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Truly, if Jiang Cheng could be doing anything in the world, it’s probably not this. Maybe it’s an extension of his dream job, but going undercover as an eye-candy server at Lan Xichen’s party as a top secret mission for Jin Corp. is a combination of two things on sheer opposite sides of his affinity spectrum, balancing his mood to neutral. Neutral meaning mild distaste, for Jiang Cheng.

‘So, Chengcheng,’ Jiang Cheng hears Nie Huaisang’s god-awful voice in his ear. For the fourteenth time today, Jiang Cheng laments Wei Wuxian’s invention of implant headpieces. He’d rather get caught with a big old bluetooth in-ear and get tackled than listen to Nie Huaisang any longer.

“Fuck you, Huaisang.”

‘Was that necessary? You shouldn’t talk more than necessary. Then everyone will think you’re crazy. But sexy and insane does seem like a good comb-’

“Jesus Christ,” Jiang Cheng mutters under his breath.

‘Okay, I’ll stop! But you know the drill by now, right? Cuz it’s time for me to go silent.’

He mentally recaps the scant few days he had to prepare for the mission. The goal was to get into Lan Xichen’s bed for any sort of intel on their upcoming deal with the Su’s next month. It was all supremely hush-hush, but Lan Xichen was known to let his guard down around the men he took interest in, plus he always took them to his personal home to bed them.

Jiang Cheng did question why in the everloving fuck anyone though he was suitable to woo Lan Xichen, but Nie Mingjue, who assigned him the mission in the first place, just shrugged at him and said, ‘You’ve got the Bagel look.’

When Jiang Cheng asked for a second opinion, considerably alarmed and confused by his boss, Wei Wuxian cryptically wiggled his eyebrows and said, ‘You know what you do to all those power-hungry men, didi.’

The only person who thought to properly convey anything to Jiang Cheng was Nie Huaisang, who explained that no, Nie Mingjue didn’t mean that Jiang Cheng’s face looks like a circle, but Jiang Cheng has a (ba)by face, and an an(gel) body. Basically, according to Nie Huaisang, Jiang Cheng is a top-tier twink, and just Lan Xichen’s type.

“Mhm,” Jiang Cheng affirms, already feeling a headache coming on from thinking about the sheer humiliation he felt at realizing that every single one of his co-workers (including his fucking ex, Wen fucking Qing) regards him as Gay Crimelord Bait.

‘Alright, good! Recording, and I’ll unmute if you’re in need of anything. Go get into those pants, Wanyin!’

Jiang Cheng grumbles, but has no further time to complain when his job is in front of him. Lan Xichen is lounging in a chaise on his private patio, slightly de-elevated while all of his guests chatter on the floor around him, or up on the deck. The neon pink lighting of the beach-themed party does Lan Xichen’s impeccable white suit good, but it wasn’t necessary in order to cement him as the highlight of the party.

Lan Xichen is absolutely stunning. The first time Jiang Cheng laid eyes on him was in a portfolio a few years ago, and while Jiang Cheng already thought of him as incredibly hot, the photo was no match for the real deal. Jiang Cheng figures that this mission is better than any other in which he’s had to use his body, simply because Jiang Cheng actually does want Lan Xichen to rail him, or the other way around, even, if looks can be so deceiving.

But that kind of brings his morality and ethics into question, so Jiang Cheng doesn’t think about it too much. It still makes it easier to fit into his character, however. Nie Huaisang had warned Jiang Cheng that Lan Xichen is a master of reading faces, and the safest bet would be to act how Jiang Cheng naturally would when he likes someone, versus trying to seduce him.

Alright, Wanyin, Jiang Cheng thinks. You’re completely bewitched by Lan Xichen. All you want is to be with him, to be his.

Jiang Cheng locks his eyes back onto his target.

I’m in love with you.

Jiang Cheng knows he’s got a good shot the moment Lan Xichen’s eyes land on him. The man gasps, and with a look of childlike wonder, turns his head to his attendant, all the while keeping his eyes on Jiang Cheng. ‘That one’ he mouths, clear as day.

Jiang Cheng acts mildly surprised when the attendant asks him to accompany her back to Lan Xichen, and obediently follows after handing his palette of mimosas to another server.

Once Jiang Cheng enters the patio, he can feel Lan Xichen’s burning gaze on him. The perpetual fake smile Lan Xichen slaps on his face has slipped away, expression morphed into a marvel, directed solely at Jiang Cheng.

“Hello,” Lan Xichen breaths, eyes still fixed on his face, and holy shit his voice is like honey. “What’s your name?”

Jiang Cheng steps a bit closer, “Wanyin, sir.”

“Sir?” Lan Xichen smiles. “You can just call me Xichen, Wanyin.”

Jiang Cheng enjoys the way his name rolls off the elder’s tongue too much.

“Xichen,” Jiang Cheng nods unassumingly.

“I hope you’re enjoying your time at Cloud Recesses?”

What kind of awful, loon-ass name, Jiang Cheng thinks, but what comes out of his mouth is, “Mhm. It’s really fun.”

Lan Xichen’s eyes narrow at him, “You. Your face.”

Jiang Cheng’s heartbeat quickens. There is no way Lan Xichen has ever seen Jiang Cheng in his life, but Lan Xichen is terrifying and Jiang Cheng is almost ready to bolt already. This man’s expressions all change in a heartbeat.

“You’ve got a gorgeous face. Care to join me?”

Lan Xichen pats his lap, smirking up at Jiang Cheng, sending a rush of heat through the younger.

Jiang Cheng just gulps and nods again.

“Good, sweetheart,” Lan Xichen sounds incredibly pleased, and Jiang Cheng feels his knees weaken at the endearment as he walks towards the chaise.

He sets himself sideways on Lan Xichen’s lap, and the man instantly wraps a hand around Jiang Cheng’s waist.

“You’re tiny here,” Lan Xichen sounds giddy as he squeezes Jiang Cheng’s waist. “How cute. Do you work out, Wanyin?”

“Oh, just a little,” Jiang Cheng smiles as charmingly as he can. “Not as much as you, probably.”

“Aw,” Lan Xichen’s grip on his waist tightens even further, the other hand now on his thigh. “You’re very sweet.”

Nie Huaisang did once say that Jiang Cheng is awfully coy with his crushes, but Lan Xichen seems to like it, so Jiang Cheng doesn’t stop.

Thank you, Xichen.”

Jiang Cheng cheekily lays a hand on Lan Xichen’s (big, broad ) chest, which in turn makes the elder’s breath hitch in his throat. Jiang Cheng just cocks his head innocently, a soft smile still on his face.

“Wanyin,” Lan Xichen’s hand begins to rub his thigh. “Do you want to come home with me tonight?”

Jiang Cheng thinks his returning nod is a bit too eager. Nonetheless, it was actually quite easy to get the man to take Jiang Cheng home, as opposed to the hours of coaxing Nie Mingjue said it usually took. In fact, the whole exchange lasted just under five minutes. Either Lan Xichen is just really horny, or Jiang Cheng has reason to strut around like the Peacock tonight.

Lan Xichen ushers Jiang Cheng off the patio, more attendants and bodyguards coming seemingly out of nowhere to send Lan Xichen off. All the while, Lan Xichen keeps his huge hand on Jiang Cheng’s lower back. Jiang Cheng thinks Lan Xichen could possibly engulf the whole of Jiang Cheng’s waist with both of his hands. He’s only a few centimeters taller than Jiang Cheng, but Lan Xichen’s entire frame is so much bigger than himself, that Jiang Cheng can’t help but feel tiny next to him. People stare and whisper as they make their way to the car, but Jiang Cheng isn’t surprised. More than half the people here are understandably dying to get into Lan Xichen’s pants.

The drive to his mansion is short, and Jiang Cheng spends the time in awe over his car, and over how sexy Lan Xichen looks when he’s driving. The small talk they make on the drive is easy for Jiang Cheng only because Lan Xichen is so engaging and attentive. As Wei Wuxian, a veteran when it comes to meeting face to face with Lan’s, once said, Lan Xichen’s charisma is no joke. Jiang Cheng even lets some of his sarcastic quips through, at which Lan Xichen genuinely laughs, much to Jiang Cheng’s surprise.

When they enter the manor, Lan Xichen’s hand wanders to around his hip, which Jiang Cheng enjoys just as much as a hand on his waist. He prefers being touched by Lan Xichen anywhere, really.

As they walk, Lan Xichen points out the different parts of his gigantic home, even where his office, study, and basement are. Jiang Cheng has half a mind to ask Lan Xichen how he can be so stupid as to give all this important information away to a stranger.

Jiang Cheng cautions pushing a little further, “What kind of stuff do you do, other than real estate? This mansion is huge, even for a property mogul.”

“What, don’t tell me you don’t know what else I do? Don’t know about the Lan Clan?”

“Well, I know, I just-”

Lan Xichen cuts him off with a laugh, “Ah, I see, curious? Well I just participate in trade deals for... illicit items, sometimes. Buying and selling them. Getting them to whoever needs them.”

Jiang Cheng throws him a look of mock confusion.

“That’s vague.”

Lan Xichen smooths Jiang Cheng’s hair back as Lan Xichen leans against the kitchen counter, Jiang Cheng standing between his legs.

“Mm, for example, I have a deal coming up soon, where I’ll trade items I’ve gotten from someone who only supplies to me, for money. I’ll be making a big profit.”

“,” Jiang Cheng says, but his mind is more set on the new intel he just got. According to what the Agency knows of Lan Xichen’s exclusive suppliers, it could be the Wang, Tang, or Wen Clan. The Su’s could be receiving any manner of items, and while Jiang Cheng knows that another division could handle getting that info, it would be more efficient if he got it from Lan Xichen tonight.

“Cool? If you say so,” Lan Xichen raises a perfect eyebrow. “But I don’t think you should be so inquisitive about things like this.”

“Why not?” Jiang Cheng leans closer to Lan Xichen, whose amicable smile turns into a simper.

“Because curiosity killed the cat. This is dangerous stuff.”

Jiang Cheng snorts at that, but concedes, for now.

“Do you want a drink, Wanyin?” Lan Xichen asks, and Jiang Cheng is sure it’s just a courtesy.

Jiang Cheng shakes his head, and, emboldened by Lan Xichen’s obvious interest in him, lays a kiss on Lan Xichen’s cheek. That gives Lan Xichen quite the pause, and he blinks at Jiang Cheng, hand coming up to ghost over his own cheek.

In an instant, that hand is gripping the back of Jiang Cheng’s neck, the other cupping his face.

Lan Xichen’s kisses are as deep and smooth as his voice.

Jiang Cheng feels him play with his tongue languidly, lips meeting softly and slowly, again and again. Jiang Cheng, as impatient as ever, nips at Lan Xichen’s bottom lip.

“Here?” Lan Xichen’s voice has gone even deeper with lust.

“Mm-mm, bed.”

The demand earns a fond huff from Lan Xichen.

“Okay, baobei.”

Lan Xichen wraps Jiang Cheng’s legs around his waist, hands splayed under his thighs, and carries him swiftly to what Jiang Cheng assumes is Lan Xichen’s bedroom. Jiang Cheng tries not to remember that Nie Huaisang will be listening in on their whole exchange.

Before Lan Xichen drops him on the bed, Jiang Cheng quickly memorizes the room. It’s vast and open, everything in tones of navy blue, grey, and black.

Lan Xichen’s lips meet Jiang Cheng’s from above, this time much more insistent and pressing. Jiang Cheng lets out an involuntary moan when Lan Xichen sucks on his lip.

“God, Wanyin,” Lan Xichen says in between kisses. “I can’t get enough of you.”

“Then take more.”

Jiang Cheng has barely any time to be embarrassed by what he said, as Lan Xichen suddenly starts stripping them both off. “I hate to see you out of your suit. It looks good on you,” Lan Xichen grins dopily, and Jiang Cheng could almost call it endearing.

The lighting is dim, but Jiang Cheng can easily perceive Lan Xichen’s eyes boring down into his body once they’re both fully undressed. Jiang Cheng himself can’t look away from the elegant but powerful slope of Lan Xichen’s shoulders, the impressive contour of his chest and abdomen. He neglects looking at Lan Xichen’s dick for too long, because it could surely snap a lesser man in half.

“Is this still okay?”

Jiang Cheng nods his head, appreciative that Lan Xichen has been looking for consent all tonight.

Jiang Cheng shivers when Lan Xichen smoothes his hands down Jiang Cheng’s body reverently, going back up to his waist to try to wrap his hands around it. As Jiang Cheng thought, Lan Xichen can fully hold his waist, thumb to thumb, middle finger to middle finger. It turns Jiang Cheng on so much that he blushes.

He can say the same for Lan Xichen, with the way he curses and clutches at Jiang Cheng’s waist for the umpteenth time tonight. Lan Xichen reaches into his nightstand drawer, and Jiang Cheng takes the time to admire how Lan Xichen’s hair has been mussed all out of style by Jiang Cheng’s wandering hands, previously slicked back bangs now falling to his brows. He runs his hands through the close cropped hair on the back of Lan Xichen’s head, and the elder turns back to him with a bottle of lube and a condom in hand.

Lan Xichen presses a soft kiss to Jiang Cheng’s lips who in turn grips his shoulders, “Handsy,” he smirks.

“You’re one to talk,” Jiang Cheng retorts, but doesn’t loosen his hold.

Lan Xichen switches Jiang Cheng’s position from laying between Lan Xichen’s knees to wrapping his legs around his waist. Jiang Cheng gasps when their hips make contact.

The moan that comes out of Jiang Cheng when Lan Xichen finally wraps a slicked hand around his cock has Jiang Cheng slapping his hand over his mouth.

“Don’t,” Lan Xichen removes his hand and pins his wrist above his head. “I wanna hear you.”

Jiang Cheng can only comply as Lan Xichen starts moving his hand. When had Jiang Cheng gotten so hard, anyway?

Lan Xichen soon takes both of them in one hand, stroking them in unison, which is a whole other sensation for Jiang Cheng. He thinks he might come too soon if Lan Xichen continues like this, and expresses so.

“How do you want to continue, then?” Lan Xichen gives a particularly rough squeeze to Jiang Cheng’s thigh.

“Ah, you,” Jiang Cheng is suddenly fucking shy. “I want you to…”

“Anything, baby,” Lan Xichen’s eyebrows are furrowed, pleading.

“I want you inside me,” Jiang Cheng near-whispers, but Lan Xichen’s shaky exhale means he was heard.

“Yeah, okay,” Lan Xichen reaches again for the lube, finally letting go of Jiang Cheng's wrist, this time to coat his fingers. “We can do that.”

Lan Xichen keeps stroking Jiang Cheng slowly while a thumb rubs against the soft furl of his entrance. Jiang Cheng, who is no novice, opens up quickly in the next few minutes. Jiang Cheng is pretty sure that Lan Xichen has done quite a bit of damage to his chest and neck in that short amount of time.

“Look at how nicely you open up for me,” Lan Xichen admires, index and middle finger now swiftly fucking into Jiang Cheng. The slick sounds are mortifying, but Jiang Cheng can barely think about anything except for having Lan Xichen’s cock inside him as soon as possible.

“I’m ready. Just get inside me, now.

“Greedy,” Lan Xichen notes. “Have some patience, Wanyin. I’ll give you what you need.”

He curls his fingers right up against Jiang Cheng’s prostate, who groans as he arches his back.

Please!- Please, Xichen I can’t- please.

Lan Xichen’s breath hitches, and Jiang Cheng watches his jaw clench.

“I can’t resist when you ask me like that, ” Lan Xichen concedes. “Don’t regret it.”

Lan Xichen lubes up his cock, and Jiang Cheng would feel some apprehension if he didn’t feel so much hunger. Just the head of Lan Xichen’s cock feels like it’s too much when it presses into Jiang Cheng, and Jiang Cheng feels woozy at the thought of being so incredibly full.

Jiang Cheng grits his teeth as Lan Xichen fucks slowly all the way inside, and near-screams when the head of his cock hits Jiang Cheng’s prostate, fucking so deep into Jiang Cheng that he can hardly breathe. Lan Xichen is so thick and heavy that the weight of his cock just presses constantly onto Jiang Cheng’s prostate.

“Oh my god, Xichen, ” Jiang Cheng can already feel his mind going hazy.

“Ah, I-I told you,” Lan Xichen grunts, but doesn’t seem to be better off. “Fuck, Wanyin, you’re so tight.

Jiang Cheng can’t even form a reply as Lan Xichen begins to move inside him, brushing even harder against his prostate with every thrust. Shocks of pleasure and pain bring Jiang Cheng’s brain to mush.

Lan Xichen whispers praise in Jiang Cheng’s ear, “You’re taking me so well, already so fucked out, huh? Adorable.”

He presses a kiss to Jiang Cheng’s chest, “Can you come without me touching you, sweetheart?”

Jiang Cheng can only answer in unintelligible moans, getting closer and closer even with Lan Xichen’s slow pace. It immediately sends Jiang Cheng over the edge when Lan Xichen increases his pace, and Jiang Cheng shoots onto his own stomach, moans becoming louder and louder.

“Fuck, baobei, already?” Lan Xichen presses a kiss to his forehead, not stopping for a second. “Good job. Let’s do one more, yeah?”

Jiang Cheng hums in affirmative.

“Words, Wanyin. Should I keep going?” Lan Xichen’s pace begins to slow, but Jiang Cheng squeezes his legs tighter around his waist.

“Yes,” Jiang Cheng manages to choke out. “Keep going”

Lan Xichen immediately quickens his pace, and praises him profusely for speaking. Jiang Cheng can feel yet another orgasm building on him, almost solely because of the filthy words that keep coming out of Lan Xichen’s mouth.

“You feel so good, I could do this for hours.”

“Xichen, Xichen- give me,” Jiang Cheng pants. “Faster.”

And Lan Xichen goes faster.

“Ah, harder!”

Lan Xichen makes it so every single sound that comes out of Jiang Cheng is a punched out moan.

“Uhf, more.

Lan Xichen wraps a hand around Jiang Cheng’s cock, and Jiang Cheng screams, finally getting the stimulation he wanted.

“Was that it, baby?” Lan Xichen squeezes Jiang Cheng’s cock, to which Jiang Cheng jolts uncontrollably. “Can never get enough, huh?”

Lan Xichen smirks, and whispers directly into Jiang Cheng’s ear, “ Slut.

And that sends Jiang Cheng spiralling over the edge once again, cock twitching as he shoots another load between them. Jiang Cheng feels his cock softening but is too interested in riding out his orgasm and seeing Lan Xichen come to stop him.

“Keep going,” Jiang Cheng breaths out weakly. “I want you to come.”

Lan Xichen groans at that, and presses a kiss to Jiang Cheng’s temple, “You’re amazing.

His pace slows, and he fucks a little shallower. 

The affectionate kiss combined with Lan Xichen’s rubbing against his spent walls draws tears from Jiang Cheng, and he finds himself crying from overstimulation. Lan Xichen just kisses his tears away, and asks him once again if he would like to continue. Jiang Cheng once again says yes.

“I’ve got you, Wanyin.”

Jiang Cheng feels himself melt as Lan Xichen fucks him slowly and softly, bracing his arms on either side of Jiang Cheng’s head. He brings his arms up to wrap around Lan Xichen’s neck. Lan Xichen increases his pace slowly as Jiang Cheng rides out the last of his aftershocks.

"Feel good?" Lan Xichen asks, fucking him in earnest again, now.

"Yes! Yes- I love it-"

"I love how you feel around me, too, sweetheart. Want me to fill you up?"

"Yes!" Jiang Cheng sobs. He knows Lan Xichen can’t actually come inside him, but just the idea sends him into a frenzy.

"Say pretty please for me, Wanyin."

"Oh fuck, please, Xichen-" 

"Good boy."

Lan Xichen slams into him even faster, and Jiang Cheng tightens his grip around his neck. Soon, Lan Xichen is coming into Jiang Cheng with a moan so pretty it sends shivers down Jiang Cheng’s spine. He wants to hear it again, sometime.

Once his tears stop, Jiang Cheng lets go of Lan Xichen, and the man sighs as he rolls his shoulders. They sit on the bed, knees to knees.

“Sorry,” Jiang Cheng sniffles, voice quiet and coarse after making so much noise.

Lan Xichen laughs, “Nonsense, Wanyin. You’re adorable.”

He wipes the tears off of Jiang Cheng’s face, and Jiang Cheng, not knowing what to do out of his bashfulness, just butts his cheek against Lan Xichen’s.

“Shit, oh my god,” Lan Xichen looks completely smitten as he grabs Jiang Cheng’s face. “You’re so cute. How can you be so cute?”

Jiang Cheng rolls his eyes, “Shut up.”

“No, really,” Lan Xichen winks. “And you took me like a champ, too.”

“Ugh,” Jiang Cheng throws Lan Xichen’s hands off his face. “I’m going to be sore for a while because of you. I hope you’re happy.”

“I am,” Lan Xichen says, shamelessly. The man seems to have no brain-to-mouth filter in any regard.

Jiang Cheng suddenly remembers his mission. He still has to find out who the supplier is and what they’re supplying, but now has no idea how to bring it up in their amicable banter. Lan Xichen truly fucked the thoughts out of his head.

“Are you amenable to a quick shower? Your stomach is a mess,” Lan Xichen gives another appreciative rove over Jiang Cheng’s body. Jiang Cheng figures it might be a good time to ask more about Lan Xichen.

He follows the elder to the spacious bathroom, and Lan Xichen tugs him under the warm stream of the shower. Jiang Cheng sighs in contentment, and Lan Xichen hugs him from behind, resting his head on Jiang Cheng’s shoulder.


Jiang Cheng nods, “Mhm. You’re...good.”

“You’re irresistible. So needy.”

“Hey!” Jiang Cheng flicks Lan Xichen’s head.

“Brat,” Lan Xichen calls affectionately. “But that’s what I like about you.”

Jiang Cheng just pouts at Lan Xichen, who kisses his temple once again.

“You don’t seem like the type of person to have much time to get this good,” Jiang Cheng notes when they get out of the shower. “Don’t you spend all your time pushing drugs or something?”

“Most of my clansmen handle it. I just make decisions and come to the deal spot. Here’s a towel.”

“Thanks,” Jiang Cheng says. Jiang Cheng has already given off the impression of someone who’s interested in the underworld, but just hasn’t gotten an in yet. So, he hazards just asking Lan Xichen directly. “I wanna see. I like that kind of stuff.”

Lan Xichen is understandably surprised.

“It’s not like in movies, you know. It’s pretty boring if everything goes to plan. And if it doesn’t, the shootouts are quick and un-glamourous at best”

“You think I could become a clansman? Then I could come see, right?” Jiang Cheng figures that if he pushes Lan Xichen into thinking Jiang Cheng would do something so dangerous as joining a clan, he would give in and give more details to quell his inquisitiveness.

“You know that’s dangerous, Wanyin,” Lan Xichen admonishes. “I can’t be your in. But you can definitely stay for breakfast. Just...not for the clan stuff.”

Jiang Cheng gives up there. If he wants any more information, he’d have to stay overnight, and Jiang Cheng never stays for breakfast. He figures that the Agency can just do some recon on the three suspected clans to get further information.

“Fine, fine,” Jiang Cheng grumps. “I won’t. But I can’t stay for breakfast.”

“You can’t?”

Lan Xichen’s frown is so endearing that Jiang Cheng might have considered it, had Lan Xichen not been doing grossly illegal activities for almost a decade.

“Nu-uh. Busy tomorrow,” Jiang Cheng begins to pull on his suit, which was discarded haphazardly on the floor around the bed.

“Too bad,” Lan Xichen blows some bangs out of his eyes. Once again, Jiang Cheng admires how cute Lan Xichen looks with his hair down, especially changed into a white t-shirt which highlights his biceps. He wonders if Lan Xichen was popular in college.

“Then at least let me ask you some questions. You asked so much about me, but I barely know about you.”

Jiang Cheng contemplates as he straightens out his tie. There’s no use asking questions now that Lan Xichen will never see him again, but Jiang Cheng deigns to indulge the man, just as Lan Xichen had indulged him.

“Sure,” Jiang Cheng shrugs.

“Well,” Lan Xichen drawls, a coy smile on his face. Lan Xichen holds Jiang Cheng’s waist, and pushes him backwards towards the bed slowly. Jiang Cheng scoffs, knowing it’s going to be some dumb flirtatious question about his body. Jiang Cheng just hopes Lan Xichen doesn’t try to make him stay for another round.

“You’ve got my ideal appearance down pat, but how’d you get the personality?”


In two short moves, Lan Xichen pushes Jiang Cheng back onto the bed, and restrains all of his limbs.

“You know what I mean, Jiang Cheng,” Lan Xichen chides, and Jiang Cheng feels the fear wash over him when Lan Xichen says his real name, as he struggles in the larger man’s grip. “It’s pretty obvious that your looks are just my type, but the way you look at me, the way you talk to me. So candid, so demanding. You knew I’d give you whatever you want. I would’ve given you the heart right out of my chest, had you asked, Jiang Cheng.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“It’s not an act, then? That’s great. You’re gonna be mine.”

“What the fuck are you on, Lan Xichen?!”

“What are you here for? What do you want to know? I’ll tell you.”

Jiang Cheng tries to free his legs, but Lan Xichen just digs his knees in deeper.

“How do you know my name?”

“You’re Wei Wuxian’s adoptive brother, aren’t you? We did some digging, and I could recognize such dazzling eyes anywhere.”

“How do you even know that he’s my brother, that’s not- how-”

“I have my ways. Anything else?”

Jiang Cheng grits his teeth, and spits, “Then tell me about the deal with the Su Clan next month.”

“Weapons,” Lan Xichen replies immediately. “We’re selling them guns that the Lan’s were directly supplied by the Wen Clan last month. We bought out their entire stock, and the Su’s are buying fifty percent of ours. I can’t tell you where the deal is, though.”

“Why would you- you’re bluffing!

“If I lie here, your mission will be considered a failure, and I would never see you again. I’m not lying to you.”

The incredulous look on Jiang Cheng’s face seems to entertain Lan Xichen.

“You’re recording this, right? Is it live?” Lan Xichen leans closer to Jiang Cheng’s ear. “If you guys send me Jiang Cheng at any time in the future, I’ll give him the information you need, within reason. No questions asked.”

Jiang Cheng is shocked into silence. Nie Mingjue is absolutely going to take that offer up.

“I’m going to let you go now, but I’m expecting to see you again, okay?”

Jiang Cheng just snarls at Lan Xichen. Once the man releases him, Jiang Cheng kicks him in the stomach (serves that bastard right), and makes a beeline for the door, nearly forgetting to grab his shoes on the way out.

Jiang Cheng’s head is still reeling when he comes home at almost three in the morning.

Fortunately, Nie Huaisang had left him alone when Jiang Cheng had asked, so he had a lot of time to ponder on the taxi ride home. Lan Xichen knew who Jiang Cheng was the entire time, yet still let him into his home and treated Jiang Cheng with such care, satisfying him completely. Jiang Cheng wondered if Lan Xichen was just acting the entire time, or if he was genuinely just that interested in Jiang Cheng. In the end, he decided that he definitely doesn’t look forward to crossing paths with Lan Xichen if the intel is true either way.

“You’re back!”

“You should be asleep, Wei Wuxian,” Jiang Cheng is too tired to properly scold him.

“Huaisang sent the briefing out already. I had no idea it would go so well!”

“Well did Huaisang say that that motherfucker knew who I was the whole time? Conniving bastard.”

“Well, we’re the ones who tried to trick him first!”

“That’s because he’s doing shitty things.”

Wei Wuxian cackles, “That’s true! So anyway, Lan Xichen really sold the Wen’s out for you? That’s hilarious!”

“I can’t believe it. I still think he was bluffing.”

“Well I think you’ve just completely bewitched him, and he’s just going to give you whatever you want from now on.”

“We’ll see,” Jiang Cheng scoffs, ready to head back to his room after the bizarre happenings of tonight. “After the deal.”

He’s much too fatigued to take his whole suit off, so Jiang Cheng just takes off his suit jacket and flops onto the bed, wincing at the dull pain arising in his lower back. Jiang Cheng concludes that his own bed is much more comfortable than Lan Xichen’s, before drifting off into a dreamless sleep.