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Twisted Wonderland Gangsters

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Thursday 12:35PM



“Here you go young fella, I hope you enjoy your stay at Royal Sword apartment.” 


The sweet lady behind the desk gives the keys to the dark haired protagonist who is wearing only sweats. “Thank you, Agatha”


“Please let me know if you need anything.”

Yuu nodded as the old woman walked away.




Yuu uses the keys to open the door to settle in their small room apartment. 

It was a nice room. A small kitchen on the side, a couch with a tv in front, small table with four chairs and a small bed against the wall. 

Feeling a little uneasy about living there, shook it off, and tried to think positive. Closing the door, putting their clothes away in a closet. Holding up their uniform for the coffee shop they applied to setting that aside for tomorrow. Another set for a clothing shop at a mall on Saturday.

They set aside some oil paints or acrylic for them to do for some free time other than the Internet. They put up an aisle and on top of that a stretched canvas of acrylic paint they’ve been working on since a month. 


It’s a painting of a detailed silver mirror, the inside is not quite finished yet. But they hope to do so. Stretching their arms, looking out to the single window from the four chair table.

Maybe some fresh air and a walk around a new area would be nice?

Maybe meet some new people.


Leaving the apartment locking the door up good. A loud bang from down the hall.

“Oh good gosh!”


Yuu spun their head around to see a boy with raven hair wearing a black sailor hat. He was quite handsome. He had hands on his hips, looking down at the ground was a box of bottles of apple juice. He picks up the box right side up and puts it one by one at a time in the box.


“Here let me help.” Yuu walks over to kneel down and picks the bottles up to put it back in the box. 

The boy looks up to Yuu and smiles 

“Thank you so much.” 

“No problem.” 


When they pick up four other bottles in the box. The boy picks up the box to carry.

“Say, are you visiting anyone? I know everyone like the back of my hand.” The boy laughs a bit.

“Ah, no I’m actually living here.” Yuu said rubbing the back of their nape


The boy’s cutesy smile drifted to a dumbfound

“Wait, really? Living here?”


“Uh… yes.”

“In this town?”


“Yeah?” Yuu was puzzled at this boy’s confusion.


The boy shook his head “My apologizes. It’s been a long time since anyone would move here around a place like this. You know the reputation and all.” The boy smiled sheepishly.


“Reputation?” Yuu asked.


The boy looked up to him, wide eyed 

“Do you not know what goes on around here?”

“No what do you—“


A ringtone went off interrupting Yuu’s question. 

The boy took his phone out and answered. 



A moment of silence.


“Oh gosh! I’m on my way.” The boy hangs up and quickly looks up to Yuu 

“I’m terribly sorry I can’t talk now, I need to go— uh, what’s your name?”


“I’m Yuu, and you are?”


“I’m Neige!” Neige quickly gave Yuu a sweet smile “It’s very nice to meet you! Welcome to Twisted Wonderland.” He told them as he quickly goes running off.


Thursday 1:30pm


Moving their legs on the sidewalk. The area isn’t bad. It’s quite nice. Some stores and cafes are open. 


Yuu took out their phone and unlocked it to open to text a friend about how things are.


“F*cking sh*t!” Someone cursed as they looked up to a damaged car on the parking side. The wind shield is totally smashed up, the side doors were deep dented, the lid of the car is scratched up and bent as if it was crashed. The young man was on his knees crying out. 


“My car! What the hell happened to my car!!” A man next to him smacked him by the side of the head.


“It’s those Savanaclaws! I know it! I I told you not to mess with them!”


Savanaclaws? Was that something Neige was talking about?