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Moving always made people snappy. If it wasn't the long delays, or lack of desire to pack goods, or the sheer disarray of it all, it was the fact that Taehyung and Seokjin would now be sleeping on the floor of their Gangnam apartment because Seokjin had sent their bed on the moving truck and had forgotten to book them a hotel room and by the time the couple had gotten back to their apartment after going for dinner and Taehyung asked "So, when are we going to the hotel?" they were both far too tired to do anything but yell at each other for a couple of minutes before huffing and seeking out their bags of clothes and blankets that would be going on the other moving truck in the morning with them and falling asleep on opposite sides of their bedroom.

Moving made people snappy. Taehyung knew this, Seokjin knew this, and yet neither of them had been prepared for the strain moving placed on their marriage or even able to realise it until they had found themselves glaring at each other over vases in a home goods store, Taehyung determined to have their living room redecorated in lilac and Seokjin stubbornly refusing to get rid of the yellow and grey colour scheme of their Gangnam apartment because they would apparently be the colours of the year soon and Seokjin had to stay ahead of the trends, you know.

"But purple–"

"Purple hurts my eyes, Tae-yah," Seokjin said soothingly, trying to gently remove the vase from Taehyung's hands without causing a scene in the middle of the upscale home decor store near Seoul station. If Seokjin had it his way, they would have done their shopping online, from the comfort of their own couch with Yeontan snuggled up between them and Eomuk tittering in his cage across the room. Taehyung, however, had other ideas, swooping into their living room that morning with a ring binder filled with pages of home decor magazines ("Who even buys home decor magazines?" Seokjin wondered out loud as he took the binder from Taehyung's hands and flipped through the colour-coded sections, half in awe and half –maybe more than half – extremely fucking turned on.

Taehyung huffed, rolling his eyes playfully. "Me, Hyung, and fyi that binder's been in production since I was in high school."

"Taehyung, you're twenty-five."

"Exactly," he looked exceptionally proud of himself as he enunciated the word. "Now, about the bathroom...") and demanding that they embark on a home decor shopping spree at once. Seokjin hadn't the heart to say no, not when Taehyung looked so very excited.

When they got married, Taehyung had moved into Seokjin's apartment, fully furnished with touches of the other man's life for the four years he'd been out of Seoul National's dorms and in his own place, the salary of COO for one of Seoul's top media firms earning him a pretty penny which enabled such luxurious lodgings. That meant that the then 23-year-old Kim Taehyung, fresh from art school and keen to jump into the running of his own gallery in Jongno-gu, never really had a chance to decorate his own home save for a few carefully curated art pieces he'd installed after moving in, even when Seokjin had told him he had complete carte blanche to paint splatter the walls if he so wished.

Seokjin really couldn't begrudge him this. Except, Seokjin was rather attached to his yellow living room. It had been yellow and grey for years, and damn it, Seokjin was eagerly awaiting the day when yellow and grey were announced as the colours of the year and he could look at all his friends who'd looked a tad askance at his carefully decorated living room when they came for a quick coffee, no doubt clamouring to redecorate their own homes in that colour scheme, and go "you see?" in an incredibly knowing tone of voice.

"Hyung. Hyung, no one redecorates their houses in the colours of the year except people who are obscenely rich and pretentious. None of our friends are pretentious," Taehyung placed his hands on his hips. "You cannot seriously be hanging onto those bloody colours of the year– Yoongi, Hoseok, and Jimin have goddamn porridge on their walls half the time."

"Yoongi, Hoseok, and Jimin have two children under the age of five," Seokjin pointed out, eyeing the lilac vase now in their cart. He made a grab for it before Taehyung's hand shot up to grab around his wrist. Seokjin grunted, and narrowed his eyes at his husband a moment before sighing. "Seriously, Taehyungie, my love, my light-"

"Hyung. No. You've had your yellow living room for years now." Taehyung's eyes were huge as he pouted up at Seokjin. Goddamn, curse Shrek, according to Taehyung's mother he'd learned those puppy eyes from that movie and had literally never let it go ever since, and Taehyung did a marvellous imitation of Antonio Banderas' Puss-in-Boots. "Let me have this one."

"Why lilac of all colours," Seokjin furrowed his brows hard.

Vaguely, he was aware that they were standing in the aisle of a home decor store and there were many patrons filtering around them casting dirty looks their way as he and Taehyung blocked the vase aisle. Or, well, the purple vase aisle. The store was so large that the vases were, indeed, colour coded by aisle, because of course they were.

Taehyung shot Seokjin a gentle look as he ran his fingertip across the rim of the vase, a small smile crossing his face. "I got married in purple, remember?"

Seokjin remembered. Taehyung had insisted upon his purple hanbok, the entire wedding being kissed with accents of violet, and Seokjin had almost completely forgotten until right then, when Taehyung brought it up. Taehyung tilted his head as he continued. "Purple's the most important colour of the rainbow, the last colour of the rainbow," he pointed out. "Because it will always be there for you. It's the end and the beginning. It's the beginning of forever. And this is our forever, Hyung, us together. With our purple living room."

As Taehyung spoke, Seokjin could feel his eyes welling with tears, and he blinked, nodding slowly before clearing his throat. "Alright, Honey bear," he said softly, bringing his hand to Taehyung's on the rim of the vase. "Alright."

So they bought the lilac vase, and scatter pillows, and a rug to match. Taehyung would get his purple living room in their new home, Seokjin decided, but their bathroom would be Seokjin's choices. Yellow and grey. The compromise was settled on as Seokjin picked out a grey toilet to install, as Taehyung stared hard at the porcelain base and muttered. "God, I can't believe they even make grey toilets."

"Be grateful it isn't yellow," Seokjin sent his husband a flying kiss, which Taehyung rolled his eyes at before pretending to catch and place it on his heart. Seokjin felt warmth bubble in his stomach at the action. God, they were fucking sappy, if Seokjin wasn't part of them, he would hate them.

"We can't have a yellow toilet," Taehyung wrinkled his nose. "People will think its pee-stained."

"Exactly." Seokjin smiled. And that was that.

Seokjin and Taehyung made a formidable team shopping for home goods, to the point where by the time they were done, they had a gaggle of exceptionally frazzled store-employees following after them– not because they were unreasonable, no, but because Seokjin and Taehyung (barring the occasional spat over a toaster) were frighteningly efficient and their carts had been filled somewhere around the beginning of the store and, nearing the end, the employees found themselves having to take note of everything the couple planned to purchase, and Seokjin and Taehyung were done in under an hour.

"Maybe online would have been better," Taehyung mused as he whipped out his credit card and eyed the people who'd helped them, slumping wide-eyed against one of the couches.

Seokjin looked at him incredulously. "You couldn't have had that thought before you dragged me out of bed at 9am on a Saturday morning?"

Taehyung shrugged once, before giving Seokjin a sly, mischievous smirk. "I mean, I could, but also if we shopped online," he took his card back from the cashier gratefully and bowed before turning back to Seokjin, "We would have stayed in bed all day going back and forth. This got the job done quicker, which means I can get you back into bed quicker and we can do things that are far more enjoyable than vase shopping."

At Taehyung's words and low tone, Seokjin coloured, feeling heat rise into his cheeks and ears as his husband perused him lazily. His eyes darted from side to side, eyeing the staff and cashier who were studiously avoiding looking at the couple. Seokjin cleared his throat. "I mean. When you put it that way..." he had no clue what he was going to say. His brain simply screamed bed bed bed husband bed. "Let's go home now, hm?"

Taehyung grinned, boxy and wide. "I knew you'd see things my way, Hyung!"

Seokjin shook his head in disbelief as Taehyung ushered him and their carts out of the store, the manager promising to have the rest of the things delivered soon.

He looked at Taehyung once they got into the back of the taxi cab, still feeling a little hot under the collar. Taehyung was staring happily out the window, a soft smile playing on his lips. Seokjin took in his profile, the long column of his neck, the sharp jut of his nose, the long swoop of his eyelashes as they brushed against the tops of his cheeks. God, he was beautiful. Inside and out, Seokjin thought. Taehyung was simply the very definition of beauty in every way and Seokjin was so damn lucky to have met him and to have married him.

Moving made people snappy. Moving made Seokjin and Taehyung snappy. But even moving couldn't stop Seokjin from huffing a sigh the night before they left their apartment on his little pile of clothes, cast a glance at his husband who was tossing and turning on the other side of the room, and resolutely standing up, bundling up the clothes and blankets he was sleeping on, and plopping the bundle next to Taehyung. Immediately, the other man turned to him, a small frown twisted on his face.

"Tae-yah," Seokjin murmured, easing himself down on the blankets and placing a hand on Taehyung's shoulder. "Don't be mad at Hyung."

"Who said I'm mad?" Taehyung pouted. Seokjin merely gave him a look. "Okay, fine, I'm mad at you, but you promised me you'd have the hotel booked, Hyung, I'm exhausted! I've spent the past five weeks running around like a headless chicken because of this whole moving thing, getting less than six hours of sleep per night when you know I need at least nine to function, and now instead of sleeping soundly in some fancy hotel room, I have to sleep on the hardwood floor of my apartment the night before we move with three animals."

Seokjin sighed again, and looked at Taehyung in apology. "I really am sorry, Tae, I don't know how many times I have to say it. It just slipped my mind, is all. Besides," he scooted closer to the other man, a flirty tone spilling over into his voice as he gazed at his husband. "Isn't it a little romantic? Like we're camping. Or newlyweds before we get any furniture. It's cute."

Taehyung giggled at Seokjin's words, shaking his head a little. "No, I'm mad at you," he whined.

"Can't stay mad at me, baby," Seokjin threw an arm over Taehyung's waist and pulled him close. "You're stuck with me forever, remember."

Taehyung fought a smile for a moment before bursting out in a giggle. "Okay, fine. Fine, you're forgiven. Now hold me so I can sleep properly, I deserve at least nine hours even if I'm stuck on the hard floor tonight."

"I mean, you can sleep on something else hard, if you know what I mean," Seokjin chuckled.

"Hyung!" Taehyung smacked his arm lightly. "Don't tease me, we've got a long day tomorrow. Daegu isn't far, but I am really not in the mood to travel after spending all night having sex."

"Not even a makeout?" Seokjin asked hopefully.

Taehyung pecked him on the cheek softly. "Not even a makeout. Now sleep, Hyung."

And so they slept, arms wrapped around each other, Taehyung's face shoved into Seokjin's chest, Seokjin's chin resting lightly on Taehyung's head.


Not surprisingly, their struggles didn't end when they got to Daegu. Usually, Taehyung and Seokjin worked together like a well-oiled machine, but after three hours and twenty minutes non-stop in Taehyung's Porsche, things started to get a little squeaky.

"Well," Taehyung breathed, looking at the cottage with the moving van parked in front. "What do you think?"

Perhaps cottage wasn't the right word for it– Seokjin took in the wide, sprawling farmhouse and the rows of strawberry fields behind it with wide eyes. He knew his husband had been excited about the place, about his strawberry farm, but this. It was gorgeous. And Seokjin couldn't even appreciate it, because he needed to pee, goddamn it.

"Tae-yah, honey, where's the keys, Hyung needs the bathroom?"

Taehyung turned to Seokjin, hurt in his eyes, and Seokjin blinked. Why did Taehyung look hurt? Seokjin just asked to go pee– they'd been driving non-stop, damn it!

"Tae, love, please," Seokjin sighed and closed his eyes. "We can marvel at it later, I just need to use the bathroom first."

With a sour grumble, Taehyung rummaged in his pocket for the house keys, shoving them towards Seokjin with a jangle. Seokjin took them, his hand enfolding Taehyung's for a moment as he squeezed, and gave him a small smile.

"Thank you," he said softly, and watched as a grin bloomed on Taehyung's face. Taehyung scoffed, smiling, and waved Seokjin away, and Seokjin walked into the house feeling light on his feet– Taehyung's smile always did that to him. Even years down the line, years of waking up to that smile every morning and going to sleep to it at night, Seokjin's heart skipped a beat at the boxy grin.

When Seokjin came out of the bathroom, Taehyung was directing the movers into the house, armed with an iPad on which he ticked items off as they carried it in, and a furrowed brow. Seokjin came to stand next to him.

"Is Tan still sleeping?" Seokjin peered over Taehyung's shoulder at the meticulous spreadsheet, detailing the contents of the colour-coded boxes and what colour belonged where.

Taehyung chuckled and shook his head. "Yup. He's been passed out on the backseat since we passed Daejeon– don't think he even knows we've stopped."

"Takes after his father," Seokjin hummed and wrapped his arms around Taehyung's waist. Taehyung leaned into the embrace, the soft scent of his soap filling Seokjin's nose, like Taehyung had bathed in strawberries. Taehyung always smelled like strawberries. Seokjin kissed his neck and felt Taehyung melt against him.

"Ah, he's got your eyes though, Hyung," Taehyung murmured, enjoying the brushes of Seokjin's lips against his neck. He sighed softly, before beginning to wiggle out of Seokjin's hold. "You may want to stop that," a nod to the moving crew, studiously avoiding their eyes. "We have people over."

Seokjin couldn't stop the groan that bubbled up in his chest. "Just want to be alone with you i our new home."

"Now, Hyung," Taehyung pecked at Seokjin's lips. "You can be alone with me later. Once we have furniture and, more importantly, food. Speaking of," he busied himself typing on the touchscreen for a moment, before smiling up at Seokjin. In his pocket, Seokjin's phone buzzed with an email, and Seokjin extracted it, brows furrowing. "I sent you a shopping list of things we'll need. You go down to the grocery store to get those and I'll finish up here, Hyung. I've got this."

At his last words,Taehyung smiled softly, and Seokjin's heart expanded with fondness in his chest. Taehyung knew how much strain the move was taking on him. He knew, and he was relieving Seokjin of the burden, giving Seokjin something to do that he found pleasurable, fun. God, Taehyung really was the best husband. Seokjin nodded once, and pressed a kiss to Taehyung's lips. "Love you, Tae-yah."

With that, he was out the door again, passing a group of movers staring puzzled at the large arm-chair Taehyung had been ferrying with him from his childhood bedroom at his grandmother's house in Daegu, to his dorm room at SNU, to Seokjin's home, and now back to Daegu. In perfect condition, it was huge, and Seokjin often found himself how the hell the thing had fit in Taehyung's dorm room. Apparently, Taehyung had replaced his bed with it, and Seokjin could not blame him considering how comfortable the chair was and how decidedly uncomfortable those SNU beds were.

When Seokjin got back into the car, he realised that Yeontan and Eomuk were still sleeping, the car door standing half-open to let in air. For a moment, he considered waking them and taking them inside, but decided against it– there were so many people about, and he wouldn't want their babies to feel stressed with all the commotion about. He eyed Eomuk's cage, closed securely, and where Yeontan's leash was tied loosely around the door handle, so he couldn't get too far in the event that he did end up pushing the door open. Then, he put the key in the ignition– it would be fine. This was Korea, and the countryside of Daegu at that. Seokjin was sure he could leave their door cracked in the parking lot of the Lotte Mart while he got his groceries. Yeontan was sleeping and attached to the car and Eomuk was in his cage. Nothing bad would happen.


An hour later, Seokjin came wandering out, four large cloth bags filled with what he would deem the essentials for cooking until they can get out and do a bigger grocery shop after the were properly settled in. Sesame oil, packets of ramyeon (Seokjin and Taehyung had brought with several from their old apartment, but, Seokjin reasoned as he perused the ramyeon aisle, one can never have too much ramyeon), various cuts of beef and pork for the celebratory dinner they would be having that evening, champagne (or, well, sparkling wine. Seokjin was unfortunately not able to find French champagne at the Lotte Mart. They'd have to wait for the contents of his little wine collection to arrive for that, so he chose the next best thing.), and gochujang. Seokjin and Taehyung had perfectly timed their move so their giant tub of gochujang would be finished by the time they moved, and Seokjin shuddered at the idea of cooking without it. No, it was always better to have a full pantry, so he wouldn't find himself in the position where he wanted something, but didn't have the ingredients to cook it.

Seokjin also returned to the sight of his car door standing open, Eomuk tittering in his cage, and Yeontan nowhere in sight. Not even his leash.

Automatically, Seokjin dropped the bags and began searching the car for the dog, muttering soothing words to Eomuk to quiet his distressed chatters. Yeontan was nowhere to be found– Seokjin had checked the seats and under them and no dice. He crouched to peer under the car and frowned. Where was the dog?

God, Taehyung would kill him if he lost Yeontan. Hell, Seokjin would kill himself, how far could one yappy pom get in an hour? Not far... Right? Seokjin groaned and placed his head in his hands, shaking it. If this was the kind of thing that happened in Daegu... Seokjin wanted to go back. So badly.

Just then, as he was contemplating how long it would take for him to fly to America so as to be well outside of the range of Taehyung's wrath, a soft huff sounded towards his feet, and Seokjin looked down to see Yeontan, staring up at him leash in his mouth with an expression that looked decidedly smug, like somehow the damn dog was saying I told you so, as he handed Seokjin the leash.

Seokjin narrowed his eyes and crouched down to pet him. "Where were you hiding, Tan?"

Yeontan yipped in reply. Seokjin sighed and picked him up, closing the car door firmly with Yeontan inside this time and turned towards his bags of shopping, groaning when he saw the yolk of an egg leaking out at the bottom. He shouldn't have dropped the bags like that, he really shouldn't have. Now he'd have an eggy car and no eggs for the week– Seokjin couldn't go back to get more, not with Tannie in the car. He sighed, trying to ignore the way the liquid dripped onto the tar, the way the bag squelched as he placed it in the boot. God, Taehyung was absolutely going to murder him.

Once back in the driver's seat, Seokjin glanced at a happy Yeontan, tongue lolling, through the rearview mirror and sighed.

"Tan, please don't tell your Dad what happened," Seokjin pleaded. Yeontan looked at him for a moment and yipped, a sound that was entirely not reassuring. Seokjin shook his head and started the car.

Yeontan was 100% going to tell Taehyung.


"I can't believe you lost our son," Taehyung cradled Yeontan in his arms as he paced around the spacious kitchen of their new home, appliances already installed and ready for use. He cooed at Yeontan for a moment, wrinkling his nose as the dog lapped at his cheek. "Hyung, he's a baby, he can't fend for himself!"

"He was gone for five minutes," Seokjin deadpanned, eyeing the way Yeontan blinked at him from over Taehyung's shoulder. He didn't know how, he didn't know when, but somehow in the three hours he'd been home and helping unpack, Yeontan had informed his other human that Seokjin had allowed him to wander around a parking lot for maximum an hour.

Taehyung levelled a look at him. "How do you know that? For all you know he could have walked a quarter of the way back to Seoul and back, alone, without food or water."

"...He's a lapdog, Tae. He doesn't know how to find his way."

At that, Taehyung glared at Seokjin, and Seokjin smothered a laugh, taking a sip of his warm tea. Thanks to the moving crew, everything that needed to be in place was in place, and Seokjin and Taehyung were settling into their new home while a pot of seolleongtang simmered on the stove, mugs of barley tea placed on the cool marble counter. When they were choosing the fittings for the kitchen, Seokjin had argued for wood, saying he wanted their home to be warm, but after a long lecture from Namjoon over the cleanliness of the material, Seokjin had given in, muttering a "you win" against Taehyung's cheek with a smile. Taehyung always knew how to win an argument. It was one of the (numerous) things Seokjin loved about his husband, even if it drove him insane at times.

"I took him to scouts when he was younger!"

"I took him to scouts, Tae," Seokjin said, and pointed out. "And besides, it wasn't scouts my love, it was puppy training classes so he'd stop peeing on our bathroom mat."

Taehyung just sighed at that, turning to Yeontan once more with a coo. "Isn't Daddy wonderful, Tan-ah? Even though he leaves you in parking lots, he still devotes so much of his time to his baby, isn't that right, isn't that right?"

A smile wrestled its way onto Seokjin's face as he grinned, wide and broad and Taehyung huffed out a laugh against the dog's fur.

"How's Eomukkie?"

"Sleeping," Seokjin rose to stir the pot. "I think he's tired from the long drive."

Taehyung nodded sagely, no doubt remembering how much strain the three hours had put on all four members of their little family, even if two of them couldn't voice it.

Outside, night was falling, the movers long gone. At Yeontan's small yip, Taehyung smiled and set him down, before turning to Seokjin with a smile. "So my love," he watched as the dog scurried out of the kitchen to explore. "Whatever shall we do now?"

A smile twitched on Seokjin's lips at Taehyung's tone, velvety smooth as it wrapped around his ears, his neck, his chest. His face heated, and Seokjin marvelled at how even after years together Taehyung still made him blush like that.

"Dinner," Seokjin murmured, eyes tracing the way Taehyung's lips stretched into a grin. "We need to eat dinner."

"Dinner is a social construct," Taehyung wound his arms around Seokjin's waist, coming to press firmly against his back, leaning his cheek on his shoulder.

Seokjin huffed out a laugh, turned his head to Taehyung, and was captured in a heady kiss that had his entire being sighing. On the stove, the pot bubbled. Boiled over. Seokjin and Taehyung didn't even notice.


The next morning, Seokjin made pancakes, Yeontan peering up at him from where he lay on the kitchen floor, Taehyung on the counter beside him, legs swinging as he sniffed at the steam rising from the cakes.

Seokjin giggled as Taehyung tried to hook his leg around Seokjin's waist to bring him closer, a feat which resulted not in a kiss but a fumbled pancake, one Seokjin made Taehyung promise to eat.

Taehyung made a face at him. "This wouldn't have happened if you just gave me a kiss."

"Tae-yah," Seokjin lifted the pan off the heat and placed it on a cool plate. "I will kiss you as soon as breakfast as done."

"But I want kisses now," Taehyung pouted and made grabby hands at Seokjin.

Sighing, Seokjin stepped into the embrace, feeling himself giggle as Taehyung hooked his legs around his waist, smiling down at him gently.

"So lovely, Hyung," Taehyung murmured before leaning down to place several gentle pecks on Seokjin's cheeks, his nose, his eyelids. Seokjin's heart bloomed at the soft brushes of Taehyung's lips against his skin. "My lovely husband."