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i go with you in the leaves

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The first time Lu Bixing used the biochip deliberately while teasing Lin Jingheng, he thought of oranges. Lin Jingheng was frowning down at him from where Lu Bixing had hoisted him up in the middle of kissing, holding him easily under his thighs. There was no reason behind lifting up his lover like this, except for how giddy Lu Bixing was to kiss him, how buoyant his chest felt when Lin Jingheng bent down of his own free will to kiss Lu Bixing’s mouth. It felt natural, to want to scoop him up and spin him and kiss him again, so he did.

Now they were in the middle of their living room, nothing supporting Lin Jingheng’s weight but these, his delicate scholar’s hands

“What are you doing?” Lin Jingheng said, still frowning. “Put me down.” He didn’t do anything so undignified as squirming. He was frozen there in the air awkwardly, and Lu Bixing remembered that moment out of nowhere, years ago in the marketplace, when he’d been young and foolish and had no idea yet how much he loved this prickly puzzle of a man. He’d held an orange to Lin Jingheng’s mouth, and Lin Jingheng had frowned just like this while Lu Bixing rambled at him. Then suddenly, unexpectedly, he’d accepted the slice offered, then another. He'd finished the whole fruit, still frowning thoughtfully, mouth taciturn and juice-sweet.

Later, Lu Bixing had spent years avoiding oranges, not letting himself think of why.

But he remembered it again now, and the memory didn't hurt. Except for how agonizingly cute it was, the way Lin Jingheng was so unfamiliar with his own tastes and pleasure.

“You think I could fuck you like this?” he asked cheerfully, and was rewarded by a deepening of the frown. “I could hold you up with one hand! You’d be totally at my mercy, commander.”

He’d used the enhanced strength of the biochip in bed with his beloved before, of course. But not really strategically, though. More frantically, in those first few months after Lin Jingheng’s return, pinning his lover to beds and walls and refusing to let him go, biting him bloody and marked and his. Lin Jingheng certainly had never complained. His eyes lit up, and his body arched and taunted and teased and goaded Lu Bixing on. He seemed to like the challenge, and from the way he strutted around after, liked the marks Lu Bixing had left behind for him. It’d taken a year or more for Lu Bixing to stop wanting to leave little claims on the man – teeth marks here, fingerprints there.

But now they both had marks on them – a silvery band, on each of their hands. It was easier now, to trust that Lin Jingheng wouldn’t leave him again. First he’d trusted the logic of it – Lin Jingheng was a strategist, after all. If he’d decided Lu Bixing’s leadership was the strategic choice, Lu Bixing could trust that. It took him longer to believe the emotions behind it, that there were feelings that had left Lin Jingheng staring at a distant galaxy for thousands of nights, that softened his eyes and his mouth, that made Lin Jingheng think, in spite of all logic, all the pain and suffering, that this was worth it. That they were worth it.

They’d gotten here together.

And now Lin Jingheng was frowning at Lu Bixing’s offer. Just like he had at the unfamiliar orange, all those years ago. Like it wasn't that he didn’t want it: Lu Bixing totally in control of his body, and not in a piecemeal, desperate way, for once. More that the idea was unfamiliar, but not bad, not unwanted. It made Lu Bixing feel giddy, young again and bubbling over with possibility. There was still so much to learn about his beloved. His husband. For them to learn about themselves and each other.

In his excitement, he tore the trousers under his hands very slightly, the stitches weakening. Then he thought, might as well, and ripped the rest of the fabric off, leaving shreds hanging from Lin Jingheng’s legs. With his shirt already unbuttoned, Lin Jingheng looked well on the way to ravished. Lu Bixing was a little worried he’d have a nosebleed later, but not enough to give up now.

The frown deepened.

“Zhanlu can fix it later!” Lu Bixing assured him cheerfully, and shifted one hand free. He was pretty used to his own strength by now, how he could effortlessly move couches and cars, but it was still exciting, sometimes. He could hold up this muscled gorgeous man with ease, despite Lin Jingheng outweighing him by nearly half. “Get them wet, please?”

He held his free hand to Lin Jingheng’s mouth, and saw Lin Jingheng considering, before parting his lips, taking the first two fingers in almost delicately. His eyes went half-lidded as Lu Bixing moaned at the sensation – Lin Jingheng’s mouth was so much softer than it looked, for all the teeth, and unlike the frosty expression it so often bore, the inside was so very, very hot. He took the fingers in deeper, letting Lu Bixing stroke his tongue. Soon Lu Bixing mimicked a thrusting rhythm that he could feel in his own dick, which was twitching in memory of Lin Jingheng’s mouth on them, the first time they'd tried oral together. Ruthless at first, brutal, with too many sharp edges, but eventually softer. Lin Jingheng learned quickly, and he was so good now –

“Mm, just like that, baby,” Lu Bixing sighed, and pulled his fingers slowly out, taking the time to caress the tender wet redness of Lin Jingheng’s lower lip. Lin Jingheng frowned at him again, shifting in his grasp. “I’m going to fuck you just like this, do you think I can do it?”

“If you want to,” Lin Jingheng allowed, then his eyes narrowed. “You’d better not fucking drop me.”

“I’m wounded you think I would ever,” Lu Bixing gasped in outrage, and okay, the angle was a little awkward, but he could definitely do it. And Lin Jingheng was a pro at this now, which helped - shifting his legs and relaxing for him, letting Lu Bixing open him up. The first time they’d fucked he’d been so tense and careful, paying unnerving, unwavering attention until Lu Bixing, terrified and elated, had finally done something right with his fingers that made his commander’s face go startled and slack. One day, Lu Bixing would manage to get a picture of that and keep it forever enshrined as a galactic treasure – Lin Jingheng’s beautiful, stern face, soft and surprised with pleasure.

There was something about this, though – Lin Jingheng at his mercy, unable to get away from the pull of gravity and Lu Bixing’s hands.

“You like it,” Lu Bixing crooned, and captured a kiss. Lin Jingheng’s mouth was distracted, his breathing erratic, the way Lu Bixing liked best. His merciless, ruthless soldier, losing focus because of Lu Bixing’s fingers. Lu Bixing kissed him deeper, tilting Lin Jingheng’s head back and drinking in his almost imperceptible sounds.

“Just do it,” Lin Jingheng muttered finally, tossing his head, and Lu Bixing nearly herniated something in his haste to get his own trousers and underwear off, to get his dick in there. “Oh.”

“Oh?” Lu Bixing panted, and scraped a kiss along that perfect, unscarred stretch of neck. As always, he enjoyed the results – Lin Jingheng writhing for him, groaning and screwing down helplessly as Lu Bixing pushed up. He was so sensitive, if you knew where to look. “Does it feel good? Do you like it? Give me data, I need to know.”

He bounced Lin Jingheng a little harder, and Lin Jingheng’s hands clenched on his shoulders as his frown softened even more, shifting into something less sharp and more crooked at the edges. “Experimenting on me again, professor?”

Lin Jingheng rasped, head falling back and eyes drifting closed.

That had been a fun night. Maybe again, soon, but for now - fuck, Jinheng looked good.

“How can I mercilessly fuck my husband the way he deserves without employing the scientific method?” Lu Bixing asked breathlessly, laughing when Lin Jingheng opened his eyes to glare. His ass was clenching on Lu Bixing’s dick – so good, so soft and hot inside, where no one but him would ever know – and his legs were tight enough around Lu Bixing’s waist that any other man might have passed out by now from air loss.

But not this man, Lu Bixing thought smugly, and picked up the pace. “I think I could hold you up with just my dick,” he mused, but didn’t test it – he’d more just said it to see the look on Lin Jingheng’s face. He was going to come soon himself if he wasn’t careful, with Lin Jingheng feeling so good around him, and with that look… cross and dazed and wanting, all at once. Lin Jingheng bit his lip and stared at Lu Bixing in the way that meant he wanted to be kissed and wow, Lu Bixing needed to wrap this up fast.

He cupped Lin Jingheng’s ass in one hand and found his husband’s cock with the other. A gorgeous anatomical specimen, hard and silky, weeping for him. He started teasing at the slit, spreading the wetness around - who knew Lin Jingheng could get so wet, so easily? - before setting a punishing rhythm. Lin Jingheng was panting into his mouth now, little punched-out breaths that made Lu Bixing feel like he was going to die.

“There, ah,” Lin Jingheng said suddenly, and Lu Bixing could see the appeal of using a wall to get the right angle, slamming Lin Jingheng against it, but he liked this – he liked being the only thing holding Lin Jingheng up, with Lin Jingheng soft and shuddering in his arms. “There.”

“There?” Lu Bixing noted, breathless himself, and let himself go hard, harder, pulling Lin Jingheng down onto him as he thrusd up, and felt Lin Jingheng’s fingers tighten on his shoulders as his whole body shuddered. When he bit down on Lin Jingheng’s pulse, he heard Lin Jingheng, shocked, say his name. Bixing. And Lu Bixing came almost instantly, in a rush, vision whiting out.

“Nngh,” he managed, and staggered over to the couch, dropping them both onto it. He slowly gathered his brain back into his body from where it had been circling in the stratosphere, and found himself lazily licking at the toothmarks on Lin Jingheng’s neck and playing with the wetness of Lin Jingheng’s hole with his fingers. Lin Jingheng was allowing it, rocking his hips just slightly - maybe helplessly? – into Lu Bixing’s touch. His body was boneless, liquid and limp on the couch. Lu Bixing felt enormously proud, and sighed happily.

“Good?” he rasped.

“Mn,” Lin Jingheng said, and then, in a hoarse voice, “I’m hungry.”

“I have just the thing in mind,” Lu Bixing smiled, and kissed every bit of skin he could reach and wondered if he could start growing fruit trees in their garden. What did citrus need, anyway, to grow? “How do you feel about oranges?”

“Good,” Lin Jingheng said, and sat up to kiss him, wet and filthy and soft in the afternoon light.

It was going to be a beautiful day.