! Don’t be weird about it ya hear--AH!!! LOOK OUT—!!”


Yuu whirled and then jumped forward hitting a trash can down to dodge someone about to hit them and heard a loud thud. Yuu looked up to the side of an alleyway and then looked back to see it was Deuce whose fist was against the dented car door.


“You’re not getting away that easily next time.”


Yuu trailed from his angry look to see his fist was hitting the side of a car.


“GYAH!! This guy is insane!!” 


“No shit!”


Yuu blurted as they quickly got up to sprint down.


They wondered about what could be going on now, they expected the leech twins to try to attack but Heartslabyul?!


They need to hurry soon! 


I don’t think I’ll be able to make it , Yuu thought.


Yuu stopped half their tracks, Cater or maybe a clone pops out

“C’mon Yuu, let us help you out~! We’ll give the shell to Azul.”

He winked to them. Making themselves cringe as they ran off the other way before he could grab it. Cater jumps back as Grim was spitting blue flames at him before he could go near.


Yuu tried their best to run as they hit with a rush of wind at them. It was to pull them back.


“Jeez you’re annoying! Give us the stupid shell.”

Yuu uses their arm to shield off the wind from their eyes to see Ace with his pen wand with a red gem raised up and walking over to Yuu.


“No way am I losing to those jerks!!” Yuu angrily snapped. 


The wind eased as Grim tried to spit blue flames at Ace until it suddenly changed to butterflies.


“F-Fyna!? How?!”


Grim tries again and again but butterflies we fluttering everywhere than sparks of fire. Yuu notices Trey nearby Ace with his pen wand too with a sly grin. He must be turning those flames into butterflies. Yuu’s legs began to weaken. They must go now

But the members of Heartslabyul are surrounding them. 

They have the upperhand! 


It made them look helpless as they couldn’t think of what to do. A hand patted them on their shoulder that made their stomach have an uncomfortable vibration, 

“Aw, don’t be down Yuu! You’ll still have us!” Cater said to them. Yuu pushes Cater back, “Rather not!”


They realized that their hand was carrying the shell… They looked down at their hands and it was gone.


They looked up to Cater, who was holding the golden shell in the palm of his hand, “C’mon, we’ll have tons of fun! Endless games in the maze! Not only that, maybe some intense card games too!” Cater said sweetly as he backed away.


“Grim! He’s got the shell!!” Yuu said as he started running towards Cater.


“You’ll have to catch me first! C’mon if you can find me!” The half ponytail guy starts to dart into the alleyway as Yuu started to sprint down.


“Fyna! Yuu! Wait!!” Grim voices ran after them too.



Yuu and Grim were chasing down Cater. Yuu grabs onto him, pushing him down along with him down to the ground. Grim hopped onto Yuu’s back.


“Got you!! Give us the shell!” Yuu shouted, looking at him as he turned to the side with a mischievous smile. “Sorry, this is not the real Cater. Try again~!” He said sticking his tongue out at them.


“Fnga! Another one!”


Yuu glared down at him as they quickly got up and ran again, that was the 4th fake Cater they caught! 


They kept slipping on their feet. Passing by people to see a Cater running as well. Grim trying to catch up to him too. They know he wants to distract them from reaching it over to Octavinelle. Playing this cat and mouse game of his! They need the damn shell! They are not giving up.


No way.


They are not admitting defeat.


Yuu stopped from turning the corner, their hand slowly touched the wall while the other hand was on their knees. “Fnya! We are never gonna catch up. This is impossible!” Grim painted with a tired sigh. Slouching as they pant to the ground. Their throat was dry and hot under their drench sweatshirt.


“Oh Yuu~! Grim~!” Cater’s voice chimed


Sweat dripped down the side of their cheek looking up to Cater, glaring at him.


“You guys look sooo tired. I don’t want to be too mean! So I’ll wait until you both catch your breath! Sound good?”


Shut up!


 Is what Yuu wanted to say to this guy. 


They don’t want to piss him off like before get beaten to death. Thinking maybe he’ll record them and upload it on some kind of dark website where only gangsters can see it or something! Their persuasion is not gonna help their case as of now. These guys hold a smile while hiding something devease. Yuu just nodded.


“Fyna… fine.” Grim looked closely at the shell.


“Oh goodie! Man, I wish we weren’t enemies. I bet you would have looked super cute in our uniforms Yuu!” Cater said with a smile.


Does he always flirt with his enemies? Yuu thought.


“You have guts saying that!” Grim yelled angrily.


Yuu grabbed Grim quickly to cover his mouth before replying.


“Thanks but no thanks. I’m not open to being part of any gang. How the hell did you become part of Heartslabyul?”


Cater’s smile slightly faded but rose up again.


“Funny you should say,” Yuu raised a brow, “I only became part of this gang because I hated being back at home. I had two older sisters. They were so annoying~! Everything I had to be was “cute” to them. They were so bad when I was a little kid, I used to love sweets until my older sisters forced me to eat a whole lot until they were even more happy.” He used his hand to rub the back of his neck, Yuu has some sort of sympathy but shakes it off to remind themselves about the shell. 


This guy uploaded them being beaten by his clones.


“So I had enough and decided to join Heartslabyul. They felt more like family to me! The rules may be odd, but better than my deceased sisters.”


“I’m sure if you would have told your sisters that they would--” Yuu halts in the middle of their sentence. Yuu looked down to Grim whose eyes were just as widened as theirs were. Yuu looked up to the gang member.


“Wait. What did you say?”


“Oh! I said deceased! Isn’t that great?” Cater chimed with a charming smile.


Yuu's eyes widened, their throat began to tightened.


“D-Did you…”


“Well duh. Silly-willy! I killed them. I killed them after I joined the gang. It was my mission to prove Riddle I was worthy! Number 1. Joining the gang is off with someone's head~. I asked if I could get more than one head, he said it doesn’t matter! As long as I brought a clean cut head, I would join.”


Yuu was hit with nausea. Their head was getting light, as if some energy was sucked out. Thinking, why. Why would this guy talk so casually as if it was nothing?!

He killed his own sisters!


“Th-Th..” Cater looks at the scared non-gangster. “This is madness!” They spoke out trying not to stutter. Thinking that all of Heartslabyul must have done this ritual. How many lives they must have taken…


Cater made a small giggle, “Well as we all say it around here, we’re all mad Yuu! You think we’re bad? Savanaclaw and Diasomnia take the cake, let me tell you! They are the higher rank from us.” Cater said, still smiling.


Grim hopped off from Yuu’s loosened grip.


They don’t want to know what makes those gangs worse.

They just don’t want to.


Cater held out his phone to look at the screen, “Oh! Look at the time it’s 11:45!.”


“What?!” Yuu snapped.


“The whole time chasing after him!?” Grim shouted as well.


“Isn’t that crazy? We’ve been running around for that long! You’re so desperate for this shell.” Cater said, holding the golden shell out.


Yuu blinks at it, “Give that to me!” They felt stupid at their to demand, of course they wouldn’t. Yuu then reaches to grab it as soon as Cater backs away with his hand held high. Damn their short height!


“C’mon hop like a little bunny!” Cater teased.


“Give it asshole!” They snapped irritation getting the best of them. They lifted their leg as they were about to kick his crotch. His hand caught their leg.


“Oh Yuu is being too rough.” Cater pushes their leg back as they fall onto their side. Yuu groans, feeling the pain from their back from earlier. Cater puts the shell behind their back.


 “I was thinking of giving it to you but you weren’t being so gentle~. Boohoo... You’ll have to make it up to me by trying to catch me still! I’ll be Mister Rabbit while you’ll be Alice~!”


"FYNA! GIVE IT!" Grim blows blue flames as he jumped to dodged.


“A what?” Cater ran off before he could hear Yuu, “Hey wait!”


“Tik tok, Alice~! Tik tok!” 

He said loud enough for them to hear, 


“He is right. They are all mad.” Grim grumbled, not wanting to run again but followed Yuu to chase him down.




Step B:

Get the key.


Azul in his office looking through some paperwork, trying to organize them. He looked at his clock on his phone. Yuu has a couple of hours left. He thanked the Great Seven for time to be this quick.


He can only hope that it will be quicker. He can only do paperwork at this time of round.

Pretty soon, the cafe will be closed and the cafe members will be his.


The time being.



He hadn’t heard from them yet. Which must be good.

If he hasn’t heard anything about Yuu coming over to Monstro Lounge now, he has the time not to worry. That means Coral Reef Cafe will be his and they will be sent to Heartslabyul for good~.


Azul blinked from thought as he heard a few knocks on his door.


“You may come in.”


The door opens and it’s Augustus holding a file of papers. Looking ever so depressed.


“Good afternoon Azul.” He said, trying to sound as polite as he could.


Azul opens a sly smile to him, “Why hello Augustus. I’m happy to see you’ve arrived just in time.” 


Augustus walks over to the leather chairs to sit in front of Azul’s desk.


“Let’s get this over with.” He hands the paper to him and then looks over for the Octavinelle gang leader to sign.


Azul took his favorite golden feather ink pen to sign his full name on the sign in to make Coral Reef shut down. For good.


“Thank you for bringing these papers with you. Make sure to give them to Trenton.” He said happily.


“I will make sure of that.” Augustus said with a poker face. Before he turned himself around the door bursts open, it was one of the employees 


“Azul! Please come out!” The voice sounded panicked as Azul stared down towards Augustus.


“Oh, alright. Excuse me.”


Augustus held his hand “No worries. I still need to discuss with you some more things.”


“I’ll be right back.” Azul got up from his seat, adjusting his glasses a bit as he walked out with the employee.


Before entering the lounge, Azul's shoulder had bumped into someone, he looked back to say something but nothing was there. He didn’t think much of it as he continued to follow along. He walks over inside the lounge to see some noisy customers at the bar.


“We’re having a bit of trouble with someone being hostile! Without Jade or Floyd it’s getting complicated.” The member said, Azul sighed. Of course that’ll happen. He does hope that they’ll come back soon.


“I’ll get them out in a hurry. I am in the middle of a discussion.”


Azul looked to the other side seeing another employee approach looking a bit stressed out, 

“We also need more café desserts from the storage room!”


“Okay. Let me just--” 

Azul patted himself to grab the keys. He knew he placed them inside the coat pocket. He patted his pants pockets. He thought it must be in his office.


“No, no...” He said, trying to not look like he was going to panic. He started to scurry off back to his office in a hurry.


He opens the door to see Augustus sitting on the chair before he had left.


“That was quick.” Augustus commented with a raised brow. He watched Azul hurrying over to his desk, “My apologies. I’m looking for something for the employees.”




The mob boss pulled out one of his draws, flipping up to look under his files or papers finding nothing.


“My keys.”


“Oh you mean these?”


Azul looks up from behind the desk to see Augustus holding a ring of keys through his fingers. He pushed the drawer to close up, not daring to stare away from the ring.


“Be sure not to lose them.” Augustus said, handing them over to Azul as he quickly grabbed them from over the desk.


Azul looked at it awkwardly then up to Augustus to say, “Thank you.”


Augustus gets up from the chair, “I know what I said before but I must be going. My son is probably coming home from school.” He said with a smile.


“No I understand, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Azul said.


“I hope you have an interesting afternoon.” Augustus said with a genuine smile that made the boss raise a brow.

The man leaves the office with a stack of files under his arms. Something about that smile of his didn’t seem right… 


Azul hurriedly uses the keys and code to open the safe door, “C’mon, c’mon…”


The safe door opens.


The contracts are gone.


“No… How could it--” Azul panic turned to rage as he looked back at the door where Augustus left from, “That bastard!” He snapped before storming off.




Augustus hurried out from the Monstro lounge.


“We did it!” 

A floating head with purple and cat ears responds as he appears by Augustus' side. The man looked to the floating head then to the ground. He had never done something like that before. He couldn’t believe what he just did.


“That was intense!” 

Augustus said with a hand on his chest. He half smiled, it dropped, reminding himself that Yuu was supposed to come any time soon. Stress gave him a bad taste in his mouth. “I’m still worried about Yuu. They said if anything happens we--”




 A loud voice shouted, bursting from the front doors of Monstro Lounge. Chenya took a step in front of Augustus as his full body started to show. They backed away to get a clear view of Azul.


“Oh well if it isn’t Azulu~”


The cat smiled mischievously at the octopus' deadly glare he was giving out.

“Alchemivich, out of the way.”


“No way. Stand back if you want your precious contracts~.” His grin widens open.


Azul held his hand out, “Give me those contracts! Please!”


Augustus was stiffened from Azul’s demand. He switches from fright to a glare. 

“I will not. You’ve gone too far, Azul,” Augustus replied, making Azul angrier as he clenched his jaw.


“These contracts were signed by innocent people, including Rielle.”


“Ha! Innocent? You say Rielle is innocent yet he causes so much trouble. Those who signed do the same, so who is really innocent?”


“Maybe, Azul. But they do not go as far as you . Taking advantage of others for your own horrid benefit.”

Augustus holding up the contracts with his hands up crinkling it. The gang leader’s eyes widened at the sight.


“I wouldn’t have made this much confidence if it wasn’t for Yuu.”


“Yuu…? W-Why are they doing this?! Freeing them doesn’t benefit them at all!”


“I do agree, Azul,” Augustus said

“I really do. But, their determined nature has shined a bit of light onto this town. A light that has never flickered until now. And it’s karma for you all.”


His hands started to move to start rippling the contracts.


“Please! Don’t! I-I’ll do anything!” Azul stuttered out without thinking.


The man looked straight into Azul’s silver eyes. He was flabbergasted to hear such a thing coming from someone like him.


“You have the absolute nerve to say that to me. I could count the number of times when it comes to your gangs on Rielle. Yet you dismissed it and continued the abuse.”

Augustus gave him the glare that he so longing to give since day one. He never gave him the glare for Rielle and his family to not disrespect the gang leader. But here he is, Azul begging for his contracts.


“So I’ll dismiss it,”

His eyes closed and started to chant. A chant that Yuu had written down when they came back into the café,

Something whole and one …”


“No! PLEASE!!”


Turn into none !” 


His hands glowed into tearing the contracts apart making the contracts into nothing but dust.


Azul's jaw dropped, his eyes couldn’t be even wider as if they were to fall off from his skull.

Chapter Text


Floyd’s cackling laugh really annoyed Rielle. They were still underwater. After Yuu and Grim made their way to the surface. They were trying their best to distract them as much as they. However, hearing about Heartslabyul made them worried. All they do is hope that Yuu made it.  A tail hits Rielle right down to a rocks, glaring up to Floyd.


“No! Leave him alone!” Fletcher tried to struggle off or hit Jade to get him to let go.


“Come now Fletcher, if you cry again it’ll make Rielle so sad.” Jade mocked him, holding him back.


“I’m not crying anymore! Leave him alone and face me instead!” 


Floyd grabbed onto Rielle’s throat as he withered flipping his his to try to swim off.


“Before I cut your throat open, is there something you would like to say, Red drum~?” Floyd mocks Rielle with a cruel smile.


“Screw you!”


The eel twin’s lips curved down to a drop as their eyes widened. Jade looked to Fletcher who blinked in sudden confusion. The blue haired merman wasn’t sure if he heard it either but...


“R-Rielle?” Fletcher said, as he took the opportunity to swim away from the caught off guard eel.

Rielle touched his own throat, “Ho!” He was trying to make words,


“Testing, testing, one two three-- They did it!”

Rielle shouted with a huge grin on his face. Fletcher hits Floyd with his tail for Rielle to swim away as Fletcher swam along.


“What’s the meaning of this?” Jade frowned with his hands on his hips.


Rielle cocked a brow with a smirk, “I guess our new guy’s plan pulled off!”


“Huh?!” Floyd glared at them, “What the hell do you mean?! Heartslabyul should have distracted them.”


Well, You should have thought things through!” Rielle said,

“Before we leave, I want to say something for a while ever since Azul took my voice, and being an employee at the Lounge,” Rielle said with a smile that turned into rage. 

“F*CK you! AND YOU! Motherf*cking jackass of Moray eels!! You don’t pay me enough to let me suffer through that bullshit! I would rather be caged up with a killer whale than be with you two and ink spitter!” Rielle let out an outraged comment towards the two moray eels.


“You’ve got guts to say that to me.” Floyd’s eyes widened angrily.


“Time to go!” Rielle grabbed Fletcher to swim quickly to the surface.




Yuu’s feet and Grim’s paws were hurting from the run chasing after Cater.


“C’mon Alice~! Don’t slow down now.” Cater shouted playfully


Yuu’s tired eyes glared trying to keep up Cater. Grim did as well, yacking and panting. He would miss ever blow but Yuu encourage him not too, for the sake of keeping the golden shell from melting! Yuu's eyes blinked to the sky. Everything was getting dark. Yuu froze to halt their tracks in a panic to gray . Grim ran past Yuu, noticing the sky as well..

Grim looked over to Yuu who couldn’t help being so confused. They took out their phone quickly to see it was.



It’s too early to be this dark.


The sky was swirling around with gray clouds… grayish purple clouds as the wind was picking up.

Cater noticed Yuu stopped running when they seem them check their time. He raised a brow but his eyes looked to the sky, a familiar negative aura was coursing through the wind. 


“Oh no…”


 He seemed distracted as Grim took the opportunity to tackle Cater as he yelped, taking the golden shell by his mouth and hurried to jump away as Yuu followed. “C’mon! I know the way!!” Grim said. Recognizing the area of the shops. Grim and Yuu made their way down


They have time! Whatever this weird weather is, it’s a blessing to them!


Lastly Step 4:


Get the shell to Azul!




“Azul!”, Augustus shouted as black misty ink floated around Azul.


Azul’s eyes had tears on them, “Don’t look at me! Please!”

He whipped his face away trying to hide his face with his hands as the ink was smudging around. Augustus wanted to go near but he and Chenya were frozen.


“Azul, please calm down!”


“Augustus, he definitely isn’t going to listen…” Chenya mumbled.


“I was so close! Why… Why did this have to happen to me?!” Azul yelled. His voice sounded oddly disembodied.


Screams were heard from the lounge and around.

Augustus could see from the door left opened that people were collapsing inside. Chenya looked around to see some people were running and some were collapsing.


“Oh boy…” Chenya only comments under his breath.


“This is bad…” Augustus’ eyes were widened. A chill went down his spine as the air had a brief breeze.


“I need more.. Give me your abilities!!!”

Azul shouted out in the air as ink started to flow around him more onto his legs. Augustus’ eyes widened as the ink was around Azul, making him and Chenya back away.


“WOAH! What the hell?!” Augustus blinked to look to his right side to see Rielle and Fletcher running over until they stopped.


“Augustus you alright?!” Rielle shouted as he approached him. Augustus' eyes widened.


“Rielle! Your voice!”


“Yeah, yeah. But-- AZUL!” Rielle pointed over to Azul glaring at him with a devious smile.


“Rielle~! Your voice is back! How dreadful...” Cackling laugh.


“He’s overblotting. I tore up the contracts and now--” Augustus said before a voice behind shouted. 


“Azul! What’re you doing!?”


From behind it was Jade and Floyd approaching by their side.


“The hell is this?!” Floyd looked around with disgust.


“Everyone stand back! He’s not himself!” Augustus said with his hand up.


“Jade, Floyd! So good to see you guys came back for me!”

Azul said with a smile,

“Those bastards went and destroyed all my precious contacts. So please, give me your abilities at once! Give it to me now!”

He said as he held his hand out. Ink flew from his hand.


“Stop this! You know without your contracts in place you are not able to control your unique magic properly!” Jade stated.


Augustus grimaced. “Oh gosh…”


“Yeah so stop this!” Rielle shouted.


Azul laughed, “Is that so? You want me to go back being a stupid mer-octopus then?!” He said with a whine.


Rielle cocked a brow at the last thing he said.


“Azulu, y’know. You’re lamer right now than you ever were before.” Floyd slipped his comment in boredly.

Making Azul’s eyes twitch, trying his best to show off his smile.


“FLOYD! Why did you say that?!” Fletcher cried out.


“Aah... so you’re fully aware that I am a stupid, clumsy mer-octopus that can’t do anything for himself… How wonderful....”

Azul said with a weak laugh, looking as if his life had drained.


Rielle processed what he was saying, “Azul…”


“I’m going to keep draining... going keep drawing everyone until I am the best version of myself that I can possibly be! A beautiful singing voice!

A powerful magic! Everything will belong to ME!! ME!!” He said as a large shadow from behind the gang leader started to form.


Loud voices were shouting and screaming from around the town.




They all looked back to see Yuu was running with Grim along running over to them.


“Yuu! Where have you been?!” Augustus asked.


“Heartslabyul. Grim’s got the shell!”

Yuu shouted before they stopped with Grim by their side.

Grim shrieked as their eyes widened watching Azul with a grotesque smile on his face. Looking towards them before saying,


Oh it’s the precious Yuu!

The ink was starting to form around him,

“You’re going to regret ever stepping into Twisted Wonderland!

Yuu fidget at Azul’s voice. It sounded so weak yet so hateful.


The ink blobs swirled around him until it smudged away leaving a different form. His skin was from fair to purple. A purple flame licked up from his left eye.

Ink flowed around his shoulders as his legs became tentacles. Barnacles grew from his shoulders. His suit disappeared leaving him with chest and abs showing off.  Ink was still floating around him like a magnet. A shadow formed from behind him a large woman with tentacles who had an ornament for a head with a large black triton.


“FYNA! WHAT THE HELL?!” Grim leans a bit to take a closer look. “Is that Azul?! He looks so different!” Grim blabbed.


“That’s what he looks like underwater in his merform. It's slightly different.”

Yuu looked over to Jade holding his hat down on his head as the wind was starting to pick up.


“Yeah but what is behind him?!”

Yuu pointed, a shadowy form of the woman with tentacles as well as an ornamented head.. It was oddly familiar...


Augustus raised his arms up as if to shield everyone, “We gotta get him back into his senses!”


“Why is he like this?! What's wrong with him?!” Yuu shouted.


Augustus looked back to them but his eyes were fixed onto the overblotted Azul.

“We’ll explain later. Right now, let’s help Azul or we’ll be dead along with him!” 


Give me… Give me your abilities! ” 


Yuu’s eyes slowly looked to him, Azul’s voice sounded maniacal. He swift his hand towards as the mer-octopus woman uses the triton to try to slash them.

“Look out!!” They all scattered to dodge the attack side to side. Rielle and Chenya rolled back to quickly stand up. Fletcher was on his back, his eyes darted to the road that now was a slash deep that leaves a scar.


Stop standing there AND GIVE IT TO ME!!


Augustus' eyes landed onto the pissed off Azul, the flame of his right eye licked up. Uses his arm to swing the other side for the black triton to hit where Jade, Floyd, and Yuu. Floyd used his unique magic to block the triton to dodge them from hitting them as it hits a city light down cut clean like a sword cutting a bamboo. Azul groans angrily, quickly enough to swing again as Augustus' hand turned into a crab claw stopped him from hitting them.


“Augustus!” Yuu shouted. Their eyes were analyzing his grab claw.


Augustus was using his strength to push the triton back,

“Don’t just stand there! Go hide! All of you! I’ll stop him!”


“WHAT!? I’m not leaving!”,

Rielle shouted standing on his feet, glaring over to him.


“Neither are we.” Jade spoke up as well.



Grim charges over to Azul and blows blue flames; he backs away with his tentacles slithering for a bit.



Azul shouted in a distasteful tone. Using his arm to swing again for the black triton to hit Grim. Sending him flying to a wall building. Fletcher got up to run over to get him.



Yuu’s voice cracked, their legs trembling a bit. They were sort of relieved seeing Grim getting back on his four feet shaking his head as Fletcher kneeled down to check him.


“STOP IT!!” Rielle shouts.


A deadly scowl darted into Rielle’s eyes, a look that could kill. Azul makes a smile and lets out a mechanical laugh.


Stop? I should STOP?! Don’t you realize THIS IS WHAT YOU’VE CREATED?!


Rielle started to frown at him, “I didn’t do anything—!” 


Yes you did! You’ve made me this way. All the days when you bullied me ,”

his grins, like Chenya but it was creepier to Rielle.

You made me feel worthless, stupid, and clumsy. All those times when I was hiding away like a stupid mer-octopus you wanted me to be.

You were right. I am all those things~! ” Azul said, cracking his voice as he shrieks it out.


Rielle guilt was eating him up. He did pick on him in elementary school. But that’s the thing. He was just a stupid little merboy who didn’t know any better but to pick on someone who was just a little different or annoying. He ignored his feelings, making it on the back burner to turn into anger. Reminding himself of the things he has done to him.


Rielle stepped forward. “Azul! Do you know how long ago that was!? Like 10 years?! I was stupid back then! A stupid kid!”


“YET you still call me that favorite nickname you would always love! “Ink Spitter”! You don’t seem like you’ve moved on!”


“How bout YOU tricked me into a deal that I will regret every single day of my life!” Rielle snapped. 

Azul swings his arm for the woman monster to use the triton to the ground as Rielle rolls to the side, but his eyes still glare at him. 


“You think calling you an “ink spitter “ is bad?!

How bout you let me get beaten by the leech twins, getting your stupid members from lounge to make my job even harder!

Having your stupid gang friends to come beat the shit out of me,” Azul does it again and Rielle dodges again to the other side to quickly get up.


“And LASTLY That whole situation made me hate myself even more!” Rielle glares deadly at Azul despite him glaring dangerously at him. 


“Aren’t you f*cking glad?! My own father can’t even look at me.

Half of my brothers and sisters think I’m such an idiot.

SO don’t get me started on how 5-year-old-little-small-brain-Rielle made YOU feel!” 


Azul’s eyes widened at Rielle angrily, “SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!”

Azul moved his arm for the ornament monster to use the black triton to hit Rielle. Blue flames were flaring at Azul making him move his arm up as the shadow woman did.


Grim was bouncing around throwing flames at him. 


“FYNA! This is what you get!!”


Azul started to tear up, “STOP BULLYING ME!!”


Swinging his arm once more to try to hit Grim, but he manages to miss the hit as he notices Floyd was using his unique magic as well as Jade was shooting a flash of flares at him. Azul continues frustrated to try to hit the twins.

Yuu looked over to Augustus then to Chenya, “What’re we going to do!? How do we knock him out before things get worse!”


“ARGH!! I don’t want to go back! Leave me alone! All I want is to become stronger!! I must becomes stronger..." 

Azul whined angrily. Raising triton up to sky as thunder started to spark from the heavens.


“Everyone look out!” Jade shouted, looking to the sky.

Floyd jumps as a lighting bolt almost strikes him. Yuu Flinches back as lightning strikes down, missing them. Chenya and Fletcher were the same, trying to dodge the lighting bolts coming from left and right. It was hitting the buildings and streets causing damage. Yuu noticed the lighting was trying to hit Rielle mostly as he was trying to watch out for them where he ended up falling down on his behind. Rielle glared at Azul as he quickly got up. Yuu wanted to run over there to help him but lightning was striking in the way, they couldn’t.



Azul shouted as rain started to hit with huge winds that would practically almost make Fletcher fly off as he gripped onto the curve of the road. Yuu was sliding until Chenya grabbed onto them while he held onto the cut light pole. Grim flew but Fletcher caught him by his fork tail. Augustus used his claws to dig deep onto the sidewalk while beside him were Jade and Floyd layed low as they tried to grip themselves to the ground.


Azul slithers with his tentacles over to Rielle who doesn't seem to be flying away. Azul’s hand was raised as the ornament head woman raised the triton up.




Yuu’s eyes widened as did Fletcher’s.

Yuu quickly let’s go of Chenya bolt down over to Azul. Despite the winds, they tried to balance and use their strength to get through.


“YUU!! ARE YOU CRAZY!?” Grim shouted. Augustus looked over to the twins who looked back at him.


See you in hell, Rielle~!”  


Azul chimed before swinging. Yuu jumps past the shadow monster onto Azul, back gripping onto his pulling grabbed his arm back from swinging.




Yuu yelled, gripping onto Azul for dear life. Ignoring the inky crawling onto their arm, splattering a bit.


Azul gritted his teeth to manage to grab Yuu and throw them over at the glass window to the inside Monstro Lounge. Yuu’s back aches even more as they hit hard, increasing the feeling of pin needles plucking onto the back of their skin. Yuu couldn’t tell if it was Azul muttering angrily or if it was someone freaking outside.


“No more… ” 


Azul crawls over to the glass with his tentacles.

Before Yuu tried to crawl away, his tentacles wrapped around their legs to grab hold and pull them towards him. Making them slide down passing by glass shards. Azul’s hand raises up, looking down Yuu as if he was hungry for blood.


I want you gone! ” 


Azul's smile was even more frightening as the purple flame lit brighter on his eye. Ink was pouring down on his cheeks from his eyes and mouth. It was terrifying to them. 


Was this it?


The woman with the black triton raised the triton up in the air.


Are they going to die?


Yuu’s eyes started to tear up, they would struggle but they couldn’t at this point. They felt powerless.


Yuu’s eyes started to closed tight and was ready to face death.


“NOW! FLOYD!!” Grim’s voice shouted.


Yuu couldn’t make out what was happening as they opened their eyes. They almost could have sworn they saw Azul’s skeletons flashed and then back to his overblot self.

They flinched as everything started to flash white from their very eyes.

Chapter Text

Yuu has no idea what happened.

They couldn’t tell if they just died or what? They see white for about seconds until they see a bunch of rocks and corals around? But the way it is set up… looks like a school setup.


“Woooow! Look, it's Azulu, the ink spitter!”

A child's voice said as they swam by Yuu who flinched a bit. That reckless kid could have hit them. Wait, Yuu looked closely,


Small child with a merfolk green tail with a purple shell necklace on. Red hair.




“Hurry! Get away. Before you get caught by his weird legs!”

Another child swam by, they didn’t recognize that they had a bowl cut and swam past Yuu. They’re both smiling smugly that they raise a brow until they hear sniffles from behind.


“P-Please stop it…”

They turned their head, it was a large bot tilted on the side. Small octopus legs were trying to hide inside.

They managed to see a chubby child wearing glasses with light purple skin and silver hair.




“ W-Why would you say something like that…” The octo-child was tearing up.


“Swim away or we’ll get hit by his nasty ink!” The child Rielle laughed as the other child did.


“Haha! He’ll never catch up to us!” They both swam away laughing. Yuu angrily looked over to the kids to shout,


“Hey! You kids get back here!!”.

They seemed like they didn’t hear.


Yuu looked back to the mer-octopus child who was crying. Sniffing up as he slithers more inside of the pot as if he’ll hide himself from everyone.



Yuu only said, despite what they’ve been through or what Rielle has gone through. They couldn’t help but sympathize.


“I was only meant to be inside of that octopus pot...” A disembodied voice said. It’s Azul’s voice.

“Unlike other merfolk I had suction cups for legs. I was an introverted child who never spoke from mind...” Yuu looked at child Azul who was whipping away his tears. Ink spilled from his mouth a little so that it floats from above the water.

“I wasn’t good at academics nor physical education. I was left all alone...”


“Whenever he cries the water gets so nasty! He’s such a cry baby! So gross!”

Y uu looked over to see child Rielle ranting.


“He’s even more lamer when playing hide and seek! So stupid!” The other child said.


Azul’s voice started to say, “Is that so?”




Then you should just leave ME alone and play your stupid games without me!” His voice said in an angry tone.


“..Just you watch. Someday, I will triumph over all of you, especially you Rielle!”


Yuu noticed a small child swimming towards the pot a little slow, the child seemed nervous. Blue hair with light blue streaks with a yellow fish tail.




He swam near to see Azul better,


T he small child's voice nervously greeted.


“What do you want?” Child voice spoke from the pot.


“I-I was wondering if you wanted to play?” Child Fletcher asked.


“I’m busy studying. Leave me alone.”


“B--But-- you can take a break and then--”


“I said BEAT IT!” 


The child Azul’s voice snapped at child Fletcher as he began to flinch, backing away frighteningly.


“O-Okay… I’m sorry…” he sadly said quietly and swam away in a hurry


Yuu wouldn’t blame the child for it… But, Fletcher wanted to be nice to him.


“Hey lil octopus, what’re you doing hiding inside the pot?” a familiar child with a long tail that looked unlike the other merfolk swam up to Azul’s pot.


“Beat it! I’m studying!”


“Amazing! Magic spells and circles on those shells on how to change species and how to take voices...”

T he other familiar child swam up, looking impressed to see all the tentacles writing on either side.


These twin kids must be Jade and Floyd…


“I’m going to study more and more! I’ll be as great as the sea witch! So don’t get in my way!”


“Hey Jade, this octopus seems interesting!”


Child Azul’s face seemed to ease a bit.


“Yes Floyd, interesting indeed.”


Yuu wanted to smile at this picture. But they couldn’t.


A flash went by. They were still kids but a bit taller and bigger. Junior high?


Several years have passed since I’ve been studying non-stop…” The voice said.


“I heard a student who was chubby from the other class got a girlfriend!” Floyd said


“In exchange, his voice turned hoarse.” Jade added.


Yuu looked at the chubby junior Azul,


“I also heard a student had raggedy  hair and now it’s silky blonde!”


“In exchange, they lost their huge tail! So he does not swim as fast as the rest,” 


“Azul, is this you're doing?” Jade asked.


“Huh? Why me?” Azul asked.


Yuu’s stomach cringed.


“Those merfolk couldn’t possibly be high-level with their magic.” Jade responded


“You’ve also been studying hard on magic all this time~!” Floyd chimed in as well.


Azul laughed, making Yuu even cringe more. This is how all contracts started…


“I didn’t think I would've been found out so easily! I have finally perfected a magical contract! Whoever signs, I have their abilities or skills that they were so proud of! It’s a Deal is what it’s called.”


The scenery started to flash away into the Coral Reef café…


Years have passed since I left to go to the surface to start up my own business. That’s when I discovered the Town of Twisted Wonderland.

I t was perfect! 


But then I discovered, conveniently, Rielle’s family was there.

His father was opening up his own cafe. The gangsters were giving them such a problem. That’s when I que Jade and Floyd to make their persuasion on Rielle, thus making the deal with me...


Oh no…




Yuu flinched to hear someone fall to the ground. It was Rielle.


Groaning in pain as he got himself up, using a table to lift himself up glaring at the octo-trio gang. Fletcher ran by his side as Augustus did too.


“You f*cking LIED to me!”


Azul smirked, “I did no such thing. You’ve signed the contract for me to help you with your café and to keep all of you safe.”


“No! This is the opposite!” Rielle snapped, marching over to Azul. Yuu wanted to step in between but this was a flashback.


“Taking half the money WE need wasn’t in the contract!”


“It was if you paid close enough to contract. You would have noticed.”


“You little--” Before Rielle could finish, Floyd pushed him back.


“Haha! Red Drum you can’t blame anyone but yourself! You might as well get used to it!”


Yuu noticed Jade holding the bag, who chuckled with that eerie smile.


“Indeed, we’re doing this for you. It’s just smart business.”


“That’s bullshit and you know it!” Rielle argued.


Azul sighed, “Oh my, after all that, you do not appreciate our kindness. Therefore you must be taught a lesson.”


Augustus frowned as Floyd grabbed Rielle dragging him out the door. 


“The hell do you mean!? Let go!”


Augustus marches over to go grab Rielle. Azul stops him with his cane up in his way.

" Now Augustus, if you interfere you’ll be next.” Azul smiled deviously.

Augustus didn’t dare to glare at him, his eyes were full of concern as Floyd threw Rielle out the door.

Fletcher was trembling, his legs gave out and used his hands to cover his eyes. He was beyond scared.


Yuu wanted to run and jump at Floyd. They can’t. 

This all happened before…


Floyd came back and threw Rielle to the ground. He was trying to get up. He was coughing and hacking. He touched his own throat that was all black and blue. His face has fresh bruises and a bite mark on his arm.


Augustus and Fletcher ran over to pick him up. Fletcher's eyes poured out tears.  Augustus couldn’t help but glare over to Floyd who opened the door for Jade and Azul. Before Azul could walk out, he gave a satisfied sadistic smile to Rielle.


“You should have known before you decided to make a deal with me. So tough. This will an interesting experience to work with you, Rielle.” 


A flash went by into nothingness and only heard a voice speaking out.


“The merfolk, especially Rielle who had bullied me for what I looked like…

all of their weaknesses, their worries that I’ve observed…

I took them all!”


Azul stop...


“I could steal the tail-fins of someone who loves swimming.”




“I could even steal their beautiful voice like Rielle’s. As long as I have these golden contracts, I am invincible! I’m no longer a stupid, clumsy mer-octopus. I will have power over everything! All of those people that made fun of me will bow before me!”




“Yuu…” This voice.. Was different...


“Yuu! Wake up! C’mon!”


Yuu’s eyes flashed as they opened up.


A young man looked up and saw a face. Green eyes. Red hair in a pony tail, wearing a purple sweatshirt. Around his neck was a purple shell.


“Rielle…?” He started to smile in relief as he turned his head away from them


“Yuu is awake!”


Fletcher and Chenya ran over to kneeled by Yuu’s other side.


“Yuu! You’re alive! I thought we were too late!” Fletcher whined with a sniffle.


“W-...What happened?” Yuu asked looking over to them


“Rielle used his unique magic and Floyd actually helped to cooperate.” Chenya said with a grin.


“Unique magic?” Yuu looked over to the redhead.

Rielle grinned, “Yeah I realized it when Azul’s contract he took my unique magic I got it back. Which was an electricity kind of thing. “Triton’s Wrath”! I couldn’t aim from where I was so Augustus and I tried to encourage Floyd to use his power to bounce off to where he was at quickly enough to hit Azul.”


“Yuu!” Grim jumps onto Yuu’s lap. “How’re you feeling?”


“To be honest. My back is killing me.” 


“Ya should have seen Grim, he was yelling at Floyd to help you before Azul could’ve killed you.” Chenya grinned mischievously.


“I-I WAS NOT!” Grim snapped at Chenya, “I was yelling at those idiots to hurry up to get Azul back into his senses! Floyd was being annoying!” Grim argues.


 Rielle pokes the creature's from behind his head, “Hey who’re you calling an idiot when you cried for Yuu?”




Yuu wanted to poke fun at this moment but they looked over to see Jade, Floyd and Augustus holding Azul up who was regaining consciousness.


“Azul, how’re you feeling?”


“Ugh…” Azul groaned in pain from his headache, “What happened?”


“You overblotted.” Floyd said.


Azul’s eyes widened. He couldn’t believe it. It felt so unprofessional. He had everything in control until that happened.


“Also,” Augustus holds up a golden shark eye shell. Azul’s eyes widened. That means…


“I think this belongs to you.” Augustus said.


Azul took them in his hand, looking at it. As if he hadn’t looked in years. He folds his fingers around it. Rielle walks over as Chenya holds up Yuu.


“So Azul,” Rielle began to say as he pointed to the shell in his hand, “After all that mess and those two days. We’ve won.” Rielle said with his arms crossed.


Azul wanted to glare but at the moment tingling electricity at the moment.

Augustus looks over to his watch on his wrist,

“It’s 3:02pm,” He smiles as if he hadn’t for a very long time, “Yuu won.” Augustus declared.


Rielle looks down to Azul with a cocky smirk, 

“Yeah! So tough , Azul.”


Azul grimaced, he groaned in pain.


Augustus looks over to Yuu with a smile. “We’ll take you to get your back checked out.” turning away to Azul and the twins.

“I can help take him to get checked too. We can discuss things when he is healing his wounds.”


“That would be kind of you.” Jade smiled a bit. Rielle looked mildly annoyed at Augustus.


“Hold it right there!,”

Everyone looked out to see a police car was pulled up and someone walked over to them was Crowley.


“What happened here?!”


Someone actually called the police. Yuu thought dumbfounded.


“We just got a call about an overblot situation that has happened!” The officer said.


“Can someone explain to me what an overblot is?!” Yuu snapped a little.


“We’ll explain it later..” Rielle mumbled to them.


“Just what I expected. How many are injured?” Crowley asked as he analyzed everyone.


The cat boy walks to the officer,

“There were some people who passed out inside and outside. Not to mention Yuu was thrown around. Also Azulu doesn’t seem right..” Chenya said, looking at everyone on the road who were passed out on the ground. Hoping at least they were passed out.


“Alright I’ll have the ambulance come here and-- AH! That raccoon dog!” Crowley snapped glaring at Grim.


“FYNA!! NOT AGAIN!!” Grim frozen up with a panic.


“Wait!” Yuu said, making the officer to look over to them.


“What do you mean “wait”? Was this not the demon that attacked you and Jack Howl?”


“He has helped me with a few gangsters around. I want to keep him. So please don’t send him away.” Grim’s eyes slowly went from panic to disbelief at Yuu’s words. Grim couldn’t believe it...


“Are you sure?”


“Yes. The safer the better, right?” Yuu said, trying to ignore their aching back.


Officer Crowley thought for a moment, “Very well, for I am gracious. I won’t send him away.” He said with a kind smile.


Grim smile widened making Yuu smile back.


A few Ambulances arrived back taking some wrapping up bandages for the injured people or taking some who were gaining consciousness or were still out. They were still looking at Azul and took wrapping bandages around Yuu’s back. Rielle was pissed that Crowley couldn’t do anything about Azul but Augustus called Trenton for them and the eel twins to have a chat later. Rielle does want in on it as well...

Yuu was sent home to rest. Again. It wasn’t too bad but at least they were able to rest off from everything.


Rielle was carrying them on his shoulder. They were told that they should be on their front for a while. Chenya was helping open the front doors.

Fletcher and Grim followed along behind. Chenya runs over to open Yuu's apartment door.


A door opens from the other side of the apartment, it was Neige peeking out.

“Chenya?” He looked over with wide eyes to see Rielle carrying Yuu.


“Oh my gosh, Neige! You wouldn’t believe it! Yuu got drunk!” Rielle grinned a tease as he goes inside the apartment Yuu let out a whine, 


“Oh shut up! I wish.”


“What-- Rielle! Your voice is back!” Neige smiled widely. As Fletcher and Neige hurried inside,  Chenya closed the door behind him.


Rielle placed Yuu on the bed gently on their front and was careful not to hurt their back.


“Here, are you good?”


“Yeah. Just sore! I’m glad for the treatment. Thank goodness for no broken glass in my back.” Yuu mumbled a bit trying to get into a comfortable position.


“What happened this time?” Neige asked Chenya then to Fletcher.


“I’ll explain later. Crowley is gonna hide everything.” Chenya smiled as he rolled his eyes a bit.


“Buuuut,” Rielle spoke up for everyone to look at him. “We’ve beaten Octavinelle!”


Neige eyes widened up, “What?! You guys did?!,” He smiled widely. “That’s unbelievable!! You actually beat his contract!”


“Hell yeah! So that means tomorrow we should celebrate at the Coral Reef Café!” Rielle said with a cheerful tone.


“Fynaha! Yes!” Grim hopped happily on the bed. “And I can no longer hide now too!”


Rielle looks over to Yuu with a warm smile,

“Honestly Yuu,” He gently placed his hand on their shoulder.

“I thank you man. Without you being here or making that deal. I don’t know what could have happened. I really appreciate it.”


Yuu only stared at him for a second until they smiled back. “What’re friends for? I told you. I won’t break a promise.”


“Shouldn’t we worry about this?” Fletcher looking at Chenya to Neige worriedly.


Rielle looks over to him, “With the other gangsters. Of course! They are like roaches.”


Chenya spoke up with hands behind his head. “The gangsters may get worried about us, especially Yuu being a little brave.”


“Oh gosh you’re right…” Neige said worrisome.


“Well, let’s not worry about them now. I'd rather be happy before the chaos happens. Let’s be real, anything nice lasts like 5 minutes.” Rielle said They all shrugged and nodded at that.

He indeed was not wrong.


“Get some rest, Yuu.”


Rielle said as he felt a vibration in his pocket to see who messaged him.


“Oh shit, it’s my dad. I have to see him!”


“You go. I’ll see you guys later.” Yuu nodded


Rielle and Fletcher said their goodbyes as they left.


“Remember, if you need us. We’re just across the hall!” Neige said and then he and Chenya left.


“Fyna. Finally some peace. I can’t believe we went through ALL Of that.” Grim flopped onto the comforter to sleep.


Yuu laughed a bit at him as he quickly enough went past out asleep. They started to close their sleep.


Hours passed they woke up to see it’s 9PM


They see Grim was sleeping soundly. They felt as if what happened was just a horrible nightmare.


Weird lucid dreams?

It doesn’t explain to them why they saw all that?

To feel sympathy? Even so it didn’t do well at the last flashback, why? It felt so real yet, they could have guessed it was all just from what they’ve heard...


Their phone started to ding, Yuu took it to see messages from Rielle.


Rielle: Hey! My dad apologized to me about yesterday and was glad I was safe. He couldn't believe it! haha!


Another message.


Rielle: Hey! I was getting started cleaning shit from the attic. I found a picture of fetus baby Rielle from elementary school! Crazy huh? This taken under the sea at my old elementary school.


Yuu’s eyes widened, the picture as they scrolled down at a picture of elementary school merfolk.


They look like

...From the lucid dream…

Little Rielle, bowl hair kid, small Fletcher, the twins… the one in the back of the corner… 


Baby chubby Azul…

Chapter Text


Their back was getting better than before when they woke up from their slumber. Grim was sleeping on Yuu's back ankles while they were awake on their front. It was Thursday morning. A knock was heard from the door. They were reminded of what happened yesterday. A lot of things about yesterday. Their brown eyes looked back to the solid door, wondering if it’s Rielle or Neige coming by to say hi.


Yuu’s legs slide from Grim to slowly get up to walk over to open the door.


It was a surprise guest they didn’t expect, Farena Kingscholar himself.


“Hello Yuu. I’m sorry to disturb you.”


“No, it’s alright. I’m healing but what’re you doing here?”


He leaned in and whispered to them, “I came to talk with you. I heard of what happened yesterday from officer Crowley last night. May I come in?”


Yuu let himself inside as they closed the door.


“How bad was it outside?” Yuu asked, wondering if the mess from the wind or lighting looked chaotic.


“It looked like a bad typhoon had hit. Mayor Ambrose saw the whole mess.” Farena said.


Yuu blinked at him.


“I’m sorry, who?”


Farena raised a brow at them, “Ambrose 63rd. He is our mayor of this town.”


Yuu crossed their arms, “You guys had a mayor and he is not doing anything about the gangs?!”


Farena frowned at them, “He is doing everything he can. It’s not easy when there are seven high ranks trying to take over. Last night he sensed an had overblot happened and he was correct when we went over to the crime scene near by the Monstro Lounge. It surprised all of us that it stopped. We thought it was the end of us.”.


“What is an overblot?”


Farena sighed, “It’s when someone uses up their power to the point it goes out of control from emotions. Have you noticed that every gang leader has a pen with a gem on it?”


Yuu nodded, he continued, “When using up all that power. It will become dirty. Dirty enough for blots of ink to pour out and try to take over you. It’s caused by such negative energy,” He made a weak smile, “I’m glad it just happened to be an accident.”


Yuu made a confused frown, “What do you mean?”


Farena's smile dropped, “Those gems they have were stolen from Ambrose’s top secret.”


Yuu’s eyes widened at that. “What?”


“Yes, we don’t know how they managed to find them. They stole them to get more power. It took them time to figure out how to abuse its power. I know from what you saw with Azul. He was out of control. He must have used up his power so much that his emotions took over without him even noticing.”


Yuu shook their head, “But that makes no sense to me. Augustus told us that we had to get Azul out of that state or he wouldn't have survived.”


“It would. The scary part is one of them is close to overblotting that is controlled. Not even using up any of their magic. They are trying to figure out how not to get themselves killed when doing so. Our team of investigators are trying to figure out how they are doing it and trying to get them gems back. That is why it is taking some time. If we all do it by force, I guarantee it wouldn’t be the wisest idea.”


“That’s… That’s insane.” Yuu said their memory of Azul’s ink dripping down his face before he could kill them will always traumatize them.


“When isn't it insane in this town…” Farena laughed briefly, “But I am more concerned about you. That is why I am here.” Farena said, “Those gangs already know of your victory. They will not like it. Which means you are their bigger target.”


Yuu’s smile weakened, “Oh haha great…”


A door barged  open to reveal a happy Rielle and Fletcher in their cafe uniform and Neige was with them in his usual blouse and vest with a bow tie on. “Morning Yuu! You read-- Oh! Farena!?” Rielle blinked at the man in the room. Grim jumped with a loud, “FYNA!! AHHH!! LEONA-- Oh wait, it's just the brother.” Grim groans, rubbing his eyes.


Farena raised a brow to the furry animal after he looked over to Yuu. “Please call me,” he said, handing his card to Yuu. “If you need any help. I’ll do what I can. I must be on my way now. Please be safe everyone.” He said as the trio moved aside, letting him leave off.


“Why was Farena here?” Neige asked concerned


“Haha… It’s a lot to take in...” Yuu said, looking at his card.


“Oh man. Should we even go?” Fletcher asked


“Hey, we can’t stay and hide away forever. We may end up having a nice decent day for once.” Rielle said. Neige nodded, “I do somewhat agree...” he trailed off his words.


"So what're we doing today?"


"We're going celebrate our victory and open up the café. It's going to feel super satisfying." Rielle smiled.


Yuu nodded with a smile back, "Okay."


Yuu quickly changed from the bathroom into their regular red sweatshirt and black pants to go over to the café.


The group were walking on the cross road heading to Coral Reef when three guys, one with blonde hair with bear ears, short gray hair with long black horse cars and pink hair one with tiger ears.


“Well, well! Looks like we just found breakfast fellas!” The blonde laughed along with the two.


Fletcher flinched but didn’t back away.

Rielle stepped forward with a angry glare, “Beat it would you! We don’t want to deal with you guys!” He snapped. An amused grin was formed onto the blonde’s face, showing off his sharp teeth.


“Heh! You think just because you defeated the Octavinelle leader, that you think you can talk to us like that?!”


“He said beat it!” Yuu snapped.


Grim on their side with their paws crossed, “That’s right! Listen to my henchman!”


The gang member laughed and pointed to Grim, “Haha! Look at the appetizer talking!”


“FYGA! Who are you callin an appetizer!” Grim glared.


“That’s enough!”


They looked who was walking from the alleyway was Jack, glaring over the three.


“Don’t waste any time on them. We have unfinished business to take care of with Leona.” Jack told them.


“Tch, Jack, just because you’re the leader’s “favorite loyal member” doesn’t mean you can tell us what to do!” The gray hair rolled his eyes over to him. 


Jack growled. “I’m doing it for your own safety!” 


“Like it’s your f*cking problem, wolfboy! We have body parts to tear from limb to limb.” The pink haired one said baring his fangs, making Fletcher and Neige flinch.


“Listen to him you fricking nimrods!” The three flinched to see behind them was Wraith, in  black and red jumpsuit. “You are also in my way. Move it or lose it!” She bared her fangs at them as her wolf ears twitched.


“Argh, fine!,” The Blonde said angrily as he looked over to the five. “Next time we see you mice again, you’ll be dead!” Three walked back in a hurry down the alleyway. 


Wraith’s glare eased, “Fricking morons... “ She commented under her breath as she looked at Jack.


“Hey Jack. It’s nice to see you’re doing fine there.”


Jack nodded, “It’s good to see you too. Thanks for that.” He said while rubbing the back of his nape looking away.


She crossed her arms, “Don’t mention it. Be careful out there, kiddo.”


“Ah! I’m not a kid anymore!”


“You are to me.”

Wraith looked to the group.

“You guys okay?”


They all nodded, “Yes, thank you Ms. Wraith!” Neige smiled, he looked at Jack. “You too, Jack!”


Jack avoided giving him any eye contact with Neige.


“Don’t mention it. I gotta go. See ya.” Jack said as they hurried down the alleyway.


“Hey Wraith, wanna come with us to the Coral Reef cafe?” Yuu insisted.


“No thanks, I gotta do my morning run and help out Cathleen. But thanks anyway. See ya tomorrow, Yuu.” Wraith said as she ran past them.

They went over to Coral Reef as they saw a Chenya already there with Augustus and a 10 year old kid that looked like a miniature with a cheerful smile. His skin was dark and wore a short sleeved t-shirt and long pants with shoes to match his shirt.


“I got you again, Chenya!”


“Booo~! I know you are cheating there, Dorian.” He grinned pointing down to his cards.


“Am not!” He laughed, his gray eyes noticed Yuu and the trio.




Augustus looks over to them, “Hello everyone. You’re just in time for the donuts to be ready.”


I made them!” the child said loudly.


“Hey, you know well I made them too! Give me some credit!” Rielle laughed.


“Nah~! That doesn’t sound like what Rielle would do!”


“Why you little!!” Rielle cracked a laugh.


Neige couldn't help but giggle at that as Yuu just smiled.


Augustus walked over to the small kid on the chair, "Yuu, I would like you to meet my son, Dorian."


Dorian waved at them with a big smile, "Hi!"


"Hi it's nice to meet you!" Yuu smiled at them back.


"Woah! That cat's ears are on fire! That's so cool!!" Dorian chirped.


"I am not a-- oh well, at least he gave me a compliment!" Grim made a smug.


“Do you want some help, Augustus?” Yuu asked. 


“I do, but I want to talk to you, Yuu.”,

Augustus' smile became a serious poker face as they started to tense up. Neige sat with Dorian as Augustus pulls Yuu, Rielle, Grim and Fletcher to side of the other table.


“Has Farena talked with you?”.


“He actually came by this morning.” Yuu answered honestly.


Grim frowned in confusion at them.


Rielle looked at them back and forth, “Honestly, yeah. Ain’t Heartslabyul after you?”


“Yep,” They looked to Chenya who was grinning.

“Riddle really wants a do-over.” 


“Ughh... Why?!”


“He can be quite stubborn,” Chenya smiled with a laugh. “It’s ridiculous.”


“You’re telling me?” Yuu mumbled under their breath. “But this time I have Grim with me and I’m going to watch my back. Last time I didn’t and I should have!”


“Ha! Yeah that’s right! If they try to come near us, it's a barbecued members on a stick!” Grim smirked cockily, making Rielle’s brows frowned tight at him as Yuu did the same.


“Yeah, okay.” Yuu said.


“Bu-But,” Fletcher began to say as they all looked over to him, “Even if Grim can fight them off. What about Savanaclaw, Pomefiore o-o-or D--Diasomnia?”


“That’s what I’m afraid of…” Augustus sighed, Yuu’s brown eyes darted to him.


“Pomeifore can be sneaky, I would watch out for them. Savanaclaw can be ruthless and patient when it comes to prey,”


“No kidding.” Rielle muttered.


“And Diasomnia, I would be very careful of. Their leader, Malleus--”


Fletcher flinched hearing the name, “DON’T!,” He screeched, interrupting Augustus, “Don’t say his name! It sends shivers down my spine!” Fletcher said almost teary eyed.


Yuu cringed at Fletcher’s sense of discomfort. He must be bad if Fletcher couldn’t stand hearing the guy’s name.


“I’m sorry, their leader, he is ruthless in a way but it is not like Leona. He is patient. Very patient. It’s not even funny. It’s funny to him because he likes to toy with people however he likes, and enjoys the humiliation of others. Like we deserve it.” Augustus said,


Yuu already doesn’t like the guy. 


“That sounds terrible…”


“Well duh!,” Rielle exclaimed, “He is a sadistic asshole!”


“Sounds like it!,” Grim muttered, “But the great Grim won’t be messed with on how he likes!” He made a smug smile.


“Grim! I-I would not act so arrogant about it!” Fletcher said.


“He is right, Malleus is someone we should not mess with,” Chenya chimed in, “He is very dangerous. Especially when he is angry.” That made Fletcher gulped at that.


Yuu wanted to ask, but then the entrance doors open up,




They all turned to the door, and Kalim came running in toward Yuu. Fletcher flinched when the sudden guest came in with someone behind him, Jamil.


“Oh I’m so glad you are okay! I’ve heard what happened! Are you injured?!” He sighed in relief.


Yuu smiled at him, they could feel their eyes watching them.


“I’m alright, Kalim. How did you know? ...And how did you know I was here?”


“A fellow member of mine was at the scene. He was at the hospital so Jamil and I went to go see him. He told us that Azul overblotted and the last time before went out concious. Azul threw you through the Monstro Lounge window! We went over to Cathleen at Cha Bella and she told us you worked here. I’m so glad you and member were okay!” Kalim explained, and hugged Yuu. Their back began to swell. But Yuu patted his back.


Augustus looked over to Jamil from behind. “I’m sure you’ll be on high alert about this, Jamil.”


Jamil nodded, “Like always.”


“Oh! Hi Dorian!” Kalim waved over to Dorian waving back with a big smile.


“Hi Kalim!” He said in a cheerful tone.


“Kalim, we should go back now. They are fine.” Jamil insisted.


“Oh! Okay, okay!,” Kalim grinned, “Oh! Before I leave. Do you guys mind coming to my Arabian Night club on Saturday? I invited Wraith, Cathleen, Lamario and Jessamine!”


“Thank you but Rielle and I are going to be busy with Trenton and the leech twins.” Augustus informed.


“Yeah, it’s going to be a long day.” Rielle sighed.


“I-I going with them.” Fletcher said.


“My apologies, I am busy with my friends at a small shop to help them out.” Neige said.


“I can go~!” Chenya grinned.


“Great!,” Kalim smiled, he looked over to Yuu, “Are you able to come?”


“Uh, I’ll think about it...”  Yuu agreed, making Kalim smile nodded.


“I understand. If you change your mind. Please be there at 6 o’clock!” The kind gang leader smiled.


The two walked out with a wave goodbye to leave the café.


“Alright, let’s set up for opening.” Augustus said.


“Yay! Work!” Dorian chimed with his hand up.


"Something is wrong with him..." Grim mumbled


The guys helped set up the white countertop filled with bakery goods and next to it the fridge countertop with the menu chalk stand on top. They also helped put the tables and chairs back in place.


“It’s so weird.” Rielle mentioned You looked over to him on the other side of the table they placed.


“I would be thinking now about Azul would be coming today... but since he is just healing up, bummer. It’s weird to feel some sort of relief...” Rielle said.


“Oh yeah, it’s Thursday.” Yuu realized at that. The last time they remembered was when he had the Savanaclaw gang come in to hurt Fletcher and Rielle. Then he took Rielle's voice... To Yuu, it felt like it was long ago... It's crazy to think that.


Augustus placed a chair to a table and began to say, “We still need to hide it from anyone. I need to get a better lock safe. Hopefully Sam has it in stock.”


“Yeah, hopefully, you guys won’t have any break-ins.” Yuu mentions.


“Don’t worry. I already talked about Trenton last night. We are going to be as fast as possible about that so I’ll be very busy.” Augustus informed them and looked to Rielle.


Rielle nodded, walking over to the back with Yuu to get more chairs. “Yeah, Savanaclaw was a big pain in my ass. I remember Farena being so upset the last time that gang broke in.”


“FYNA!” Yuu flinched as they saw Grim falling over to the counter.


“Haha! Got you!” Dorian laughed as a floating Chenya was flying around laughing.


“Argh! Not funny!” Grim grumbled.


“Dorian, Chenya. Please don’t pick on the poor cat.” Augustus sighed.


“I’m not a cat!”


Rielle turned his head over to Yuu to lean and whisper, “What is Grim?”


“I have no clue. He is some demon flaming monster thing.” Yuu shrugged.



 After they were done, for a celebration for yesterday. Augustus gave each of everyone a donuts and coffee. Everyone smiled in the café.


“We may be in a tight situation. But this is a rare victory that we will always remember. We hope that the light that has shined onto this town and it will shine brighter to overpower the darkness and  despair in this town.” Augustus said as they all nodded.


“Let us hope.” Neige smiled and looked over to Yuu, “We also have to make sure to protect them.”


Yuu smiled back at Neige then to everyone in the room.



They opened up the café and some people came in later on. It was a fairly good day so far like it was no other day. Chenya insisted on taking Dorian back to school for Augustus. Neige left as well to go work at the Cottage Shop. Yuu really wants to see what it is like there…


Later at the end of the day, no stress. No mob was marching over to demand payment.


It was odd for them but they at least have the payment they deserved…


“Ah what a relief!”

Rielle grumbled his head on the table in the middle of the café as Yuu was using a mop to wipe up the floors.

“I thought it would never end.”


“Me too!” Fletcher sighed a bit with a smile.

Augustus opened his office door as he announced, “Alright Yuu, you can clock out. I’ll see you on Monday. Also don't forget Grim.” He looked over inside to see Grim walking out tiredly.

“Fyna.. I wish I was on the bed.”


Yuu hurried over to the register screen to clock out,


“Okay! C’mon Grim.”

They looked over to Grim, shaking his head to follow Yuu out the entrance waving and saying goodnight to the three from the inside.


“We are so lucky to have them.” Rielle mumbled.


“It’s honestly unbelievable.” Augustus sighed with a smile.

After a while the three set up to close for the night. Augustus went inside his office to grab some paperwork and keys to close up. His phone on his desk started to vibrate rapidly. He took his phone and looked at the screen. It was Wraith calling him.


The time, 9:15pm


He pressed the answer and held it to his ear,




“Hey Augustus, are you still inside the café?”


“Yes, why?”


“Stay inside and tell anyone not to come out. There is a gang warzone going on!”


Augustus’s eyes widened.


“What!?--” He ran out from his office door and saw Rielle and Fletcher about to step out.


“Nobody leave!!!” He shouted as they froze.


Rielle whipped his head over his shoulder and backed away from the door as Fletcher jumped in a fright,

“What?! What’s going on?!” he frowned.


“Wraith?! How bad is it?!” Augustus asked to the phone.


“It’s between Savanaclaw and Diasomnia! I’m outside trying to get people inside and hidden safely with Cathleen! Do the same and stay inside!”


“Wraith! Yuu is out there! I-I can’t--”


“I’ll go find them! Stay inside and don’t leave for your own safety!” She argued on the phone.


“A-Augustus! What’s happening!?” Fletcher asked with his eyes widened in fright.


Augustus looked out to the entrance, the three flinched as they felt thunder rolling outside.




Meanwhile, 9:16pm


Yuu carried Grim in their arms as Grim sighed happily.


“Fyna! This is more like it. I’m tired as it is.”


Yuu glared down to him, “I’m the one that worked hard. Why am I carrying you?”


“You are my henchman, you are to do as told!” He smiled.


“Should I get you those baby carriers, my league? “ Yuu teased as Grim glared up at them.


“Fyna! You know what--”


Thunder strikes down making the concrete ground shake. Yuu tumbled a bit, shaking Grim in their arms.


Yuu flinched back as green streak of thunder hits down to where Yuu was making them fall back down with Grim.


“FGHA!! What was that?!” Grim looked around.


“That was thunder!?”


Were thunder usually green here? Yuu questioned.


“What do you think?!” Grim snapped as they began to hear loud running noises coming down from the alleyway they were passing by. Yuu started to get up from the ground, letting Grim hop off from their grasp.


“The hell is going on?!” Grim shouted.


“I think we’re in some magical fight?!” Yuu said as they started to run down from the other side of the street, Grim follows them from behind. The ground shakes again as thunder and lightning were striking down none stop around them or behind one of the buildings. They were losing their balance falling over to their knee hitting the ground.


They began to hear some shouting or growling


“GET THEM! DON’T LOSE THEIR SIGHT!” A voice laughed mechanically echoed. Ruggie?


“YOUNG MASTER!!” A voice shouted that sounded like the guy they’ve met, Sebek was it?

There was loud crashing noise making their legs tremble. Grim slipped down from Yuu’s grasp.


“We gotta get out of here! They sound like they are bloodthirsty!”


Yuu manages to get up quickly, running as fast as they can. It wasn't their street to the apartment but it is every man for themselves!


A loud grunting noise, almost an animalistic echo from another alleyway as they were passing by.


“JACK!!!” A voice bloody shouted in a cry as the Yuu halted their feet.



Loud clashing and popping noises echoed.


Grim was further away from Yuu as he looked back them


“What’re you doing?! Run!!”


Yuu looked over to the other alleyway they were about to pass, where they can hear some shootings or magic echoing started to fade from. They glanced over to Grim then to the alleyway. They admit. It’s dangerous and stupid to run into a battle between two powerful gangs. They thought about running, hoping at least they took Jack into safety.

But, what if he didn’t… As much as they know it’s going to bite them in the ass. Yuu gut was telling them to do something. It made them want to do something... They thought about before when Jack at the café defending them before Floyd could have hurt them and then earlier...

They started running down the alleyway.


“YUU!!!  NOT THAT WAY!!!” Grim shouted.


Yuu started running down. The alleyway was like a wasteland that had swiped down across.


“JACK?!” Yuu shouted.


They stopped midway in two ways. There were some bodies down. Yuu hoped Jack wasn’t one of them… They started to look either way to hear the shouting was fading from the other side. Yuu looked down to the bodies that were down. None of them were the wolf man. Yuu was about to run back until they heard a grunt in pain from a the back of their ear.


Grim ran down looking either way but sighed with relief when it wasn’t him. Their stomach cringes seeing the lifeless bodies on the ground with gash wounds on their chest or some burned like a dot on their throat. They quickly look away when nausea swells their throat.


“C’mon! Or we’re dead!” 


Yuu waved their hand at him. They heard it again noise but it was starting to fade which made them fretful.


“YUU! Are you stupid?!” Grim hissed angrily following them.


He felt as if he were yelling at the tv watching dumb teenagers running into danger.


They started as they hurried over to a corner taking to another area. They stopped to see someone was crouching to the ground was trying to stand on their feet. Holding their wounded side of their rib that was bleeding. Their jacket was kind of torn apart and stained with blood. Not too much but it was messy. The shoulders of their jacket were cut open...




They know this person…


They analyzed them,

The uniform... black jacket with light green accents over matching pants with a leather belt around with some accessories, black leather gloves right to his elbows, and black leather boots. This uniform looks familiar to the Diasomnia uniform.


Long raven hair. 






His head slightly went up to meet Yuu’s eyes with his green eyes with slit pupils. They rushed over to crouch to him.


“Child of man…?”


“Oh gosh! What the hell happened?!” As soon as Yuu analyzed him closer. They noticed the inside of his shoulders of his jacket were cracked, dried up like the ground cracking up.


He let out a weak laugh, “A gang war happened between Kingscholar and--.” He groans in pain from his bleeding torn up side of his rib.


“… Heh, For the first time he almost got me”


“Oh! Jeez! I’ll get you out of here!” Yuu grabs his under arm slowly.


“I’ll be fine I'll have to--”




Tsunotaro raised a brow at the sudden rejection.


“I’m not leaving you here! You’re badly injured! We’re getting you healed.” Yuu picked him,

he was kind of heavy due to his taller size than Yuu. They flinched as an echo of explosions from the corner.


“FYNA! We need to go! Savanaclaw members are coming-- Wha--? Who the heck is that?!”


“No time! C’mon! Work with me Tsunotaro!”


Tsunotaro opened his mouth but closed as Yuu manages to carry him out from the alleyway hurrying over to get away as fast as possible with Grim behind them. A few minutes later they made it to the Royal Sword Apartment.


Grim hopped over to open the door to the entrance to get inside. Yuu dragging Tsunotaro inside. They looked over to the lobby desk to analyze the area, they raised a brow.


Agatha was nowhere to be seen? 


The lobby desk was empty, but there was no time to look for her. Yuu wanted to heal Tsunotaro.

They rushed down the hallway to their apartment door. Yuu handed the door key to Grim as he opened it to them inside.


“Okay. Heeere we go!” Yuu slowly sets the goth horned man down on the bed. Tsunotaro groaned from the pain on his side of his torn jacket showing his slash that looked like a claw mark. He was set on the bed.


“Sorry. Stay here! I’ll get Neige! He’ll help with your wounds!”,

Before Tsuntaro could say anything as Yuu rushed out to the door. They rapidly knocked onto the door.


They waited and knocked again for a few seconds. There was no answer?


“Neige? Chenya?”,

They said loudly and waited for another few seconds until they gave up. They rushed inside.


Maybe they didn’t make it home yet?


“Okay! No problem! I got a safety kit!” Yuu pulled out a container from under the bed.

“It’s been a while since I’ve bandaged anyone so bear with me.” He takes the elastic bandage out with some ointment to bring to Tsunotaro.


“Okay, let me just look at your injuries.”


Tsunotaro moved his arm up a little bit for Yuu to look at. 


“So I guess you’re part of the Diasomnia gang.” Yuu said as they looked at his cracked shoulders.


Tsunotaro watched them and started to chuckle a bit. “Anything else?”


They analyzed the side. Thankfully it wasn’t a deep cut. They were claws marks on his side.


“What did you mean when “he” almost got you?” Yuu got up to grab a rag to wet it with water.


“I underestimated them,” He explained shortly.

“I thought it would be a simple fight but little did I know I was lured into a death trap. If I hadn't escaped Leona’s grasp, he would have turned into dust as you can see from my shoulders.”


Yuu’s eyes widened and raised a brow, “How did you get away?”


“I used up my power to stop him. He’s gotten stronger than I expected.”


“Was your gang leader there able to help?”


Tsunotaro started to snicker and let out a small laugh.


“What’s funny?”

Yuu asked as they got up to grab an ointment bottle and to go find a towel through some drawers.


“Oh, nothing. Our leader was trying his best to fight Kingscholar off. The Savanaclaw leader may not be as strong as Diasomnia. But he is very cunning.” 


“Mhm, okay.”

Yuu warned as they dabbed the ointment on the towel to walk over back to hit on the bed.

“They may sting on your shoulders. You mind taking your jacket off or something? I may have to bandage you anyway. You have a lot of accessories around your waist.” Yuu half laughed thinking it must be annoying to have to wear that around.

He took his gloves off, his belt around his jacket and then unzipped his jacket to take it off leaving him bare chest. Yuu dabbed his shoulders with the ointment. Grim groaned and walked over to the side of the kitchen.


Tsunotaro’s eyes looked to Yuu curiously, “Do you know anything about the leader, Malleus Draconia?” He asked.


“I mean. Funny enough, today I was told to watch myself when it comes to him like Leona and Vil.” Yuu laughed a bit. They grabbed some ointment to pour onto the cloth before to dab onto his wound of his rib.


“What did they say about the Diasomnia leader?” He asked.


“Um, well… basically of how someone summarized him, a sadistic asshole.” Yuu raised their hands up in defense like they were told to freeze by the police. “Again no offense, since he is your gang leader!”


“No, it’s understandable. By the way, I’ve heard about your victory of defeating Ashengrotto.”


Yuu’s eyes widened at that. Before Yuu could reply about that they were interrupted by a groaning demon cat from behind.


“YUU!! Where are the tuna!?” Grim yelled looking through the fridge.


“I’ll look later. I am busy!” They rolled their eyes.


Grim muttered as he walked over to them. “Hey, Tsunotaro. While you’re here. What does this Malleus Draconia look like?”


“Honestly, yeah, that’s a good question.”

Yuu looked up to the horned man, he made an amused smile at that question as his green eyes looked over to Grim,


“He wears the same uniform as the rest. But it is quite different.”


“Different how?” Yuu raised a brow.


He looks to Yuu, “You’ll notice how in every gang. The leader has more of a unique uniform than the rest so he can stand out. That should tell you who you may notice the leader.”


Yuu nodded and understood, it was true. Vil had longer robes than Rook and Epel’s. Hell, Riddle’s uniform was also different from the four members.  Azul too. Not only did he wear his jacket around his shoulders. His blouse was white while the others wore purple blouses underneath....


“Meh, that is true. I guess.” Grim muttered.


Yuu dabbed some ointment on the side of his slash injury and to finally wrap some bandages around it.


“So you want to throw this out? This isn’t your only jacket for your uniform, right?” Yuu questioned, holding his jacket up. They noticed that there were some little sand falling to the ground like dust from the edges of the torn jacket. Looking at him with his bandages wrapped around,


Tsunotaro shook his head, “I’m afraid that is the only jacket I have. But I’ll have someone to sew it back like nothing happened to them.”


“Well that’s good. Here.” Yuu hands it back to him as he puts it back on with his gloves and belt on back where they were.


Yuu suddenly froze up to a noise from the door.


Someone knocked on the door.


“Yuu? Are you in there?” A female voice called out from behind the door.


Yuu wanted to approach the door to let someone one in but they had a nervous sensation going through their gut about Tsunotaro being here. Maybe since he is a gangster, it wouldn’t be wise? Would it? They weren’t sure...


“Uh, I’ll be right back.” Yuu said pointing to the door as Tsunotaro nodded understood.


Yuu quickly looked through the peephole to see it was long brown wavy haired, Cathleen at the door.


They opened the door by a creek for their head to be in the way of the room.


“Oh! Hey Cathleen.”


“Oh,” She placed her hand to her chest. “Thank goodness, you’re here.” She smiled in relief.


“Uh, what’s up? It’s kind of late. I’m getting all better so don’t worry about me not going in tomorrow haha!” Yuu smiled.


“Well, Wraith and I were worried about you. Have you not seen what happened?”


Yuu raised a brow. “Uh what?”


“Oh it was terrifying!  Wraith and I were going to get some more boxes for the store until Jack was warning us about Leona’s …” She paused as if to find a word. Yuu’s brow raised at what she said, “ devious trap of his. He told us to warn everyone in the area. So we called the police for help,” She pursed her lips “We thought we were too late. We were trying to warn as many people to stay inside and to be safe. Wraith warned Augustus and he said you left later on before they were about to leave.”


“Oh gosh yeah,” her eyes widened to them as they spoke with a nervous laugh. They made sure the door was not wide open enough for her to see the gangster sitting on their bed. They could feel his eyes watching them from behind, it was eerie to them, “It was crazy! Thunder was rolling around and Grim and I were running for our lives! It was kind of weird since I don't usually see thunder being bright green.”


She covered her mouth trying to hold her gasp as she looked down to them. They were about to panic but the door was nowhere near open enough for her to see Tsunotaro. They were glad he was at least quiet like he’s not even in the room.


“Oh dear! I’m so glad nothing bad really happened. You either could have been struck by lightning by the leader’s anger.” 


Yuu’s eyes widened, “Wait, wait. What do you mean?”


“Some have said it is factual. Green lighting usually means the Diasomnia leader was truly mad. I’m so glad you made it over here alive.”


Yuu tensed up. The gang leader of Diasomnia can really do that? Angry to the point where he creates a bad thunderstorm around him?! He needs some anger management then!


“Jeez! That is scary as hell! Oh! Uh, sorry Cathleen, do you mind coming in?” Yuu asked. They didn't even hesitate at that, which made their gut cringe even more!


“Oh, I would but I must go back out. The fight between the two gangs have stopped for some time now... I don’t know what but Wraith is worried about Jack. She told me to go see if you were here while she went to go find him. I hope he is alright…” She said, worriedly.


“I really hope so too. Maybe I can go--”


“No! Please, Yuu! You went through Octavinelle yesterday. Please stay inside and rest up before tomorrow please.” Cathleen insisted.


Yuu sighed, “...Alright. Please let me know if Jack is okay."


“Will do. See you later!” She said as she hurried off as Yuu quickly closed the door and faced Tsunotaro sitting waiting patiently.


 Yuu took a deep breath and let it out.


“That was close." Grim sighed with his paws on his sides.


"Your leader has some serious bad anger issues.” Yuu commented.


Tsunotaro blinked at that before snickering that turned into laughter.


“Oh who wouldn’t be mad over an ambush." He said with a mused smile.


“I don't disagree with that. But being so angry to make thunder strike down is outrageous!” Yuu made a sheepish smile at that. They had a thought that made their smile drop,


“Say, Tsunotaro,” His green eyes looked into their brown eyes. “How long has this...gang war been going on for?”


He hesitated before speaking, “I think for about three or four years? Time has gone by so fast...”


“Jeez..” Yuu tensed a bit and asked, “You know all about the gang leaders, right?”


Tsunotaro nodded, “Quite so. I’ve acknowledged their presence. They are quite powerful in their own way of trying to take over.  Why? Are you trying to gain information from me?” He asked with that amused smile again.


Grim glared at him, "Well duh we want to take them--" Yuu grabbed Grim by the mouth and arm around him. Whatever Grim says is going to lit the fire.


“I just want to know what everyone else knows. I've living here for a while and it's just been non stop chaos. I want to be safe is all.”

They weren't sure, but for some they have a feeling he knows more than anything...


“Hmm....,” He paused before speaking, “I understand. Is it wise to ask a gangster you don't even know?”


Yuu wanted to argue, but not when someone was just about to be turned into dust. They sighed, “I don't know... ”


Tsunotaro was about to get up from the couch. “Hey, wait!” They said rapidly as he stood up.


He raised a brow, “I was just about to leave.”


“Your wounds need to heal. You should lay down and rest. Yeah, I may not know you, but you haven't tried to beat me.” Yuu insisted, his eyes widened as if he had never heard that from someone.


“You want me to lay here for a while?”


“Well, yeah. You just went through some bits of hell and almost got killed for it so why not? You can sleep here until next morning” They raised their eyebrow at him.


“Alright. But where are you sleeping?”


“I’ll sleep by you on the side of the bed,” Yuu went over to a closet by their bed to pull out a sleeping bag and limped it to the side of the bed.


“If you need anything, just wake me up or Grim.”


“He is not gonna earn my help unless he gives me tuna!” Grim smug with his paws crossed with a laugh.


“You really are a pain...” Yuu sighed.


Tsunotaro started to smile at the human, “Thank you, Child of man.”


Yuu smiled, “No problem.”




As time went by, Yuu changed into their pajamas from the bathroom to sleep in their sleeping bag on the side of the bed where Tsunotaro has slept for the night. Grim laying on their legs on the sleeping bag. Tsunotaro took off the cover to get up from the bed. He looked down to the human sleeping and the demon cat to make sure they were in a deep sleep.

Tsunotaro used his finger to poof up a folded card right onto their small circular table.


He then smiled down upon them. 



His smile wasn’t sweet 

nor was it sincere.


It was a malicious smile that pulled onto his lips.


Oh, Child of man. You’re quite interesting indeed. Have a delightful dream.” He said quietly for his voice not to interrupt their precious dreams before vanishing away into flakes of green light as darkness took over…

Chapter Text





Yuu’s brown eyes widened open as they got up quickly.


“WHAT!? WHAT HAPPENED!?” Yuu shouted,


“The guy left, and he left a stupid card here!” 


Yuu’s brows raised before it turned into an annoyed frown,

“Grim! I thought something bad happened!” They got up; they saw that Tsunotaro was no longer on the bed. He must have healed and left in a hurry to go back to the gang.


“Well, you were in a deep sleep. I was annoyed.”


Grim hopped onto the bed with the folded card onto his paw and handed it over to them. They took it to flip up to open it and started reading,


Dear, Child of Man,


Thank you for healing my injuries from that terribly embarrassing fight that I’ve gotten myself into. I never thought that someone like you would care. You truly have a pure heart.

I wish to make it up to you soon.


-- M.D .


“The hell is M.D.?” Grim frowned.


“His initials? But at least he was nice enough to leave a thank you note. I wonder what he wants to do to make it up to me?”


Grim started to snicker, “Maybe he wants to take you on a date?” he laughed as Yuu rolled their eyes.


“He is nice but there is something about him that is… sketchy?” Yuu said, trying to find the right word for him.


“I hear ya.”


Yuu grabbed their phone to see a bunch of text messages from Rielle, Fletcher, Neige, and Cathleen.


Rielle’s messages:


Rielle: Hey Yuu! Are you home yet!? Take cover in one of the stores!!


Rielle: Answer me Yuu! Are you alive?!


Fletcher’s messages:




Fletcher: ACTUALLY RUN!!!




Neige’s message:


Neige: I hope you are safe somewhere Yuu! I think it’s thundering around Coral Reef!! Please stay inside!


Cathleen’s message:


Cathleen: Wraith and I found Jack! His arm is injured badly. He is at the hospital right now. But overall, he is going to be alright. Wraith is with him.


Yuu frowned at the messages; they didn’t remember their phone ringing. But that is because they were trying to make sure Tsunotaro was comfortable in their apartment room. They texted Cathleen that they were glad to hear and reassured everyone that they’re safe and Grim too. Cathleen told them not to go because Wraith wanted to be alone with him. They wanted too, but they didn’t want it to cause more trouble… They texted the others reassuring them.


They quickly changed into their usual wear for Cha Bella as they stepped out with Grim walking behind them. They reached the main entrance before a voice called.


“Excuse me?”


A feminine voice called out; Yuu whirled their head side to side then to notice a middle-aged woman holding a huge box that was open on top. She wore a long green dress. Her gray hair was up in a thick bun. They noticed her ear was pointed. She was at the stairway.


“Do you mind helping me for a quick second?”


Yuu nodded, “Sure.” They ran over to her. Grim started to roll his eyes as he followed them behind.


“Oh, thank you, dear. The box opened up all of a sudden and I accidentally dropped my sister’s threads on the ground.” Yuu looked down to see a bunch of colorful rolled up threads. They quickly put them back inside of the box.


“Thank you again, I got this now.” Yuu watched her walk up one step before stumbling not to drop the box. 


“Uh, do you still need help?”


“I'm alright! I don’t want you to hold back if you’re going somewhere!”


“No, no. Let me help.” Yuu insisted.


Grim mumbled. “Typical, Yuu.”


“I can help carry that for you.”


“Y-You sure?”


“Of course.” They smiled.


She slowly handed the box to them as they carried it. It was sort of heavy.


“I’m so sorry to bother you this way. It’ll be quick. I just need to bring that up to the second floor. So, it won’t be too long.” She smiled as went up the stairs with Yuu and Grim behind her. As they reach up the stairway. On their left five doors down they made it.


The woman knocked onto the door, “Oh Frida?”


The door opened and there was a round middle aged woman wearing a red vest with an orange shirt under. A pink apron under a dark red pants. “Oh Fawn! You should have waited for Maria to come help you.”


“I was, but you looked so bored. I wanted you to get out of your boredom,” Fawn looked over to Yuu. “Thank you so much for your help. I am so sorry again.”


Yuu smiled, “It’s no problem! Where do you want me to put these?”


“Over on the table will do if you don’t mind it all.”


Frida stepped aside as Yuu walked inside with the box while Grim was crawling behind them.


The room was fairly large. The kitchen on the side and some sort of station on the side with a clothing wrack with a few gorgeous colorful dresses and some rolled up fabrics and reference sheets everywhere.


“Oh wow! You made those dresses?”


“It’s Frida’s sewing work actually.” Fawn smiled over to Frida. “Indeed. She’s been making them since a year ago. It wasn’t easy but all I had to do was follow the book!”


"Oh, it's nothing." Frida waved her hand with a smile.


Yuu’s eyes widened and smiled, “That’s amazing! Do you sell them?”


“Oh yes! Our sister, Maria, was just handing one of the boxes over to a store called Cha Bella!”


“That’s where I am working today actually!”


“You must have seen them! She made one of the most beautiful dresses in town!” Fawn said with a sweet smile as Frida did the same expression.


“Oh my!" She realized the time clock on the wall of the kitchen, "you must be going now! We don't want to distract you!” Frida encouraged them.


“Yeah haha! Oh I’m Yuu by the way! That little guy over there is Grim.”


“That is master Grim to you-- Fnya!!” Grim cried as Fawn pinched his cheek. 


“Oh, isn’t he a darling!”


Yuu couldn’t help but snicker.


“Where are my manners, I'm Frida. This is my sister Fawn, she also works at a cottage store with that young man, Neige.” Frida explained shortly.


“I’ll definitely check that out after work! It was nice meeting you ladies! C’mon Grim!”




They ran out from the apartment to hurry over to Cha Bella’s. They wonder if they’ll be able to see Tsunotaro again. Why did he leave so early? They think they were overthinking it, but they didn’t want to be fooled again like with Ace or Trey. They couldn’t figure out an answer with their gut. They just need to put up their guard this time when they come across each other later on. They made it inside of the along with Grim inside. Cathleen was done folding some shirts, she looked up to see them and a new small creature inside.


“Good morning, Yuu! Who is this little guy next to you?” She walked over.


Yuu blinked, realizing they haven’t met yet. “Oh, yeah. This Grim! I hope you don’t mind him being around with me.”


"That's the great Grim to you!"


She blinked to him, "Oh wow! He can talk!"


"Yeah, sorry. I have him with me to help me out when we go out for now on."


She shook her head, “I don't mind. Can he help out with a few things?”


“Yeah, him being the cashier, I’m not too sure.”

Not only would he probably burn the money, but he’ll probably take quite some cash away.


“Oi! If I can get some tuna cans out of it, I will definitely work!” Grim smirked like he made a good negotiation.


Yuu sighed, how many tuna cans does he want?!


“Okay! That’s a deal! I could use another hand since Lamario, maybe here for another hour or so. Wraith is…” She trailed off with a worrisome look.


“I hope they are both okay.” Yuu said. Wraith must have been terrified to lose Jack. After what they heard last night, it sounded brutal.


“I do too. I was trying to comfort her. She never spoke one word with me until she said she wanted to be alone with him. She can be quite scary at times, but she has a heart of gold. A lot of people misunderstand her because she would come off as rough or harsh.”


Yuu nodded.


“Anyhow,” She clamped her hands together, “We must hurry up and prepare for work. Grim, I think I do have a job for you so please work with me.” Grim crossed his paws.


“As long as I can get my cans of tuna, count me in!” He then raises his paw up happily, making Yuu crack a smile at him.




While Yuu was setting up the cash register. Cathleen was showing Grim how to fold clothing as he tried to do so sloppy a bit.


Someone opened up the front doors,


“Bonjour tout le monde!"

Yuu looked up to see Lamario and a woman next to him. She had her dark brown hair up in a bun neatly done. Two long wavy extensions on either side of her head were long enough down to her chest. Wearing a black velvet shirt with sleeves up to her elbows. A long tight red skirt with black gold belt around it. Under it wearing lace sheer tights with high heels that matches the black shirt.


“Just in time Lamario! Oh Jessamine!” Cathleen smiled at them as she walked over to them. Jessamine walked over to Cathleen. She kisses on either side of her cheeks.


“Oh Bella,” The woman said in a French accent, “It’s good to see you. I just wanted to come by and see Ms. Wraith. Is she not here?”


“She’s alone with Jack at the hospital. She wants to be alone with him.” Cathleen explained shortly as Jessamine's face began too worrisome.


“Oh goodness. She must be so devastated about this! I’m glad the wolf boy is alright too.” What peered at her chestnut eyes was over at the cash register counter, Yuu.


“Oh hello! You must be, Yuu.” She walked over to the counter.

Grim hopped up to the counter with a cocked brow with a grin. “And I am Grim.”


The woman giggled, "Oh well aren't you just adorable."


Yuu frowned at Grim for a mid-second then they looked at the woman with a smile,

“Yeah. I’m Yuu.”


“I am Jessamine, Lamario’s wife.” She held her hand out to Yuu as Grim grin turned to a disappointed frown.


Yuu frowned again at Grim but then switched to smiling at Jessamine. Taking her hand and shaking it.


“Oh! It’s nice to meet you!” 


She released their hand away, “It's an honor to meet you. I never thought anyone would stand up to those le criminels. You’ve been quite the talk around the town.”


“Good to know.” They nervously smiled a bit.


“Was the talk,” Lamario remarks,

“Now the whole gang war from last night has been quite the talk. They say the gang leader Malleus vanished into the sand!”


“Did he?” Yuu asked, looking at Lamario as they made eye contact.


“We are not so sure. Rumors spread quickly. They also say Leona lost him. I could only imagine how furious Leona could have been at that.”

Cathleen tensed, “If Malleus died, then that means Leona could go after Farena. “


Jessamine turned to Cathleen and shrugged,

“We just have to wait to hear what really happened, or rumors may spread once more saying otherwise. But it’s not like Leona is going after two people at one at a time. Why do you think Farena is so adamant for his family to be without more than two bodyguards?”


Cathleen gulped at that as Yuu tensed with Grim.


“F-Fyna! That’s just disturbing!” Jessamine looked down to the creature with a sweet smile.


“Oh, don’t worry little one, as long as you don’t mess with the lion.” She reassured him.


“L-Little one?!” Grim exclaimed.


The front door opened up, everyone in the store turned to see Wraith at the archway of the door.


“Wraith!” Cathleen ran over to hug Wraith. 


She pulled away, “Are you okay? How is Jack?”


“He’s fine. He’s going to leave soon from the hospital.”


Wraith turned to Yuu with a stern serious look as her right wolf ear twitched. She walked over to the counter for Jessamine to step aside away from her.


She finally spoke looking at them in the eyes, “Yuu. You got some explaining to do.”


Yuu arched her brow. “Huh?”


“Jack said he smelled you ran in a nearby the alleyway.”


Cathleen, Lamario and Jessamine's eyes frowned in confusion.


They blinked at that. So, Jack was nearby?




They flinched as Wraith's hand slammed down on the counter. Grim made a loud yelp, making him jump back.


“WHY did you do that?! ARE YOU STUPID?!” Wraith practically showed with wolf-like growl.


Yuu stumbled a bit, “I wanted to help him–”


“NO. Just because you defeated Octavinelle’s stupid gang doesn’t make you invincible!”


“I didn’t think I was! All I wanted to do was to help him!”


“HOW?! It’s the Savanaclaw and Diasomnia gang! They would have ripped you into shreds! It should say a lot coming from me!”


Grim started to glare up to her, “OI! We didn’t even find him! We–”

Yuu covered his mouth. They didn’t want them to know about Tsunotaro or whatever words that Grim was gonna spew about. Wraith frowned to the creature,


“What the hell is that thing?”


“Uh–- My cat. Grim.” Yuu smiled sheepishly.


Wraith shook her head rolling her eyes.


Grim moved their hand away, “I’m not a cat!!”


“Whatever,” Wraith said after glaring over to them.

“Never do something like that again! Do you understand me?! Or did the dagger or Heartslabyul kidnapping didn’t cross your f*cking mind?!” She snapped at them.


Jessamine stepped over next to Wraith with her hand on her shoulder,

“Please do calm down, dear. You’re just upset over this. Kalim invited us to have a drink with him at the Arabian Night Club. I think it would cheer you up.”


Wraith sighed, “...Maybe I do.”


 “She is not wrong, Yuu,” They looked at Jessamine, “You could seriously get hurt. Sometimes you can’t always be brave.” 


They nodded. They didn’t want to say a word. Arguing would be dumb.

Her mentioning about the Heartslabyul gave them flashbacks about the maze game… It was stupid of them to do that. But...

what could have happened to Tsunotaro if they weren’t there?


“Would you like to join us after work?” Cathleen asked, “We don’t mind bringing one more person.”


“What about me?” Grim asked. 


Cathleen giggled a bit, “Of course you can come!” Grim smiled happily.


“Kalim did want me to come. So sure.” They smiled a bit.


“Remember what I said, kiddo.”


Yuu nodded, “I got it. I’m trying to be wary of every gang member, especially this Malleus guy.”


“Good. Don’t go near that f*cker." She leaned her arm down the counter,

"He likes to humiliate Leona from what I remember. I can’t say whether or not I should pity that lion asshat when he attempted to take him down. That guy is probably plotting his revenge on Leona.” She snarled underneath her breath.


“So, he is still around.” Cathleen held her hands together nervously.


Wraith looked over to her,

“Of course, he is! Not only is he strong, but he’s got these three minion nimrods to help his ass. One who falls asleep more than Leona, one who practically praises that bastard no matter what he does like a puppy dog and the old bat.”


“Old bat?” Yuu asked.


Wraith looked back to them, “He's a short guy, he may look like a kid but he's really an old guy. His voice will surprise you.”


Yuu’s eyes widened, “You mean the guy with the magenta streaks? Lilia?”


“Yuu, did you come across the Diasomnia gang?!” Cathleen asked, as she quickly walked over to the counter as the three women looked them.


They held their hands up, “Y-Yeah when Fletcher and I were leaving the grocery store. We stumbled upon to him with the other two.”


“What did Lilia say to you?” Wraith and Cathleen's eyes were in a panic.


“H-He asked about me and said that he and the gang are happy to help me.”


Cathleen and Wraith looked at each other and then back to them. Wraith started to speak,


“Yuu. He was definitely trying to set a trap with you. Kind words and all that bullshit! That old bat is dangerous. If you ever saw him again. Stay clear away!” Wraith said lifting her hand from the countertop to point her finger to them in a serious tone that made them shrivel.

Diasomnia is really bad news… What about Tsunotaro...


“As much as I would like to hear furthermore of this. It’s almost time to open up.” Lamario looked at his watch and changed the subject.




“Oh goodness! Come on everyone! Except Jessamine. We must prepare!”




Later on,

They got to prepare the shop for opening. Jessamine left earlier when they got started and kissed Lamario on the cheek with a goodbye. Some have come by from the store to buy some clothing. Grim was on the counter with Yuu by the register. Some people wanted to pet Grim, but he didn’t want them too.


“Thank you! Have a good day!” Yuu smiled at some girls who bought some dresses and left.


Grim mumble under his breath. “I am not some store pet!”


“We’re two hours from closing, don't worry.”


“Who is worried? I’m annoyed.”


Yuu hesitated to try to come up with a subject when there was a slight awkward silence until they spoke,


“Say Grim, where did you come from, before you came to Twisted Wonderland?”


Grim opened his mouth and began to close. “I… don’t know.”


Yuu raised a brow.


“I remember that I was hungry, and I wanted to find some food. So, I was searching around to go find some until I blacked out then I found myself into town.”


“You really don’t remember? Not even your family?”


Grim shook his head, “No. I don’t remember having a family.”


“Gosh, Grim…”


“What about you?” He asked, looking at them. “Where did you come from?”


Yuu took a slight deep breath, they used their hand on their chin with their elbow to the counter, “I came from a city,” Grim looked at them closely. Their eyes drifted to the side “It wasn’t a bad area. I grew up there in a full house with my family. I had two little brothers and a baby sister. My parents and my grandparents… We were a normal family. I know it could mean anything, but they were a happy family,” They smiled, “I miss them.”


Grim raised a brow, “What made you leave them?”


Yuu shrugged, “I wanted to find myself. I was lost. I didn’t think I was a good influence.”


“What does that mean? You seem to be a good influence for what you’ve done.”


“I appreciate that. It really doesn’t–”


When the entrance doors were opened, Yuu’s eyes became slightly widened as he entered the shop.


Pomefiore trio. 


Oh boy.


“Bonjour~! Ah hello trickster!”


“Why do you call me that–I-I mean. Hello! Welcome!” Yuu tried to make a convincing smile. They see Epel next to Vil. Looking off to the floor.


Vil raised a brow, “Is that a way to speak to a customer? Firstly, you should have your back straight.”


Yuu raised a brow. They noticed he was holding a bottle of apple juice.


Vil walked up to them, “Well. Do it.”


Yuu held their shoulders back with their spines arched.


“What is this vile thing on the table?” Vil pointed out Grim.


“Pets should not be on the table. They shouldn’t be in the store to begin with. Think of the fur on the new clothes.”


Grim glared at Vil, “Excuse ME you–” Yuu closed Grim’s mouth with his hand and set him down on the floor.


“Go with it!,” Yuu whispered and then stood up, the only reason they are doing this is for Cathleen.


“Hehe sorry about that!”


Vil only rolled his eyes.


“Oh, I’m curious about this little creature myself.” Rook said, wandering over to the side of the counter passing Vil.


Grim hid behind Yuu’s legs as if it were to hide from the curious gangster.


“Sir, can you please not do that? You're scaring Grim.” Yuu frowned at Rook.


“Rook. This is highly inappropriate. You can look at the little potato later. We are here to shop.”


“Oh, pardon me~” He backed away.


A loud "Ehem" echoed in the store.

They looked to the back to see Wraith looking like she was ready to hit herself at the wall with Lamario smiling a bit nervously next to her.


“Are you here to shop or to scare Yuu? When will you all learn?” Wraith made a comment.


Vil flipped his long bangs,

“I was just giving some criticism of the employees' appearance. It was utterly deplorable. If you want to sell, the employees should look alive rather than looking like their very soul was taken away.”


Yuu could hear a small angry mumble under someone’s breath. They looked to the side to see Epel standing by the entrance to see him glaring a bit at his gang leader.


“We appreciate that. Thank you.” Lamario said with a forced smile.


“But yes, we are here to shop around.”


Lamario looked to Wraith, “I can take over it from here Wraith, go help Miss Cathleen.” 


“Heh, you don’t have to tell me twice.” She said walking back inside the storage room.


“So, what is it that you are looking for, Mr. Schoenheit?”


They went off to the side of the store looking at certain dresses. For a while looking for something that Vil could wear. He is a very picky man and Lamario was quite patient.


Grim whispers to Yuu, “That guy is such an asshole.”


“Keep it down! I don’t want to start.” Yuu whispered back to him, looking down at him from the floor then to watch Vil in case they could hear the demon.


“He called me a potato!”


The entrance opened, they looked over and it was Neige.


“Hi Yuu!”


They cringed a bit, not that they didn't want to see him. But Pomeifore was right over to the side of the store picking some clothes!


He ran over to them, “I’m so glad you’re okay!”


“O-Oh hey Neige! Did you get my text?” They grinned a bit. They watched him walk up to them at the counter.


“Yes, I did! I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to reply. I'm so glad you are okay! What about Grim?" He gave them a sweet smiled.


They nodded, “Yeah, he is okay! Can we talk about it later we have–”


“My, oh my, why if isn’t it Neige,”


Yuu grimaced hearing that condescending tone coming from the very gang leader, Neige looked over to see Vil walking over to the counter.


“Oh! Vivi! Hi!” Neige made an accurate smile,


Grim snickered a bit at the nickname. Yuu nudged their heels to Grim to keep it down, nervous that Vil would hear him.


“It’s good to see you again! How have you been?” The sweet raven-haired male asked.


“I’ve been quite well until now.”

He looked at Neige with a side eye. Yuu looked down at the long purple dress. Yuu started to scan the price tag.


“O-Oh ahahah… I see.” 


 They quickly looked to Vil. 


“Would that be all?” They asked.


“Yes. Just this dress, please.”


“Okay. That would be 59.99” Yuu said.

Vil snapped his finger as Rook handed his wallet. Yuu made a slight face at that moment and looked at Lamario who shrugged. Paying for the dress, Rook took it in his arms.


Vil looked at Neige' “I heard about your soda line coming soon”


“O-Oh! Yeah, we have a commercial coming out soon! I’m glad so for them! My friends from the Cottage Shop thought this would be a neat idea to have!”




“Yes. I'm really excited!"


“Hm, good for them. It always takes hard work to make something good,” Vil said. “But I would like to try to drink that soda, but sadly I must lower my calories.”


“I understand! If you ever wanted to try some. You can always come by the shop!"


“Hm, maybe. I do wonder, with some certain rumor going around. Are they really going to sell if you're part of it?"


Neige smiled then dropped. Formed almost a worrisome look. Yuu brows scrunched a bit.

What did Vil mean by that?


“Oh Neige, please don't look so down. It's not really a good look,” Vil looked at Neige, he didn’t sound as if he was sincere. "Be happy that you got to help your friends with their new brand."

Neige didn't say a word but tried to smile until he started to speak,




“Hm. We must be going now. Come now, Epel.”


Epel stumbled a bit to his voice, “O-Okay.”


Vil and Rook walked away. Epel quickly Yuu and waved to them. He looked to Neige but quickly looked away walking down the doorway.


“Bye, Yuu.” He said before leaving off.


Yuu saw right before Vil leaves from the archway of the store’s door. He had a slight smug smile before the door closed from behind.


Yuu gave out a scowl to Vil's turned back as their fists clenched a bit. They breathed for a second before they looked to Neige who sighed. Not daring to look at the door.


Yuu leaned to him over the counter. Grim hops onto the counter


"What just happened?" Grim asked looking to Yuu and then Neige.


Yuu started to speak to them, "Don't listen to him. He is trying to put you down."


“What’s going on?”


Grim and Yuu looked to the side see Cathleen and Wraith coming out from the storage doorway.


“I-It’s nothing!”

Neige stepped to side for the two women to see him, "it’s nothing to worry about.”


Cathleen noticed Neige trying to smile. She then makes a worried some expression.


“Neige," She walks over to her as she placed her hands on his shoulders.

"I begin to worry about you. Especially when it comes to Vil.” Cathleen said, walking to him.


Neige shook his head backed away for Cathleen to release her hands from his shoulders,

“I’ll be fine! As long as I have you guys and my friends. I’m happy. I want to help my friends," he rubbed the back of his neck, "I-I got to go. I’ll see you around, Yuu!” Neige hurried off to leave the store from the opposite way where the Pomefiore went.


“I doubt it… He’s sensitive,” Wraith said with her arms crossed.

Yuu glanced to Wraith who sighed,

“Someone told me that his friend, Chenya, caught him crying in his room because of those rumors about Neige "trying to top" Vil and how Neige is a villain under that smile. People are so dumb...”


“Why?” Yuu spoke up.

“Vil is a gangster! Mafia! He is practically way worse than Neige! Neige isn't a gangster! He hasn't done anything wrong. Vil is--!" Yuu tries to argue but Cathleen interrupted.


“You are right. However, Vil has done nothing wrong either. He only makes his own brands.”


“You guys' fear Vil though.”


“Of course, we do! Negative rumors are what makes us fear him,” Cathleen replied.

“The Pomefiore gang can be vile. If we do something to anger Vil or we do something to harm him. There could be rumors about our store or my employees. No matter what the public thinks of the gangsters. Someone is bound to have blackmail and spread it. We could lose trust in people and my clothing store will be closed down. Then what…” Cathleen felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked back to see it was Wraith. The brunette placed her hand onto hers with a grip as she looked away.


Lamario nodded, “Living proof of what she is saying is poor Neige… I don’t understand why Vil targets him of all people.” He crossed his arms looking away.


 Yuu looked to the side of the closed door and mumbled.