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Bakusquad Sleepover

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[Bakusquad minus Bakugo plus Shinsou because Bakugo muted us and Denki pouted over the fact his boyfriend wasn’t in the group chat]


Mina (16:30): Oi! Kirishima! 


Kirishima (16:32): What? 


Mina (16:33): Tell your boyfriend to get his ass up and to come join us! 


Kirishima (16:34): Us?


Sero (16:35): Told you he forgot xD


Mina (16:35): Shut up you did too! 


Denki (16:35): Wow my phones blowing up i can’t even blame it on Kacchan this time! 


Kirishima (16:36): In his defense, you asked for it


Denki (16:37): Rood! All i said was it was awfuly sus for him to only let midoriya call him kacchan! 


Mina (16:38): A.K.A. you asked for it. Anyway, Kiri did you really forget 


Kirishima (16:39): I guess since I literally have no idea what you’re talking about


Sero (16:40): The sleepover dude, the SLEEPOVER


Kirishima (16:41): JFHGEIOAGJAOER




Mina (16:43): You’re such a fucking himbo lol 


Kirishima (16:44): What’s a himbo?


Sero (16:44): Don’t get her started x_x

Kirishima is offline


Mina (16:45): Wha-?


Mina (16:45): I’m not *that* bad!


Sero (16:48): Yes you are 


Jirou (16:49): You guys are so chatty, you literally woke me up from my nap what’s up? 


Mina (16:50): BITCH YOU FORGOT TOO?!?!


Jirou (16:51): What did you just call me? 


Denki (16:52): Ooooo mina called her gf the b word1 


Shinsou (16:53): ...why did you put a “1” after word? 


Denki (16:53): Irrelevent! 


Sero (16:54): pfft, think someone needs to learn how to spell before using such big words. Also you def forgot to hit the shift button didn’t you?


Denki (16:54): are u suggesting that i, kamanari denki accidentally put that “1” there? How do u know im not starting a new trend? 


Shinsou (16:55): babe… you hate numbers


Denki (16:56): yeah that does give it away doesnt it 


Shinsou (16:56): Yup - anyway we still on for tonight?


Mina (16:57): OMG how is it *you* remembered and no one else did?


Denki (16:57): wow rood i am right here1


Shinsou (16:58): I keep a calendar? Also babe, you did it again


Denki (16:58): ghaiowfgjvbhsoohgrioaefsbn


Jirou (16:59): Ashido I shall be over shortly 


Mina (17:00): oh c’mon are you  mad i called you a bitch? I didn’t mean it, baby please! 


Jirou(17:00): uh-huh, well we’ll see how long you can plead innocence babydoll

Jirou is offline 


Mina (17:01): oh fuck i’m getting punished later xD

Mina is offline


Sero (17:02): ...they could have saved that last part for the DMs


Denki (17:03): lol


Sero (17:04): well whatev, see you two in a bit! 

Sero is offline 

Shinsou is offline

Denki is offline 



Kirishima (17:10): Bakugo!


Bakugo (17:11): What?


Kirishima (17:12): C’mon hurry up and get ready!


Bakugo (17:12): Why?


Kirishima (17:13): Because we have something to do at 18:30! 


Bakugo (17:14): What? 


Kirishima (17:14): Babe, just trust me


Bakugo (17:15): I do trust you. You’re just being weird. 

Kirishima (17:16): 


Bakugo (17:16): ...fine 

Bakugo is offline

Kirishima is offline 



“So? Why’d you summon me, is everything okay, love?” Bakugo asked as he plodded into the common area of the dorms. He froze as he realized it wasn’t just Kirishima waiting for him. Kirishima gave him a sheepish grin as all of the self-proclaimed Bakusquad, plus Dunce Face’s boyfriend, grinned wickedly at him. 

“Wow, didn’t peg you as the soft lover type,” Sero remarked, eyes gleaming. Bakugo let out a low growl, his hands already lighting up. 

“Hah? You wanna go, you knock off tape dispenser?” 

Denki burst out laughing. “Knock off tape dispenser! That’s fantastic!” 

Sero shot a glare in his direction. Shinsou draped a protective arm over Denki’s shoulders. 

“Sorry babe,” Kirishima said, hopping off the couch and heading over to him. 

“You know we don’t use that emoji casually,” Bakugo snapped. Kirishima gave him a nervous chuckle, gently grasping both his arms, rubbing comforting circles on the man’s bicep. 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to use the 911 emoji so I settled for that one. I didn’t think you’d come down if I told you you were late for the sleepover.”

“I’m late for the what ?” Bakugo asked. 

“BAKUSQUAD SLEEPOVERRRRRR!” Mina sang from where she sat on the couch. Jirou’s head was on her lap, the purple-haired girl scrolling through her phone while Mina played with her hair. 

“Yeah, no, fuck this.”

Bakugo turned to walk out but Kirishima hopped in front of him. 

“C’mon please babe,” he whined, sticking out his lower lip and giving Bakugo his kicked puppy expression.

“Shitty Hair,” Bakugo said, voice low in warning. 

“Pleeeeeeeaase.” He grasped Bakugo’s hand bringing it to his lips. “Please, I beg.” 

Those words sealed the deal. 

“Fucking fine, don’t beg in front of these fuckers.” 

The “fuckers,” as Bakugo so kindly put it, erupted into loud cheers. Bakugo let Kirishima pull him into what used to be… the living room? 

“The fuck you guys do to this place?” Bakugo asked. 

“We made forts!” Denki grinned. Bakugo arched an unimpressed eyebrow as he tugged at one of the thin blankets that was sagging between pillows. 

“You made a mess,” he deadpanned. Denki stuck his tongue out. Bakugo took a seat on the floor, Kirishima easily settling in next to him. “So?” he said. They all looked at him. “What did you fuckers wanna do?” 

They all looked at each other. 

“Don’t tell me you guys forgot to plan an actual activity.” 

Their guilty expressions told him everything he needed to know. 

“Remind me why I’m here again?’ 

“Oh we should bake something!” Sero said. All eyes slid to him. “I mean, Bakugo you’re a pretty good cook right?” 

“What do you mean ‘pretty good’? I’m the fucking best!” Bakugo yelled, flipping Sero off. Sero ignored him. 

“So, we should make cookies or something! That way we have snacks and learn something new!” 

“I don’t even think we have ingredients for that,” Jirou said, waving her hand. “Plus, it’s too much work, I don’t wanna be caught in a cooking disaster at the moment.” 

“Yeah, sorry Sero, not really in the cooking vibe if you get what I’m saying,” Denki said, nodding his head solemnly. Sero huffed. 

“Well I don’t see any of you guys pitching ideas.”

“What about a movie marathon?” Shinsou said. They all perked up at that. 

“Ooo, we could order pizza too!” Mina said.

“I’ll run to the convenience store to get drinks and snacks!” Kirishima offered. 

“I’ll go with him,” Bakugo said.

“What movies are we watching?” Jirou asked. 

They all looked at each other before they started slinging out a slew of titles. 

“We should watch IT !” 

“No, Bakugo would get scared. What about How to Train Your Dragon!”

“Fuck you I wouldn’t get scared, also I say we watch Twilight !”

“Did not peg you for a Twihard Bakubro. The things we learn about you, also like what about Bring It On !” 

“No, ew cheerleaders, we should totally watch Lord of the Rings !” 

“What’s wrong with cheerleaders? Also how are we not talking about The Avengers !?” 

“If we’re watching superheroes, it’s gotta be Deadpool !”

“Guys, it’s Christmas season so we def need to watch Rise of the Guardians !” 

“Going back to superheroes, we gotta watch that Spiderman movie, you know the one with Tom!” 

“No, no we gotta watch The Greatest Showman !”

“Ooo, if we’re talking musicals, Frozen is a must!”

In the end, they all settled for writing down their top three, and placing them in a hat. Each of them would be allowed to draw one piece of paper and no one was allowed to protest. 

“Seven movies seems like a lot to get through, doesn’t it?” Kirishima asked as he placed the hat in the center. 

“We’ll watch what we can and we’ll save whatever we couldn’t for the next sleepover!” Mina said decisively. 

“You fuckers are even stupider than I thought if you think I’m doing this shit again,” Bakugo huffed. Kirisima elbowed him in the side. He glared. Kirishima simply gave him a dashing smile in return. 

“Okay, so what I’m hearing is Bakugo draws last?” Sero asked. 

“Yes,” Shinsou said, not missing a beat. That earned him a pillow to the face. 

There was three glorious seconds of silence before Denki hopped up screeching, “PILLOW FIGHT!”

 Jirou let out a moan of protest as her girlfriend hopped up, leaving her lying on the couch alone. The pillow forts were ripped apart and teams were instantly made. Since Jirou made no effort to get up from the couch, Sero and Mina paired up, with Shinsou covering Denki, and Bakugo hopping on Kirishima’s shoulders, not unlike the way he did in the sports festival. 

They all looked at each other, manic grins lighting up their faces, before they all charged at once. Bakugo’s strategy was to whack people on the top of their heads, letting Kirishima support him. Kirishima in turn, took most of the blows but kept yelling, “Yeah get em babe!” so he obviously was having fun being Bakugo’s shield. Mina and Sero mostly aimed for Shinsou, the latter doing more dodging rather than attacking, keeping the two of them on their toes. 

Denki just wildly swung his pillow, sometimes getting lucky. He got a few hits on Sero or Mina, but his fate was sealed when one of his wild shots ended up unbalancing Bakugo, sending him tumbling from Kirishima’s back. 

“Babe!” Kirishima cried, turning around and dropping to his knees. He gathered Bakugo in his arms, one hand nestled in Bakugo’s spiky hair, balancing his head on his knee, his free hand clasping Bakugo’s, painting a dramatic portrait. 

“The fuck are you doing Shitty Hair?” Bakugo growled, but Kirishima placed a finger on his lips, quieting him instantly. 

“Shhh, it’s okay, you can go, I’ll be okay. It’ll suck, surviving this battle without you, but I’m strong enough. I’ll avenge you.” 

Bakugo opened his mouth and shut it, blinking several times. “What?” 

“Ahhh you were so young. You had so much more to live,” Kirishima said, clenching his fist, and making what the rest of them had dubbed as his “cliche manly face”. 

“Ah? The fuck you-” 

“Shh, the dead do not speak,” Kirishima said solemnly. 


Kirishima let out such a long sigh, it was a miracle he didn’t wither up, and gave Bakugo an exasperated look. “Baaaabe,” he whined. “Why can’t you just play along?” He poked Bakugo’s cheek. Bakugo rolled his eyes and his eyes met Shinsou’s. 

“Do it.” 

Kirishima’s brows furrowed together when Shinsou raised his pillow and whacked him on the back of his head. 

“KIRIBAKU TEAM IS OUT!” Mina crowed. 

“Baaaaaaaaabe,” Kirishima wailed. “Whyyyyyy?”

“Because you’re fucking annoying. Now move, I’m thirsty.”

Kirishima stuck his bottom lip out in an adorable pout, and even Bakugo couldn’t help but chuckle. He reached up and ruffled his boyfriend’s hair. Kirishima merely crossed his arms and looked towards Denki. 

“Can you believe it?” he said. “Betrayed by the love of my life.” 

“I know bro, I know,” Denki said solemnly. 

Kirishima put one hand to his forehead and collapsed dramatically onto the floor. “Ugh, it hurts. It huuuurts.”

“Listen, the offer still stands for you to be boyfriend #2,” Denki said.

“HAH?” “Excuse me?” were the replies of two very indignant boyfriends. Kirishima looked over at Bakugo. 

“I don’t know, I mean, Denki’s never betrayed me, and he gives me cuddles.” 

“I cuddle you!” 

“Do you, Bakubro?” Kirishima asked. Bakugo frowned. Worried that his teasing might actually start to upset his already grumpy boyfriend, he quickly added, “ But, if the love of my life who betrayed me were to give me kissies….” 

He gave Bakugo an imploring look. Bakugo quickly caught on, and a coy smirk quirked the corners of his lips before he looked away. 

“I’m sure Boyfriend #2 would love to give you kissies.” 

Kirishima let out a high-pitch mewl, startling everyone, most of all Bakugo, who clambered up and rushed over, clapping his hand over Kirishima’s mouth. 

“The fuck you doing letting out a sound like that in front of everyone?” he growled, eyes flashing. His hand fisted in Kirishima’s collar, pulling him up off the ground, and he dragged him off to the kitchen. The others all looked at each other before they burst out laughing. 

“Oh my god,” Denki wheezed, “my sides hurt.”

“Why are they so perfect for each other?” Jirou giggled.

“That boy really pulled a sex sound to win!” Sero guffawed. 

Even Shinsou couldn’t stop the little breathy chuckles that got past the hand over his mouth. Mina was on all fours, banging her fist on the floor. 

Finally, finally , she pulled herself together, and said, “Fuck the movies, who wants to have a bit of real fun?” 

There was a mischievous glint to her eyes, and they looked at her curiously. 

“Go on,” Sero said. 

She opened up her almost-empty sprite and gulped down the rest of the contents before placing it on the floor. Their faces lit up as they realized what she was implying. 

“Oh fuck yes,” Denki breathed. “You beautiful pink genius, I could kiss you!”

“Who knows? You might get to later,” she teased, wiggling her eyebrows. 

Jirou and Shinsou gave their partners matching droll stares. 

“Okay when they get back, here’s what we’re going to do…”


Kirishima hopped up on the counter the minute his boyfriend let him go so he could rummage through the fridge. 

“Can you grab me a Cherry cola?” he chirped. Bakugo threw him an annoyed expression before he fetched the two drinks. Kirishima eagerly reached for his, but Bakugo quickly put it behind his back. Kirishima frowned. Bakugo stalked up to him, his body pressing between his thighs, the spikes of his hair tickling Kirishima’s chin. He loosely wrapped his arms around Kirishima’s waist, setting the drinks down behind the redhead. 

“This is a cute lil picture,” Kirishima said, feeling that familiar thrill he got whenever Bakugo allowed him to look down at him. It was something Bakugo never let anyone else get away with, and the fact he was comfortable allowing this of Kirishima was something almost as intimate as sex. Kirishima cupped his boyfriend’s face in his hands, leaning down to nuzzle their noses together. 

“So?” Kirishia asked, loving the way Bakugo shivered beneath him. “What’s up?” 

“You… you let them hear such a cute sound,” Bakugo said, a slight frown on his face. 

“Aw, is my baby feeling a bit jealous?” Kirishima asked. Bakugo’s mouth quirked to the side, not meeting his eyes. Kirishima giggled before tilting his head so he could give Bakugo a quick peck. 

“The fuck was that?” Bakugo asked, before one of his hands wrapped around the back of Kirishima’s neck, tugging him down to properly kiss him. He swept his tongue against Kirishima’s lips, and Kirishima quickly parted his mouth open, swallowing Bakugo’s small whimper. His hands still gripped the sides of the blond’s face, slightly pulling him up, and he knew that Bakugo was on his tiptoes. God, he loved kissing Bakugo. The way he melted into him, the way their lips fit so perfectly together. If he could, he would kiss Bakugo all day and all night.  

“Oi, you fucking gays, stop smooching in the kitchen. We’re getting tired of waiting for you,” Sero cut in bluntly. 

Kirishima let out a groan of frustration, something Bakugo greedily swallowed before they parted. He shot Sero an annoyed look. Sero gave him an impish grin. 

“Let me guess, the others are also wrapped up in each other and you’re bored,” he said drily. 

“You guys left me alone with a bunch of horny teenagers. Gah,” Sero shuddered. “I’d rather not have to deal with so much PDA. C’mon this is a G-rated fic, PG at most.”

“No it’s not. If it were, could I say ‘fuck’? Could I say ‘sex’? No. Now stop breaking the fourth wall, we’re coming,” Kirishima said, hopping off the counter. He made sure to grab the drinks in one hand, and slung his free arm over Bakugo’s shoulders, giving his boyfriend one last cheek kiss before they followed Sero back to the living room. 

“Oh wow, you weren’t kidding,” Kirishima said. Mina was straddling Jirou, Jirou’s hands on her girlfriend’s ass as they kissed, and Shinsou had Denki pressed up against the other couch, Denki’s short breaths dangerously close to moans. 

Sero gave Kirishima a “save me” look. Kirishima clapped his hands.

“Alright enough of that, you’re making our resident asexual super uncomfortable. French each other later.” 

The two couples gave him the same sigh he gave Sero when Sero broke him and Bakugo apart. 

“Yeah, yeah, I know, but you guys were the one who wanted to have this sleepover in the first place.”

They shrugged at that, and Mina climbed off her girlfriend before her eyes fell on the empty bottle on the floor. “OH!” she squealed excitedly. 

The others also perked up and they rushed to sit in a circle. Kirishima and Bakugo exchanged baffled looks. 

“C’mon, just sit down,” Jirou said, leaning back, palms on the ground, legs crossed. Kirishima shrugged and took a seat, and looked up at Bakugo, who in turn, gave Mina a suspicious look before sitting down next to Kirishima. 

“Alright!” Mina clapped her hands. “The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Spin-the-bottle, truth or dare!”

“Oh hell yeah!” Kirishima said. He loved little party games like these. 

“Oh you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me,” Bakugo groaned. They all laughed at his obvious misery. 

“Okay so who’s first?” Kirishima asked. 

“Me,” Sero said. 

Denki cocked his head. “Why?”

Sero gave him a droll stare. “Because I had to deal with your fucking horny asses.” 

“Okay but that’s valid though,” Jirou agreed. The others agreed, and Sero reached over and spun. The bottle landed on Shinsou. 

Sero grinned. “Truth or dare?” 

“Truth,” Shinsou replied. 

“Pussy,” Bakugo said. Shinsou gave him an arch stare. Bakugo met it. Both of them got a jab in the side from their respective partners. 

“Hmm, truth….hrmmmmm, oh! What’s something Denki does that annoys you, but you haven’t had the heart to tell him?”

Shinsou’s eyes widened slightly and Denki twisted to look at his boyfriend. 

“Um….” Shinsou faltered.

“Wow Sero really went for the throat,” Mina not-so-quietly whispered to Jirou, who nodded. 

Sero sighed and waved his hand, prompting Shinsou to get on with it.  “Well?”. 

“Yeah Shin, well?” Denki asked, his voice taking “the tone.” 

Shinsou shook his head. “Nothing, absolutely nothing at all.” They all rolled their eyes. 

“Dude, that’s such bullshit,” Kirishima said. 

“Fine! I guess, I don’t really appreciate it when you cuddle with the body pillow of me when I’m right next to you.”

Denki blinked. 

The others roared with laughter. 

“You have a body pillow of your boyfriend?” 

“Oh my god, of course you do!” 

“God do you guys know that meme where the guy’s complaining about his girlfriend hugging the plushie instead of him? That’s Denki and Shinsou!” 

Denki glared lightly at Shinsou, who gave him a half-shug. 

“Sorry, but it is called truth or dare for a reason,” he said. 

“Guess who’s cuddling the body pillow tonight,” was Denki’s response. That set everyone off again. It took them all a minute to calm down. 

“Okay Shinsou, your turn.” 

Shinsou leaned over and gave the bottle a light spin. It landed on Jirou. 

“Truth or dare?” he asked. 

“Dare all the way, baby,” she said with a wink. Shinsou nodded and looked around, before smirking. 

“I dare you to yell ‘All Might Sucks’ at the top of your lungs.” 

She gave him a puzzled look. “Why?”

“Because I said so.” 

She gave Mina a confused shrug before standing up. “ALL MIGHT SUCKS!” 

There was a startled gasp at the door and they whirled around. All Might stood there, looking at them, hurt and bewilderment all over his face. Jirou’s face went red, and the laughter was deafening. 

“Did I do something to offend you, young Jirou?” he asked.

“Oh my god, All Might! What are you doing here?” she said, obviously horrified he’d heard her. She gave Shinsou a panicked glare. He blinked innocently at her. 

“I’m here to pick up Young Midoriya,” he replied, looking a bit crestfallen. 

Jirou groaned into her hands. “All Might, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it, it was just a silly little prank. You’re an awesome hero, god I’m so sorry. Shinsouuuuuu,” she whined. 

Through tears of laughter, it was Sero who explained the whole situation to All Might. 

“Ah,” All Might said, obviously relieved that Jirou didn’t actually hate him. 

Midoriya came bounding into the room.

“Midoriya, I’m surprised you’re still here. I thought the rest of the dorm was gone already,” Sero said. It was why they planned the sleepover for tonight. Everyone was supposed to be gone due to the holidays, but they all had wanted to spend their one last Christmas at UA together. 

“Oh yeah, I wanted to get as much training in as possible, but I’m going home tonight,” the green-haired boy answered cheerfully. 

Denki groaned. “Fuck man, if you were here, you should have joined us.”

“Nah, I was busy anyway.” 

“Doing what?” Mina asked.

“Me,” Todoroki said as he strode into the room. “Are we ready?”

He said it with such calmness, it took a minute for the words to register. Then, they all exploded. 


“How long have you two been an item?”

“Wait, so Midoriya’s a top???”

“Wait, you’re telling me the Shouto Todoroki is a bottom?” 

They were so caught up yelling, they didn’t even notice the actual people in question sneaking out, All Might mysteriously vanishing as well. 

Denki was the first to notice. “HEY!” 

They all shouted a chorus of protests, despite the trio being long gone. Mina let out a long sigh and flopped back.

“I’m hungry,” she said. They all paused. 

“What time is it?” 

“How is it 9pm already?!?!” 

Sero’s phone buzzed, and he raised a finger. They all fell silent as he answered.

“Oh you’re here? Fantastic, I’ll be right there, thanks!” 

He hopped up and raced to the entryway of the dorm. They all gave each other curious looks. Not a moment later, he was back, carrying four large pizza boxes. 

“Ohmygodyoualreadyorderedfoodohmygodiloveyou,” Mina said breathlessly. He laughed.

“While you guys were too busy smooching each other, I figured I should order dinner, otherwise we’d probably never remember.” 

“What kind did you get?” Jirou asked. He opened the boxes to reveal one cheese, one pepperoni, one veggie (to which both Mina and Jirou let out an excited squeal), and gave Bakugo a wink as he revealed a pepperoni and ham pizza. 

“Of course you like the cursed stuff,” he said. 

“Shut up, it’s good,” Bakugo said, swiping a piece. The others also began grabbing slices, the game of truth or dare long forgotten. Sero ended up putting on A Night Before Christmas and none of them complained as they watched the classic. At one point a food fight broke out, and soon they were all on the floor, stuffed to the brim, movie credits in the background. 

“Ah, this was fun,” Jirou yawned. “Oh yeah, before I forget.” She tugged out her wallet. “How much do I owe ya?” she asked Sero. The others also began reaching for their money, but he held up his hand. 

“No, no it’s on me,” he said.

“Wha-? No! Dude!” Denki protested. 

“It’s on me,” he said. “I just, I love you guys and I’m really gonna miss you. I’m gonna miss this… like a lot. With graduation coming up, I just…it’s gonna suck, I just, you guys have each other, but all I have is you guys, and I’m really gonna miss you, fuck, I know I already said that, but I really am gonna miss you…” he wiped at his eyes. 

Looks were exchanged before everyone, Bakugo and Shinsou included, launched themselves at Sero, glomping him in a giant group hug. 

Bakugo huffed.“Fucking fine, I guess I can survive another one of these.”. 

“Yeah dude, we’re always gonna have each other, even after graduation!” Denki chimed.

Kirishima raised his fist. “I’ll be damned before I let us go even a week without meeting up!”

“If I don’t get a good morning text from you every morning, heads will roll!” Mina added. 

Jirou nodded her head. “If I don’t get a good morning call, I’m gonna be late to everything, so like, you can’t let that happen!”. 

“Denki will pout if you don’t facetime at least once every two days so please remember to call,” Shinsou said. 

Sero laughed. “And here I thought Bakugo was a tsundere.”

“Shut up, don’t make me take it back,” Bakugo said. They all laughed, but soon fell quiet as they processed that this really was their last Christmas together. A melancholy ache settled upon them. Even Bakugo wasn’t too fond of the idea of not having these guys close to him anymore.

“Dude, wanna like, move in together?” 

They looked over at Denki. Shinsou frowned. 

“Excuse me?” 

“No, not like that! Not just Sero. All of us! We could all rent a really nice big house, and each couple has their own room, and Sero could have a nice room all to himself which we’d totally be jealous of sometimes, and we’d split the rent and groceries and all that! That way, even when we’re busy, we still can be near each other. We don’t have to separate at all!” 

“Holy fuck Shinsou, you were right. He’s really not as dumb as he seems sometimes,” Kirishima said. Denki stuck his tongue out. 

“No, but think about it. It’s super expensive to live on your own, we’re emerging heroes, and it would be so much easier to just like, live together!” he said. 

“Holy shit, I’m actually really digging this idea!” Mina said, wriggling her body with excitement. “We’d have to find a house with at least two bathrooms though.” 

“I want a full-size kitchen,” Bakugo added.

“Ooh, a workout room!” 

“A nice big living room!” 

“A nice backyard too!” 

“Guys,” Sero said, “Are we really doing this?” 

They all shared excited looks before looking back down at the raven-haired man that was somehow okay with all of them on top of him like this. 


His smile was blinding. 


One Year Later


[Bakusquad and Bakugo no longer has us on mute!!]


Mina (15:30): Jirou and I have acquired the cake! 


Shinsou (15:32): The tree’s all set! 


Denki (15:32): OMW home now! 


Kirishima (15:34): I’m with Denki!!! 


Bakugo (15:35): You fuckers better be home in time for dinner! 


Jirou (15:35): Don’t worry Bakubro, no one’s gonna miss your special dinner - you’ve only been raving about it for the past month now xD


Sero (15:36): In his defense, I did feed you guys cheap pizza last year 


Bakugo (15:37): Shut up tape dispenser, it was the best fucking pizza now hurry up and finish wrapping your gifts and come join Shinsou and me out in the kitchen


Sero (15:37): *sniff* Bakubro, you’ve grown so much. Just look at you inviting me out! 


Bakugo (15:38): ...the kitchen is literally five steps away from your door!


Sero (15:38): Shut up let me have this! 


Denki (15:39): LMFAO


Kirishima (15:40): Ah! I see Mina and Jirou! 


Jirou (15:41): We see you! 


Shinsou (15:42): Can you guys stop yelling in the middle of the driveway? Just get in here and warm up already! 


Mina (15:43): Coming!!!

Mina is offline

Jirou is offline

Kirishima is offline

Denki is offline

Shinsou is offline

Bakugo is offline 


Sero (15:44): too 

Bakugo is online 


Bakugo (15:45): Good 


Sero (15:45): :3 

Bakugo is offline

Sero is offline

~~The End~~