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[Podfic] About A Pie

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length: 30:43

stream or download mp3 here

This story strings together a lot of the tiny canon details we get about Holt/Kevin ("Kevin's parents are huge homophobes," the Honorable Laverne Holt and family, and an English walnut pie from the Cottage Inn in Saratoga Springs).

Intro/outro song is You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart by the Eurythmics. This came from a throwaway (canon) joke about there being an Annie Lennox cassette stuck in Gertie's tape player, and while this is technically not an Annie solo song/album, I fell in love with it for this moment.

Many thanks to akikotree who encouraged me to record my own stuff, the folks who helped with the original fic (glorious_clio for beta-ing and pandamug for the world in which this fic exists), and all of Kevin/Holt tumblr.

This felt like a good thing to put out there this Christmas! If you'd like to chat, you can find me at Other contact info in my ao3 profile.

Thanks for listening!