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lame excuses

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The Christmas party was going very successfully, as far as Makki was concerned. That basically meant that all the Shounen Hollywood members actually turned up in appropriate clothes and mind-sets, but Makki wasn’t the kind of person who asked too much of someone.

Except Kakeru was late. That was Makki’s only complaint.

Where was he, anyway?

“Hey Makki,” came a Shun’s voice, sounding worryingly thoughtful, “do you think I could sneak one of those Christmas cocktails without Tesshi noticing?”

Makki peered over at where the alcoholic drinks were laid out, next to Cat’s perch. Tesshi was talking to God on the other side of the room, and they had a clear getaway if anything went wrong.

“I don’t know…” Makki said, rubbing his chin, “I reckon Cat would try to stop you. He’s a clever bird, you know.”

“Yeah, but he likes me! Unlike you,” Shun said teasingly. After seeing Makki’s face cloud, he puffed out his chest and strode over to the drinks table, arm outstretched for Cat to land on. Cat gave him one disgruntled look and flew down on to dig is talons into the top of his head, much to Shun’s displeasure (and loud yelping) and Makki’s enjoyment.

“What are you two doing?”

“Nothing Tesshi, nothing!” Makki reassured the man, trying to block his view of Shun lurching around, trying to detach Cat from his hair. “Shun just wanted to put reindeer ears on Cat, that’s all.”

Tesshi gave him a half exasperated, half knowing look and shook his head. “Well if you were doing something that stupid, I may as well not help you.”

Shun let out a loud yelp of pain. “Come on Tesshi, please get him off!”

“Nope, sorry,” Tesshi said, a sly smile playing around his lips. “This is one of those times that you must overcome whatever life throws at you by yourself. Only then will you grow as a person.”

With that, he walked away.

“Arghhh, fuck!” Shun was now trying to pull Cat away from his head, but the owl kept flapping his wings at him, batting away his hands. Angered, Shun flapped back, almost hitting him.

“Whoa whoa, careful!” Makki quickly grabbed Shun’s hands and held them at his side. “Don’t hurt Cat!”

“Well Cat’s hurting me quite a lot,” Shun said through gritted teeth, “why don’t you think of a better way for me to spend start the new year with my scalp intact?”

“Okay then,” said Makki. He held out his arm cautiously, clicking his tongue behind his teeth. “Come on Cat, it’s okay.”

Cat blinked at him.

“Shun won’t try and break the drinking law anymore, will you Shun?” Makki cooed softly.

Shun made a grunting noise that could only be interpreted as “yeah, whatever.”

“So come on now, let go of him.” Makki held his arm up higher for Cat to walk onto. The owl stared at it, as if considering the option.

Finally, after a few painstakingly long minutes, Cat loosened his talons from Shun’s head and fluttered over onto Maki’s forearm, where he closed his eyes and rested.

Makki gazed at the owl, wide eyed.

“Shun, are you seeing this?”

“Yes, yes, the little monster is using you as a chair. Congratulations.” Shun said, gently nursing his sore skull. Makki looked over at his injuries but could see nothing. The worst that had happened was Shun’s hair was now messed up.

From behind him, Makki heard laughter.

Kira and Tommy were bending over a mobile phone, giggling as they watched something play out on the screen. Tommy looked up, smiling.

“We caught it all on tape!” He said cheerfully. “Wasn’t that lucky?”

“Delete that right now!!” Yelled Shun, making a dive for the phone. Kira snatched it away just in time. “I can’t have that video going round, it’ll ruin my chance of success!”

“Send it to Kakeru,” Makki suggested, immersed in the task of stroking Cat’s feathers. They were just as beautiful and sleek as he had imagined, just as soft and thick. Cat was truly a magnificent creature.

“Yeah, let’s do that!” Tommy said, just as Kira chimed in with: “Where is he, anyway?”

“Late,” said Makki, mournfully.

Tommy patted him on the back. “I’m sure he just got held up or something. He’ll be here soon.”



About half an hour later, there was a knock on the greenroom door. Makki sprung up to get it, hoping that he would see the expected blue hair and apologetic face of his significant other, but he was sadly disappointed. Instead, he was greeted with three famous faces, beaming and wearing Christmas themed outfits.

“Daichi! Kou! Tommy!” Tesshi cried, rushing to the door in order to greet the guests. “Welcome back to the theatre!”

“Sorry not all of us could make it,” Daichi said, slinging his bag down under a table and shaking Tesshi’s hand, smiling. “But it’s great to be back for one of Shounen Hollywood’s famous Christmas parties!”

“’Famous’ he says,” Kou muttered to his neighbour, making them laugh. “More like infamous. We all snuck drinks from under Tesshi’s nose and Ryuu nearly set the place on fire once!”

“I’m sure these guys don’t do dumb things like that though, do you?” Tommy said to the room in general, winking.

Shun went a deep red. Tommy and Kira, who were snuggled up together on an armchair and holding hands, tittered and poked him in the arm.

“Anyway, settle down, let me take your coats,” Tesshi said, bustling around. “I’m sure you all have a lot to tell us.”

Makki reluctantly sat back down again and went back to petting Cat, who was now perched on his shoulder. How long was Kakeru going to take?



Finally, finally, one impromptu dance to ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You,” one home video session and one singstar battle later, a knock sounded at the stage door.

Makki sprung up before anyone else had even registered the sound, calling out “I’ll get it!”

He rushed out into the corridor, Cat gripping tightly to his shoulder so not to fall off. The lovely bird had stayed by Makki’s side through the whole party, obviously sensing his loneliness. Cat was great like that.

Makki flung open the door, letting in a great gust of cold, winter night air. And there, freezing cold, clad in his reindeer antlers and the ugliest Christmas jumper Makki had ever seen, was his beloved boyfriend.

Kakeru smiled sheepishly. “Hey Makki.”

“You’re late!” Makki said accusingly, flinging his arms out and hugging Kakeru tightly, “But I guess you’re here now so I can forgive you. Maybe.”

Kakeru hugged him and then stepped back, digging around in his pocket. “Uh, this is going to sound like a really lame excuse, but the reason why I’m late is uh…”

“Uh…?” Makki prompted, calming Cat down. The poor bird had been shaken by Makki’s surprise bear hug.

“I was uh… trying to find you a present.” Kakeru admitted. “But I couldn’t think of what to get you.”

“You didn’t need to get me anythi-“ Makki started to say, but Kakeru stopped him.

“Which is why,” he said, blushing red as he held out a crumpled twig of mistletoe and raised it above their heads, “God, this is embarrassing… I decided that I’ll be your present.”

“Huh?” Makki’s brain was stuck. “What? Do you know what that means?” Do I know what that means?

Kakeru seemed to notice and smiled.

“Here, it’s a tradition,” he said, waggling the mistletoe, “and my arm is getting tired. Come here.” He pulled Makki in close, kissing him slightly awkwardly, but gently and sweetly.

When he pulled away, he left Makki in a daze, smiling slightly and staring blankly ahead.

“Happy Christmas Makki. I love you.”

Makki buried his face in his hands. “I love you too,” he whispered faintly through his fingers, making Kakeru laugh. He reached up and gave Makki another hug, rocking his body until Makki stopped blushing.

“Hey, Kakeru.”


Makki leant in close and murmured into Kakeru’s ear. “All I want for Christmas is you~”

Kakeru shoved him away. “Why am I even dating you?”

Makki laughed heartily, hugging Kakeru from behind so he wouldn’t escape. “Cause of my good singing and sense of humour, obviously.”

Kakeru didn’t even answer that, he just cleared his throat loudly.  “So, should we join the party then?” Kakeru proposed, shaking off Makki and smoothing down his bright green, Christmas tree printed knitted sweater. “I hope I haven’t missed too much.”

Makki took his hand and lead him down the hall towards the greenroom where voices could be heard, raised together in song. “You did! Cat has been nice to me and sat on my shoulder the whole night!”

“He must’ve noticed you looked so sad and lonely without me then,” Kakeru said, bumping Makki’s shoulder.

“Damn right,” Makki said, looking at his boyfriend from the corner of his eye, taking in all his beautiful, tired, cold and Christmas themed beauty, his kissable lips and gorgeous body, all Makki’s for the night and his now colourful heart, all Makki’s for as long as they want. “But you’re here now so this Christmas is going to be the best ever.”