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My Perfect Warrior

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"Did he deserve to die?"

"You pity him?" Citra asked. Vaas laughed, a wide grin spread on his gaunt face.

"Fuck no. Little shit should've known better than messin' with things he didn't understand. It's never a good thing to get sucked into other peoples problems."

"You killed his brother. He wanted revenge. I saw it in his eyes." Citra whispered, a flash of those burning, angry green eyes that promised retribution. "I saw an opportunity. I saw... potential."

"What? You saw potential in a white fuckboy?" Vaas snorted, looking amused but underneath she could see a rage growing. "Is that why you inked him up? Made him one of us? Accepted him? What THE FUCK did he do to deserve that, huh?"

"He helped us! He understood who the true evil was." Citra countered. The two sibling were both tense, like still stars ready to explode any moment. They were locked in a heated staring match, neither one willing to look away first. Vaas looked like he was going to explode, and the bounds around his wrist were stretched thin to its limit. After a while, the tip of his lips flickered in a smile and he relaxed, laying back down casually.

"How did you even get away with it." He asked.

"With what?" Citra too relaxed, though she was ready for an attack if Vaas, gods forbid, somehow got out of his restraints.

"Making him one of us." Vaas said, "The elders, the priests, they would never allow that. You know how they are, fucking old rats wanting to swim in their exclusivity. I think the one thing they hated more than me, is outsiders, and Jason fits the bill."

Citra looked away, "You don't have to worry about the elders. They won't stop you from becoming king."

"You didn't answer my question." Vaas said.

Citra smiled, rubbing the side of her forehead violently. "The.. elders are old. They do not know how the world works anymore. Even I know change is progress for the survival of our tribe. They didn't. I tried to make them see. I tried to make them understand but they just wouldn't listen." Citra stood up and paced the room anxiously. "They wanted to kill Jason. They couldn't see, NONE of them! They were all blind!" She stopped and closed her eyes, breathing in and out deeply.

"You killed them." Vaas said, coming to his own conclusion.

Citra opened her eyes, strangely calm, as if she were in a trance.

"They couldn't see the truth. So I made them see."

Vaas threw his head back and laughed, "I can't believe this! You killed the elders! Man and here I was hoping I could of gotten to them first, but no, it was someone they trusted that stabbed them in the back! Does anyone know about this? I don't think the Rakyat will be happy to hear that their own Queen murdered crusty elder bread."

"I... said it was the pirates who did it." Citra mumbled, plopping back down on the chair, suddenly exhausted.

"Did you really do it for Jason.. or for yourself?" Vaas asked.

Citra shook her head. "No, no I did this all for you." She crawled onto the bed and cupped his cheek. "Everything I have done, was for you.""

"I don't doubt that." Vaas mumbled, "But it's hard to imagine you giving up power to someone else. Did you really kill the elders for Jason, or did you do it to to pave a clear road to leadership. Without the elders, no one is going to stand against you. They're all fucking pussies anyways." 

"I don't want power. It's not mine to have." Citra said, stroking his face gently. "It's all yours. It's your birthright, your destiny to lead us all." 

"And that's killing you." Vaas hissed. "C'mon Citra, I know you. I know you want the title. The leader, the hero, the warrior."

A flicker of anger crossed her face but she replaced it with an unsteady smile. "That's not true."

"Save the bullshit for Jason ok?" He spat, his nostrils flaring. "Even Tane saw it to. Fuck he even encouraged it." His voice lowered, "He always did."

Citra froze at her uncle's name being spoken. There was an empty feeling in her chest, empty yet so deep, like a swallowing vortex.

"Tane knew you were going to be our next great leader. He saw the warrior inside you." She said.

"No." Vaas shook his head, grinning grimly. "He saw it in you." 

"Stop!" Citra cried, jumping to her feet abruptly, pushing the chair back. There were tears in her eyes, and she turned to the window to hide them from his sight. "Stop.."

Silence settled over them. A silence she wished could last a century. This wasn't how she wanted their time together to go. Gods, why can't he just hug her. Hold her and talk about a future together. No more of the past. The past matters not anymore. All that matter is now, right here, them only. Just them, like it was supposed to be. No one else.

"Why did you kill him?"

Citra laughed weakly, a tear slipping down her cheek.

"Because I love you."

The morning after was quiet, everyone asleep with bellies full of wine from last night's feast. Outside in one of the temple's courtyards, Citra and some of her generals sat in a circle discussing war plans and strategies. Dennis cradled a cup of coffee in his hands, muttering about how it was too sunny and missing 'modern' cures for a hangover. Citra paid him no mind, it was the own mans fault he can't control himself. And he did deserve it for being rude to their.. special guest.

"The rebels have taken over two of our beaches bases here, and here." One of the generals pointed at two places on the map laid out on the ground.

"So close to the fishing harbor?" Dennis grumbled, rubbing his eyes.

"I think they have plans to take it." The general said. "Why else would they choose to conquer the bases closest to the harbor."

"So desperate, are they." Citra spoke, "To launch a massive attack on one of our strongest strongholds." 

"They won't be alone." The general said, "Some of our scouts report that not only will the pirates be helping, but also mercenaries, from the south island."

"What?" Dennis gasped, "How is that possible? They couldn't have made it off the island. What happened to our patrols? They should be watching them!"

"Dead." Citra said gravelly, "That is why the rebels took the bases close to the stronghold. They made sure none of our patrols saw the mercenaries leaving the island." How clever, and yet remarkably stupid. No doubt the rebels face constant attacks to just hold down the bases they have conquered. It allows easy passage for the mercenaries onto the island. Three forces, joining together to defeat a bigger evil. Mankind thinks in funny ways, the rebels, the tormented innocents, now working with their tormentor. But she still didn't understand one thing. "How did the rebels get in contact with the mercs?" This wasn't some unplanned alliance. It was strategic, and well thought out.

"Ah!" Dennis snapped his fingers together, "It must be the radio towers."

"I thought you had Jason shut them all off." Citra said.

"Yes.. on that specific channel. The rebels must be using a different frequency to contact the mercenaries."

"Then have all the radio towers destroyed!" Citra demanded.

Dennis bit his lip, "I think they will be expecting that. So even if we do destroy all the towers, they need only one to keep a signal, and that will be close to the shore somewhere, hidden away."

"Then find it, and destroy it." She said. "We send out scouts to search for it, all the way around the island. If it's not there then it must be on one of the three smaller islands."

"Then it must be heavily guarded." A voice spoke, and everyone snapped their heads to the entrance of the courtyard. Citra got up, as well as the others.

"Yalung." She greeted. 

The masked man nodded and stepped aside, revealing Colonel Len. 

Citra frowned. "And Colonel Len." She said with less enthusiasm.

"Heyyy!" Someone said, and from behind Colonel Len, Hurk stepped out, bouncing around like a child while he gazed at his surroundings. "Man oh man, this is so awesome! I always wondered what it looked like inside this place, though I thought there would be more tigers and you know, magical voodoo stuff. Uh though the fake people on sticks back there was a nice touch, really added to the whole 'tribalness'."

"They aren't fake." Dennis said, rubbing his temple.

"Oh..." Hurk muttered, deflating a bit before lighting up. "Hey Tat Sista long time no see!" He went in for a hug but Citra whipped out her knife and held it pointed to his neck. "Oh! Oh! Ok, ok, no hugging, got it. Got it."

Citra sneered. "Who let this buffoon in?" She demanded, sheathing her knife when Hurk backed away.

"I did." Dennis sighed, "Though I'm questioning my decision right now. Hangovers and idiots do not mix."

"Hey bro, I'm just here because you said you guys needed help. And I'm down with helping my buddy Jason with anything. He's done so much for me, I gotta repay him back someway, and this is it. So now in the future he won't come back to me and ask me for my liver or something as payment. Oh wait, I think I'm thinking about the black market here.."

Citra glanced at Dennis in annoyance and the African man sighed.

"Hurk, Jason is-"

"Jason is alive and well and he is truly grateful for your help in taking back our southern island." Citra cut in, giving Dennis a seething side-look. "Unfortunately, he's very busy handling more pressing matters at the moment so he can't be here in person. He would if he could, but I think you understand being the new leader of the Rakyat takes up a lot of his time."

"Oh, uh, do you think I can go see him sometime?" Hurk asked, looking beyond Citra at the huge ominous temple, blocking half of the sun. 

"No." She stated harshly, making it obvious there was no room for further questions. Hurk pursed his lips and nodded disappointingly. Done with Hurk, she addressed the other, more important, guests.

"Yalung, it is good to see you but why did you bring the Colonel? I told you before I don't discuss matters with common soldiers." She said.

"Colonel Len was appointed by General Yuma Lao and Vice Lord Noore Najjar of Kyrat. He is, officially, the man in charge of this excursion."

She raised a brow, and examined the Colonel up and down, not in the slightest impressed by the man who is supposedly in charge.

"Interesting how your leaders chose someone of lower importance to hold power, rather than the ones who seem more competent." Citra said slowly, looking at Yalung. The Colonel looked flustered, but she noticed he would glance at the masked man, and keep his mouth shut.

"I am no one of importance. I posses no position in Kyrat's army." Yalung told her.

Citra smiled. For someone who holds no position of power, Yalung had this command over his comrades. She witnessed this before, during the celebration. When he stepped up to address her. She saw the confusion in the soldiers eyes, even the Colonel looked baffled. They were weary of him. Even... afraid of him?

"Alright then." She said finally and turned to Colonel Len. "Will you join us and discuss war?"

Colonel Len opened his mouth to answer her, but he paused and glanced back at Yalung who showed no sign of acknowledging the Colonel.

"Uh- uh yes. We will." Colonel Len stuttered, regaining his disperse pride.

They sat down, some of her own generals scooting over to make room for three more occupants into the circle.

"Some wine and water for our friends." Citra ordered, and her handmaidens went to fetch it. They came back shortly, and gave it to the newcomers, Yalung as usual placed the water down and didn't touch it again.

Hurk sat next to Yalung, and he kept looking at the masked man in a fixated childlike awe giddy stare. He reached slowly for the mask only to have his hand snatched in a tight grip. 

"Don't." Yalung uttered.

"Ow, ow, ow! Ok, Ok Uncle! Uncle!" Hurk whined, snapping his hand back to his chest when Yalung released it. "Owww, that hurt dude. I just wanted to try it on. You know you look like one of them uh.. assassin people, from the game. You know what I'm talkin' about? Those people who jump in the air, do this whole flying stuff with all these cool weapons 'n shit."

Citra watched the spectacle from where she sat, and marveled at the patience Yalung had for the idiot. She leaned over to Dennis and said, "Tell me again why the American is here?"

"Uh, yeah yes. Hurk!" Dennis called, catching the fat man's attention. "You said you had something that'll help us get onto the southern island undetected?" 

"Damn right I do." Hurk said with a grin. "I managed, by the awesomeness of moi, and some of the monkeys, to get one of Hoyt's military submarines! It still has some missiles in it, too."

"A submarine?" Citra asked, looking to Dennis.

"A warship that can move underwater." He answered.

"How did you manage to steal a submarine from Hoyt?" Dennis questioned, truly curious.

"Oh dude, you do not want to know. A lot of good men- er primates were lost that day. Poor suckers, they just drowned." Hurk said with a far away look. "Oh the sharks, the sharks..." 

"That is good then." Citra said, "We have a way to reach the island now."

"Yeah about that." Hurk scratched the back of his head, "See, I have the submarine.. I just can't move it." 

Citra frowned in confusion. "Why not?"

"Weeelll for starters I totally skipped out on how to use a submarine 101 for dummies, so I have absolutely no idea how to use the bad boy. So I kinda left it just... floating there."

"That can be fixed." Yalung spoke up. "Colonel."

Colonel Len sat up straighter when his name was called and he cleared his throat. "We have men who know how to use a submarine. We can operate it easily. All we need are coordinates of the location and we can go as soon as you want."

"Perfect!" Dennis smiled, " We have a secure passage to the island. Now all we need is a group skilled enough to take out what's left of Hoyt's mercenary army."

"Don't be too hasty for victory." Yalung said, "You mentioned before the radio towers. It is a possibility that when we attack, the mercenaries will send out a distress signal to the rebels for reinforcements."

"Then we bring the Rakyat army to meet these rebels." Citra said.

"On what? Boats?" Yalung asked, "The mercs have heavy artillery, bombs, missiles. Your warriors will be dead before they can even reach shore."

"Then we bring them with the submarine." She said.

"It will take too long for the submarine to go back and forth for that many miles, and the mercs will catch on." He said and Citra huffed.

"Then what do you suggest we do?"

"Destroy the radio towers, like you planned to do." Yalung stated.

"That will take a long time. Time we don't know if we can spare." Dennis said grimly.

Citra pursed her lips and nodded. "No, we can if we do this separately. One team to destroy the radio towers on this island, and the other to find the hidden one on the other three smaller islands."

"I can find the hidden tower." Yalung said. 

Citra nodded, "And we can set out to destroy the towers here." Good, they got a plan that sounds like it might actually work. Citra had no doubt that Yalung can fulfill his duty.

"Hey.." Hurk spoke up, smiling nervously. "This is a great plan n all, but there is one flaw I forgot to mention..." They all waited for him to say what it was he got to say, and he gulped and chuckled. "Well uh, you know about the submarine and all, I uh, left it... near Badtown. At the ports really. Heh, sorry.."

Everyone groaned except for Colonel Len and Yalung. 

"What, what's wrong with this Badtown?" Colonel Len asked.

"It's the main base of the rebels." Dennis groaned, running his hands through his short hair. "Fuck. How are we going to get it now?"

"I will get it." Yalung said, and everyone looked at him in shock. Citra raised a brow, and wondered if this man was suicidal or too confident in his abilities. 

"That's impossible!" Dennis exclaimed, "One man cannot accomplish this task alone. You need an army, or- or-"

Citra raised her hand, silencing Dennis. There was something different about Yalung. She could sense it.

"I didn't know you were so heroic." She said to the masked man, "But heroism gets men killed. Save it for the legends."

"I can do it." Yalung said, and yes this man really is very curious. He doesn't speak to convince her, he speaks with the knowledge that he can do it. 

She smiled, "Quantity doesn't matter. It is the quality of a man that is important. Twenty boars can fight a man and lose, but a tiger is an even match, even if it is alone. And I remember Jason doing impossible things once, and despite our negative hopes he has come back victorious." 

"And look where that has got him." Dennis said, and when he realized what he just said his eyes went wide and he shut his mouth. Citra sent a cold glare at her second in command, her hand twitching to hit him. Dennis glued his sight to the ground, his head hung low. "I am.. sorry."

"We will discuss this later." Citra said quickly, and turned her attention back to Yalung and the rest. "Dennis' been to Badtown before. He knows the area. He can help you find the ports and then Hurk can lead you to where the submarine is."

"I work better alone." Yalung said. 

"Don't worry, it will all be over a two way radio so the rebels can't listen in."

"What about the radio towers?" Colonel Len asked. "When can we destroy them?"

"After we secure the submarine. That is our top priority. If we don't have it, then this whole mission will be for nothing." Citra said. "But about the radio towers, how much C4 do your men have?" 

"Not much, we didn't expect to be fighting a war." Colonel Len confessed. "Not here anyways." 

Citra pursed her lips, "I need an inventory count of what you have, and maybe with ours combined we can destroy all the radio towers at the same time." 

"C4 has a minimal activation range of 4.6 meters. You need men close enough to explode the towers." Yalung informed.

"Then I will have two a men stationed at each tower, all with radios so they know when to explode it." Citra said. This will work, she could already see it happening.

Hurk had his hand raised, and Citra rolled her eyes and waved at him to say whatever dumb thing he has to say.

"Or, you know instead of men we could use monkeys. They're pretty smart you know? Ever seen Planet of the Apes? Ehh, eh yeaah you know what I'm talkin' about." Hurk smiled pointing at Colonel Len who looked helplessly confused. 

Citra truly wanted to know how this buffoon of a man lasted so long on this cruel and brutal island. It has to be solely based on luck, it just had to be.

"When do we start this thing?" Hurk asked excitedly. 

"That depends on the Queen." Yalung said, and even though he wore a mask she knew he was looking at her. What hid underneath, she wondered. Was there a face, or was the mask his face. 

"We need the cover of darkness, so at night. Tonight." They couldn't spare any time. The longer they wait, the stronger the rebels get, and even though the Rakyat were undoubtedly more powerful than the rebels, anything can happen during war, and the tides might change but not in their favor. She couldn't lose it all, not when she was so close. Vaas.. she needs to make everything perfect. She needs it perfect for him so when he re-takes his throne the Rakyat won't waste their time fighting but instead worshiping him. He will be the focus of all their attention, all their love and admiration. She will see it done.

"Then I must prepare." Yalung said, getting up swiftly, Colonel Len joining him. Citra, too, stood up.

"Come back at sunset. I will be waiting for you at the tree." She said. 

Yalung gave a curt nod and walked off, Colonel Len following him. She watched them until they disappeared into the tunnel. 

"You think he can do it?" Dennis said, standing beside her. 

"Is there any other way?" Citra asked back. 

"Mhm." Dennis hummed, crossing his arms. 

"Hey guys, what about me? You mind if I stay here? And dude can I get tatted? I want a tiger on my left shoulder, and a panther on my right." Hurk said, examining his shoulder. 

Citra gritted her teeth and barked for the guards. "Take him to the soldier's camp and don't let him back in until sunset, or unless he is accompanied by Yalung himself." She ordered in her native tongue. They nodded and dragged a passive-offended Hurk out of the temple. She relaxed. Now that a major annoyance was gone, she had to deal with a more smaller one.

"Dennis." She said lowly. "I don't want any more mentions of Jason unless I bring it up."

"But why are you doing this?" He asked, "He is dead. Why trick Hurk? Riley?"

"Hurk because he wouldn't of helped us if he knew the truth." She snapped, her face twisted in a horrible scowl. It was true, if Hurk knew she killed Jason, well then the fat man would have joined the rebels. No, Hurk needed to be told Jason was alive, and needed his help. 

"And Riley?" Dennis pushed on. 

Citra blinked, and relaxed her face.

"He's not dead." Dennis said quietly. "I saw the captured sacrifices. His body wasn't there."

he's alivealive impossible or possible?

"You know that already... don't you." He said.

The tips of her lips curved up and she turned to look at him.

"Get some rest Dennis. You will need it for tonight." 

He left quietly and she turned her attention to the vast jungle that stretched out as far as the eye can see. And somewhere out there little Riley was still running, running as far away as he can. But this is an island, her island, and the trees will whisper his name and the leaves will show her where he went and he can run and run but he'll never escape. There were only two choices for him.

Run, be a coward, and ultimately, die a coward.


Turn around and run straight back into the fire.

Badtown could be describe as the complete polar opposite of the town Amanaki. There was a bad stench that clung to Badtown, and held many unpleasant people. It was only after the war ended, and the rebellion started, did Badtown change for the better or for the worse. Anarchy didn't run so rampant in the streets, yet it was where the rebels decided to lay base. The town evolved into a war like settlement, where simple civilians are turned into soldiers, the very same civilians the Rakyat spent years protecting, and now they turned on their saviors. 

Badtown grew with the population size, and more houses were built. Forts armed with machine guns, watch towers with snipers, huge headlights that can pierce through the jungle foliage, and to make it worse, they had dug a huge moat surrounding the fortification, at least 10 feet deep, at the bottom filled with wooden spikes. The only way in or out was through the main entrance, which was a crudely made drawbridge. And even if they tried to get to the bridge, the surrounding area around the town was littered with motion sensor mines. 

Of course, this couldn't be the work of simple civilians. They had the help from Pirates, their weapons and brutality, and the Mercenaries, their strategies and war plans. The rebels themselves wouldn't have survived long if it weren't for them. But she doubted the pirates operated as one, they were not intelligent enough too. That was why they had a leader, Vaas. Despite his chaotic nature, Vaas actually was a good war leader. He knew what he was doing, he was just doing it on the wrong side.

No the pirates must have a new leader, and it couldn't be one of them. It must be a mercenary. Trained, cold-blood killers known to flip the world off and survive despite the circumstances. She just didn't know who the new leader was. 

A loud horn pierced the night air, and the drawbridge lowered, letting through some weaponry trucks, and two cargo trucks. Citra saw this all from on top a cliff using binoculars. She turned her attention to the lower part of the base; the ports. Though smaller, it was equally as protected. 

"How are you going to get in?" Citra asked to Yalung who was crouched beside her. 

"He doesn't have to. The submarine is underwater, he can just swim there." Hurk cut in.

"And get eaten by sharks?" Dennis inquired. 

"What?" Hurk looked confused, "You can't fight off sharks?" 

Yalung didn't answer him. The masked man seemed to be off in his own little world, two fingers pressed to the side of his head.

"Hey-o, earth to master ninja dude." Hurk said, waving a hand infront of his face. Yalung stood up abruptly, startling Hurk. 

"Two shipments of guns are coming in." He told, adjusting the straps around his wrists. 

"Whoa, you're some kind of a Jedi." Hurk said with wide eyes.

Citra frowned, "How do you know this?"

Yalung pulled out a gun and clipped a silencer onto it. "I tapped into the radio frequency they're using at the ports. They don't have a detection coder so our listening in will go unnoticed."

"That means you took a risk of detection." Dennis said angrily. "You assumed they wouldn't have a tracker."

"With their technology and money, no, they wouldn't have that." The masked man said.

"Oh my god," Hurk gasped, "Stop the fucking press, is that- is that what I think it is?" He giggled in childlike amazement, his eyes widening with a silly smile on his face. "Holy chicken-nuggets it is! Can I hold it, oh please, please, please man!"

Hurk was referring to the gun Yalung had in his hands. More specifically a-

"A 44. magnum purple chrome deagle engraved!" He squealed like he just won the lottery. "Where did you get this baby?" He said in awe, reaching to touch it but he drew his hand back and shook his head. "No- I can't bear to lay my unworthy hands on this majestic beauty, it's just too epic. What do you have engraved, some kind of a fox or a wolf?"

"A Jackal." Yalung corrected, putting away the gun in it's holder.

"That is... an interesting choice of an animal." Dennis spoke up, a peculiar look on his face. "It is, truly, interesting." 

"They're coming soon." Yalung stated, and in the distance Citra could see two large cargo truck moving down the road heading straight to the ports. "I'll let you know when I'm inside." He leaped off the cliff in a flash. Hurk gasped and ran to peer over the edge. Like a bullet, Yalung sped through the air, and he was almost invisible in the darkness. 

"You guys, I think I have a man crush." Hurk said seriously. "This is it, I feel it in my heart." 

While Hurk came to terms with his 'man crush', Dennis crossed his arms and scratched his beard in deep thought.

"That is very interesting." He said.

"The gun?" Citra asked.

"The animal." Dennis clarified, "I knew of a Jackal back in my homeland, before I left. But not the animal. The man. If he was one."

"You think this is the same person?" Citra questioned. She didn't know why, but knowing who was the man under the mask interested her. Slowly, some of the pieces were coming to place.

"I don't know. I never saw the Jackal myself." Dennis said, "He was considered a legend, or more absurdly a demon. He might of been, he had some of the warlords scared of him."

"You ever been?"


"I see." Citra muttered, holding the binoculars up to her eyes. The two truck shipments arrived at the port's gates, and some soldiers walked around them, inspecting the trucks. She waited with bated breath, knowing if they find Yalung it would be all over. One of the soldiers dipped down and looked under the truck.. and stood back up and waved for the signal to let them pass. She breathed out in relief. 

As if on cue, the radio crackled and Yalung's voice sounded. 

"I'm inside. Where is the submarine." 

Hurk took control of the radio. "Ok bro you see where all the smaller boats are, and the jet skis, yeah it'll be around there somewhere." There was silence on the other end, and then,

"Be more specific."

"Oh, uh..." Hurk scratched the back of his head, "Uh do you see like a small shack somewhere? I think I left it in front of the shack, but more deeper in, cuz you know, don't wanna beach the submarine 'n stuff... Does that help?"

There was no answer, and none came for about the next ten minutes and more. By that time, Citra sat down and sent a prayer to the gods, Hurk looked worried as heck, and Dennis paced back and forth in irritation.

"What is taking him so long?" The African man burst out, "He should already have the submarine by now."

"Patience." Citra hissed. There was no doubt in her mind that Yalung will fail. That is, until the sirens started.

"Oh shit." Hurk cursed. 

"No." Citra shook her head. How did this happen? They all jumped when the radio crackled to life.

"They must have found the bodies."

Everybody let out a sigh of relief, and Citra snatched the radio from Hurk.

"Yalung, did you get the submarine?"

"I got it." He answered. "I'm heading back to the temple." 

Looking at the scramble of people at the ports all panicking in pathetic confusion, she smiled.

"We'll meet you there."

"We have an ally. A strong one. He sneaked into Badtown undetected, and stole a submarine right form under their nose."

"Sounds like something Jason would do." Vaas said, "He's always willing to help. Psh, the fucker."

"His name is Yalung." Citra said, playing with a knife, her legs kicked up on the bed, laying over his thigh.

"Good for him." Vaas grinned, another way of saying he didn't give a fuck. She glided the knife across her fingertips and got up. He tensed when she straddled his hips, laying the tip of the weapon right between the abs of his chest.

"I asked some of the soldiers what they knew about him." She slid the knife lazily down the vertical line of his abs and stopped where his shorts met. "They all said the same thing. He was a demon. The name Yalung in their religion, is the name of a demon." 

Vaas breathed in and out slowly, his chest barely moving. His cheek twitched and he said, "The guy's compensating for something, eh?" He smiled, baring his teeth at her. Citra didn't smile, and cut her hand, letting droplets of blood stain his body till she- gently - smeared it on his lips. Citra didn't miss the feel of his tongue darting out to taste the cut. He licked his lips, running it across his upper teeth with heavy-lidded eyes. Citra couldn't look away, and a burning sensation filled the lower half of her stomach. 

Quickly she leaned down, pressing herself against him, their lips a shy inch apart. She was breathing hard, and so was he, her eyes flickering between his lips to his eyes. It was Vaas who leaned in, pressing his bloodied lips to hers softly. She could taste the iron, and it made her dizzy with want. It felt so good, like she could fly away right then and there or melt into a puddle of lava, mini explosions blinding her behind her closed eyelids. 

She could almost laugh when his lips were violently ripped away, a growl replacing the softness. Citra didn't bother to pull back, the binds held his wrists true, not even allowing him to even scratch her. His eyes were deranged and rageful.. and she smirked, though inside she could just crycrycry.

Citra sat back on his hips, putting pressure a bit more than necessary and Vaas chuckled even though he looked anything but happy. 

"You can hurt me if you want." She whispered huskily, grinding her hips down in a swooping motion. "You can even kill me." 

i'll let you i loveyouiknowyouwantohatemehateme

"But not after.. I have this child." She placed her hands on her stomach, barely a bulge visible. Vaas stopped moving, and stared at her belly. It started with a tremble, and then he lunged at her with renewed forced. 

"YOU LET HIM- YOU LET HIM-" Vaas couldn't even form the words. He was furious, chaotic, and broken all at the same time. He yelled out in rage, twisting his body here and there violently so, that she had to get off. 

Citra shook her head, tears forming in her eyes. "No! No, no I did this- I did this for you! For you!" 

"You let him touch you!" Vaas roared, "HIM. Jason! JASON!"

"You don't understand." Citra said weakly, "He was the warrior. I had to. To let you win!"

"Win?!" Vaas barked, "Win?! This isn't a fucking game Citra!"

"I had to!" She screamed, flinging the knife, embedding it right next to Vaas' head. "Can't you see? I'm imperfect. I'm not good enough for you." She squeezed her eyes shut, her fists shaking at the sides of her legs. She sucked in a deep breath, and forced herself to relax. "I will be reborn. And then you will love me. Like it should of been. No Hoyt, no dad or Tane or- or mom." She laughed, wiping away the tears. "It will be just you and me, like it was supposed to be. Like you promised."

Her chest felt so tight, like someone was squeezing the life out of her. Wringing her dry and empty. 

"You can't recreate the past Citra." Vaas said tiredly, the fire gone out of his eyes. "You don't know.. how much I want it, too." He shook his head, smiling an empty smile. "I killed so many people. And for what?" He laughed hollowly, "It was all I knew. It was all we knew what to do. I don't know.. if I regret everything I've done. Sometimes I can still hear their screams, see their faces. But yours, yours stood out the most. A little islander girl who had the shiniest of eyes. And I walked away, I couldn't stop. And in the end I found myself alone, with no one but myself."

"You didn't have to leave." She said, "You, you had a life here. A father who loved you, an Uncle who believed in you, friends who adored you. You could've been someone. You were someone. You still are."

"But it wasn't what I wanted Citra." Vaas said, "I wanted to leave this island. I wanted to escape. I wanted... I wanted to take you with me. But everything fucked up. I fucked up and look at us now. I was supposed to protect you. I made that promise to myself but I fucked that up too and I let something happen that I can never, ever take back."

"It's not your fault." She hushed, sitting back down and rubbing his cheek with her thumb. "It's not your fault."

Vaas looked at her, and the emotions in his eyes shocked her to her very core. Sadness, a deep and soulless tiredness. He had never looked so broken, shattered. 

"Tell me the truth Citra, no more lies." He uttered. "Did you love, Jason?"

"No." It flew out her mouth without a thought, because it was true. "I never loved anyone else other than you. There is no one else."

"Do you regret killing him?"

This time Citra didn't answer immediately, and she licked her trembling lips. "I-" She spoke, "I love you. Vaas." She tugged the knife from the wall and walked away, drawing the curtain close before he could say anything. She stood there just trying to let her mind catch up, and when she was ready she entered her room and laid on her bed. From underneath the pillows she withdrew a cellphone and again swiped through the collection of photos of far away lands and a smiling, living, happy, Jason.

She stopped on a picture of Riley and laid the phone down and looked out the window. It was raining, but she knew the boy was going to be alright. 

He is, after all, Jason's little brother.