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My Perfect Warrior

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You're supposed to run the other way when you see your impending doom, flee from the ultimate destruction of your soul. If she was someone else, anyone else, that is exactly what she would've done. She was destined to be born into this body, destined to enter this world as Vaas' sister. Her life was already planned out, and everything that happened, happened to lead to this very moment. If there was something she could've done to change things, it was too late now. 

There was no point in running away from her fate. 

The temple she once called home became a foreign land to her. When she stood before the stone doors, all courage abandoned her. 

Look in my safe, you will know the code.

Those words pushed her onward. What she wanted and what she felt didn't matter anymore. There was a time when she had a choice, but that time is over. Vaas told her to look in the safe, and she will, she must. She had to and if she didn't she will live on with no closure. Restless forever. 

Victims of the war took refuge inside, as if the walls could protect them from death. She sees them, and she is reflected in their eyes, to scared, cowering from their doom. How once she walked with such pride in this temple... how wrong she was. She wasn't some Warrior Goddess. No great being. She was just one of the masses, her existence in this life but puny and insignificant. 

Rakyat warriors rushed up to her, telling her of the death of all the generals and the rebels advancing closer to the temple, but their words fell on deaf ears. Nothing they say can stop her from reaching the safe. It was all too soon when she entered Vaas' room. It came as no surprise to see the safe placed at the edge of the bed, as if it were expecting her.

With her thumb, the numbers on the lock clicked up and down. 1-9-9-6. The year Vaas lost someone that shouldn't have been taken from him. 

Breathing in to calm her nerves, Citra opened the safe. 

There was small trinkets inside, including the beautiful feather from a boy with glitter for a heart. It was the folded up paper at the very bottom that caught her attention. She picked it up gently, and unfolded it. 


The day when I told you what happened to your mother, I was glad when you said you were fine when I asked you if you were ok. I knew you were not, but I was a coward, and I am ashamed. I could not tell you the truth, even now I cannot. But I hope writing this I will someday find the courage to face my demons and receive my judgment, even if it meant losing you. 

It is my fault your mother is dead. My love for her killed her. I loved her so much. But your mother was a free spirit. The world beyond this island fascinated her, and she always wanted to run away. I think.. she hoped to find something out there that this island could not give her. The d ay your father came with the missionaries, they came with hatred in their hearts. They slaughtered our people, but your father turned against them, and helped us. He became part of the Rakyat, and I considered him my brother. Your mother fell in love with him, but I could not give her up, and neither could she.

I should have stopped but love is powerful. It makes people do things they know are wrong. The first child she birthed belonged to Anaru. The second child, you, Citra, you are mine. You are my child. Your mother was driven mad from the guilt over her betrayal. Know this Citra, your mother never hated you. She hated herself, and I couldn't save her. I didn't know how. 

I told your brother the truth, he deserved to know that much and his hatred for me did not break me the same way it would if you knew. He might blame you for your mother's death, but he is angry Citra, and when people are angry they say and do things they don't mean. You two have to stick together. Do not forget you are family. They are the only people who will love you the most. Keep him close, protect each other. He will need you as much as you will need him.

I was content watching you grow up, and I was happy to be able to be close to you even if not as your father. I am so proud of you. You have potential inside you to become the person I wasn't strong enough to be. I do not deserve your forgiveness, but I will always yearn for it. I love you, Citra. You are a good person. Never forget who you are.

- Tane

How is it a simple paper with words on it could destroy Citra's life? She collapsed, pressing the note to her chest, as if she pressed hard enough those words would seep into her heart. 

so proud of you-

strong enough to be-

potential inside you-

I love you, Citra. Never forget who you are. 

A ragged scream filled with so much pain and torment tore from her throat. IT'S OVER! IT'S OVER!

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" She cried, sobbing so hard she felt like she was going to throw up. She's failed. She never became the person Tane believed her to be. LOOK AT HER. LOOK AT WHAT SHE HAS DONE. 

"I killed you!" She wailed, her nails digging into her skin. She killed her own father! She murdered the only person in the world that believed in her! And for what?! For- for her grandiose delusions of happiness?!  

told your brother the truth-

deserved to know-

With a startling jolt, Citra realized Vaas knew. He knew he knew he knewheknew- He knew and he didn't stop! He knew Tane was her father and he killed him anyways. How- how could he? Her father, her own father!

blame you-

he is angry-

they say and do things they don't mean-

"I left.. because I did something.. something wrong and I can't- I couldn't bear to watch you hate me."

Citra wanted so badly to throw all her rage on Vaas, but she couldn't. Because Citra killed his mother, so Vaas killed her father. And she- and she couldn't hate him for that. The only thing she felt for Vaas was the stinging knowledge that he. Is. Gone.

Is that all she can do? Is this what she was born to do? Hurt the people she loves?

Tane was wrong. She's not a good person.


All her life, wasted! MEANINGLESS! Everyone she loves is gone! She has nobody!

The odds were staked against her from the start. She was never meant to win. She was destined to lose.

It felt like her entire being was shattering into pieces. This pain she was feeling was overwhelming, it was suffocating her! She screeched in despair, clawing at her head, face arms, leaving angry red marks. In a fit of hysteria, Citra stormed into her room and began throwing anything she can get her hands on at the wall, and when that wasn't enough she started punching the wall until her knuckles made sick crunching sounds. 

The reflection of herself in the mirror caught her attention. Look at her! LOOK AT WHO SHE HAS BECOME! She can't bear to see herself. It disgusted her, made her even more angry and sad. The person in the mirror is a stranger, a repulsive monster! SHE HATED THIS BODY! She couldn't stand it and in her rage she punched the mirror, smashing it to pieces.

Taking a shard of glass, she hacked off all her hair but she didn't stop there. It was a blur, but when she was done, the person in the mirror finally looked like her, with cuts all over her face, arms, thighs, everywhere! Blood! Blood so much blood. It was painful to move, but she relished in it. Smiled so wide, the slices on her face burned!

Loud booms shook the ground, gunfire erupting outside. Numbly, Citra grabbed the purple desert eagle from the table and went outside. As if in a dream, she walked outside into a warzone. From the peak of the dais, she could see fire blazing as trees burned, smoke curling into the night. The entrance of the temple had been struck, the rebels knocking at the doors with bullets. 

This is the end. 

There is nothing left anyone can do to change that. 

It's judgement day.

"And in those days people will seek death and will not find it. They will long to die, but death will flee from them." A voice said from behind her. Citra whipped around, pointing the gun at the intruder. Nothing could prepare her when she saw who it was. 

"Above all, a living being seeks to discharge its strength. Life itself... is will to power." Yalung said, pulling down a cloth that covered the lower half of her face. 

Citra shook her head in disbelief. She must be hallucinating. "Are you fake, too? Have you come to haunt me demon?"

Even without her mask, Yalung's face betrayed no emotion. Maybe her face is the mask. "I am as real as death." The demon took a step forward and Citra moved back in fright

"I killed you!" She yelled. "I saw you die!"

"NOBODY kills me!" Yalung bellowed, "Nobody!" She advanced frighteningly so that Citra shot her, making sure to hold the powerful gun with both hands this time. Yalung halted and cocked her head, looking down at where the bullet pierced her chest. Then, to Citra's growing horror, the demon's eyes bleed a bright yellow, and she continued her advancement, shrugging off the bullet wound like it was nothing. Complete and utter terror filled Citra to the very core, and she shot the demon two more times but Yalung kept coming!

It can't be possible! She thought. Yalung must be wearing a bullet proof vest! She just had to be! 

Citra screamed when Yalung twisted her arm, and with a mighty push, shoved her away. She tumbled but caught herself from falling. Yalung held the gun know, and aimed it at the native.

Citra was mistaken. Yalung wasn't a demon. She was death, and death is pointing its bony finger at its next victim. 

Her eyes widened with fear because despite it all, she was scared to die. Yalung sees this.

"I'm not going to kill you." The demon turned her head and looked at something in the distance. "It is not me who determines your fate." 

Citra followed her gaze. From the night sky, a black airplane materialized from the darkness. It flew through the air like an angry beast, suddenly dipping downwards toward earth. Her jaw dropped when the plane crashed into the doors of the temple, destroying it and everything with it. Fire lit up everywhere from the destruction, revealing someone floating away in a parachute.

And she knew only of one person who can fly a plane. 

Citra couldn't believe it. Riley crashed an airplane into the temple doors. 

he's coming for you. Dennis' words surfaced up into her mind and she didn't feel the chill of it till now. She was so distracted with Riley crashing an airplane that she temporarily forgot about Yalung until the demon spoke again. 

"What happened to the child?"

She blinked, "I killed it... Why do you care?"

"It should be the choice of its creator to live or not. My mother was never given that choice. I was at the mercy of a man who had every right to kill me, but instead he spared me, and for that I am indebted to him." Yalung lowered the gun, running gloved fingers over it almost possessively. "I cannot say what you have done is the right thing. It doesn't have to be right or wrong. It is simply survival. I live in a world where it is kill or be killed. Now you do, too." 

"They say you are sick." Citra uttered. 

"We're all sick." The demon replied darkly, bitterly. "There is a disease in this world, and the people who are infected must die so the innocent will live." 

"I don't understand." She frowned, trying to make sense of everything. "They said they found your body. Why would the agent lie to us?" 

Yalung's eyes flashed dangerously, "When the people panic, they flee. They spread. It is better for the masses to remain ignorant. Ignorance is bliss, and no one will try to escape the island."

Citra bit her lip. There was one more thing that still bothered her. "Why?" She began, "Why did you really help me. Before I betrayed you. Why did you want to help a bunch of savages. You knew one way or another we cannot run a business. It was bound to fail."

There it was again. That calculating look on Yalung's face, determining what to say and not to say. "The Privateers would align themselves with Kyrat's king. If I got rid of that opportunity, it is one ally down, decreasing the strength of the Royal Army, even if by a little."

"You would betray your own King?" Citra said, confused.

"I have no King. My allegiance is to myself." Yalung stated. "The Royal Army and the Golden Path have the disease. They spill the land with the blood of the innocents. They all must die." 

"Must they?" She whispered, gunfire and screams filling the night sky. Death was approaching like a mad god, sweeping everyone under his black cloak, whisking them away into eternity. She looked Yalung in the eye, wide with dread. "I am scared to die, yet I cannot live anymore. Will there be something waiting for me in the after life, or will there be nothing but emptiness? If emptiness awaits me, then all that I have done in my life does not matter. What is the point of good and evil when judgment is only an illusion." 

"Is judgment of yourself an illusion?" Yalung asked, "No one but you can decide that." 

Citra's eyes watered with tears, "Then I deserve death, and I cannot run away." 

"If that is your decision." Yalung cocked her head, as if something caught her attention. "My mask. I can hear it calling to me." The demon moved swiftly to the entrance of the inner temple, but didn't enter. She turned around and said, "One more thing."

Citra gasped when a bullet entered her shoulder, close to her heart.

"Get used to the taste of bullets." Yalung put the gun away, her eyes gleaming a bright yellow. "It's survival of the fittest out here. Welcome to the top of the food chain."

The demon vanished inside, and Citra had a feeling this would be the last time seeing her. If there will be a next time, it would end in death. Grunting, she dug into her flesh with shaky fingers, and took out the bullet, throwing it away afterwards. Gunfire draws her attention, reminding her of the battle taking place not too far away. Staggering to her feet, Citra knows he is coming. Riley is coming. She can't seem him, but he's somewhere in the battle, fighting and breaking through to get to her. He wants revenge, and she won't deny him that. 

He's the hero in this play, and she's the villain. They are just actors on a stage, filling in the roles of previous fools, ready to be replaced with their successors. An endless cycle.

So let him come. She is ready to face oblivion.

Citra waits for him at the very end of the temple. The ocean is strangely calm, indifferent to the suffering of so many people. Why should it care? It has been in this world longer, and it will continue existing even when they stop. 

One time, long ago, Citra saw a dog get run over. The wheel hit its head, and she thought it had to be dead. But as it laid there dying, the dog's legs kept moving, as if it wanted to keep running. It struggled to keep living. That day Citra learned that there was nothing she could have done to save it. It was beyond her. 

Citra cannot save herself. It is beyond her now. 

Here he comes, she can feel it. When she turns around, Riley is there. He looks ages older than the last time they have met, his once soft eyes now hardened. Just like his brother's. Under his watch, she feels a shame so deep that it made her want to hide from it. Hide from the boy who she wronged so much.

"Are you going to kill me, Riley?"

Why did she do all those evil things? What did it accomplish in the end. Pain? Suffering? The loss of innocence? She took away the life he deserved. She is a monster. 

She does not deserve mercy. She does not deserve to beg. All she can do is accept it. 

Citra took out the Silver Dragon knife, and approached him. Riley tensed; she doesn't blame him. Slowly to not startle him, Citra placed the knife in his hand, and raised it to her chest. 

There is a war battling inside him, she can see it in his eyes. The anger, the hatred. She wants to tell him it's OK. She wants to say sorry, fall to her knees and tell him she is so, so sorry. But the villain never apologizes. That would take away the purpose of the hero. 

Riley shook his head, and threw the knife away. "It's over, Citra." 

Shaking, Citra stepped back in disbelief.

No. No.

"No!" She picked up the knife and tried giving it back to Riley but he refused to take it.

No! no no no! This can't be it! He can't do this to her!

"Kill me!" She screamed, "You've won! KILL ME!" 

But Riley does nothing, and that is the worst thing he can do to her. "I'm not going to kill you Citra. This isn't some game.. We are not some- some characters in a video game. I didn't win anything. I won't.. win anything killing you. I-" His voice faltered, but he is not uncertain. "I'm not Jason." 

Citra realizes her mistake. How foolish of her... to ever think Riley would stoop down to her level. He is better than that. So much better than that.

There was nothing she could do but drop the knife, and curl up against the slab of stone, silent tears running down her face. "Why.. why won't you kill me? I- I killed your brother. I killed Jason. I lied, he is dead."

"I know." Riley said, surprising her. "Dennis told me everything when you sent him." Pain flashed across his face, "I.. wanted so.. so bad to kill you when I found out." His fingers curled up into fists. "He was my brother, and I wanted to avenge him. I wanted revenge. I didn't realize I was only trying to keep who he used to be alive. I refused.. to accept the truth. That the Jason I knew is gone. It wasn't my brother anymore who killed our friends."

"It hurt. I thought I did something wrong. We were family, brothers." Riley's voice wavered, "I know what he felt... killing, all this death and chaos. It felt good to release my anger. It felt great. I felt strong, invincible. Free. But it's not who I am. I won't let this, this anger consume me."

"I'm sorry, Citra. I'm sorry about your brother." She breaks inside when she sees true sympathy in his eyes. Real compassion. "The only way to let go of this hatred, is to forgive you." He blinked, tears in his eyes. "I forgive you."

A choked sob left her lips. How is it possible... for one person to hold so much goodness in their heart. This young boy who had everything taken from him, experienced so much pain and torture. The boy whom the jungle could not break. And here he is, forgiving her. Forgiving her. Riley is, and will always be, the person she dreamed of being. But where she failed, he succeeded.

He is wrong. Riley won the best prize of all. Being a good person, a better person.

That was all she wanted. To be.. a good person.

Citra hid her face in shame. She did not deserve to be looked at from him. She did not deserve anything from him. Especially his forgiveness. 

A loud boom shook the ground. She forgot they were in the middle of a battle. 

"Citra, you have to go. They're coming for you. They will kill you." Riley said, and there was actual worry in his voice. How can he be worried about her? He reached out with his hand to touch her shoulder but she jerked away. 

"NO!" He can't touch her, she won't let him. She won't let her evilness stain him. "Leave! Leave me alone!" As she says it now, she finds it ironic. All her life she feared being alone, being abandoned. And now she's demanding for it. "My brother is dead." She was so scared of losing Vaas, that she drove him away. "Everyone I care about are gone. Everything is meaningless without them. Please... leave me alone. Just leave me alone." 

"Citra," Riley took a step to her.

"Go!" She screamed.

Citra curls into a ball and blocks out the world. She can't move, can't breath, can't think. This overwhelming sorrow numbs her. She cries out for comfort. Cries out for Tane, Vaas, anyone but no one comes to save her. She truly is now, all alone. The only person she can blame is herself. 

Someone tapped her shoulder, and Citra looked to see who it was. Her handmaidens stood silent, and one of them bent down and gave her a sack. Confused, Citra opened it to see what was inside. Her tears ceased, and she forced herself to stand up. She looked at her handmaidens in a new light. 

"Was he real?" 

They didn't answer her, and she knew, it was only for her to decide.

Into the darkness, Citra fled.

The trek up the mountain was long. When she finally reached the top, the sun was rising, lighting up the world into a new day. In the distance, smoke rose from where the temple resided, though she was too far away to see the aftermath. 

Using a shovel, she dug a small grave. She worked in silence, and when she completed her task, she pulled out the objects inside the sack. Vaas' safe is the first to go into the grave, followed by Jason's skull. There is a moment when she does nothing but stare at the things belonging to ghosts.

She had hurt them. Broke them beyond repair. Citra wished she could turn back time, and undo all her mistakes. 

She doesn't cry when she fills the hole with dirt. It's only after, when she lays down and curls on top of the grave, does she let the tears escape. 

When she left, she placed Dennis' glasses on a rock so he can watch the island, his home, forever.

As she walked through the jungle, she sees plants flourishing, animals thriving. Her world has ended, but life goes on anyways. On her path, she scooped down and picked up a tiny green snake that weaved in between her fingers. 

The beach is beautiful today. The sand is warm and the water sparkled like diamonds. It is a shame she never fully appreciated the ocean before. 

"You promise?"

"I promise Citra. Together we'll discover all the secrets in the world. It'll be our adventure. Just you and me."

Walking to the water, she takes out the Silver Dragon knife. It used to hold so much meaning to her. Now... it was just a knife. She flung it done, the blade lodging upright in the sand. Citra stopped right where the waves can still touch her feet. 

He is waiting for her.

" I'll take you far, far away from here."

With two fingers, she grabbed the snakes head, and wrapped its body around her wrist. Nature favors the smaller animals. Such a tiny body, filled with such deadly venom. It is the only thing its got to protect itself in this big, cruel world.

"Don't play with snakes, Citra."

She inches the snakes head to the veins in her wrist, but something stops her.


It is the deep, primal monster inside her demanding to stay alive, but Citra's humanity wins. She doesn't even feel the pinch of its fangs, or the burn of the venom. Her legs give out first. She fell to her knees, and then to her side. The waves crash against her face gently, but she can't feel it. 

you and me I promise

Her eyelids are getting so heavy, and she is so, so tired. 

you and me

Citra is not scared anymore. As the darkness enveloped her, she faced oblivion knowing one thing.

She is free.

Seagulls cawed, followed by the faint sound of music. 




Citra opened her eyes. The first thing that greeted her eyes was white. She stared at it.

Is this oblivion?

She thought the after life would feel... less real. Tangible? 

Blinking, Citra sat up to discover she was on a boat, and the white thing above her was the tarp that shielded her from the sun. The first thing that caught her attention was the bandages wrapped around her arms. She touched her face, expecting to feel cuts, but all she felt was smooth skin. There was a small mirror on the wall, and she used it to see her face. The cuts were still supposed to be fresh, but it looked like faint scars, probably months old.

The next thing she noticed was a man sitting at the wheel. She did not know him. The man wore shades that hid his eyes perfectly, and by the clothes he was wearing, a floral button up with shorts, she assumed he must be a tourist, or looked like one at least. 

"Am I dead?" She asked him. He did not reply, but someone else did.

"Citra!" Riley reached out to touch her but retracted his hand quickly. "Don't, don't strain yourself. Your body must be numb still."

Whatever he was talking about flew over her head. The only thing processing in her mind was that Riley is right there. "Riley?" Her mouth parted in confusion, and she looked between Riley and the unknown man. "I don't- I don't understand." 

Riley ran a hand through his hair, "I know this must be.. weird. It's- it's weird for me, too-"

"I'm dead. I killed myself." She blurted, cutting him off. None of this was making any sense. She raised her hand, flexing her fingers. Is she alive?

Riley frowned, "Yeah, I saw."

Her head snapped up, "You did? How?" 

He bit his lip and looked away, "I followed you after you left the temple. I didn't know you even had a snake with you until you collapsed on the beach." 

"You saved me?" She said, bewildered. There was absolutely no reason for Riley to do that, no reason at all! Has this boy gone mad?! Did he somehow forget who she is? He must have, and when he remembers he will surely kill her- or not. Riley would abandon her in the ocean, that seemed more likely.

"It wasn't me who saved you." He looked at the unknown man, who had been quiet throughout their whole exchange. "He did."

Citra stared at him wearily. "Why did you save me?" 

The man gave no response. 

"He doesn't talk much." Riley said. 

Citra grit her teeth, and abruptly stood up, walking quickly to the edge of the boat where she started pacing back and forth, trying to let her mind wrap around things. Riley followed her but kept his distance, standing awkwardly looking unsure of what to say or do himself. "Citra please, stop. You need to lay back down, your body needs to heal. It needs rest."

She stopped her anxious pacing. "Why do you care?" She snapped without any real heat behind it. She was just really distressed. 

"I care because the baby needs to heal, and that's by you getting some rest!" He exploded, and closed his eyes, inhaling and exhaling deeply. "I just want the baby to get better." 

"The baby?" She echoed. 

"Yeah, Jason's baby. Your.. baby." He said the last part uncomfortably. 

Citra felt like she was going to throw up. Being dead sounded real good right now, if only to escape Riley forever. "Riley-" She began, but she never got to finish what she said when suddenly a helicopter passed over them, followed closely by six more. Citra stared wide-eyed as the copters headed straight for the island. 

"What's happening?" She breathed in alarm, running to the edge of the boat. 

"They're quarantining the island." Riley answered, "There's some kind of outbreak. Jack told me about it." He nodded towards the man. "He's ex-spec ops. He heard about what was going on. He's helping us escape detainment." 

Citra frowned, glancing at Jack. "Why would he do that. We might be infected." 

"We're not. The virus, whatever it is has to be injected into your skin." 

"How did you find him?" She asked, watching Jack from the corner of her eye. The man opened a cooler and popped open a cool beer. 

"I didn't. He found us. When he saw you were dying, he sucked out the venom and took you back to his boat. He then told me all about the outbreak and said he can get us off the island. Well, you. He said he can get you off the island for free. Said something about helping out the fledgling. Anyways, I had to pay."

"With what money?" She asked. 

Riley smiled mischievously, and walked off, coming back with a suitcase. He popped it open, revealing hundred dollar bills that filled the inside of the case. "All this money was lying around in Hoyt's airplane. Erm.." Riley brushed his hair back, "About the airplane.. I'm sorry. I destroyed your temple... that hurt me too, emotionally. I like art history, and I destroyed probably a hundred year old architecture."

Citra stared at Riley intently. All her time with Riley was spent torturing him, so the only emotion she got from him was extreme despair and torment. Seeing this side of him now, it felt surreal. He acted as if she wasn't the person who just killed his brother and put him through so much suffering. It felt wrong to Citra. He should be angry at her, or at least not this- this friendly

What is wrong with him?

"What is wrong with you?" She said out loud, backing away. "I killed your brother. I tortured you. Why are you doing this?"

She doesn't need to specify the question. Riley knows what she is asking. His brows knitted together, "I want the baby. After that, you and I will go our separate ways, I promise."

A pang of pain hit her chest. She placed her hand over her stomach, trying to feel anything in there, but nothing stirred. It's... gone. Citra inhaled shakily, walking away from Riley. She can't tell him... but she has too. But it will hurt him more, maybe even crush him, and she's done enough hurting people. She doesn't want to lie to Riley, but she doesn't want him to know that there is no more baby. That she killed it.

She has to. She has to tell. She turned around, ready to reveal the truth, but she saw the look on his face, and her voice left her. 

Riley blinked away tears, "Please. It's all I have left of him. His baby is my responsibility. I know.. I know he would've wanted me to take care of it." 

"Riley.." But the words get stuck in her throat, refusing to come out. She can't lie to him. There has to be another way... She has to tell the truth. But in his eyes she sees his desperation, and she knows the truth will break him. Maybe this is a sign. Citra was supposed to die, she knows it was her time, but instead she's here, living and facing the boy she has wronged so much. 

She regrets so much, and there's no way to fix what she has done. All the apologies in the world won't be enough to repent her sins done to Riley. The only thing she can do is try. 

Citra will stick with Riley. She will be there for him, and she will try to mend the cracks in his soul for as long as time permits. When Riley will leave her, and he will, either because of the truth of the baby or something else, she will hope he will leave a stronger person.

It's all she can do for the injustice she's done against him. From here on, Citra lives for Riley. She owes him that much. She owes him so much more. 

"Ok." She whispered. It almost kills her when hope filled his eyes. 

"Ok." He repeated.

Citra turned away from. She can't bear to look at him, so she goes to the edge of the boat, gazing at the island she once called home. There is nothing left for her there but painful memories that will haunt her forever. 

She grasped the tooth necklace. It's time to let go. 

Taking it off, Citra let it hang over the water. She didn't become the person Tane believed her to be. But she will try, starting with Riley.

She let the necklace go. It dropped into the water, disappearing from sight. Without it on, it felt like a heavy weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

Citra touched the leaf necklace. He's still waiting for her, and she will come back to him one day. It has always been Vaas and Citra from the beginning, and it will be to the end. 

"I almost forgot. Jack's providing passports, so when we get back to the inland, we'll need new identities. I already have mine. He needs to know yours." Riley said. 

"You're not going home?"

He looked away, "No. I.. I can't. Not yet." 

The island may not have broken him, but it left deep cracks. 

"Citra Montenegro." She said finally. Riley nodded and went back to Jack.

Riley will hate her when he finds out the truth, but she's willing to risk that if it meant taking away the scars she left on him. This is a second chance. She had wasted the first, but she won't this time. She owes it to Jason.

As they sailed into the distance, Citra closed her eyes, listening to the sound of the waves. She is finally leaving the island, and she won't miss it. 

When she opened her eyes, they glowed a bright yellow.