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good night but not goodbye

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“Good morning,” are the first words I hear when my eyes open to the bone white scene of an infirmary.

… Needless to say, I panic at first, especially being crowded by two strangers, but the situation is cleared up quickly. Apparently, I have amnesia.

“You really need to rest up,” Deuce says while holding onto my shoulders as I try to push myself out of bed. 

“On prom night?” I complain midlly. “You told me I said I’d go with you guys. I’m going to go.”

“That was before you exploded a cauldron in your face,” Ace groans. “Come on—

Listen to your childhood friends for once, okay?

According to Ace and Deuce, I made a mistake mixing together the stage recipe for today’s prom night. That was the cause of the memories of who I was or how I got where I was being wiped clean from my brain like a shaken etch-a-sketch.

It took a while of explaining, but I finally got to learn that I’m a prefect at Night Raven College and close friends to these two boys who I’ve known since growing up in the Rose Kingdom. My name is Yuu. Of everything I was told, this name seems to settle most naturally on my tongue.

“Hey—” I begin. It’s almost funny the way that Ace and Deuce seem to lean into that one word. “I don’t want to keep you guys here. If I’m going to stay here, then I want the both of you to go to prom, find a nice dancing partner.”

“No,” says Ace. 

A hand overlaps mine.

“I have to side with Ace here,” Deuce says. 

My other hand is enfolded by Deuce’s.

I’m caught speechless. I did expect them to argue, but I thought there would be room for me to argue back. But when I look into their eyes, I know for a fact that them separating from me is not in the cards at all.

“I do have an idea for something we can do for prom,” Ace offers. “It’s something that we can only do back at the Heartslabyul dorms, though.”

I tilt my head at the mention of Heartslabyul. If I recall correctly, that’s the house that they were sorted into when they first came to Night Raven. I’m not sure why, but when I asked what house I was sorted into, they just exchanged a glance and shook their heads.

And just like they had then, Deuce throws a look in Ace’s direction. This time, though, there’s a nod exchanged between the both of them. 

“Do you trust us?” Deuce asks.

He gets up, hand folded over mine, and gently tugs me upward. Ace does the same.

“Of course I do,” I reply. “You’re my best friends.”

My only friends.

After all, it’s only the two of them who came to see me after my accident. … It’s easy to deduce what exactly lies at the root of that.

When I’m lead to my feet, supported by the boys at either side of me, I don’t have the slightest fear of falling even with the dizzy spell that hits me. 

Because if I were to fall, that would only prove to me one fact: 

That Ace and Deuce will be the ones to always make sure that I’m safe.

I let this thought to the forefront of my mind, to hide what’s hiding under the surface.

—If that’s true, how did I end up like this?