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Red Carnation

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The moment Augustine received the news he was reviewing some research papers for a possible new mega evolution, excited and filled with joy about what this could mean.

When he finally returned after....
after what happened,
after seeing that pillar of light shooting up and expecting it to be his end, to be everyone’s end,
after not dying.

He collapsed on his chair, after telling Sina that he won’t be reachable for the rest of the day. A bottle of wine in his hand, a quarter already emptied.
As his eyes wandered over his table, he noticed his Holo Caster blinking with a notification. Originally he wanted to ignore it, but after the first bottle was empty and the second one was opened he just couldn’t stop himself from seeing who was trying to annoy him.
So he picked his Holo Caster up ready to just delete whoever’s message and....stoped.

He snapped back into reality as he heard the wine bottle he was holding crash into the ground.
'Lysandre....' his voice soft and filled with unimaginable pain. Before he could even start to think if it would be smart to play the message his hand already moved and prest the play button. A hologram of Lysandres bust appearing directly infront of him.
no I do not have the right to call you that anymore.' He looked down and than up again, collecting what little composure he had. 'Professor Sycamore I’m sorry. I do not have the right to apologize and neither should I have the right to even talk to you, but...
but I am a horrible and selfish person and so I have to tell you this.' Nervousness written all over his face he licked his lips and than focused back on Augustine
'I love you,
I have been in love with you for so long' his expression so tender and incredibly sad
'That’s why I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done this to you, if I wouldn’t have been this horrible and rotten person, I wonder how things would have turned out.' Looking of into the distance, concern written all over him
'Ah...' his gaze back, softening as he looks at the Professor
'This will be goodbye then. Au revoir Professor Syc-'
As he’s standing there, desperately trying to figure out what he just heard and saw, he noticed the tears running down his cheeks and the lump in his throat that made it incredibly hard to breathe, his body losing all the strength it had. After he collapsed back into his chair, his tear filled eyes wandered over, to the photo on his table, the one from the opening day of Lysandres cafe. With all the strength he could muster up he reached out to it, holding it gently and letting his fingers ghost over Lysandres form, a puddle of his tears having formed on the glass.
With his voice broken, shaking and barely audible he chocked out the same words Lysandre said so tenderly earlier
'I love you.'

The next day Sina and Dexio found him, passed out on the floor surrounded by various bottles of liquor, his Holo Caster laying next to his right hand and his left hand resting over that picture of the two of them.
They woke him, helped to collect his stuff and brought him home. They decided, that they’ll take over the lab for the next while 'You don’t need to worry Prof, we’ll make sure that everything runs smoothly.' They did promise to contact him if need be and if anything is found at Geosenge.
After they left, he plopped on the sofa, his body and mind exhausted from all the drinking and crying, drifting off into an unrestfull slumber.
A few hours later he woke up, still tired and now with a headache, back pain and hungry. Dragging his exhausted form to the kitchen, he took out some of the bread he bought two days ago, munching on it while filling a glass with tap water and searching for some pain killers. While wandering into his bedroom he took of his shoes and lab coat, before collapsing onto his messy bed.
Once more drifting off into sleep.

The next few days went on like this, he woke up munching some dry bread or instant noodles, drinking whatever alcohol he had and smoking an entire box of cigarettes, his body passing out whenever it saw fit.

Five days into this ordeal, he received a message from Dexio. Informing him that the search team found something in the rubble and that he can come and see it for himself, if he so wished. Instantly he got dressed, brushing his teeth for the first time that week, combing through his hair with his fingers, spraying enough deodorant on himself, so it wasn’t obvious that he hadn’t showered for a week. He grabbed the car keys Sina left on his table, rushing out of his apartment, nearly forgetting to put shoes on and in his hurry forgetting his Holo Caster on the coffee table.

When he finally arrived he saw Dexio talk with one of the men from the search team, standing in front of a green tent.
Collecting himself and making sure that he looked functional enough, he headed over to them. After they shook hands and exchanged greetings they went into the tent.
There on the table was Lysandres jacket, dirty from all the dust and rubble but it seemed whole. Next to it lay all of his pokeballs, the man explained that they found them wrapped in his jacket with the Mega Ring, they seemed whole. The man, Dereck his name, said 'We don’t know for sure, but it seems like he went out of his way to make sure his Pokemon would be safe.' Augustine couldn’t agree more, for all of his flaws, Lysandre cared deeply about his Pokemon.
Derecks well informed him, that they hadn’t yet found a trace of Lysandre, but that he was most likely dead, his body probably evaporated by the heat of the weapon.
A few days afterwards, the authorities suggested that Sycamore should take care of Lysandres Pokemon, he knew them the best, they’d probably feel the most comfortable around him. He agreed.
He cleaned up his place and took care of his hygiene, as to at least make it look like he was a semi functional person and for the first time in nearly two weeks made his way to the lab. All day he waited for the four of them to be brought over to him. When they did finally arrive the person that brought them, as well hand him a medium sized box.
For the rest of the day, he took care of the four of them, making sure all their accommodations were meet, explaining the best way he could what happened to their former trainer and mourning with them.

Finally arriving home, with some new scratches and burns, he allowed himself to break down and let the facade crumble. He decided before he’d open the box, he would need a drink. After four glasses of whiskey, he felt brave enough to open it.
Gently he took of it's lid, his jacket, folded neatly and on top of it a nice velvet ring box. He took the box out, carefully into his hands and opened it, inside was the Mega Ring Lysandre wore on the middle finger of his left hand. The Mega Ring Augustine gifted him long ago.

The next morning he woke up to his incredibly annoying alarm clock, the jacket draped over him and the ring enclosed in is right hand.