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Study Break

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December 19th 

The silence was heavy in the air as the students sat in the common room, nervous energy, suffocating any brief moments of laughter or calm. 


Final exams for the semester were right around the corner and the last-minute study sessions were in full swing. Momo, Iida, and even Bakugo had banded together to work with the whole class, offering their help to anyone gathered in the common room. 


They’d been working for hours now, but Kirishima couldn’t help but think that they weren’t getting very much done. They were way too tense for that.


Even those of them who were great at studying and had better focus were struggling to read over more than one page without forgetting what they read or starting a problem before getting confused and having to start all over. Eijiro looked over the group once again, concern lining his features.


Bakugo was seated at the table farthest from the group, scowling down at the study guide he was trying to work through. From what the redhead could see, he had been stuck for a while now. His hands were shaking in thinly veiled tension and pent up energy. 


Mina sat on the couch across from Kaminari and Eijiro’s, chewing on the pen in her hand as she looked over the paper, riddled with angry red marks. Judging by her almost sickly expression, she wasn’t doing so hot either. 


Beside him, Denki was pouring over the same book he’d been reading for the past hour. His point of view let him know that he’d been on the same passage for minutes now and he could see the tears of frustration welling up in his eyes. 


Kirishima was sure that the rest of his class wasn’t fairing much better. 


They were exhausted and stressed as hell. This obviously wasn’t helping much, they needed something else, but what could he... wait a second. 


He looked down at his own notebook, laying in his lap. He’d been doing better since Bakugo had started helping him and his own focus had also been suffering in the last few hours.


Kirishima sighed and tossed the notebook onto the table in front of him. 


The resounding smack it made caused everyone to look over at him as he stood up, stretching his arms above his head. 


“Ok, that’s it, everyone get your coats and stuff, we’re going outside,” He stated through a loud yawn. All eyes were definitely on him now, and they portrayed various states of confusion, annoyance, and even amusement. (He could always count on Sero to have his back,)


“Where the hell are you going, Shitty Hair? You need to study,” Bakugo asked incredulously, his scowl now focused on Kirishima. 


We , are going outside,” He replied simply, moving to grab his jacket from the closet. 


“Kiri, don’t mess around right now,” Mina said, her tone flat and her eyes clouded with stress and worry. Eijiro had already been there too many times this year and that was exactly why he was going to help her out no matter how much she protested. And the same for Kaminari of course.


“Yeah, it’s not the time bro,”


“I’m not messing around,” He exclaimed, turning away from the door to face them, “We’ve been doing this for hours and we’re all exhausted,” Kaminari sighed and looked down, “We can back to it later, but this is unhealthy and we’re not getting anywhere like this, so we’re taking a break,” he said succinctly, pulling his shoes on and throwing his scarf around his shoulders, “Now, c’mon let’s go,”


He was met with some uncertain murmurs until Sero stood with a heavy sigh and a shrug. 


“I mean you heard him, he’s right,” Eijiro returned his smile before his friend turned on their class rep, “And breaks are a good thing in moderation, right Iida?” 


“Well...” He started, thinking. His eyes roved over the class, and even he seemed to pick up on the dismal mood. Tenya suddenly straightened up and stood up from his seat, “Yes, Kirishima is correct, come on everyone,” His hands were chopping through the air wildly and Eijiro held back a laugh at the familiar sight, “We should take a small break for our mental health and then we can get back to studying, let us go outside,”


With a few more grumbles and encouragement from both Iida and eventually Yaoyorozu, the class made their way outside, gathering around in the snow-covered courtyard behind the building. They milled around awkwardly for a while looking uncomfortable and still stressed. Some were even still talking about the exams. 


Kirishima sighed heavily and looked down in frustration. But then, an idea popped into his head. 


He bit his lip to stop from grinning and waved his arms at Sero who was absently kicking at the ground with his boot as Mina and Kaminari chatted anxiously. 


Once he gained his attention, he leaned down and picked up a large bunch of snow and motioned at it. 


Sero just looked at it and then back at him, visibly confused. Kirishima sighed and stared at him for a few moments. He saw the exact moment when it clicked in his head.


He mouthed a long ”ohhhhh” of understanding and his smirk grew to match his. Hanta nodded at him and looked around for a moment before finding a target. 


He didn’t look away from it as he subtly leaned down. His gloved hands scooped up some snow and rolled it into a haphazard ball shape. Kirishima had to force himself to look away in order to not be implicated in what happened next. 


There was a quick whoosh followed by a satisfying smack as the snow collided with someone and covered them in freezing white particles. 


Judging by the resounding scream of outrage, Kirishima knew exactly who he had aimed for without having to look. Instead, his gaze fell on Sero as he dashed behind Midoriya, using him as a human shield. 


Yikes, sorry Midoriya, but it’s for the greater good right now. 


The rest of the class was either laughing at the misfortune or rallying behind either of the boys, forming teams and giving out declarations of war. Soon enough, snowballs were flying and people were screaming and everything was as usual again. 


Kirishima let out a loud whoop and started lobbing snowballs at his friends. They both sputtered in surprise but eventually got over it and started to retaliate. 


Almost everyone was participating, but if they weren’t they were spectating and watching the chaos unfold. 


Eijiro himself had been thoroughly beaten. His gloves had been soaked all the way through by the time he finally called for a truce. His desperate pleas led to an eventual alliance against Bakugo who had decided that everyone was against him. 


Even Todoroki, who was getting constant offers for alliances, had thrown a few at him once someone -probably Uraraka judging by the maniacal look on her face- had explained what was happening to him. Once he was aware, he was a force to be reckoned with, not needing any time at all to reload between shots. 


At one point he was just pegging Bakugo over and over as he tried in vain to get a shot in until he fell over. 


Shoto had just smiled innocently and Uraraka practically died laughing behind him. 


Kirishima wasn’t too far behind her in that so by the time he managed to drag himself off to the sidelines he was still panting and giggling to himself. 


He dropped down onto the stairs beside Shinso, who smirked at his appearance. 


Eijiro was sure that he was quite the sight. Hair disheveled, gel coming undone, coat and boots covered in snow, cheeks and hands red with cold, chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath. He was a mess, but he was having fun. 


“You look like you lost a fight with a snowman,” 


Kirishima laughed, loud and breathless, but didn’t respond. He just sighed in content and leaned back until he was lying flat on the floor in front of the door. 


They sat like that for a while, just listening and watching as their classmates ran around like headless chickens until Shinso cleared his throat. Kirishima sat up on his elbows to look at him, but the other boy’s gaze remained on the horizon. 


“This was a good idea,” He said, his deep voice not betraying any emotion. Eijiro just smiled and nodded, sensing that there was something else he wanted to say. “Thanks by the way,” He added, looking back at him this time. Kirishima’s smile didn’t falter, but he raised an eyebrow at him. “I was worried about Denki,” He admitted and the redhead sat all the way up, nodding again, “He was really stressed and he wouldn’t listen to me so, yeah thanks,” 


“No problem man, I was honestly thinking the same thing,” He replied, examining Shinso’s expression. He looked concerned and Kirishima found himself relating to it too much. “But don’t worry too much about him,” He said, prompting a look of reigned in surprise at being read so well, “He’s a lot more resilient than he looks,”


Shinso chuckled dryly and nodded. He didn’t say anything else, moving his pensive gaze back to the courtyard. 


Kirishima looked down at the snow at his feet in contemplation. A smirk came to his face. 


Shinso was far too serious and far too dry for his liking. 


He reached down slowly and silently formed a neat ball. With his back turned to him, he easily did it without being noticed. He was elated that the boy trusted him enough to leave himself vulnerable around him, but as his friend, it was really his job to teach him not to do that in this situation. 


Plus, he could always use some more participation in their class’s group activities.


With that in mind, Kirishima pulled his arm back and let the snowball fly. 


It arced beautifully and then smack him right in the spine, high enough to soak through his scarf, but not enough to hurt his head. 


He would’ve mentally congratulated himself for such a well-aimed shot, but he didn’t have the time, because Shinso had let out the most hilarious, high-pitched squeak and shot up to try and shake the snow off and he was far too busy laughing to care.


He shivered as the freezing snow slid down his back as it melted before turning on Kirishima. 


Eijiro was still cackling as he turned to run, Shinso hot on his heels, the thirst for vengeance clear in his eyes. 


In the end, he got pummeled yet again, but it was worth the satisfied little smile that he gave once Kirishima was shouting for mercy, his own voice shooting up a few octaves at the cold.


His plan to get everyone to chill out had ended pretty well all things considered. Even if he’d gotten destroyed countless times in the process.