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Red Irises

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Midoriya Izuku needs to come to terms with reality. He has this bad habit of creating an idea of it and sticking to it, refusing reality.

The biggest of his life being created right now, at the tender age of three. The idolization and utter faith in the hero system, in All Might. 

Its normal right? As kids everybody is all a little delusional, but this.. this would slowly lead to the downfall of Japan as they know it.


At five years old the first hitch in Midoriya's idolized world happened.

Why wasn't he allowed to be a hero, to chase his dream? Why was he denied just because of something as insignificant as a quirk?

Now don't take him the wrong way, Midoriya finds quirks extremely fascinating, a trait sure inherited from his father.

But to be a hero.. to save a life? Is it really necessary?


His friends slowly left him behind. From awkwardness, to babying, to judging glances, to teasing, to isolation.

It hurt, even though they weren't that close from the start and he often was made the laughing stock of the group. At least he had a place to be.

From the age of six, he was officially the school outcast.


Then the guy he admired the most, Kacchan, started pushing other classmates down.

Midoriya with his golden heart and endless bravery obviously couldn't ignore it, and thus he was beat to the ground.

By the time the teacher came, the kids he was protecting had already fled.

His hero world got yet another crack.

And when the teacher ignored it, despite Kacchan repeating the incident, just to get a chance to belittle Midoriya, it cracked again.

Kacchan became Bakugou.


His father left for yet another business trip when he was nine, and never came back.

All might disappeared for a while too, leaving him with no distractions to escape reality.

They at least still got support sent by daddy dearest, but it could never replace the void in their home. 


It cracked again when he started to get bullied, now a target. Bakugou always complained to the teacher, that Midoriya was the one following him, mocking him, and almost asking for it, when he long ago learned how to stay away and make his presence as small as possible.

Hah, as if the teacher needed justifying anyways.

Fucking jerk, how can he be a hero?

But its fine, UA wont let him get away with his behavior. He trusts the heroes, they would understand and expel the bully. Midroiya trusts the hero system.


Then everything fell into place. He got a quirk! Midoriya Izuku now possesses One for All, passed to him by THE All Might.

Even though All Might almost crushed his hope, its fine, because Midoriya now has a quirk. He can go to UA,

After all, his lack of a quirk was the only obstacle from him being like normal!





Why did he get yelled at like that?

They whispered about him thinking they were slick, saying he wasn't a threat in the exam.

Ah, but of course! The quirk hasn't kicked in yet, Midoriya just has to wait.



Aizawa-sensei looks at him with tired, disappointing eyes as he complains about his dry eye, like its his fault Bakugou tried to attack him.

The disappointment is crushing, but he holds on. It's just the first day. Sensei will understand, he has to.



Shouldn't All Might have stopped Bakugou when he nearly blew his hand off?!

Midoriya's skin is burning, not a new sensation, but still not particularly pleasant.

And as much as the negligence of All Might hurts, the victory of the Battle Trial takes over.

Oh to see those ugly red irises of his, water and shake in disappointment and shame. He lost to Deku after all.

Midoriya is almost drunk on the high of it all. Slightly worrying.



He doesn't get it. What the hell is that guy talking about?

Killing All Might? Because of injustice? The hero system isn't that bad though. Right?

But as the crusty bluenette talks about mindless and unfair violence,  about discrimination

...Midoriya's stomach knots with a a feeling he wants to say is unfamiliar. but probably isn't. 



Todoroki is so pretty surrounded by his fire, the fire Endeavor has taken unfair ownership over.

The number two hero is an abuser... he needs to let that sink in.

And as the cracks in his delusion grow bigger, some pieces of glass fall.



Stain is fucking right and it hurts.

Because what the hell? He has a quirk! He goes to UA and.. and its still unfair. Midoriya still shakes when Bakugou yells, even when its not directed at him. Still the guy has actual friends now. He Even calls Kirishima by name. 


When Midoriya lands on the ground the last thread of it all barely hangs on, ready to break any second.

He just wanted to cooperate, to pass this stupid trash final exam. But he gets hit across the face for it. 


He's panting, having just crossed the gate to victory and leaving Bakugou behind. He's done.

Midoriya's chuckling as he goes to the waiting room where sensei and the others watch the exam live.

No way Bakugou isn’t going to get in trouble for hitting him under a cooperate exam. But when he opens the door, he is only met with judgemental stares. A shamefull and dissapointed lecture by aizawa for failing in teamwork, even though one passing through still counted as a way to win.

Aizawa ends it with, "I expected more"

Midoriya’s delusion finally shatters.

”You used me, you always do!” At the others shocked gasps he realizes he said that out loud, but you know, Midoriya can’t stop now that he’s let go.

“I have no problem with teamwork or cooperating with Bakugou. He’s the one that can’t handle it!”

The anger in his voice catches them others of guard, Midoriya always seem so calm.

”And yet you neglect me and my education to further Bakugou’s! You ignore how he’s acting because he has potential, but that’s bullshit and you know it!”

Midoriya hates that tears leak out of his eyes, and he hates even more that it’s because of the countless crybaby’s thrown his way.

”He acts like a fucking villain, and you let it pass because of his flashy fucking quirk, you’re just like the others!” The venom pouring into his  words and the hurt in his eyes, finally gets a reaction from Aizawa. 

“Midoriya, calm down! That is not the way you talk about your classmates and to your teacher!”

He realizes at once that he should have responded differently when Midoriya turns and runs away with Full Cowl.


It was tense at the mall, or maybe it was just Midoriya.

With a hood low over his eyes he pushes through the masses.

The past few days have been numbing. He hasn’t seen any of his classmates since the test three days ago.

Midoriya’s thankful for the four-day break they all get after the exam. Not that he plans to ever go back, but it gives him a little more time to gather his thoughts on what to do.

Whatever, for now he's just here for some groceries his mother requested.

Not paying attention he walks into a broad tall chest.

"Sorry" he mumbles trying to get past, but the stranger grabs his right biceps and maneuver him so he’s tucked to his side.

Midoriya is about to ask who the fuck he thinks he is, when four fingers graze his throat. He understands immediately who he wandered upon.

“Whats the rush little hero", a dark raspy voice whispers in his ear. Midoriya suppresses a shiver. The shock and fear prevents him from resisting much until the guy has dragged him into an secluded alleyway.

"Shigaraki?" What the hell is happening?

He is roughly pushed against the wall, trapped between the two murder weapons called hands. "If you as much as try to call for help, I’ll disintegrate you and everyone else I’ll see on my way out."

At his silent stare. Shigaraki adds on,

"What? Do you want your dear UA heroes to save you".

The smell of the garbage not too far away, the numb fear and the horrifying assumption that Midoriya wants to be associated with those liars fills his mouth with the disgusting taste of vomit.

As he suddenly bends down and throws up, Shigaraki quickly backs away.

"What the hell",

he hears Shigaraki whisper before four fingers surprisingly draws his hood and hair back, instead of killing him like Midoriya thought they would.

"That scared of me hero?"

"-op" Midoriya groggily whispers.

"What was that hero?" Shigaraki continuous to tease.


I’m so going to fucking die

Midoriya turns around, prepared to see the god everyone said was up there, to the sight of Shigaraki's grin widen hysterically as his confusion turns to understanding.

Weirdly his dark red irises aren't as ugly as Bakugous.

"Well well, I think we two should have a little chat little he-, i mean Midoriya" 

Creepy fucker knows my name

Shigaraki lets out a smirk at his obvious confusion.

"I know a cafe not far from here"


Midoriya Izuku, 16 years old, is a first year at the prestigious UA academy, or was at least. He wonders how his three year old self would react to how the events turned out. The smell of smoke and destruction fills and satisfies his lungs. Finally he broke free...