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A very White Christmas in Sweden

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T’was the night before Christmas, and all through the room
Lay presents of all sizes, breaking the weather gloom

Swedes lay beside the fire, wrapped in each other’s arms
Otto snoring loudly, wrapped in Alesso’s palms

The younger out like a light, It’s been a big day
Of performing for fans for the big Winter’s play

When the dawn broke through the typical Stockholm morn
They lay awake with smiles, ignoring the incoming storm

Three more men arrived with more presents at hand
They all kissed and hugged, mostly on Seb’s demand

Sebastian handed Otto his first treat, a huge teddy
Which found it’s new home on the couch balanced steady

Axwell received coupons for more hugs, followed by a giggle
But he cashed them all in, wrapped in Seb’s hands like soggy tissues

Steve gave Alesso a present, a new radio was what he’d need
He thanked the older humbly, then gave a present back; glasses of mead

But there was one special present Otto thought was much better
To Alesso he handed a wrapped present, as small as a letter

Alesso tenderly ripped open the tape, only to say
That he had gotten tickets to see Coldplay!

He cheered, started crying, and wrapped Otto in a bear hug
To which the taller Swede embraced Alesso, warm and snug

A kiss on the cheek, and a knowing look
Was all Swedish House saw before they escaped for a… book.

The rest of the presents were shared and ripped open
Steve got a camera, Ax an axe, Seb a new oven!

It was a strangely great day, ended with Unpoco Loco dinner
What better way to end Christmas, than to feel like a winner

But one last thing before I put up the door mistletoe
Never leave your Axwell without a Sebastian kiss in the snow.