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Alone. Daiba Nana has always been alone in this corner of the school library. Okay, she isn’t alone in the entire library but with no one joining her book club after some of the previous members left to join other clubs, Nana thinks she’s entitled to be at least a little bit dramatic. 


Does she feel a bit stupid to hope that maybe even just one person would take an interest in her book club? Yes. But does that still stop her from making more of these flyers and planning out a list of books on the off-hand chance that someone else might even look in the direction of the book club next week? Absolutely not. 


The hum of the printer as it spits out her flyers is enough to take the blonde’s attention off of the club fair for a few moments. Scattered throughout the library are a few students who are most likely studying for an exam or working on homework. During exams, the place would be packed with people and for once, Nana wouldn’t have white noise to accompany her while she reads. 


What’s so boring about reading anyway? Fantasies, stories to get lost in, history, all of it is written in books. Whether you want something realistic or absolutely ridiculous, there’s a kind of book for all sorts of people. The library shelves are full of books that she hasn’t even touched. So why is it so difficult to find one person in this school that would be willing to join? Ah. She’s thinking about the club again. 


Letting out a soft sigh, Nana retrieves her flyers from the printer, skimming through the top to make sure that the colors are printed out properly. Once everything has been thoroughly checked, Nana returns to her usual spot, carefully placing them in a folder in her bag. Having already finished her work within the first hour and a half of being inside the library, she opts to continue reading one of the novels she had borrowed. 


Whether or not someone joins the club, Nana will at least still have her own corner to read in, at the very least. Although, she would be lying if she said that she wouldn’t appreciate some company or just someone else to talk to about the books she reads. While she could always just join a sports club or something to hang out with the rest of her peers aside from being in class, she’s not entirely sure that they would be interested in hearing about a novel they’ve never read since all she provides them are the occasional baked goods in potlucks. 


Try as she might, reading and flipping through the pages isn’t working for her right now. Reading is usually calming but on some days like this, it’s easier to concentrate at home. Breathing out yet another soft sigh, the blonde quickly packs her things before exiting the library, 


The school grounds are still as lively as ever seeing as sports teams haven’t left campus yet. Sunlight illuminates the rest of the halls in a golden light, covering half of her body with that same glow. Walking through, Nana finds herself moving on autopilot, clutching her novel in her arms with the flyers on top instead of putting it inside her bag with the rest of her things like anyone else would. Seeing as it was now 4:30, the posters for clubs appeared on some of the walls.


She should probably start putting hers up as well. 


The process of putting up posters remains the same every year. Put one in the stairway for people to see when they’re passing by, put one near the main billboard for the students walking onto campus, one for the bathrooms, etc. Everything was routine and that was at least one thing that Nana could appreciate: repetition. The sound of pulling out the tape, the light clacking of her shoes-- the consistency was comforting. 


As soon as the last poster is hung up by one of the bathrooms, Nana takes a step back to look at it, her book still clutched in her hands like a lifeline. The poster hadn’t changed much from last year’s, still donning the same green frogs with books and the necessary contact information. Nothing out of the ordinary. 


At least, not until she hears another pair of footsteps. 


Turning at the sound of another presence, Nana sees that the girl walking in her direction was none other than the delinquent Hoshimi Junna herself carrying a.. book? The closer the other girl got, the more familiar the book became. Sparing a glance down at her own novel, the blonde has to stop herself from reacting rashly. They look the same. 


This is her chance. 


“H-Hey!” Nana finally calls out, making sure to step in front of Junna’s line of sight. 


“What the--” Junna gives her a look that almost resembles a glare. 


Despite not spending much time with her classmates, Nana had heard the stories. Hoshimi Junna, while not being the most rebellious teenager, had a reputation for being a bit… intense. And by intense, she’s heard the horror stories of people being beaten to a pulp for stealing Junna’s money or just overall pissing her off. The blonde may be significantly taller but she wouldn’t put it past the delinquent to somehow find a way to spin this to her advantage. 


“Sorry for the sudden interruption. I just… had to ask,” Nana has to inhale another breath as she stares down. She really does not want to be beat up. “Is that Shakespeare by any chance? Much Ado About Nothing, I mean.” 


Junna looks confused for a moment, only to glance down at her own book before her eyes widen at the sight of the exact same book in Nana’s hands. “I-- I’m just holding onto this for a friend! It’s not like I read that nerdy crap..” 


For someone who starts so aggressively only to taper off at the end, Nana can tell it’s a blatant lie. Although, she couldn’t exactly blame her. Being caught reading something like Shakespeare totally clashes the current image that the student body has of her. 


“Are you sure about that?” The words leave her lips before she can think. Oh God. 


Someone standing up to her takes the other aback for a moment, blinking. Nana can’t help feel a little proud of herself for that one. However, the moment is slightly short lived as Junna narrows her eyes at that remark, “Are you.. blackmailing me?”


“No, I just didn’t think anyone else liked reading at this school. Or at least, no one else seemed interested.” she replies, hoping that the explanation was enough for the delinquent to spare her life. 


The delinquent mutters, “Assigned readings for school ruin literature for a lot of people.” 


That’s… unfortunately true. Nana can admit that she almost became one of those students herself. But if Junna is saying that then…. 


“I take it that you’re not one of those students then? I don’t remember Much Ado About Nothing being one of the required readings for class.”


“So what? Am I not allowed to read?” Junna huffs, choosing to look away from Nana. 

The delinquent doesn’t even stop at that, marching right up to Nana’s poster. “How many people are even in this?” 


The blonde winces at that, trying her best to play it off with a smile. “I’m still trying to get people to sign up for the book club. The only member right now is me.”


An unreadable expression crosses over Junna’s face but it looks like she wants to say something, despite being unable to. 


“You don’t have to join but if you ever want someone to talk to about the book..” Nana gestures to the poster’s contact information. “You know where to find me.” 


Nana decides to leave on that note, both out of fear of pissing Junna off even more and because she’s not sure she’ll be able to take any more comments against the book club. She knows she hasn’t gotten anyone but it still stings to hear someone point it out. 


If Nana had stayed for a few minutes longer, she might have seen Junna stare at her poster for another minute or two before choosing to walk off while muttering. 




Damn, that was an asshole move. Junna thought to herself.


She wasn’t sure what came over her when that poor book nerd started asking her questions. It was a little too late when she realized how rude she was being. The girl just wanted to ask about her book and Junna still managed to fuck it up.


You know joining that book club is going to make her think you’re pitying her, right? Even though you’re so desperate to make friends, you always ruin it before you try.


Slapping her own face, Junna ignores the self-deprecating thoughts in her head, thinking like that won’t get her anywhere if she wants to change.


Although Junna is a star student and has amazing grades, her attitude is what stands out to others the most. She’s awfully blunt and questions everything in a condescending tone, making her unapproachable. People oftentimes don’t even like being near Junna because of that. She’s gotten used to it for the most part, but for some reason she felt a little bad after today.


She shakes her head. “Gah, what am I thinking? It’s not even a big deal.”


Junna walked in the somewhat empty halls of the school. She wasn’t in much a rush to get home and honestly, the school was kinda nice to be in when there wasn’t anyone around to mentally judge her for breathing. The only people that were left at the school were club members and sport teams, none of which Junna is in.


Maybe that could change.


“Psh, who am I kidding? If I joined a club, everyone would want to disband it,” she mutters under her breath.


“Another day by myself, huh?” Junna hears a familiar voice from one of the classrooms. She immediately stops walking and instead hides against the wall in a way that allows her to peer into the window of the door, almost like a bootleg spy.


Looking through the window, she sees none other than the book girl she ran away from. It hasn’t even been that long since she ran off, but Junna is beginning to feel real guilty.


She was sitting on a desk with her book open in front of her. There was no one else in the room except for her.


She wasn’t lying about being the only active member.


The blonde girl hasn’t seen her yet, and Junna’s careful to avoid making any noise as she scans the hallway around her. No one else is here yet. 


Technically, she can walk away. No one has seen her or knows what she’s seen. 


Carefully prying herself off the wall, Junna turns and takes one step forward in the opposite direction of the room.


This is stupid.


Another step.


It’s just a book club. 


And another one.


Me being there won’t make more people want to come.


And ano--


Against her better judgement, Junna lets out a groan and stomps back to the door, throwing it open with her right hand. Embarrassment be damned: she felt bad. Besides, it would be nice to.. have someone to talk to about the book. 


The door hits the wall with a loud bang as she speed-walks through, ignoring the shocked look on the other girl’s face, floor squeaking as she drags a chair out from the desk next to her. “If anyone else hears about this, I’m not coming anymore.” 


“I think we may have gotten off on the wrong foot.”


Their eyes meet and Junna raises a brow. 


“I’m Daiba Nana, it’s nice to meet you.” Nana extends a hand towards her, which Junna reluctantly takes. 


“Hoshimi Junna.” 


“No need to worry, Hoshimi-san. Your secret’s safe with me.” Nana chuckles, sending her a smile. Her hand is warm. 


She lets go.


“.. Right. Thank you, Daiba-san.” Junna narrows her eyes for a moment before shaking her head, leaning down to grab the book from her bag and toss it onto the desk. 


Awkward silence fills the air after that. 


What do they do now?


After a generous minute of staring, Nana clears her throat. “So, about the book.”


Oh fuck


“You’re obsessed with that, huh?”


“Only a little,” Nana’s grin grows wider.


“I can see that,” Junna finds herself laughing a little. “It seems alright so far. Admittedly, I haven’t been reading it recently.”


Nana tilts her head, “Oh?” 


Their eyes meet and Junna has to look away. Why does she feel guilty? “Remember what you said about school and reading?”


 “Oh.” Nana blinks, seemingly registering her words before wordlessly reaching out to the other girl’s copy of the novel. Her hand hovers over the cover before looking to get a confirmation. “Can I try something?”


“Uh, sure.” As soon as words leave her mouth, Junna watches as Nana picks up the book to get to work. She can’t really see everything going on from this angle but it looks like the blonde has pulled out a pencil case and some sticky notes?


A few minutes pass in silence, save for the sounds of pen on paper and the flipping of pages. 


What on earth could she possibly be doing that requires more than 3 minutes?


“Hoshimi-san, how do you feel about frogs?”


The sudden break in silence startles her. “I-- They’re okay I guess?”


“How about we play a little game then?” Nana says, making the effort to raise Junna’s copy of the novel, which now has a green sticky note on the cover decorated with little frogs. “If you can find all of the frogs I hid in here after reading the book, I’ll make you a snack.” 


Junna blinks once and then twice before chuckling to herself. “You certainly have an interesting way of handling this.”


“Are you going to accept the challenge or not?”


“What happens if I lose?”


The blonde pauses to think, seemingly trying to come up with a punishment only to shrug her shoulders, “You have to get me a snack then.” 


“That’s boring, c’mon let’s spice it up a bit.” 


“You want to do a punishment?” She looks at her incredulously, looking more shocked than upset. 


“It’s more exciting, no?” 


“I can’t…okay, well, what were you thinking?”


“I’m not going to think of my own damn punishment!”


“Okay, but you wanted to do one!”


“Yeah, but I don’t wanna choose that shi- that… crap.”


“Stares at you.”


“Did you just- whatever anyway, think for me, Daiba-san.”


“Hm,” Nana’s expression becomes contemplative once more. It takes her a few seconds to finally say something. However, once she gets an idea, it almost seems like a lightbulb appeared above her head. “If you lose, you have to kiss me.”


Junna blinks once and then twice. “Are you serious?” 


“What, is that not good enough for you either?”


“No- I’m just- that isn’t much of a punishment to me…”


Nana’s jaw drops at the implication, cheeks burning bright red. “Wh-What do you mean that’s not a punishment to you?”


“I mean I don’t really care about who I kiss, just doesn’t matter to me.”


“I thought friends kissing each other was a weird thing, especially if they’re not into each other?”


“I mean, you could think that, but it’s subject to change from person to person.” Kissing her friends or, people who were her friends, hasn’t been much of an issue to her in the past, at least in this context. Which means.. “And if I’m assuming correctly, you haven’t had your first kiss at all huh, Daiba-san?”


“W-What?” Nana forces an awkward laugh out. Junna can see the way her eyes dart frantically from side to side, looking at anything besides her. “What would make you assume that? Pfft. Of course I’ve.. kissed someone before.”


“Oh yeah?” Junna cocks a brow, “Who?”


“Um..” Nana looks like she’s about to start sweating, “A friend! Who just so happens to not go here.”


“A friend, who doesn’t go here, huh?” 


“Yeah! Yeah… they just don’t go here at all.”


“What school are they from then?”


“I-- Um.. That’s-- I don’t know what school they go to??”


“But they’re your friend! Surely you’d know what school they go to.. Unless,” As much as Junna wants to indulge in Nana’s blatant lie, the blonde is just.. terrible at lying, really. “They just straight up don’t exist?”


“. . .”


“I’m right aren’t I?”


“Shut up..” Nana grumbles, shooting her a.. not-so-intimidating glare, “So what if I haven’t?”


“Would you really want to lose your first kiss to someone like me?”


“It’s not exactly difficult to read a book and find stickers.”


“What if I lost on purpose then?”


“You are making this much harder than it needs to be.” 


“Because this is incredibly lame. You need to come up with something better.”


After what felt like an extremely long game of going back and forth in their argument, Nana finally concedes. “Fine. If you win, you get a kiss and I’ll make you a snack. If you lose, you have to help me advertise the book club,”


Junna almost wants to laugh, “That sounds easy eno--”


In public. On campus. ” 


Wait a damn minute. 


“No way.. You wouldn’t do that to me, Daiba-san.” the delinquent waves her hands out in front of her, “You’re too cruel.” 


“And you wanted a better punishment. This makes things more exciting, no?” Nana mimics her tone and words from earlier, leaving Junna speechless. Touché. 


“Just give me that damn book.” 


“Okay, take it. It’s right there,” Nana puts her hands up in defense, leaving Junna to snatch the book off of the desk. “Have fun reading!” 


“When’s my ‘due date’?”


“Tomorrow after school! Right when you come into the book club’s room.”


“You’re kidding.”


Nana fakes a gasp, “I would never.”


Junna shoots her an incredulous look from the doorway, already holding the book and her bag. 


“Oh come on Hoshimi-san. It’s only 108 pages! You’ll be fine.”


“You’re so annoying.” Junna rolls her eyes but Nana knows that there’s no malice in her words.


“Only to you!” 




Homework’s done. Thank go-- wait. I have to read that stupid book.


Junna lets out a loud groan as she tosses her pencil case back into her backpack, lazily tossing the book onto her desk. 


Find all of the stickers after reading the novel.. 


Sparing one last glance at the clock on the wall, she can see that it’s almost 6PM. 


“108 pages,” Junna mumbles, opening up to the first page only to see the first frog drawn on a small sticky note. “I guess she’s giving me one free for at least opening the book.” 


Somehow, despite how stupid it is, Junna still finds that it cheers her up anyway. Call it crazy, call it stupid, but maybe, just maybe she can start enjoying this book now. Besides, Nana seemed really happy about having someone to talk to about the book and--


She’s getting off track. 


Shaking her head, Junna goes to the effort of lightly hitting her own cheek with her palm. “Focus, Junna. I’m not about to humiliate myself on campus for a nerd.” 


The next few hours pass by slowly. The book wasn’t long, like Nana had said. However, finding all of the frogs proved to be more difficult than she initially assumed.


As it turns out, sticky notes weren’t the only thing Nana used. When she was watching her in the beginning, the pencil case had obstructed the other small pieces of paper that she used to make these notes. 


One frog was a scrap of paper hidden in the author’s notes of the book. Another hastily thrown into the middle of where the pages were sticking together. There was even one at the very last page in between the cover and a blank page.


So far, based on what she’s found, there were a total of 36 stickers in the book. It’s already 9:00PM now but Junna thinks that shaking the book one more time wouldn’t hurt.


And so, Junna carefully picks up the book, opening it from the paperback cover before shaking vigorously for a whole minute. 


Just when she was about to stop, a singular “sticker” fell out, landing on the desk right in front of her. 


The frog drawn was one with what looked like stick arms and muscular legs. What the hell?


“I guess that makes it 37 stickers then.”


After just one last experimental shake, Junna finally lets her shoulders drop. That should’ve been the very last sticker. Unfortunately, the fight was still far from over. 


The next line of business would be to make sure she remembered the content of the book (which really consisted of rereading some summary online and looking at her own annotations) because there’s no way Nana hadn’t thought of a way to test her knowledge to make sure she actually read it. 


“Why does this feel like I’m studying for an exam?” Junna mutters, hitting enter on the search bar only to click on the first online summary. The report on this book wasn’t even due until later this month?? And then it hits her. She could just.. finish the whole report right now. 


The information would still be fresh in her mind. Finishing the report and studying would be killing two birds with one stone, right? Regardless of how smart the decision is, Junna pushes herself up and walks towards the mini-fridge in her room that had been conveniently labeled “For Emergencies”. 


Throwing it open, it revealed that the shelves were full of Monster energy drinks. Her hands reach to grab a couple to set on her desk before closing the fridge once more. 


It’s going to be a long night. 




The morning passes by quickly for Nana. The routine, while still remaining mostly the same, feels different this time around. Though, it’s probably due to a certain.. event transpiring after school today. 


Her classes, on the other hand, feel much slower than before. And now, she wouldn’t consider herself a bad student, far from it actually. She just can’t stop thinking about what could possibly happen when she meets up with Junna again.


The teacher continues to drone on and on about some math problem as Nana absentmindedly twirls her pen in between her fingers. Thankfully, sitting in the back has its perks. 

There’s no way she actually ended up speed reading and studying the whole thing, right? That would be,, concerning.


And sure enough, Nana turns to look out the right window towards one of the other classrooms. From her seat, she can spot Junna who.. Seems to be wobbling to her desk?


I hope she didn’t get into another fight or something


Hoshimi Junna, known for her surprising intellect but mostly for the chaos she causes. Nana’s heard about the numerous arguments and fights started after school that involved her friend (are they considered friends now?) and it’s mildly concerning. However, it’s not her place to really call her out, she supposes. 


Nana has to turn her head after a few more seconds of looking to avoid getting caught. However, that doesn’t stop her from trying to glance to side every so often. 


Somehow, she gets through the day. As soon as the bell rang for class, the blonde practically shot out of her seat with her things. She was probably way too excited to see Junna again for her own good but that doesn’t stop her from speed walking all the way to the classroom. 


The door slammed against the wall as she quickly set herself up for the afternoon. Unzipping her bag, Nana’s quick to get her book and a few papers out. Of course, she prepared a mini-exam for Junna. Nothing too crazy but just enough to make sure she actually read the book. 


As if on cue, Nana hears the door swing open once again. “Hey, Hoshi--”


When she looks over to greet Junna, she’s greeted by the sight of the delinquent with her head down, swaying slightly as she stumbles towards the desk.


“O fate. Take not away thy heavy hand! Death is the fairest cover for her shame that may be wished for.”


“Are you oka--”


“YOU.” Before Nana can even continue her question, Junna throws her arm up, pointing in her direction, “You did this to me.” 


Nana blinks once and then twice. What did she just do to her?


“I’m here to-- to take my exam,” the delinquent slurs her words, plopping herself down on a chair and lazily grabbing the pieces of paper from her. 


“How did you even-- Actually, never mind. You’re free to use your bo--”






“I don’t need it.”


“Hoshimi-san, what are you--” 


Once again, she gets cut off when Junna shushes her. 


“SHHHH.. I don’t need it.” 


And true to her word, Nana watches in.. both shock and horror as Junna starts speeding through the exam without touching the book next to her even once. 


The classroom was eerily quiet, save for the sounds of scribbling. Peeking over Junna’s shoulder, Nana can see how sloppy her handwriting has gotten. Though it is still legible, it’s incredibly concerning. 


Suddenly, Junna slams her pencil against the desk, making the wood and metal legs rattle against the floor. 


The loud noise makes Nana jump a little but she takes the exam from her anyway. 


How long has it even been? 5 minutes? 10 minutes? 


The amount of time passing did very little to cover her own shock as she checked the questions. 


No way. 


No way.


In a very short amount of time, Junna managed to answer every single one of her questions correctly and in a detail beyond what she had expected. 


How did she cite passages from the book without using it?


Nana checks the paper once. And then once more. What the… 


“Hoshimi-san, you passed the exam. You win! Congrats!” 


“No, wait. You forgot something,” Junna shakes her head, shoving her hand into the pocket of her sweater only to shakily pull out a bag and hold it out to Nana. “I found the stickers. All 37 of them.”


The way Junna’s hand is shaking is… even more concerning but Nana decides to take the bag from her anyway. 


“You… really didn’t want to advertise the book club out on campus, huh?”


“Wellll, maybe but I kinda wanted to kiss you and,” Junna seems to barely suppress a yawn, scooting her chair closer towards her before just giving up and making the both of them stand, “eat your food or something. I don’t know.”


By now, the two of them had gotten much closer than they had ever been. Staring down at Junna, Nana feels her entire face start heating up again and it certainly doesn’t help that the delinquent seems oddly serious about this. 


Somehow, as if drawn in, their faces move closer and closer--Nana can’t tell if she’s moving forward or if the latter is getting closer--Suddenly, she’s become aware of just how close they are.  


“You’re really pretty.” Junna mumbles, moving even closer. 




And then, Junna falls forward. 


Nana barely has enough time to catch the girl with her arms as she essentially falls asleep on her. Thankfully, she’s able to support both of their weight but it becomes abundantly clear that Junna had tired herself out trying to prepare herself for this for god knows why. To this, Nana chuckles and instead opts to press a delicate kiss on her forehead. 


“You’re interesting, Hoshimi-san.”


The next twenty minutes are spent trying to maneuver around the classroom and the chairs, which normally wouldn’t be a difficult thing to do. However, Nana thinks that trying to carry someone and trying to walk without seeing all of the things in front of you is.. more than difficult. 


Eventually she successfully manages to get to the back of the classroom, slowly starting to crouch as she gently lays Junna down on the floor before covering her with her jacket. She definitely needs as much rest as she can get. 


With that taken care of, Nana pushed herself up and started heading back to her desk. There was no way she was leaving Junna in here.. It wouldn’t hurt to get some of her work done too. 


Besides, she still needs to figure out what kind of snack to make for her. 




A few weeks passed and Junna couldn’t believe what she was doing.


She was outside the club room, next to Daiba-san, passing out flyers to anyone who walked by.


How funny. 


“Enjoying it?” Nana asks, nudging Junna. She shrugs and fixes the pile in her hands by straightening them out on her leg.


“It’s whatever, I guess,” she replies dismissively, but her tone didn’t match the smile on her face. 


Junna couldn’t really explain why she was more open to doing things like passing out flyers for a nerd club-- she couldn’t even explain why she decided to stick around. There was just something about Nana that made her want to get to know her better. Could it be the fact that they were both bookworms? Liked theatre? Bonded over stupid frog drawings? Well, whatever it was, something was telling Junna that she needed to stay in touch with Nana, despite their first impressions.


Before she knew it, the halls were clearing and their flyers had run out. Nana had to tap Junna to bring her back to reality.


“Hey, the day’s almost over,” she says, “Help me clean up?”


“Yeah, sure,” Junna says while walking into the classroom.


Some of the other club members have already left and done whatever they had to do, it was only Junna and Nana in the classroom. 


Oh, right. A few days after Junna’s little mock exam, people started coming into the classroom, wanting to join the book club. Most of them said they decided to join after seeing Junna walk in a few times, shocked that she was actually just a bookworm like them.  Obviously, she was a little embarrassed, almost getting mad at Nana, only to realize how happy she was hearing that they were interested.


Like c’mon, how cruel do you have to be to get mad at someone like Nana?


The two of them quickly get to work, establishing a synchronized pace to efficiently clean the room. Their collaboration is smooth, like clockwork--it’s funny to think that despite only knowing each other for two weeks, they already established this kind of rhythm. 


Little by little, everything in the classroom gets put away. Papers cleared, books placed on the proper shelves. Everything is neat and tidy, just the way it was at the beginning of the day. 


It’s Nana who pushes the last book into the shelf, dusting her palms off before shooting Junna a grin. “All done.” 


Looking at the essentially empty classroom, the delinquent feels a bit of nostalgia. 


“It feels like it’s only been a few days since I took that exam from you, honestly.” 


“Yeah, I can’t believe it either. I’m glad we got more people to come.”


Seeing as their job of cleaning up was done, Nana looked over at the left over snacks from the meeting. “Did you want to take some of these home?”


“Of course I do. Your banana muffins are really good.” Junna says in an as-a-matter-of-fact tone, making the effort to take a couple of the wrapped ones and carefully put them in her bag. “Seriously, when you brought these after my exam, I thought they were from an actual bakery.” 


Nana grins at this, “Well, I’m glad you liked them.”


“Speaking of the exam.. Did I ever end up giving you that kiss?”


The blonde’s eyes widen and Junna swears she’s blushing a little, “I mean I kissed your forehead but no, you didn't.”


“Well, what are you waiting for?”




“I didn’t kiss you and well, if you still, y’know, want me to kiss you then..” Junna vaguely makes gestures between the two of them, trying to communicate but failing like the absolute idiot she is. 


“I… I’d like that, actually.” Nana mumbles, refusing to look her in the eyes. 


“Are you sure you want to lose your first kiss to someone like me?”


“If I’m being honest, if it’s you.. I don’t mind.” 


“Well, in that case,” Junna blushes at that, scooting closer towards the taller girl and lightly placing one hand on Nana’s waist. “Is this okay?” 


“Y-Yeah. It’s fine.” In turn, she puts her hands on Junna’s shoulders. 


A moment of silence passes, Nana is as stiff as a board.


Junna squints. “Are you going to move or?”


“I thought you were going to move?”


She shoots the blonde an incredulous look, “What? You’re taller than me? I thought you were going to move??”


“But you’re the one who wanted to kiss me.”


“Okay, OKAY. I get it. We both move on the count of three?” 


“Hoshimi-san, why are we counting down? That’s not how it--”


Instead of listening to the rest of her reply, Junna just rolls her eyes, using her free hand to pull Nana down into a kiss. An effective way to shut someone up? Yes, of course. 


Their lips meet and the first thing the delinquent notes is that Nana has really soft lips. The taller girl seemed shocked at first, only to relax as time went on, eventually attempting to kiss her back. It’s a little sloppy and crude but Junna finds that it’s quite pleasant, hands slightly tingling. 


Nana is the first to pull away, panting lightly to recover some air in her lungs. The slightly dazed look in her eyes along with the small smile starting to curl at the corners of her lips tells Junna everything she needs to know. 


Then again, she can’t exactly voice her thoughts yet either. Even though she’s kissed many people, something about Nana just takes her breath away more so than usual. Another moment of silence passes, save for the sounds of the two of them trying to stabilize their breathing. 


“That was.. nice.” Nana finally says, still sounding out of breath but pleased nonetheless. 


“I guess you could say I.. took your breath away.” Junna expects Nana to cringe, hell, maybe even shove her away for making such a terrible joke. What she doesn’t expect is the sight of Nana turning red once more, silently nodding her head. 


“Wait-- You didn’t have to play along.”


“I’m not.. You quite literally took my breath away.” Nana mumbles, “Not that I mind that.”


“Oh?” Junna raises a brow at her, “Did you want to kiss me again then?”




“You do, don’t you, Daiba-san?”


“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t.” 




Both of them can’t seem to look at each other for a moment. 


Suddenly, in an attempt to brighten up the mood, Junna turns and starts quietly singing a suspiciously familiar song, “What are you waiting for?” 


“Oh my god, just kiss me already.”


Junna grins, “With pleasure.”