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They’re sitting on the couch, knees touching in a familiar closeness, watching the new years countdown on the small television down in the basement. Yuuji’s been idly sipping his coke, Gojo-sensei offered him something stronger but he refused, and fiddling with the hem of his hoodie. He’s kinda nervous. Actually scratch that. He’s really nervous. Yuuji has a plan to kiss Gojo-sensei at midnight. His little plan has been stewing in his brain ever since they’d set up everything for the night and, as scared as he feels, he needs to do this or he’ll never get the chance again.

The sudden warmth across the back of his neck makes him jump, the drink he’s holding sloshing but thankfully staying in the can. Wow how embarrassing, Yuuji thinks, face burning a bright red at his outburst. A breathy chuckle breaks him out of his stupor.

“My, my, Yuuji why so skittish for, hmm?” Gojo asks, blindfold still hiding his bright blues and a teasing smile gracing his lips. Yuuji really hopes he’s able to get that damn cloth off his face when he goes to kiss those soft pink lips.

“S-sorry sensei! I-I was uh j-just thinking of what the new year might hold for us, I mean all of us!” Nice save, comes the taunt from Sukuna. Yuuji flushes hotter from embarrassment, Bastard, he gripes back.

Gojo-sensei stays facing him for a moment longer before the cheering from the tv distracts his focus. “Oh! Yuuji look! The countdown is starting soon!”


Five minutes until midnight. Five minutes and he hasn’t done anything but sit here fiddling with his clothes like an embarrassed school girl.

Whatever he’s gonna do he’s gotta act fast cause now there’s only 3 minutes left!

Go straight for it? No, too forceful. Ask him? No, that’s too desperate. Maybe get his attention and then go for it? Yes! Decision made Yuuji lifts his head up to glance at the tv screen, anxiety making his stomach flutter.


Ok he can do this. Just grab his attention and go for it! Yuuji takes a deep breath,

“G-gojo-sensei,” the man in question looks down at him. Yuuji looks up staring up at the blindfold man knowing his teacher is staring right back. Yuuji lifts his hand to cup the older man's cheek, fingers sliding under the blindfold.


Bright blues are revealed from underneath the cloth, staring into golden brown with something close to fondness.


Yuuji lifts onto his knees, shifting his body closer, hands shaking but determined.


Noses brush.


They’re sharing breaths now, just a little closer and--