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An Incomplete Record of Correspondence Between The Magnificent, Unbiased, Genius Author Han Su-yeong and The Jackass Who Dares to Edit Her Work

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For Editing Services

This exclusive agreement is between Han Su-Yeong (Gap) and Yu Jung-Hyeok (Eul) and concerns the following manuscript:

Working title:

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint


Han Su-Yeong, with contributions made in part by Kim Dokja, Yu Sang-Ah, Shin Yu-Seung, Jeong Hui-Won, Yi Hyeon-Seong, Yi Su-Gyeong, Yi Ji-Hye, Yi Gil-Yeong, Jang Ha-Yeong, Uriel, etc. etc. 



Description of manuscript:

An account of a stupidly selfish, self-sacrificing reader who is going to read my fucking story if it’s the last thing he does, lovingly rendered in breathtaking prose.  


The Editor agrees to do the following on the manuscript: only as much substantive editing as deemed necessary by Han Su-Yeong, only as much line editing as deemed necessary by Han Su-Yeong, and only as much copy editing of the full manuscript as deemed necessary by Han Su-Yeong. 

[Remainder of Document Omitted]


[Your Incarnation is commenting on the manuscript you have written.]


Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Is this necessary? 

Document Owner: Ya ofc

Document Owner: you want legal to kick my ass? copyright is a dangerous game

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: This is the most open-access an intellectual property could possibly be. 

Document Owner: and your point?

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Fine. Supposing this is a document prepared in good faith, why did you give up halfway through listing the contributors?

Document Owner: I listed p much anyone who gave up a fable and the rest are like research consultants so it’s whatevs

Document Owner: not like we have an acknowledgements page 

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: The contract is solely to torment me.

Document Owner: sign it or don’t

Document Owner: we have a standing overlord contract anyway 

[Constellation, ‘Architect of The False Last Act’ is Laughing at Her Incarnation]

Document Owner: ggwp 



Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Why is so much of the story devoted to ridiculing Kim Dokja for his appearance?

Document Owner: realism? The story has to be as close as possible to reality if we want our dear idiot back

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Biyoo resembles him. 

Document Owner: oof

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Neither of them are ugly. 

Document Owner: one of them only makes incomprehensible noises and hasn’t seen a hairbrush since birth. the other is a baby dokkaebi 

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: I’m making substantive edits. 

Document Owner: HEY

Document Owner: it’s for personal catharsis okay? he deserves to be taken down a peg

Document Owner: also the man might not be ugly but he’s solidly unremarkable even without being actively censored 

Document Owner: flavorless porridge. yakult. plain tofu. there’s nothing there

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: You are a lesbian.

Document Owner: which makes me unbiased

Document Owner: and therefore right

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: That is not how bias works.

Document Owner: you would say that

Document Owner: bet you like yakult too

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: This is irrelevant to our discussion. I have made several suggestions for line-edits, especially in the most recent chapter. 

Document Owner: suuuuuuuuure

Document Owner: lemme give it a look 


Document Owner: I think it might seriously kill you to leave my wordplay alone

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: I leave most of it alone. I only point out when it’s impeding or overshadowing the meaning you want to get across. 

Document Owner: and what meaning is that wise guy 

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: You are not a subtle author. Pretending otherwise doesn’t suit you.  

Document Owner: big talk from the jackass I wrote into existence

Document Owner: btw the comments I got praising my ‘subtlety’ have a higher combined word count than this manuscript

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Your work might be subtle. Its intent is not. 

Document Owner: the second you come back I’m gonna attack you. immediate impact. fist to throat

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: It will be hard to manage that after I’ve killed you.

Document Owner: ^_^ ㅗ



Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Who contributed fables for the realization of fate?

Document Owner: connected the dots, huh

Document Owner: when didya start backreading

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Shortly after departing.

Document Owner: and you’re only asking now?????

Document Owner: you know you have preternatural patience right

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Should I thank you for that?

Document Owner: fuck no

Document Owner: if you wanted to cash that in you should have done it for approx 50 years in dear old Kaizenix


Document Owner: was hoping you’d take that bait

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: I’ve been told I’m preternaturally patient. 

Document Owner: I hate you

Document Owner: I know what you’re actually asking and yes, everything about the prophecy is true. straight from the comatose man’s fable. plus his mom, Yu Sang-Ah, and me if that counts for anything

Document Owner: so. make of that what you will. and leave me out of it

Document Owner: though I guess congratulations might be in order. or condolences

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: I am familiar with his love by now, but thank you. 

[Constellation, ‘Architect of The False Last Act’ is retching.]

Document Owner: okay! what the fuck! 

Document Owner: what was the point of this conversation then!

Document Owner: goodnight! don’t talk to me! go traumatize some other webnovel author sentient crystal transcendent spirit or whatever the fuck as long as You! Are! Not! Talking! To! Me! BYEEEEEE



Document Owner: your sister’s training to break your legs

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Good.

Document Owner: you are so fucked up

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Mm. As is the line on page 35 of chapter 386. 

Document Owner: i hate you

Document Owner: never speak to me again


Document Owner: what’s wrong with it


[Your Incarnation is highlighting a passage of the manuscript you have written.]


“Someone might think you’ve regressed ten thousand times if they hear you.”

“In some other universe, that might have happened already.”

“….Didn’t know you could say stuff like that,” smirked Han Soo-yeong, and she shifted her eyes back to Kim Dokja in the distance.


Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: ‘Smirked’ isn’t an appropriate dialogue tag, even when you’re describing yourself.

Document Owner: and what of it

Document Owner: it helps set a specific tone

Document Owner: considering your cheerful little quip right before that line, leaving out the smirk makes it sound like talking to you was so depressing that I had to seek reassurance from Kim Dokja 

Document Owner: not that that would do anything but remind me that i was sandwiched between sentient tragedies

Document Owner: anyway the smirk’s vital to show that we were joking and i wasn’t feeling profound pity for your… everything about you

Document Owner: I mean, really, is that what you want? people reading about you and going wow this sad sack is so tragic even a ruthless villain like Han Soo-Yeong felt some ember of pity in the ashes of her hollow ruin of a heart????

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: I don’t care. 

Document Owner: YOU HAD BETTER CARE 

Document Owner: YOU!!! ARE!!! MY!!! EDITOR!!!!!


Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Readers will have inaccurate perceptions of me regardless. 

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Neither of what makes us whole can be fully conveyed in this story. 

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: All that we can do is publish something that Kim Dokja can recognize. 

Document Owner: ...ugh

Document Owner: I’m leaving the dialogue tag as-is

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Fine.

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: I took the liberty of correcting several typos in the most recent chapter.

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Stop writing past midnight.

Document Owner: that’s when I do my best work

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Evidence suggests otherwise.

Document Owner:  ^_^ ㅗ

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: You might produce stronger work if you were well-rested.

Document Owner:  I’m a college professor

Document Owner:  I’m never rested

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: You have poor time management skills. 

Document Owner: ya I’m not taking that from you actually 1864-nim


Document Owner: sorry

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Taking the group regression into consideration would make it 1865. 

Document Owner: Yu Jung-Hyeok… how long have you been


[Error has occurred in the ‘Cloud System’!]

[Due to the storm of Probability’s aftermath, the Stigma will temporarily shut down.]



[Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok has hidden comment]

[Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok has hidden comment]

[Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok has hidden comment]

[Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok has hidden comment]

[Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok has hidden comment]

Document Owner: =_=????

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: The issue has been fixed. 

Document Owner: ?????

Document Owner: there’s nothing in the version history? 

Document Owner: what did you do


Document Owner: this isn’t your diary you know

Document Owner: if anything, it’s mine

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: More like a collaborative memoir. 

Document Owner: so close! it’s a webnovel. we both lose

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Mm. The kids embellished details in chapter 382. 

Document Owner: what! 

Document Owner: nuh-uh, nope, I triple-checked that bit with Shin Yu-Seung

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: But neither of us can verify it. 

Document Owner: whatever 

Document Owner: you know how sincere that kid is

Document Owner: she’s even harsher on the other two than I am

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Fool.

Document Owner: I don’t know what you want from me jackass 

Document Owner: we’re not omniscient

Document Owner: there are some things we don’t know about

Document Owner: so sue me if I take Shin Yu-Seung at her word re: what needs to go in the story or not

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Is that so?

Document Owner: ???????


Document Owner: oh fuck off



Document Owner: look

Document Owner: I get it

Document Owner: you can barely manage a complex sentence in the best of times, so you resent anyone at my caliber of eloquence

Document Owner: understandable

Document Owner: but would it kill you to go a single hour without wrestling my work onto your bloodsoaked chopping block and sentencing it to death by a thousand fucking cuts

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: You’re striving for accuracy.

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: I’m helping.

Document Owner: the hell you are

Document Owner: you cut out at least seven plot threads from this chapter

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: None of which Kim Dokja noticed or would have noticed.

Document Owner: now i know this might be hard to wrap your mind around

Document Owner: but there’s this innovative little literary device that’s getting popular recently

Document Owner: called “foreshadowing” 

Document Owner: and if it isn’t present from the beginning

Document Owner: later revelations are considered “bugs” or “plotholes” or “the author being an idiot” or “betraying the reader’s expectations”

Document Owner: never question me again 

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Fine.

Document Owner: oho? ohoho??

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: I was answering your defensive appeal.

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Your choices will always be questioned when your intent is unclear. 

Document Owner: HA

Document Owner: maybe look in a mirror sometime. should be a revelation



Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Is there any reason for describing my appearance this often?

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Or with this amount of figurative language?

Document Owner: NOT my fault, NOT my choice, NOT my preference take any issue up with the source of the stupid fable fragments leaking all over the ward 

Document Owner: that said ya ofc it serves a purpose

Document Owner: fanservice 

Document Owner: besides didn’t you say you didn’t care how readers perceived you or whatever the fuck like who cares

Document Owner: not like we’re selling merch

Document Owner: you probably traumatized those poor webnovelists enough that they won’t dare to let the body pillow market take off anyway

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: I’m making substantive edits.

Document Owner: HOLD ON

Document Owner: we’re making this as authentic as possible and that includes Kim Dokja’s stomach-churning odes to your jawline and glittering orbs that take on all the sadness of the world etc etc 

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: And the descriptions of Yu Sang-Ah?

Document Owner: fuck off


Document Owner: fanservice is as fanservice does whaddaya want from me an interview??? a medal????

Document Owner: you’ve seen how ppl lose their minds over her she’s the classic heroine 

Document Owner: sincerity and patience and kindness oozing all over the place 

Document Owner: readers eat that shit up

[Document Owner has withdrawn a comment]

Document Owner: this is why Yi Hyeon-Seong thinks the sheer ABSTRACT CONCEPT of anything more intimate than a handshake pisses you off 

[Your Incarnation is revising the manuscript you have written.]

Document Owner: HEY

[Constellation, ‘Architect of the False Last Act’, has revised the latest file.]

[Constellation, ‘Architect of the False Last Act’, has temporarily locked the file.]



Document Owner: Yu Jung-Hyeok

Document Owner: what do you want, after this?

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Not sure yet. 

Document Owner: huh

Document Owner: well

Document Owner: let me know when you figure it out

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: Thank you. I will not. 

Document Owner: ㅗ



Document Owner: i can understand what you’re saying abt the abrupt transition but it’s literally what happened

Document Owner: + it’s good to have tension and release 

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: It breaks the atmosphere.

Document Owner: when has Kim Dokja ever once let us keep a good atmosphere going

Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok: I don’t like it.

Document Owner: me neither

Document Owner: why do you think we’re doing this

Document Owner: gotta file our complaints directly with the idiot responsible



[Stigma, ‘Cloud System’, has ceased to function.]


Document Owner: you better not ruin my ending with your utilitarian fucking prose (COMMENT FAILED TO POST)  

Document Owner: he needs to want to read it (COMMENT FAILED TO POST)

Document Owner: don’t choke at the last second (COMMENT FAILED TO POST)


Document Owner: your sister’s really looking forward to breaking your legs  (COMMENT FAILED TO POST)

Document Owner: and you owe the rest of us dinner (COMMENT FAILED TO POST)

Document Owner: so finish up and get your ass back here (COMMENT FAILED TO POST)


Document Owner: I really hope you know what you’re doing (COMMENT FAILED TO POST)

Document Owner: and that whatever you’re doing isn’t stupid (COMMENT FAILED TO POST)

Document Owner: but maybe that part’s too much to ask for (COMMENT FAILED TO POST)




For Editing Services

This exclusive agreement is between Yu Jung-Hyeok (“Editor”) and Han Su-Yeong (“Client”) and concerns the following manuscript:

Working title:

I Won’t Let This Protagonist Retire!


Han Su-yeong


230 Chapters (Main Text) + 7 Chapters (Extras)

Description of manuscript:



Living through the same story over and over again has taught Pak Jae-Hee two things:

  1. Protagonists have to suffer for longer than anyone else.
  2. Extras barely exist long enough to suffer.

Isn’t being cannon fodder great, then? She gets to grow up in luxury, the audience knows her name, and all she has to do is invite death once every twenty-three years! No need to orchestrate revenge or endure arc after arc of misunderstandings and ridicule. No need to rise from the ashes! 

Pak Jae-Hee is completely satisfied with her role:  show the proper amount of disdain for the protagonist and die in an appropriately eye-searing fashion.

There’s just one problem: the protagonist is tired of this story, and she wants Pak Jae-Hee to help her end it. 


The Editor agrees to do the following on the manuscript: keeping the unedited copy away from Kim Dokja, Kim Biyoo, Yi Ji-Hye, and Yi Gil-Yeong until the final manuscript has been submitted for publication, as much substantive editing as deemed necessary by Han Su-Yeong, as much line editing as deemed necessary by Han Su-Yeong, and as much copy editing of the full manuscript as deemed necessary by Han Su-Yeong. 

[Remainder of Document Omitted]