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MLQC Dateables HCs with MC who had a Nightmare

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  • Despite Gavin always lecturing you about staying up late, he found himself being a hypocrite ever since you two had moved in together.
  • It just felt so surreal for him, he used to just watch you longingly from afar before, but now.. you have acknowledged his existence, welcomed him in your life and now share it with him.
  • There are always those quiet late nights where Gavin can’t help but reflect on how his life is going. How he feels like he won life as he watches his lover sleep beside him. 
  • Gavin always treasures these nights, enjoying the peacefulness on your face, smiling amusedly as he listens to you sleep talk…
  • The man is just obsessed with you basically.
  • He frowned when he noticed your face starting to transition to discomfort, soft whimpers starting to escape your lips. 
  • Your hold on him started to tighten as if trying to seek comfort. You started crying for his name and Gavin can’t help but feel his heart break knowing he’s causing you this pain.
  • Gavin gently wakes you up, whispering your name softly as he rubs your back. It felt worse when you opened your teary eyes.
  • Gavin does not like the miserable look on your face.
  • Once you’ve calmed down, Gavin tries to find out what made you upset, determined to do the best he can to avoid whatever hurt you.
  • It was him never coming back home from his mission.
  • He held you close, his heart swelling at the confirmation of how much he meant to you. He’s happy that you love him as much as loves you.
  • He lifted your chin gently to look at him, thumb gently wiping the tears away. A new determination fired inside him.
  • “Y/N, whatever it takes, I will always come back home to you.” 
  • He sealed the promise with a kiss.


  • Victor can’t help but smile in amusement as he realised you had fallen asleep beside him, your laptop still open in front of you.
  • Once he got home earlier, you were excited about having a relaxing movie night, only to be turned down because of more paperwork.
  • The man just chuckled at your cute pout before giving you a soft kiss on your forehead before announcing not to wait up for him as he will be staying up late in his office.
  • He didn’t expect you to enter his office with your laptop.
  • He raised an eyebrow as you took the seat across him.
  • “It’s not comfortable to watch your movie here, dummy, wouldn’t you rather be on a comfy bed with a large tv?”
  • You huffed and said you’re working as well.
  • Victor raised an eyebrow and teased you about procrastinating, but nonetheless, he knew how you can be stubborn and just let you work until he thinks it’s time for you to take a break. 
  • He knows you’ve been working so hard these past few days. Finishing whatever work you have left to finally enjoy your vacation. Victor has been longing for that as well, however, the nature of his job and how Victor wanted everything to be flawless to the point of not being disturbed during his time with you made it take a bit longer for him to finish everything he needed.
  • Not liking how little the comfort you must be having right now, Victor stood and walked over to you. He released a little chuckle when he saw what you’ve been working on.
  • Apparently, you’ve just been watching random stuff on YouTube.
  • The thought of you just staying there to be with him brought a huge smile on his face, you two weren’t talking that much, however, but he still likes the thought of you just wanting to be around his presence.
  • He fixed your stuff before carrying you to the bedroom you two share.
  • As he entered the room, he began to hear soft sniffles. Wanting you to be comfortable first, he tried to put you down on the bed, only for you to cling on his shirt with a whimper.
  • Victor decided to sit on the bed with you on his lap, softly nudging you awake as it’s apparent you’re having a nightmare. 
  • “Hey… what’s wrong? What did you dream about?” he gently asks as he stroke your hair, doing everything he can to calm you down.
  • He frowned when you talked about him leaving you for someone way more worthy of his time.
  • “Dummy, there’s no one I’d rather spend the eternity with besides you.” 
  • He declared as he leaned his forehead against yours.


  • No matter how exhausting Kiro’s day was, he’s always excited in spending the night with you. 
  • He would be on tour in a few weeks and you two had been spending the time before that together.
  • Games, movies, food, etc…
  • You had fallen asleep on his chest during the movie, while Kiro is still up engrossed in the film.
  • You got his attention when you began to shift around, assuming that you’re starting to feel uncomfortable with your current position, he helped you settle down on what he thinks you’re comfortable with. 
  • Having no interest in the movie anymore. He turned off the tv, to cuddle with you.
  • He spooned you from behind and let the sleep take over him until he felt little hiccups from you.
  • “Y/N…?” he gently nudges you awake.
  • Kiro became alarmed when you’re full on sobbing now, shifting your position yet again as if you’re looking for something.
  • You whined when your hand finally grabbed his shirt, tugging him closer.
  • Kiro’s heart broke when he heard the “Don’t leave me please…” cries from you.
  • He held you tight, singing softly as he rubs your back and kissing your tears away.
  • He whispers eternity promises in your ears, promises he vowed to keep as long as he lives.
  • “Miss Chips, you’ll always be the person I want by my side.” 
  • He continues to sing softly, slowly lulling himself to sleep as he held you tight.


  • Lucien had always been a light sleeper. You’re not really happy with that fact since the man barely gets sleep due to his work and the fact that even you can sometimes disrupt his rest.
  • He doesn’t really mind, to be honest. It’s something he can’t really change and he’s used to it.
  • The man can’t help but be amused as you present some of your “research” about his condition and how you can help. Some of them are fake but Lucien doesn’t have the heart to tell those when you’re too excited to try it. He sometimes even fake the result to please you.
  • Either way, Lucien really appreciates the gesture and treasures it. 
  • Another perk of this is how he can easily be aware of his surroundings and protect you when in danger.
  • That’s kind of the case tonight.
  • He was jolted awake with a sudden cry and a grab on his arm. 
  • His initial thoughts were someone tried to take you away from him. 
  • Lucien was prepared to fight until he realised whoever was making you cry is impossible for him to fight. At least physically.
  • His eyes soften as he pulled you close, gently shaking you to pull you away from whatever was hurting you in your dreams.
  • He didn’t expect, however, for you to bawl your eyes more when you realised you woke him up. It didn’t help when you were dreaming of him leaving you for being a pain to be with.
  • Lucien just chuckled, shushing you softly as he wipes your tears. 
  • “My love, trust me, you’re the best thing that ever blessed me, and nothing will ever change that.” 
  • He smiled before kissing the back of your hand.