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Usui Masumi Pairing

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*:..。o○ ○o。..:*

Their first meeting wasn't the best first impression.

The unimpressed Masumi and stiff Madoka. Other than they have some same classes in university, they barely talked with each other.

But, something unexpected happened.

When they were just accidentally have a crosspath, the Theater club's leader appeared and... Tried to recruit them, again. The annoyed Masumi and Madoka decided to just ignore him and run away together.

That was their first bonding experience.

*:..。o○ ○o。..:*

“Masumi. Wake up."

Masumi opened his eyes. The vivid sun made him scowled, then it was blocked by none other than Ikaruga Madoka.

".. Good morning…," said Masumi sleepily.

"The sun is already up there, so good afternoon will be more proper. Well, you have a nice nap, don't you?" Madoka patted Masumi's head.

Masumi nodded while his eyes still closed.

"Ah-? Masumi, you have to wake up. Another class will be starting within a few more minutes." Madoka shaked him again.

"... Troublesome... Will remember all of that later…."

"That's true, but the lecturer won't be happy seeing you sleep like this."

"Don't care. Up to them. Want to sleep in your thighs forever."

Madoka blushed for a bit. "... Well, I care. I don't want someone to seeing you with scowl in their face. It make me want to keep them away from you."

Masumi's eyes instantly opened. He looked at Madoka. His eyes were starry with a bit of blush in his cheeks.

"Repeat that again, please?"

Madoka small coughed. "Not now. I will say that repeatedly as long as you want if you listening properly in the class."

"Okay…." Masumi rose up from his position with a bit of sullen face.

Madoka smiled, then he aproached Masumi's forehead and kissed there lightly.

Masumi froze.

The blue-haired male said with much amusement and slight smile. "That's enought for now, right?"

That day, Madoka had to deal with a bit more clingy-than-usual Masumi.

He didn't hate it, thought.