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Your Mouth and Hands Undo Me

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Wei Ying perked up from where she was in the kitchen when she heard the front door open and close. Smiling, she set down the spatula she was using to stir dinner and made her way towards the foyer. She almost ran into her wife’s arms when she saw her standing there, taking off her coat to reveal her toned figure. Wei Ying shivered in anticipation at being wrapped up in her strong arms soon.

“Lan Zhan!” she exclaimed as she flung herself into her wife’s arms. She giggled a bit before she noticed the tension in Lan Zhan’s body. Pulling back, she frowned up at her. “Something happen today?” The minute changes in Lan Zhan’s facial expressions showed a brief flash of annoyance before returning to something more serene.

“Mn. Yao.” Wei Ying couldn’t help but cringe with sympathy. She’d met CEO Yao of Yao Corporation once at a banquet; she understood why having to work with him in any professional capacity would drain the life out of anyone with sense. It’s unfortunate that his company is a prominent client for the Lan’s law firm. She gave her wife a quick rub over the shoulders, feeling the forming knots there.

“I know just the trick, I think you’ll love it,” Wei Ying whispered into her wife’s ear before gently nipping the lobe. She smirked as she heard Lan Zhan’s quick and breathy inhale. Lan Zhan’s hands tightened on Wei Ying’s hips before yanking her forward to be flush against her. Wei Ying giggled. “Excited? I can work some magic with these two hands of mine if you’re willing to be a good girl and wait.”

“Mark your words,” Lan Zhan murmured before shutting Wei Ying up with a kiss. Wei Ying moaned, pulling her hands up to tangle and tug on her wife’s hair. Lan Zhan’s tongue delved into her mouth, taking note of every nook and cranny. Wei Ying’s hands wandered down to grope at Lan Zhan’s ass, taking great pleasure in the throaty moan it produced. In return, she felt a hand reach up to greedily grope one of her breasts.

Before the two could get further, the pulled away as they heard little footsteps pattering across the wood floors. Soon, their son flew around the corner into the foyer, sliding in on his socks.

“Mom!” he yelled, running to wrap his little arms around Lan Zhan’s legs. Lan Zhan bent to pick the four-year-old up and hold him close.

“A-Yuan,” she said softly, “How was your day?” A small smile graced her face as she smiled down at her son.

“Good! I missed you!” He giggled as Lan Zhan used a perfectly manicured finger to tap his nose.

“Hey! What about me?” Wei Ying pouted playfully. A-Yuan reached over and placed a small hand on his mother’s cheek.

“I missed Mama too!” he shouted passionately. Wei Ying chuckled.

“Good! Now, who’s ready for dinner?”

The sound of cheering followed Wei Ying as she made her way back into the kitchen, her wife and son in tow. It was moments like these where she was infinitely grateful for the life she’d somehow been given. Her beautiful wife and amazingly smart son; what more could she ask for. (Silently, a part of her brain knew exactly what else she could ask for but asking for that felt like too much.)

Dinner was just as rambunctious as usual. A-Yuan and Wei Ying filled the comfortable silence with incessant chatter as Lan Zhan just watched them eat in her customary silence. Even though she had long since moved out of her uncle’s house and on with her life, some old habits died hard. Wei Ying will never stop feeling the thrill she felt every time Lan Zhan let herself speak during meals. It showed just how far she had come from that reserved girl she was when they first met in college; Wei Ying would forever be proud of her.

As they finished up dinner, Wei Ying turned to look at her wife. “You handle dishes while I put A-Yuan to bed?” Lan Zhan nodded in agreement. Taking one last second to place a soft kiss on Lan Zhan’s cheek, Wei Ying got up from the table and turned to face her son. “Bath time!”

A-Yuan shrieked as Wei Ying blew a big raspberry on his cheek before lifting him out of his chair. A-Yuan filled the trip upstairs with an endless stream of questions for his mother and continued the interrogation all through his bath and getting dressed for bed. I hope he never stops being this curious Wei Ying found herself thinking as she tucked him into bed and grabbed a book to read off one of his numerous bookshelves. I hope he never stops loving reading too.

Wei Ying continues to read to him until she looks over and sees he’s finally nodded off. Placing the book back on the shelf according to Lan Zhan’s detailed organization system, she makes her way back downstairs. Seeing her wife placing the last of the dishes in the dishwasher, she slowly came up behind her and wrapped her arms around her waist. With their slight height difference, Wei Ying is at the perfect height to place a kiss in the side of Lan Zhan’s neck. Feeling cheeky, she starts sucking just enough to hint at a hickey without fully giving her one; she usually holds herself back from leaving a visible hickey despite knowing Lan Zhan is secretly a wizard with makeup and could hide it easily. She smiles into Lan Zhan’s neck as she hears her start the dishwasher before turning in Wei Ying’s arms to face her. Lan Zhan cups her face gently before capturing her lips in a smoldering kiss. All the heat from earlier comes rushing back, going straight to Wei Ying’s groin. Wei Ying moans before pulling away. Lan Zhan bends down to continue smothering Wei Ying’s neck with open-mouthed kisses.

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Ying moans, clutching frantically at Lan Zhan’s shoulders. “Lan Zhan, wait, wait, I have a surprise for you.” Wei Ying feels her wife slowly pull away to fix her with a dark and hungry look. Grabbing Lan Zhan’s hand, Wei Ying turns to lead her wife upstairs to their bedroom. She turns back to Lan Zhan. “Go take your clothes off, I’ll run us a bath.” Lan Zhan smiles softly at her before going to do as she’s told.

Wei Ying smiles to herself as she turns on the bathwater and pours in some of Lan Zhan’s favorite bubble bath and bath salt. She finishes taking off her clothes right as Lan Zhan appears in the bathroom doorway. Wei Ying beckons her quiet wife closer to the tub as she turns off the water.

“The water should be perfect.” Wei Ying moves to settle down in the tub, smiling widely as Lan Zhan settles in front of her and leans back against her chest. Wei Ying moves to wrap her arms around her wife and settles in.

For the first few minutes the two of them focus on relaxing and washing, gently running their hands over each other. It isn’t long before Wei Ying’s hands find their way down between Lan Zhan’s legs, moving to gently rub her swollen clit with a finger. Wei Ying is sure that if they weren’t in the bath, Lan Zhan’s pussy would be soaking wet. She rubs slowly, enjoying getting Lan Zhan worked up. Wei Ying hears Lan Zhan’s quiet pants and moans and smirks. She loves having her wife come undone.

“Feel good, jiejie?” Wei Ying whispers into Lan Zhan’s ear. Her wife only moans loudly in response. Wei Ying bites her earlobe gently in reprimand. “Answer me, xingan.”

Lan Zhan whimpers slightly before quietly responding, “Yes.”

Wei Ying moves to tease along her folds for a bit before coming back up to her clit. She can tell Lan Zhan’s close by the way her soft moans get louder and louder. When she feels her about to come, she pushes down just a little harder and rubs firmly, pushing her violently over the edge. Lan Zhan’s body shakes as she lets her orgasm roll through her. Wei Ying moves her finger down and slips it inside her, feeling the pulsing walls around her digit. She moves to mouth gently at Lan Zhan’s neck. “Good girl,” Wei Ying whispers in her ear. Lan Zhan shivers in her arms.

Moving to let out the bath water, Wei Ying gathers Lan Zhan in her arms and lifts her boneless body out of the water. She dries her off carefully, before slathering every inch of her body in the scented lotion she knows Lan Zhan loves. Once done, she pulls Lan Zhan back to her feet. She still looks a little dazed from her orgasm. Wei Ying kisses her deeply, excitement filling her when she feels Lan Zhan’s tongue come out to meet hers. They stand in the bathroom kissing leisurely for a while until Wei Ying remembers she still has more planned for tonight. Pulling back, she takes Lan Zhan’s hand and leads her to the bed, pushing her down on her back so that she’s surrounded by their numerous pillows. Wei Ying crawls up on the bed behind her and settles between Lan Zhan’s legs.

“Spread your legs for me, baobei.” Lan Zhan opens her legs obediently, still feeling loose from her first orgasm. Wei Ying moves her mouth along her inner thighs, leaving dark hickeys in her wake. She takes great pleasure in every last gasp she’s able to wring out of Lan Zhan before diving in for the kill. Lan Zhan cries out as Wei Ying’s mouth immediately latches onto her clit and sucks hard. Even as Lan Zhan starts squirming, she doesn’t let up, just keeps eating her out like her life depends on it. My favorite meal of the day Wei Ying thinks to herself, fighting a smile as she moves to run her tongue along Lan Zhan’s folds. She knows she isn’t as sensitive here, wants to give her a brief moment of reprieve from the incessant stimulation. She loves eating her wife out; the taste, the feel of her muscles contracting slightly around her mouth; it’s incredible. As Wei Ying moves her mouth back to Lan Zhan’s clit, she lets two fingers slide into her pussy and start moving. Lan Zhan lets out a long moan in response, urging Wei Ying on. She thrusts her fingers into her harshly and gives one last long suck on her clit before Lan Zhan is tumbling headfirst into her second orgasm of the night. Wei Ying holds her shaking hips down roughly and moves her tongue down to lap greedily at Lan Zhan’s opening, groaning loudly.
Moving to sit up, Wei Ying licks her lips as she stares lovingly down at her wife. Gently, she inquires, “Good?” Lan Zhan can only nod, still quaking slightly from her last orgasm. Wei Ying grins and leans down to give her a filthy kiss. “Give me one more, okay?”

“Mn.” Lan Zhan reaches up and wraps her arms around her wife tightly, whispering “I’m yours,” into her ear. Wei Ying shivers as she feels the warm breath drift across her skin.

Sitting back up, Wei Ying moves off the bed and over to their dresser, opening a drawer and rummaging through it, letting out a quiet cheer when she finds what she wants. Smirking, she turns back towards the bed, brandishing Lan Zhan’s favorite strapless vibrating strap-on in hand.

“You ready, Lan Zhan?” she asks cheekily as she turns it on and slides the curved end inside herself before climbing back on the bed. Lan Zhan moans quietly; Wei Ying can see the moisture still gathering along her pussy. Settling between her wife’s legs, Wei Ying hikes Lan Zhan’s knees over her shoulders and presses in.

“Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan pants as her wife fills her completely. Pausing for a moment, Wei Ying only gives Lan Zhan a moment to adjust before she’s thrusting in and out of her at a rough pace. With her legs propped up on Wei Ying’s shoulders, Lan Zhan has no leverage and no choice but to take what her wife gives her. The sounds of their moans together fill the air, making an obscene sort of music. It doesn’t take long before Lan Zhan gasps out, “More,” yanking Wei Ying down to give her an open-mouthed kiss, panting and moaning into her wife’s mouth. Wei Ying is more than happy to satisfy her, hips moving even faster.

“I love you,” Wei Ying manages to get out in between moans, reaching down to thumb at Lan Zhan’s clit; she shouts loudly in response, wrapping her arms around her tighter.

Not long after, Wei Ying here’s a small, “I’m close,” before she feels her wife shaking around her again in third and last orgasm of the night. Moving from thrusting to a steady grind, Wei Ying rocks against Lan Zhan until she reaches her own orgasm soon after. Sighing happily, Wei Ying pulls out and tosses the toy to the side to be cleaned later. She moves to settle down next to her wife, giving a happy cheer when Lan Zhan wraps her up in her arms and pulls her close.

“I love you too,” her stoic wife comments moments later. Wei Ying holds onto her even tighter, feeling as if she could stay in this moment forever.

“You’re the best wife I could’ve ever asked for,” Wei Ying mumbles as Lan Zhan turns off the lights and they settle in for the night. She feels Lan Zhan nod against the top of her head in the dark.

“Mn. Same to you.” With that, the two drifted off peacefully, limbs entangled, and hearts forever tied.