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Hanta had been feeling down lately. It wasn't anything in particular, but he had a feeling it was to do with his body image. He was never one to show off, and it wasn't like he was unfit - being in the hero course remedied that - but he just didn't exactly feel comfortable in his own skin. When he brought it up to Denki, the blond had suggested weightlifting with Kirishima, probably thinking that it was the masculine side that he needed to appeal to to get him out of this funk. 

Two grueling sessions with the redhead later, and Hanta knew that weightlifting wasn't for him. He didn't hate the lean muscles he had, and he didn't mind the softer fat on his hips that if he turned the right way, gave the smallest illusion of a curve. He liked that. So why was he still feeling like this?

He got his answer a few days later, on a weekend trip to the mall with a few of the girls. There were some guys, of course; Denki tagged along and Shoji came for the strict enjoyment of helping carry the bags, and Hanta knew he loved seeing his friends happy, even if he's not very social. Hanta was dragged to and from stores with Mina, having seen most of the stuff and making selections for the girls based on their desires. Really, he felt like a retail worker for them, but it wasn't all terrible. Not until they got to a new lingerie store that just opened up. 

The storefront wasn't exactly simple, but it also wasn't the eye-catching pink of the one beside it. It was more subdued, and a deep red color that drew Hanta and the rest of the girls in. The mannequins in the front window were all black plastic, and the lingerie on them was beautiful, to say the least. However, the part that dragged Hanta in like beastly claws was the indefinitely male shaped mannequin in the middle of the two. The light electric blue lace of the underwear seemed to glow against it, and the girls all made sounds of awe as they stared at the displays. Actually, Hanta realized that one of the mannequins on this side looked extremely androgynous, and it was the same pattern on the other side; female, male, and then toeing that line of both. 

Tsuyu pointed at the sign at the top. "'All-Body Love'... who wants to check it out?"

Her question got a very large affirmative, and suddenly Hanta was being pulled into the den of red and black and the accent of navy blue and white. It reminded him of a certain someone, and he definitely didn't want to think about that when he was staring at different lingerie sets. 

The inside of the store was nice, with different tables set up for different types of underwear. The walls were lined with bras, but at this point Hanta was desensitized to anything vaguely female. Come with having a gay brain and majority of female friends, you know? So, he wandered the store with his arm tucked in Mina's as she hummed and hawed at different things. Hanta let his gaze wander to the left side of the store-

-And his brain promptly stopped. 

The store was divided into different section, with female being on the right, androgynous in the middle (haha) and male... on the left...

Just like the storefront window and the ladies side, the walls were covered in neatly hung bras and tops, but this time, they were obviously for those with less of a chest to hold. Flattened designs but not any less intricate, and different styles that matched the amount covering the right side. His eyes get caught on a certain mannequin, one that has pretty much the same body shape and size as him, and he can't help but search the store for an immediate guess on the price. Hanta nearly tripped over a mannequin, and Mina looked at him, and where he was looking. 

"Sero? What's up..." She trails off, and Hanta flushes, mortified that he was looking but it was also a lingerie store, how could he not!

Mina doesn't look bothered, though, and tilts her head at Hanta. His face must be on fire right now, and he's grateful the rest of the girls are distracted with something else. Denki and Shoji had gone to the cafeteria, so Hanta was blessedly and mostly alone in his suffering. 

"Would you want to try one?"

Mina's question shocked him a little, but as he tries to lie, he finds that nothing comes out of his mouth. Almost ashamed, he nodded his head, buckling under the soft and nonjudgmental gaze of his friend. She smiles, and pulls Hanta off to the side, where they're in full view of the men's wall but out of the way of other shoppers. Mina pointed at a mannequin with red straps crossing the center of its body, and matching garter belts. "Do you like that one?"

Hanta gaped at her. "What kind of question is that?"

The acid-user pouted for a second and then grabs Hanta's chin to direct his head back. Her nails dig in a little, but her grip loosens when he stops fighting. "If you want to try something, we need to narrow down what you like. That means color, shape, style, the works. No point in spending the money if you're going to be uncomfortable in it!"

Hanta jerked his chin free. "Who said anything about buying?!"

"Me. Now, what do you think about that black one?"




Hanta ended up caving and buying. It felt like drug deal, and the girls were surprisingly supportive when a friendly worker took down a desired set for Hanta as another measured his chest and body. They each took turns seeking out the best set, and Hanta was ushered to the back to try the top on. It was all super simple, and he never felt so grateful for Mina or the girls as he did before. 

Now. The main event. 

The set sits on his bed. It's past ten in the evening now, and most of the residents of U.A have gone to bed. Hanta heard Todoroki's bedsprings squeak a while ago, and with his door locked and blinds shut, Hanta finds it in himself to gather some courage. 

"It's just underwear, how hard can it be..." He mutters, and unfolds the set so it's laying flat on his sheets. He blushes despite himself, and with trembling fingers and anticipation swirling in his gut, he lifts the hem of his shirt. His pants follow next, and then he lets his underwear slide down his legs. He takes his socks off, and then he's standing buck naked in his room. Somehow, that makes it a little easier. 

Hanta reaches for the bottom of the set, with a high waisted band and straps that hang down the tops of his thighs. He steps into it, careful of the lace trim, and pulls it up his legs. He's breathless, and refuses to look at himself in the mirror on the wall until he has the full set on. Hanta settles it over his hips, plucking at the waistband that sits comfortably on his skin. it doesn't pinch anywhere nor does it feel rough; his dick is encased by a soft silk pouch that doesn't squeeze like he would assume women's lingerie does. Not like all of them have dicks. 

He reaches for the top, and buckles the back under his chest as the store employee told him to do, and then slides it around so he can slip his arms through the bands. The bra settles nicely against his chest, covering each nipple in a transparent triangle of lace. Hanta exhales. Something settles in his stomach, and he peeks to make sure the door is still locked. At the same time, he gets a glimpse of himself in the mirror, and loses any breath that he might've had. 

When Mina said it was going to be an amazing experience, she wasn't wrong. Hanta twists in the mirror, the ice-blue of the lingerie glowing against his skin and detailed with the slightest shock of red lace and details. it should look gaudy, but Hanta smooths his hand over his hip and the silken fabric and chuckles out a laugh. He looks hot. 

Hanta moves a few more ways, and gets momentarily distracted by his phone buzzing. He shoots one last glance at the mirror before padding over and picking it up. 

The screen is alight with messages from the girls, all encouraging and hoping that everything is going well. They made a group chat, and as he opens it, sees that Mina jokingly requested pictures. He laughs at the others replies, and sends a winky face back that starts a new conversation in the chat. He goes to set the phone down, but stops. Something changed. He doesn't know if it's the feeling of right in his stomach or the confidence he gained the moment he put this set on, but Hanta doesn't drop the phone. 

Instead, he goes to his cameras app, and aims it at the mirror. He squints at the display, and decides less harsh lighting would be better. He makes a few adjustments, and returns, and realizes he has no idea how to pose. 

"Whatever," he says as he turned slightly sideways and bends his knee, "It's not like it really matters."

Hanta looks at the picture, studies it for a few seconds, and then before he loses his bolt of courage, sends it off to the group chat with no other explanation and a beating heart. He turns his phone off. 

It's silent for a second, and then suddenly it blows up with chats, all from the same group chat and is nonstop buzzing on his desk. Hanta nearly chokes on a laugh, and picks it up and opens the messages once again.

He blushes as he reads the replies, sitting down on his bed and looking at himself and the phone in alternating glances. He does look good, and the string of emojis Uraraka sends is enough for him to send a cheeky reply back and earn some laughs and flirty GIF's, and then close the app in place of the camera again. He can barely see himself from his bed, but Hanta rolls onto his back and arches it, wondering if he can reach just enough in to make it count. Turns out he can, and the picture that he snaps is more seductive than he meant, with part of his face visible in the reflection and peaked nipples through blue lace. In the darker light, it's almost glowing against his skin. It looks good.

Hanta tries out a few more positions, finding ones that flatter him greatly and ones that don't (he ends up searching for some online as well) before he settles on one on his knees on his bed, the camera nearly above his head and pointing down. Hanta angles it, and then adjusts the band of his bottoms so they sit higher, giving the illusion of a thinner waist. Yes, he thinks as he takes the picture, adding a cheeky smile in the next time, this is what he wanted. This is what fixed that stupid funk. 

He wonders if anyone else in U.A shares the same problem, or if it's just him. He wonders if anyone else would be into it, and lowers his phone as his imagination takes off. He visions getting teased in a yellow set, or doing the teasing in a black thong only. He shivers, wondering just how hard someone would fuck him if they saw him wearing this. Well, it is a certain classmates favored colors...

Hanta is blindsided by the arousal that comes with the thought of Todoroki fucking him in something like this. He stares down at his dick, which has gained a bit of chub, and he's always been a full-body blusher. Hanta looks at his phone, and runs a teasing hand over his silk-clad cock. Best not to waste the opportunity, he muses, and holds his camera up again.

Because he isn't stupid, Hanta saves the pictures to a private album, but that doesn't get rid of the ones on his camera roll. Whatever, it's not like anyone routinely goes through his phone. Hanta lounges on his bed now, simply enjoying the feel of the underwear against his skin and against his sheets. It makes a soft sound whenever it contacts it, and Hanta rolls onto his stomach to play with his phone. It buzzes in his hand, and Hanta is surprised to see that it's Todoroki. He thought he went to bed a while ago, but apparently not.

Hanta opens the text. 

From: soba squire

     sero, i've completed that manga set. can you send me the picture of the next series?

Hanta huffs out amusedly. Of course Todoroki would stay up past his regular bedtime to read manga. What else would he be doing?

He gets up and goes over to his bookshelf, and crouches down to get the first book of the new series. He doesn't have the rest of the set, but knowing Todoroki, it would be in either of their rooms soon enough. Hanta snaps a quick picture, and goes to send it off to Todoroki, but his phone freezes. "Aw, c'mon!"

Ever since Denki accidentally short circuited with it in his pocket, Hanta's phone has never been the same. He doesn't bother with a new one just yet; his plan is almost up, so he can wait another month at least. Hanta fumes silently in the middle of his room as the screen turns black, and then blue, and then shows his lock screen. He types in the password and goes straight to his messages. When he opens the little picture icon, the images are all grey, but the last one he took was of the book anyways so he just clicks it and sends it off. 

From: spider senses


     here u go man!!!!! dont stay up too late:))))

Hanta watches as his messages send, and exits the messages app. He doesn't exactly want to get out of his new addition yet, and instead googles All-Body Love to see what else they have to offer. Call it an addiction, but Hanta is hooked. He's just in the middle of scrolling through a page of thigh highs when a bang against his shared wall with Todoroki makes him jump. He stares, wondering what Todoroki could have thrown? Hit? Against their wall to make such a sound. Really, Hanta is surprised that there's no hole in it from the force. He listens, and hears the slightest bit of movement but nothing else. What the hell was that?

Frowning and a little concerned, Hanta opens the messages app again and then his conversation with Todoroki. He's just about to click the typing bar when the picture finally loads on the screen and it is definitely not of the newest manga he has. 

Hanta gapes. Instead of a book cover, the picture of himself sitting so pretty on his knees is there, half of his face in the corner and the rest showcasing his body clad in the very lingerie he's wearing now. He can see his own hand gripping the bulge in his underwear and the way his nipples are pebbled through the lace of the bra. It looks hot and flirty and if it was any other situation, Hanta would be proud of it, but he just sent it to Todoroki. 

Oh god. 

Did he read it yet?

Hanta quickly scrolls to the bottom of his second text. It just says delivered. But that doesn't mean Todoroki didn't see it, right? Did he have read receipts on before?!

He inhales sharply and his heart freezes in his chest when a typing bubbles appears. Hanta doesn't know what's worse; having the fact that he likes to wear lingerie exposed or that the person he was exposed to is his fucking crush. The bubble disappears, and then reappears, and then disappears. Dread pours into his stomach. Todoroki has never spent this long on a text. The bubble pops back up. 

Nope, Hanta wants to wail as he turns off his phone just as the text comes in, definitely the latter. He buries his face in his pillow, and wants to scream his lungs out. Shame and embarrassment bottle in the pit of his stomach and everything is wrong. All of that, all the emotional turmoil he went through to find something right and now he has to ruin it? Of fucking course. He cannot believe it. Hanta feels like crying, because he can't really avoid the situation now; the text was sent and Todoroki replied. All he can do is pray his FBI agent did him a solid and never sent the text. 

That hope, of course, is crushed when Hanta swipes on the message and opens it, eyes blurry and hands shaking. 

From: soba squire

     that wasn't what i was expecting, but i accept nonetheless

Hanta rereads the message over and over. Even with the bland texting, he can't find disgust or malice anywhere, and what's this bit about accepting? Hanta furrows his brows and is just about to send a placating text that might be along the lines of 'ahah, sorry buddy, please ignore the half nude teasing underwear pic i just sent u, thanx bro' when his phone blips again and this time, Hanta does drop his phone. 

From: soba squire

     can i come over?

He reads the text. And then reads it again. Hanta can barely breathe. Does Todoroki want to come over to make fun of him? No, that's not like the fire and ice user. Does he just want to have a friendly chat? Because that might be worse than the judgement. Hanta barely has time to make a decision before the sound of Todoroki's door opening hits his ears and Hanta is up like a gunshot, grabbing a big shirt from his dresser and not having time for pants as three soft knocks ring out on his door. 

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Hanta yelps, and kicks the All-Body Love bag under his bed and prays that the dark shirt is long enough to cover the clips on his thighs. He takes one last glance at the mirror, runs a hand through his hair, and just like before, gathers his courage and unlocks the door. 

Todoroki is standing there, hand poised as if he was about to knock again. Hanta tries not to zero in on the fact that he's shirtless, with dark grey sweatpants the only thing on his body. Hanta can feel his cheeks flame- really, it probably never stopped since he last checked their conversation. He hides partially behind the door as he makes eye contact with Todoroki, partially because he doesn't want to showcase his bare legs to the hallway but mostly because Todoroki knows what they look like folded under him. Said boy fidgets in his spot and looks a little nervous. His phone is held in his hand, open, and Hanta briefly panics at the thought of that picture being open to everyone. He grabs Todoroki's wrist and pulls him inside, and peeks out into the hallway before closing the door again. It was empty, so that means nobody saw the imposing image. 

Todoroki stands in the middle of Hanta's room, and Hanta sees him staring at the mussed sheets on the bed. He can only see half of his face, and the expression is unreadable. He winces, and opens his mouth to speak, but doesn't know where to start. Todoroki's back muscles stand out more in the low light of the room, and Hanta is desperately aware of what he's wearing under this oversized shirt. He tugs at the hem and clears his throat, but only racks up the tension when Todoroki turns to face him. 

"I just want to say- uh, I'm really sorry and I swear I meant to send the other picture," Hanta stammers, looking anywhere in the room except Todoroki's face, "My phone is broken, and I didn't realize the manga picture didn't save, I mean you can take it now if you want-"


He's rambling, rambling, nervous and worried that he's going to lose the friendship he has with Todoroki because of a stupid picture, "I really didn't mean it, and I'm so sorry, Todoroki, I-"

"Sero, I-"

Oblivious, Hanta reaches up and runs a hand over the back of his neck, forgetting about the hem of the shirt and keeping it lowered. If he was looking at Todoroki, he would've seen the way mismatched eyes snapped down to his thighs and dragged back up, slow and dark and filled with a little frustrated amusement. "I really hope that it doesn't change anything, and I'll never do it again, I swear-"

"Hanta. Am I the only one you've sent that picture to?"

Hanta snaps his jaw shut. Todoroki hasn't moved, but his phone is off and tucked into his pocket. Hanta forces himself to stare somewhere below his face, which proves to be a bad idea when his vision narrows in on collarbones and shoulders. Slowly, he nods. 

"I didn't even mean to send them to anyone. I was just... I just wanted to see." His voice breaks near the end, embarrassment turning steadily into mortification and disgust at himself. He shudders, cold settling in his stomach in place of the right that disappeared long ago. He just wants to take it off, and go to bed now. The lace that was so comfortable less than a few minutes ago now feels suffocating and itchy, and he just wants to be rid of it. 

Todoroki steps closer, and it sends Hanta's senses up the wall in varying emotions. He refuses to make eye contact, even as the other takes another step and is fully in Hanta's space now. Hanta swallows, arms crossed and rigid, but lets Todoroki take a large hand and put it on his chin. He tips his face up, skin burning at the contact and the feel of callouses from training. Hanta lets him, but keeps his eyes pointedly away. 

"Hanta. Look at me." 

The commanding tone paired with his given name makes his gut hot and he nearly chokes on his next inhale. Hanta shakes his head in the gentle grasp, and Todoroki sighs. His breath is cool across Hanta's hot cheeks and smells of mint. "Why not?"

Hanta grits his teeth. "...'re gonna make fun of me."

Todoroki scoffs gently. "I would never. Hanta, please?"

He's always been weak to his antics, no matter what they are, and Hanta gives in with a trembling breath. He turns his face the slightest bit towards Todoroki, expecting- well, he doesn't know what he was expecting but he isn't prepared for the fucking inferno that's become Todoroki's gaze. Hanta inhales sharply, direly aware of the lack of space between his nose and Todoroki's and the way that that dark and greedy gaze devours his face, tracing down his lips, over the slope of his nose and back up to his eyes. An arm comes around Hanta's waist, and he's tucked bodily against Todoroki. 

"I'm not angry, Hanta, and I'm not going to make fun of you. I just want to know..." Todoroki tightens his grip momentarily, his eyes never leaving Hanta's, "You weren't going to send them to anyone else?"

Hanta shakes his head again, and Todoroki smiles. So close to his face, it makes Hanta burn and if Todoroki feels the shiver that tracks up his spine, then he doesn't say. "Good. Good, ah..." Todoroki blinks, and then looks down at their bodies. He rubs his hand against Hanta's back, just over the band of his bottoms. Hanta swears that if he was half an inch lower, he could feel it. "I'm not making you uncomfortable, am I? Please tell me if I'm misreading this..."

Finally getting a grip on his body, Hanta quickly slings his arms around Todoroki's shoulders and stops him from pulling away. "No! No, you're not reading it wrong, I just didn't-"

Todoroki tilts his head as Hanta cuts himself off, and let's go of his face to wrap the other arm around him and hold him firmly. Hanta wants to melt, and slowly, slowly, that gross feeling is going away. "What?"

The taller of the two ducks his head again. The mortification has fled now, leaving good old embarrassment that Hanta is much more comfortable with. "Didn't think you looked at me like that."

Todoroki chuckles into the space above his head and squeezes him briefly. It presses Hanta into his chest. "I wasn't obvious? Midoriya was able to tell right away."

"Well, that's Midoriya for you. That guy is always watching, I swear."

They share a small laugh, and then Todoroki presses a kiss to Hanta's forehead, making the other blush. Hanta smiles, and slides his hands around to the front of Todoroki's chest. Those large hands move down a little further on his back, and Hanta finds they fit comfortably on his body. "So what does this mean?" He asks, and the other hums. 

"Whatever we want, I guess. Uh, I would like it, though, if you would be my boyfriend..." Todoroki trails off, and Hanta grins into his collarbone. He presses a soft kiss there, and Todoroki's chest hitches on an inhale. 

"I'd love that."

Todoroki hums, a note higher and happier, Hanta realizes, and tightens his arms around his waist. Hanta leans into the embrace, feeling whole and right again, and then Todoroki stiffens the tiniest bit. Hanta looks at him quizzically as he pulls back. Todoroki has a dumbfounded look on his face, and is sliding his hands around the sides of Hanta's hips-

"Oh." Hanta freezes. Todoroki is tracing the waistband of the panties, and as Hanta looks back at him, that hungry glint has returned. Hanta feels like the air was punched out of his chest as Todoroki slides his hands up, and incidentally drags the hem of the shirt up too. It reveals the straps laying loose on Hanta's thighs and just the very side of the waistband on his left, and Todoroki groans. Hanta feels like wheezing as the sound hits him, and a roll of arousal runs through his stomach. 

"You're still wearing it?" Hanta can't speak, can barely think, and manages a nod. Todoroki exhales, slow and controlled, and smiles something deadly that makes Hanta's knees weak. "All of it?"

A hand traces up his side, and Hanta wonders if he can feel his heart beating under the shirt as Todoroki tucks a finger in the neckline and pulls it just enough to the side to expose a blue strap. Todoroki eyes it, and licks his lips. Hanta barely has time to yelp as he's whirled around and dropped on the bed, Todoroki over top of him and leaning down. Hanta's eyes widen, but Todoroki stops a mere breath away from his lips. If Hanta were to shift, they would be touching. 

Todoroki doesn't move, but his hand trails up and down Hanta's side. He's got Hanta's thighs tossed outside of his hips and as a soft touch catches on the band of his bra, Hanta gasps and hitches his leg up so it's set on Todoroki's bare hip. The contact burns, but Hanta is more distracted what Todoroki is saying now. 

"Do you know how good you looked, Hanta? Dressed i-in that, and looking so fucking gorgeous on your knees?" Todoroki nearly growls the words into Hanta's ear, sending sparks through his nerves and causing his thighs to squeeze. A large hand slips under his shirt and Hanta actually moans at the first touch on his skin, nails digging into the skin on Todoroki's back. "Like a whole meal, ready for the taking. Ready to me to take."

The grip on his hipbone tightens deliciously and Hanta has the fleeting hope that it bruises. That would be a picture, dressed up in red lace and straps to match the purpling bruises-

Hanta gasps and grabs onto Todoroki's hair as the other sucks a hot bite into the side of his neck. Todoroki hums into his skin, and the hand under Hanta's shirt explores up his chest, and traces the triangle's over his pecs. Todoroki drops his head onto Hanta's shoulder with a groan. "You're killing me, Hanta."

Hanta manages a small laugh as the other tucks his fingers under the band again, and runs the tips around his ribcage. Hanta shivers at the action, and Todoroki repeats it. "I take it you didn't mind the picture?"

"I fucking loved the picture."

Hanta is pressed deep into the mattress as Todoroki claims his mouth, that hand squeezing around his middle and sliding under his back. Hanta moans, and kisses back with as much vigor as he's receiving. It's hot and a little desperate, but as Hanta places his hands on the sides of Todoroki's neck and they readjust, the slide is heavenly and Hanta quickly finds himself getting addicted to the feeling. Todoroki must feel the same, for he gasps a little when they pull away and dives back in, swiping at Hanta's lip with his tongue. 

He opens his mouth, and Todoroki hums as he continues to explore. Hanta tightens his legs over Todoroki's back, the shirt falling up to his abdomen, and Todoroki stutters in his actions when the silk front of the panties rubs against his middle. Hanta gasps as Todoroki delivers a harder bite to the other side of his neck, and tugs down on the neckline of the shirt to show more. Then, seemingly frustrated, Todoroki slips down the length of Hanta's body and sticks his head under the shirt. 

"Ah! Sh-" Hanta yelps, but it turns into a sigh as Todoroki runs a thumb over a lace-covered nipple, and kisses down his sternum. Hanta can't see what he's doing, not with his entire head under the shirt, but he just draws circles on Todoroki's shoulder blades as the other explores. His mouth feels puffy and he jerks as Todoroki sucks another mark into his skin, but Hanta tilts his head back with a grin and leans into it. 

Time seems so slow as Todoroki just worships his body, not seeking out the parts covered and uncovered but leaving nothing untouched. Hanta has lost count of the amount of times that he's teased over the front of his panties, and even for all of the teasing, Hanta isn't terribly hard. Neither is Todoroki, and something in him is glad. Even for a stereotypical horny teenager, he doesn't feel like going through all of that work. This feels better, though, the comfort of having another body so close as pleasure instead of actual lusty pleasure. It's more for his reassurance that Todoroki doesn't hate him more than wanting to get off, and he's glad that it isn't going any farther.

Todoroki untucks his head and lays his cheek on Hanta's hipbone, fiddling with the straps on his thighs. Hanta wonders if he would like it if he wore thigh high socks, and pulls the shirt up to his collarbones to survey the damage that pink lips caused; hickeys and bites, along with small trails of spit where a sloppy kiss or two was placed. Hanta knows his cheeks are red and he's got a flush down his chest, but he pulls Todoroki up for another deep kiss. Todoroki's weight settles on him, and Hanta spreads his thighs to accommodate. It feels nice, like his own weighted blanket, and Hanta moans his appreciation into kiss-swollen lips. Todoroki just pulls away and kisses the tip of his nose, not moving his weight nor adding to it. Hanta smiles, and plays with the short strands of hair at the back of Todoroki's neck. 

He's just about to go in for another kiss when Todoroki yawns in his face. Hanta snorts, and pulls the boy closer to his chest. As soon as he starts yawning, Hanta knows that Todoroki is on a steep slope to unconsciousness. "Should we go to bed?"

Todoroki just hums, and noses his way into the crook of Hanta's neck. He kisses on a red mark, and Hanta sighs. "Let me get up. I don't really want to sleep in this today."

He slides out from under a heavy arm, and Todoroki works his way under Hanta's blankets. Hanta doesn't take off the shirt, but slips his arms out so he can slide the straps down. He unclips the back, and it falls to the ground. He looks over his shoulder to see Todoroki watching him, the desire subdued but still there. It makes Hanta warm, and he quickly grabs a pair of boxers to pull on when he inches the panties off. He mourns them as they drop, and misses the confidence and comfort that came with them. Hanta yawns, and pulls his arms through the shirt again before crawling into his bed. 

It feels natural, sliding in next to Todoroki. The bicolor haired boy has inched back, and leaves an inviting curve of his body that Hanta tucks his back to when the blanket is lifted. He does remember to turn off his light, though, and Todoroki drops the blanket back on them. Hanta sighs as a hand worms its way around the front of his chest, and loves the feeling of Todoroki breathing against his neck. He still feels a little horny, not gonna lie, but this is definitely what he needs after that emotional rollercoaster. 

Todoroki huffs into his skin and kisses the knob of his spine. His hand settles under Hanta's shirt, resting on his abdomen, and his thumb moves every so often in a soothing motion. Hanta finds himself suddenly exhausted, whether from the excitement of today or the actions at the end of, and slips quickly into something like unconsciousness. He clings on though, just enough to feel Todoroki curl around him and whisper a soft goodnight, and then let's himself go completely. 

If he dreams of lace and silken kisses, then that's nobody's business but his.