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Twisted Wonderland Gangsters

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Their back was getting better than before when they woke up from their slumber. Grim was sleeping on Yuu's back ankles while they were awake on their front. It was Thursday morning. A knock was heard from the door. They were reminded of what happened yesterday. A lot of things about yesterday. Their brown eyes looked back to the solid door, wondering if it’s Rielle or Neige coming by to say hi.


Yuu’s legs slide from Grim to slowly get up to walk over to open the door.


It was a surprise guest they didn’t expect, Farena Kingscholar himself.


“Hello Yuu. I’m sorry to disturb you.”


“No, it’s alright. I’m healing but what’re you doing here?”


He leaned in and whispered to them, “I came to talk with you. I heard of what happened yesterday from officer Crowley last night. May I come in?”


Yuu let himself inside as they closed the door.


“How bad was it outside?” Yuu asked, wondering if the mess from the wind or lighting looked chaotic.


“It looked like a bad typhoon had hit. Mayor Ambrose saw the whole mess.” Farena said.


Yuu blinked at him.


“I’m sorry, who?”


Farena raised a brow at them, “Ambrose 63rd. He is our mayor of this town.”


Yuu crossed their arms, “You guys had a mayor and he is not doing anything about the gangs?!”


Farena frowned at them, “He is doing everything he can. It’s not easy when there are seven high ranks trying to take over. Last night he sensed an had overblot happened and he was correct when we went over to the crime scene near by the Monstro Lounge. It surprised all of us that it stopped. We thought it was the end of us.”.


“What is an overblot?”


Farena sighed, “It’s when someone uses up their power to the point it goes out of control from emotions. Have you noticed that every gang leader has a pen with a gem on it?”


Yuu nodded, he continued, “When using up all that power. It will become dirty. Dirty enough for blots of ink to pour out and try to take over you. It’s caused by such negative energy,” He made a weak smile, “I’m glad it just happened to be an accident.”


Yuu made a confused frown, “What do you mean?”


Farena's smile dropped, “Those gems they have were stolen from Ambrose’s top secret.”


Yuu’s eyes widened at that. “What?”


“Yes, we don’t know how they managed to find them. They stole them to get more power. It took them time to figure out how to abuse its power. I know from what you saw with Azul. He was out of control. He must have used up his power so much that his emotions took over without him even noticing.”


Yuu shook their head, “But that makes no sense to me. Augustus told us that we had to get Azul out of that state or he wouldn't have survived.”


“It would. The scary part is one of them is close to overblotting that is controlled. Not even using up any of their magic. They are trying to figure out how not to get themselves killed when doing so. Our team of investigators are trying to figure out how they are doing it and trying to get them gems back. That is why it is taking some time. If we all do it by force, I guarantee it wouldn’t be the wisest idea.”


“That’s… That’s insane.” Yuu said their memory of Azul’s ink dripping down his face before he could kill them will always traumatize them.


“When isn't it insane in this town…” Farena laughed briefly, “But I am more concerned about you. That is why I am here.” Farena said, “Those gangs already know of your victory. They will not like it. Which means you are their bigger target.”


Yuu’s smile weakened, “Oh haha great…”


A door barged  open to reveal a happy Rielle and Fletcher in their cafe uniform and Neige was with them in his usual blouse and vest with a bow tie on. “Morning Yuu! You read-- Oh! Farena!?” Rielle blinked at the man in the room. Grim jumped with a loud, “FYNA!! AHHH!! LEONA-- Oh wait, it's just the brother.” Grim groans, rubbing his eyes.


Farena raised a brow to the furry animal after he looked over to Yuu. “Please call me,” he said, handing his card to Yuu. “If you need any help. I’ll do what I can. I must be on my way now. Please be safe everyone.” He said as the trio moved aside, letting him leave off.


“Why was Farena here?” Neige asked concerned


“Haha… It’s a lot to take in...” Yuu said, looking at his card.


“Oh man. Should we even go?” Fletcher asked


“Hey, we can’t stay and hide away forever. We may end up having a nice decent day for once.” Rielle said. Neige nodded, “I do somewhat agree...” he trailed off his words.


"So what're we doing today?"


"We're going celebrate our victory and open up the café. It's going to feel super satisfying." Rielle smiled.


Yuu nodded with a smile back, "Okay."


Yuu quickly changed from the bathroom into their regular red sweatshirt and black pants to go over to the café.


The group were walking on the cross road heading to Coral Reef when three guys, one with blonde hair with bear ears, short gray hair with long black horse cars and pink hair one with tiger ears.


“Well, well! Looks like we just found breakfast fellas!” The blonde laughed along with the two.


Fletcher flinched but didn’t back away.

Rielle stepped forward with a angry glare, “Beat it would you! We don’t want to deal with you guys!” He snapped. An amused grin was formed onto the blonde’s face, showing off his sharp teeth.


“Heh! You think just because you defeated the Octavinelle leader, that you think you can talk to us like that?!”


“He said beat it!” Yuu snapped.


Grim on their side with their paws crossed, “That’s right! Listen to my henchman!”


The gang member laughed and pointed to Grim, “Haha! Look at the appetizer talking!”


“FYGA! Who are you callin an appetizer!” Grim glared.


“That’s enough!”


They looked who was walking from the alleyway was Jack, glaring over the three.


“Don’t waste any time on them. We have unfinished business to take care of with Leona.” Jack told them.


“Tch, Jack, just because you’re the leader’s “favorite loyal member” doesn’t mean you can tell us what to do!” The gray hair rolled his eyes over to him. 


Jack growled. “I’m doing it for your own safety!” 


“Like it’s your f*cking problem, wolfboy! We have body parts to tear from limb to limb.” The pink haired one said baring his fangs, making Fletcher and Neige flinch.


“Listen to him you fricking nimrods!” The three flinched to see behind them was Wraith, in  black and red jumpsuit. “You are also in my way. Move it or lose it!” She bared her fangs at them as her wolf ears twitched.


“Argh, fine!,” The Blonde said angrily as he looked over to the five. “Next time we see you mice again, you’ll be dead!” Three walked back in a hurry down the alleyway. 


Wraith’s glare eased, “Fricking morons... “ She commented under her breath as she looked at Jack.


“Hey Jack. It’s nice to see you’re doing fine there.”


Jack nodded, “It’s good to see you too. Thanks for that.” He said while rubbing the back of his nape looking away.


She crossed her arms, “Don’t mention it. Be careful out there, kiddo.”


“Ah! I’m not a kid anymore!”


“You are to me.”

Wraith looked to the group.

“You guys okay?”


They all nodded, “Yes, thank you Ms. Wraith!” Neige smiled, he looked at Jack. “You too, Jack!”


Jack avoided giving him any eye contact with Neige.


“Don’t mention it. I gotta go. See ya.” Jack said as they hurried down the alleyway.


“Hey Wraith, wanna come with us to the Coral Reef cafe?” Yuu insisted.


“No thanks, I gotta do my morning run and help out Cathleen. But thanks anyway. See ya tomorrow, Yuu.” Wraith said as she ran past them.

They went over to Coral Reef as they saw a Chenya already there with Augustus and a 10 year old kid that looked like a miniature with a cheerful smile. His skin was dark and wore a short sleeved t-shirt and long pants with shoes to match his shirt.


“I got you again, Chenya!”


“Booo~! I know you are cheating there, Dorian.” He grinned pointing down to his cards.


“Am not!” He laughed, his gray eyes noticed Yuu and the trio.




Augustus looks over to them, “Hello everyone. You’re just in time for the donuts to be ready.”


I made them!” the child said loudly.


“Hey, you know well I made them too! Give me some credit!” Rielle laughed.


“Nah~! That doesn’t sound like what Rielle would do!”


“Why you little!!” Rielle cracked a laugh.


Neige couldn't help but giggle at that as Yuu just smiled.


Augustus walked over to the small kid on the chair, "Yuu, I would like you to meet my son, Dorian."


Dorian waved at them with a big smile, "Hi!"


"Hi it's nice to meet you!" Yuu smiled at them back.


"Woah! That cat's ears are on fire! That's so cool!!" Dorian chirped.


"I am not a-- oh well, at least he gave me a compliment!" Grim made a smug.


“Do you want some help, Augustus?” Yuu asked. 


“I do, but I want to talk to you, Yuu.”,

Augustus' smile became a serious poker face as they started to tense up. Neige sat with Dorian as Augustus pulls Yuu, Rielle, Grim and Fletcher to side of the other table.


“Has Farena talked with you?”.


“He actually came by this morning.” Yuu answered honestly.


Grim frowned in confusion at them.


Rielle looked at them back and forth, “Honestly, yeah. Ain’t Heartslabyul after you?”


“Yep,” They looked to Chenya who was grinning.

“Riddle really wants a do-over.” 


“Ughh... Why?!”


“He can be quite stubborn,” Chenya smiled with a laugh. “It’s ridiculous.”


“You’re telling me?” Yuu mumbled under their breath. “But this time I have Grim with me and I’m going to watch my back. Last time I didn’t and I should have!”


“Ha! Yeah that’s right! If they try to come near us, it's a barbecued members on a stick!” Grim smirked cockily, making Rielle’s brows frowned tight at him as Yuu did the same.


“Yeah, okay.” Yuu said.


“Bu-But,” Fletcher began to say as they all looked over to him, “Even if Grim can fight them off. What about Savanaclaw, Pomefiore o-o-or D--Diasomnia?”


“That’s what I’m afraid of…” Augustus sighed, Yuu’s brown eyes darted to him.


“Pomeifore can be sneaky, I would watch out for them. Savanaclaw can be ruthless and patient when it comes to prey,”


“No kidding.” Rielle muttered.


“And Diasomnia, I would be very careful of. Their leader, Malleus--”


Fletcher flinched hearing the name, “DON’T!,” He screeched, interrupting Augustus, “Don’t say his name! It sends shivers down my spine!” Fletcher said almost teary eyed.


Yuu cringed at Fletcher’s sense of discomfort. He must be bad if Fletcher couldn’t stand hearing the guy’s name.


“I’m sorry, their leader, he is ruthless in a way but it is not like Leona. He is patient. Very patient. It’s not even funny. It’s funny to him because he likes to toy with people however he likes, and enjoys the humiliation of others. Like we deserve it.” Augustus said,


Yuu already doesn’t like the guy. 


“That sounds terrible…”


“Well duh!,” Rielle exclaimed, “He is a sadistic asshole!”


“Sounds like it!,” Grim muttered, “But the great Grim won’t be messed with on how he likes!” He made a smug smile.


“Grim! I-I would not act so arrogant about it!” Fletcher said.


“He is right, Malleus is someone we should not mess with,” Chenya chimed in, “He is very dangerous. Especially when he is angry.” That made Fletcher gulped at that.


Yuu wanted to ask, but then the entrance doors open up,




They all turned to the door, and Kalim came running in toward Yuu. Fletcher flinched when the sudden guest came in with someone behind him, Jamil.


“Oh I’m so glad you are okay! I’ve heard what happened! Are you injured?!” He sighed in relief.


Yuu smiled at him, they could feel their eyes watching them.


“I’m alright, Kalim. How did you know? ...And how did you know I was here?”


“A fellow member of mine was at the scene. He was at the hospital so Jamil and I went to go see him. He told us that Azul overblotted and the last time before went out concious. Azul threw you through the Monstro Lounge window! We went over to Cathleen at Cha Bella and she told us you worked here. I’m so glad you and member were okay!” Kalim explained, and hugged Yuu. Their back began to swell. But Yuu patted his back.


Augustus looked over to Jamil from behind. “I’m sure you’ll be on high alert about this, Jamil.”


Jamil nodded, “Like always.”


“Oh! Hi Dorian!” Kalim waved over to Dorian waving back with a big smile.


“Hi Kalim!” He said in a cheerful tone.


“Kalim, we should go back now. They are fine.” Jamil insisted.


“Oh! Okay, okay!,” Kalim grinned, “Oh! Before I leave. Do you guys mind coming to my Arabian Night club on Saturday? I invited Wraith, Cathleen, Lamario and Jessamine!”


“Thank you but Rielle and I are going to be busy with Trenton and the leech twins.” Augustus informed.


“Yeah, it’s going to be a long day.” Rielle sighed.


“I-I going with them.” Fletcher said.


“My apologies, I am busy with my friends at a small shop to help them out.” Neige said.


“I can go~!” Chenya grinned.


“Great!,” Kalim smiled, he looked over to Yuu, “Are you able to come?”


“Uh, I’ll think about it...”  Yuu agreed, making Kalim smile nodded.


“I understand. If you change your mind. Please be there at 6 o’clock!” The kind gang leader smiled.


The two walked out with a wave goodbye to leave the café.


“Alright, let’s set up for opening.” Augustus said.


“Yay! Work!” Dorian chimed with his hand up.


"Something is wrong with him..." Grim mumbled


The guys helped set up the white countertop filled with bakery goods and next to it the fridge countertop with the menu chalk stand on top. They also helped put the tables and chairs back in place.


“It’s so weird.” Rielle mentioned You looked over to him on the other side of the table they placed.


“I would be thinking now about Azul would be coming today... but since he is just healing up, bummer. It’s weird to feel some sort of relief...” Rielle said.


“Oh yeah, it’s Thursday.” Yuu realized at that. The last time they remembered was when he had the Savanaclaw gang come in to hurt Fletcher and Rielle. Then he took Rielle's voice... To Yuu, it felt like it was long ago... It's crazy to think that.


Augustus placed a chair to a table and began to say, “We still need to hide it from anyone. I need to get a better lock safe. Hopefully Sam has it in stock.”


“Yeah, hopefully, you guys won’t have any break-ins.” Yuu mentions.


“Don’t worry. I already talked about Trenton last night. We are going to be as fast as possible about that so I’ll be very busy.” Augustus informed them and looked to Rielle.


Rielle nodded, walking over to the back with Yuu to get more chairs. “Yeah, Savanaclaw was a big pain in my ass. I remember Farena being so upset the last time that gang broke in.”


“FYNA!” Yuu flinched as they saw Grim falling over to the counter.


“Haha! Got you!” Dorian laughed as a floating Chenya was flying around laughing.


“Argh! Not funny!” Grim grumbled.


“Dorian, Chenya. Please don’t pick on the poor cat.” Augustus sighed.


“I’m not a cat!”


Rielle turned his head over to Yuu to lean and whisper, “What is Grim?”


“I have no clue. He is some demon flaming monster thing.” Yuu shrugged.



 After they were done, for a celebration for yesterday. Augustus gave each of everyone a donuts and coffee. Everyone smiled in the café.


“We may be in a tight situation. But this is a rare victory that we will always remember. We hope that the light that has shined onto this town and it will shine brighter to overpower the darkness and  despair in this town.” Augustus said as they all nodded.


“Let us hope.” Neige smiled and looked over to Yuu, “We also have to make sure to protect them.”


Yuu smiled back at Neige then to everyone in the room.



They opened up the café and some people came in later on. It was a fairly good day so far like it was no other day. Chenya insisted on taking Dorian back to school for Augustus. Neige left as well to go work at the Cottage Shop. Yuu really wants to see what it is like there…


Later at the end of the day, no stress. No mob was marching over to demand payment.


It was odd for them but they at least have the payment they deserved…


“Ah what a relief!”

Rielle grumbled his head on the table in the middle of the café as Yuu was using a mop to wipe up the floors.

“I thought it would never end.”


“Me too!” Fletcher sighed a bit with a smile.

Augustus opened his office door as he announced, “Alright Yuu, you can clock out. I’ll see you on Monday. Also don't forget Grim.” He looked over inside to see Grim walking out tiredly.

“Fyna.. I wish I was on the bed.”


Yuu hurried over to the register screen to clock out,


“Okay! C’mon Grim.”

They looked over to Grim, shaking his head to follow Yuu out the entrance waving and saying goodnight to the three from the inside.


“We are so lucky to have them.” Rielle mumbled.


“It’s honestly unbelievable.” Augustus sighed with a smile.

After a while the three set up to close for the night. Augustus went inside his office to grab some paperwork and keys to close up. His phone on his desk started to vibrate rapidly. He took his phone and looked at the screen. It was Wraith calling him.


The time, 9:15pm


He pressed the answer and held it to his ear,




“Hey Augustus, are you still inside the café?”


“Yes, why?”


“Stay inside and tell anyone not to come out. There is a gang warzone going on!”


Augustus’s eyes widened.


“What!?--” He ran out from his office door and saw Rielle and Fletcher about to step out.


“Nobody leave!!!” He shouted as they froze.


Rielle whipped his head over his shoulder and backed away from the door as Fletcher jumped in a fright,

“What?! What’s going on?!” he frowned.


“Wraith?! How bad is it?!” Augustus asked to the phone.


“It’s between Savanaclaw and Diasomnia! I’m outside trying to get people inside and hidden safely with Cathleen! Do the same and stay inside!”


“Wraith! Yuu is out there! I-I can’t--”


“I’ll go find them! Stay inside and don’t leave for your own safety!” She argued on the phone.


“A-Augustus! What’s happening!?” Fletcher asked with his eyes widened in fright.


Augustus looked out to the entrance, the three flinched as they felt thunder rolling outside.




Meanwhile, 9:16pm


Yuu carried Grim in their arms as Grim sighed happily.


“Fyna! This is more like it. I’m tired as it is.”


Yuu glared down to him, “I’m the one that worked hard. Why am I carrying you?”


“You are my henchman, you are to do as told!” He smiled.


“Should I get you those baby carriers, my league? “ Yuu teased as Grim glared up at them.


“Fyna! You know what--”


Thunder strikes down making the concrete ground shake. Yuu tumbled a bit, shaking Grim in their arms.


Yuu flinched back as green streak of thunder hits down to where Yuu was making them fall back down with Grim.


“FGHA!! What was that?!” Grim looked around.


“That was thunder!?”


Were thunder usually green here? Yuu questioned.


“What do you think?!” Grim snapped as they began to hear loud running noises coming down from the alleyway they were passing by. Yuu started to get up from the ground, letting Grim hop off from their grasp.


“The hell is going on?!” Grim shouted.


“I think we’re in some magical fight?!” Yuu said as they started to run down from the other side of the street, Grim follows them from behind. The ground shakes again as thunder and lightning were striking down none stop around them or behind one of the buildings. They were losing their balance falling over to their knee hitting the ground.


They began to hear some shouting or growling


“GET THEM! DON’T LOSE THEIR SIGHT!” A voice laughed mechanically echoed. Ruggie?


“YOUNG MASTER!!” A voice shouted that sounded like the guy they’ve met, Sebek was it?

There was loud crashing noise making their legs tremble. Grim slipped down from Yuu’s grasp.


“We gotta get out of here! They sound like they are bloodthirsty!”


Yuu manages to get up quickly, running as fast as they can. It wasn't their street to the apartment but it is every man for themselves!


A loud grunting noise, almost an animalistic echo from another alleyway as they were passing by.


“JACK!!!” A voice bloody shouted in a cry as the Yuu halted their feet.



Loud clashing and popping noises echoed.


Grim was further away from Yuu as he looked back them


“What’re you doing?! Run!!”


Yuu looked over to the other alleyway they were about to pass, where they can hear some shootings or magic echoing started to fade from. They glanced over to Grim then to the alleyway. They admit. It’s dangerous and stupid to run into a battle between two powerful gangs. They thought about running, hoping at least they took Jack into safety.

But, what if he didn’t… As much as they know it’s going to bite them in the ass. Yuu gut was telling them to do something. It made them want to do something... They thought about before when Jack at the café defending them before Floyd could have hurt them and then earlier...

They started running down the alleyway.


“YUU!!!  NOT THAT WAY!!!” Grim shouted.


Yuu started running down. The alleyway was like a wasteland that had swiped down across.


“JACK?!” Yuu shouted.


They stopped midway in two ways. There were some bodies down. Yuu hoped Jack wasn’t one of them… They started to look either way to hear the shouting was fading from the other side. Yuu looked down to the bodies that were down. None of them were the wolf man. Yuu was about to run back until they heard a grunt in pain from a the back of their ear.


Grim ran down looking either way but sighed with relief when it wasn’t him. Their stomach cringes seeing the lifeless bodies on the ground with gash wounds on their chest or some burned like a dot on their throat. They quickly look away when nausea swells their throat.


“C’mon! Or we’re dead!” 


Yuu waved their hand at him. They heard it again noise but it was starting to fade which made them fretful.


“YUU! Are you stupid?!” Grim hissed angrily following them.


He felt as if he were yelling at the tv watching dumb teenagers running into danger.


They started as they hurried over to a corner taking to another area. They stopped to see someone was crouching to the ground was trying to stand on their feet. Holding their wounded side of their rib that was bleeding. Their jacket was kind of torn apart and stained with blood. Not too much but it was messy. The shoulders of their jacket were cut open...




They know this person…


They analyzed them,

The uniform... black jacket with light green accents over matching pants with a leather belt around with some accessories, black leather gloves right to his elbows, and black leather boots. This uniform looks familiar to the Diasomnia uniform.


Long raven hair. 






His head slightly went up to meet Yuu’s eyes with his green eyes with slit pupils. They rushed over to crouch to him.


“Child of man…?”


“Oh gosh! What the hell happened?!” As soon as Yuu analyzed him closer. They noticed the inside of his shoulders of his jacket were cracked, dried up like the ground cracking up.


He let out a weak laugh, “A gang war happened between Kingscholar and--.” He groans in pain from his bleeding torn up side of his rib.


“… Heh, For the first time he almost got me”


“Oh! Jeez! I’ll get you out of here!” Yuu grabs his under arm slowly.


“I’ll be fine I'll have to--”




Tsunotaro raised a brow at the sudden rejection.


“I’m not leaving you here! You’re badly injured! We’re getting you healed.” Yuu picked him,

he was kind of heavy due to his taller size than Yuu. They flinched as an echo of explosions from the corner.


“FYNA! We need to go! Savanaclaw members are coming-- Wha--? Who the heck is that?!”


“No time! C’mon! Work with me Tsunotaro!”


Tsunotaro opened his mouth but closed as Yuu manages to carry him out from the alleyway hurrying over to get away as fast as possible with Grim behind them. A few minutes later they made it to the Royal Sword Apartment.


Grim hopped over to open the door to the entrance to get inside. Yuu dragging Tsunotaro inside. They looked over to the lobby desk to analyze the area, they raised a brow.


Agatha was nowhere to be seen? 


The lobby desk was empty, but there was no time to look for her. Yuu wanted to heal Tsunotaro.

They rushed down the hallway to their apartment door. Yuu handed the door key to Grim as he opened it to them inside.


“Okay. Heeere we go!” Yuu slowly sets the goth horned man down on the bed. Tsunotaro groaned from the pain on his side of his torn jacket showing his slash that looked like a claw mark. He was set on the bed.


“Sorry. Stay here! I’ll get Neige! He’ll help with your wounds!”,

Before Tsuntaro could say anything as Yuu rushed out to the door. They rapidly knocked onto the door.


They waited and knocked again for a few seconds. There was no answer?


“Neige? Chenya?”,

They said loudly and waited for another few seconds until they gave up. They rushed inside.


Maybe they didn’t make it home yet?


“Okay! No problem! I got a safety kit!” Yuu pulled out a container from under the bed.

“It’s been a while since I’ve bandaged anyone so bear with me.” He takes the elastic bandage out with some ointment to bring to Tsunotaro.


“Okay, let me just look at your injuries.”


Tsunotaro moved his arm up a little bit for Yuu to look at. 


“So I guess you’re part of the Diasomnia gang.” Yuu said as they looked at his cracked shoulders.


Tsunotaro watched them and started to chuckle a bit. “Anything else?”


They analyzed the side. Thankfully it wasn’t a deep cut. They were claws marks on his side.


“What did you mean when “he” almost got you?” Yuu got up to grab a rag to wet it with water.


“I underestimated them,” He explained shortly.

“I thought it would be a simple fight but little did I know I was lured into a death trap. If I hadn't escaped Leona’s grasp, he would have turned into dust as you can see from my shoulders.”


Yuu’s eyes widened and raised a brow, “How did you get away?”


“I used up my power to stop him. He’s gotten stronger than I expected.”


“Was your gang leader there able to help?”


Tsunotaro started to snicker and let out a small laugh.


“What’s funny?”

Yuu asked as they got up to grab an ointment bottle and to go find a towel through some drawers.


“Oh, nothing. Our leader was trying his best to fight Kingscholar off. The Savanaclaw leader may not be as strong as Diasomnia. But he is very cunning.” 


“Mhm, okay.”

Yuu warned as they dabbed the ointment on the towel to walk over back to hit on the bed.

“They may sting on your shoulders. You mind taking your jacket off or something? I may have to bandage you anyway. You have a lot of accessories around your waist.” Yuu half laughed thinking it must be annoying to have to wear that around.

He took his gloves off, his belt around his jacket and then unzipped his jacket to take it off leaving him bare chest. Yuu dabbed his shoulders with the ointment. Grim groaned and walked over to the side of the kitchen.


Tsunotaro’s eyes looked to Yuu curiously, “Do you know anything about the leader, Malleus Draconia?” He asked.


“I mean. Funny enough, today I was told to watch myself when it comes to him like Leona and Vil.” Yuu laughed a bit. They grabbed some ointment to pour onto the cloth before to dab onto his wound of his rib.


“What did they say about the Diasomnia leader?” He asked.


“Um, well… basically of how someone summarized him, a sadistic asshole.” Yuu raised their hands up in defense like they were told to freeze by the police. “Again no offense, since he is your gang leader!”


“No, it’s understandable. By the way, I’ve heard about your victory of defeating Ashengrotto.”


Yuu’s eyes widened at that. Before Yuu could reply about that they were interrupted by a groaning demon cat from behind.


“YUU!! Where are the tuna!?” Grim yelled looking through the fridge.


“I’ll look later. I am busy!” They rolled their eyes.


Grim muttered as he walked over to them. “Hey, Tsunotaro. While you’re here. What does this Malleus Draconia look like?”


“Honestly, yeah, that’s a good question.”

Yuu looked up to the horned man, he made an amused smile at that question as his green eyes looked over to Grim,


“He wears the same uniform as the rest. But it is quite different.”


“Different how?” Yuu raised a brow.


He looks to Yuu, “You’ll notice how in every gang. The leader has more of a unique uniform than the rest so he can stand out. That should tell you who you may notice the leader.”


Yuu nodded and understood, it was true. Vil had longer robes than Rook and Epel’s. Hell, Riddle’s uniform was also different from the four members.  Azul too. Not only did he wear his jacket around his shoulders. His blouse was white while the others wore purple blouses underneath....


“Meh, that is true. I guess.” Grim muttered.


Yuu dabbed some ointment on the side of his slash injury and to finally wrap some bandages around it.


“So you want to throw this out? This isn’t your only jacket for your uniform, right?” Yuu questioned, holding his jacket up. They noticed that there were some little sand falling to the ground like dust from the edges of the torn jacket. Looking at him with his bandages wrapped around,


Tsunotaro shook his head, “I’m afraid that is the only jacket I have. But I’ll have someone to sew it back like nothing happened to them.”


“Well that’s good. Here.” Yuu hands it back to him as he puts it back on with his gloves and belt on back where they were.


Yuu suddenly froze up to a noise from the door.


Someone knocked on the door.


“Yuu? Are you in there?” A female voice called out from behind the door.


Yuu wanted to approach the door to let someone one in but they had a nervous sensation going through their gut about Tsunotaro being here. Maybe since he is a gangster, it wouldn’t be wise? Would it? They weren’t sure...


“Uh, I’ll be right back.” Yuu said pointing to the door as Tsunotaro nodded understood.


Yuu quickly looked through the peephole to see it was long brown wavy haired, Cathleen at the door.


They opened the door by a creek for their head to be in the way of the room.


“Oh! Hey Cathleen.”


“Oh,” She placed her hand to her chest. “Thank goodness, you’re here.” She smiled in relief.


“Uh, what’s up? It’s kind of late. I’m getting all better so don’t worry about me not going in tomorrow haha!” Yuu smiled.


“Well, Wraith and I were worried about you. Have you not seen what happened?”


Yuu raised a brow. “Uh what?”


“Oh it was terrifying!  Wraith and I were going to get some more boxes for the store until Jack was warning us about Leona’s …” She paused as if to find a word. Yuu’s brow raised at what she said, “ devious trap of his. He told us to warn everyone in the area. So we called the police for help,” She pursed her lips “We thought we were too late. We were trying to warn as many people to stay inside and to be safe. Wraith warned Augustus and he said you left later on before they were about to leave.”


“Oh gosh yeah,” her eyes widened to them as they spoke with a nervous laugh. They made sure the door was not wide open enough for her to see the gangster sitting on their bed. They could feel his eyes watching them from behind, it was eerie to them, “It was crazy! Thunder was rolling around and Grim and I were running for our lives! It was kind of weird since I don't usually see thunder being bright green.”


She covered her mouth trying to hold her gasp as she looked down to them. They were about to panic but the door was nowhere near open enough for her to see Tsunotaro. They were glad he was at least quiet like he’s not even in the room.


“Oh dear! I’m so glad nothing bad really happened. You either could have been struck by lightning by the leader’s anger.” 


Yuu’s eyes widened, “Wait, wait. What do you mean?”


“Some have said it is factual. Green lighting usually means the Diasomnia leader was truly mad. I’m so glad you made it over here alive.”


Yuu tensed up. The gang leader of Diasomnia can really do that? Angry to the point where he creates a bad thunderstorm around him?! He needs some anger management then!


“Jeez! That is scary as hell! Oh! Uh, sorry Cathleen, do you mind coming in?” Yuu asked. They didn't even hesitate at that, which made their gut cringe even more!


“Oh, I would but I must go back out. The fight between the two gangs have stopped for some time now... I don’t know what but Wraith is worried about Jack. She told me to go see if you were here while she went to go find him. I hope he is alright…” She said, worriedly.


“I really hope so too. Maybe I can go--”


“No! Please, Yuu! You went through Octavinelle yesterday. Please stay inside and rest up before tomorrow please.” Cathleen insisted.


Yuu sighed, “...Alright. Please let me know if Jack is okay."


“Will do. See you later!” She said as she hurried off as Yuu quickly closed the door and faced Tsunotaro sitting waiting patiently.


 Yuu took a deep breath and let it out.


“That was close." Grim sighed with his paws on his sides.


"Your leader has some serious bad anger issues.” Yuu commented.


Tsunotaro blinked at that before snickering that turned into laughter.


“Oh who wouldn’t be mad over an ambush." He said with a mused smile.


“I don't disagree with that. But being so angry to make thunder strike down is outrageous!” Yuu made a sheepish smile at that. They had a thought that made their smile drop,


“Say, Tsunotaro,” His green eyes looked into their brown eyes. “How long has this...gang war been going on for?”


He hesitated before speaking, “I think for about three or four years? Time has gone by so fast...”


“Jeez..” Yuu tensed a bit and asked, “You know all about the gang leaders, right?”


Tsunotaro nodded, “Quite so. I’ve acknowledged their presence. They are quite powerful in their own way of trying to take over.  Why? Are you trying to gain information from me?” He asked with that amused smile again.


Grim glared at him, "Well duh we want to take them--" Yuu grabbed Grim by the mouth and arm around him. Whatever Grim says is going to lit the fire.


“I just want to know what everyone else knows. I've living here for a while and it's just been non stop chaos. I want to be safe is all.”

They weren't sure, but for some they have a feeling he knows more than anything...


“Hmm....,” He paused before speaking, “I understand. Is it wise to ask a gangster you don't even know?”


Yuu wanted to argue, but not when someone was just about to be turned into dust. They sighed, “I don't know... ”


Tsunotaro was about to get up from the couch. “Hey, wait!” They said rapidly as he stood up.


He raised a brow, “I was just about to leave.”


“Your wounds need to heal. You should lay down and rest. Yeah, I may not know you, but you haven't tried to beat me.” Yuu insisted, his eyes widened as if he had never heard that from someone.


“You want me to lay here for a while?”


“Well, yeah. You just went through some bits of hell and almost got killed for it so why not? You can sleep here until next morning” They raised their eyebrow at him.


“Alright. But where are you sleeping?”


“I’ll sleep by you on the side of the bed,” Yuu went over to a closet by their bed to pull out a sleeping bag and limped it to the side of the bed.


“If you need anything, just wake me up or Grim.”


“He is not gonna earn my help unless he gives me tuna!” Grim smug with his paws crossed with a laugh.


“You really are a pain...” Yuu sighed.


Tsunotaro started to smile at the human, “Thank you, Child of man.”


Yuu smiled, “No problem.”




As time went by, Yuu changed into their pajamas from the bathroom to sleep in their sleeping bag on the side of the bed where Tsunotaro has slept for the night. Grim laying on their legs on the sleeping bag. Tsunotaro took off the cover to get up from the bed. He looked down to the human sleeping and the demon cat to make sure they were in a deep sleep.

Tsunotaro used his finger to poof up a folded card right onto their small circular table.


He then smiled down upon them. 



His smile wasn’t sweet 

nor was it sincere.


It was a malicious smile that pulled onto his lips.


Oh, Child of man. You’re quite interesting indeed. Have a delightful dream.” He said quietly for his voice not to interrupt their precious dreams before vanishing away into flakes of green light as darkness took over…