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Luo Binghe sat cross-legged on the queen-size bed, the black coverlet soft underneath his feet. He gnawed his bottom lip between his teeth, fingers playing with the strings of his grey college pants as he stared at his boyfriend, who was currently leaning into the plump pillows in front of him.

Shen Yuan had his green eyes on his phone, round glasses resting on his nose as he squinted at the screen, reading a web novel. Luo Binghe shuffled closer to him, clearing his throat. Shen Yuan made a noise but didn’t lift his face from the phone.

“Shen Yuan…”


Poking his boyfriend’s toe, Luo Binghe tried to quietly gain his attention. After a beat of silence, Shen Yuan put his phone away, scratching his elbow as he turned to Luo Binghe, who had his sparkling, wide eyes fixed on him. Lips twitching, Shen Yuan asked, “What is it, Binghe?”

Luo Binghe’s heart squeezed at the soft tone. He crawled on Shen Yuan’s lap, rubbing his cheek on the warm chest while his arms wrapped around the thin waist. The fluffy, oversized sweater Shen Yuan wore was soft against his skin, and Luo Binghe sighed happily as he nuzzled his face into it.

Shen Yuan smelled amazing, like cranberries and vanilla, gentle and warm and cosy, yet fresh and sharp in the best way; he smelled like home. Luo Binghe inhaled the familiar scent, heart filled with love at the knowledge he had been able to find such a beautiful and perfect man.

Chuckling, Shen Yuan kneaded his fingers into Luo Binghe’s curly mop of hair, rubbing his scalp in soothing motions. The touch sent sparkling shivers down Luo Binghe’s spine, and he hummed happily, melting in his boyfriend’s lap, almost forgetting what he had wanted to say.

Moments like these were among his most favourite. Simply being able to exist in his lover’s presence, enjoying the comfort that came with the light touches and soft kisses Shen Yuan loved to press on every surface of Luo Binghe’s boy he could possibly reach. Every feathery touch, every whispered murmur onto his skin turned Luo Binghe’s insides upside down, and he wanted nothing more than to return the feeling tenfold, if not more.

“I want to take you out,” he whispered, head buried in the crook of Shen Yuan’s neck.

With a breathy laugh, Shen Yuan cocked an eyebrow, his fingers momentarily stilling in Luo Binghe’s hair. Smirking, he asked, “Like, on a date?”

Nodding, Luo Binghe peeked at his boyfriend. Shen Yuan’s face flushed a lovely crimson, his smile soft when he shifted, changing their positions until it was him who was straddling Luo Binghe. Cupping his boyfriend’s face, he pressed a kiss between his thick brows.

“I’d love that,” he breathed, brushing his thumb over Luo Binghe’s plump lips, who shivered, eyes fluttering shut. “Where would you take me?”

Placing his hand on Shen Yuan’s, Luo Binghe pressed soft kisses on the knuckles, face pink when he locked their eyes and whispered, “Anywhere. Where would A-Yuan like to go?”


Where do they go?

Amusement park

















Luo Binghe held Shen Yuan's hand as they stepped out of the cab. The humid air carried the scent of dove tree flowers and wisteria, and the dawn redwoods surrounding the mountainside swayed in the gentle wind. Luo Binghe inhaled contentedly, leading Shen Yuan towards the spa.

The resort stood in a remote location deep in the mountain, surrounded by a tranquil view looking down to the serpentine river flowing across the green valley. The wooden main building opened in front of them, built with a mix of traditional and modern Chinese architecture, with elegant windows lining next to each other in a symmetrical pattern. Trumpet vines twirled up the pillars holding the lintel, where the name plaque of 'Steam Springs Spa' was embellished with golden details. 

“Wow, it’s even prettier in person than in the pictures,” Shen Yuan said as they passed a bubbling marble fountain. He took a deep breath, tension seeping off his shoulders. “The air up here truly is refreshing! I’m sure we’ll be relaxed in no time.”

With a hum, Luo Binghe pressed a quick kiss on his boyfriend’s cheek. “I’m glad the location pleases my A-Yuan.”

Shen Yuan fixed his glasses on his nose, the light wind ruffling his hair. Following Luo Binghe, he stepped inside the lounge, stifling a yawn with his palm. Although the trip to the mountain had been long and weary, the excitement of the upcoming date bubbled inside him.

They accepted the keys and made their way to the room Luo Binghe had booked. It was located at the back of the main building and had its own courtyard and garden. Shen Yuan gasped when they crossed a stone bridge over a koi pond, the colourful fish swimming leisurely around the clear water.

“Do you like it?” Luo Binghe asked, his thumb rubbing Shen Yuan’s waist when they reached the sliding doors. Nodding, Shen Yuan rose to his tiptoes, kissing the corner of Luo Binghe’s lips before he rested his head on his shoulder.

“It’s so pretty, and the private garden is a really nice touch!”

Luo Binghe grinned when he turned the keys in the door. Stepping inside the suite, he pulled Shen Yuan with him. When his eyes fell on the decor, Shen Yuan gasped.

“Binghe!” he breathed, marvelling at the minimalist decor, a mix of light wooden and ebony details. The huge bed, which took almost a quarter of the room, was peppered with rose petals, and Shen Yuan flushed when his eyes fell on a silver tray filled with questionable items on the nightstand.

Luo Binghe’s gaze followed Shen Yuan’s, and his smile widened when he felt his boyfriend tense in his arms. Kissing the milk-white neck peeking under the coarse hair, he let his hands roam up and down the lithe body. Shen Yuan squeaked, squirming when Luo Binghe murmured praises against his skin.

“The-the reservation must’ve cost you a fortune,” he tried to avoid discussing the contents on the tray, slithering his way out of Luo Binghe’s hold. The mere thought of committing indecent things so soon after arrival made his usually thin skin almost transparent.

Luo Binghe chuckled, pulling his boyfriend back into his arms. He nuzzled his face into the soft hair and took a deep inhale. “My A-Yuan deserves only the best.”

Mewling, Shen Yuan turned in his strong arms, pressing his face on Luo Binghe’s chest to hide his flushed state.

“Not fair,” he mumbled, earning a hearty laugh from his boyfriend. Luo Binghe placed his lips on the crown of Shen Yuan’s head, and with a swoop, lifted him up, carrying him to the bed in quick strides.

Shen Yuan screeched when he was tossed on the bed, but the sound was muffled by a pair of lips on his, turning the scream into a moan. The kiss deepened, and Shen Yuan pressed his hands on Luo Binghe’s chest, squeezing the muscle as his head swam, shivers running down his spine.

Too soon, they had to pull apart, both flustered and gasping for air. Luo Binghe’s breath tickled Shen Yuan’s skin, and he whined before letting his body fall next to his boyfriend, pulling him into a tight embrace.

“How am I supposed to make it to the hot springs if you keep tempting me like this?” he sighed, not sounding upset in the slightest.

Shen Yuan laughed, kissing Luo Binghe’s nose before sitting up. With a teasing tone, he said, “I know just how!”

The bed bounced when he hopped off, and Luo Binghe groaned as he followed, pressing his chin on Shen Yuan’s shoulder, hands winding around his waist.

“Pray tell me then, A-Yuan~” he murmured, inhaling in the soapy scent wafting off his boyfriend’s skin. Shen Yuan chuckled, turning around to wound his hands behind Luo Binghe, giving his butt a squeeze.

With a grin plastered on his face, he announced, “Let’s go eat, I’m starving!”

The restaurant Luo Binghe had chosen from the spa’s selection rested in the wing overlooking the mountainside. The entire outer wall was made of glass, highlighting a view of the forested hills below, the squirming river glistening in the distance.

Shen Yuan arranged the golden cuffs on the sleeves of his light green dress shirt, scanning the restaurant through his round glasses. Luo Binghe stood beside him, dazzling in his black turtleneck and the pair of tightest black jeans he owned. Wrapping an arm around Shen Yuan, he kissed the light blush spreading down his boyfriend’s face, before leading him to their table.

They sat on a table by the window, hidden behind a flowery pillar. Shen Yuan’s chest floated when Luo Binghe drew his chair for him, helping him sit before settling in his own seat.

“Ah, I’m really too hungry, everything sounds so delicious!” Shen Yuan’s mouth watered as he flipped through the menu, the cursive descriptions of the dishes beyond delicious. His golden earrings clattered when he bowed his head, brows furrowed in concentration.

“You can eat whatever you want to.” Luo Binghe smiled, his own menu lying untouched on the table. Crossing his fingers, he rested his chin on his palms, devouring his boyfriend with his eyes. “So feel free to order the whole menu, if it pleases you.”

Shen Yuan raised his head, a beautiful pink dusting his porcelain cheeks. Luo Binghe inhaled, drowning in the green eyes as a soft smile spread on Shen Yuan’s face.

“Silly man, you shouldn’t waste your money like that,” he laughed, skimming through the special dishes section. “I couldn’t eat everything even if I wanted to.”

Luo Binghe chuckled, taking the carafe from the table, pouring them both a glass of water. “But it wouldn’t be wasting money if it made you happy.”

Shaking his head, Shen Yuan placed the menu on the table. Gnawing his bottom lip between his teeth, he suggested, “How about ordering a tasting menu for us both? That way there will be a variety to eat, and we won’t waste any food.”

Beaming, Luo Binghe nodded before calling the waiter over.

The dinner passed in a harmonious atmosphere, and soon enough the couple stepped outside the restaurant with bulging stomachs. Shen Yuan giggled, swirling around to hook his arms around Luo Binghe’s neck. He pressed his lips close to his boyfriend’s ear, whispering. “Where do you want to take me next?”


What should they do next?

Get a massage
Go to the hot springs

















A gentle tune played in the room, and Shen Yuan placed his glasses on the side table before settling down on the massage table, letting his muscles relax on the padding. He peeked at his boyfriend lying next to him, ears flaming when his eyes fell on the muscular, very naked back glistening under the dim orange light.

A masseur stepped closer to Luo Binghe, rubbing some pinkish oil onto the tanned back. Shen Yuan swallowed, closing his eyes as his heartbeat picked up, the sight of the muscles squeezing under the skilful hands stimulating a part of his brain he’d very much loved to shut off sometimes. Right now, for example, having a reaction to his boyfriend’s unbelievably sexy body while in the presence of two strangers would be beyond embarrassing.

Picturing a nasty toe infection in his mind, Shen Yuan managed to somewhat calm himself down by the time his own masseur informed him she was about to begin warming up his muscles. Shen Yuan inhaled the soothing scent of incense wafting in the air and melted under the kneading touch on his back.

He grunted when the masseur picked up her pace, really digging into the muscles. With great strength, she worked on all the knots and tension, making Shen Yuan grit his teeth to prevent himself from moaning aloud.

The squelch from the neighbouring table helped little to ease his poorly suspended arousal. Luo Binghe’s quickened breath and soft gasps filled the air, and accompanied by that wet, noisy slapping of skin on skin, Shen Yuan could’ve easily misunderstood the situation if he wasn’t extremely aware of the context.

But as the sounds grew more intense, he opened his eyes to take a peek at his boyfriend. But he barely witnessed Luo Binghe’s blissed-out state for a second before his own masseur attacked a particularly tense spot, grinding into it with such fervour it brought tears to Shen Yuan’s eyes. Gasping for air, he was given no mercy as the masseur put all her strength onto his back, pushing him down on the padding hard enough for his insides to squish.

Sparks of pleasure travelled down his spine, and Shen Yuan turned into a blubbering puddle on the massage table, not unlike his boyfriend next to him. By the time the treatment was over, all the tension, both mental and physical, had been released from his body. The masseur hadn’t left a single muscle on his back untouched, and as she told Shen Yuan to sit up, the man could only thank and praise her profusely.

Wobbling over to Luo Binghe’s side, Shen Yuan wrapped his arms around him with a satisfied smile. Kissing his shoulder, he whispered into the soft skin, “Now, the only thing I want is a facial treatment and a good drink~”

And so, they found themselves seated on the lounge chairs by the edge of the inside pool, face masks on their faces and colourful drinks in their hands. Luo Binghe hummed happily at the relaxed state of his boyfriend, eyes sparkling as he said, “A-Yuan looks… You look happy.”

Shen Yuan smiled, turning to his side before inching closer, his heart fluttering when his fingers traced the pinkish tint peeking under the white sheet mask on Luo Binghe’s face.

“Binghe,” he chuckled, his thumb circling the skin under Luo Binghe’s chin. Leaning closer, he kissed the same spot, smiling when his boyfriend's gasp trembled on his lips through his throat. Emboldened by the reaction, he planted more kisses down the neck, humming before he whispered, “I am happy. Aren’t you happy, too?”

Luo Binghe nodded, his own hand playing with Shen Yuan’s hair, which was held out of his forehead by two bobby pins. “Seeing A-Yuan happy is like a drug to me, I could never be unhappy as long as I can see you smile.”

Snorting, Shen Yuan shook his head, and swatted Luo Binghe’s shoulder, “You’re being too sappy.”

He turned to squint at the pool, twisting the orange and pink drink in his hand while scratching the ticklish skin between his ear and the green gel mask. The tempting water sparkled under the bright lights, but only a few people were around to enjoy it. Shen Yuan gazed at the family of three jumping about near the ladders and wondered if he should take a dip in after the mask was washed off.

“Does A-Yuan want to go swim next?” Luo Binghe read his mind, and Shen Yuan chuckled, toying with the glass in his hands.

“I was thinking about that, but I don’t know. I kinda also want to try the hot springs?”

With a smile, Luo Binghe placed his hand over Shen Yuan’s knee, kneading the soft skin as he answered, “Both sound good. I’m happy with whatever you want to do.”

Shaking his head, he took a sip of the drink, grimacing when it burned as it went down his throat. The hotness spread to his face, and he stuck his tongue out, wincing when the face mask tightened on his skin. “Yuck, this is just plain awful!”

He placed the drink on the armrest, reaching for the one in Luo Binghe’s hand. He sniffed the purple and blue liquid, taking a sip to taste whether it was any better. Humming happily, he smirked at Luo Binghe, who stared intently at him.

“What? Yours tastes way better! You can have mine if you want to~”

They ended up sharing the purple and blue drink together after Luo Binghe nearly threw up after tasting the orange monstrosity and declared it an insult to his palate. Shen Yuan snorted when Luo Binghe went on a full-on rant about how they should sue the place for daring to give his beloved something so unsavoury, and had to calm him down with kisses.

As they made their way back to the beautician, Shen Yuan patted the hardened mask, his skin burning from the touch, almost as if someone had lit a fire under the mask.

Luo Binghe frowned and planted a lingering kiss on Shen Yuan's hairline. With a sigh, he said, “Iʼll come for you once Iʼm ready.”

Shen Yuan smiled when Luo Binghe disappeared into the room next to his, but hissed when the mask tightened painfully around his mouth. With a sigh, he stepped into the small room where the esthetician was waiting.

“Ouch,” he flinched when the woman started peeling the mask off his face. His skin was more sensitive than ever, almost like it missed a layer, every tug at the hardened gel sending tears to his eyes.

“I’m sorry sir, but I think you're having an allergic reaction,” the esthetician said, biting her lip when Shen Yuan whimpered in his seat. He blinked back tears brought by the itching under his skin and placed his fingers gently on the least burning area. The touch hurt, his skin like jelly with a thick shell. His stomach dropped, a bad premonition filling his pores.

“I’ve contacted the reception, someone should come over with a treatment kit soon,” the esthetician tried to reassure him, but Shen Yuan didn’t hear a word she was saying, too lost in panicking over his steadily swelling face.


With a whimper, Shen Yuan curled in his seat, turning his back towards the door when his boyfriend stepped inside the room. 

Spotting the miserable form of his boyfriend lying on the chair in a fetus position, Luo Binghe immediately knew there was something wrong. Carefully patting Shen Yuan's shoulder, he asked him gently, “A-Yuan, what's wrong? Baby, please look at me…”

Shen Yuan only shook his head, letting out a distressed noise before turning around enough to bury his head in the crook of Luo Binghe's neck. His hands grasped Luo Binghe’s shirt, shaking as he opened and closed his mouth, no words coming out.

Turning to the esthetician, Luo Binghe glared at her while holding Shen Yuan tight in his embrace. “What is going on? Why is my A-Yuan like this?”

The woman's smile was a bit forced when she explained, “It appears Mr. Shen has gotten an allergic reaction from the face mask. I have contacted the reception, our staff is preparing a healing ointment as we speak. There should be no need to panic.”

Luo Binghe's grip on Shen Yuan tightened, and he inhaled sharply. “What do you mean by 'should be no need to panic'? Do you mean my beloved's wellbeing isn't guaranteed?!”

The esthetician's smile faltered, and she fidgeted in her seat. But just as she was about to reassure them more, there was a small tug in Luo Binghe's sleeve, followed by Shen Yuan's muffled voice. 

“It's okay, Binghe,” he said, pushing away from his boyfriend, eyes fixed down and hair shielding his face. “It's not their fault, how could they have known I'd have a bad reaction if I myself wasn't aware of any allergies?”

Luo Binghe's heart nearly burst with affection, and he brushed Shen Yuan's waist softly.

“A-Yuan is being too kind,” he whispered, voice turning a bit whiny. “Would A-Yuan look at me? I wish to see how bad the reaction is…”

Shen Yuan shook his head resolutely. “No way, I look hideous. There's no need to sully Binghe's vision with such an unsightly look.”

“A-Yuan could never be unsightly!”

Luo Binghe sounded almost insulted by the way Shen Yuan belittled himself. And knowing him, he probably was. Shen Yuan cursed his thin skin but managed to swallow his pride before peeling himself off Luo Binghe’s lap, lifting his head to meet his boyfriend’s worried gaze.

For a moment, the room was completely silent. If Shen Yuan's face wasn't already flaming red from the allergic reaction, the blush triggered by the shocked eyes on him would've made him have the same effect. 

Burying his face into his hands, Shen Yuan choked, embarrassment filling him to the bones.

“Please don't look…” he whispered, squirming in his boyfriend's lap. 

Luo Binghe was the first to snap out of the shock. Taking Shen Yuan's hands to his own, he whispered with his most pleading voice, “A-Yuan… please let this boyfriend take you to a hospital.”


Do they go to a hospital?

Go to a hospital
Stay at the resort

















By the time the taxi Luo Binghe had called them arrived, Shen Yuan’s face had swollen so big he could barely see what was in front of him. His skin burned, and the itchiness was almost unbearable. Luo Binghe held him in his arms, helping him get seated while instructing the driver to speed to the nearest hospital.

“I’m so sorry,” Shen Yuan wheezed as he leaned into Luo Binghe, a lump in his throat when he thought of the expensive room in the hotel left unattended. “I’ve ruined our date.”

Luo Binghe breathed sharply, and grasped his boyfriend's hand, giving it a squeeze before saying in a solemn tone, “A-Yuan didn’t ruin anything. It was my fault for not checking what they used in their face masks.”

Shen Yuan breathed a laugh, but it turned into a whimper when the swollen skin around his mouth stretched painfully. Luo Binghe’s fingers dug gently into his hair, massaging in comforting motions while his other hand still clutched onto his hand.

The rest of the drive passed in relative silence, with Luo Binghe murmuring comforting words whenever the burn got more intense. But soon enough, they made it to the hospital, getting in contact with a dermatologist alarmingly fast. Shen Yuan didn’t think about it too much, as getting past queues in places tended to happen when he was in Luo Binghe’s company.

“It’s nothing too severe,” the doctor explained, shining a small light on Shen Yuan’s eye. “There are no visible signs of irritation in the retina, so I’d say it’s safe to assume the reaction is purely on skin-level. I’ll run a few tests, and then we can put some lotion on and a cold compress to alleviate the swelling.”

Luo Binghe nodded, holding Shen Yuan’s hand as the doctor performed the necessary examinations. By the time he was done, Shen Yuan was lying on a hospital bed, an ice gel mask on his face. Luo Binghe sat next to him on the bed, caressing Shen Yuan’s body with feathery touches.

“I guess we won’t be going back to the spa then,” Shen Yuan pouted, “I was really looking forward to testing the hot springs…”

Luo Binghe smiled. “It’s okay, we can go some other time. The most important thing right now is to assure you’re feeling alright.”

Shen Yuan choked, patting Luo Binghe’s shoulder, pulling him closer. He only relaxed after they were lying side by side, and wrapped his arms around his boyfriend with a satisfied sigh.

“But this is good too,” he whispered, carefully resting his head on Luo Binghe's chest so as to not drop the mask. “And the massage was truly something, I still feel like my muscles are all liquefied!”

“I’m happy you enjoyed it.”

Shen Yuan hummed, running his hand up and down Luo Binghe’s stomach, the muscles clenching underneath the cotton shirt. Luo Binghe drew a sharp breath, tightening his arms around Shen Yuan.

“A-Yuan,” he wheezed, patting his boyfriend in a premonitory manner. “We really shouldn’t, this is a hospital…”

Shen Yuan pushed Luo Binghe, huffing with annoyance. “You horndog, I wasn’t planning on doing anything!”

“Is that so? But A-Yuan’s hands were quite adventurous…” Luo Binghe chuckled, lowering his voice as he shifted closer, fondling up and down Shen Yuan’s sides, digging inside his sweater in a smooth motion. Shen Yuan gasped when the skilled fingers brushed over his soft stomach and all the way up to the sensitive nubs on his chest, his neck turning pink as Luo Binghe’s fingers continued exploring his body.

“S-stop, we really—really shouldn't,” he whispered but whined when Luo Binghe obeyed and withdrew his hands. With a satisfied smirk, Luo Binghe pressed a kiss on Shen Yuan’s collarbone.

“A-Yuan is too alluring, this boyfriend will have to work hard to hold back.”

Shen Yuan blinked, shivering as he tried his best to calm down. He settled back into Luo Binghe’s arms, thinking of how despite the events of the last hour or so, the date had been quite successful. Smiling, he told Luo Binghe his thoughts, who made a noise of disbelief at the statement.

“Well, it certainly was a date I don’t think I’ll forget anytime soon,” Shen Yuan laughed, “I mean, we got to eat good food and had the best massage ever. And most importantly, I got to spend the whole day with you. I mean, what else could I possibly ask for?”

Luo Binghe shook his head, burying his head on Shen Yuan’s neck. “I think I could come up with a few more things I’d like to have tried…”

“Well, as you said, we can always try them some other time.”

“Hm. It’s a deal.”

They fell asleep in each other's arms, happy and satisfied despite the unexpected turn the date took.


The End!

Back to beginning?

















“I don't think we need to go that far,” Shen Yuan mumbled, avoiding everyone's eyes. Luo Binghe pursed his lips together but didn't push it, settling into holding his boyfriend in his arms. The atmosphere in the room turned tense, and Shen Yuan had to fight to not let a relieved sigh when there was a knock on the door. 

A man stepped in with the treatment kit, wearing the same white uniform as the esthetician. He gave Shen Yuan a nod, asking him to sit closer so he could examine how bad the reaction was. But before he could move, Luo Binghe’s arms squeezed tighter around him, and he glared at the newcomer with a near murderous intent.

“Binghe,” Shen Yuan hissed, slipping out of his boyfriend’s hold and sitting on the seat in front of the spa worker, who was putting on plastic gloves. When he pulled out some ointment tubes from the kit, Luo Binghe scoffed, crossing his arms.

“How do we know the treatment is safe for A-Yuan?” he asked, sneering at the different tubes and bottles.

The man smiled patiently, rubbing some liquid on his palms before massaging it on Shen Yuan's face. It had an instant cooling effect, and Shen Yuan couldn't help but hum as the man worked the lotion on. 

“This is an allergen-free, odourless and organic cooling lotion meant for reducing swelling,” he explained while making sure every bit of affected skin was covered. “It appears that although the reaction is a bit strong, it's not severe. But I'll run some quick tests just to be sure before I put on the healing ointment.”

Luo Binghe huffed, brows furrowing at the blissful expression on Shen Yuan's face. “What is in the ointment? And how can I trust that you know what you're doing?”

The man gave Luo Binghe a calculating look, his hand resting on Shen Yuan's cheek. Luo Binghe noticed the lingering touch, and grit his teeth. The man’s face lit up as if he’d had an epiphany, and he smiled, eyes crinkling. 

“I'm an educated skincare practitioner, and I've got years of experience under my belt,” he explained, asking Shen Yuan to lift his chin before he checked his eyes with a small light. “You can see my certificate if you wish to. But well, there's no irritation in the eyes, and the cooling gel seems to have already brought the swelling down quite a bit.”

Eyeing the bottle of salve the man took in his hands, Luo Binghe was no less sceptical than before. The man wasn't affected but continued speaking in a calm manner.

“If you want to, you can take him to your room for a rest, and rub this ointment in his face after some ten, twenty minutes,” he suggested, smirking at the way Luo Binghe perked up by the words as he gave him the bottle. “Be sure to wash the cooling gel off his face before applying the salve. It consists of mostly organic products, and should be applied once every two hours until the redness is completely gone.”

After the man had finished his examinations, Luo Binghe insisted on carrying Shen Yuan all the way to their room. With all care, he lowered him on the bed, making sure there were enough pillows supporting his head before he sat down next to him.

“Let’s wait until it’s time to wash the gel,” he murmured, rubbing Shen Yuan’s stomach softly. With a nod, Shen Yuan leaned into Luo Binghe’s touch, a yawn escaping his lips.

“Is it okay if I take a quick nap? You can wake me up when it’s time.”

Agreeing, Luo Binghe stayed still the entire time, smoothing his fingers over Shen Yuan’s hair as the man dozed in his arms. The gel on his face made his skin shine, highlighting the glaring redness of the allergic reaction. But luckily it didn’t affect Shen Yuan’s rest, as he drooled happily on Luo Binghe’s shoulder.

When it was time, Luo Binghe gently woke Shen Yuan up, helping him wash the gel off before opening the bottle of healing ointment. With a deep breath, he scooped a generous amount into his hands after making sure Shen Yuan was comfortable and had enough pillows to support his head.

The swelling had reduced almost completely by now, and even the redness had centred on a few glaring spots peppered on his forehead, nose, and cheeks. But even with the allergic reaction on full blast, Shen Yuan still looked like an angel to Luo Binghe.

“Please tell me if it burns or feels uncomfortable,” he whispered, before tapping the ointment on the affected area. Shen Yuan nodded, making Luo Binghe accidentally smear some of the lotion into his nostrils when he moved. He scrunched his nose before sneezing, and Luo Binghe tutted his lips, holding Shen Yuan in place with his free hand.

“Be still, A-Yuan.”

“It’s sticky,” Shen Yuan complained but made no further moves, letting Luo Binghe spread the ointment evenly.

“There, it's all done now,” Luo Binghe smiled, screwing the bottle close before placing it on the nightstand. “I'll go wash my hands first.”

He pecked a quick kiss on Shen Yuan's lips. Afraid to mess the lotion, he moved onto his chest, pressing his lips on the collarbone peeking under the collar of Shen Yuan’s loose t-shirt. Gasping, Shen Yuan’s skin tingled where Luo Binghe's tongue licked his way down one of his erogenous spots.

“B-Binghe, you should—wash your hands,” he wheezed, rolling his hips on the bedsheets, moisture gathering in the corner of his eyes when Luo Binghe's kisses deepened, and he sucked on Shen Yuan's chest, hands digging inside his t-shirt to rub the soft skin underneath.

“Binghe!” Shen Yuan yelped when he felt some ointment left on Luo Binghe's fingers smeared onto his stomach. “That's enough, you're making me all sticky! How am I supposed to shower like this?”

Luo Binghe chuckled, his thumb rubbing Shen Yuan's navel. “The lotion needs to be on for two hours… How about we make ourselves busy while we wait?”

Shen Yuan flushed, while Luo Binghe's skilled fingers continued exploring the sensitive areas on his abdomen.


Should they continue?

Papapa ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Go to a private hot tub to calm down

















“Just—just make sure you don't smear my face…”

Luo Binghe grinned, shifting until he was straddling on Shen Yuan's lap. He tugged at his boyfriend's t-shirt, helping him pull it over his shoulder. Shen Yuan shivered as his skin met the cool air, nipples perked in attention. Luo Binghe licked his lips, diving down to wrap one nub into his mouth while his thumb rubbed over the other.

“Aah!” Shen Yuan's back arched, his fingers clutching onto the sheets as pleasure sparked down his chest, pooling in his lower abdomen. Hot whiteness flashed in his eyes, making him dizzy as the heat in his groin lit his whole body aflame. 

Luo Binghe moaned, sucking on the nipple until it was all red and swollen. Pulling back, he smirked at his handwork, pinching and twisting the nub with his fingers while placing his mouth on the other. Shen Yuan squirmed, his head falling from one side to the other as a wave of sensations wrecked his body.

“Be careful, A-Yuan,” Luo Binghe breathed, the hot heat brushing against the wet skin, making Shen Yuan’s chest fall and rise rapidly, nipples achingly hard and swollen. “We don't want to mess the sheets with the ointment.”

Shen Yuan opened his mouth to protest, but his voice turned into a moan when Luo Binghe bit the nipple, tugging it between his teeth. Shen Yuan shrieked, clasping his hands to his mouth to drown the lustful sounds spilling non-stop from his lips.

Luo Binghe smirked against the flushed chest, licking his way down. His thumbs kept circling the sensitive nubs, while his mouth sucked a trail down Shen Yuan's stomach, circling his navel. Shifting, he brought his hands down, kneading Shen Yuan's soft waist, whispering sweet nonsense into the skin as he kissed his way to the waistband of Shen Yuan’s shorts.

Bucking his hips up, Shen Yuan shivered when Luo Binghe pulled his shorts and underwear off in one swoop, leaving him all naked on the bed. With a grin, he leaned back, still fully clothed himself, and admired the stunning display in front of him.

His hands caressed the sides of Shen Yuan’s thighs, earning him the softest of whines when he spread the legs apart, the glistening dick resting on Shen Yuan’s stomach jolting, all flushed and leaking precum onto the milk-white skin. The tips of Luo Binghe’s ears flushed when his fingers travelled down, kneading the soft mounds resting against the mattress.

Licking his lips, he breathed with a strained voice, “Open yourself for me.”

Shen Yuan choked on his own spit but brought his shaking fingers down to where Luo Binghe’s hands were digging in his flesh, spreading his cheeks apart. He lifted his waist, opening his legs as wide as he could before rubbing his fingers over the pink rim. 

“G-give me the lube,” he moaned, his hole fluttering as he teased the muscle. Luo Binghe gulped, eyes fixed on the display in front of him, and fumbled for the lube blindly for a hot minute before finally tearing his eyes off Shen Yuan to get it. 

Spreading the sticky liquid on his fingers, Shen Yuan rubbed it in his hand, warming it properly before bringing his hand back to his needy hole. Slowly, he pushed a digit in, shivering at the welcome intrusion.

Luo Binghe gulped, a trail of sweat rolling down his face, and he stayed still as a statue, transfixed by his boyfriend coming apart in front of his eyes. Shen Yuan’s moans filled the room, his speed increasing as he pistoned the finger in and out, quickly adding another when the friction was no longer enough.

Chest heaving, he blinked, staring at Luo Binghe through half-lidded eyes. With a needy groan, he curled his fingers, desperate to find the spot that would send stars to his vision.

“A-Yuan,” Luo Binghe wheezed, his hands rubbing Shen Yuan’s waist, drooling as he leaned down to wrap their lips together, kissing him with desperate need. Shen Yuan moaned into the wet kiss, his body spasming when he found his prostate.

“I want to fuck you,” Luo Binghe’s husky voice murmured directly into Shen Yuan’s ear, low and needy, desperate in a way that made Shen Yuan stuff a third finger along with the two, ignoring the burn of the stretch in his haste to feel his boyfriend inside him.

“B-Binghe has to—has to be patient…”

Luo Binghe bit Shen Yuan’s earlobe, grinding his hips against his thigh, groaning as the soft skin rubbed against his aching cock, still secured in his pants. Shuddering a breath, he whined, “I don’t want to wait… A-Yuan, I need you…”

When Shen Yuan shook his head, Luo Binghe kissed him deeply, tongue twirling and sucking in the velvet heat as if wishing to absorb the life out of him. Shen Yuan whined, encouraging Luo Binghe to suck the sounds right out of his mouth. 

Shen Yuan whimpered, his dick twitching as it laid abandoned against his stomach, leaking precum while he thrust his fingers in and out of his winking, needy hole, loud squelching filling the room. Luo Binghe pulled out of the kiss for a breath, his hand curling around his boyfriend's dick, pumping along the shaft until Shen Yuan's fingers stilled on his prostate, legs trembling as pleasure coursed through his body.

“I—I need—Binghe, I—”

“This boyfriend knows,” Luo Binghe pressed a kiss on Shen Yuan’s temple, kicking his sweatpants to the floor before he shifted their position so that Shen Yuan’s legs were propped over his now bare thighs. With haste, he pulled his shirt over his head, and Shen Yuan flushed at the bare chest muscles clenching in front of him.

Luo Binghe shuffled closer and peppered Shen Yuan's neck with kisses, moaning as he gave his own cock a jerk. Hot need boiling inside of him, he positioned his cock at his boyfriend’s entrance, whispering, “I will be gentle…” as he pushed in.

Shen Yuan had no time to react when the thick cockhead breached his insides, and he moaned, wrapping his limbs around Luo Binghe. The stretch burned, and even with Luo Binghe taking it as slow as he could, he had to slow down halfway in.

“I can’t, it’s—it’s so…” Shen Yuan screwed his eyes shut, gasping for air as his hole tried to squeeze around the thick, hot length. It had been a few days since their last time, and his insides felt like they were being rearranged, the twitching and leaking cock inside him pressing onto the most sensitive walls.

Luo Binghe kissed the tears from the corners of his boyfriend’s eyes, murmuring comforting words as he peppered Shen Yuan’s face with kisses. “You’re doing amazing, baby… A-Yuan, you’re so good at taking me.”

Whining, Shen Yuan held tightly onto Luo Binghe’s back, his fingers digging into his skin as he wheezed, “You can, you can go on…” 

Luo Binghe pulled out until only the tip was still inside the swollen hole, and started pushing back in, slowly, earning a hearty moan from Shen Yuan. With patience, Luo Binghe moved back and forth, working the muscle open as each time he went in, he reached deeper and deeper, filling Shen Yuan in ways nothing else could.

Blabbering incoherently, Shen Yuan’s eyes rolled in his head when Luo Binghe was finally able to push completely in, his cock pressed deep inside, throbbing all the way to his stomach. They stayed still for a moment until Shen Yuan’s breathing had evened and he dared to open his eyes.

Luo Binghe smiled at him, kissing the corner of his mouth before brushing his sweaty bangs off his forehead, smearing a bit of the healing lotion on his hairline. Studying his boyfriend’s expression, he gave his hips a tentative thrust, pulling the cock halfway out before pushing it back in. Shen Yuan moaned, clutching tighter onto Luo Binghe’s back, his muscles contracting around the invading heat.

“I’m going to—I won’t, I’m not gonna last long,” he wheezed, mewling when Luo Binghe’s cock brushed into his prostate. His toes curled and his vision blacked out for a second, and he gasped loudly, bucking his hips up to meet the thrusts as sparks of pleasure invaded his body.

Grinning, Luo Binghe positioned himself so that he hit that sweet spot with every push. Slamming his hips back and forth, he attacked the prostate, milking every sweet sound he could out of his boyfriend. Shen Yuan cried and spasmed, clutching onto Luo Binghe with his dear life as he kept on pistoning inside of him.

“I’m, I’m close—”

Luo Binghe wrapped his hand around Shen Yuan’s dick, jerking it in time with his thrusts, grunting when Shen Yuan’s moans filled the air and he writhed in his hold. Eyes screwed shut, he screamed, spilling over Luo Binghe’s hands, hole clenching wildly as his orgasm washed over him.

With a groan, Luo Binghe slammed his cock in the fluttering hole, pressing his hips onto Shen Yuan’s groin as needy moans streamed out of his lips. With one last thrust, he spilt inside the tight heat, legs spasming with the force of his orgasm.

Slumping against Shen Yuan’s chest, Luo Binghe breathed heavily, his cock twitching inside his boyfriend, leaking the last drops of cum into the quivering hole. Shen Yuan gasped, chest heaving as he blinked, his stomach fluttering as the hot cum sloshed inside.

They stayed still for a while, pressing soft kisses onto each other’s skin. Shen Yuan groaned as he felt Luo Binghe’s cock soften a little inside of him, and he tried to pull back, whispering, “I think I need a shower…”

But Luo Binghe sat up, pulling Shen Yuan into his lap, his now hardening cock sliding back into him. With a grin, he said, “I think A-Yuan can go for another round~”

“B-Binghe!” Shen Yuan flushed but moaned when Luo Binghe pushed his cock deeper into him. His back arched on the mattress, and he clutched tightly onto the wrinkled sheets when Luo Binghe began thrusting into him with fervour when Shen Yuan didn’t ask him to stop.

It was hours later that they finally laid in the bed, the ointment (that had for some reason smeared everywhere) and the marks of their lovemaking all washed off. Luo Binghe cuddled Shen Yuan, who lied lifelessly in his arms, all the energy sucked out of him.

“So, how did you like the date?”

Shen Yuan, half-asleep in Luo Binghe’s arms, mumbled, “T’was good. Binghe is the best boyfriend…”

Warmth flooding his chest, Luo Binghe kissed Shen Yuan’s hair, squeezing him tight on his embrace. “How could this boyfriend be the best when A-Yuan exists…”

They fell asleep cuddling each other, both satisfied with their date.


The End!

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“We need to watch for the ointment,” Shen Yuan pushed Luo Binghe off, biting his lip as the comforting heat left his body. Luo Binghe pouted, tugging at the hem of his t-shirt, but Shen Yuan didn't relent.

Sitting up on the bed, Shen Yuan grimaced as his shirt stuck to his skin thanks to Luo Binghe's wandering hands. Feeling uncomfortably mucky, he left the bed, picking a towel resting on the side table.

“I don't know about you, but I'm going to test the hot tub.”

Luo Binghe was quick to follow, and they entered the private balcony together. The sun had begun to set, and the crisp air was filled with the scent of lotus flowers. The border of the balcony was made entirely out of glass, showing a breathtaking view down the mountainside. Shen Yuan hummed when he let his eyes rest on the beautiful display of dark green forest and the pink and purple sky.

The hot tub sat in the corner of the wooden underlay, big enough to fit five people comfortably. Shen Yuan reluctantly tore his eyes off the display of nature and kneeled before the control panel of the hot tub. Judging from the instructions, there were more than two options for bubbles. After a quick inspection, Shen Yuan hummed as he skimmed through them, and clicked the tub on.

“It'll take ten minutes to fill up,” he sighed as water started pouring in, turning to Luo Binghe. “Should we order something to eat before we go in?”

They settled on the couch while the hot tub filled, skipping through the room service menu for options. Luo Binghe kissed Shen Yuan’s neck, asking him what he wanted to eat. Chuckling, Shen Yuan answered, “Something simple and easily digestible.”

Some twenty minutes later, they were sitting around the low table in the middle of the room, slurping on a fragrant and delicious wonton soup. Shen Yuan patted his stomach, leaning against Luo Binghe as he placed his empty cup on the table.

“I guess we should wait a bit before going into the water…”

Luo Binghe chuckled, nodding as he gathered their dishes into a neat pile. He glanced at the clock before asking, “Would A-Yuan want some champagne while in the hot tub? This boyfriend could go get us some…”

And so by the time Luo Binghe came back, Shen Yuan was standing in front of the mirror, tying his hair up with some bobby pins, a light green hairband tied to his forehead.

Luo Binghe smiled softly, placing the bottle down before leaning in to press his lips on the back of Shen Yuan’s neck. Inhaling in the sweet scent wafting off his boyfriend, he whispered, “A-Yuan is beautiful…”

Shaking his head, Shen Yuan snorted, “With my face all burnt and swollen, who is the beautiful one here?”

He turned around, wounding his hands to Luo Binghe’s hips, rising on his tiptoes to kiss his chin quickly. “But what did you bring?”

“You’re dodging the subject,” Luo Binghe grinned and lifted the bottle up. “This was the best they had. Should we head in the tub?”

Without waiting for an answer, he lifted Shen Yuan up, carrying him to the balcony while he squealed in his arms. Shedding off both of their clothes, he climbed to the edge of the now steaming and filled tub, before gently placing Shen Yuan onto the water.

He kissed his hair, smiling softly as he placed the champagne bottle onto the edge. “I’ll go get us glasses real quick, you can relax here…”

Shen Yuan hummed, leaning into the headrest, letting his eyes roam the view before his eyes. The sun had set, only a faint orange halo visible behind the trees. The sky was dark blue and cloudless, and tiny stars began to sparkle amidst the darkness. Shen Yuan grinned, breathing in the crisp air, the hot water around him melting his muscles into goo.

The door slid open, and Luo Binghe stepped back out with two glasses in one hand. Shen Yuan turned around to lean over the edge, blushing when his boyfriend reached for the champagne in his naked glory.

“Quick, get it,” he said, shifting so that Luo Binghe could step through the ladders. “It must be freezing in there…”

Luo Binghe chuckled, but obeyed, moaning when the hot heat engulfed him when he splashed into the tub. He poured them both a glass, offering Shen Yuan his own before he shuffled closer, beaming when he clinked the glasses together.

“This is for A-Yuan,” he murmured, taking a sip while holding eye-contact with his lover, “For being the best boyfriend I could ask for.”

He placed his glass down and pulled Shen Yuan into his arms, kissing his neck enthusiastically. Shen Yuan squealed, holding tightly onto his glass as his back hit Luo Binghe's bare chest. 

“Stop! I could've dropped my champagne!”

Luo Binghe chuckled but loosened his grip on his boyfriend. Shen Yuan huffed, nuzzling closer to him, despite his earlier protests. He took a sip of the champagne, smacking his lips together as a comforting buzz filled the back of his head.

“This is nice…”

“I’m glad A-Yuan is enjoying himself,” Luo Binghe smiled, rubbing Shen Yuan’s stomach, basking in the presence of the love of his life. “I think this place is great, and the view is amazing. Maybe we should come here again sometime?”

Shen Yuan hummed in agreement. He turned around, putting his glass aside before freeing Luo Binghe’s arms around him. Straddling his boyfriend, he placed his arms around Luo Binghe’s neck, leaning as close as he could with a smile as he asked, “But you know what’s the best?”

Luo Binghe shook his head, inhaling the scent of alcohol drifting off his boyfriend’s mouth. “What is it?”

“The fact that I’m here with you.”

Blushing, Luo Binghe cupped Shen Yuan’s jaw, bringing his face closer before locking their lips together. Shen Yuan moaned, deepening the kiss, his hands travelling up and down Luo Binghe’s back. When they pulled apart some minutes later, they were both gasping for air, heads swimming while the sensations of the kiss lingered on their minds.

“A-Yuan should be careful,” Luo Binghe teased, repeating his boyfriend’s words from earlier back to him, his thumb rubbing across Shen Yuan’s lower lip, “We need to watch for the ointment.”

Shen Yuan smirked, leaning into the headrest with a snort, “Yeah, we really do…”

The stars sparkled shiny above them, and the half-crescent moon rose slowly from behind the trees swaying softly in the gentle breeze. They both stayed silent for a moment, just listening and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.

“Thank you.”

Luo Binghe looked down at his boyfriend, confusion filling his features. “Why is A-Yuan thanking this boyfriend?”

“For taking me out, and sharing this date with me.” Shen Yuan met Luo Binghe's eyes, curling their fingers together before pressing kisses to each knuckle. “I've enjoyed my time. So, thank you.”

Luo Binghe shivered, licking his lips before bringing Shen Yuan's hand to his mouth, mirroring him by kissing his knuckles.

“I'm glad A-Yuan has enjoyed the date,” he mumbled, voice heavy with emotion. “But there is no need to thank me.”

Shen Yuan smiled, nuzzling into a more comfortable position in Luo Binghe's arms, his eyes falling onto the twinkling stars. “I know. But I still wanted to. You deserve some praise. From time to time…”

Laughing, Luo Binghe kissed Shen Yuan's hair. “Then I’m happy to accept the compliment.”

The date ended on a high note, with both men gazing lovingly at the stars and into each other's eyes, happy to be together.


The End!

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Luo Binghe kept his eyes firmly on the wet tiles, face flushed as the warm water washed over his body. Shen Yuan stood by the doorway, shedding off his clothing and stuffing them into their designated cupboards. He took off his glasses, placing them in the case before sliding it under his neatly folded t-shirt.

Turning around, he stuck his hand under the douche, humming at the temperature before stepping in. Luo Binghe took a deep breath, focusing on patterns on the tiles and the decor to not jump his boyfriend in public.

After reciting a soul-calming sutra several times over, he somehow managed to shower without getting a reaction, a hint of shame lurking in the corner of his mind at how ridiculously turned on he got at the tiniest sliver of Shen Yuan’s bare skin. But there was only so much he could do, having such an irresistible boyfriend; Luo Binghe would never be able to fully comprehend how he was so lucky, to be able to love Shen Yuan and be loved back.

They stepped outside, hand in hand, both flushed pink and the tiniest white towels wrapped around their waists. Shen Yuan beamed, inhaling in the brisk air, eyes scanning the hot springs.

“It's so nice and secluded here,” he said, squeezing Luo Binghe's hand as he guided him in the steaming water. The burn on their skins was welcome after being exposed to the cold air, and Luo Binghe found himself quickly melting in the hot water.

A few cotton clouds floated leisurely in the blue sky, the steam from the water rising up to meet them in swirling motions. Shen Yuan sank into the stones with a hum, sitting close enough to Luo Binghe that their skins brushed together. 

There was only one person in the spring with them, an elderly man who sat close to the exit. Shen Yuan and Luo Binghe settled to the farthest corner, relaxing against the stones as the water turned their muscles to pudding. 

“Feels so amazing,” Shen Yuan sighed, his cheeks a healthy shade of red. “It’s been ages since I’ve been to a spa…”

“I should take you out more often.” Luo Binghe made a mental note of booking more restorative weekends for the two, as Shen Yuan was clearly happy and satisfied with their date so far. With a smile, he pressed closer, kissing the milky shoulder peeking out of the water.

Shen Yuan blushed, voice high as he hissed, “Why’d you make it sound like we rarely have dates? Binghe, we go out to eat almost every week!”

Chuckling, Luo Binghe rested his hand on Shen Yuan’s knee. The soft skin was even smoother than normal under the water, and Luo Binghe couldn’t help but rub circles up Shen Yuan’s thigh.

“Once a week is nearly not enough, you deserve to be spoiled every day.”

“B-Binghe!” Shen Yuan bit his tongue, face flaming as he glanced at the older man opposite them, who luckily had his eyes closed as he leaned into the stones. Sputtering, he turned to his boyfriend with a scowl on his face. “Take your hand off me, or—”

The rest of the sentence was broken by a moan as Luo Binghe’s thumb rubbed the sensitive skin of Shen Yuan’s waist, fingers digging awfully close to the tiny towel. Pressing his face on the crook of Luo Binghe’s neck, Shen Yuan stammered, “You—you can’t, there’s—there are people—”

Luo Binghe smirked, lifting Shen Yuan to his lap, his hands sliding inside the towel, rubbing up and down on his inner thighs. With a hoarse voice, he murmured, “See, they have already gone… There’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Prying his eyes open, Shen Yuan relaxed against Luo Binghe’s abs, a contented sigh escaping his lips when he found the spring empty apart from them. Luo Binghe took that as an encouraging sign and inched his fingers closer to the hardening member about to slip free from the towel’s hold.

“We still shouldn’t…” Shen Yuan tried to reason, although excitement bubbled inside him like a firework about to be set off. Luo Binghe smiled fondly at him, taking hold of his wrists before bringing his trembling hands to his chest.

Shen Yuan blushed as the muscle tightened under his palm, and he licked his lips, all reason slipping from his mind at the thought of all the things they could do now that the spring was all theirs. Luo Binghe chuckled, brushing Shen Yuan’s hair behind his ears before he kissed the blush on his cheeks.

“A-Yuan… Baby, keep touching me,” he licked the corner of Shen Yuan’s mouth, prying his way in before sucking hard on the plump lips. He moaned, deepening the kiss when Shen Yuan gasped, teasing the hot heat with lustful intensity.

He pulled out of the kiss, breathing hard before diving back in. Shen Yuan whimpered, grinding his hips down on Luo Binghe’s lap, his head swimming and back arched as pleasure coursed through his body.

Gasping for air, Shen Yuan pushed weakly on Luo Binghe’s chest, licking his lips as he gazed at his boyfriend through half-lidded eyes. “We—we really shouldn’t, what if, what if someone comes in?”

“If A-Yuan says no, this boyfriend will stop,” Luo Binghe nibbled at Shen Yuan’s earlobe, earning a soft moan from the man. “But you have to speak up soon or I won't be able to stop myself…”


Should they continue?

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“Binghe can continue…” Shen Yuan’s voice was barely above a whisper. But he hadn’t even finished the sentence when Luo Binghe’s hand slid under the towel, fingers curling around the half-hard dick as he gave it a firm tug. Shen Yuan whined, squirming in Luo Binghe’s lap as his senses burst to life.

He thrust back, something hard and pulsating hitting against his back, and if Shen Yuan’s face wasn’t already flushed red, it would surely be by now. Luo Binghe had always been massive, but having the sheer size of the cock flushed against his skin still made Shen Yuan’s mouth dry and head dizzy.

“A-Yuan,” Luo Binghe breathed, licking and nibbling at Shen Yuan’s earlobe, his hand stroking up and down the length leisurely. Shen Yuan moaned, thrusting his hips to meet Luo Binghe’s hand, urging him to press harder and to go faster.

“I want to… Binghe—” Shen Yuan wheezed, fingers fumbling in Luo Binghe’s hair, tugging him to meet his lips. With one smooth motion, Luo Binghe lifted him up and turned him around, before delving into a heated kiss. Shen Yuan gasped as their lips locked together and answered with as much if not more enthusiasm to the invading tongue exploring his mouth.

Soft mewls filled the air, and Shen Yuan held tight onto Luo Binghe’s shoulders, his perked nipples brushing into Luo Binghe’s sizable chest muscles. Luo Binghes hands travelled up and down Shen Yuan’s spine, one hand cupping his ass while the other dived deeper, fingers seeking for the tight ring of muscle.

“Aah,” Shen Yuan broke the kiss, gasping for air while Luo Binghe moved lower, licking his way down his chin, pausing to suck on his neck. His finger found Shen Yuan’s relaxed hole, softened by the heat of the water. Rubbing a circle around the rim, Luo Binghe’s breath quickened as he pushed a digit in, making the lewdest of moans tore its way from Shen Yuan’s parted lips.

Bouncing himself up and down on Luo Binghe’s lap, Shen Yuan screwed his eyes shut when another finger slipped inside, meeting only the slightest resistance before preaching through to rub into the sensitive walls. The hot steam around them was getting to his head, making him dizzy as he worked himself open on Luo Binghe’s fingers.

After some scissoring movements, Luo Binghe was able to push a third finger along with the others, his cock twitching as he rubbed it against Shen Yuan’s profusely leaking dick. Sucking on Shen Yuan’s neck, he curled his fingers, searching for the spot that would arouse the most delicious sounds from his boyfriend.

“A-aah, B-Binghe!” Shen Yuan trembled in Luo Binghe’s lap, fingers curling and back arching as his boyfriend thrust his fingers mercilessly onto his prostate. Shen Yuan was completely debauched with his cheeks flushed and mouth gaping open, moans and gasps spilling out without a stop. Luo Binghe kissed his forehead, sliding his fingers out of the swollen hole.

Shen Yuan whined at the loss, water squelching around him. He grasped tight onto Luo Binghe when he hoisted him up, hole fluttering as the crisp air hit his skin. Luo Binghe smirked at his squirming boyfriend, kissing him long and sweet while aiming his aching cock at the entrance. Shen Yuan gasped, deepening the kiss as the thick length sank further inside him.

“S-slow down,” he whimpered, pressing his hands on Luo Binghe’s chest, breath hitching as the cock inside him twitched. Although they were in the water, Luo Binghe was simply too big, and without lube, it was always a task to take in.

Luo Binghe grabbed Shen Yuan’s chin softly, rubbing their lips together while rolling his hips in slow motions, making his cock grind deeper and deeper into his lover. Shen Yuan moaned, his lips swollen as he held onto Luo Binghe, his movements growing rougher, the cock pistoning inside and out of him with great force.

Soon, the water splashed around loudly when Luo Binghe slammed faster into Shen Yuan, holding him by the waist as he drove in deeper and deeper. He groaned, positioning himself so that by every push, his cock hit Shen Yuan’s sweet spot, making his vision fill with stars.

“Aah! Binghe, h-harder!”

Luo Binghe obeyed, rutting into his lover as their mouths clutched together, both desperate to feel each other on their lips. Luo Binghe bit Shen Yuan’s lower lip between his teeth, making him squeak, the relentless pounding not ceasing for a moment.

Dizzy from the heat, Shen Yuan tried to open his mouth to ask Luo Binghe to slow down, but all he could muster was lewd moans and pitiful whimpering, which only fueled his boyfriend’s neverending lust. His movements growing hungrier and faster, Luo Binghe moaned into Shen Yuan’s ear, babbling about how perfectly he was taking him and how good he was.

Shen Yuan’s eyes rolled, and his vision tilted as he lost all sensation of his limbs. Almost as an echo, the splash of water and Luo Binghe yelling something rang out in the distance before everything turned to black.

During his over twenty years old life, Shen Yuan had never felt as embarrassed as he did right now, lying naked on the wooden bench in the dressing room. He had regained consciousness some minutes ago, coughing out water from his lungs while a paramedic tried to ask him how he was feeling.

He was vaguely aware of the audience consisting of the spa staff and ambulance crew surrounding him, crammed into the tiny room. He kept his eyes firmly on Luo Binghe and the paramedic, refusing to acknowledge the dozens of eyes fixed on his naked body in all its glory.

Luo Binghe held his hand, pulling him into the tightest of hugs the first second he got a chance. His eyes were red and swollen, but apart from looking like he had just cried his eyes out, he was, well, completely fucked out. Red, hot and big hickeys plastered all over his neck, his lips swollen and scratch marks painting his shoulders and back; it was no question what the two had been doing when the incident happened.

And knowing their situation, Shen Yuan probably was no better, if not worse.

His face heating up, he cried blood as he had to sit through a mound of medical examinations before the paramedic deemed him okay to stay at the resort. Shen Yuan gladly accepted the towel offered to him by the spa manager and stood bravely in Luo Binghe’s arms as they received a strong word or two about the policy of the hot springs and how their behaviour was unacceptable from her.

Somehow, Luo Binghe sweet-talked them out of severe consequences, and they were finally allowed to return to their suite. The first thing Shen Yuan did was to jump into the bed and bury himself under the blankets.

“That was so humiliating!” he whined, his entire body shaking from the embarrassment. “Why did we have to do that? Oh my God, why did I have to faint!?!”

The bed dipped as Luo Binghe sat down, scooping his blanket burrito of a boyfriend into his arms with a chuckle. He pressed a kiss on the forehead peeking through the blankets and squeezed Shen Yuan tightly in his arms.

“I’m glad A-Yuan is okay,” he sighed, pressing his head on Shen Yuan’s shoulder. “I was so scared when you lost consciousness… This boyfriend apologises for not catching you before you fell underwater.”

Shen Yuan wheezed, shaking his head while his face flushed. Gosh, Luo Binghe had still been inside him when he’d fainted. 

“It wasn’t Luo Binghe’s fault. I should’ve told you earlier I was feeling dizzy.”

Luo Binghe kissed his cheek, a gentle smile on his face. “But I think that all things considered, our date was quite eventful.”

“Binghe!” Shen Yuan swatted Luo Binghe's shoulder. “How can you say that after what happened!?”

Luo Binghe smiled bashfully when he scooped Shen Yuan out of the blanket burrito, pulling him to rest against his chest. Shen Yuan grumbled, but quickly melted into his boyfriend's arms, letting him pepper butterfly kisses on his face. 

“Did A-Yuan enjoy the date?”

Chasing Luo Binghe's lips, Shen Yuan kissed him long and hard before pulling back with a grin plastered on his flushed face. 

“It was truly an unforgettable one.”


The End!

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“I think we should—should go to the showers.” Shen Yuan bit his lips, staggering up from Luo Binghe's lap. His head thumped, and he swayed as stars filled his vision. He fumbled towards Luo Binghe to not fall into the water, groaning at the painful throbbing on his forehead.

Luo Binghe quickly stood, placing his hands on Shen Yuan’s waist, squeezing tight to steady his footing. With a concerned frown, he asked, “Are you alright?”

“Yeah I'm—I'm fine,” Shen Yuan nodded, keeping his eyes shut as he fell limp in Luo Binghe's arms. The cold air made him shiver but eased the fogginess in his head a lot.

“It's just the heat, making me a bit dizzy…”

Luo Binghe huffed before kneeling on the hot water. With a swift movement, he placed his hands under Shen Yuan's feet and shoulders, lifting him up in a bridal carry before walking out of the spring.

“A-Yuan should've said he's feeling uncomfortable earlier,” he pouted. Shen Yuan chuckled, resting his head on the massive chest muscles, his hands wrapped around Luo Binghe’s neck.

“I didn't even realise I'd become so lightheaded,” he mumbled, listening to the steady beat of his boyfriend’s heart.

They made it to the showers, and Luo Binghe had to wash himself under the ice-cold spray three times before he'd calmed down enough to fit into his pants. Shen Yuan would've laughed at how horny his boyfriend was if he wasn’t so busy trying to steady his footing on the slippery tiles.

Eventually, they walked out of the hot springs, Shen Yuan just about managing to convince Luo Binghe not to carry him out in his arms. They were both flushed and refreshed, a healthy glow on their skins as they made their way down the corridor. Shen Yuan wanted nothing more than to slump straight into their soft hotel bed, with some deep-fried chicken balls and sour cream sauce on his lap, and Luo Binghe arms around him. 


Luo Binghe’s eyes sparkled as he pointed towards a sign in front of them, and Shen Yuan had to squint at it, his glasses still in the case that was now in his bag along with their towels. His stomach lurched when he managed to read the huge, bright letters written on the board.

“Binghe,” he said in a warning tone, “You want to go to a karaoke?”

Luo Binghe nodded, clutching tight onto Shen Yuan’s shirt. “Yes! I haven't heard A-Yuan sing yet! And I want to sing something for you too…”

Shen Yuan stopped, a calculating look crossing his face. On one hand, singing was something he wasn't particularly interested in, his voice being what it was. But on the other hand, he hadn't heard Luo Binghe sing either, and to say it didn't interest him would be a big fat lie. 

While pondering the pros and cons, Shen Yuan failed to notice Luo Binghe dragging him inside the karaoke place with the widest of smiles on his face. It was only after he'd paid for a room and pulled Shen Yuan inside a booth that he snapped out of his thoughts. 

“I only bought one hour for a start,” Luo Binghe explained, standing in front of the control panel, scrolling through the selection. The room was dark, lit by neon blue fairy lights hanging on the plain walls, and Shen Yuan was momentarily distracted by how handsome Luo Binghe's features were amidst it all.

“If A-Yuan doesn't like it, we can always leave… But it would be a shame to leave without singing a song or two.”

Knowing he'd been tricked, Shen Yuan scoffed, sitting on the leather couch with his arms crossed. “Fine, whatever. But you're going first since it was your idea.”

Luo Binghe flashed him a blinding smile, filling the room with his warmth. He clicked on a song, the white screen behind him lighting up as a simple piano tune started playing through the speakers. 

“I won't disappoint A-Yuan!”

Shen Yuan leaned back on the couch, eyes wide and mouth hanging open when Luo Binghe started singing.1

I forget how it started,” Luo Binghe sang, voice deep and his dark, glistening eyes fixed on his boyfriend. Shen Yuan’s breath hitched in his throat, hands clutching tightly onto the leather underneath him, transfixed by the intensity of the gaze.

Perhaps it was just a feeling I had for you…

The song was, simply put, a true love song, from the gentle tune to the mushy lyrics. But for some reason, Shen Yuan found his heart bursting with affection, his knees going weak with the deep love buzzing inside at the sight of the man singing for him and him only. He was glad he leaned on the backrest, or else he would’ve slid from the couch and turned into a whimpering puddle on the floor.

By the time it ended, he jumped into Luo Binghe's arms, letting out the weirdest noises as he pushed his face against the warm chest.

“Why did you choose such a sappy song,” he whined, lifting his chin to stare up into the eyes beaming down at him. “Being so perfect, it should be illegal…” 

“I'm happy A-Yuan liked it,” Luo Binghe murmured, smoothing Shen Yuan's hair before kissing his forehead. “I chose the song that most fit my feelings for you. Although there isn’t a song that could possibly convey just how much I love you…”

Hugging his boyfriend tighter, Shen Yuan's entire being filled with sparkling emotions, all directed to Luo Binghe. How he'd been able to get such a talented, amazing, and loving boyfriend, he didn’t understand.

“But now, I would love to hear my sweet A-Yuan sing.”

With a groan, Shen Yuan pushed back, muttering something incomprehensible. Luo Binghe leaned closer with a grin, rubbing his cheek with his thumb while pleading with a teasing tone, “A-Yuan~ I sang for you, it’s only fair you sing something for me too…”

“Who said I won’t sing?” Shen Yuan stood, his nose turned up when he reached for his bag, fishing his glasses and putting them on before he stepped on the platform. He picked up the mic Luo Binghe had absentmindedly tossed aside and gave it a pat.

He tilted his head at the control panel, staring at it for a long while before admitting quietly, “I just, I don’t. I’m not sure what I can sing.”

Luo Binghe chuckled, grinning at his boyfriend, hands crossed under his chin. “Anything A-Yuan wishes to sing is good enough for me.”

“Well, don’t come to complain to me afterwards if it sucks,” Shen Yuan sighed, scrolling through the endless list of songs, most of them classics, the kind his parents would sing in their living room at one am on New Year’s, all tipsy and full of smiles. Amidst them all, a familiar title stuck out, and he tilted his head, clicking it open hesitantly.

Soft piano notes filled the room, and he took a deep breath, hands shaking as the microphone slipped in his sweaty hands. He didn’t dare bring his eyes up to Luo Binghe, who was leaning on the edge of the couch, almost toppling over, an invisible tail wagging behind him as he smiled softly at his boyfriend.

Swallowing, Shen Yuan lifted the mic, his voice wavering as he started singing.2 The waves silently drown out the night, soaking every corner of the sky completely…”

He kept his eyes shut tight throughout the entirety of the five-minute song, hands clenched into fists. Halfway through, he bemoaned in his head why he’d chosen such a long song. But he had enjoyed the movie, and the theme song never failed to tug at his heartstrings.

A part of him wished he wasn’t butchering it with his lukewarm voice, but he couldn’t tell how he was doing from under all the blood rushing to his head. His body was light, almost as if he wasn’t even there, but floated somewhere else, his mouth working on its own.

When the last notes echoed in the room, Shen Yuan blinked slowly, the neon lights making him squint and fix the glasses on his nose. He placed the microphone down, staggering towards the couch.

“A-Yuan!” Luo Binghe made a choked out noise, pulling Shen Yuan into his arms, squeezing tight. Shen Yuan laughed awkwardly, licking his lips, his mouth having run completely dry. But before he could ask how he’d done, wetness spread down his shoulder, and with his mind halting, he realised; Luo Binghe was crying.

“Ah,” he wheezed, patting his boyfriend’s muscular back, not knowing what to say. “I wasn’t—it wasn’t that bad, right?”

Luo Binghe pulled back, staring intensely into Shen Yuan’s eyes, his face red. Voice shaking, he shook his head, “Your voice, it was, it was so beautiful. Everything about A-Yuan is beautiful. This boyfriend, I—I’m the happiest to have A-Yuan sing for me.”

Shen Yuan blushed, stammering as he struggled to take the praise. Surely he wasn't as good as Luo Binghe made him sound, but it took only one look at the glistening eyes, and he couldn’t bring it in himself to refute the sincere words.

“Ah, you, do you want to sing more? Maybe something not so sappy…”

They ended up using the entire hour, with Shen Yuan singing one more song while Luo Binghe chose every love song he deemed worthy of his boyfriend. By the end of their time, Luo Binghe would’ve wanted to buy another hour, but Shen Yuan managed to stop him by claiming hunger.

When he laid on their bed with a box of fried chicken balls, Shen Yuan beamed at his boyfriend, patting his stomach with a smile. “Binghe, thank you for the best date…”

Luo Binghe almost choked on his chicken, chewing hard before mumbling, “A-Yuan! You’re… It’s all thanks to you.”

Grinning, Shen Yuan shifted closer to Luo Binghe, wrapping his arms around him before mumbling into his skin, “No, it’s because of us. We’re the best.”

Luo Binghe laughed, and squeezed his boyfriend, peppering him with kisses. The fried chicken balls laid forgotten on the box as the two embraced each other, satisfied and overjoyed with their date. 


The end!

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  1. Luo Binghe is singing 愛很簡單 by David Tao [ ↩ ]
  2. Shen Yuan is singing theme from Big Fish & Begonia here (or alternatively this one, which you can thank the beta for linking me ashdksfl) [ ↩ ]

















Shen Yuan tugged his moss green t-shirt into his black jeans before offering his hand to the worker on the ticket counter. He smiled politely while she fastened the wristband on his milk-white, thin wrist, but when he turned to Luo Binghe, the smile turned into a grin. He hooked an arm around his boyfriend, skipping on his steps as he guided him through the gate and inside the amusement park.

“It's so exciting!” he said as they blended in with the chattering crowd. The sun shined, and they walked slowly down the main path. Shen Yuan beamed at the various booths peppered on both sides of the paved way. Luo Binghe took the map of the area out, inspecting it with a puzzled face. He had rolled the sleeves of his light, black shirt up, his silver watch shining on his wrist as he turned the map in his hands.

“What would you like to do first?” he asked, a few giggling youngsters running past them as they stopped in front of a game hall. The air smelled of butter, old wood, and slightly too strong rose perfume, and Shen Yuan coughed, scrunching his nose as he pulled Luo Binghe towards an intersection.

“I’m not sure…”

All around him, the numerous colourful stands and rides fought for his attention. A rollercoaster ahead of them clanked as the cart rose to the heights, followed by loud screams as it sped down the track. Shen Yuan's breath quickened as he watched it go, excitement bubbling inside him at the thought of all the fun they were going to have.

“Maybe we should just stroll around for a while?” he suggested when his eyes landed on a booth selling game tickets, “It's been a while since I've been to an amusement park, and it'd be nice to try out the games… I used to be the best at the ring toss as a kid.”

After a confirmative nod, they went to buy a pack of twenty tickets. Shen Yuan took Luo Binghe’s hand, and they walked down the pavement hand in hand, pointing at the different booths and stalls.

“Ooh, they have tanghulu here!” Shen Yuan gasped, guiding Luo Binghe towards a food stall. “Do you want anything?”

Shaking his head, Luo Binghe bought Shen Yuan three long sticks of the candied fruit, smiling softly as he offered them to him. Shen Yuan wasted no time biting into one, and Luo Binghe found it a bit hard to breathe as they continued walking down the park, his eyes continuously falling into Shen Yuan’s lips as he munched happily on the snack.


Shen Yuan stopped, grasping onto the hem of Luo Binghe's white shirt, pointing frantically towards a game hall. 

“What is it? You want to go there?” Luo Binghe smiled, happy to guide his boyfriend to the building. There were numerous different carnival games, the workers all standing behind their counters in matching outfits and wide customer-service smiles on their faces.

A group of cheerful kids stood in front of a colourful and noisy game, each holding flashing rings in their chubby arms, waiting for the worker to shout ‘go!’ before tossing them on the poles on the wall behind the counter.

“This is the one!” Shen Yuan beamed, detaching three tickets from the patch to give the worker, who told him to wait until the round was over before joining. “I used to play this all the time with my brother when I was a kid, and I beat his ass every single time!”

Sitting down on a free seat, Shen Yuan smirked as he blended in with the kids, a ring in his hand, ready to throw. A middle-aged couple joined the game last second, and when the worker gave them the go, Shen Yuan flicked his wrist skillfully, laughing when the first ring hit the mark straight away. He didn’t wait until reaching for another ring, his grin deepening when it, too, hit the target.

Luo Binghe smiled, holding onto the remaining tanghulu as an upbeat tune filled the air.

“Fuck yeah, I still got it!” Shen Yuan jumped up and down when the last ring rolled on the pole, a shit-eating grin on his face as he pointed at the score table showcasing his victory. “Eat shit, you got nothing on me, stupid game! Hahaha!”

“You can choose your prize now,” the worker piped in, pointing at the options on display. “You can either have two from this section or one from this one.”

After picking his winnings, Shen Yuan turned to Luo Binghe, jumping straight into his awaiting arms. Kissing his cheek, he pushed something soft into his palm while whispering, “This is for you… It looks just like you.”

Luo Binghe toyed with the fluffy key chain in his hand, smiling at the puppy figure. “Does it now? A-Yuan thinks his boyfriend is a dog?”

Shen Yuan burst into laughter, swatting his hand in the air while nodding excitedly. “Yes! Binghe is a smol puppy.”

Chuckling helplessly, Luo Binghe attached the key chain to his belt, placing his chin on top of Shen Yuan's head while pouting, “A-Yuan is mean… Isn't this boyfriend as fierce as a tiger?”

Shen Yuan took a bite of the tanghulu, pretending to be thinking about the matter. But not even a second had passed when he mumbled with his mouth full, “No. You're a puppy. Definitely a puppy!”

Pouting harder, Luo Binghe crushed his boyfriend in his arms, rubbing his cheek into his hair until it stuck out in all directions, earning him a glare from Shen Yuan. But Luo Binghe only shook his head, sighing dramatically, “A-Yuan is being mean…”

“Sometimes, the truth hurts,” Shen Yuan snickered, slipping out of Luo Binghe's arms to look around. “But you can pick the next game! We still have quite a few tickets left.”

Rubbing his chin, Luo Binghe walked around the different booths, until one particular machine entered his vision and he paused, eyes widening when at the plushies inside. One in particular caught his eye, a white kitten holding a green fan in its paws. Eyes sparkling, he turned to Shen Yuan. 

“I want to try this one!”

Shen Yuan smiled, nodding. “Claw machines are cool! I've never been good at them though… And a fair warning if you weren't already aware; they're rigged so winning anything is a one-in-a-million chance.”

Luo Binghe pulled him into a kiss, whispering to his ear, “I know, but isn't every game in these places rigged? Let this boyfriend win you something~”

But it turned out, the claw machine really was rigged, or maybe Luo Binghe just sucked at it. He kept pushing tickets into the slot, cursing when the controller didn't obey his fingers and the plushies kept slipping from the claw.

He played until there were no tickets left, increasingly defeated by every failed attempt. Shen Yuan tried to assure him that it was okay, but Luo Binghe was like a kicked puppy by the time they left the game hall, slouching as he followed Shen Yuan out.

Shen Yuan leaned into him, pressing his lips on his cheek, leaving a sticky mark on the skin. “It's okay, no one really ever wins in those kinds of games. Besides, you could always just put that money into buying much better quality.”

“But I wanted to win something for A-Yuan,” Luo Binghe mumbled, not daring to meet his boyfriend’s eyes. Shen Yuan softened in his arms, chuckling as he rose to his tiptoes to pull him into a kiss. Luo Binghe perked as the soft lips pressed on his, tasting the syrupy candy on his tongue.

As they pulled back, Shen Yuan smiled at him, face flushed and lips swollen, “It's okay, having you here sharing this day with me is enough of a prize to brag to everyone about.”

Luo Binghe let out a noise that was awfully close to a squeak and buried his face in the crook of Shen Yuan's neck. 

“A-Yuan! You can't just say something like that! We're in public!”

Laughing brightly, Shen Yuan hugged his boyfriend, “But it's the truth~”

They stopped before a spinning ride, staring as it sped up, the people on it screaming as it dropped up and down. Shen Yuan’s eyes widened, and he asked, “Where do you want to go next?”


Where should they go next?

Ferris Wheel
Roller coaster

















Luo Binghe averted his eyes from the speeding rides and rollercoasters surrounding them, a shiver running up his spine as the screeches of the people filled the air. Swallowing, he turned from side to side, freezing when something in the distance caught his eyes. With a bashful smile, he turned to Shen Yuan.

“How about a Ferris Wheel?”

Not surprised in the slightest, Shen Yuan returned the smile with a nod. Hooking his arms around Luo Binghe’s biceps, he chirped, “Lead me there then!”

They chatted about this and that as they crossed the park, enjoying the greenery amidst the rides. The park was peppered with street art, and the wall next to the stone staircase leading to the Ferris Wheel had a mural painting of a forest, the leaves of the trees sparkling in all the colours of a rainbow.

“It’s so pretty,” Shen Yuan sighed, stopping at the stairs to let an elderly couple pass them. Luo Binghe squeezed close to him, nodding as he gazed into the detailed art.

“Maybe we should go to an art gallery next time?” he suggested, tugging Shen Yuan’s hair behind his ear.

Shen Yuan’s eyes widened, and he nodded immediately, “That’d be awesome, I haven’t been to one in ages!”

Luo Binghe kissed the top of his head with a chuckle, and they reached the top of the stairs in a blink, stepping into an opening overseeing the park and the city silhouette in the distance. The Ferris Wheel towered near the edge, a couple of snack stalls and tables scattered around it. They stepped in the tiny queue, and soon entered the cabin.

Luo Binghe was all smiles by the time he sat down, pulling his boyfriend next to him. He pressed his nose on Shen Yuan’s cheek, pecking the soft skin, while his hands tickled at the hem of his shirt. Shen Yuan squeaked, eyes falling on the worker who was closing the door, a deep blush spreading down his neck as he snapped his eyes on Luo Binghe.

“Binghe!” he scolded, sitting with his back as straight as a board on his spot. He kept glancing through the glass at the worker minding his own business, and hissed at his boyfriend, “Couldn’t you wait until we’ve risen at least a little above the ground before getting all handsy?”

Luo Binghe shuffled closer, pressing his cheek on Shen Yuan’s shoulder, pouting as he said, “But I want to kiss you…”

Sputtering, Shen Yuan turned completely beet red. “S-stop that!”

The cabin jerked as the wheel started moving, and Shen Yuan lost his balance, falling straight into Luo Binghe's waiting arms. As he struggled to sit up, Luo Binghe lifted him into his lap, holding him tight in place.

Licking his lips, he pressed his face back on Shen Yuan's neck, inhaling deeply as he whispered, “I didn't know A-Yuan wanted to hug this boyfriend that badly.”

Shen Yuan whimpered, melting in the strong arms. Luo Binghe chuckled, pressing a kiss on the crook of his neck while his hands caressed Shen Yuan's back, inching his way down his spine to the waist of his jeans and back.

“Be still, this boyfriend will hold onto you,” he murmured, and Shen Yuan nodded, letting himself be groped as the cabin slowly rose higher and higher.

As the wheel reached the highest point, it stopped abruptly, and the landscape outside came to full view. Powdery white clouds swam in the blue sky as the sun shined happily above the city silhouette, the warmth spreading inside through the thick glass. Shen Yuan pressed his nose against it, beaming as the rides and roller coasters below them looked like models on display in a miniature museum. 

“Wow! Binghe, look at the view!” He pointed at the flock of birds fluttering in the distance, just above a river where small, orange and yellow boats floated down. His back dribbled with sweat when Luo Binghe shuffled behind him, placing his chin on his shoulder while his hands fell on his waist.

“It’s beautiful,” he whispered, hands digging inside Shen Yuan’s t-shirt. The touch made him shiver, encouraging the fingers to brush more circles onto the sensitive skin.

“B-Binghe!” Shen Yuan whimpered, eyes fixed on the tiny human dots on the boats. “You shouldn’t—we’re in public—”

Luo Binghe nibbled on his earlobe, mumbling into his ear as his hands slid up his stomach, making him shiver. “Who could see us up here? And A-Yuan said I had to wait until we’re above the ground before I can do this… Are you telling me now that I can’t?”

Shen Yuan flushed, heat pooling into his groin when Luo Binghe’s thumb brushed over the hairs just above his crotch, slowly tracing them up to his navel. He made the mistake of looking into his boyfriend's eyes, his heart clenching at the wide, sparkling puppy-eyes pleading at him.

Spasming, Shen Yuan choked on his spit, rushing to stutter, “I—I meant kissing, not, not this.” He waved his hands vaguely in the air, trying to prove his point.

Luo Binghe stilled, eyeing his boyfriend’s reaction. “Do you want me to stop?” 

He had to stifle his laughter by biting his lip when Shen Yuan shivered, pushing back into his touch, clearly battling with whether to give in to his desire, or be modest and control himself.

It was the Ferris Wheel that made the decision for them. The cabin jolted, and Shen Yuan's face hit Luo Binghe's nose, hard. His glasses jerked, nearly falling off his head, scratching Luo Binghe's skin while he yelled. With a whimper, Luo Binghe pulled back, pressing his hands on his nose as he squinted at Shen Yuan through tear-filled eyes.

“Oh my god, I'm so sorry!” Shen Yuan shrieked when Luo Binghe patted his nose carefully, the tiniest splotches of blood trickling down. “Here, let me—let me get a napkin from the backpack—”

“It's okay, it's just a tiny scratch,” Luo Binghe chuckled, smiling as Shen Yuan shuffled for something for him to wipe his nose with. Sitting obediently, he let his boyfriend straddle his lap, brows furrowed in concentration as he pressed gently on the scratch, cool fingers smoothing over the irritated skin around the scrape.

“There, it's not bleeding anymore,” Shen Yuan whispered, smiling as he pressed the softest kiss on the side of Luo Binghe's nose. “Tell me if it hurts, we will disinfect it once we get out of here, okay?”

Luo Binghe nodded, a pout on his face when Shen Yuan moved to pull out of his lap. His hands wrapped around his waist, squeezing tight as he whined, “It hurts… A-Yuan should kiss it better~”

Shen Yuan lifted an eyebrow at the statement, but cupped Luo Binghe's face in his hands, avoiding the scratch as he pressed his lips gently to the side of his nose. His fingers brushed over his cheekbones, trembling as he kissed the tender skin. With a smile, he was about to pull back to move back to his own spot, when Luo Binghe opened his mouth, pushing their lips together, his tongue invading his boyfriend’s mouth.

Shen Yuan let out a surprised noise that soon turned into a moan when Luo Binghe's eyes fluttered shut and he deepened the kiss, his hands worming under Shen Yuan's shirt, kneading the soft skin. Melting into the kiss, Shen Yuan rubbed their lips together, stomach fluttering as intense pleasure sparked down his body.

His head swimming, Luo Binghe withdrew for a breath, voice deep and needy as he whispered, “A-Yuan, oh baby, you feel so good~”

“Binghe,” Shen Yuan whined, trembling when Luo Binghe's hands rubbed his back, digging inside the waistband of his jeans before cupping and kneading his firm ass.

They leaned in for another kiss, lips rubbing together in a heady, desperate dance. Pleasure turned Shen Yuan's mind to mush, his body floating in the air as the only thing keeping him grounded was Luo Binghe’s arms around him, and the hot, soft lips ravaging his mouth.

The Ferris Wheel came to a halt, startling the two lovers to break the kiss. Luo Binghe breathed heavily, rubbing his thumb over Shen Yuan's red and swollen lips, head spinning as he admired his handiwork. He leaned closer, peppering quick kisses to the corner of his cheek near his ear, smiling as he inhaled in his boyfriend's scent.

“A-Yuan…” his breath brushed against Shen Yuan’s ear when he asked, “Should we continue this somewhere else?”


Should they continue?

Papapa ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Go to a spooky ride to stop the horny

















They left the Ferris Wheel in a haste, hand in hand as they looked frantically around for the restrooms. Luo Binghe, with his sharp eyes, was the one to spot them first, and he yanked Shen Yuan with him in his rush to get in.

They had chosen a perfect time, as the restroom was mostly empty, apart from one man in khaki shorts who gave out the strongest dad vibes as he washed his hands by the sink. Waiting until he had left, Luo Binghe chose the stall in the corner near the entrance, squeezing in with Shen Yuan before fumbling to lock the door.

The second it clanked shut, he was on Shen Yuan, hands roaming up and down his body as he pressed their lips together, teeth clanking in his haste as he pushed his tongue in before Shen Yuan could as much as properly open his mouth to protest—not that he would’ve.

Blood rushed to Shen Yuan’s head, making him all light and dizzy as Luo Binghe’s skilled hands groped all the spots that made his knees weak. He moaned, sucking on the tongue in his mouth, drool slipping down his chin when Luo Binghe pulled away for a breath before diving right back in.

Shen Yuan fidgeted for Luo Binghe’s belt, struggling to yank it open, his mind filled with a deep, hot need to get his hands—and preferably his mouth—around the thick shaft. Luo Binghe groaned when the slender fingers finally palmed his already half-hard and dripping cock through the thin material of his black boxers.

He broke the kiss, glistening saliva connecting their lips as he stared at his boyfriend, pupils dilated and breath hitching in his throat. Shen Yuan gasped, Luo Binghe’s hands under his shirt finding his nipples, thumbs rubbing ever so lightly over the hardened nubs.

Diving down, Luo Binghe licked Shen Yuan’s neck, sucking and biting desperately as if his boyfriend was the most delicious meal and he, a starving man. Shen Yuan flushed when his hand brushed over a wet patch form on Luo Binghe’s underwear, his fingers trembling as he tugged at the waistband.

They had to pull back for Luo Binghe to kick them out of the way. Before he could resume what he had been doing, Shen Yuan had dropped to his knees, pressing his cheek on the base of the thick cock, locking his eyes with Luo Binghe as he pressed a light kiss on the twitching length.

The moan that tore its way from Luo Binghe’s throat made them both pause, listening for any sounds outside the cubicle. After making sure no one had come in while they had been in the throes of their pleasure, Shen Yuan wrapped his hand around Luo Binghe’s cock, giving it a tentative jerk.

Luo Binghe’s head fell backwards, hitting the door behind him with a thump. Shen Yuan chuckled, licking up and down the veiny shaft while squeezing it with both hands. Luo Binghe covered his mouth with the back of his hand, swallowing his moans as sparks of pleasure ran up his spine, his cock twitching in his boyfriend’s hands.

And then, Shen Yuan’s tongue circled the tip of that massive cock, making Luo Binghe whine and thrust his hips upwards. Encouraged, Shen Yuan tightened his hold, jerking harder while concentrating on running his tongue over the slit, slurping on the steady flow of precum, rubbing it on his hands to ease his job.

“Ah—A-Yuan,” Luo Binghe whimpered, eyes screwed shut and breath staggered as his boyfriend kept teasing his manhood. “I-I’m gonna—I’m so close—”

“Hgnhn,” Shen Yuan flushed, letting go for a moment. The cock twitched and leaked as Luo Binghe whined harder, thrusting up into the cold air, desperately seeking the lost friction. Pushing his hair behind his ears, Shen Yuan fixed his glasses on his nose before taking the massive length back in his hand, lowering himself down so that his lips ghosted over the sensitive tip.

The hot breath over his most sensitive organ nearly made Luo Binghe’s vision blank, but before he could much as open his mouth, Shen Yuan’s lips wrapped around the length, his glistening eyes fixed on Luo Binghe as he slowly, yet firmly, sank down on the cock.

Luo Binghe bit his lip, hand gripping over his mouth so hard his knuckles turned white. His chest heaved, rising and falling rapidly while Shen Yuan moaned around the cock. He wheezed when teeth scraped lightly over the sensitive skin, and Shen Yuan paused, breathing through his nose, his tongue circling over the thick veins.

He made it halfway through when the tip hit the back of his throat, jaw aching as he fought against his gag reflex. Tears spilled out of his eyes, and he squeezed the base of the cock slowly pumping up and down before he started working his mouth on the length. 

Luo Binghe whimpered, the heat in his lower abdomen burning in the best way. Every time Shen Yuan went down, he sank deeper into the velvety heat. Moaning wantonly, Shen Yuan made a show as he sucked on the cock, drool slipping down his chin when he pushed the cockhead deep inside his throat, his teary eyes on Luo Binghe as he clenched his throat, swallowing.

“Aah, A-Yuan, I’m—”

Luo Binghe’s words slurred, and he grasped his hands into Shen Yuan’s hair, slamming his hips into his boyfriend’s mouth. Shen Yuan made a muffled noise of shock as his glasses went askew, and worked hard to relax his throat to not gag on the massive shaft while Luo Binghe rutted into his mouth.

Not long after, Luo Binghe pressed Shen Yuan’s face onto his crotch, his nose brushing the hair at the base of the cock. His hips spasmed as thick spurts of cum flooded Shen Yuan’s throat, so deep he didn’t even taste any of it. Luo Binghe breathed heavily, blinking as his eyes fell on the stream of tears falling openly down Shen Yuan’s eyes.

With a yelp, he pulled back, his still hard cock slapping Shen Yuan’s face, smearing cum and saliva on his glasses and down his cheeks. Whimpering, he pulled his boyfriend up, wiping his tears with his thumbs as he whispered, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to, you, it—it felt so good and I lost—”

“Issokay,” Shen Yuan rasped, blushing when he realised how dry his throat had gone from the act. “I was—it was good.”

Luo Binghe wasn’t convinced but didn’t get to ask more questions when someone banged hard on the stall door. Both men froze, Luo Binghe with his dick hanging out and Shen Yuan with cum stains all over his face, staring at each other as a loud yelling echoed in the bathroom.

“Open the door, this is the security guard!” a man’s voice commanded them, and all colour drained from Shen Yuan’s face. His mouth fell open, the sinking feeling in his stomach unlike any embarrassment he’d ever had to face in his life.

Luo Binghe stumbled as he stuffed his (to Shen Yuan’s eternal mortification, very much still hard) cock in his pants, fingers shaking as he pulled the zipper up. Wiping his glasses furiously to the hem of his shirt, Shen Yuan wished the ground would swallow him.

“Well, when you think of it, the date was quite unique, wasn’t it?”

“Binghe, no,” Shen Yuan whimpered, burying his face onto the pillows, groaning at the embarrassment of having been escorted out of the bathroom and the amusement park by two sturdy security guards. 

Scooping his boyfriend into his arms, Luo Binghe pressed his nose on the back of Shen Yuan’s neck, inhaling the soapy scent. “Well, at least we aren’t banned from every park of the chain, right? So, maybe we could redo this date some other day, in another amusement park…”

Shen Yuan shook his head, unable to shake the uneasiness from his bones. “Not anytime soon, I think I’m plenty traumatised enough to avoid funfairs for life.”

Laughing, Luo Binghe kissed Shen Yuan’s neck, pulling him tighter into his arms. Although the date hadn’t exactly ended in the optimal circumstances, at least the two had had fun. And well, they also had a story to tell, once they got over the initial embarrassment.


The End!

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“I know where we should go,” Shen Yuan grinned, stepping out of the cabin with Luo Binghe in tow. They were both flushed, lips swollen and satisfied smiles on their faces as they walked down the pavement.

But when he saw the ride where Shen Yuan stopped at, Luo Binghe groaned, the smile turning into a pout as he turned towards his boyfriend.

“Really?” he whined, showing Shen Yuan his most pleading puppy eyes. But Shen Yuan only snickered, pushing him into the queue without an ounce of compassion on his face.

“You’ve watched scary movies with me, you can’t use the excuse that you’re scared~”

“It isn’t an excuse if it’s the truth,” Luo Binghe muttered dejectedly, “Besides, movies are a different thing…”

Shen Yuan smirked, tilting his head as he cocked an eyebrow. “So, you’re saying you’re scared?”

Gasping, Luo Binghe shook his head, “Am not!”

Laughing brightly, Shen Yuan showed his wristband at the worker before stepping into the cart, offering his hand for his boyfriend. “Then what’s the fuss all about? Aren’t you going to protect me from the evil spirits inside this ride, huh?”

Defeated, Luo Binghe sat next to him, clicking on the safety belt with a sigh. “A-Yuan is being too cruel…”

When the ride started and they slid into darkness, Luo Binghe’s lips twitched when Shen Yuan pressed a quick kiss on his cheek. Before he could say some smart remark, his face heated up as Shen Yuan whispered into his ear, “It’s okay, I will make sure to treat you later if this is too terrible.”

Grinning, Luo Binghe almost didn’t even notice when the first dollar-store skeleton dropped from the ceiling in front of them, hovering by a thread just above their heads. Biting back a snort, he pretended to be spooked as the tacky, supposedly ominous music blasted through the speakers. 

All the sound effects were delayed and raspy, the overall “scary” atmosphere a tad less than just plain artificial. The darkness and the loud, sudden noises and flashes were so pathetic it made Luo Binghe want to laugh.

He twisted his face into a pained pout when what was supposed to be a witch popped up in front of them, wiring poking through its crooked head. Luo Binghe morphed his chuckle into a squeal and pressed his head in the crook of Shen Yuan’s neck. Faking a whimper, he smiled as Shen Yuan's soft hands patted his back, comforting him.

The ride lasted less than two minutes but felt like an hour. By the time they stepped out, Luo Binghe sighed with relief, while Shen Yuan burst into loud laughter, grasping his stomach as he let all the giggles out.

“That, that was so lame!” he wheezed, wiping off tears from his eyes. “Did you see the freakin vampire or whatever it was, I swear there was something seriously wrong with the way it moved! Geez, I wonder how often they check these rides, that must be some kind of a safety hazard…”

“It was so scary~” Luo Binghe smirked, unable to keep the smile from his face as he wrapped his arms around Shen Yuan, slowly spinning him around in the air. “How is A-Yuan going to treat me now? My poor heart is wounded!”

Shen Yuan chuckled, turning around to find something to offer for his boyfriend. When he found no interesting booth or ride nearby, he tilted his head at Luo Binghe, stating, “Well, it would be too boring if I got to decide, right? So why don’t you tell me how you want to be compensated?”

They ended up strolling around, looking for a suitable place for Luo Binghe to ‘soothe his aching soul’. They chattered about until they reached an opening of sorts, filled with different stalls of food and snacks.

“A-Yuan!” Luo Binghe gasped, gripping onto Shen Yuan’s sleeve, eyes wide as he pointed towards a stall a few meters away from them. “They have cotton candy!” 

Shen Yuan grinned, lifting an eyebrow at his boyfriend. “I didn’t know you liked sweet things? Isn’t that just basically plain sugar?”

Shaking his head, Luo Binghe blushed, eyeing the couple in front of the stall, one holding a pink cotton candy while the other took a bite. “But I want one… And doesn’t A-Yuan like sweets?”

“Sweets yeah, but just plain sugar? Not that much to be honest.”

Luo Binghe had his mind set on the romantic scene, and so he pulled his boyfriend to the stall, explaining with a feigned serious tone, “You took me to the very scary ghost train, so now we’re having some cotton candy as compensation~”

Laughing brightly, Shen Yuan couldn’t make himself refute the ridiculous reasoning. And so, they soon walked down the pavement with a huge, green ball of cotton candy in Luo Binghe’s hands.

“So, we should probably stop and sit down somewhere to, uh, enjoy the monstrosity?”

Luo Binghe nodded and led his boyfriend to a stone paving near a bridge crossing a river. After they’d sat down, he offered the candy to Shen Yuan, his cheeks pink when he rushed him, “Here, have a taste!”

Shen Yuan pinched on the green cloud, detaching a chunk before bringing it to his lips, humming with satisfaction as it melted on his tongue. “Good! Tastes like sour pear, although  in the chart it said it would be sweet apple…”

Luo Binghe pouted. “You were supposed to bite straight into it!”

“I was?” Shen Yuan shook his head, eyeing the cotton candy. “But if I do that, it’ll melt and get all over my face, don’t you know it’s a pain to wash it off? I swear if it gets on my glasses I’ll kill someone.”

“But, but it is nice,” Luo Binghe mumbled, pushing the stick to Shen Yuan’s hands. “Look, I’ll show you!”

Opening his mouth wide, he locked their eyes together, the blush on his cheeks growing more intense as he took the candy in his mouth, wrapping his pink lips around it, sucking in. Shen Yuan’s breath caught in his throat, and his hand holding the candy shook. Luo Binghe hummed, pulling back with almost one-quarter of the entire candy hanging from his mouth.

Yelping, he brought his hands up, trying to save the cloud from falling to the ground as the sugar started melting on his chin, sticking around his mouth as if he had a green beard. Shen Yuan bit his lips, trying not to laugh while Luo Binghe struggled with the candy, some falling on his shirt as he whined, licking frantically to get it off his face.

His fingers sticky, he pouted at Shen Yuan, feeling betrayed by the couple near the stall who had made it look so easy and romantic. He was about to toss the candy into the trash bin when something poked at the corner of his mouth.

Turning to Shen Yaun, his eyes widened when he realised he had taken a piece of the candy, offering it to him. Smiling, Shen Yuan explained, “You see, you’re already so sticky, so I figured why not just feed the rest to each other, okay?”

“A-Yuan!” Luo Binghe’s heart burst in his chest, and he took the entire piece of cotton candy into his mouth, moaning as he licked Shen Yuan’s fingers. He grinned as he took a piece himself, pressing it on Shen Yuan’s lips.

“Open up,” he whispered, blushing when Shen Yuan sucked the candy from his hand.

Too soon, they had finished the entire thing. Luo Binghe sighed as he tossed the empty stick to the trashcan nearby, but grimaced when his fingers stuck together. “It’s so sticky!”

“Maybe we should go somewhere different next, okay?” Shen Yuan chuckled, taking Luo Binghe to a restroom to wash his face. “So the question is, where do you want to go?”


Where to next?

Water ride

















“What water rides do they have here?”

Shen Yuan scratched his chin, reaching for the map of the park in Luo Binghe’s pocket. He scanned through it quickly before answering, “It seems there’s at least four, two of them which are pretty close to us. What does ‘Magical Stream’ sound like?”

“Something lewd,” Luo Binghe chuckled, his grin turning wider when Shen Yuan smacked his arm lightly. He peeked over his boyfriend’s shoulder, reading the ride descriptions on the side. “But it’s probably a calm ride, it says here its intensity is only two and a half. Doesn't sound too bad, maybe we should go to that?”

“Hmph,” Shen Yuan pulled the map closer to his face, fixing his glasses on his nose as he squinted at the different rides. “There’s also a ‘Log River’, it’s marked as four? Like, how intense even is that?! The highest rating is five, and those are all rollercoasters!”

Luo Binghe pulled his boyfriend into his arms, embracing him tight as he said, “Anything that is good for A-Yuan is good for me.”

“Well, we could go to the Magical Stream thing first, and if it sucks, try the other?”

Luo Binghe nodded, and they walked down the path towards the start of the ride. They passed many groups of families and screaming children, some holding ice creams in their hands. Shen Yuan’s breath hitched when he spotted the huge cone figure to their left, and he tugged Luo Binghe’s shirt, pointing at the booth.

“I want ice cream!”

Luo Binghe perked, chuckling as he pushed the map he was still holding into Shen Yuan’s hand, fishing his phone out of his pocket. “Wait here, I’ll go buy us some~”

“I want a vanilla soft ice!” Shen Yuan shouted after Luo Binghe, who sped towards the stall in quick strides. He chuckled when he received a wave as a response, and sat down on a nearby bench to wait. The sun scorched his neck, and he fanned himself with the map, eyes fixed on his boyfriend’s back as he paid for the ice creams with his phone.

Soon enough, he turned around, holding one large vanilla swirl and a liquorice cone in his hands. He walked over, offering Shen Yuan his before pulling him up from the bench. Hand in hand, they inched their way down the pavement in silence, licking their ice creams happily.

“Why’d you choose liquorice?” Shen Yuan asked after he was halfway through his soft ice. “Isn’t it disgusting?”

Luo Binghe laughed, catching a melting piece of black ice cream with his tongue, eyes on Shen Yuan as he answered, “It’s surprisingly sweet! And I like trying different flavours when I can. At best, I get inspiration for recipes, and at worst, I find another taste to avoid.”

“Ah, that’s a pretty decent reason… But please don’t start making liquorice desserts for me, I’m begging you!”

They were mostly done eating by the time they entered the queue for the ride. Shen Yuan grimaced when he wiped his sticky fingers into a napkin, looking for a restroom. Luo Binghe offered to hold their spot while he went to wash his hands. When he came back, the line had shortened by half.

“Ah, it’s so hot in here!” Shen Yuan moaned. They were standing under direct sun, the clouds momentarily all dispersed. “The water ride was a good decision, I can’t wait to be hit by a cold spray!”

Luo Binghe chuckled, pressing his nose on Shen Yuan’s hair. “Do you need to drink some water? We should have some in the backpack.”

They didn’t get to take the bottle out, however, as they reached the end of the queue just then. After showing their bracelets to the worker, they stepped inside a rotating platform, stumbling forward until they reached a circular boat floating in the stream in front of them. Shen Yuan grasped onto Luo Binghe’s arm when he nearly slipped on the stairs and was half carried to the seat.

The splashing of the water drowned out all other noise, and they stared silently ahead when the boat floated down the stream, pushed on by the moving platform. As they went through a few falls, the boat gained more speed, sloshing happily down the stream.

“Ooh, we're so gonna get soaked!” Shen Yuan laughed. They were nearing a waterfall resting on the side of the river, splashing the water joyously around. Luo Binghe shielded his eyes with his palms, squinting as the spray tickled his face.

The boat bumped into the edge, and they were sent right to the middle of the waterfall. Shen Yuan squeaked when he was splashed by the freezing water, trying to shield himself in Luo Binghe’s arms. But the waterfall was merciless, and he ended up soaking through from head to toes.

Gasping, he shook his head, water dripping everywhere from his hair. “Holy hell, if this is rated two and a half, I don’t know if I want to try the log thing!”

Luo Binghe laughed as he pulled his shivering boyfriend into his arms, warming him up by rubbing his hands up and down his arms. But Shen Yuan grimaced, the dampness of their clothes brushing together making his skin prickle.

“I didn't think we'd get this soaked so soon,” he complained but smiled when Luo Binghe pressed feathery kisses on his forehead.

“This boyfriend will warm you up,” he murmured, kissing a trail of water dripping down Shen Yuan’s cheek. It tasted salty on his tongue, igniting a heat inside him as he pictured himself licking every bit of his boyfriend clean. Reluctantly, he pulled back with a sigh, stopping before he would devour his boyfriend entirely. Instead, he focused on the stream, and the way Shen Yuan’s entire being relaxed in his arms.

But the river didn’t stay still for long, and soon enough they bumped about, bouncing from one edge to the other. Shen Yuan wrapped tightly to Luo Binghe's arms, laughing when they were sent spiralling down a series of waterfalls.

When the river eventually calmed down, Shen Yuan let out a relieved sigh, turning around in Luo Binghe's lap. He wrapped his arms around his boyfriend’s neck, pressing their cold, wet noses together. “At least this ride is good at cooling me down.”

He moved his glasses a little to rub his eyes, before blinking at Luo Binghe, who was smiling softly at him, one hand on Shen Yuan's waist while the other brushed his wet locks behind his ear.

“A-Yuan is so beautiful,” Luo Binghe whispered, voice thick with affection. Shen Yuan flushed, burying his head on his boyfriend's neck, murmuring something that was drowned by the sloshing of the water. 

Sun shined bright upon them, and Shen Yuan slowly stopped shivering when the warm rays dried him up. The water sparkled and splashed happily as the boat twirled leisurely down the stream, the trees around the riverbed swaying gently in the light breeze.

“You know what? I think we should go back to the hotel after this,” Shen Yuan mumbled. “I want to take a long, hot bath and eat something greasy later, and maybe we could watch something too? A movie, maybe?”

Luo Binghe kissed the side of Shen Yuan's nose, smiling against his damp skin. “That sounds great… Only if I get to join in the bath~”

Shen Yuan opened his mouth to make a witty retort, but right then, the river dipped and they were engulfed by darkness. 

He gasped, tensing in Luo Binghe's arms for a second. They had entered some sort of a cave or a tunnel, the dripping water echoing through the walls as the boat floated ahead. Luo Binghe pressed Shen Yuan tighter against his firm chest, rubbing his back in comforting circles.

“I didn't know they had a tunnel here,” he said right when soft music started playing through the speakers on the walls, accompanied by the chirp of birds. Shen Yuan chuckled, cursing his poor eyesight a little as he squinted at the dim light in the distance.

“Ahaha, that was so sudden!” he shook his head, freezing when he heard a whooshing noise growing steadily stronger as the boat inched down the river. “But wait, is that—is there another waterfall coming up?”

They stilled, focusing on the sound, the splashing and spattering unmistakable. Groaning, Shen Yuan curled himself into a ball in Luo Binghe's lap, pulling his hands above his head as the light from the mouth of the cave grew bigger and bigger. 

The water hit them straight on, just as cold as the first time. Luo Binghe gasped, shielding Shen Yuan from most of the water by hugging him tight. They blinked at each other, lips purple, both wet and shivering.

Shen Yuan took his glasses off, wiping them with his shirt as chuckles tore through his body. With a grin, he said, “Well, at least we won’t be getting a heatstroke anytime soon…”

Laughing, Luo Binghe shook his head, ruffling his hair to shake most of the water off. Luckily, the ride entered an escalator that lifted the boat back to the starting point. They left through the same rotating floor from which they’d come from, a great deal wetter than when they entered.

“That was so fun!” Shen Yuan laughed and pushed his glasses back on his nose, casting Luo Binghe a dazzling smile. “Thank you so much for taking me here! But well, I think I need that long and hot bath now.”

“You don't need to thank me,” Luo Binghe answered with a laugh, pecking Shen Yuan's forehead before admitting, “But yeah, a bath sounds really good right now.”

Hand in hand, they walked out of the park, grinning at each other while leaving wet spots on the pavement on their way.


The End!

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“I'm a bit hungry, actually,” Luo Binghe admitted, scratching his chin. Shen Yuan laughed, patting his boyfriend's stomach.

“Haha, I swear I heard your stomach growl just now!”

He wrapped his arms around the muscular waist, ignoring Luo Binghe's protests (“My stomach didn't growl, A-Yuan! It was the wind!”) while thinking out loud, “What options do we have? I'm in a mood for some good meat, maybe fish…”

Luo Binghe pouted, but pulled the area map out of his pocket, a pinkish tint colouring his cheeks as he cleared his throat, “I checked the restaurants in the park beforehand, and I think the best one is ‘The Pearl’, at the top of the observation tower.”

“Ooh, it's a fancy one, isn't it?” Shen Yuan smirked, leaning in closer to peek at the map. “It's on the other side of the park though…”

“We can take the sightseeing train that travels through the park,” Luo Binghe pointed at the trails zigzagging above them around the trees, avoiding the tallest rides and rollercoasters while circling the whole park. Shen Yuan beamed, nodding as his eyes fell on one entrance point to the train just around the corner. 

After getting seated, he sighed happily, leaning into Luo Binghe as the train inched slowly towards the tower. They gazed at the park, pointing towards the groups of people and the colourful rides and sights.

“Ah look, it's the carousel!” Shen Yuan grinned at the classic ride, eyes crinkling. “I used to love that so much as a child… But now that I think about it, it’s pretty lame, isn’t it?”

Luo Binghe smiled, “Maybe we’ll try it after eating?”

The train stopped right by the foot of the tower. Luo Binghe held Shen Yuan’s hand as they stepped inside, entering an elevator with four other people. Luo Binghe enjoyed the perfect opportunity to cuddle his boyfriend and embraced him in his arms even though there was enough space for both of them to stand comfortably.

Shen Yuan didn't protest, leaning into the embrace with a smile, ignoring the coughs and uneasy glances thrown their way. Soon enough, they made it to the restaurant, happy to leave most of the people who continued their way up to the observation deck.

After they were seated and handed the menus, Shen Yuan fixed his glasses on his nose, squinting at the numerous dishes.

“I want you to surprise me, Binghe,” he said after a moment, placing his menu down with a smirk. “Order me something exciting!”

Luo Binghe’s eyebrows shot up, and he chuckled, “Okay, I will pick you something. And if you don’t like it, you can eat my food. I think I'll have the coconut shrimp bowl myself.”

The waiter came and Luo Binghe whispered his order in his ear, grinning at Shen Yuan after he was gone. They chatted a bit before they were served some white wine. 

“I asked for something to go with our food,” Luo Binghe said, sniffing the wine before taking a sip. He smacked his lips together in satisfaction, smiling as he nodded. “It's fruity and very rich. You should have a taste too.”

They talked about everything and nothing, sipping on the wine while they waited for their dishes. There was a warm buzz in Shen Yuan’s heart, spreading from his chest and all over his body. His eyes sparkled as he gazed at Luo Binghe, who was in the middle of explaining how different wines were paired with different meat.

The waiter cut him off and placed the shrimp bowl in front of him. Luo Binghe thanked them, and Shen Yuan’s eyes widened when a plate with a beautifully arranged salad was put in front of him. The waiter bowed and left, and Luo Binghe stared expectantly at Shen Yuan, eager for his reaction.

“Ooh, it looks fancy!” Shen Yuan cooed, turning his plate around as he inspected the dish. There was some kind of meat with avocado and salad piled together in a spiralling swirl, lying on top of a creamy sauce on the bottom.

With glistening eyes, Shen Yuan asked excitedly, “What is it?”

“It’s Dungeness Crab,” Luo Binghe explained, a soft flush on his cheeks. “It is a crab salad with a white wine mustard sauce. It sounded exciting enough to try, so I hope it's good!”

Smiling, Shen Yuan took his fork, cutting a piece of the crab in it and dipping it on the sauce before bringing it to his lips. As the flavours burst in his mouth, he moaned, closing his eyes as he savoured the meat melting on his tongue.

“It’s so good! It’s like, crisp but tender, with a good kick…”

“I'm glad it's edible,” Luo Binghe beamed, taking a bite of his shrimp. “I was pondering on either this crab one or some dish with cod, but I’m glad I picked this. If it’s good enough, maybe I could try cooking it for you some time?”

Shen Yuan agreed, smacking his lips together before taking another mouthful. They ate in silence, savouring their meals. After he was nearly done with his dish, Shen Yun leaned back in his chair, holding his glass of wine as he gazed out of the window.

“Thank you, Binghe,” he said, eyes falling on the sun inching towards the horizon. His boyfriend startled, wiping his mouth with a napkin while casting Shen Yuan a puzzled look.

“Thank me for what?”

“For today,” Shen Yuan explained, sipping his wine, his entire being relaxed as the food coma seeped in. “I’ve enjoyed myself a great deal today. You know what, we should really go out like this more often…”

Nodding, Luo Binghe was quick to agree. “I think so too! I wish to spend more days with just the two of us like this.”

Shen Yuan laughed, the corners of his eyes crinkling as he gazed at his boyfriend. His heart warm, he thought he was the luckiest man alive, having such a wonderful person in his life.


The End!

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“How about a rollercoaster?” Luo Binghe asked hesitantly, pulling back from Shen Yuan's arms. His flushed face and wide, sparkling eyes tugged at Shen Yuan's heart, turning it all warm and fuzzy.

“Oh, I thought you didn't like the speed and all the tossing and turning?” he smiled, rubbing Luo Binghe's waist with his thumbs. “We can go somewhere else too if you're not ready for that one, you know that, right? I want us to go somewhere you want to go.”

Luo Binghe nodded, rubbing the back of his neck bashfully. “I know, but I really want to try the rollercoaster… A-Yuan said he likes them, and it’s been a while since I’ve been to one. Maybe I remember it wrong, and will like it?”

Shen Yuan gripped Luo Binghe's hand tightly, face filled with joy as he hopped ahead. Luo Binghe smiled back, letting himself be dragged down the path and into the line of the biggest rollercoaster in the park. 

The speakers in the queue blasted some upbeat pop music, and Shen Yuan hummed along with the song he recognised while fidgeting in his place. Luo Binghe stared at him with fond eyes, amused by the excitement radiating from him.

They managed to get seated in the back row, Shen Yuan excitedly blabbering about how the ride felt the most intense in the back while Luo Binghe chuckled, happy to just listen to his boyfriend speak.

“Please lean into the headrests, the guardrails are about to be lowered.”

Luo Binghe pressed his head on the soft cushion while the guardrails clicked in place. When the workers made their rounds checking up their safety-belts, he took deep breaths, trying to ignore the feeling of being trapped and about to be sent to his death.

As the cart slowly rose higher and higher, he held his breath, squeezing the handles as tight as he could. Shen Yuan breathed a laugh next to him, still going on about the construction of the first rollercoaster in the region, and how exactly this particular one had been built. Luo Binghe kept still, his heart palpitating wildly in his chest when the cart reached the highest part, slowing down for a split second before speeding down the track. 

The scream that tore its way from his throat was far from excited. He screwed his eyes shut, ears ringing as wind brushed past him. The rollercoaster twisted and turned, speeding through the track so fast it made his head swim. 

Shen Yuan whooed, laughing bright and clear as his stomach lurched along the ups and downs, adrenaline flooding his veins while the rollercoaster sped on. 

When they finally stepped out of the cart some two agonizing minutes later, Luo Binghe's knees wobbled and he leaned against Shen Yuan, holding his chest as they walked out to the pavement. Shen Yuan was all smiles, face flushed and hair all over the place, his steps light as he skipped ahead.

“That was so amazing!” he wheezed, clasping his hands together. “I swear when it reached the high point I was sure I was going to die!”

Luo Binghe nodded slowly, taking a deep breath. “I—I felt the same…”

“Ah, we so need to try a wooden rollercoaster too, like the one I mentioned—”

It was only now when Shen Yuan turned and took a good look at his boyfriend that he noticed his sickly pale complexion. Luo Binghe's face had a greenish tint to it, twisted into a pained frown as he held his stomach, leaning pitifully into Shen Yuan's shoulder. 

“Binghe?” Shen Yuan brushed Luo Binghe's face gently, a concerned frown on his face. “Are you alright?”

Luo Binghe nodded, but soon shook his head. Shen Yuan's frown deepened, and he led them to a nearby bench, hidden from the buzzing crowd behind a maple tree.

“Do you feel dizzy? Nauseated?”

Luo Binghe shook his head, closing his eyes as Shen Yuan pressed his hand on his forehead.

“You're sweating…” he whispered, rustling his backpack in search of a water bottle, handing it to Luo Binghe after unscrewing the cap. “It seems you still don't love rollercoasters.”

“I was sure it'd go better this time,” Luo Binghe pouted, his lips glistening as he put the water bottle down. “Last time I went I was mostly fine…”

Shen Yuan chuckled, tugging Luo Binghe's curls behind his ear before pressing a kiss on his cheek. “Maybe you've grown up to be more of a scaredy cat.”

Luo Binghe tried to take another mouthful of water, when a violent wave of nausea washed over him. Standing from the bench, he turned to the bush behind them, toppling over before loudly emptying his stomach to the ground. 

Shen Yuan yelped, rushing over to pat his back. Luo Binghe's body shook, and he whined, tears gathering to his eyes as he fought back another painful contraction in his stomach.

“How is it, can you move? Do you want water?” Shen Yuan asked, glaring at the loudly giggling group of girls passing by. He rubbed comforting circles at Luo Binghe's back when he shook his head, waiting until he was steady enough before turning him around. 

“I've ruined my shirt,” Luo Binghe croaked, his face twisted into a disgusted grimace. “Ew, there's some on my shoes too…”

“It's okay,” Shen Yuan, grabbed his hand, offering him a napkin to wipe his chin with. “We can go back to the hotel to change your clothes, and we can always buy new shoes. But are you feeling any better? Still nauseous?”

Luo Binghe shook his head, tears in his eyes as he patted the napkin over his mouth. “I'm fine, I think… Let's just go to the hotel.”

While Luo Binghe was in shower Shen Yuan sat at the edge of the bed, flipping through Weibo while lost in thought. He clicked on his friends' moments, snickering when he saw that airplane had spilled noodles on his new laptop.

“What are you laughing at?”

Luo Binghe's presence startled Shen Yuan, and he snapped his head up, placing his phone down as he took in his fresh-out-of-shower boyfriend. 

“Just social media,” he leaned in for a quick kiss, a soft smile on his face as he looked Luo Binghe up and down. “You’re okay now?”

With a nod, Luo Binghe sat down on the bed. He leaned into Shen Yuan’s shoulder, making him yelp when he dribbled water all over his shoulder, nibbling on the soft skin of his neck.

“You’re really just like a dog,” Shen Yuan laughed, swatting him off before rubbing the spot where he’d been bitten. “Getting me all wet!”

Pouting, Luo Binghe complained, “Not a dog, I’m a good boyfriend…”

Shen Yuan's giggles increased, and he shook his head with amusement. “Sure! A good boyfriend who deserves a treat~”

When Luo Binghe opened his mouth, Shen Yuan quickly pressed their lips together. After letting out a surprised gasp, Luo Binghe was quick to deepen the kiss, rubbing his thumbs on Shen Yuan’s waist. They moaned into the kiss, biting and sucking on each other's lips and only pulling back when they were both flushed and out of breath.

Licking his lips, Shen Yuan's hands travelled up and down Luo Binghe's chest, thumbs rubbing on the warm skin peeking out of the bathrobe. Climbing on his lap, he pressed a kiss on the tip of Luo Binghe's nose. His boyfriend breathed sharply, eyelashes fluttering when Shen Yuan moved lower, peppering small kisses on his cheeks and down to the corner of his lips.

For a moment, they were breathing the same air, eyes fixed together. Shen Yuan's heart beat fast, and his hand resting on Luo Binghe's chest told him his boyfriend was in no lesser state.


Shen Yuan swallowed, heat pooling in his stomach when Luo Binghe's thumb brushed over his lower lip. “Does A-Yuan want to… Would you like to go on?”


What should they do next?

Papapa ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Go to an aquarium to calm down

















“I—I'll take a quick shower first,” Shen Yuan whispered, cheeks heating as he pushed Binghe down on the bed. “You can, uhm, you can relax meanwhile—I'll try to be quick!”

Luo Binghe blinked as his boyfriend turned towards the showers, only to stop and turn back, leaning in to press their lips together. Luo Binghe moaned into the surprise kiss, his hands falling on Shen Yuan's back as his tongue slipped inside.

Too soon, Shen Yuan broke the kiss, face beet red as he ran to the bathroom, this time slamming the door shut behind him. With a chuckle, Luo Binghe brought his fingers to his tingling lips, warmth spreading in his chest as he thought of how utterly in love he was.

Plopping on the bed, he took a deep breath. His stomach was still a bit uneasy, but he was able to push it aside when he thought of Shen Yuan, and how grateful he was to have him. He had been nothing but an embarrassment the entire day, but somehow Shen Yuan wasn’t affected by it in the slightest and continued being his beautiful, supportive self.

While Shen Yuan took his sweet time in the bathroom, Luo Binghe rummaged through the hotel room’s drawers for a hairdryer, and blow-dried his curly hair, humming to a random tune. When he was done, he rubbed lotion on his body, wondering what was taking his boyfriend so long.


Luo Binghe lifted his head towards the bathroom, and nearly spasmed right then and there. Shen Yuan was leaning against the doorframe, a see-through robe draped loosely around his slim body, sliding down his shoulder to expose a sliver of pale skin. But what made Luo Binghe’s mouth run dry was the green lace underwear and white stockings peeking through the sheer fabric.

Shen Yuan had left his glasses in the bathroom, and he squinted slightly as he tilted his head, hair framing his coy face as he blushed in the dim light. Luo Binghe swallowed, his eyes dropping onto the darkened nubs just barely visible through the mesh top. His muscles tightened, breath heavy as heat pooled in his lower abdomen, his cock twitching inside his bathrobe.

“A-Yuan,” he swallowed, moving to stand up from the bed. But Shen Yuan shook his head, walking towards him in long, slow steps, hips swaying as he moved. He untied the loose knot on his waist, letting the sheer robe fall to the floor when he stopped in front of his boyfriend, fingers brushing over his legs poking out of the white bathrobe.

“Binghe,” he whispered, leaning close enough for Luo Binghe to smell the sweet scent wafting off his body. Luo Binghe looked up at him, breath hitching as he took in the warmth radiating from Shen Yuan’s hands.

Cupping Luo Binghe's face, Shen Yuan brushed his curls out of his face as he inspected his complexion, fingers ghosting over his skin. Luo Binghe's chest rose and fell rapidly, eyes dilated as Shen Yuan inched closer, climbing into his lap. The stockings brushed onto his skin, the material soft to touch. Luo Binghe’s hands rubbed over the thin material, and he gulped when he pictured Shen Yuan lying on the bed, wearing only the stockings.

“I want to make you feel good,” Shen Yuan said, fingers tracing along his cheekbones before he pressed his lips on his cheek. Luo Binghe shivered, blinking as he brought his hands up, twitching the hem of the mesh top between his fingers.

Breath hitching in his throat, he leaned into Shen Yuan’s lips. His voice trembled when he whispered, “You already do, baby, you make me feel so good…”

Shen Yuan shifted, his soft lips brushing just above Luo Binghe's eyelids, making him whimper as he let more of his weight fall on his lap, thighs wrapping around his. Shen Yuan’s hands tugged at the hem of Luo Binghe’s robes, gliding up before pulling the whole thing apart.

Luo Binghe shivered as cold air hit his skin, the white robe pooling down on the bed when Shen Yuan leaned closer, pressing their lips together. With a moan, Luo Binghe placed his hands on Shen Yuan's waist, the lingerie wrinkling under his fingers. Shen Yuan whined into the kiss, and pressed onto Luo Binghe’s shoulders, making him slow down as his tongue explored his mouth.

He kept the kiss light and slow, pulling back whenever Luo Binghe tried to deepen it. But the softness only fueled Luo Binghe’s heat, making it nearly impossible to stop himself from flipping them over and rutting into his boyfriend. Shivers ran up and down his spine, and he moaned as the sensations turned his muscles into mush.

He knew better than to give in to his instincts when Shen Yuan's trembling hands smoothed their way down his shoulders to his chest. It was clear that his boyfriend wanted to be the one to make love to him this time, and Luo Binghe was excited to let him take the lead.

Shen Yuan's hands squeezed on his breasts, and he moaned into Luo Binghe's ear when his hands pressed into the soft, sizable muscles. Kneading them with care, he pulled back, admiring the flushed and debauched state of his boyfriend. 

It never failed to amaze him, just how little he had to do to turn Luo Binghe into a sputtering mess. It was as if he got a first-place prize just for showing up, the slightest of touches from him having more power than anything he’d ever imagined. But tonight, Shen Yuan was ready to utilise that power to its full extent.

Keeping his hands on Luo Binghe’s chest, he leaned back, shamelessly ogling the naked body in all its glory in front of him. Licking his lips, he brushed his thumbs over Luo Binghe’s hardened nipples, enjoying the moans spilling non-stop out of his mouth.

Unable to resist anymore, Shen Yuan pressed their lips together into a heated kiss, pushing Luo Binghe down onto the bed. Luo Binghe shivered when his head hit the mattress, and he grasped tight onto Shen Yuan's hair when he deepened the kiss, reveling in the sparkling sensations erupting all over his body.

Shen Yuan broke the kiss, breathing heavily as he sat up, keeping Luo Binghe in a lying position with a press of his hands. Smirking, he looked down at his boyfriend, shifting into a better position on his lap. The movement made his butt flush straight against Luo Binghe's twitching length that had been leaking pre-cum onto his stomach for a while now, abandoned and crying for attention.

Shen Yuan lifted his hips, pushing back until he was sitting against the pulsating cock, grinding his hips down on it. Luo Binghe gasped, head falling back as stars filled his vision, the friction of the lacy underwear and the plump muscles of his boyfriend's ass on his sensitive skin nearly having him ascend to godhood right then and there. 

Moaning, Shen Yuan pressed down, his hands groping Luo Binghe's chest, pinching and twisting the swollen nipples. Pushing his underwear aside, Shen Yuan freed his own erection, giving it a stroke while his other hand circled his nipple through the lacy top. 

Luo Binghe stammered, hands rising up Shen Yuan's thighs, kneading his ass before digging lower. Shen Yuan stopped, swatting the wandering hands away with a tut before grabbing Luo Binghe's wrists. 

“No touching,” he smiled, pushing Luo Binghe's arms above his head, pressing them on the pillows as he kissed his boyfriend. “Let me take care of you.”

Holding Luo Binghe down with one hand, Shen Yuan brought his fingers behind him, grabbing Luo Binghe's cock and giving it a firm tug. His boyfriend moaned, chest heaving when Shen Yuan pressed the member against his ass, pushing back on it, moans spilling out of his mouth in a steady stream. 

Pressing the length onto his hole, he spread his legs wider to accommodate the thick cock better inside. Luo Binghe blushed, licking his lips before whispering, “Aren't you—aren't you gonna prepare—prepare yourself?”

It was Shen Yuan's turn to blush. He guided the tip of Luo Binghe's cock inside, pressing down on it before he locked their eyes together, voice shaking as he breathed, “I already did… In the shower…”

Luo Binghe spasmed, eyes rolling in his head when Shen Yuan dropped down, swallowing the entirety of his cock inside in one go. The heat engulfing him radiated such pleasure that Luo Binghe thrashed, hips bucking up, the tightness almost painful, but so, so welcome. 

Shen Yuan whimpered, hands shaking as he tried to keep Luo Binghe still. He squirmed, the stretch burning on his hole as he pulled himself up slowly, legs trembling when he dropped himself back, pushing the cock even deeper inside.

Setting a low pace, Shen Yuan worked himself up and down on the gigantic length, his hands roaming to the shoulder straps of his top. His hips stilled for a moment, and he pulled the top down, revealing his glistening chest before he continued grinding down on the cock. 

Luo Binghe couldn't hold himself back anymore, sitting up to press his mouth on the pink nipples, placing his hands on Shen Yuan's back to steady him as he started hammering his hips up, thrusting into the tight heat with fervor. 

“B-Binghe!” Shen Yuan threw his head back, whining as Luo Binghe rutted straight into his prostate, again and again, the intense pounding making him see stars. 

Luo Binghe sucked harder on the nipple, biting and teasing it until it was all swollen and red. His hand traveled down the mesh top around Shen Yuan’s waist until he found his dick, and he wrapped his fingers around it, giving it a firm squeeze, thumb pressing on the leaking tip. Shen Yuan whined, squirming when Luo Binghe started stroking him, timing his pumps along with the thrusts.

“I’m gonna—I’m so close—”

Shen Yuan cupped Luo Binghe’s face, pulling him into a sloppy kiss as he chased his orgasm, riding Luo Binghe’s cock as if his life depended on it. With a loud moan, he came all over his boyfriend’s hand, the sticky fluid splashing on his stomach, staining the green fabric. Spasming on Luo Binghe’s lap, Shen Yuan’s hole squeezed mercilessly as his orgasm wracked his body, and Luo Binghe thrust into the heat, fueled by the intense clenching around his cock.

Grunting, he slammed his hips up, his twitching cock buried to the hilt as he spilled deep inside the tight heat. Shen Yuan gasped when the thick cum flooded his insides, his hole sensitive and feeling every twitch of the still hard cock thrashing on his walls.

Luo Binghe kissed Shen Yuan’s neck, licking the skin while he bucked his hips up slowly until every single drop of cum had been sucked out of him. Lifting his boyfriend up gently, he let his softening cock slip out of the abused hole, eyes wide and sparkling when a gush of cum splashed out, dripping down Shen Yuan’s thigh and onto the white stockings.

“B-Binghe,” Shen Yuan whimpered, slumping onto his boyfriend’s body, all energy sucked out of him. They fell on the mattress, both out of breath and blissed out, the sensations of their orgasms still running through their bodies. Luo Binghe peppered Shen Yuan with kisses, wrapping him into his arms as he pulled the covers over them.

They cuddled closer together, and Shen Yuan hummed, ignoring the stickiness on his lower half and the uncomfortable lace top wrinkled on his waist, focusing on Luo Binghe’s soft lips on his skin.


Shen Yuan turned to his side, humming as he nuzzled closer to his boyfriend. Luo Binghe's hands traveled down, cupping his butt, kneading the soft skin. The swollen hole stretched as he rubbed the skin, and Luo Binghe pressed his thumbs on the wet rim, voice husky when he asked, “You up for another round?”

“Shameless!” Shen Yuan swatted his hand, flushed as he glared at Luo Binghe. “No matter how many times we do it, you still dare to beg for more!”

Luo Binghe grinned, kissing Shen Yuan's cheek. “It's only because of A-Yuan that I'm like this…”

“Hmph!” Shen Yuan sat up on the bed, flinching when his back jolted, aching from the assault. Blushing, he staggered towards the bathroom. When he opened the door, he turned around, frowning at Luo Binghe, who was still lying on the bed.

“You’re not coming?”

Luo Binghe was up and inside the bathroom faster than a lightning bolt, kicking the blanket tangled on his feet to the floor before he pulled Shen Yuan into his arms and carried him under the shower.

The date ended up well, the two lovers satisfied despite having spent most of it inside the hotel room.

The End!

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“I think—I think we should go to the aquarium,” Shen Yuan grabbed onto Luo Binghe's wrist, pulling his hand down with a half-apologetic, half-teasing smile on his face. “I heard they have sharks in there…”

Luo Binghe took a deep breath, plopping onto the mattress with a chuckle. Slightly out of breath, he said, “Okay, let's go see the fish. But please let this boyfriend cool down for a second first.”

Shen Yuan laughed, smooching Luo Binghe’s nose before sitting up. With a chuckle, he announced, “I'll give you ten minutes, and then we're out!”

There weren’t many people at the aquarium by the time they stepped in through the spinning doors. Luo Binghe held Shen Yuan's hand tightly, happy to have enough space for them to walk hand in hand without being bumped into every five seconds.

They showed their wristbands to the half-asleep worker leaning back on his chair and entered a circular room with five huge tanks on the walls. There was a spiralling staircase in the middle, leading down to the rest of the aquarium. Shen Yuan led Luo Binghe to the first tank to their right, where a school of tiny red and blue fish swam, their fins large and flowing beautifully as they circled the tank.

Squinting at the plaque, Shen Yuan read it aloud. “It says here that these are Siamese fighting fishes… Do you think they have the bigger species downstairs?”

Luo Binghe gazed at the other tanks, smirking when he spotted only one slightly bigger white fish floating slowly in the fourth one. “Might be? But let’s look at these first.”

They took their time walking through the first floor, laughing at the odd shapes and oohing at all the beautiful colours. One tank had a large school of piranhas inside, their red and green bodies glimmering in the water.

“It’d be cool to see these guys eat,” Shen Yuan said, beaming at the fishes floating immobile in the water. “I saw a video once where they fed a chicken drumstick to a group of piranhas, it was wild! They completely destroyed it within seconds.”

Luo Binghe moved back from the glass, frowning as he stared at the motionless fish inside. “I guess they might be of use when getting rid of a body?”

“Haha, oh my god Binghe, your mind! But yeah, I think you might be right, they were pretty brutal,” Shen Yuan chuckled, shaking his head as he walked towards the next tank.

The big white fish, which turned out to be a giant white gourami, swam a lazy circle around the bottom. Shen Yuan cooed when it got closer to them, eyes twinkling as he leaned closer to the glass. Luo Binghe stared at the fish, trying to find out which part of it was cute enough to earn such noises from his boyfriend.

But before he could come up with an answer, Shen Yuan was pulling him away. When they eventually reached the stairs, Luo Binghe wanted to carry Shen Yuan down in his arms but was rejected quite soundly, (“I’m not that old, Binghe, I can walk down just fine by myself!”) and so they entered the lower floor.

The lighting was a lot dimmer here, the blue colours of the round lamps on the floor adding to the underwater atmosphere. Even the floors were made from dark tile, and the walls out of pure rock. Most of the wall space, however, was covered by enormous tanks, only a sliver of the rock peeking out every now and then.

“That's you!” Shen Yuan pointed towards the first tank where a red and black, medium-sized fish with a bump in his forehead floated. Luo Binghe raised an eyebrow, watching the fish swim leisurely around in front of them. He read the plaque, learning that his newly designated fishsona was called a flowerhorn cichlid.

“Why that one?”

“It gives off Binghe energy,” Shen Yuan shrugged, then burst into laughter when he saw the way Luo Binghe turned up his nose. He turned back to the fish tank, spotting a black fish with red eyes.

“You're also that one~” 

Luo Binghe sighed, shaking his head as he stared attentively at the fish’s tiny body vibrating as it rushed around the tank. The corner of his mouth twitching, he said, “I seem energetic.”

Shen Yuan giggled, eyes searching excitedly for the next fish to be named after his beloved. But before he could as much as open his mouth, Luo Binghe was pulling him away from the tank, relieved to see the next one had tiny turtles inside.

With a deep and calming voice, he read the info plaque out loud. Shen Yuan wormed his way into his arms, pecking a kiss on the tip of his nose before turning his attention on the tortoise.

“This tank here is a simulation, and demonstrates a tropical storm every two hours,” Luo Binghe told his boyfriend, eyes fixed on the half-open glass of the tank, wondering what it’d feel like to accidentally fall into the water. When he voiced his thoughts, Shen Yuan snorted loudly, laughter bubbling from his chest, making him gasp for breath.

“You’d—you'd have to fall quite magnificently,” he wheezed, tears in his eyes as he held onto his stomach. “The glass is—it's over a meter tall! I’d really want to see the jump you’d make to fall inside tho…”

“A-Yuan is making so much fun of me,” Luo Binghe pouted, trying to tug Shen Yuan away from the turtles. Shen Yuan smiled, nodding without even trying to console his mopey boyfriend.

“Oh my God, Binghe, are those electric eels?!” he squealed instead when his eyes landed on the largest tank so far. Inside, a squirming school of eels swam about. Shen Yuan cooed as he rushed to the tank, almost banging his head against the glass in his haste. 

Luo Binghe followed slowly behind, staring at the thick, ugly, and slithering things, the hair at his back rising as he refused to step closer than half a meter away from them.

Shen Yuan, on the other hand, marvelled loudly as the eels swam slowly around the tank, pointing towards the particularly big and ugly ones. “Look at that one, Binghe! Do you think you could hear the crackling of electricity if they attacked?”

Luo Binghe shook his head, moving aside to inspect the info plaque. “Apparently they're fed every four hours, so maybe you'd hear the crackle then, if at all? But well, they've just been fed not too long ago…”

“That's a tragedy,” Shen Yuan sighed, and reluctantly stepped aside from the tank. 

The lights dimmed when they walked through a narrow corridor. Shen Yuan gasped when it ended and they entered a tunnel made entirely out of a fish tank. Fixing his glasses on his nose, he turned his head from one side to the other. Everywhere his eyes fell, beautiful and colourful fishes swam around. 

The water reflected onto the ground, the entire space filled with blue lights, calming music playing from the speakers on the ground.

“It's so pretty! It's like, almost like we're really underwater~”

Luo Binghe smiled. He watched the fish swim by until a dark green fish with turquoise dots entered the corner of his vision. Tilting his head, Luo Binghe squinted as the fish stopped, diving down before turning around.

“A-Yuan,” he said, a smug joy creeping into his voice when his boyfriend turned towards him with a huh? Pointing towards the green fish, Luo Binghe grinned, “I found you!”

Shen Yuan's head snapped to the fish in question, and he squealed, eyes wide when he witnessed the fish circle gracefully around the seaweed near the bottom of the tank. “Ooh! I look so pretty!”

“Of course, A-Yuan could be only the prettiest fish.”

Blushing, Shen Yuan tore his eyes off, stilling when he noticed something at the end of the tunnel tank. Luo Binghe lifted his eyes from Shen Yuan's face, and smiled softly when he saw what had made his boyfriend so happy; in the distance in front of them, two leopard sharks circled each other, accompanied by a school of smaller fish. 

“They are so gorgeous! Just look at them go, Binghe!”

Chuckling, Luo Binghe nodded as he wormed his arm around Shen Yuan's waist, pressing his head into his soft hair while humming, “They truly are quite beautiful.”

They rushed to admire the gorgeous sharks, and Luo Binghe listened to Shen Yuan talk on and on about how he’d wanted a shark as a pet when he was a kid, but for obvious reasons, he hadn’t gotten one.

“I’m so glad I get to see them here,” he sighed, leaning into Luo Binghe’s arms. “Thank you so much for taking me here.”

He turned around, wrapping his arms around Luo Binghe’s neck before rising to his tiptoes, grinning widely as he stared into his boyfriend's lips, licking his own. Luo Binghe cupped his chin, pressing their lips together into a soft, delicate kiss.

“And thank you for the date,” Shen Yuan murmured when they pulled back, his hot breath brushing over Luo Binghe's face. They stared into each other's eyes, and Luo Binghe wrapped his arms around Shen Yuan, pulling him in for another kiss.

They ended up making out for the rest of the date, the fish forgotten as they were content to bask in each other’s presence.


The End!

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