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Seeing Red

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Lena closes her eyes, dulling one of her fives senses to make her sense of taste more profound. She practically purrs as the dry wine washes over her tongue. It was a long day, she needed it. Hell, she earned it. National City was still reeling from the barely averted terraforming event and Lena was doing whatever she could to help the rebuilding efforts, much like she had after the Daxamite invasion. Only difference this time, no one was accusing her of trying to assuage her guilt. At least not publicly.

Lena sighs heavily, swirling the wine around the glass, pulling up another spreadsheet on her laptop. Her quick eyes study the content intensely as she idly takes another sip. She jumps a little when her personal phone rings, breaking her out of focus. The instinct to curse at the disruption flares up but then she remembers, she has friends now. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that.

“Hello Alex.”

“Lena, thank god.” Alex’s frantic tone catches Lena off guard and she immediately puts her wineglass down on the coffee table. “Lena, I know it’s late but I need your help.”

“What’s wrong?” Lena asks, lip quivering with worry. She dreads Alex’s next words, a million worst case scenarios already flooding her mind. Alex rarely called her, they had a texting relationship and it was always light conversations, GIFs and emojis. So, Alex calling her now, with that tone to her voice spells disaster.

“It’s Supergirl.” Lena’s heart calms only a little bit. Despite the differences that they’ve had recently, she still cares about the hero, even if the trust between them is broken irreparably. “Something’s happened,” Alex continues, “I, I can’t go over all the details on the phone.”

“I’ll come to you then.”

“Thank you, Lena.”

"Of course." Lena hangs up and enters her bedroom, searching for her purse. She stops in front of the mirror for a moment and wonders if she should change out of the clothes she had worn to the office today. The dark green dress and black stiletto heels certainly feel out of the way for an emergency trip to the DEO but it’s not as though she hasn’t shown up there dressed this way before. Once she locates her purse near the foot of her bed, she walks back out to the living room, grabbing her phone from the coffee table.

She makes two calls. The first, “Jess, I’m sorry to be calling you this late.”

“It’s not a problem, Ms. Luthor,” Jess chirps through the phone, already eager to do whatever Lena needs. The girl is truly a godsend. “What can I do for you?”

“I need you to clear the day for me tomorrow.” She isn’t sure what the situation with Supergirl entails but she feels the need to make sure that her duties at L-Corp don’t draw her attention away from the task.

“Consider it done, Ms. Luthor.”

“Thank you.” Lena places the next call to Alex, letting the agent know she’s leaving now but the call isn’t answered. She enters the kitchen and places her purse on the marble countertop, sliding her phone and laptop inside. For a moment, she contemplates calling her driver but ultimately decides it will be best—and quicker— to drive herself in the Royce.

When she turns, she loses her grip on the purse and it drops to the tiled floor with a faint thud. Supergirl is standing a few feet away with an unfamiliar smile on her lips. The muscles in her biceps somehow appear bigger tonight as her arms fold across her chest, straining against the mesh fabric. She leans heavily on the door frame to the balcony, perfectly at ease.

“Supergirl,” Lena breathes, confusion evident in her voice and likely on her face. Less than five minutes ago, Alex had called asking for help, saying that something had happened to the hero. But now here she is, seemingly okay. Lena can’t quite place her finger on it now but something is definitely different about Supergirl. The hero’s blue eyed gaze is always intense and bold and it is tonight as well but in a different way. There’s something almost…sensual in it. A heated gaze Lena cannot tear her eyes away from.

Lena," Supergirl smiles and it is odd, hearing her first name roll off the hero's tongue like she's tasting it. The blonde greets her with a widening grin and a glint in her dark eyes that Lena has never seen before. The usual warmth and earnestness in her smile is absent. Tonight it’s cunning, knowing, mischievous. She advances on Lena with deliberate slowness until she’s standing right in front of the shorter woman. She’s so close Lena can feel the heat radiating off her. And the power.

“What are you doing here?” Lena manages to ask the question through the sudden dryness in her mouth. She doesn’t drop her gaze from Supergirl’s dark eyes. The hero doesn’t answer as her eyes rake greedily across Lena’s body, from head to toe. Then she smiles again, clearly enjoying the view and much to her immediate horror, Lena enjoys being so figuratively undressed.

“Is there something you need?” Lena asks, feeling lightheaded all of a sudden.

Supergirl bites down on her lower lip, her eyes pinning Lena to the spot. “I don’t need anything,” she answers, lifting her daring gaze to Lena’s face again. Orbs filed with a dark blue collide with green marbles that are just as intense. “But there is something that I want.”

Lena’s breath comes in and out of her lungs in quick pants as she drinks in the meaning behind Supergirl’s words. “And what is that?” she asks as though she doesn’t already know.

Supergirl smirks, leans forward and whispers hotly, “I think you know.”

And just like that, Lena’s heart slams against her ribs forcefully, as if it’s trying to break free. For the first time since they’ve met, Supergirl has finally managed to make her nervous, slightly intimidated even. The hero’s smirk widens as she leans in closer, stopping so that her lips are just centimetres away from Lena’s like a bold challenge.

“W-w-what are you doing?” it stutters ineloquently out of Lena’s mouth. With Supergirl so close, so powerful, it was becoming harder and harder to think, let alone speak. The hero’s dark gaze is hypnotic, inviting, tempting Lena with the promise of sweet ecstasy.

“Nothing that you don’t want me to do.” Supergirl sounds so sure of herself and Lena can’t find the desire to object. “Just say the words.” Say the words. God, Lena wants to, she almost does but she catches them in her throat at the last second. She can’t say it, she shouldn’t say it. Something isn’t right with Supergirl. And aside from that, Lena is in a relationship with someone. And even more than that, Lena’s heart belonged to someone else entirely.

So why can’t she bring herself to move away? Why is Supergirl so appealing to her now? Lena always admired the hero of course, secretly acknowledged her beauty but she never thought she would want her the way she does right now. There was always someone else who captivated her heart, a certain blonde reporter who made her flush in the face.

“I can’t," Lena’s voice is barely a sound but she knows Supergirl can hear her. The hero doesn’t drop her brazen stare, she only jams her front against Lena and smiles, satisfied by the soft moan Lena failed to stifle.

“I like you in this dress, y’know,” she purrs and her hands slide over soft curves, lighting a fire in their wake. “It hugs you so tight in all the right places.” Lena swallows around the boulder lodged in her throat. “So say the words, Lena.” The words are so enticing, nearly irresistible. “You know you want to.” A hand moves to Lena’s neck. Fingers like steel curl around her throat but they don’t squeeze nor does Lena panic at the abrupt and unexpected action. It’s not meant to be threatening. “I know you want to.”

Lena begins to realize that Supergirl will not do anything, despite how much she seems to want to, without her permission. That is the only indication of the noble hero Lena has come to know over the last few years. Everything else is foreign, almost as if some other creature is wearing the Kryptonian’s skin. And that’s when she notices it, a faint streak of red running across Supergirl’s neck like an electric current.

“You don’t know me,” Lena says, letting her gaze drop briefly. “And I don’t know you.” Their relationship doesn’t afford them the chance to know anything about each other that one can’t find within fifteen minutes of light internet snooping. The fact that Lena is a Luthor and Supergirl wears that insufferable ‘S’ is enough of a reason why a relationship beyond uneasy allies seems unattainable.

“I do know you.” Supergirl’s voice is soft and tender, a contrast to the wildfire that blazed in her blue eyes. “And you know me. Look at me, Lena.” Lena complies, locking gazes with Supergirl. “Really look at me.”

Lena notes the pleading tone in the hero’s voice and takes a moment to look deeply into those bold, azure eyes. Even though they’re intense, even though they’re filled with an anger Lena has never seen before, they’re also familiar. Why is that? This kind of familiarity comes with knowing someone intimately. She doesn’t have that kind of relationship with Supergirl, it’s strictly business.

No, there is only one pair of blue eyes Lena has spent what feels like a lifetime staring into. And with a breathless gasp she realizes, she’s staring into them now as well. They’re darker than normal with a hint of mischief, anger and wickedness but they’re still her eyes.

Kara’s eyes.

Kara is Supergirl.

As the revelation dawns, Lena barely registers her hand travelling up to Kara’s. She traces the shape of Kara’s hard knuckles and beckons the blonde to tighten her grip. With a soft moan, Kara obliges and curls her fingers more closely. The circulation of blood quickly slows and lightheadedness soon follows. It’s erotic, knowing that this is only a small taste of the power Kara possesses.

Lena is more turned on than ever before, feeling a desire for the blonde unlike anything she’s ever experienced. She wants Kara to fuck her, right there on the countertop she’s trapped against. The blonde seems to sense Lena’s need as she effortlessly lifts her to sit on the marble slab behind them. She inserts herself between Lena’s thighs and dives in for the long awaited kiss. Their lips graze each other and Lena trembles with hot, unrelenting desire.

The kicking down of Lena’s front door and the accompanying sound of jack boots marching across her floor, jerk them out of their moment. Kara’s hand leaves Lena’s neck as she turns and finds him there, standing in front of the door with his ridiculous shield up.

“Get away from her Supergirl!” Even with the voice modulator and impractical helmet, Lena recognizes James’ deep voice. H steps further into the room.

Kara moves and places herself between Lena and James. Her stance is territorial, her eyes wild, her lips curled back into a sinister snarl. "James, you have shitty timing,” she growls, placing a frustrated hand down on the countertop, causing Lena to jump. Lena can tell that the impact didn’t take much effort on Kara’s part but it’s enough to leave a spiderweb of cracks under her hand.

“Get away from her,” James repeats, less forcefully this time. Though he’s willing to do whatever it takes to protect Lena and help Kara, he’d be lying if he said the way the Kryptonian is looking at him right now doesn’t send a shiver down his spine. Kara doesn’t just look ready to hurt him, she looks ready to kill him.

“Why? Worried she might want me more than she wants you?” Kara chuckles as she whips her head around and winks at Lena. “We both know you’re undeserving of her, James.”

James tenses and resists the impulse to snap back at Kara. “You need help, Supergirl,” he entreats, “Let me help you.”

Kara rolls her eyes dramatically. “Why don’t I help you out the door?” Without warning, she claps her hands once, releasing a sonic wave that flings James across the room and into the wall. Lena lets out a tiny scream and covers her ears as all the glass around them shatters, furniture turns over, paper and books fly. James’ impact with the wall is so great that he can feel the pain, despite the armour of his suit.

As Kara closes the distance with a menacing slowness, he scrambles to his feet, leaning up against the wall for support. “Oops, my bad,” she says insincerely. “I guess my aim was a bit off.”

“Kara, stop,” James whispers, looking over the blonde’s shoulder for any sign that Lena heard him use that name. “I don’t want to fight you.”

Kara chuckles cruelly and icy fear crawls down James’ spine. “You say that like it’ll be much of a fight.” James holds his shield up when Kara advances with a powerful blow. The shield can’t absorb the impact as it travels up the length of James’s arm, shattering the bone in its wake. The shield breaks apart instantly as he falls to the floor, writhing in shock more than pain. With no where to go, James backs up against the wall again and lifts his fearfully widen eyes to the Kryptonian’s glowing face.

She places a red clad boot down on his injured arm carelessly. “Kara!” James wheezes but she only smiles, relishing the fear that emanates from him and fills her ears with every heart beat.

“Stop!” Lena cries out, jumping down from her ruined kitchen island. Kara’s turns and catches her taking an unsure step forward. Lena’s heart is racing and her hands shake as she reaches out slightly. “You’re hurting him.”

“That’s the idea.” The cold response is like a pang to Lena’s chest. It’s hard enough to believe that Supergirl is capable of this but knowing that it’s also her sweet Kara is just too much to bear. She doesn’t even know what’s going on, what has caused such a drastic change in behaviour but she pushes herself to believe that the Kara she knows— that she loves—is still in there.

“Please,” Lena begs quietly. Kara looks back at her and the hardness dissipates from her face for a brief moment.

“Only because you asked so nicely.” Kara doesn’t take her eyes off Lena as she removes her foot from James’s broken arm. Lena jolts a little when the blonde suddenly appears in front of her. She reaches out, gently brushing Lena’s cheek with her knuckles. It’s such a stark contrast to the unrestrained violence she had shown James mere seconds ago.

“I know I’ve given you a lot to process,” she says softly. “So I’ll give you some time.” She leans forward and places a delicate kiss on Lena’s forehead, aching to go further but she pulls herself back before disappearing in the wind.

Lena lets out a breath she didn’t even know she was holding. It takes her a moment to regain control over her muscles, the feeling of Kara’s touch lingers on her face. A dry cough breaks her out of her trance.

“James.” Lena rushes over to him and falls on her knees at his side. Her eyes drift down to the fractured bone sticking out of his arm with a mess of blood dripping from the break. “James,” she repeats but his answer is only a shallow breath. “You’re going to be okay.” Lena turns when her home is swarmed with NCPD officers.

Alex is the only federal agent with them, the only officer to lower her gun when she sees her friends. She deposits herself next to Lena on the floor. “Oh my God, James.” Alex looks to Lena who nods at the silent question in her eyes. She bits her lower lip and motions over the paramedics. They lift an unconscious James onto the stretcher and wheel him out.

Alex helps Lena to her feet, eyes narrowing in on the five, faint pink marks on Lena’s neck. “Did she hurt you?” she asks softly, seeming terrified of the response.

Lena quickly places a hand over her throat. “No.”

Alex is unconvinced. “Lena, you can tell me what happened.”

“I…I should ride to the hospital with James,” Lena finds herself saying. She’s not even sure why, perhaps because it’s protocol for the girlfriend to do so. In all honesty, all she wants is to be left alone, to pretend that today hadn’t even happened. To forget that her best friend has been lying to her for years. To ignore the pathetic desire to see her again.

“Hold on, Lena,” Alex says, moving to block her path. “We need to talk.”

“What is going on?”

“Supergirl’s been…compromised,” Alex begins slowly, struggling to find the words. She’s not sure what happened here, how much Lena now knows about her sister. When Kara is like this, she’s erratic and it’s that unpredictability that makes her so dangerous.

“Compromised?” Lena repeats, impatiently prompting Alex to go on.

“It’s happened before. Before you moved to National City.” The dots connect themselves in Lena’s mind. Kara’s strange new behaviour, her callous attack on James, the red streaks that danced across her neck. It’s all making sense now.

“Red kryptonite.”

Alex raises an eyebrow in cautious surprise. “You know about it?”

“Of course. It was on the front page of every major newspaper for weeks.” Lena was still living in Metropolis but she can remember quite vividly the video of Kara throwing Cat Grant off of CatCo’s balcony, only to catch the screaming woman at the very last second. It was a terrifying yet purposeful show of power.

“Didn’t the DEO develop an antidote?” Lena asks as she mentally recalls how the last adventure with red kryptonite had ended.

Alex nods. “Yes with Maxwell Lord’s help but it didn’t work this time. I don’t know how but, this version is different, more potent. The last time she was exposed for days before she did anything this violent.” She gestures to where James was slumped on the floor.

Lena nods. “How long has it been this time?”

“Our best guess? 24 hours. But we’re still not sure how she even got exposed to it. Or who made it.” Kryptonite in its natural form was a rare find on earth. Most of it was either gathered up by Lex or the DEO. Lena had figured out how to make it, something she only resorted to in order to keep Reign contained whenever she took control of Sam’s body. Now, as she lifts her eyes to Alex’s, she can’t help wondering if the agent thought that she had something to do with this.

“I know it wasn’t you, Lena,” Alex says before Lena can give voice to anything. “But I need your help to fix this.” The tears rimming Alex’s brown saucers take Lena by surprise. The older Danvers sister is usually measured and in control of her emotions, rarely showing any signs of vulnerability. She’s a lot like Lena in that regard, both wearing armours when they go out into the world but for different reasons. However, the reason why they take the armour off is the same.


Kara’s warmth and laughter melted away the ice that had built up around Lena’s heart. She made Lena feel safe and at home. Oddly enough, despite the tinge of mania in Kara’s eyes tonight, she still felt like that.

“Hey.” Lena reaches out and takes Alex’s hand. “It’s going to be okay.”

Alex regards her for a moment. “You know, don’t you?” Lena’s response is a simple nod. She’s still processing it and all the heady feelings surrounding Kara’s callous display of power. “I’m sorry you had to find out like this.”

“Better now than never I guess.” The words come out more bitterly than Lena intended. She shakes her head when Alex opens her mouth to apologize again. “That doesn’t matter right now anyway.”

“You’re right.” Alex wipes her eyes with her free hand and squeeze Lena’s. “I should get you to a safe house and we’ll start working on a cure tomorrow.”

Lena frowns. “That’s not necessary.”

“Well you can’t stay here, Lena. It’s a crime scene now and I’d feel a lot better about your safety.” Lena wrestles with the urge to argue. She’s no stranger to danger, she carries the Luthor name like a bullseye on her back. She may have been confused and nervous tonight but she didn’t feel unsafe. She’s never felt that way with Kara. Or Supergirl.

“You think I need to be protected from her?” The question hangs in the air for what feels like an eternity. Alex is unsure of how to answer, the events at the DEO not too long ago still fresh in her mind.

A mission involving a disturbance at an Nth metal factory had taken a terrifying turn when Supergirl brutally severed the arm of one of the human attackers with her heat vision. Alex didn’t hesitate, she quickly reached for the kryptonite dart she carried around for emergencies.

Forgive me, Kara.

Alex then transported the unconscious Kryptonian back to the DEO, desperate to free her from the influence of red kryptonite. This was supposed to be over with quickly. The first time was hard because no one knew the signs or that such a thing could even be made. This time was supposed to be better. They knew what they were up against and they had a fix for it. Or so they thought.

Kara merely chuckled when she was shot with the supposed antidote, as though she already knew it wasn’t going to work. The power dampeners and red sun lamps in the holding cell didn’t work to restrain her either. With a simple tap of her index finger, Kara shattered the impenetrable glass and flashed a threatening grin to the shocked agents guarding her.

She tore through the DEO, moving so quickly that the kryptonite bullets had no chance of hitting her. Agents were flung with excessive force against the walls, leaving behind sticky trails of blood. Concentrated blasts of solar energy burned them alive, reducing some to ash. The stench of death and burning flesh filled Alex’s nostrils as Kara continued her brutal assault with unparalleled speed. The blonde didn’t stay long, seemingly more interested in other destinations, but was still able to inflict devastating damage.

She slowed down to hover in front of Alex after purposefully attacking everyone else. Alex knew better than to think it’s due to any affection her sister may still hold for her. It was a game for Kara, a show of power and how she can now wield it as she pleased. A wicked smile played on Kara’s lips, a maniac wave of red flashed over her blue eyes. That’s when Alex knew things were going to be different this time. Kara’s behaviour was escalating much more quickly.

“I don’t know what to think,” Alex admits, not meeting Lena’s gaze. “All I know is that last time, it took all of J’onn’s power to stop her and she’s gotten so much stronger than that since then.” One of the scariest things about the whole ordeal is the fact that no one truly knows the limits of Kara’s power. The Kryptonian never let herself go, she practiced restraint even when up against powerful enemies. Now that she had let go, there really is no telling what she’s capable of doing.

“Okay,” Lena says, noting the slight panic in Alex’s voice. “I have a place I can go to. It’s off the grid and has everything I’ll need. I can text you the coordinates and—”

“No,” Alex interjects, shaking her head vigorously. “Don’t tell me or anyone else where you’re going.”

Lena opens her mouth to protest but decides against it, nodding instead. “Okay. I should see James before I go.”

“Of course. And Lena?”


“Thank you for still standing by us.” Lena only nods again, she can’t form any words because if she’s being honest with herself, something she rarely does, she’s not entirely sure where she stands. If she stands with Alex and the DEO, then that will pit her against Kara and she can’t even tolerate the idea of that. But if she stands with Kara, what would that mean for her? Or the rest of the world at that? Will she be able to convince her best friend that she needed help?

Does Kara actually need it at all?

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Alex shoots up out of bed, eyes flying open, cold sweat beading down her forehead. She hasn’t slept well, hasn’t slept at all really. The soft pattern of feet draws her attention to the kitchen. Maggie’s shuffling around, pouring freshly brewed coffee into her travel mug. Alex glances at the digital clock on her nightstand. It’s almost 10PM.

Maggie looks up when she notices Alex is awake. “Hey,” she smiles. “I’m heading to work now.” She grimaces. “God I really miss the day shift.” She looks Alex up and down with concern. “Are you sure you don’t want me to stay?”

Alex shakes her head and wills herself out of the bed. “No. Please go. Your job is important.” She walks over to Maggie, picks up the NCPD badge and forces herself to smile convincingly. “I’ll be fine.”

Maggie appears skeptical for a moment before she eases her badge out of Alex’s hand and fastens it to her waist. “Alright but call if you need me, alright? Please be safe, Danvers.” Her voice dips, eyes shadowed with worry that isn’t as unfounded as Alex wishes it was.

Alex wants to reassure Maggie that she doesn’t need to worry, that everything would work itself out but she can’t because she doesn’t know what will happen, if she’ll ever get Kara back.

“I will,” she says instead.

Maggie softens. “I love you.”

Alex finds herself smiling for real this time. It’s hard not to when Maggie says those three magical words. “I love you too.” She pecks Maggie on the cheek and walks her out. She leans heavily against the door and decides to stop postponing the inevitable. She pads to the bedroom, pulls out her phone and returns Eliza’s call. Relief washes over her when the woman’s voicemail answers.

“Hey Mom. Look, I know you’re worried about Kara but you don’t need to be. We have this handled. Okay? I promise to update you soon. I got to go. Just…let me know if you hear from her.” She hangs up and tosses her phone carelessly on the unmade bed. It’s been three days since Kara had become infected and they were easily the hardest of Alex’s life. Sure enough they’ve been in tough situations before, had to face enemies with seemingly limitless power but they always had Kara on their side. Now Kara is the threat, one that Alex doesn’t know how to beat. She doesn’t need to see Kara to know that her sister has been busy, performing her duties as Supergirl in a forceful and violent new way.

The Kryptonian doesn’t apprehend bad guys anymore, she eliminates them. Swiftly, brutally. Her latest crusade left behind the smouldering remains of gang members near the docks. They were smuggling a new drug made from an alien race capable of producing the addictive main ingredient. They had dozens of the alien refugees caged, ready to extract the compound and dispose of them when they were no longer fruitful. It was a disgusting display, one that incurred Kara’s undying wrath.

Alex couldn’t even watch the video. Seeing her sister do something so horrible without so much as flinching is beyond unnerving. And no matter what happens next, the fact will remain that Kara is a killer now. One they had no means of stopping or containing.

J’onn was trying his best to keep up with her activities around the country but she always disappeared. She thought she was faster than him, stronger than him and yesterday she provided herself right. J’onn had finally managed to catch up to her over the desert in Nevada. He had tackled her out of the sky, leaving a crater in their wake on the ground.

He had pleaded with her, tried to reach the human side of her but all he got in return was a severe beatdown. Alex can still see it in her mind, the image of J’onn’s green skin melting off under a blast of Kara’s heat vision, how Kara’s maniac smile spread across her lips. She enjoyed it, every last second. And then she left him there, burnt and bloodied and barely clinging to consciousness. A warning, a message to stay out of her way.

So if J’onn can’t bring her down, what chance do any of them have if Kara decides to attack? Perhaps it is best to stay out of her way, at least until Lena figures out a new antidote. Unfortunately, Lena doesn’t have much to work with now that Kara had escaped DEO custody but she has performed miracles with less. Alex has to believe that she will this time too.

“What is it, Winn?” Alex answers when her phone rings, throat tightening with anxiety.

“It’s Kara. She wants you to meet her.”



Kara lands softly on the rooftop of CatCo Plaza. She’s not wearing her super suit, no dramatic red cape or school girl skirt, opting instead for the black body suit that her Aunt Astra had given her. Her family crest is still proudly donned above her left breast.

As she waits, she takes in the sounds of the city below her. A surge of power courses through her veins, highlighted by a eerie red glow. She sighs contentedly. She feels powerful, more so than she ever has now she has let go of the needless fear she once held. The insignificant humans and their idle conversations, a plane taking off at the airport, a smoke detector ringing in a house miles out of the city, Kara could hear it all. And then some.

She felt it the moment the red kryptonite entered her system as she soar through the air. Something had been unlocked inside her, the true power that she held and she found herself smiling, eager to know the limits of her newfound strength. If she even had limits at all. And though she kept herself occupied, doling out justice as she saw fit, toying with the police and their ineffective guns, there was one central thought in her mind.


Kara searched for her throughout the city but could not find the object of her affections. And it angered her, being denied the one thing she has always wanted. The one thing she is now brave enough to take. Nothing is going to stop her from having Lena now.

Her gaze shifts to the door when it finally opens and Alex steps out. The agent seems more confident than she feels as she walks over to Kara, leaving a healthy distance between them. Kara cocks a eyebrow, slightly amused.

“So now you want to talk,” Alex says, folding her arms across her chest as though she has the right to scold Kara. “After days of me calling you.”

“That was on your terms,” Kara replies simply. “Now it’s on mine.”

Alex scoffs. “You mean now you want something.”

“I want a lot of things.” Kara’s maniac smile makes Alex’s defences flare up but she manages not to react. Kara’s gaze turns to steel in an instant. “Where is Lena?”

“I don’t know,” Alex says honestly but the spike in her heart rate betrays that. She had checked in with Lena earlier in the day but still didn’t know exactly where the CEO was. She had the foresight to know that this moment may come and she needed to ensure that Lena would be able to work on a cure unencumbered by Kara’s wild behaviour.

Kara isn’t having any of it though and her deepening scowl showcases her displeasure at Alex’s reply. “You must be suicidal, lying to me like that.”

Anticipating Kara’s next move, Alex reaches for her gun but Kara’s quick hand curls around her wrist just as she’s taking it out the holster. Kara pulls her hand up, pouting playfully at the gun.

“Humans and their guns.” She shakes her head disapprovingly. “Have you ever thought that the world would be a much better place without them?” Kara’s other hand wraps around the barrel of the gun, crushing it instantly before she flings it off the roof. Her steel grip tightens and Alex yelps.

“You’re hurting me, Kara,” Alex says as she tries to yank her hand away. She’s eventually successful, stumbling back when Kara unexpectedly releases her. Deep red bruising rims her wrist like an angry, embedded bracelet.

“Don’t worry,” Kara says in such a light tone that for a moment, Alex thinks that maybe her sister is coming back. “I won’t have to break your arm this time if you stay out of my way and answer the damn question.”

Alex’s eyes harden, her glare intensifying. She wants to punch Kara in her smug face so badly but she doesn’t. It’ll only cause her pain anyway. She hates when Kara is like this. She doesn’t know how to deal with her, what do say to her. How to stop her.

“Why do you want to know where Lena is?” she inquires instead, unsure if she’ll receive an answer. Does Kara suspect that Lena is the only person who can cure her?

Kara takes an intimidating step forward. The force of it spreads through the rooftop and Alex involuntarily shrinks. “Are you really trying to keep Lena from me?” she demands—growls really.

”I won’t let you hurt her,” Alex says wearily, “You would never forgive yourself if you did.”

Kara’s eyes soften for a moment so fleeting Alex nearly misses it. “Don’t make me ask you again."

Alex gasps a little when she spots a red streak pulsing down from Kara’s forehead to her neck. The effects of the red kryptonite were getting stronger and stronger by the minute and fears that it may become permanent begin to sink in. And if it does, Alex will lose her sister forever. As that overwhelming terror licks at her heart, she lets go of the anger.

“Kara please,” she’s practically begging now, “Just come with me. Come with me and I can help you. We can fix this. We can—”

“You mean fix me?” Kara throws her head back and laughs but it’s not the cheery sound Alex is used to. It’s deeper, maniacal. She halts abruptly, eyes flashing red and dangerous. “I don’t need to be fixed, Alex.”

“You’re killing people, Kara!” Alex exclaims, tossing her hands up. It’s a terrifying new reality, one that she is struggling to accept. Kara was always so gentle, always chose the least violent option. She sought to touch hearts with her message of hope, help and compassion for all. She kept her tremendous strength in check, giving careful consideration to every move she made. But not anymore.

“They deserved to die,” Kara says and Alex can feel the chill in her words.

“You don’t get to decide that,” she objects.

“Yes I do.” Kara turns towards the view of the city and smiles haughtily. “I’m the strongest person on this planet. Not even Kal or J’onn can take me down. I am practically a god and I think it’s time I started acting like one.” She motions outward. “They already worship me and those who don’t, will.” A sick smile spreads across her face and Alex shudders. “Even you.”

Kara’s narcissistic speech signals to Alex just how far gone her sister really is. But she doesn’t give up, doesn’t let her doubts and fear take over. The most important job she was ever given was to protect Kara. She will continue to do that no matter what, even when Kara needs to be protected from herself.

“This isn’t you!” Alex screams out in frustration, tears streaming down her face. She can’t contain them any more. “None of this is. Can’t you see that something is wrong?”

“This is me,” Kara insists, red waves clashing with the blue in her eyes. “This has always been me and you know it. I have just repressed it. I let you and the DEO control me. Tell me what to do, how to act, who to share my secret with.”

Her anger raises and she clenches her fists tightly. “I let every insignificant being on this planet depend on me, throw their burdens on me. I allowed them to become lazy and simpleminded, allowed criminals to become bold and complacent. I have wasted so much time trying to be human. But now,” her grin stretches, “now I’m free. I don’t have to be Supergirl or Kara Danvers.”

“Then who will you be?” Alex asks, fear gripping her heart like the closure of a tight fist.

Kara’s smile grows wicked. “Kara Zor-El.” Alex hasn’t heard Kara’s full Kryptonian name in so long it sounds more foreign than it should. “Now, you will tell me where Lena is. Whether that’s before or after I’ve broken every bone in your body is entirely up to you.”

The threat isn’t empty, Alex knows that she’ll do it, the same way she knew Kara would’ve killed her the first time this happened if it weren’t for J’onn. Over the years, Alex had tried to move past it but she could never fully shake it.

Red kryptonite doesn’t create anything new in Kara, it brings out what’s already there. There’s still much about the blonde that Alex will never know or understand. Unlike Kal, Kara’s life didn’t start on earth, it started on Krypton and ended in a tragic planetary explosion. Kara never talked about that trauma, all she did was try her best to fit in and be human, effectively denying the parts of herself that made her Kryptonian, that tied her to her lost culture. Now that part of her was slipping away, leaving behind only the alien that Alex never truly knew.

Having grown impatient, Kara is about to close the distance but halts in her tracks when her pocket vibrates. She pulls out her phone and smiles before turning to Alex again. “Lucky for you, it seems I don’t need your help after all.”

Kara kicks off into the sky, leaving a dent in the roof and within seconds, she’s out of sight. It's only then Alex drops to her knees, hugging herself close, trying to stop her body from shaking.



It’s been a while since she’s been here.

The Luthors have no shortage of properties scattered around the globe, from luxurious villas and beach houses, to bunkers and spacious hillside mansions. Lena had options but she chose this one, a smart home built into the mountain range just 150 miles outside of National City. It’s undetectable and untraceable. Even a Kryptonian’s keen eyes will not be able to see it. Lex’s paranoia may have ruined him in the end but it had given Lena the idea for a place like this.

She had arrived three days ago after visiting James in the hospital. It was an awkward visit, the guilt eating Lena alive because she didn’t feel any anger towards Kara for hurting him. The only thing she felt was an overwhelming desire to see the blonde, to feel her power and be consumed wholly by it.

She tries her best to shove those feelings down as she continues to comb through the sparse information that the DEO had provided. The entire concept of red kryptonite fascinates her but she needs more data to really understand how it works, why it’s properties affect Kryptonian’s mentally while normal kryptonite affected them physically. Will the standard green rock affect Kara now that she’s on the synthetic red or will they cancel each other out? Who would even have the knowledge and resources to make it in the first place? With Lex in prison, Lena is the only person who qualified.

She slams her laptop shut and hauls her lab coat off. She’s frustrated, so unaccustomed to not having the answers that she wants. She exits the lab and enters the main area of the smart home.

Absentmindedly, she picks up the remote and turns the television on, something she hasn’t done since she’s been here. Aside from her uncomfortable daily check-ins with James, Lena had pretty much remained detached from the outside world. Now she feels conflicted. Part of her wants to know what’s going on and another part doesn’t.

Her eyes are glued to the screen the moment she sees her. Supergirl dominates the headlines, her activities becoming more violent and dangerous. The news reports are now warning the public about her rather than praising her.

The current broadcast is focused on a horrific attack on several gang members that left a charred mess of bodies and Lena doesn't feel a shred of sympathy for them. It’s been so much for her to process in so little time. Supergirl hurting James, exercising her power without restraint and killing without a second thought. Supergirl being Kara. Kara lying to her face day after day. Kara treating her like the enemy one minute and like her favourite person in the world the next. Which part was real?

Pain shoots through Lena, right above her eyes. A migraine is coming. She pulls out the drawer next to her and fishes out her pain meds. Normally, she would ride out the pain but not today. She doesn’t have the strength for it.

Lena picks her phone up, answering on the first ring. “Winn? Did something happen to James?”

“No, no he’s fine. I just….”

“What?” Lena says when Winn trails off. The suspense, given the current climate, is gutting her like a knife.

“Alex is meeting with Kara.” Winn’s voice is so low, Lena nearly misses it. Worry seeps into her instantly. She wants to believe that Kara won’t hurt Alex but she did hurt James the other night, she killed all those gangsters down at the docks. Truthfully, Lena doesn’t know what Kara will or will not do anymore.

“When?” she asks once her throat starts working again.

“Right now. I...I thought you should know.”

“Thanks.” Lena places her phone down on its face and backs away from the counter. She doesn’t want the tea anymore, her stomach suddenly has no room for it. Why does Kara want to see Alex after ignoring her for several days? It doesn’t make sense. Unless.... She thinks about Kara had said the last she saw her.

I’ll give you some time.

Lena’s eyes are huge. Her time is up. Kara wants to know where she is and foolish as it may be, Lena wants Kara to find her. The potential dangers don’t matter. They’ve never mattered when it comes to Kara. She walks back over to the counter and sends off a text.

[Lena Luthor 10:33pm]: Follow these coordinates.

Kara doesn’t respond, she doesn’t need to, Lena knows she has the Kryptonian’s attention. She places her phone back down and stares out the ceiling-to-floor windows, waiting patiently. She can see out but anyone looking in would only see a mountain.

In a handful of minutes, Kara’s there, hovering just on the other side of the glass. She comes closer and places her hand over the impenetrable window. Drawn like a magnet, Lena strides over and places her hand on the other side.

It’s crazy to her how she can feel Kara’s heat and power, as if the blonde is standing right next to her, touching her. Kara’s ravenous eyes rove across Lena and a wicked smile spreads across her lips. Lena gasps, realizing that Kara might actually be able to see her. As she wonders why, she misses the cracks forming on the glass from the light pressure in Kara’s hand. In the blonde’s eyes there’s a silent question.

Are you going to let me in?

Lena knows she shouldn’t. “Hope. Open the window and disable the interior defence protocol.”

“Yes, Ms. Luthor,” the A.I responses and the window lowers immediately. Kara smirks and lands gracefully on the hardwood floor in front of Lena. In the absence of Lena’s heels, Kara nearly towers over her.

“Hi Lena,” Kara says casually, as if this was just another ordinary day with her best friend.

“Hi.” Lena doesn’t say anything else but doesn’t break eye contact either. Having the blonde so close again is already affecting her ability to speak.

Kara gives her an amused grin as she takes a moment to look around. “I have to say, this place is truly incredible. Not that I should expect anything less from Lena Luthor.” Lena can’t stop the blush dusting her cheeks red from the praise. It wasn’t uncommon for her to receive applause for her work but it was rarely given genuinely or openly. Not the way Kara does it.

“Camouflaged, lined with lead, soundproof walls,” Kara goes on, “I’m not sure I would’ve ever been able to find it.” Her eyes narrow in on Lena’s. They’re the same as they were the other night in Lena’s penthouse, lustful and dark, a tinge of red clashing with the blue. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you’re hiding from me.” Her tone is playful but Lena can tell that she’s slightly annoyed.

Lena doesn’t miss a beat. “I’m not. My penthouse is currently a crime scene and I really needed some time away to…process…everything.”

Kara can hear the honesty in her words and her heart beat. A part of her was concerned that she couldn’t find Lena because Lena didn’t want to be found, because she simply didn’t want to see or talk to her again. Kara doesn’t think she could’ve handled it if Lena had decided to shut her out.

“Right. So um...have you processed?” There’s something else shining in Kara’s eyes now, a hopefulness that is characteristic of the hero Lena knows.

“I don’t know,” Lena admits, looking away for a moment. There are few things she hates more than lies. Dishonesty is a hallmark of her family, their weapon of choice to manipulate others for their own selfish gains. Lena has been a victim many times over. Kara knows this and lied anyway. “It’s a lot to take in.”

Kara nods. “I know and I understand if you’re angry with me but I—”

“I’m not angry,” Lena says, cutting her off harshly. “I’m disappointed and I’m hurt.” She scoffs. “I mean, what the hell Kara? I trusted you with everything and I thought you trusted me.” Lena’s fists tremble at her sides. Perhaps she’s a bit angrier than she wanted to believe.

Kara closes the distance and places her hands over Lena’s to stop them from shaking. “It’s not about trust,” she murmurs. “It’s never been about that.”

“Then what?” Lena demands, pulling her hands away. Her entire body shakes with a heartbreak she’s only now feeling. It’s as though the true gravity of Kara’s secret is weighing on her for the first time.

“What Kara?” she snaps and Kara visibly flinches. “What excuse could you possibly have for lying to me for so long? For not telling me the truth when I’m sure everyone else knows. When I have tried to open up to you as much as I can.” Her jaw clenches tight. “After everything we’ve been through!” Tears rim Lena’s eyes but they don’t spill over. She’s too upset for that, too tired of hoping Kara has an answer she can accept for this.

“I didn’t want to risk losing you,” Kara says softly, a deep sincerity in her eyes that touches Lena’s soul. “I knew I would if I told you the truth, especially after the way I treated you over the kryptonite and Reign.”

She lifts a hand to Lena’s face, stroking her cheek with her knuckles and despite everything, tension seeps from Lena's body. “It was selfish, I know that. But please, you have to understand. I cannot lose you, Lena. I just—I can’t.”

She cups Lena’s cheek gently, trapping her gaze. “I hate that I hurt you but I promise, I will never lie to you again.” The honesty is clear in her voice and her dark and contrite eyes, leaving no room for Lena to even doubt her. The lack of inhibitions may have brought out a dangerously dark side of Kara but it also brought about a version of her that is completely open. She isn’t tethered to anything, isn’t fearful of anything. Lena feels the need to be honest and fearless too.

“I can’t lose you either,” Lena whispers, locking eyes with Kara. “You mean the world to me, Kara. You always have.” The Kryptonian’s focus is unwavering as she meets Lena’s gaze head on. They just stay there, their personal spaces merging into one. Lena begins to wonder if it’s possible to have everything she’s ever wanted with Kara now. Should she even be thinking about that when Kara is like this? Is this the version of her love Lena wanted?

“You could've gone anywhere after you escaped the DEO. Why come to me? Why tell me the truth now?”

Kara smiles as she leans in, her lips an inch away from Lena’s ear. “You are the only one who knows what it’s like to fight the darkness inside you everyday. To fight against every impulse and desire. How exhausting it all is. How good it feels to finally let go. To take what you want when you want it.”

Lena can’t deny it. She is all too acquainted with the underlying and tempting desires within her. The dark impulses that had pushed her to try to kill Morgan Edge, the insatiable drive to prove she is the best at any cost.

She had spent most of her time pushing those feelings down, fighting to be good, to be different from her family. But Kara standing in front her now as darkness personified is all too tempting to resist. Deep down, she always wanted Kara and the torture began from the moment the shy blonde stumbled into her office for their first interview. She never said anything though, never acted on it, too afraid of tainting sweet Kara with her moral ambiguity.

Lena turns her head slightly so that her lips graze against Kara’s ear lobe. “And what is it that you want?”

Kara pulls away and places her hands on Lena’s hips, jamming her against the thick, cool glass. Her gaze is predatory, her smile playfully wicked. Lena’s heart skips faster. “I want you to be mine.” Kara’s surprisingly husky voice draws Lena in. There’s a possessiveness in her words but Lena doesn’t care. She knows what she wants too. “What do you want, Lena?”

Lena’s response is immediate. “I want to be yours.” She acts before Kara can, crashing her lips against Kara’s with a heated passion from the slow burning flame low in her belly. Kara’s hands pull her away from the windows and roughly glide down to the back of her thighs. Their grip is tight, unyielding.

Lena locks her arms around Kara’s neck as the kiss deepens passionately. Their movements are uncoordinated, both equally impatient. Kara growls softly as she lifts Lena off the floor and bulldozes her way to the bedroom. The sounds of items and door frames breaking feels like a distant noise as Lena’s senses become dominated by Kara.

Kara falls onto the bed with Lena quivering underneath her in burning anticipation. She tugs lightly on Lena’s blouse and the mother-of-pearl buttons scatter across the polished floor. This is an exhilarating change of pace for Lena. She likes to be in control of every aspect of her life and relinquishing that was an unfathomable thought.

Most of her lovers had disappointed, either too intimidated or too incompetent to fully ravish Lena the way she truly desired. Until now. The Kryptonian is focused as she unzips her black bodysuit with a painful slowness and a teasing smile. Lena gasps at the reveal of sun-kissed skin. She’s never seen this much of Kara, never dared to think she ever would. She reaches up and starts tracing the shape of Kara’s chiseled abs, feeling the heat that radiates from her. The raw power. It’s breathtaking.

“You’re so beautiful,” Kara whispers reverently as her hands travel to Lena’s dress pants, ripping them off without warning. The thoughtless destruction of designer clothes has never been more intoxicating. One hand shifts past her waistband and into Lena’s pink lace panties.

“And so wet for me,” Kara hums, pleased. A soft moan escapes Lena’s kiss swollen lips as Kara slides two long fingers into her wet space. She touches Lena’s soft spot on the first, deep thrust, causing the typically measured woman to lose all composure.

“You like that?” Kara smirks, breaking eye contact to lower herself so that she’s kneeling right between Lena’s legs. She looks up at Lena, never losing focus as she pulls her fingers out slowly.

Lena’s low whine of protest is met with a cunning chuckle. Then Kara presses her cold tongue to Lena’s clit. A feeling of euphoria shoots through her entire body as if Kara is touching every inch of her all at once. Kara’s skillful tongue licks Lena’s clean, lapping greedily with broad strokes. Lena arches off the bed, desperate to come but Kara’s gaze warns her not to. Not until she’s allowed.

Kara stretches her arms forward and her nails red lines drag across Lena’s taut body. Lena’s words have given her all the permission she’s ever needed. She can finally take what she wants, what has always belonged to her and only her. No one else deserves a woman as exquisite as Lena Luthor and Kara is going to ensure she knows that. Kara’s fingers thrust roughly into Lena, eliciting another unholy moan from the unbridled woman. Lena’s pulsing walls clench and flutter around Kara as a third finger slips inside. A slow exhale escapes Lena as she’s stretched to the limit, her soft spot hammered dutifully.

“You’re so tight.” Kara’s fingers curl inside her, working their dark magic with unrelenting thrusts. Her thumb presses against Lena’s clit, sending Lena over the edge. Even after that exhaustive orgasm, with Kara still inside her, Lena manages another one. And another one. Kara is a generous lover, running on an insane amount of stamina. And Lena’s greedy, taking everything Kara has to give even if her body aches.

Way out here, out of the purview of the world, Lena is free to submit herself to the dark allure of the woman fucking her senseless. The tiny voice that governs her, that keeps her on a path to goodness is gone, obliterated by Kara’s intoxicating power. Lena’s own madness. Perhaps it’s their mutual depravity buried deep inside that drew them to each other from the moment Kara set foot into her office. Maybe she just loves Kara too much.

One final thrust brings Lena to another climax. She’s almost too exhausted to move, feeling sore in places she didn’t know she had. Kara licks her fingers, savouring the taste of Lena once more. She climbs back on the bed, lies next to Lena and pulls the smaller woman closer to her.

“You’re mine,” Kara rasps, an affirmation of something that was always meant to be.

“I’m yours,” Lena murmurs before drifting off to sleep, wrapped in the strong arms of the most dangerous person in the world.

Chapter Text

Lena stirs out of her slumber when a warm hand brushes gently across her face. Her eyes crack open slowly, surprised to meet Kara’s hard gaze. She notes the near-constant rage that has taken up permanent residence in Kara’s azure eyes. She misses the warmth and kindness they once had, the compassion and empathy, but cannot deny the fact that the wild anger and lust is even more appealing.

And after last night, after Kara had expertly fucked her, Lena has never been more in love. But she wonders if Kara feels the same. Could Kara even feel love anymore? What would it mean for them if she couldn't?

“Good morning, Lena,” Kara says softly, smiling in a way that is reminiscent of her best friend. It's actually refreshing to see and the tight ball of anxiety wound up in Lena's belly loosens slightly.

"You're still here." Lena props herself up, wincing a bit at a soreness in her abdomen and thighs, not unlike the day after intense exercise. Although she had fallen asleep with Kara lying next to her, she didn’t expect to find her lying in the same spot, comfortably nude.

Kara’s brow furrows, somewhat bemused. “Where else would I be?”

“I don’t know," Lena looks away, suddenly nervous by the unwavering attention she's getting, "I just…I wasn’t sure if you’d stay.”

“Well I did leave briefly.” Kara turns around to grab a pink box that Lena recognizes instantly. She bites one corner of her lip and looks back up. “I got those pastries you like from that little bakery in Paris.” Lena gasps quietly. The fact that Kara would still do something so thoughtful and sweet makes Lena think that perhaps the Kryptonian isn’t as detached from her emotions as she previously feared.

“Thanks but you didn’t have to go all the way to Paris for breakfast. That’s not what’s important to me.”

“I know,” Kara says quickly, “but I wanted to. I’m…trying to make up for everything. I want…I want to earn your trust back. I will do whatever it takes.” The sadness in her voice catches Lena off guard.

“It’s okay," Lena finds herself saying without pause, "You don’t have to make up for anything. I've already forgiven you.”

Kara’s face lights up, her body relaxes, her blue eyes brighten. It’s almost as if the red kryptonite is gone. “Really? You have?”

“Of course. But I will be eating those pastries.” Kara laughs and the familiar sound brings a smile to Lena’s lips as she opens the box and takes out the first thing she touches.

“Your phone’s been buzzing all morning,” Kara says when Lena’s cell vibrates again. Lena grabs the phone off the nightstand and looks at the notifications. There’s twenty of them, some from Jess and Alex but mostly from James. Her heart clenches like a wrung out cloth in her chest. She had gotten so caught up with Kara over the last ten hours that she hadn’t spared a thought to James.

By now, she would’ve called and checked up on his progress. She should probably call him right now but she doesn’t. The guilt she feels is intensified by the fact that she relished every orgasm and screamed out Kara’s name when she’s never done that with him. She feels guilty over the ill-concealed truth that every minute she was with James is another minute she’d rather be with Kara.

“Anything good?” Kara asks but Lena can hear the underlining question. She's not sure she should answer it.

“James left me a few messages,” Lena looks up from her phone in time to see Kara’s gaze harden. So she adds playfully, “Don’t tell me you’re the jealous type.”

Kara leans in, just a touch away from Lena. “I’m not, I just don’t like sharing what’s mine.”

Lena tilts her head. “Is that why you hurt him?”

“He pissed me off,” Kara answers bluntly. “I was trying to have a moment with you and he ruined it.” She cups Lena’s face gently, capturing her in a powerful dark gaze. “You have no idea how much watching you with him drove me crazy.”

“It wasn’t exactly fun watching you with Mon-El,” Lena quips, remembering briefly how she had tolerated the arrogant prince’s relationship with Kara.

Kara chuckles. “Now who’s jealous?”

“Whatever.” She can’t fight the smile, she never could when it came to Kara. “In any case, I do owe James an explanation.”

“You don’t owe him anything,” Kara asserts. Red lines pop up against her skin teasingly as they disappear, only to reappear in another spot. It was travelling further, showing up in the blonde’s face, neck and upper body. “You were never his to begin with. I wanted you first.”

“How long have you felt this way?”

“Always.” Lena loves how open and honest Kara is now. She loves it so much that it’s easy to overlook everything else that came with this new version of her best friend. She should be angry with Kara for hurting James, afraid of her even but she isn’t. Not even a little.

The only thing she can bring herself to care about is Kara and because she cares so much a part of her wonders just how much the synthetic kryptonite had affected the blonde’s mind. Would those effects be permanent? Deadly?

“What are you thinking about?” Kara asks, breaking Lena out of her thoughts.

Lena takes pause, wondering if she should voice the concerns she’s feeling. “You,” she replies with deliberate vagueness.

Kara’s keen senses pick up on the telling signs of anxiety and worry. “You’re worried about the red kryptonite.”

Lena nods. “I am.”

“Don’t be.” Kara drops her hand, rolls off the bed and stretches in all her naked glory. The sunlight filtering into the room makes her tanned skin and golden hair glow. She looks like a god of light. The only thing betraying that is the ever present darkness that tainted nearly everything she did.

“I can’t help it.” Lena dumps her half eaten pastry back into the box and dusts her fingers off.

“Does this scare you?” Kara’s eyes narrow, a crease forming between her brows.

Lena doesn’t hesitate. “No. I just…I need to know that you’re not hurting.” Red kryptonite may not cause the writhing pain its parent compound did but Lena is left wondering if it causes damage in other ways. She doesn’t want to think of Kara being in any sort of pain, especially if she can help her.

“I’m not. I promise you.”

“Do you plan on staying like this?” Lena asks in a tiny voice. She knows it’s a question Kara doesn’t want to hear, she feels it in the way the blonde’s body tenses and her eyes turn to steel. Within a nanosecond she appears right next to Lena.

“Why wouldn’t I?” A maniac grin spreads across her glowing face. “My mind has finally been liberated from the shackles of humanity. I couldn’t really see it before but the blindfold is off now. I was forced to believe that the world is good, that humans are good but none of that has ever been true. This world is flawed, filled with greedy and wicked beings. Governments and monarchs that are so corrupt, that don’t give a damn about the people they’re supposed to be serving. It could be so much better but the world needs a firm hand to guide it to its full potential. Who is better to fulfil that need than me?”

Lena doesn’t need to ponder on Kara’s words for long to know what the blonde is implying. “Kara, what you’re talking about is a dictatorship.”

“Call it what you want,” she shrugs, “but it’s what I’m meant to do. My real purpose. People already look to me to save them. Not their governments, not the police. I am powerful on this planet, blessed with the power of the sun. Earth chose me to rule.”

Kara places the box of pastries aside and lifts Lena to her, holding the shorter woman closely. “I’m going to take over,” she says with an air of finality. “With you by my side forever.”

Lena knows that she should protest, that she should run far away from the dark and beautiful creature who captivated her heart. But she can’t, she has no desire to. Truthfully, she finds it rather appealing, the knowledge that Kara can do anything, have anyone but she has chosen her. Kara’s vision for the future includes no one else but her. No one else matters.

Still, Lena feels the need to ask, “And what if I don’t want that?”

“Of course you want it. In fact, you deserve it,” Kara purrs in Lena’s ear. “And that heart of yours, it’s so telling with every beat. Don’t deny it, the idea of world domination appeals to you, Ms. Luthor. You’ve always cared about others, wanted the world to be a better place. We can do that now. Together, we can do anything.”

“How would we do it?” Lena whispers, playing along, biting her lip when Kara’s teeth nips at her earlobe teasingly. Even if the idea didn’t appeal to her, Lena isn’t sure she’d be able to resist with Kara standing so close, planting hard kisses along the column of her neck. It’s as if the blonde had cast a spell that expunged all reasoning from Lena.

“I have a few ideas.” Kara pulls away to look at her. “But first, I need something from you.”

“Anything,” Lena says, the automatic response.

“I need a suit, one that will make me immune to kryptonite. I can’t have that annoying inconvenience getting in the way of what we’re trying to accomplish.” No. Lena should say no. There’s still a chance to stop Kara, to bring her back to herself. There’s still a chance to stop all this madness.

That’s not what she ends up saying though. “I actually have something I’ve been working on.”

Kara raises an eyebrow in surprise. “Is that so?”

“Yes. After you got so upset with me for making kryptonite, I figured that maybe I could change your mind if you had a way to protect yourself from it.”

“I shouldn’t have gotten upset. It was unfair of me to expect you to understand why I took it so personally.” Kara’s jaw clenches tightly at the memory and she finally drops her gaze.

“It’s okay. I get it now.” Lena’s voice coaxes Kara’s gaze to fall on her again. The Kryptonian marvels at the brilliant woman in front of her, she really couldn’t ask for a more worthy mate.

“Where is it?”

“At L-Corp. It’s still a prototype but I could probably finish it in another day or two.”

“I’ll go get it.” Kara starts to move away but Lena manages to grab at her the wrist, halting her.

“You can’t. It’s in a vault made of Nth metal in a secret sub-level that can only be accessed by me through a biometric lock.” Kara chuckles softly, it was so Lena to have her precious projects well under lock and key. “I’ll get it and it’s probably best if I go alone.”

Kara is wanted by every law enforcement agency in America, including the DEO. They will likely try to apprehend her at any moment they got. That will just piss Kara off and result in unnecessary casualties. Despite being willing to stand by Kara, Lena isn’t quite prepared for needless violence. And she doubts that Kara will not go berserk if provoked by the authorities. It’s best not to leave it all up to chance.

“Fine,” Kara says with a childish pout. “But I’ll be close by.”

“Will you do something for me?” Lena asks tentatively, unsure if she’ll get a positive response. Kara motions for her to go on. “Will you let me run some tests on you?” Lena wants to but she can’t shove her concerns aside. Or her curiosity.

“You can do whatever you want with me.” Lena finds herself smiling, blood rushing to her cheeks. Kara pulls her close and presses a kiss to her forehead. “Now eat up. We’ve got places to be.”



Lying in bed, all day every day, is a foreign concept to James Olsen. He was always active, always on the move. It’s one of the great things about being a photographer, being in the field, going to different places and meeting diverse groups of people. It’s that mobility James craved each day he lied in this hospital bed. And while Guardian was down, Supergirl had been busy dispensing justice any way she saw fit.

She was taking the law into her own hands, acting as judge, jury and executioner with chilling ferocity. It’s difficult to believe that the Kara Danvers he knows is capable of committing these vicious attacks, all with a sadistic smile on her face.

Kara enjoyed it.

No one knows where she is now since she left her meeting with Alex so abruptly. No one knows where Lena is either. That can’t be a coincidence.

James remembers how Kara was standing between Lena’s legs when he busted through the doors, how Lena looked aroused rather than scared. Even when she had visited him, she was reluctant to speak ill of her best friend. To say anything at all. On some level, James knew that Lena didn’t care about anyone the way she does Kara. He knew that Kara had a special place in Lena’s heart that he could never occupy. Her relationship with him was a glorified consolation prize, a substitute for what she thought she couldn’t have.

He looks at his phone again, opening the unread messages he sent to Lena.

[James Olsen 10:59pm] Alex told me that Kara’s looking for you. Please lay low.

[James Olsen 11:32pm] I haven’t heard from you and no one’s seen Kara. Did she find you? Please Lena, let me know if you’re okay. I love you.

[James Olsen 11:43pm] I’m getting really worried now Lena. Just call me. Please.

[James Olsen 5:38am] You missed our daily check-in. Will you please call me?

[James Olsen 10:13am] You’re with her, aren’t you?

The longer Lena takes to break radio silence the more powerful James’s doubts become. And his anger. He has always been envious of the power Clark and Kara held, how effortlessly they wielded it. It hardly seemed fair. Even with Winn’s technology and years of martial arts training, James can barely hold his own with human gangbangers. Even the newly surfacing Children of Liberty proved to be a challenge.

And while an uncontrollable Kryptonian roamed the skies, terrorizing National City, Guardian lied in a hospital bed. His arm still has a numbing pain as the severed nerves and fractured bones begin to heal. He had been in life and death situations before, had sixteen scars from the torture Lex Luthor had put him through, but he never feared for his life the way he had with Kara. The way the blonde inspired hope, she could equally inspire fear.

“What are you doing?” Winn demands as he walks into the room and catches James rolling out of bed. “The doctors haven’t cleared you yet!”

“Kara’s still out there and I haven’t heard from Lena. I need to get back on the streets Winn.”

Winn blinks. “And do what exactly?”

“I don’t know but I can’t just lie here doing nothing.”

“It’s not going to do any of us any good if you go out there and get yourself killed!” Winn exclaims unexpectedly. He’s still haunted by Kara’s assault on the DEO. He had hidden away under his desk the entire time but the screams, the sounds of bones snapping, the smell of burning flesh were enough to give him nightmares.

“What about Lena?” James can’t shake his worry even though something inside of him knows that Kara won’t hurt Lena. That out of everyone, Kara has always fought for Lena, wanted Lena. Loved Lena. Back at Lena’s penthouse, it wasn’t an attack James had busted in on. It was a moment of intimacy, one that they were equally invested in.

“I’m sure Lena’s fine.” Winn scratches the back of his head, a telling sign of his nervousness.

James’s suspicions flare up. “What do you know?”

“Nothing,” he says quickly, too quickly to be convincing. He caves under the weight of James’s glare. “God! Fine. Okay, I may have told Lena that Alex was meeting with Kara.”

“You think Lena texted Kara.”

Winn nods. “I can’t be sure. Lena’s texts and calls are so well encrypted. I’d be impressed if it wasn’t so frustrating.”

“I think you might be right.”

“Maybe Lena can talk some sense into her.”

“Not likely,” James scoffs. “Lena won’t go against Kara.” His words are bitter, notably laced with anger. He’s jealous, he always was. Even though he’s the boyfriend, he always took a backseat to Kara. Lena only talked about Kara, only got excited about Kara. She only loved Kara.

“Where are you going?” Winn calls after James as the taller man walks out of the door. James doesn’t answer as he continues to march out of the hospital with renewed purpose. He lifts his long arm into the air and hails a taxi.

The driver turns his head and asks, “Where to chief?”

“Stryker’s Island.”



It’s only been a few days since Lena’s been outside of National City but it feels like a lifetime. The past ten hours feel surreal given everything that had unfolded. Lena had given into her desires and allowed herself to be claimed by the maniac version of her once sweet best friend. She had managed to convince Kara to let her drive back to the city, desperate to avoid flying. It was her least favourite mode of transportation, one that she used only when no other option was available.

She pulls the car into the underground parking lot at L-Corp and turns the engine off. She knows that Kara will be nearby soon if she isn’t already. The Rolls Royce Lena is in had been purposefully chosen. The car was Lex’s and had been designed to block any outgoing sounds. This would be her only chance. She pulls out her phone, thumb hovering over his name, before she finally takes the plunge.

“James,” she says, grateful that he didn’t answer. “I wanted to let you know that I’m okay and I hope that you’re okay too. And I’m…I’m sorry.” Did it even make sense to apologize for something she enjoyed and had no regrets about? For what was undoubtedly the best shag of her life? She ends the call and opens up her other messages.

[Alex Danvers 11:05pm] Lena, Kara is looking for you. I think she might know where you are.

[Alex Danvers 11:07pm] Just tell me where you are and I’ll come to you.

[Alex Danvers 1:04am] Is Kara with you?

[Alex Danvers 6:43am] At least let me know that you’re okay.

[Lena Luthor 11:17am] I’m okay. Don’t worry.

She shuts off her phone and pulls the sun visor down, opening its mirror. Angry red marks line the length of her slender neck. Slowly, she applies a matte red colour to her lips, locking eyes with herself in the mirror. A soft tap against the window startles her.

“Ms. Luthor, I didn’t know that you were coming in today,” Jess says as soon as Lena rolls the glass down. Jess had marched over to chastise whoever was parked in her boss’s spot, not expecting to see Lena there.

“I’m not. I’m only here to get something.”

“Oh…is there anything I can help with?”

“No. Thank you, Jess.” Lena returns Jess’s smile before the girl turns and walks away. Lena looks at her reflection one last time before she exits the car and enters the building. Her body navigates itself automatically, her mind preoccupied with the duelling thoughts. She knows she should call Alex, that she should supply her with the kryptonite she still has in her vault.

She knows she shouldn’t finish her prototype suit, that once Kara is immune to kryptonite she’d be unstoppable. Lena is once again conflicted. Being away from Kara made it easier for the light inside of Lena to burn a little brighter. She’s thinking more clearly and a tiny voice at the back of her mind is screaming that this is wrong. That Kara is bordering on evil and in need of rescuing. But the sound of her heart singing a song for Kara is louder. It quickly drowns out everything else.

A loud boom turns Lena’s gaze away from the elevator doors. A few dozen heavily armed men parade into her building through the unnecessary entrance the explosion had made. Sporting paramilitary uniforms and gold plated masks that had become as infamous as Guy Fox, the intruders quickly surround Lena, blocking any path to an escape.

One of the men steps forward. “Hello, Ms. Luthor.” His uniform is distinctly different from the others, his mask looks like it’s made from a sturdier material as well. Lena marks him as the leader.

“Who the hell are you and what do you want?” She demands angrily, forgetting that she’s terribly outnumbered and outgunned.

“We’re the Children of Liberty,” he starts, taking a step closer to Lena. “And we want to kill a Kryptonian.”

Chapter Text

There’s a reason why Winn hates field work. It’s dangerous, physically taxing and required skills that no number of training sessions with Alex could ever give him. The ingenious gadgets that he made were badass in other peoples hands, not so much in his. Sitting in his favourite chair with a Nerf gun swirling around in his hand is as close to the action as he wanted to get. He’s the tech support, the voice in people’s ears telling them where to go and what to do. He’s responsible for keeping them safe.

Despite everything that had transpired, Winn still feels that need, that drive to protect the people he cares about with the power of knowledge. That’s why he’s here, standing in the last place he ever thought he’d be. His father’s old workshop, a place that once filled his childhood with happy memories is now a bevy of unpleasant reminders.

He doesn’t want to be here but he could think of no other place on such short notice. The excuse that he fumbled out as he left the DEO was weak but Alex was the only around who took notice. Luckily for Winn, she too distracted arguing with Colonel Haley to pay him any mind as he slipped out.

Winn takes his phone out to look at the time, his anxiety reaching a critical peak. He starts to wonder if this is a mistake, what would happen if the DEO finds out about this? Was this illegal? Could it result in imprisonment or would they exile him to Serbia? Winn was so deeply consumed by irrational thoughts that he didn’t even notice he was no longer alone.

A girlish scream escapes from him when he eventually spots her. “Oh,” Winn says, clearing his throat. “Kara. Hi. I um…I wasn’t sure if you’d come.”

“I wasn’t planning on it but I’ve got some time to kill,” she says while taking note of how nervous and fearful he seems. It’s rather curious that he would be the one to call her, using a signal watch of all things. Don’t they know she’s no longer Supergirl? No longer at their beck and call?

She cocks her head to one side, her blue eyed gaze hardening as Winn remains silent. “What the fuck do you want, Winn?” He jumps a little at the sound of her voice, so uncharacteristically harsh and angry. It’s strange not hearing the kindness and compassion he had grown so accustomed to.

“Right. Sorry. Look, Kara, I just want you to know that no matter what happens next, you’re always going to be my friend.” Kara’s expression doesn’t change, there’s no indication that she’s registered a single word. He goes on anyway. “I won’t presume to know what you’re feeling because I don’t. There’s so much about you that I’ll never be able to understand or relate to. But there is one thing that I know about you, one thing that I know will never change.”

He pauses when he notices Kara’s cold eyes focus in on him. He has her attention, some of it at least. “You want the world to be a better place, to protect the innocent and bring the bad guys to justice.”

Kara takes a step closer. “What’s your point?”

“I need to tell you something and I’m only telling you this because, despite what you’ve done, you don’t deserve this. The DEO just got issued an executive order from the President. They’re working with the Army to take you down by any means necessary.”

Kara’s not phased or surprised. In fact, she’s amused. “You mean kill me.”

Winn nods dumbly. “Yea.”

“They’re welcome to try.”

“Kara, they have all of the DEO’s kryptonite and every other weapon that can hurt you,” Winn whispers loudly with a trace of hysteria.

“Kryptonite won’t be a problem for much longer.” Kara seems confident, as if she thinks it’s an eventuality. And maybe it is. He didn’t have to hear from Lena to know that Kara had gone to her after leaving Alex. It’s what he had hoped for when he called Lena. He had hoped that Kara would go to her and that she’d be able to fix her, bring her back to herself. But if Lena was helping her, the situation was even more fucked.

“Lena’s helping you.”

Kara’s lips turn up into a maniac smile. Red lines popped up against her skin, spreading across her face like cracks on a sidewalk. The red clashes with the blue, creating a dark, almost purplish hue in her eyes.

“Of course she is. We’re going to change the world.” The thought of a Luthor and a Super working together has never been more terrifying.

“What does that mean?” Winn asks quietly. He already knows the answer, Kara knows that too. She turns her head slightly to right when she picks up on a police officer’s dispatch. She had been tuning those out, like most other sounds, but the mention of L-Corp caught her ear.

“Lena,” Kara breathes before she disappears, leaving Winn to face a difficult choice. Does he stand with the DEO, with the people who want to kill his dear friend or does he stand with the hellish version of his favourite superhero

There’s no right answer, no mathematical formula to apply. So maybe fate should decide. He pulls out a quarter from his pocket and flips it. With an awkward attempt, he manages to catch it, covering it with his other hand. He closes his eyes for a moment before he removes his hand and stares down at the coin. His breath hitches in his chest but he commits himself to the choice.

He answers his phone. “James?”

“We need to talk.”



It’s not the first time a bunch of idiots broke into L-Corp. No matter how top notch the security, they always managed to find a way inside. So even with all the MK-47s pointed at her, even with the relatively large group of men surrounding her, Lena’s not afraid. She’s pissed.

“What does killing a Kryptonian have to do with me?” she asks the ring leader of this radical group. The Children of Liberty had been making head ways in the local news, taking to the streets of National City to spread their hate speech. Fear was a natural response to things one didn’t understand and fear of this nature always bred hate.

“We know you have kryptonite,” the leader answers. Lena’s scowl deepens. How the fuck did they know that? “And other weapons that can kill Supergirl.” Her instinct to protect Kara kicks into overdrive and it takes all of her self control not to punch him. That would be reckless and stupid and ultimately unsatisfying. He needs to feel unbearable pain, the kind that will make him wish for the sweet release of death.

“You’re never getting your hands on it.”

“I think we are.” He turns his head slightly and motions over two of his men. They’re holding someone, a petite woman who’s screaming, kicking at the air as her feet lifts off the ground.

Lena’s stomach drops when the woman comes into view. “Jess,” she breathes silently.

“You’re going to give us that kryptonite and everything else that we want. If you don’t.” The man pauses as he takes his gun out and shoots Jess in the chest without hesitation. Lena doesn’t scream, it’s as though she’s lost her voice. The man holding Jess throws her lifeless body to the ground, as if she was nothing more than a piece of trash. “We will just keep killing your employees until you do.”

Jess didn’t deserve that, the girl was kind and thoughtful and always at the ready for her boss. She was almost through grad school, she was engaged to a wonderful young man. She was ready to live her life. These Children of Liberty, Lena had dismissed them as just another fringe group but they were so much more dangerous than that. They didn’t have any honour, any codes. They couldn’t be reasoned with. They needed to go.

Where is it?” The leader barks out but Lena meets his stoney glare head on. And then she smiles, an idea for revenge popping into her mind.

“Down here.” She leads the way into the elevator, accompanied by the leader and six of the other men. He orders the remaining others to lockdown the building. Lena steps out of the elevator as soon as the doors open and walks quickly towards the entrance of her private labs. No one else is allowed down here. She enters the pin and unlocks the doors. The leader shoves her out of the way and looks around, eyes widening in awe.

“Get it,” he says roughly as he points a thirty-eight at her. “And don’t do anything stupid.” Lena rolls her green eyes and scoffs. She’s not intimidated but she thinks about her employees and relents.

“It’s in here.” She approaches her vault and places a hand over the biometric lock. It was Lex’s design, his deranged family values making it responsive only to Luthor DNA. Hers and his. The vault doors release and slowly open up.

The leader marvels at all the wonders inside like a child in a toy factory. It’s in this vault Lena had first encountered kryptonite, instantly fascinated by its foreign properties. But unlike her brother, Lena didn’t want to use it to hurt anyone, she wanted to use it for good. She wanted to understand how it works, why it effects the Supers and how to best to protect against it.

Then, when Reign and Sam’s connection became apparent, she had no choice but to use kryptonite the way Lex had intended. When it ran out, she was forced to figure out how to make it and it cost her a friendship with Supergirl she didn’t realize she wanted. The challenge Supergirl had given her, the challenge to prove herself better than her family, meant more to her than she cared to admit.

She should’ve gotten rid of the remaining kryptonite after Reign had been vanquished but she didn’t. What if other Worldkillers were out there? Other rogue Kryptonians? What if a day came when the world would need to protect itself from Supergirl and Superman? What if, in some small way, Lex wasn’t completely wrong?

So she kept it. Her hand hovers over the lead-lined case that housed the green rock but she doesn’t open it. Instead her hand extends further and she grabs the arm of her mother’s Lexosuit. She whips around and fires, point blank, at the man across from her. The blast sends him flying out of the vault, landing roughly against a wall.

“You fucking bitch!” He yells as another man helps him up to his feet. “Kill her!”

Lena slaps the red button inside the vault, causing the doors to close again. She stands in front of the security pad and turns the cameras on. The Children of Liberty are wasting their ammunition, firing at a door that isn’t going to break. She’s about to turn on Lex’s weapons when a gust of wind rips through the room.

The next few seconds are hard to track. What could only be described as a black blur travels through the lab with a fierce speed. The men turn their guns to it instantly in an attempt to bring it down but it’s too fast. And then it stops.

Kara grabs the man closest to her, shattering his arm in several places like a twig. She tosses him aside like a rag doll before lunging for the next one, cracking his skull under her boot. Her fingers wrap firmly around the barrel of a gun which she swings like a bat against another man’s head. His cranium caves in under the immense force, blood and brains spill out as his body collapses. And she continues moving, taking them out one by one with her limitless strength and undying wrath.

The leader picks himself up off the ground, his body still aching from the blast Lena had given him. Petrified, he simply watches as his comrades meet their end brutally. A sharp pain shots down his spine when Kara slams him against the door of the vault with unnecessary force.

“Who sent you?” she asks, her calm voice a contrast to the boiling rage in her eyes. “Answer me.” Her eyes glow angrily, a terrifying sight that makes him tremble like a leaf. He’s so close to shitting himself.

“Agent Liberty,” he cries quickly, barely able to speak with Kara’s hand around his throat in a vice-grip. “It was Agent Liberty! Please, I’ll do whatever you want just don’t kill me.”

Kara chuckles, finding it rather interesting that he would be begging for his life now when he seemed so confident mere seconds ago. When Kara had arrived and saw the scene upstairs, Jess’s body on the ground with a bullet lodged in her sternum, fear mixed with anger overtook her. She had unleashed her wrath on them, burning them alive with a powerful blast of her heat vision. She had punched one so hard in the chest his heart exploded on impact, blood gushed out of his eyes and mouth like a waterfall.

“Who is he?” Kara demands in a low voice layered with a warning not to lie.

“I don’t know, no one does.”

“Then what use are you to me?” The bones in his neck snap under the pressure of Kara’s hand and she casts his body aside scornfully. She turns her attention to the vault doors, trying to see in but she can’t. So she presses her forehead to the door and murmurs softly, “Lena. It’s me.” She can hear the brunette’s rapid heart beat but no movement.

“Lena.” She listens carefully, wondering what’s going through Lena’s mind. Her lips purse to speak again but the doors open. She steps inside and finds Lena standing near a stainless steel table.

“Lena.” Kara walks over to her, stopping on the other side of the table. Lena doesn’t say anything, doesn’t lift her eyes off the black box in front of her. She had just watched Kara murder several men with ease, witnessed for the first time just how much this former hero has morphed into a deadly force of justice.

It needs to end, Lena needs to end it. All she has to do is open the box and it’ll all be over. They can get the old Kara back.

The knit reappears in Kara’s brow as she quickly examines Lena for any sign of injury. “Did they hurt you?” Her voice is so small, her blue eyes the lightest they’ve been in days. When Lena finally lifts her gaze, she doesn’t see Kara Zor-El or Supergirl. She sees Kara Danvers, she sees the genuine love and protectiveness that the reporter has always shown her. And it makes her heart swell. She can’t hurt Kara, can’t betray her, even like this.

“No, I’m fine,” she replies, “Thank you for saving me.”

Kara puffs her chest out, standing taller. “I will always save you.” And Lena doesn’t doubt that for a second.

She takes a short pause before asking, “Are they dead?”

“Yes.” Kara waits for Lena’s reaction with bated breath. She knows better than most just how much Lena loathes violence, especially the kind that results in death. For the first time since her exposure to red kryptonite, Kara feels unsure, nervous. She never had doubts about Lena’s loyalty, not since the brunette promised to be hers, but she wonders if there’s a limit to what Lena will tolerate. Has she gone too far?

But Lena’s not scared, she’s not angry, Kara hadn’t done anything that she wasn’t prepared to do either. She thinks about Kara snapping the neck of the man who coldly shot Jess and she finds herself smiling as she closes the distance, holding her hands out for Kara.

“Good.” She leans against Kara, melting as strong arms hold her close. It should be disturbing to find comfort in the embrace of cold-blooded killer. It should be repulsive to even be in the same room as her. But all Lena feels now is a cold calmness, something she’s felt before but for once, she’s not afraid of what it may mean about the person she is.

“Why did they attack you?” Kara asks softly.

“They wanted kryptonite.”

“You still have it.” Kara’s hold around Lena stiffens. “Why?”

“I thought I might need it,” Lena replies honestly as she pulls away and turns to pick up the box. She presents it to Kara. “But I don’t. I trust you. Completely.”

Kara places her hand over Lena’s and smiles. “I trust you too. Let’s take it with us.”

Lena raises an eyebrow. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. Grab whatever else you need and I’ll get you out of here.” Lena nods and gathers the box, the spring-loaded cube containing the prototype suit and a disc containing another project she’s been working on. She places them in her handbag while Kara walks back out of the vault, listening closely. The blonde can hear the rapid stomp of military boots, the loading of guns. She instantly picks out Alex’s voice.

“The DEO is here,” Kara tells Lena as she pokes her head through the doorway.

“I’m ready.” Kara scoops Lena up bridal style before she speeds out of the lab and up to the main floor. The DEO agents are already swarming around like bees. Kara lifts off into the sky followed by a rain of bullets, holding Lena tightly to steady her from the sharp upright turn. But her efforts to make Lena comfortable don’t really help.

Lena screws her eyes shut, listening to the wind rip around them and it serves as visceral reminder that she's several metres above ground. She shivers when the cool breeze nips at her bare arms where Kara’s warmth doesn’t reach. Her eyes don’t open until she feels Kara stop and she regrets it instantly. Kara’s floating mid-air just over National City’s downtown. It’s a view that Lena’s seen before, either from a helicopter or in Supergirl’s arms but she never enjoyed it. Being in the air, so high up from the comfort and control the ground offered, it doesn’t matter that she’s in the arms of the woman she loves. She still hates it.

“Lena,” Kara whispers, nudging Lena's cheek with her nose. “Open your eyes.”

“I-I-I can’t,” she stammers. It’s so unlike the carefully measured way she normally speaks.

“Yes you can.” Kara leans downward, her lips brushing against Lena’s face. “You can do anything. You have nothing to fear when you’re with me.” And Kara means it with every fibre of her being. Many nights she flew by Lena’s office when she worked late, watching her from a distance. Lena had the love and protection of the most powerful woman in the world without fully knowing what that meant. Even now, it doesn’t matter how far Kara had strayed from the person she once was, she would always keep the promise she had made.

I will always protect you.

Lena remembers the promise too so she opens her eyes and takes in the cityscape beneath her. She’s no longer afraid to fall. She doesn’t need to feel control, all she needs is the solid reassurance of Kara’s strong arms around her. So she places her hands around Kara’s neck and kisses her deeply, urgently. Kara’s lips mould into Lena’s, as if they were made for her and only her. The noise of the city below them fades as all Kara feels is Lena’s soft lips, all she smells is the vanilla scent of Lena’s skin and all she hears is Lena’s quick heart beat.

“This city is going to be ours,” Kara says with a maniacal grin pressed against Lena’s lips. “And with it, the rest of the world.” Lena pulls back and looks up at Kara, catching the angry red cracks travel across her face and neck. The Kryptonian’s eyes are as dark as her words but Lena finds herself smiling back. Kara hugs her closely and starts flying again. Lena keeps her eyes open this time, watching as their surroundings blur around them.

Before long, they arrive at Lena’s secret smart home, greeted by Hope. Kara places Lena on her feet gently, keeping her hands on Lena’s hips to steady her. Lena leans against Kara comfortably. There’s really no other place she’d rather be.

“You alright?” Kara asks, her lips hovering near Lena’s ear.

“Yes.” She turns around and touches Kara’s bicep. That’s when she notices something warm and wet. “Kara, you’re bleeding.”

The blonde looks down at her arm in confusion. She hadn’t even felt it, the kryptonite bullet that managed to pierce her skin. Normally having kryptonite inside her like this would have her on her knees, barely able to think under the pain. But she barely registers it, only feeling a slight discomfort now that Lena’s brought attention to it.

“We need to get it out. Come with me.” Lena guides Kara to her lab and sits her down on a stool. With expert precision, she pulls the bullet out and dumps it in a lead-lined container. The wound closes so quickly she nearly misses it.

“Thanks,” Kara says, looking down at her arm again. There’s no indicative scarring, no sign at all that it had ever been injured.

“Didn’t you feel it?” Lena asks. She remembers how Kara had described the sensation of kryptonite, akin to nails running through the blood or skin being seared off the bone. But Kara barely acknowledged it, flew all the way here with it buried inside her. What does all this mean? The scientist in Lena is dying to find out.

“Not really. I do feel kind of tired though.” Lena nods and leads Kara out of the lab and into the bedroom. The blonde changes into shorts and a T-shirt before throwing herself on the bed. Combating the effects of the kryptonite had been more draining than she realized.

“Get some rest, darling,” Lena says, brushing a hand against Kara’s face. "I'll be in the lab if you need anything." As she turns to walk away, Kara darts forward, catching her at the wrist. Her grip is as tight and firm as steel handcuffs. Her eyes are dark and searching. "Kara?"

“Please don’t leave me,” she finally mutters and Lena can sense that she’s not just talking about this moment. So Lena nods, strips down to her underwear and crawls onto the bed, slipping under the covers. Kara gravitates to her instantly, curling into her side, tangling their legs.

Lena strokes Kara’s arm and stares back into azure eyes. “I will never leave you,” she assures, “I’m yours, remember? Now and forever.” She wraps her arms around Kara and pulls her close. Kara rests her head against Lena’s chest and sighs deeply, nodding only once. It’s almost odd, Kara allowing herself to be vulnerable like this.

“Hmm. I love you, Lena,” Kara murmurs before drifting off to sleep.

Lena’s heart skips, her breath hitches in her chest, her skin prickles with happiness and desire. A moment like this is what Lena craved every time she was with Kara. The blonde’s compassion, warmth and decency had drawn Lena in from the cold loneliness where she once resided. But that’s not what captivates Lena now.

It’s the tinge of mania in her eyes, the sinister smile she wears, the way she relishes the chaos she rains down like fire and brimstone. It’s this dangerous beauty who had overridden everything that was noble about her. It’s in the darkness Lena had spent her life running away from that she had found the love she always wanted. But should she want it? Shouldn’t she fight to restore this fallen hero?

Why would she, when this is the only version of Kara who would ever be honest with her? Who would always love her and accept her? Who would welcome her own depravity and madness?

“I love you too, Kara.” Lena closes her eyes and feels herself falling too.

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God and country. That’s what Alex swore her loyalty to when she signed on with the DEO seven years ago. And this vow had now put her between a rock and hard place. The hard place being her indestructible sister who had succumb to the dark powers of a red rock and become someone unrecognizable.

She knows that Kara saw her as she flew out of L-Corp with Lena Luthor in her arms. She knows that Kara doesn’t care about her anymore, certainly not enough to even give her the time of day. She had been worried about the pair since Kara’s absence from the public eye and Lena’s radio silence. Had Kara hurt Lena? The way the blonde held the brunette against her chest as she flew away made Alex realize that worrying about Lena, though warranted, was unneeded. She only hoped that things would remain that way. Lena was the only hope they had of bringing the Kara they loved back.

And they were running out of other options. Kara can’t be reasoned with, can’t be contained. The President had issued his executive order to detain the rogue Kryptonian by any means necessary, bringing in a commanding officer to oversee the operations of the DEO to eliminate any personal conflicts. Alex never had issues with superior officers before but Colonel Haley’s by-the-book rigour annoyed the agent to no end.

“You wanted to see me, Colonel?” Alex says as she enters the conference room. Haley doesn’t turn around to acknowledge her, only gesturing for Alex to take a seat. Alex pulls out the chair closest to her and waits for Haley to speak.

“We have new orders from POTUS,” she says with her back still turned. Her hands are clasped behind her, her head turned slightly. “We are to uncover Supergirl’s identity.”

Alex leans forward. “What?”

Haley finally turns and meets the agent’s shock with a hard stare. “You heard me, Director. Now, I know that you and Supergirl have a special relationship.” She takes a few strides so that she’s just two seats over from Alex. “So tell me who she is when she’s not flying around terrorizing National City.”

Alex’s first instinct is to panic at this latest development but her RTI training kicks in immediately and she manages to remain neutral. “Supergirl and I have worked together over the years but that never afforded me any sort of knowledge about her, least of all who she really is.”

Haley places her hands on the table and leans forward with a small smile on her lips. “I know you’re bullshitting me, Director. That flagrant disrespect may have worked before with J’onn J’onzz but I promise you, it won’t with me.”

“What do you think knowing her identity is going to do for you anyway?” Alex demands, her glare raising defiantly to Haley’s stoic expression.

“Well Director, believe it or not, I heard what you said about attacking Supergirl head on. You’re right, that will likely result in mass casualties and now that she’s kidnapped Lena Luthor, we need a contingency plan.”

Alex smiles a little at the mention of kidnapping. Supergirl isn’t some savage captor and Lena isn’t some ditsy damsel in distress. Lena is with Supergirl willingly and if they found out who she really is, they’d realize that too. Kara’s journal probably contained intimate details about her friendship with Lena, and every other person in her life. Information that would land them all in a federal penitentiary.

“So what? You think you can control her if you threaten her?”

“Threats are how a lot of things get done,” Haley tells her, as if she’s speaking to a child.

“That’s not going to work. You’re only going to provoke her.”

“People have a right to know who she really is and the kind of danger they’re in,” Haley says, staring boldly into Alex’s burning brown eyes. “So, I’m only going to ask you once more, Director. Who is Supergirl?”

“I don’t know,” she answers somewhat honestly because Kara is someone completely different now.

Haley smiles again. “Very well. I have other ways of finding out. Dismissed.” Alex rises to her feet and returns Haley’s salut reluctantly.



He never thought he’d be here. He thought that the trial was the last time he’d have to stare him down. But here he is, sitting on the cold stainless steel bench in the visiting area of a maximum security prison. James lifts his eyes when the cell door opens and the bald headed boogie man from his dreams steps forward. He’s chained, at the wrist, ankles and waist. Prison hasn’t been kind to him. He looks paler, more grey hairs lining his poorly kept beard.

“Jimmy Olsen visiting me,” Lex says with an amused glint in his eyes as the guards shove him into the opposing seat roughly. “I guess hell must’ve finally frozen over.”

“It’s James.”

“No, it’s Jimmy. You’re dating my sister after all. We’re practically family.” Lex’s quick eyes catch the slight tension in James’s jaw at the mentioning of his baby sister and a mocking smile spreads across his face. “Oh no. Is there trouble in paradise?”

“I’m not here to discuss my relationship with Lena with you,” James states angrily.

Lex’s derisive chuckle only adds more fuel to that fire. “What relationship? You were never worthy of her, Jimmy.”

“You know what? Forget this.” James slams his uninjured hand down on the table and moves to get up but Lex’s next words make him sit back down.

“But you came all this way for answers about red kryptonite. You might as well stay.”

James fixes his glare on Lex’s emotionless eyes. “So you know about it.”

“Of course. Even prison has basic cable these days.”

“Did you do this?”

Lex feigns shock at the question. “Why, Jimmy. How could you even ask that? I’ve been in prison for the last four years!” James doesn’t jump at Lex’s rapid increase in volume. The madman may have frightened him before but he isn’t a scared kid with a camera anymore. He’s the Guardian, a hero in his own right.

“Just answer the question.”

Lex leans forward and says with a quiet anger, “What the would I have to gain from creating a monster with the power of a god?”

“You tell me.”

“Supergirl’s…transformation is exactly what I was trying to protect mankind from. But then you locked me in a cell!

“You turned the sun red!” James yells back angrily. “You killed innocent people!”

“Do you know what happens when you allow one rat to live?” Lex asks calmly, lifting his blue-grey orbs to James. “Before you know it, your entire house is infested with the vermin. That’s exactly what our government has allowed to happen with this so-called alien amnesty. And now, one of those rats is one day away from destroying us all.”

“You don’t know Supergirl like I do.”

“I know more than you think,” Lex says with a provocative wink. “But you didn’t come here just to accuse me of causing this. So why don’t you ask what you really want to know.” James hates how transparent he must be for Lex Luthor of all people to pick him apart so easily.

“How do I bring her down?” he asks hesitantly. He hates having to resort to this but what other choice does he have? With Lena standing by Kara and Alex losing control over the DEO, he needs another option.

A crazed look washes over Lex’s face and James already regrets his question.



“Please.” The man begs for his life desperately, using every ounce of strength he has left to pull himself away. He doesn’t feel the pain of a shattered leg, the cold draft of wind brushing against the gaping wound in his head. He’s too focused on the door, on the potential escape. His heart pounds loudly in his ears but it can’t drown out the bloodcurdling screams.

She descended on them a few minutes earlier. This beautiful angel of death struck them down with a powerful clap of her hands and knocked the wind out of him as she carried out her assault. It didn’t matter that they had her outnumbered, twenty to one, she was stronger than all of them combined. They didn’t even come close. She burned their guns, chuckled maniacally as she advanced, cracking skulls against the pavement with brutal force. Blood splattered against her face when she crushed a man’s head between her steel hands like a watermelon. She watched in utter joy and fascination as the skull exploded under the pressure, scattering brain matter everywhere.

One by one she took them out with a vengeance, moving so quickly they barely had time to register what was going on. They were the lucky ones. Those that had time felt an overwhelming hopelessness, practically seeing the aura of death that collected around this savage blonde monster.

“Where is Agent Liberty?” Kara asks calmly amidst the carnage she had just caused. The man stops moving as Kara’s foot turns him onto his back. He doesn’t answer, he can’t answer. Ben Lockwood is immaculate, keeping his double life as Agent Liberty so separate that there is no obvious connection to draw. But that doesn’t matter. This deranged sun god is hellbent on finding him and as the frightened man’s eyes lift to meet hers, he knows his life is over.

Was it worth it, dying for this ill conceived cause? Was it worth it to die for a man he barely knew and a fight he never should’ve joined?

“I don’t know. I swear. Please, I have a family,” he cries, tears streaming down the face of this grown ass man. “Please, Supergirl. I don’t want to die! Please.”

Kara feels nothing as she places her boot over his throat. These idiots were standing tall just before she arrived, shooting aliens they abducted off the street execution style, for the crime of being born on another planet. There was only one thought in the wild Kryptonian’s mind.

They deserve to die.

Kara’s weight shifts down on her foot, crushing the man’s neck instantly. Blood quickly pools from his lifeless body as Kara walks away. The surviving aliens thank her, the ones old enough to fight pledge their alliance to her cause. Crimson waves clash with the cerulean in her eyes as she shakes a young alien’s hand.

The acquisition of her army is just beginning.



Lena wakes up, instantly noticing the absence of Kara’s warmth next to her. All she finds in her place is a short note written on heavy card stock.

I’ll be back later. There’s breakfast from Benedicto’s in the kitchen.

Where had Kara gone? Lena doesn’t have a clue but doesn’t dwell on it for long. Her entire body aches as she moves off of the bed, recounting dreamily the passionate night she had spent with her little god.

Kara was insatiable as she fucked Lena for hours on the silk sheets of the California king bed, it’s headboard cracked and splintered by the blonde’s unconfined strength. It was breathtaking, the way Kara manhandled Lena into position, the way the blonde sank to her knees and slid her tongue into Lena’s wet cave. Kara lifted Lena’s pale thighs over her shoulder and sucked teasingly at the CEO’s throbbing clit. Unholy moans escaped from her lips and she found herself begging desperately.

Fuck me Kara.

The blonde smiled with a deep satisfaction against Lena’s centre as her tongue travelled further inside. She swirled it around, licking at the slick dripping from Lena’s pulsating walls. Lena’s hand reached down, her nails scraping at Kara’s scalp as she arched beautifully off the large bed. Her eyes rolled back as she came and a feeling of euphoria hit her like a tidal wave. And in her greed, she begged for more.

I want to feel you inside me.

Kara climbed on top of her and crashed her lips into her fiercely. Their tongues rubbed together, dancing around like snakes and Lena tasted herself. She bit down on Kara’s lower lip and tugged. The Kryptonian growled in arousal and slipped two fingers into Lena’s sensitive sex forcefully. Lena’s lips parted as she exhaled slowly, relishing every purposefully placed thrust of Kara’s hand, her hips moving in sync. To draw Lena closer, Kara’s lips travelled up the length of the CEO’s neck to her ear.

You’re so wet for me, Lena.

Kara slides a third finger in, stretching Lena deliciously. Her middle finger collided with Lena’s soft spot, her thumb rubbed over Lena’s swollen clit.


Lena gripped at the silk sheets, crying out in sweet ecstasy when her walls expanded further to accommodate Kara’s fourth finger. Knuckle deep inside of Lena, Kara curled her fingers to hear her scream out more.

Say my name.

And she does.


Lena spends the day in her lab, dividing her time between Kara’s new suit and the samples Kara had let her take the day before. She thinks about the implications making this suit for Kara will bring, the devastating consequences that will follow. But then, she thinks about what Winn had shared with Kara, about the US military declaring war against the love of her life. How can she not do everything in her power to protect Kara even if that means endangering everyone else?

She turns her attention back to her samples. Red kryptonite is truly a curious thing. From what Lena can tell, this version of the red rock is more potent than the last because it’s affecting Kara’s brain chemistry and structure on a large scale. At this point, Lena isn’t even certain if the changes can be undone.

“Ms. Luthor, I have the results of Kara Zor-El’s brain scans,” Hope announces. “Would you like me to display them?”

“Yes, Hope. Go on.” The large monitor on Lena’s lab station lights up immediately as Hope sends the images over.

“The images indicate a reduced synaptic connection between the ventromedial prefrontal cortex and the amygdala.” Lena finds this troubling. The relationship between these two areas of the brain is vital for normal functioning. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for many emotions including empathy and guilt while the amygdala is the centre for fear and anxiety. The severed connection in Kara’s brain explains much about the blonde’s new behaviour, how she seems reckless and detached and how she carries out brutal murders without a shred of guilt.

But that’s not how Kara is with her. When Kara and Lena are alone, away from the noise of the outside world, the blonde is gentle and attentive, fulfilling each and every one of Lena’s dark fantasies. The only thing signalling to her that Kara is different is the constant rage in her eyes and the unchecked power she exudes. The exhilarating danger that breathes new life into Lena.

Worry lines etch into her forehead as she wonders if eventually the red kryptonite would destroy Kara’s ability to love and with that, all traces of the person she knows. Does she really want to wait to find out? She runs another spectral analysis of her sample as she continues staring at the brain scans on her monitor, unsure of how to proceed. Perhaps she should call Alex.

“Hello beautiful,” Kara whispers hotly in Lena’s ear, hands clamp down on Lena’s hips tightly. She spins the startled woman around and smiles with a deranged glint in her dark blue eyes. It would be frightening if it weren’t so damn intoxicating.

“You’re back,” Lena exhales softly, unable to look away from Kara’s maniac gaze. “I didn’t even hear you leave.”

“I wanted to let you sleep. I did wear you out last night.”

“Where did you go?” Lena asks as she notices a collection of tiny red spatters near the House of El crest.

“Where I was needed,” Kara replies cryptically with the satisfied grin of a psychopath that sends a shiver down Lena’s spine. Her touch on Lena’s face is soft, featherlight. “What’d you get up to today?”

Lena takes a moment before answering, “Just putting the finishing touches on your suit.” She decides against telling Kara about the brain scans, sensing that the blonde is still in a heated rage brought on by wherever she was and whatever she did. She needs to catch her at a better time when Kara is relatively calm and would listen.

So instead, she says, “Hope, please display Kara Zor-El’s anti-kryptonite suit.”

“Yes Ms. Luthor.” The suit materializes in front of them, birthed from a swarm of nanites. Kara pulls away and stares in fascination and awe. Lena had changed the initial design slightly, opting for a sleek black look similar to Krypton’s military guild rather than the original red and blue colour scheme.

“What do you think?” Lena asks, somewhat nervous. “I thought that using nanotechnology would help with any sort of damage you take during a fight. The nanites will repair the damage while maintaining their ability to shield you from any kryptonite.”

The blonde paces around the suit, taking in the features. The gritty design and black cape is certainly a departure from the Girl Scout skirt that had become such a trademark. The symbol of the House of El shimmered as the smooth silver accents in the matte black reflected the overhead lights. Kara runs her fingers over it, touched that Lena would include such intricate detail.

“This is so much better than anything I could’ve possibly imagined,” Kara says, lifting her gaze away from the suit and towards Lena again. “You truly are the best of your race. These foolish humans never appreciated your genius. And now.” Her gaze falls to the suit once more as a surge of power flows through her with every pulsing reveal of red in her veins. “It will be their undoing.”

A chill falls in the air at Kara’s words and Lena finds courage to seek out an answer she isn’t sure she wants. “Kara, what exactly does that mean?”

Kara smiles brightly. “It means that humans are going to know your name, know your brilliance. They’re going to fall on their knees for you on the cold ground until their caps bleed. They're going to know that you are above them. They’re going to know just how inconsequential they all are.”

Lena wants to feel anger at the way Kara speaks of humans now, the nonchalant way she refers to them as if they’re nothing more than the dirt under her boots. She doesn’t share Kara’s contempt, even when the world gave her the cold shoulder just for being a Luthor.

“You speak of humans so harshly now,” she notes, “So, in case you’ve forgotten, I'm human too.”

Kara zooms over to Lena and pins the shorter woman between her lab station and a body as hard as marble. “No Lena.” Her voice is husky with desire, gaze predatory. “What you are, is mine.” Strong hands slam down on the lab station forcefully. “And only mine.”

The metal groans as the blonde’s fingers press into it, making small dents on either side. A part of Lena wants to protest, wants to run away from the dangerous alien holding her heart captive while she still can but she doesn’t and the reason why is simple.

She wants to belong to Kara. She wants to submit to the blonde’s immeasurable power.

“That places you above every being on this planet,” Kara says, holding Lena hostage in her overwhelming presence. “Humans and aliens alike.” She leans in even closer, her lips grazing against Lena’s throat. “But you know that already. You’ve always known that you’re better than them. It’s what you’ve strived for everyday. To be the best and prove that to world as well. And when they doubt you, try to denounce you as a villain because of your family, it angers you. Doesn’t it, Lena?”

One of Kara’s hands slide down the dip between Lena’s breasts and she effortlessly releases the clasp at the front of her bra. Lena’s arousal peaks as she anticipates the blonde’s next move. Right on cue, Kara tears the rest of Lena’s bra off, leaving her partially covered by her now buttonless blouse. Kara’s warm hand cups Lena’s tender breast, making the brunette moan in response.

“Yes.” Lena can’t deny it, can’t feign indifference. Kara’s touch is like a truth serum and under its spell she let go of whatever goodwill she had left. A playful smile appears on the blonde’s face as her lips part over Lena’s erect nipple. She suckles, softly at first, her tongue swirling around the sensitive pink flesh. Then she catches it between her teeth and looks up when Lena’s moaning increases.

“You want them to fall on their knees for you,” Kara breathes into Lena’s skin before she pulls away slightly. Without warning, she props Lena onto her lab station and steps back to undress. Lena watches with a burning gaze as Kara’s bodysuit falls to her ankles and all she’s left with is a pair of grey boy shorts.

“Yes,” she says, unashamed as she spreads her legs and calls Kara to her with a beckoning finger. Kara eagerly complies, hikes Lena’s skirt up and thrusts three fingers into her achingly empty entrance. She’s soaking wet already, making it easy for Girl of Steel to reach just where she’s needed.

Kara’s hungry lips assault Lena’s exposed neck with hard, suckling kisses, branding her fiercely. Lena’s hips moves in time with the rough motion of Kara’s hand. She pulls the blonde flush against her, wrapping her legs around her waist. Her nails drag along the length of Kara’s back as she cries out. Kara’s titillating fingers flexed outward inside of Lena, forcing her walls to stretch, filling the air with obscene wet sounds.

Fuck,” Lena breathes with her head tilting back as she’s hit with a powerful orgasm. Small vibrations travel across her neck as Kara chuckles.

“You look even more beautiful when you come,” Kara says before she plants another kiss against Lena’s overstimulated skin. Lena grabs Kara’s chin and holds her in place for her lips. Lena’s tongue slips into Kara’s mouth as the kiss deepens. Her nails press harder against indestructible skin. She’s forgotten about Kara’s new disdain for humanity, the speckles of blood on her suit, the worrisome brain scans. All she can think about now is the love she feels for the blonde and how she never wants to let her go.

Kara breaks out of the kiss, allowing Lena to catch her breath. “I don’t want anyone else or anything else. You are all I need.”

Lena hugs Kara close, a smile born of an addictive love spreading across her face. As Lena rests her head contentedly against Kara’s shoulder, she doesn’t see the glow of red in the veins of the blonde’s arms as her hold around the CEO tightens possessively. Lena can feel the silent words in Kara’s grasp.

You’re mine.

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The news cycle runs on a constant loop but Alex remains hunched over, her arms resting on her thighs as she intensely stares at the screen. She’s taking in every story, every image. It’s the only way she can get close to Kara now. She doesn’t look up when she spots a coffee mug in her periphery, only reaching out a hand to the side to take it.

J’onn sinks into the spot next to her, exhaling slowly as he brings the cup of cocoa to his lips. It’s so good to see him back on his feet, fully recovered from his gruesome fight with Kara. “Crime is almost nonexistent in National City now.”

Alex frowns. “Wish that was the result of something positive.” Low crime rates would thrill any decent person but the streets aren’t peaceful. People are as divided as they ever were, with aliens and alien sympathizers against the xenophobes and Children of Liberty. All while a deadly being with the power of gods flies overhead, doling out justice and leaving a trail of bodies in her wake. She doesn’t hesitate, she doesn’t question, she only seeks to erase what she considers an intolerable stain on her perfect picture of the world. Criminals who once lived brazenly now cower in the shadows, fearful of her twisted version of justice.

Immediately following a buzz, Alex picks her phone off the coffee table, frowning again when it’s only an app notification on her screen. Over the past week Alex was trying her best to check-in with Lena. The CEO’s responses were always brief and seldom but sought to reassure Alex that everything would be alright.

Even through text messages, Alex can tell that Lena is holding something back, something that troubled her deeply. She opens the last unread message she sent to Lena, hoping to see any indication that the younger woman is typing.

[Alex Danvers 11:34am] It’s okay if you’re not okay Lena. Please, you don’t have to tell me where you are or what you’re doing but I want you to know that I’m here for you. If you ever need to talk, call me.

“We’ll get through this,” J’onn says softly, eyes still focused on the footage of Kara dropping the getaway van of bank robbers from several hundred feet in the air. They all died on impact.

Alex reaches over and places a hand on J’onn’s tightly clenched fist. “I know. It’s just…hard without Kara. Even Lena.” As much as she resisted admitting it in the past, Alex knows that their team and even the world would have been screwed many times over without the assistance of Lena Luthor. A woman who had every reason to despise the world for the cold shoulder she received just for being a Luthor. But even as the world treated her like a leper, Lena still chose to do good. Alex can only hope now that Lena will continue on that path.

J’onn and Alex’s eyes flash up to the door at the law enforcement style banging. She opens it to find James and Winn standing in the hallway. They step into Alex’s bachelor apartment slowly, anxiety flowing from them in waves. James takes his position in front of the kitchen island with Winn perching himself on the arm chest of the couch. J’onn shoots Alex a confused look, motioning at the two mutes.

“What’s up guys?” Alex asks, folding her arms across her chest. She raises her eyebrow expectantly as the silence between Winn and James continues to solidify. “Do you guys have something to say or what?” J’onn’s serious eyes follow her gaze to the pair. Winn turns his gaze to James, instantly putting him on the spot.

“Fine.” James clears his throat and smiles nervously. “So, a few days ago, I went to see Lex Luthor….”

“You what!?” Alex exclaims. “Why the hell would you do that?”

“I needed to know what he knew about the red kryptonite,” James tells her as he stuffs his large hands into his front pockets.

“Did he know anything?” J’onn inquires, dropping his gaze. There’s a sad hopefulness in his voice. Over the years, Kara and Alex had become a new family to him, one that he never thought he’d find on this planet. When he had arrived, he spent decades on the run from the DEO and a relentless agent hellbent on killing him. The experience had made him bitter, closed off, but being around Alex and Kara had changed him. They accepted him the way no one else ever had. Now with Kara slipping further and further into the darkness, J’onn is plagued with the familiar feeling of loss.

“He did,” James answers slowly. Alex’s brow furrows when he looks away. “He claims he didn’t expose Kara to it but he knows a way to stop it.”

“Really.” Alex is dubious. No one hates Kryptonians more than Lex Luthor, why would he offer James any information that could save one?

“What did he say?” J’onn prompts James to go on.

“He said that a concentrated dose of the natural green kryptonite should be able to counteract the red.”

Should?” Alex repeats carefully. James, unable to meet her gaze, turns to Winn to finish.

“It might kill her,” Winn mumbles in discomfort.

Might? Are you fucking insane?

“What other options do we have, Alex?” James demands in an angry shout. “Every second Kara’s on red kryptonite is another second someone else dies. She just murdered those bank robbers, not to mention dozens of Children of Liberty.”

“She did it to save all those aliens they had rounded up to execute,” J’onn says guardedly. The fringe group’s activities had been ramping up in the recent week, seeking to eliminate any aliens they could manage to abduct and the government did little to nothing about it. Despite the Alien Amnesty Act, aliens still aren’t recognized as the full citizens they are.

“And that’s horrible. But they were humans, J’onn. They’re just…frustrated and scared.”

“I guess your opinions have really changed since you became their poster boy,” Alex scoffs, shaking her head.

“No. They just look at Guardian as a human hero. What’s wrong with that?”

“So you like their support?”


“Then why haven’t you denounced them, James?” Alex challenges, already certain of the answer James won’t give her. He enjoys it, having his own circle of followers, having people that look to him to save the day instead of Supergirl.

“Regardless,” he says after a long pause. “They didn’t deserve to die.”

“Neither did the countless aliens they’ve killed,” J’onn shoots back at James with a red glow in his eyes. “Many of them were refugees, they were just trying to move forward with their lives as best they can. It’s bad enough that the government has done nothing to protect aliens, only forcing them to live in obscurity. Now they have to deal with radical hate groups trying to kill them.” J’onn was usually calm, the voice of reason amidst chaos and uncertainty. But recently, he felt the plight of his fellow aliens and found himself struggling to contain his own outrage.

“It doesn’t give Kara the right to kill them,” James counters as he stares back at the Martian fearlessly. “She doesn’t get to play god.”

“But you’re willing to risk killing her,” Alex says in an accusatory tone. “You’re supposed to be one of her best friends.”

“Yea and look at what she did to me.” James lifts his arm, displaying the white cast. “She was ready to kill me, Alex. She doesn’t give a fuck about any of us. You think she’ll hesitate to rip us apart? We need to stop her.”

“Not like this!” Alex yells fiercely, resisting the urge to reach for her gun in the drawer next to her. “We are not risking my sister’s life. Do you hear me, James?” Her eyes furiously meet his vacant stare. Why is she putting herself on the line for someone who no longer loves her? Why can’t she see that this may be their only way to save the world from this overpowered terrorist?

“J’onn, you get what I’m saying, right? You had contingency plans at the DEO to stop Clark if needed.” J’onn looks over at James and nods slowly. His rocky relationship with Superman was the result of those plans he had made as Director of the DEO, in an effort to protect a planet that would never fully accept him.

“Killing Clark was never a part of those plans,” J’onn states firmly. “And I certainly won’t kill Kara.”

“That thing is not Kara,” James snarls with a hard stare. “The Kara we knew? The Kara we loved? She’s gone and what we’re left with is a threat to this entire world.” He sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose. “We don’t have any other options.”

“Actually…there’s still one other option,” Winn chimes in softly, his discomfort at the angry tension in the room increasing by the second. “Lena. She can still figure this out.”

James’s bites the inside of his cheek at the mentioning of his girlfriend’s name. Or ex-girlfriend, she never did have the decency to tell him if it was over. “Lena is on Kara’s side now.”

“You don’t know that!” Alex screams in frustration. “None of us do. Winn’s right, Lena may be the only person who can even get close to Kara now. We need to trust her.”

“You can but I don’t,” James practically growls through his teeth. He’s more upset than he should be, fuming at the simple the truth. Lena doesn’t love him, she couldn’t love him because she’s already in love with Kara.

“I get that you’re mad at her but—”

“Don’t even start with me, Alex.”

“Um Alex.” Winn scrambles to his feet and reaches for the remote to turn the volume up. He sinks into the empty space next to J’onn as a Presidential address flashes across the screen.

“My fellow Americans, it is with a heavy heart that I come before you today to say that the hero known as Supergirl has been classified as an enemy of the state. For the protection and security of the citizens in National City, I will be imposing martial law and a curfew on all aliens. Any alien caught outside after 7pm will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Times are difficult but we will get though this together as Americans.

“To Supergirl, if you’re listening, we want you to know that we know who you are. We know who you care about. If you want to keep your secret, you will surrender to the United States military. We don’t want a war with you, Supergirl, but your actions will not go on without consequences. You have until midnight to comply.”

Panic settles in the pit of Alex’s stomach but it’s short lived, instantly replaced by an anger she’s rarely ever felt. Her furious eyes rest on Winn and James and the question comes out of her mouth slowly. “Which one of you did this?”

“Alex,” Winn starts but the agent’s intense glare stops him from going further.

“Who told Haley? Which one of you was it?”

“It wasn’t them.” Alex turns at the sound of Maggie’s voice and finds the detective standing in the doorway. In all her angry shouting, she hadn’t even heard the door open.


“I’m sorry,” she says in a voice barely above a whisper. Before anyone else can say anything, FBI agents march into Alex’s apartment, brandishing semi-automatic weapons. “It’s just the guys.” Alex’s eyes widen as she takes in the scene before her and she turns around to face J’onn.

“Get them out of here.” The Martian nods and quickly appears between James and Winn. He places a hand on both of them and charges to the open window before he takes flight. Two of the agents run towards the window, unable to follow J’onn’s quickly vanishing flight path.

“They got away,” one agent growls into his comms. “Let’s go.” He signals the others to leave. Maggie shrinks back as the agents walk past her to exit the apartment. And a silence falls. Maggie eventually lifts her gaze from the floor but Alex isn’t looking at her, too busy trying not to strangle the woman she loves.

“Alex, let me explain—”

“Explain what? How you betrayed me?”

“I did what I did to protect you!” Tears stream down Maggie’s face as she tries to close the distance but Alex holds a hand out in warning. She knew what she was risking, she knew that Alex protected nothing as fiercely as she did Kara’s secret. She couldn’t stand it, especially now when Kara would kill Alex at a moment’s notice. Kara doesn’t deserve Alex’s undying loyalty, she never did.

“By putting everyone I care about at risk?” Alex demands in a low growl. The FBI would not stop at J’onn and the boys. There was no doubt in Alex’s mind that they’d be knocking down Eliza’s door soon if they hadn’t already.

“Don’t you get how terrifying this situation is for me?” Maggie asks, totally exasperated. “Every day when you leave the house, I’m not sure if you’re coming back. I was scared out of my mind when you went to meet Kara. You said it yourself, she would’ve hurt you if Lena hadn’t called her.”

This is why Alex avoided talking about Kara with Maggie, because of the hysteria that would takeover in the detective and the overprotectiveness that would follow. She just couldn’t understand the bond Alex had formed with Kara, how a huge piece of her was missing now that her sister was gone.

“She’s my sister, Maggie.” Alex finally rests her gaze on the detective with tears welled up in her eyes. “I have to protect her.”

“She’s not your sister!” Maggie yells in opposition, taking Alex aback. “She’s a monster.”

The wetness in Alex’s eyes evaporate instantly as her gaze hardens. “What did they give you?”

“Alex please—”

“What the fuck did they give you?”

Maggie sighs, “They won’t prosecute us for withholding information and they’ll let us leave the city tonight.” That was the deal Maggie demanded and Haley willingly agreed. The colonel told her to gather their things and meet at the DEO desert facility where they’d be assigned to their protection detail. She supposed, given how desperate Haley was, she could’ve negotiated for the guys to receive the same treatment but she didn’t. Her primary focus was her fiancée, even if it meant Alex hating her for the rest of their lives. At least she’d be safe.

“Where are you going?” Maggie asks, panic overtaking her as Alex turns to walk out the door. She stops in the doorway and looks over her shoulder as she removes the diamond studded ring from her finger.

“I’m going to find J’onn and the others. Don’t follow me and don’t be here when I get back.” Alex’s words cut through Maggie’s heart like a knife. She wants to call out for her, force her to come with her at gunpoint if needed but she can’t speak, can’t move. Heartbreak has her rooted to the spot.



Kara stares with a scowl at the television in the living area of Lena’s smart home. The potstickers in front of her all but abandoned as the rage inside her heart gives her nourishment instead.

“It’s like they’re trying to piss me off.” Kara motions at the message as it plays once more on the new cycle. Her eyes are dark and filled with a scorching fury but the amusement at the government’s latest strategy is present as well.

“Aren’t you worried?” Lena asks, turning her attention away from the screen and towards Kara. “They know who you are.”

“No they don’t,” Kara replies in a low voice, her lips curling up into a sinister grin as red cracks pulse across her skin. “But they will soon.” The government can issue all the threats they want, deploy all the troops they have. It won’t matter. As long as the sun blazed, blessing Kara with its limitless power, they will never win. With Lena and her alien brethren at her side, she’d be truly unstoppable.

Kara’s focus falls on Lena when the shorter woman speaks again. “So it’s time then.” Lena had been hoping to postpone the inevitable clash between Kara and military for as long as possible. As much as she believes in the vision of the future Kara had painted for her, she isn’t naïve, she knows that that reality will never come without cost. And that cost will be dearly.

“Yes.” Kara reaches out to her. She can sense Lena’s ambivalence with every revealing beat of her heart. “Are you still with me?”

“Always,” she says without pause as she takes Kara’s hand and allows the blonde to pull her in. Kara envelopes Lena with her warmth, her eyes flashing a deep red.

“Good.” She breaks out of the embrace abruptly and makes her way to Lena’s lab. Hope displays the black mesh suit and Kara finds herself smiling again. Lena truly is brilliant beyond words, creating something so durable yet lightweight. Kara traces the symbol of the House of El with her fingers, a symbol of her fallen home. A symbol that once represented the best of Krypton.

A symbol that will soon be known throughout the galaxy for its power.

A simple command to Hope activates the nanotechnology in the suit, causing it to separate into a swarm and surround Kara. She holds her arms out and spreads her feet apart, making it easier for the suit to reform around her. The cold material clashes with her warmth. The suit is close-fitting but comfortable, breathable. It’s absolute perfection.

“How does it feel?” Lena’s murmured question draws Kara’s gaze to the doorway.

“Like power.” She looks down at her hands, catching the crimson glow as it courses through her. “And soon, they’ll all know it. They’ll know my power and they will submit to it.” An uneasiness settles in Lena’s heart at the deranged glint in the blonde’s eyes. It’s almost as if Kara is hoping that the military will provoke her, will do anything that will justify her attack.

Kara’s eyes flash over to Lena again when the brunette falls silent. “Something is troubling you.” She walks over to the doorway normally, stopping just in front of Lena. Her knuckles brush along Lena’s face softly, the rage dissipates ever so slightly from her eyes. “What is it?”

“I need you to promise me something,” Lena starts, unsure about how Kara will react. “Promise me that you won’t engage with military. Just say what you have to say and meet me back at the penthouse. Please.” Kara doesn’t answer right away, her hand dropping from Lena’s cheek. Her expression is indecipherable but Lena doesn’t exhale until she gets a reply.

It’s only one very enunciated word. “Why?” The blue liquid in her eyes hardens as her powerful gaze intensifies.

“I…I just don’t want innocent people to get hurt. Enough people have died already.” Kara had taken so many lives in such a short passage of time, Lena isn’t even sure what the real number is. And the complicity is weighing on her heavily. Sure enough Kara hadn’t killed anyone who didn’t deserve it but it was immoral nonetheless. The part of Lena that knows this will not leave her be.

“They won’t,” Kara answers as hands that could rip apart steel cup Lena’s face gently. “I promise.” And Lena tries to believe it.



An exhausted Colonel Haley pulls into her driveway, her eyes drifting down to the digital clock on her dashboard. It’s a quarter to eleven, the deadline of the government’s ultimatum quickly approaching. She’s anxious, having put herself on the line to threaten an unhinged Kryptonian into submission. But there’s no way Supergirl could know that it was her sleuthing that armed the White House with that information, right?

Haley quickly undoes her seatbelt and rushes into the house. The babysitter is sitting in the living room, surprised to see her home hours before expected. After the day she’s had, all Haley wanted was to come home to her daughter, to wrap her little pride and joy into her arms and never let go. She dismisses the sitter, paying the college student extra before she climbs the stairs to her daughter’s room.

A frightening scene waits for her behind the door.

“Hello Colonel,” Kara greets coldly. She’s lying on the bed, her hand stroking the little girl’s curls softly. Without thinking, Haley pulls out her gun, her trembling finger ready to squeeze the trigger. “Now, now. We wouldn’t want a stray bullet hitting this little angel.”

Haley lowers her gun slowly, never taking her eyes off of the erratic alien. “Please,” she begs quietly. “Please don’t hurt my daughter.”

Kara looks down at the child and says, “Why would I hurt her? She’s innocent.” Her eyes flash over to Haley with a look so vicious the seasoned colonel loses her grip on the gun. “You on the other hand, are not.”

Kara zooms over to Haley, slamming her forcefully against the wall with only one hand. Haley’s vision blurs when the back of her head collides with the wall and she feels something warm trickle down her neck.

“You must be so proud of yourself, finding out my little secret,” Kara says with a mocking grin. “The thing is, I can’t figure out if you’re brave or stupid, thinking that this will stop me.” Her grip around the struggling colonel’s throat tightens. “Because it won’t. Nothing will. But I am curious to know who told you.”

The list of potential suspects is relatively short, consisting of her so-called friends and family and a few DEO agents. She could probably find out on her own but coming here to strike Haley with the fear of god was too delicious to pass up.

“It was Detective Sawyer,” Haley croaks out, using what little air Kara’s hand allowed her to breath in. The blonde was expecting more resistance from the stoic woman who’s practically shaking in her grasp, eyes desperately looking to her daughter.

“Are…are you going to kill me?” Haley’s question comes out in staggered gasps as fear grips tightly at her heart. Seeing Supergirl on TV was one thing, having the Kryptonian in front of her now was something else entirely. She can’t remember her military training, she can’t even breath as her lungs burn, aching for oxygen. The Kryptonian’s menacing presence made her realize just how out of her depth she was to even think she could ever control her.

“I’m not going to leave a child motherless,” Kara replies with no emotion except for red waves of barely contained rage swirling in her eyes. Haley gasps loudly when Kara releases her but the period of relief is fleeting as the blonde places a hand over the colonel’s mouth and smiles with a maniac glee.

“But don’t be fooled. I am not a merciful god. I’m a vengeful one.” Without warning, a blast of air colder than liquid nitrogen covers Haley’s hand, stopping at her wrist. The woman’s agonized cry at the sudden frost bite are muted by the tight clamp of Kara’s hand.

“Shh.” Kara hushes her softly, leaning forward a bit. Then her other hand crashes into the frozen structure like a wrecking ball, breaking it apart easily. Kara’s smile grows at the sight of tears flowing out of Haley’s eyes as they glaze over. Once she’s certain that Haley won’t scream, she removes her hand and disappears through the window.

Haley collapses to the floor, clutching at a hand that was no longer there.



Kara rests her back against the spire of one of the tallest buildings in the city. She came here a lot as Supergirl, to think, to drink in the sounds of people milling around on the streets below her. She used to listen in with longing at the romantic conversations between couples, a child’s happy scream in their father’s arms, friends catching up after a long work week. Things that felt unattainable for her. But now as she’s listening, she’s starting to hear other conversations.

The crime rate is as low as it’s ever been because of Supergirl.

I’m glad she’s doing something permanent about these criminals.

The Children of Liberty are going to regret the day they started targeting us.

Thanks to Supergirl, I feel safe for the first time on this planet.

The support among some humans and her alien brethren was growing rapidly while others started to fear and distrust her.

I thought Supergirl was on our side.

She’s a no good alien, just like the rest of them.

The military is going to destroy her and all the other fucking aliens.

We stand with Agent Liberty. The earth belongs to humans.

She takes off into the sky to initiate phase one of her plan. The newsroom at CatCo plaza falls to a pin-drop silence when Kara enters through the balcony, her black cape flourishing behind her. Kara turns her gaze on her former coworkers and smiles cruelly as she points to a young man with a video camera.

“Turn your camera on me,” she orders. “I have a message to deliver to the world.”

Chapter Text

Franklin loves his job at CatCo magazine, loves being a camera man, loves capturing all the timeless moments around him. At CatCo, it was easy to forget about being an alien and just be appreciated for his passion. Until recently. The Children of Liberty’s hate inspired violence against aliens destroyed the peace Franklin had believed he found on earth. So when Supergirl shows up out of the blue, commanding the use of his camera, Franklin doesn’t hesitate. With an awkward grace, he angles it onto his left shoulder and cues her to speak when ready.

Kara doesn’t hesitate either as she straightens her stance and focuses on the lens. She listens in to Lena’s steady heart beat several blocks away, synchronizing her own breaths to it in an effort to remain calm.

“National City,” she starts as Franklin adjusts the frame. “Many of you know me as Supergirl, some as Kara Danvers, but my true name is Kara Zor-El of Krypton. The US government has chosen to defame me, brand me an enemy of the state because they are fearful of the truth that I threaten to expose. The truth is that they have failed this city, this country. They protect criminals and corrupt corporations while they prosecute the innocent and those who oppose them. They allow hate against those who are different to spread in this nation like a cancer because of their greed for wealth and power.

“This government seeks to repress aliens and immigrants, to make us feel indebted to them just because we have no home to return to. It’s time to put an end to their failures and their ignorance. It’s time to remind them that we are the ones who hold the power. We are the ones who are going to move this planet forward. I am calling on each and every one of you to rise up, to take your rightful places on this earth and seize your destinies. Stand with me as we usher in a new era of peace and prosperity. And to those who think they can silence me, know this. I won’t tolerate being threatened nor will I tolerate threats to innocent lives.”

Franklin follows the subtle directive from Kara and ends the broadcast, calling out to her when she turns to leave. “Supergirl. Or Kara, can I still call you Kara?”

She smiles a little. “That is my name.”

“Right. I…I’m really inspired by what you just said. I think a lot of us are.” He turns to look around the room at some of his coworkers who were inching towards them. “I’m not such of a fighter but I will stand with you, Kara Zor-El.” Others murmur in agreement as Franklin tentatively turns his image inducer off for the first time, revealing the two spikes protruding from his elbows. He can feel the strength in her hand as he shakes it.

“Excellent. Spread the word to meet around CatCo. I have a nuisance to take care of.”



Wide-eyed, Maggie clutches the remote tightly in her hands as she listens to Kara’s speech. The blonde’s word are measured and direct, delivered with a sinister smile on her lips as she called upon an army to rise. Even with her human ears Maggie can hear the chants in the streets near Alex’s apartment as aliens break curfew across the city.

She feels torn as she stares at the time on her phone and all the calls Alex refused to answer. She should’ve left hours ago but could not bring herself to do so without at least trying to wait for Alex. A wasted effort really, Alex will remain the last person to give up hope on Kara. She will never be able to see the belligerent monster that Maggie can see.

She picks up the ring Alex had thrown on the floor, her heart aching a little. It was the first time Alex had even removed it since they got engaged, the wedding postponed indefinitely thanks to the never ending Supergirl related crises. But now feels permanent, etched into stone. She sighs as she places the ring on the coffee table alongside a note.

I hope you can forgive me. I love you, Danvers.

With one final look around the apartment, Maggie hauls the strap of the duffle bag onto her shoulder and opens the door.

“Detective.” Kara’s maniac grin sends a shiver of pure terror down Maggie’s spine and on instinct she slams the door shut and locks it. She backs away, her heart beating in her throat as she listens to Kara’s muffled laughter. Just a subtle tap of Kara’s finger is enough to break the door down. It may as well had been made of tissue paper. An angry wave of red swirls around in her eyes as she steps into the apartment. Golden locks fall just past her shoulders and a bold smile tugs at the corner of her lips.

“Did you really think that this little door would keep you safe?” Kara asks, genuinely curious. In all honesty, Maggie never thought about how physically strong Kara is, how even a simple handshake revealed a raw power that seemed foreign coming from a Midwestern blonde.

Don’t come any closer!” Maggie shouts as she raises her gun at the amused Kryptonian. Despite the fear licking at her heart she manages to keep her hands steady, aiming at the symbol of the House of El like a bullseye.

Kara clicks her tongue in disapproval as she eyes the sawed-off shotgun. “I’m really tired of humans pointing their guns at me.” She takes a menacing step forward and watches as kryptonite bullets soar through the air one by one. Brass casings fall to the floor as the poisoned slugs continue on their trajectory. They bounce off the surface of Kara’s new suit, like heavy raindrops on a sidewalk. Steel-like fingers protected in a sleek black glove pluck the last bullet out of the air.

“NCPD has kryptonite bullets now,” Kara murmurs, mostly to herself, as she brings it closer to her face. It’s crazy how a radioactive fragment of her home world had the power to bring her to her knees under the insurmountable pain. She never had any doubts about the effectiveness of Lena’s craftsmanship but having the chance to test it out now makes Kara fully realize.

She’s invincible.

“How….” Maggie’s voice trails as she lowers the shotgun slowly.

“You can thank Lena,” Kara’s eyes light up in a familiar way. “She’s brilliant, isn’t she? So under-appreciated by all of you.”

Maggie says nothing, her mind swarming as she tries to think of a quick escape. Even if she manages to get to the window, there’s no way she’d survive a fall from the fifth floor, certainly not without severe injury. That’s assuming Kara even allows her to move. She abandons that thought when Kara carelessly flicks the kryptonite bullet towards her. The detective nearly pisses herself as the bullet whips past her face with a daring closeness, becoming lodged into the column next to her.

“So, how did it feel betraying my sister and endangering everyone we know?” Kara demands with a glint of danger in her dark eyes.

Anger overtakes the fear in Maggie’s heart. “I didn’t betray her. I did what I had to do to protect her from you!”

Kara’s mirthless chuckle is like gasoline on Maggie’s raging fire. “Oh please, that’s not why you did it. Come on, Maggie. It’s just the two of us. You can be honest.” Kara cocks her head and listens as Maggie’s heart races faster.

“Fine. I did it because I don’t like you,” Maggie sneers, meeting Kara’s gaze fearlessly. “I have never liked you. You think you’re a god but you’re not. You’re a narcissistic psychopath.”

Maggie’s initial impression of Kara only worsened the more she got to know the blonde. She didn’t see the compassion and warmth, the sunny Danvers disposition that was Kara’s default. No, she saw what existed underneath that saccharine veneer, the darkness that threatened to one day surface. In Maggie’s eyes, that’s what made Kara and Alex’s relationship so toxic, with Kara purposefully dominating the agent’s life. And why? Kara liked knowing that Alex’s whole world revolved around her.

Kara regards her for a split second. “The feeling is mutual. You tried to take my sister away from me.” She pouts childishly. “That wasn’t very nice.”

“I gave Alex a chance to finally live her life for herself!” she yells fiercely. “To do something for herself for once.” They both know all too well how complicated Alex’s dating life was, first because she struggled with her sexuality and then because of her commitment to her sister. Even while Alex found herself and her own slice of heaven, Maggie could see the silent outrage in Kara as she feigned happiness for the couple. But now, under the influence of red kryptonite, Kara isn’t hiding anymore and she’s pushing all the detective’s buttons.

“Alex’s life has been in service of me from the moment I arrived on this sorry excuse of a planet.” Kara’s blue eyed gaze turns to steel, sending another icy shiver down Maggie’s spine. “And you hate that your precious love wasn’t strong enough to change that. Even now, Alex would die for me.”

Her eyes rest on the coffee table, narrowing in on the ring. “Would she die for you?” Maggie’s hands curl into fists of utter fury as she glares at the arrogant god before her. Kara picks the ring up and crushes it between her fingers. “I guess it doesn’t matter now.” Kara speeds over to Maggie, catching the frantic woman by the throat.

Maggie claws at Kara’s unmovable hand in futility. “Kara, wait,” she gasps as her feet lift off the ground. “Please, please don’t kill me. Alex will never forgive you for this! She wouldn’t want you to do this!”

“That’s her problem, not mine.”

“Please Kara!”

The blonde regards the pathetic human squirming in her grasp and her eyes soften a bit. “Do you love her?”

“Yes!” Maggie croaks out with her limited air supply. “Yes I love her. She has my heart.”

“No she doesn’t,” Kara says with a manic smile, the veins in her hand glowing with an evil power. “But don’t worry.” Her other hand presses into Maggie’s chest with a slow, increasing pressure. “I’ll make sure she gets it.”

“Kara wait plea—” Maggie’s pleas are cut short. Kara’s keen ears are filled the sound of a chest caving in. Her fingers clamp around a delicate mass of muscle, coating her hand in a warm, bright liquid. Her wicked grin widens in utter delight as she watches the life drain from Maggie’s eyes. Then her hand retracts, taking with it Maggie’s heart, leaving a gaping hole in the detective’s chest. Maggie’s body falls backwards to the floor, like a robot with an off switch.

Kara crushes the red mass into nothing with the tight closure of her powerful hand. She sighs deeply as the red kryptonite courses through her body, spreading like a poison. But she doesn’t want a cure, she wants more. She looks down at Maggie’s lifeless body with great disdain as she walks over it and towards the window, drinking in the praise from the streets before her.

They worship her.

Supergirl! Supergirl! Supergirl! Supergirl!

She takes off into the sky towards the large crowd that had gathered outside of CatCo. They turn their attention to her, increasing the volume of their cheers. She lands gracefully in front of them, taking the time to shake their hands and learn if they’re alien or human. She moves through the group slowly, stopping when Franklin steps towards her.

“We all want to fight with you, Kara Zor-El. Lead us and we will follow you.” Red eclipses the blue of Kara’s eyes, creating a deadly purple hue like a thunder storm. She turns to the sounds of approaching tanks and soldiers and finds herself smiling merrily.

A man with a buzz cut holds a megaphone to his lips. “My name is Colonel James Harper of the United States Army. All aliens return to your homes immediately or you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” He pauses to point at Kara. “And you Supergirl, you’re under arrest.”



The former man of tomorrow leans forward in his seat, eyes glued to the screen in front of him. The Situation Room at the White House, what an interesting place for Lex Luthor to be in. But who else can the government call on for help with their Kryptonian problem? Though President Baker loathes to admit it, America needs Lex Luthor.

Just like Lex had planned.

Years ago when Superman had revealed himself to the world after saving a commercial aircraft, that was when Lex’s greatest obsession began. Who was this mysterious flying man with the strength of the gods? Where had he come from? What did he want?

Lex sought out these answers through the guise of friendship and slowly lost himself to the maddening jealousy as the people of earth looked to Superman to save them instead of him. It was supposed to be him, not some foreign invader they knew nothing about. An alien with enough power to rival any military. An alien who was one bad day away from destroying the world.

So Lex acted. He turned the sun red, he tried to save humanity from the future threat that he alone could see. But the humans sided with the alien and branded him a genocidal maniac. He stood there as they put them on trial, so focused on the causalities his actions had caused that they couldn’t see the bigger picture. He smiled contentedly as the jurors collapsed, as the judge’s throat constricted and her air supply dwindled.

That’s what they get.

And as the passage of time slowed, he stared out the metal bars of his spacious prison cell and became content to simply leave humanity to their fate. Eventually, they’ll come to realize that he was right all along and they’ll beg him to clean the mess they allowed to happen. And so he watched as the rogue Kryptonians launched Myriad, as the Daxamites invaded, as the Worldkillers terraformed the planet. He waited for humans to realize that he was right.

But they didn’t and why? Because a cute blonde in a red cape flew around saving kittens from trees and babies from burning buildings. Because Supergirl’s infallibility lended all aliens some form of credibility. Because his sister gave them a way to hide with her image inducers.

Soon, Lex realized exactly what needed to happen. In order to get what he wanted, in order to be hailed as the world’s saviour, Supergirl had to go but not in a way that would make her a martyr. No, he needed to turn America onto him and away from her.

He needed red kryptonite.

Now, as he sits in the White House, intensely watching the live feed of Colonel Harper’s attack against Supergirl and her alien allies, he feels an unfamiliar emotion. Is this what regret feels like? Has Lex Luthor actually miscalculated? Has he turned Supergirl into more of a monster than he can handle?

Harper’s distraught shrill breaks Lex out of his thoughts. The feed is muddled but clarity isn’t necessary to know what’s unfolding. Supergirl’s black cape whips around in the wind like a flag of death as she moves forward, using her impervious body to protect the more vulnerable people in the crowd as they scramble out of the way. Lex can see it in her eyes just how pissed off she is.

“Fire all the kryptonite weapons you have now!” Lex growls into his comms as he struggles against the pure terror licking at his cold heart. It’s a weak emotion, one that he certainly never felt towards Superman.

Following the command, kryptonite laced bullets soar through the air from a frenzy of semi-automatic weapons as each soldier empties their magazine. Tanks fire, grenades launch, generating a deafening cacophony of booms. A thick layer of green smoke collects around Supergirl, reducing the feed’s visual. Harper pokes his head out of the roofless vehicle, smiling in premature victory.

“I think we got her, sir,” he declares in excitement into the walkie. President Baker exhales loudly as he loosens his tie, looking over at Lex for confirmation. Lex holds his breath as he waits patiently with a psychotic smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

His jaw drops to the floor the moment he sees her.

Supergirl lifts off and hovers just above the emerald smog, like a phoenix rising from the ashes with nary a scratch on her. Harper loses his grip on the walkie when he eyes her, no longer able to voice commands. His throat is dry, closed off from a lump that won’t go away. And when his eyes clashed with hers he knew.

No one is leaving there alive.

Supergirl’s maniacal laughter unsettles even Lex as she slams a soldier’s head against a tank, crushing his skull like a hydraulic press. Several dozen bodies crumple into ash from a blast of the sun’s scorching power channeled through her eyes. She looks terrifyingly beautiful, flying over the deserters and raining down a vengeful fire.

The remaining soldiers frantically unleash everything they have in a final desperate attempt to end her. But they can’t, like a force of nature she does not bend to the will of men. Like scissors through paper, she effortlessly rips tanks apart, discarding the damaged metal on top of fleeing soldiers, crushing their bones and organs instantly.

Driven by fright and agitation, one soldier foolishly tries to punch her when his ammunition runs out. She catches his fist in her hand, smiling in amusement at the audacity. Then she slaps him into silence, so hard that his skin breaks free from his skull and falls among the debris. Her eyes widen in astonishment at the sight, his broken jaw hanging off at the side. She lets go of his pulverized hand and watches him fall back in a daze, leaving him to bleed out.

Harper shoves another doomed soldier out of the way as he runs like hell away from Supergirl. The lactic acid build up burns his muscles, his breathing deep and laboured but he doesn’t stop. Not until she lands in front of him, blocking his path to escape. He slams into her rock solid body and stumbles back on his heels but her hand darts forward to catch him at the collar. She pulls him back up, eyes filled with a blazing rage pierce into him.

“Please Supergirl,” he starts, shitting himself as he stares death in the face. She grimaces when a whiff travels up her nostrils. “Please don’t kill me. Please.”

“Why not? You were so ready to kill me.”

“You’re supposed to be a hero!” he cries out when her grip moves from his collar to his throat. “But if you do this, you’re a villain!” He hopes that his words will buy him survival but Kara’s sinister smile kills that thought immediately.

“I’m not trying to be a hero,” she says matter-of-factly as her hold around his neck tightens, his feet kicking at her shin frantically. Her grin widens at his pathetic efforts. “But you can call me a villain if it makes you feel better.”

“No wait! Plea—” She feels every bone snap under the tiniest fraction of her infinite strength, as if they’re made of glass. She hauls the camera from his uniform and drops him unceremoniously to the cold ground.

“I hope you’re watching, Mr. President. See what you made me do? And I will continue to do it if you keep fucking around with me. I am not playing games, old man. Stay out of my way.” The feed ends abruptly when she crushes the camera in her fist.

Baker swallows hard, cold sweat running down his back as he realizes he had provoked a god to wrath and the cost was innumerable. The hopelessness leaves him when his gaze shifts to a nonchalant Lex.

“You said that you could end this!” Baker yells as he rises to his feet and jabs a finger at an unmoving Lex. In his gut he knew that turning to Lex would bite him in the ass but he was in a tight bind. Lex is the only person who ever came close to killing a Kryptonian.

“I can end it and I will,” Lex answers calmly, still looking at the terminated feed. When he had heard about Supergirl flying out of L-Corp with Lena, he wasn’t sure what it meant. Surely Lena doesn’t know her favourite person is also secretly National City’s famed hero, right? And if she does, she couldn’t have forgiven her, sided with her.

But Lex’s fears had been confirmed from the moment he eyed Supergirl’s black suit. He’d recognize Lena’s handiwork anywhere. He’d shower her begrudgingly with praise for creating something so inspired if he weren’t so enraged by it. Once again, a filthy Kryptonian had usurped his place. It was supposed to be Lex and Lena Luthor changing the world. Not Kara Zor-El.

“No,” Baker says as he waves his finger vigorously. “You’re finished, Mr. Luthor. You hear me? Finished! I never should’ve brought you in on this.” He drags in his palm down his face and sighs heavily. “We need to find a way to contact Superman.”

Superman. That name is the match that lit the fuse to Lex’s impeding explosion. It’s his trigger and the guise of a suave businessman faded, only to be replaced by a stark raving madman. Without warning, he crosses the room and catches Baker by the collar, roughly jerking the man forward.

Forget Superman,” he growls furiously. Baker can practically see the wildfire in Lex’s eyes. Secret Service agents cock their guns, ready to take the shot but Baker motions them to hold. “Superman is on a rock floating through space like it’s some Caribbean cruise line. I am the man of tomorrow. Me! Me! I am the one who’s going to save humanity. Not him. Not him!

“How?” Baker demands, his glare never dropping.

Lex smiles cunningly as he releases his grip and dusts off Baker’s lapel. “Well, that all depends on how far you’re willing to let me go.”

Baker’s heart clenches at the crazed look on Lex’s face. Is it really wise to try to stop an unhinged Kryptonian with an even more unstable Luthor? What other choice does the world have right now?

“Fine,” he allows reluctantly. “But I won’t do anything that puts American lives at even greater risk.”

“The greater risk is flying around reducing humans to ash,” Lex hisses with a seething venom as he straightens his tie.

Baker’s remains unshaken as he meets Lex’s gaze and submits to the murderous glint in the madman’s eyes. “I’m warning you, Lex. You only have one chance.”

“That’s all I need. Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have a phone call to make.” He holds himself tall as he walks out of the room and down the hall. There’s several missed calls on his phone, many from Mercy, but he doesn’t pay them any mind as he places the only call that matters.


“It’s time to accelerate our plans.”



One hour, forty-five minutes and thirteen seconds.

That’s how long J’onn has been staring at the dashboard of his convertible. He thought he had made up his mind as he flew over here to the storage unit. Now that he’s here, he feels unsure. Is this the right move to make? He wants to be on the right side of history. The words Kara had said to him the last time he saw her are still fresh in his mind, as if they had been spoken seconds ago.

”Continue being a Martian of peace, J’onn. Let them slaughter your kind. Run away from the fight just like you did on Mars”.

J’onn roars in frustration, slamming his palm against the steering wheel. At the end of the day, he was neither a Martian of peace nor the Martian Manhunter as he claimed. He’s a coward, a deserter, someone who ran away in exile rather than die with dignity amongst his people. Is living on earth where he would only be tolerated truly worth it instead of being reunited with his family in death?

”My son would never run away.”

His father said those words confidently, believing in an image of J’onn that was never really true. J’onn closes his eyes as he inhales and exhales slowly, deeply. He centres himself, determined to keep his own anger in check. He watched as war ravaged his home world, as people allowed their differences to pull them apart. He wouldn’t stand by and witness it again. He turns the key in the ignition and rolls the car out of the unit. It lifts off into the sky, reconfiguring into a Martian bio-ship as he leaves earth’s atmosphere.

Chapter Text

Kara’s blonde hair falls in loose curls past her shoulder, red waves clash with the dark blue of her eyes, tight bands of muscle in her arms and legs flex against the black mesh fabric of her suit. She’s stunning in the most lethal way. She ducks her head, lips meeting Lena’s with a seductive heat.

Lena’s lips part eagerly allowing Kara’s tongue to lap into her mouth. She can taste rage and power in the rough, jagged touch of the kiss but the press of Kara’s hand against the small of her back is light and delicate. It’s the sort of contrast that always surprises her.

Lena takes a moment to regain her breath when their lips separate before she speaks. “Kara remember what you promised me.”

Kara looks down at Lena, noting how much that promise seemed to mean to her. “I remember,” she whispers, moving an errant strand of hair from Lena’s face. “I don’t want innocent people getting hurt either.”

The breathtaking smile that dawns on Lena’s lips touches Kara’s heart in a way nothing else ever could and for a brief moment, the anger leaves her. She pulls the brunette forward, holding her close, filling her lungs with a sweet vanilla scent. Lena wraps her hands around Kara’s waist as the blonde clings to her. It’s as if Lena is her lifeline, something she simply cannot live without.

“I’ll be back soon,” Kara murmurs and her gaze falls on Lena one last time before she takes off through the balcony and into the sky.

“Hope, activate the security protocols,” Lena says as she closes the balcony door of her penthouse. “Only allow entrance to Kara Zor-El.”

“Yes, Ms. Luthor,” the A.I replies. Lena enters her home office and opens up her laptop, placing the disc from her vault inside. It contains the schematics and preliminary software for a line of robots Lena has been mulling over since her days at M.I.T. They were intended to be used during natural disasters and other life threatening crises to get people to safety and deliver essential supplies. Unpleasant memories begin to stir the more she stares at the screen, ones of Lex laughing in her face when she had shared it with him.

-“That’s so cute Lena. Why don’t you add blonde hair and an hourglass figure to this glorified Barbie doll?”-

His ridicule led to her filing it away, her confidence in herself so fragile at that young age. If only she saw the fury in him over the fact that she, at thirteen years old, had devised something leaps and bounds ahead of what he could even dream of. What he saw in her was terrifying to say the least because he knew, he knew, that she would outshine him if given the chance. But that didn’t stop him from silently recognizing her potential and stealing it for the design of his Lexosuit.

Kara’s reaction had been so different. The Kryptonian was immediately engrossed by it, as she was with many of the things Lena had to say. Lena’s never had such a captive audience of one, never heard words of encouragement that lacked the bitterness of jealousy.

Lena looks up at the digital clock in time to see it change from 11:59PM to midnight. She turns on the TV mounted on the wall, tuning in to Kara’s response. They had discussed what Kara would say, how she would tell the world who she really is and what she’s trying to do. Lena had agreed with it but she never thought about the tone Kara would use, the cruel smile she would wear. But Kara’s words are passionate, filled with conviction that will spark inspiration greater than anyone would’ve ever thought possible.

Needless to say, Lena feels a surge of pride as she listens, a smile blooming on her lips. Once Kara’s speech ends, Lena turns her attention back to her computer screen, still fine tuning some areas of the software to ensure it integrates perfectly with Hope. She’ll have to go to L-Corp to check on the production later.

When she snaps back to reality, her eyes glance over at the clock that now displayed 12:35AM.

Where the hell is Kara? The distance from CatCo to Lena’s penthouse is a stone’s throw for her. Where could she be? As the sore muscles in Lena’s thighs ache slightly, she decides that what she needs is a hot, steamy bath. The first thing she sees when she enters her room is one of James’s shirts on the bed, the result of yet another lacklustre night. She tosses it in the garbage, certain that James wouldn’t want it back, before she strips out of her clothes. She checks her phone for any messages from Kara as she makes her way to the master bathroom.

The email that wakes her screen beckons her to open it. She doesn’t recognize the sender but plays the video attachment nonetheless. Holding her phone horizontally, she watches as Kara and several aliens fight against a battalion of US soldiers with ease. Their weapons hit Kara with a hail of kryptonite bullets and grenades.

Lena’s heart stops as she anxiously waits for Kara to surface. Had her suit failed? Before the crippling doubts dig into Lena any deeper, Kara rises out of the smoke, her eyes ablaze with the sun’s fury. Lena’s eyes widen as bodies burn to ash, as skulls cave under tremendous force, as spikes pierce through chests. She watches as each solider meets their end, as Kara’s sadistic smile spreads across her face amidst the carnage that surrounds her. She watches it all and her stomach pinches, her blood running cold. The phone drops from her trembling hand and collides with the floor.

This is all for justice.

That’s the line Lena has been feeding to herself since Kara’s transformation. She doesn’t want to believe that the blonde enjoyed it. This is all a means to an end. But Kara does enjoy it. Kara cannot resist it, not even for her.

For the first time, Lena allows herself to see just how far gone this fallen hero is and she feels her heart breaking. Warm, salty tears flow down her cheek like a river but no sob escapes her lips. Has the red kryptonite completely destroyed the Kara she loves? Is she really content to sit back and let that happen?

She lifts her stinging eyes to the mirror and screams, her heart pounding out of her chest at the sight of a dark pair of eyes staring back at her menacingly.

“Kara! Darling, you scared me,” she breathes as she turns around, placing a hand over her chest as if that would still her racing heart.

“Did I?” Kara looks amused as she takes a step closer. She notes the difference in Lena’s heartbeat, the tears that stain her face, the way she seems unable to fully meet her gaze.

Lena’s eyes focus in on the rusty stains and soot stuck to Kara’s suit and a sick feeling settles in the pit of her stomach. She gasps, more like a squeak, startled again by Kara’s sudden movement. The Kryptonian’s eyes soften and she forces herself not move again, sensing Lena’s discomfort.

“Are—are you afraid of me?” Kara asks and the worry in her eyes catches Lena off guard. She doesn't want Lena to be scared of anything, least of all her.

“Should I be?” Lena asks back, finally focusing in on Kara’s intense gaze. She feels overpowered by the depth of those azure eyes, by the way the red flashes in them like an angry bolt of lightning.

No,” Kara says firmly but also so softly that Lena nearly misses it. She speeds over to Lena, hesitantly stepping into her personal space when she senses no objection. The nanotech material of the suit recedes from her hand so that her bare skin can touch Lena’s face. Lena flinches at the contact, breath hitching in her chest but she doesn't turn away.

“No,” Kara repeats, “Lena, my love…you have nothing to fear from me. I will never hurt you. I could never hurt you. Please, you have to know that.” She handles each word so delicately as she caresses the brunette’s cheek with her knuckles, with a hand that had ripped men apart just moments ago. It’s such a soft, loving touch, one that always quelled any doubt or anxiety in Lena’s heart. Not this time.

“I know.” Lena pushes Kara’s hand away, so unexpectedly that she’s actually able to do it.

The blonde steps back in surprise, her eyebrows scrunched together as her concerned look fades seamlessly to solemn. “Then what’s your problem?”

Lena hits her with a hard stare. “You lied to me, Kara.”

The azure sky in her eyes turns stormy at the accusation. “I told you that I would never lie to you again and I haven’t.”

“Oh really?” Lena picks her phone off the floor and presents Kara with the video. The blonde follows along, barely able to bite back her gleeful smile. “Then what the fuck is this? You promised me that you wouldn’t fight them!”

“They wanted to kill me!” Kara shouts with a red flash of a maniac threat in her steely eyes. It’s a sight that would chill anyone and Lena is not immune. She jumps in alarm at the irascibility, unable to remember a time when Kara had ever raised her voice this way. Ever directed her anger towards Lena. So Lena steps back again, heart thudding a startled staccato against her ribs it's almost painful.

Kara's eyes are huge, seeming to realize her misstep and she says calmly, “I didn't mean to yell. But Lena, they wanted me dead and they would’ve killed dozens of innocent people in the process. Do you even understand that?

Lena doesn’t remain unsettled for long. “You could’ve left. You chose to stay and confront them because you wanted to!” The truth in her own words hits Lena hard. What is Kara becoming?

“Yes,” Kara states casually, in complete, blunt honesty. “And I enjoyed every minute of it.” She regards Lena carefully with a penetrating gaze, her pupils so blown there’s hardly any blue. The brunette’s sped up heart rate, the fresh tears welling up in her eyes, it doesn’t go unnoticed by the Kryptonian. She says nothing even though she wants to. Words evade her but her focus is still trained on Lena.

But Lena’s eyes have drifted to an invisible space over Kara’s shoulder, thoughts swirling in her mind like a sandstorm. It’s justified, protecting others is justified, but not the way Kara has done it tonight, not with the callous grin she wore and the pleasure she thrived off of.

“I…I don’t know if I can do this anymore.” A sob tears from Lena’s throat, rattling in her chest as the tears rimming her eyes spill over once more. Kara’s brow furrows for a fleeting moment at the display before her hard stare resumes. “The killing needs to stop. Please Kara! We’re supposed to be bringing about peace, not adding to the violence in this world.”

“The killing will stop and peace will come,” Kara assures her flatly. Her thumb brushes against Lena’s cheek, wiping away the tears. “After I have brought this world under my control.”

She sighs deeply when Lena’s tears refuse to cease. “I wish there was another way but there isn’t. This is the way things are, Lena. These people only respond to violence, only care about their own pain. This world needs to be united under a singular purpose of mind and that cannot happen until those responsible for stoking the division are removed permanently.”

Lena finds herself struggling to fight against the truth layered in Kara’s words. Is she right? Is the path to world peace truly stained in blood?

Helplessly, she stares back at the love her life, at her friend, her favourite. Her hero. Desperately, she hunts for the compassion that she once found in Kara’s bright eyes but all she finds now is rage and the glint of an all-consuming love. Kara, who’s supposed to be the best of this world, a beacon of hope. If deep down, this is what she believes needs to happen, maybe she’s right. Maybe this is the only way to truly save the world, to right all the injustices and achieve lasting peace.

No. Lena shakes her head, attempting to banish the thought from her mind and resist admission to it.

“There has to be another way,” she says hoarsely, shutting her eyes as another tear falls. “Please, Kara.”

“Do not cry for them, Lena,” Kara growls in disapproval. She cups Lena at the jaw roughly, forcing the CEO to open her eyes and confront her savage gaze. “They work for a corrupt system that has failed at every turn. A system that allows this planet to be poisoned with no effort to rectify it, content to watch it all die because of their greed. They protect spineless politicians who turn their backs on the poor because it’s easier than actually doing something. These are the people who persecute aliens due to their own hatred and nothing more. Incompetent men who continuously belittle women superior to them. They are despicable, they are part of the problem and they got what they deserved. Soon, every last one of them will.”

She pauses, trying to contain her displeasure at Lena’s undying distress. “You insisted that I protect the innocent and that is exactly what I did.”

Lena’s jaw clenches tightly (so tight she thinks she heard a crack of the bone) at the smug satisfaction on Kara’s face and all the hurt she felt became replaced by her own anger instantly.

“And what about all those soldiers you murdered?” Lena demands, barely able to contain her vexation as she jerks back from Kara’s touch. “The ones that tried to run away? You hunted them down like animals!”

Kara’s smile morphs into a sneer she’s never seen before. Scarlet cracks pulse across her darkened face, adding to the terrifying yet breathtaking sight. “They are not innocent.”

“They were just following orders!”

“So were the Nazis. The Taliban. The Children of Liberty.” Kara’s wicked smile widens as she senses the tension in Lena’s body. “You think the US military is above reproach because of that star-spangled banner they wear?”

She leans in, placing hands of steel on the vanity at either side of Lena, trapping her like a predator and its prey. Something animalistic in its ferocity erupts from Kara but Lena remains static. “Well I don’t give a fuck who they are. I will kill anyone who tries to kill me, anyone who gets in my way.”

Kara’s blatant words gut Lena sharply, twisting into her very soul. The powerful being before her is above deceit but for once, Lena would’ve preferred the comfort of lies, sweet words to lessen the blow.

Anything…to stave off the shame at the way Kara’s immense power unleashes a wetness between her aching thighs. She struggles against Kara to no avail, against feelings she’s now disturbed to have. Like an animal in heat, she writhes with suppressed desire visible in the flush of her skin. She doesn’t want to feel this way, she shouldn’t feel this way.

She needs to leave.

“Let me go,” Lena says tightly, teeth grinding together so hard that she bites her tongue in the process.

Kara smiles broadly at the defiance blazing in the forest of Lena’s eyes as she curls her fingers into the vanity top, cracking the white marble slowly. The Kryptonian doesn’t say it but Lena can see the word spelt out in the violent red flashes of her eyes.


“Let me go,” she repeats wearily, her hands pressed against Kara’s chest in another futile attempt to shove her away. But like a mountain, Kara is unmovable. Lena’s desperation peaks as she fights to escape the unyielding grasp of lust, to escape the fact that she wants Kara badly. Urgently. She can’t hide it though, Kara can smell her sweet arousal in the air, feel it in the twitch of the muscles in her thighs and pelvis. Her hands move to Lena’s hips and without warning she props the shorter woman to sit on the vanity as if she weighed nothing. Normally, the show of strength would thrill Lena but now it just fuels her frustration.

“Don’t,” Lena whimpers, quivering in lustful anticipation at what she knows will come next. Kara slots herself between legs that part for her willingly as they ignore the synapses firing from Lena’s brain that screamed no.

“You’re so hot when you’re mad, Lena. Did you know that?” The blonde’s lips graze along Lena’s throat slowly, provocatively. “Hmm, you smell so good.”

Lena bites down on her lower lip, a metallic taste on her tongue from the broken skin. She’s desperate to halt the automatic response to the sensation, the moans she failed to stifle. She doesn’t want Kara to know how good it feels, how irresistible she is. She doesn’t want have to admit to herself how much she’s always hungered for power and control, the very things Kara now embodies.

But Kara knows, she knows that Lena’s heart only skips like that for her. Kara sees the parts of Lena that she has feared and repressed because she felt like she had to. Just as Kara did. All Kara wants now is to free Lena from it. To bask in Lena's brilliant madness.

“I haven’t forgotten what we’re trying to accomplish,” Kara breathes against Lena’s tingling flesh. Her teeth scrape a red trail along the column of Lena’s throat. Lena gasps loudly when Kara nips playfully at her pulse point and she can hardly resist the sudden urge she feels to pull the blonde impossibly closer.

“I haven’t lost sight of it,” Kara assures, “A better world, a perfect world. One that will be fair and just. One where science will lead this primitive society forward.”

Kara’s lips break away as she turns her attention to Lena’s conflicted gaze, to the lust behind the indignation her darkened eyes. “Don’t fight it my love, you want this just as much as I do. You’ve always wanted it. You know you deserve the world and I can give it to you. All you have to do is let go. Fall into the darkness with me.”

A cauldron of emotions threatens to boil over inside of Lena as she clings to the light with a loosening grip. It’s as if Kara is holding up a mirror, one that reflects everything Lena has fought to deny, the shadows of a last name that trail her everywhere she goes. The truth that she has kept hidden, even from herself. Even all those years ago— though tainted by Lex’s megalomania and selfishness— the idea of conquering the world stayed with her, appealed to her.

She does want it, she has always craved it and for the first time, she’s not afraid of who she is deep down inside. Most of her life she spent as a pariah, carrying the Luthor name like a noose around her neck. The world judged her harshly for choices she never made and exiled her to a status of evil she never belonged to. She assumed the same prejudice would follow her when she moved to National City and for the most part it did, hovering over her like a pessimistic cloud.

Until she met Kara, until she experienced for the first time what unconditional love really is. Even now, under the unshakeable influence of a red rock, Kara’s feelings did not change. They will not change. Lena doesn’t want it to change because she knows, despite the utter bedlam, she cannot live without Kara.

Kara’s cruel smile, the limitless power that radiates from her, the aura of danger. The madness. It’s intoxicating, Lena’s personal brand of heroin.

A drug that tempts her to abandon her quest for morality.

A drug that promises to liberate her from the tedium of trying to escape a dark legacy.

A drug that will be the death of who she fought to be and the birth of who she feared she always was.

So Lena reaches for it, catching Kara’s mouth in a fierce kiss. Her hands grip the hair at Kara’s nape, holding the blonde firmly in place for her possessive lips. Their tongues entwine, uncoordinated and messy and Lena’s lips bruise from Kara’s rough touch. One deft motion undoes the knot at Lena’s waist, opening her robe.

Skillful lips travel down Lena’s jawline, trailing wet kisses from her throat to her breast, pinching the sensitive nipple with a teasing tug. A slur of curses escape Lena as Kara’s hot mouth brands the pale skin with angry red marks. Lena pulls back sharply, her back jostling the mirror behind her.

“Take off your suit,” Lena orders in a low breath and within a nanosecond Kara’s completely nude. Bands of muscle sculpted under flawless tanned skin, chiseled abs leading to an envious V shape, an undeniable power flowing off of her in waves, a steady gaze piercing into every hidden crevice of Lena’s soul.

She is power, darkness and beauty personified.

Lena reaches down to open the uppermost drawer of the vanity, producing a large, veiny dildo and accompanying leather harness. Kara exhales deeply when she eyes the strap-on. She follows the silent command in Lena’s expression and puts it on quickly. Lena’s eyes rake across Kara’s perfectly toned body, narrowing in greedily at the silicone shaft that jutted out between Kara’s thighs. Damn, it looks so good there.

She hops down from the counter and drops her robe off her shoulders to the floor. Porcelain skin, gentle curves, swollen pink lips, raven hair flowing in waves. Eyes that perfectly captured the pastures of Ireland, bold in their lust and depravity.

She is beautiful, stunningly so, in every way possible.

“Take us to the shower.” With a swift but careful motion, Kara lifts Lena against her and enters the stall. The water turns on automatically with finely tuned pressure, spraying their heated bodies. A thin layer of steam quickly fills the enclosure, condensing upon contact with the much cooler glass door.

“You want it bad, don’t you Ms. Luthor?” Kara runs her hand along the length of the shaft, looking down at Lena with a glint of mischief and expectation. Lena’s entire body trembles uncontrollably in response.

“Yes,” she admits shamelessly as she leans against the soaked tiles and spreads her legs wide. The swollen bundle of nerves between her labia throbs achingly as she meets Kara’s ravenous gaze once more.

Kara steps forward and cups Lena’s cunt in her hand, slipping a finger between the slick folds. She smiles at the wetness that greets her. “How bad do you want it?”

“So bad,” Lena whines, nearly screams in sweet agony when Kara’s finger rubs teasingly over her clit. “Mmm—Kara! God, please Kara.” Begging for it is beneath a Luthor but Lena knows she would drop to her knees if Kara wanted her to. And Kara smiles more, knowing it too.

“What do you want me to do?” Kara asks as if she doesn’t know, drawing her hand back and licking Lena’s arousal slowly from her fingers. Lena reaches out, locking her hands behind the blonde’s neck, yanking her forward with ease. It’s Kara’s turn to tremble with desire under the sheer force of the sultry glint in Lena’s eyes. Lena tiptoes, leaning in until they’re sharing the same air.

“I want you to fuck me,” she says, low-pitched but intense. “I want you to give me everything.” With a soft growl, Kara immediately curls her fingers around Lena’s hips and positions the shaft into Lena’s dripping entrance. Air sucks through Lena’s teeth as the thickness of the shaft forces her walls to expand.

“I love how wet you get for me,” Kara whispers, smirking as she fills Lena to the brim on the first thrust. Lena loses what little composure she has, gasping in surprise and arousal when the tip reaches her g-spot. Kara lifts her by the back of her thighs and she wraps her legs around the blonde’s waist eagerly. Somehow, gravity guides the shaft even further in as Kara’s unyielding grip moves to Lena’s ass, her fingers kneading the tender flesh mercilessly.

Oh god. Fuck.” Lena pants with each painfully exquisite pump against her slick walls. She clenches tight as the shaft travels up and down forcefully, expelling every ounce of resistance left and infecting her with Kara’s madness. The muscles that ripple across Kara’s shoulder blades flex under the drag of Lena’s French tip nails digging hard into the invulnerable skin. Even though Lena can’t claw into her, just the feel of it alone is enough to make Kara moan wildly.

Kara’s insatiable lips suck at the pulse on Lena’s throat. Then Kara bites down and holds, the pain adding to the pleasure as Lena’s hips move subconsciously with every thrust. She grinds down hard on the stiff member, taking every inch even if it hurts.

“That’s right baby," Kara husks, sinking deep into Lena's slick heat. "Take it. Take it. You’re so good. You’re so beautiful.”

Without fully realizing it, Lena guides Kara’s hand up her torso, between the dip of her swollen breasts, stopping at her throat. Lena can taste the desire in the air as the blonde’s heavy breath falls on her face. She runs a finger over the hand, granting the permission Kara seeks with her dark gaze.

Kara’s fingers wrap around Lena’s throat and squeeze tightly, awakening the masochism in her. A headiness grips Lena as the circulation of blood slows and her vision blurs but the ecstasy never dulls. Just knowing that her life could be over in a fraction of a second if Kara lost control is almost enough to send her over the edge.

It’s electrifying, the power of life and death consuming her wholly.

She can finally have it all. She can be free.

“Come for me.” Lena follows the command immediately, a wave of pure unabashed euphoria crashes over her, washing away all reservations. One orgasm spills into another as Kara hammers into her relentlessly, to the point of extremity. Lena arches her back against the slippery wall, breathless from the lack of oxygen but still hungry for more.

And Kara gives it to her generously. “You're mine, Lena. You'll always be mine. I will never let you go."

Lena chants Kara’s name as if entranced, as if it’s the only word she knows. Every one of her senses, every thought, every inch of space becomes dominated by the Kryptonian god fucking her hard. Every wave of pleasure rises and falls with Kara’s name on the tip of her tongue.

Kara,” she cries out as she climaxes once more. Her legs unwrap from Kara’s waist as she feels her strength leaving her.

The blonde pulls out, trembling under the overwhelming strength of her own orgasm. She captivates Lena with the intensity of her gaze, her feral movements, her unchecked power that only seems to grow. A crimson fire dances across the midnight lake of Kara’s eyes, drowning and burning Lena at the same time. The grip around Lena’s throat releases as strong arms move to catch her when her knees give out.

Kara presses a kiss to Lena’s hairline as she holds her close, almost too tightly. “Don’t leave me, Lena,” she says quietly, blurring the line between a plea and a warning. “Because there is nothing I won’t do to bring you back to me.”

It’s worse than a threat, it’s a promise but Lena barely registers it. She's too consumed by the absolute bliss of being worshipped by a god. The hurt and vexation from earlier feels like a distant memory as she looks up to meet the blonde’s rage filled eyes and wonders.

What are you doing to me, Kara?

The shame at the truth that she wanted nothing more than to spread her legs to be claimed by Kara is gone, expunged by the blonde’s intoxicating hold over her. All that remains now is Lena’s own addiction to Kara’s promise of the world in the palm of her hand.

Chapter Text

Alex barrels through the door, flashing her disguised DEO badge with the confidence a suspended agent should not have. She finds him standing there, staring absentmindedly out of the window and at a city brimming with chaos and unrest. Even with his back turned, she can tell little has changed. His stance is still arrogant, his spine rigid, his Hugo Boss trousers tighter than they should be.

“Agent Danvers,” he says lifelessly, turning around and swirling a glass in hand. The ice clinks together noisily in the silence. “What a…surprise.”

“You don’t sound surprised,” Alex says as she closes the door behind her.

“I am a little, that it took you this long to come knocking on my door.” He chugs nearly all the contents of his glass, wincing as the alcohol burns his throat.

“So I don’t have to tell you why I’m here then,” she scoffs, folding her arms across her chest. She wasn’t in the mood for the Jedi mind tricks Max was so fond of. Shockingly, he isn’t either. He walks around to the front of his desk and leans against it, half-sitting on the heavy mahogany frame.

“No.” He peers at her through the dim yellow lights of his office, his face indiscernible. “But I can’t help you.”

“How do I know that you’re not behind all of this?”

“I guess you don’t,” he remarks facetiously, grinning from ear to ear as he finishes off the drink.

She glares, her cheeks flush angrily. “This isn’t a fucking game, Max.”

He casts her a dark look and slowly removes the glass from his chapped lips, seeming somewhat offended. “I know that. I have been watching the news. I saw her little speech. Good stuff.” He gives her a thumbs-up in mock approval which only adds to Alex’s annoyance with his glib attitude. She had watched the speech on her phone after riding aimlessly around the city. It was a bold move but a purposeful one, showing a transparency that the government often did not. And it was winning people over.

Max goes on, “Do you really think that I’d be stupid enough to make red kryptonite again after what happened last time?” He chuckles. “Although —compared to this —she was a fucking saint.”

Alex feels inclined to agree but refuses to. “What about someone else? Could anyone have stolen the formula from you or something?”

Max rolls his eyes and taps a finger to his temple arrogantly. “The formula is right here and, as you may recall, I don’t share anything.”

“Can you make another antidote?” The hope is there, clear as day in her eyes, her voice so weak and exhausted.

“No. Not without a sample of the synthetic k and even if I could, it’s probably too late. The red k has been in her system—”

“Too long now,” Alex interjects, sniffling as she straightens her stance. All hope drains from her brown orbs, leaving nothing more than a desolate wasteland. “I know.”

“I truly am sorry, Agent Danvers,” Max says, somewhat sincerely. “But, I do have other engagements.” He saunters back to his desk, picks up a business card and offers it to her. “Please feel free to call first next time.” She actually snatches it from between his two fingers, surprising them both.

“Let’s hope there is no next time.” Max smiles thinly at her words, his eyes following her out of the room with a wistfulness she does not see. Once she’s out of earshot, he turns his attention to the door on the other side of the room when it creaks open. It doesn’t stop him from continuing back to his desk, even as his unwelcome guest makes herself comfortable in one of the chairs. She laps a slender leg over the other and flips back a heavy curtain of hair. Dark rims hide her eyes but Max can tell they’re smiling along with the rest of her face.

“She’s smart that one.” He helps himself to another glass, pouring more of the amber liquid than he normally would. “She’ll figure out what your psycho boss is planning.”

The woman shrugs indifferently. “So? The wheels are already set in motion.”

“Then why are you here? Besides ruining the ambiance.”

“Tying up loose ends,” she replies nonchalantly as she produces a gun equipped with a silencer at the end of the barrel. He doesn’t even recoil at the sight of the Glock, his heart doesn’t race any faster. He just takes another swing, smacking his lips together and meeting her perplexed gaze head on. “What? You’re not even going to beg for your pathetic life?”

“And give you the satisfaction?” He kisses his teeth loudly and pops up his middle finger. “Fuck. You.” A sweet smile spreads across her face as she lifts the gun and squeezes the trigger. The bullet tunnels into Max’s skull, tearing through his brain and dissolving as it exits. He falls backwards onto the carpeted floor, his blood and other bodily fluids seeping into the material, staining it forever.



An angry determination outweighs the conflict and doubts, driving him forward. It’s rather clever, though somewhat ironic, that the Children of Liberty would be using Shelley Island as their base of operations. He enters a room on the far north-side of the shuttered building. In the middle, there’s several aliens confined in a large cage, its iron bars thick and imposing. A pang of guilt hits James in the chest as he takes in their terrified faces. Some of them look so young. A man turns around when he shuffles forward to protest, his face hidden behind an infamous gold plated mask.

“Mr. Olsen,” the man says in a gravelly voice. He motions the others in the room to leave before releasing the clasp at the back of his head and removing the steel mask in what feels like slow motion. The shock factor is still there even though the initial reveal was days ago when James first came to the island, a visit he kept secret. “I knew you’d be back.”

“Did you?” James says, unamused by Ben’s confidence.

“Of course. You could’ve told your friends and the police about me but you haven’t. That says a lot.” James grits his teeth together angrily, hating that Ben is absolutely right.

He doesn’t acknowledge it though as his eyes drift over to the cage, to the alien girl staring at him in desperation. “What’s going on?”

Ben looks over his shoulder with a condescending sneer. “Rounded up a few aliens caught protesting illegally in the streets. Can’t have that.”

“Not all of them are bad, you know. Not all of them deserve to be locked up like criminals,” James says, convincing not even himself.

“Like Supergirl?” Ben steps towards James, sizing up the taller man with his broad chest puffed out for show. “I bet you thought she was the definition of goodness and virtue. That she was destined to save the world, that she’s one of the good ones because she looks so much like us. But she is not. She’s declared war on us.”

He pulls a remote from his pocket and turns on an LCD screen. James has already heard Kara’s seditious words but he finds himself diving into it as if it’s the first time. There’s something almost hypnotic about it, a power so great it’s nearly tangible. Now more than ever, he needed to stop her.

“So you see, Mr. Olsen,” Ben continues once the news clip ends. “We are the only ones standing between humanity and total annihilation. It’s up to us to show the people of this great nation who their heroes really are and that can start with you.”

James wants to but he can’t bring himself to refute any of Ben’s words, or offer up a defence of red kryptonite for Supergirl’s destructive behaviour. It was hard living in a world with powerful beings capable of killing you with a single thought or a simple flick of the wrist. Even harder feeling as insignificant as an ant, like just another cog in the machine. There would be no pomp and circumstance for them, no hero worship or glass-breaking applause.

He loathes to admit it but he relates to the frustrations and fears of Children of Liberty. Why else would he refuse to denounce them? Why else would he go to Lex fucking Luthor for help? Why else would he be here, amongst the only people who saw the threat and were prepared to treat it as such?

He knows why. So he asks tentatively, “How?”

Ben’s thin lips curl up into his version of a smile as he presents James with a vial. A purplish, worm-like creature wiggles around inside. “We level the playing field.”



Power, unbridled and absolute, courses through her veins as the sun rays replenish every cell in her body. It’s an exhilarating sensation, one that seems to increase as the days go by. Basking under the golden hue of the sunrise in Lena’s balcony offers a different view now than it has all the other times she’s stood here.

The flames of revolution are ignited and it rages on in the streets below like an inextinguishable wildfire. Aliens are no longer fearful, no longer hiding who they are and they are ready and willing to carry out her every command. Soon, humans would know their place in this world and accept the simple fact that they are not in control. This planet no longer belongs to them and neither did any of their lives. She can do with them as she sees fit.

So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that she had claimed the only human on this feeble planet worthy of her love and loyalty. A human who is brilliant and beautiful beyond measure, who deserves everything she has to give. She turns, a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips when she hears Lena stirring from sleep.

Lena is adorable in the mornings, raven hair all mussed, stretching lazily like a cat. Her fingers run over the spot where sharp Kryptonian teeth sank into the juncture of her neck and shoulder, like an animal marking its territory. It brings to mind the memory of rapacious hands all over her body, the unrelenting thrusts that threatened to split her in half, the husky and erotic whispers of praise carrying her to release.

She pulls her bottom lip between her teeth and squints her eyes, searching through the haze of sleep for Kara. Once she spots her through the ceiling-to-floor windows, she swings her legs over the bed. She can barely even do it. Her entire body feels boneless, no doubt the result of being thoroughly fucked last night. Having blacked out towards the end, she vaguely recalls Kara carrying her to the bed. She slides the balcony door open and returns Kara’s warm smile.

"Come here.” Lena follows the gentle request and melts at the warmth that envelops her. Kara sighs contentedly into Lena’s hair, tightening her hold just the right amount. It’s truly amazing to Lena how careful Kara is with her, how comforting her strong arms are. “How are you this morning?”

“I’m fine,” she murmurs in reassurance as she nuzzles Kara’s neck. “What about you? I was worried when I saw all that kryptonite.”

“Don’t be.” Kara pulls back slightly so she can stare into Lena’s worried eyes. The love is present amongst the rage, shining like a lone star in a midnight sky. “You protected me with that suit. And now.” She turns her attention to the cityscape behind them. “National City is ours.” Lena follows her manic gaze and takes in the view with a much deeper understanding. “Nothing can stop us.”

The opposition that still lingered in the streets, they were of little consequence. Kara and her newly acquired army had stomped out the military forces that had foolishly tried to quell them, razing the pop-up base to the ground with the sun’s unforgiving inferno. But this is just the beginning. Now that they had the support and allegiance of the aliens in National City, it was time to extend that reach globally.

“I’ll have Hope monitor the city’s borders,” Lena says, looking directly at Kara again. “I anticipate the military will be back to exercise their grievances at their humiliating defeat.”

“Let them,” Kara chuckles, perfectly at ease. “It won’t stop us from fulfilling our destiny. We’re going to save the world my love, just as we have before.”

Lena can’t stop herself from smiling, despite the dark undertones in Kara’s words. Kara was always the only one who openly acknowledged the undeniable fact (that was still somehow constantly challenged) that Lena Luthor has been a saviour of the world many times over.

She slowly loses herself in the depth of those dark eyes, filled with the allure of immorality. Why follow the rules when you’re going to rewrite them anyway? She inches forward and grabs a fistful of golden hair just above Kara’s nape, angling Kara’s head downwards. Then she tip toes, her forehead resting against Kara’s, locked in a moment of silent recognition.

It’s Kara and Lena against the world, as unstoppable as nature, as inevitable as the sunrise.

And their love will outlast eternity.

Lena sweeps her tongue along the bow in Kara’s upper lip, a smile blooming on her face in satisfaction at the moan that rumbles from Kara. The Kryptonian parts her lips obediently, allowing Lena to lap into her mouth with vigour. She matches Lena’s movements, entwining their tongues in a languid dance of passion and desire. Lena moans into it, surrendering to a hedonistic power she craves more than anything. Strong hands grasp at Lena’s hips, moulding into the marvellous curves, pulling her as close as possible.

Lena lets out a discontented whine, hardly able to stand the barrier of her thin, skimpy nightdress against Kara’s skin tight tank top and boxers. She needs to feel it, the warmth of marble skin pressed against hers, the power that courses beneath it with every pulsing reveal of red. Sensing Lena’s frustration, Kara rips the satin garment off of her with a slight tug, leaving her exposed and unashamed by it. She makes quick work of her own clothes and smirks knowingly at the sight before her.

Lena ghosts a hand along Kara’s toned bicep, raising the hair on the back of her neck. “See something you like, darling?” Her voice is deep and sensuous, her lustful eyes hidden behind dark lashes.

Kara leans in close, her voice drops to a lower octave. “Yes.” Her tongue swirls soothingly over the bite mark, loving how much evidence of her touch litters Lena’s body. Every inch belongs to her. “Very much.”

Lena turns her head, her teeth nipping at Kara’s ear without restraint. “I can tell.” She snakes a hand down between Kara’s thighs and presses the pulsating heat, causing the blonde to shudder at the touch. She licks the shell of Kara’s ear, her tongue grazing between the grooves slowly as she continues with a purr, “I can always tell you know.”

She backs up a stunned Kryptonian until the back of her calves collide noisily with the edge of the lounge chair in the corner. Without a fuss, Kara allows Lena to push her down roughly until she lied there, soaking wet and wonderfully naked. She looks up at the brunette with smouldering gaze as Lena pulls her hair over one shoulder, exposing the love bite purposefully.

“That’s why you like to mark me, isn’t it? You want the world to know that I belong to you.” Lena climbs top of Kara with a deliberate slowness, straddling her between the tight clamp of her legs. Her nails drag along Kara’s chiseled abs with enough pressure to severely scratch any human, deeply aroused by every contour and ridge.

She leans down and plants hard, suckling kisses up Kara’s sternum, taking the time to twist her tongue around each erect nipple liberally. The blonde growls fiercely, barely able to tolerate the teasing motion. It’s not long before Kara’s strong hands are guiding Lena’s lips to hers. She crashes into her, needy and urgent, all teeth and tongue, panting heavily when when Lena bites down hard on her lower lip and stretches it seductively.

“Lena,” Kara groans softly into the kiss when the brunette unexpectedly slips two fingers into her with an assertive thrust. She presses her nails into Lena’s ass in response, leaving behind a pattern of red crescent shapes as she pulls her closer.

“You’re so tight,” Lena whispers in wonder as she drives her fingers deep and rough between the slick folds. Kara’s walls spasm violently against the supple fingers, pushing her closer to release with every pump. “I can feel you all around me. You feel amazing Kara.”

Kara rolls her hips enthusiastically onto Lena’s hand, mesmerized by the smooth rhythm travelling further and further into her. It’s incredible to Lena, the way this gorgeous otherworldly being could be reduced to a writhing, sputtering mess beneath her.

“Don’t stop,” she begs needlessly, Lena has no intention to. She curls her fingers, pounding them in and out of Kara’s dripping cave without mercy, relishing each cry of her name. Nothing breaks them out of their bubble of debauchery, not even the abrupt descent when the rocky chair legs split like twigs beneath them. When Lena’s thumb rolls against Kara’s neglected clit, the blonde folds uncontrollably to a powerful orgasm.

An exhausted Lena collapses on top of Kara’s heaving chest, retracting her fingers, surprised to find her entire hand completely drenched. Unable to resist the urge, she licks the delicious arousal dripping down the length of her hand, savouring the salty taste of true power.

“Oh Lena,” Kara whispers breathlessly, tears glistening in her eyes from the sheer beauty of Lena making her come hard and fast. “I love you so much.” There’s a reverence in her low voice, one that goes beyond anything this planet could ever conceive. It’s almost mystical, like an out of body experience, the knowledge that Lena will always choose her.

Lena presses a tender kiss to Kara collarbone, her ear pressed just above the lulling strum of Kara’s heart. “I love you too. More than anything.” As they lay there in a glorious afterglow, a message appears on the communicator seamlessly built into Kara’s suit.

[Nia Nal 6:35am] I know where the Children of Liberty are hiding.


What?!” The entire room falls to a pin-drop silence at the president’s outburst. His eyes scan the room, looking for signs that anyone else agrees that what was just said was insane but all he’s greeted with are vacant stares.

“Do I need to repeat myself?” Lex asks as he sips his Earl Grey without a single care in the world.

“No! What you’re suggesting we do is…abominable! It’s genocide.” That last word leaves a bitter taste in his mouth.

Lex taps his cup. “We’re not talking about another Holocaust. Come now, Mr. President. You don’t even give a rat’s ass about those Mexican immigrants caged at the border. No need to pretend you care about these extraterrestrial freeloaders. This is simply an extermination, the natural course of action one takes to deal with an infestation of unwanted vermin.”

Baker looks across the Oval at Lillian Luthor as if expecting the leader of C.A.D.M.U.S to offer a different view. She just sat there, orange pekoe in hand, poised and as cold as the arctic.

“This is madness.”

“No. This is war.” Lex gives him a smile, baring too many teeth to be anything other than psychotic. “Do you know why the Pharaoh started killing all the firstborn Hebrew sons in the Old Testament? It’s because he didn’t want their numbers to become too great. Because he knew that once they did, they would slaughter them all and take over their land. Humanity is facing that same imminent threat. Presidents before you have extended the hand of friendship when they should’ve been cutting down the numbers. Luckily, I’m here to fix their mistakes.”

“Won’t that just piss her off?” Baker demands with a growl. “Look at what happened last night! All of those soldiers, good Americans, dead.” He swallows thickly at the spine-chilling images permanently seared into his brain. “Perhaps there’s still time to work out a truce or alliance or some sort of—”

The contact of Lex’s backhand echoes throughout the room. The three Secret Service agents, General Lane, his Chief of Staff, none of them even flinch at the sight. Baker’s too appalled to question why that is, placing a hand over his throbbing cheek.

Truce? Alliance? Have you not been paying attention? The Kryptonian has emboldened them, taken over National City and the insurrection won’t stop there. They have no need for us humans. They want to take our planet from us and they will eradicate us to do it.” Lex smiles again, somehow appearing even more deranged. “Don’t be mistaken here, Phil. You are the president in name alone. A damn figurehead”.

Baker’s eyes widen in despair. “What do you mean?”

Lex’s eyes gleam, he loved few things more than the opportunity to regale people with his plans. “God, politics really is for idiots. Didn’t you find it all just a little too easy? Marsden’s cover is blown and suddenly you’re the 45th. I mean really, you haven’t stopped to think about it even once?”

The white haired man pales as he quickly begins to realize exactly what Lex is implying. “You sent those assassins after Olivia. You killed her.”

“Yes,” Lex scoffs with an eye roll of derision. “Of course I did.”

“But why?”

Why? Because the idiots in charge have forced my hand. The imbeciles before you let Kryptonian war criminals, uncivilized Daxamites and rampaging Worldkillers trample over our way of life by continuing to allow these alien invaders to come here and do whatever the fuck they want. It was becoming clear that Washington needed an even bigger motivator, an enemy that will make you all finally realize that there is no such thing as a good alien.”

The dots connect themselves in Baker’s mind, overwhelming him with facts that he never saw because he was too blinded by the pursuit of power. He stumbles back, his breath hitches in his chest, his knees threaten to buckle under the weight of the truth.

“You...,” he says shakily, fear mixed with outrage in his beady, incredulous eyes. “You turned Supergirl into a monster. Just to convince the world that you were right?”

I am right!” Lex roars with his teeth bared like an agitated beast, specks of spit hitting Baker in the face. “I am showing you the Kryptonian’s true nature!”

“You’re deplorable,” Baker says disparagingly before turning to his staff. “Take this lunatic back to Stryker’s.” No one makes a move. “Did you not hear me?” His furious eyes fall on each of them, searching for some sign of compliance.

Lex laughs mockingly. “Oh they heard you.”

“This is treason!” He moves to pick up the phone on his desk but stops when General Lane cocks a gun. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m sorry Mr. President,” the general says, “But this is what needs to happen in order to save this planet. So I strongly advise that you cooperate with Mr. Luthor if you want to live.”

Baker’s hands ball into fists of white-hot fury as he glares across a room full of Judases. His thirst for power made him the ideal, unwitting pawn in an insidious plot. There’s no way out now, no way of knowing how deep this conspiracy lies.

White-knuckled and red-faced, he exhales a shaky breath and reluctantly submits to the will of a madman.



Winn’s eyes are glued to the monitor in front of him as he sits alone in J’onn’s office. The government had publicly released some of the live feed of Kara’s assault on the military. It’s chilling to watch, especially for Winn who knows that Kara used little effort to decimate what was supposedly the strongest armed force in the world. The graphic content warning that flashes in the upper right hand corner doesn’t seem accurate enough. Still, something about Kara’s wild anger and glowing eyes makes Winn’s crotch tighten. He stares down, mortified at the tent pitched in his pants, groaning as the painful erection rubs against the seam. Christ.

He lets out a girlish scream when someone pounds loudly on the door. Shit! He swallows hard when the pounding resumes but doesn’t make any effort to so much as breathe until he hears a familiar voice.

“It’s me, guys.” Winn bounds across the room, stopping when he remembers his cock is standing at full attention. He takes off his cardigan and ties it around his waist like an apron.

“Oh Alex. Thank God.” He ushers her into the office quickly, locking the door behind them. “Where were you?”

“I went to Lord Technologies. I had to know if Max was behind this somehow or if he could help us. That was a bust.” She stops and points at his face. “What the hell happened to you?”

“What?” He touches his jaw and gets an instant reminder of what caused the ugly bruise. He sits back down at the table and sighs. “Oh, James and I had a... disagreement. Of sorts.” He turns his attention back to this keyboard and continues clacking away, unwilling to go any further.

Alex still asks, “About what?”


She nods in understanding. “Where is he anyway? And J’onn?”

“J’onn left a note, says he had something to do and he’ll be back. James…I have no idea. He took off last night.” Winn doesn’t appear particularly bothered by his absence and honestly neither is Alex. “What about Maggie?” he asks stiltedly.

Her spine stiffens. “I don’t know and I don’t really care right now. We have bigger things to worry about.” Her tired eyes narrowing at the military feed playing on a loop. She picks up Winn’s coffee and groans disgustedly at the wave of sweetness that hits her tongue. “God.” She still takes another sip, desperate for the caffeine, only pausing when she notices something she hasn’t seen before. “Wait a minute. This is different from the clip on the news.”

Winn scratches the back of his head. “Yea I...I might have hacked into the Pentagon to get the unedited file.” The version on the news had conveniently left out what happened before Kara attacks, all the threats to the aliens on the streets, all the brandished guns cocked and indiscriminately aimed.

“Those bastards were going to kill civilians just to get to her.” It’s not a justification for her actions in Alex’s eyes but she does feel some relief knowing that Kara wasn’t rampaging just for the sake of it like she did last time.

“They’re trying to make her the bad guy,” Winn says darkly, a shade Alex has never seen on him before. He swirls around in his chair and looks up at her hardened gaze. Her jaw is set so tightly he can see the erratic twitch of the muscle. “I don’t think I can just sit here and let that happen.”

“What are you saying?”

“You know what I’m saying Alex.” Of course she does, she knew this was coming. What really startles her is that she can’t seem to decide. Kara should be the obvious choice but standing with her would mean accepting the monster she had become and the dictator she aspires to be. Alex cannot do that, will not do that. But standing with a US government so full of corruption and hell-bent on killing the person she loves with all her heart, that wasn’t an option either. She doesn’t need to ask Winn which side of the line he’s standing on. The bruise James branded him with was as telling as an I voted sticker.

“Fuck.” She squirms uncomfortably, it’s suddenly too hot. She hauls off her worn leather jacket and tosses it onto the table. Winn ducks down and grabs the card that falls out of the pocket. It’s nothing more than it appears to be at first glance until the random assortment of characters scattered around the border catches his eye.

“What’s this?”

“A business card from Lord.”

He holds it up, inspecting carefully. His eyes widen in realization and he lurches forward. The unanticipated motion nearly causes Alex to drop the cup. “Alex...this isn’t a business card.” Her brow raises in confusion as Winn’s fingers race along his keyboard like his life depended on it.

“What is it then?” she asks, unsure what to make of his hysterical reaction.

“It’s an I.P address for a remote server.” Alex presses her hands against the solid oak table, leaning forward with her eyes locked on the screen. Once Winn accesses the server through what Alex assumes is tech magic, a single folder appears named Agent Danvers. Several files inside decrypt quickly and one video automatically plays. The room feels as though it’s moving away, leaving Alex and Winn behind in a daze.

They gasp in unison. “Oh my God.”

Chapter Text

Kara smashes through the roof of their hideout on Shelley Island, making no effort to control her landing. The concrete splits with a resounding crack beneath her boots. The scene that greets her is jarring, straight of of a horror film. Even though Nia had shared this from her dream, nothing could’ve prepared Kara for it. Aliens are shackled against damp walls, covered in gruesome welts and left to hang lifelessly at their wrists. Others are huddled in cages like circus freaks, demeaned and tortured by incorrigible humans. But it’s the bodies reduced to husks, completely drained of life and essence, that ignites the burning rage inside of her.

“I’m looking for Agent Liberty,” she announces, making her presence known by the powerful boom in her voice. It travels across the open space, striking fear in the hearts of each xenophobe present. It’s a mix bag of extremists, mostly white men, in paramilitary uniforms proudly donning the American flag as if it’s a license to persecute aliens. Her anger flares even more when they foolishly cock their ineffective guns, glaring at her with a strong desire to kill. Even now, they still have the audacity to think they are in control, that they are superior to her. To a god.


“Well?” she growls impatiently, the edges of her eyes itching and burning as they always did when a solar charge was building. She’s ready to set them all ablaze. “Which one of you fools is it?”

One man brazenly steps forward, appearing confident but his heart beat and trembling gun betray him. “We are all Agent Liberty! You better leave while you still can, filthy roach.” He hawks dramatically and spits out a thick phlegm.

“Yea!” One man shouts in agreement.

“You traitorous roach!” Another echoes. Hmm, they’ve all clearly drank the Kool-Aid. Kara quickly scans their moronic faces and concludes that none of them are the infamous cult leader she’s after. Hardly a surprise. Agent Liberty’s true power, as Lena had pointed out, is his anonymity. He is the faceless emperor sitting on a throne of human supremacy, sending out his blind followers to the frontlines with nothing but false notions and unjustified hate.

Traitorous?” she chuckles, a low and ominous sound, the kind that warns animals when a storm is coming. “I was never loyal to you.” The first man to speak fires off a round in alarm when she takes a step forward. She cocks her head to one side in exasperation as the bullets deform against her invulnerable body and fall at her feet like heavy raindrops.


“No,” he gasps, eyes widened in disbelief at the clear indication that she still has her powers, despite the dampeners set throughout the island. In all their posturing and ignorance, they never stopped to consider the sheer brilliance behind the suit’s design. The man shrinks away like a scared rabbit when she suddenly appears in front of him, fearful of the dangerous proximity. A soul-shattering hopelessness grips tightly around his soul but he does not dare search for mercy. He knows he will not find it.

Not from her.

“Oof!” A copious amount of blood expels from his mouth like a volcanic eruption when her fist of steel slams into his chest with the force of a speeding semi-truck. He flies through the crowd behind him like ammunition shot from a cannon, landing unceremoniously several feet away. His eyes are bloodshot and bugling from their sockets as he tries but fails to breathe. The impact is too great for his heart to bear and the delicate mass of muscle bursts inside his rib cage like popped balloon, flooding his lungs, drowning him from the inside, slow and deliciously painful.

Her dark eyes gleam with cruel amusement at the utter dread and panic spreading across their face as they quickly begin to realize that there is no escape from her deadly form of justice. There will be no trial, no judge or jury, only a swift execution. That doesn’t stop some of them trying as the ones too stupid to be afraid empty their magazines in a panicked frenzy, praying for salvation but only death will come. And she will be the one to deliver it, wiping this radical group from the face of the earth like a god of brutal vengeance.

They are the ones that don’t belong here.

She pulls out the depleted chamber of one man’s Desert Eagle and rams it forcefully down his throat, cracking his trachea beyond repair. Necks snap between her fingers like stale breadsticks, bodies crash into the solid concrete walls with a sickening thud and crumple on top of each other like dirty piles of laundry.

One burly man, easily twice her size, launches his fist forward with all the strength he can muster. She merely catches it in her hand, grinding the bones into dust before tearing the entire arm completely off. The man’s agonized scream brings a sinister smile of satisfaction to her lips as blood gushes from the severed ball joint. Others try their luck as well, too emboldened by their false sense of dominance and a maddening drive to eliminate her to even attempt running away. They will not concede to the fact that humanity’s time is over.

When she grows tired of these games, she lifts off into the air and unleashes the scorching power of Rao, reducing every human present to ash with a single blast. They should be grateful for their swift deaths, it’s more than they deserve. She touches back down gracefully and chuckles darkly at the limp blood-soaked bodies lining the ground, the perfect picture of a righteous slaughter. She breaks the restraints on the aliens still alive, reaching out to catch a woman when her knees give out.

“Thank you,” the Roltikkon says hoarsely. She’s severely dehydrated, barely able to keep her eyes open. The wounds from the torment she endured are unable to heal correctly, zapping what little energy she has. “But there are…there are more of us.”

Kara follows her tired gaze and nods. “I will get them out.” She hands the woman off to another alien before making her way over.

A young man stands just on the other side of that door, completely petrified as he listens to the bloodcurdling cries of his comrades. They grates against his eardrum like nails on a chalkboard. A terrified yelp escapes him when he hears her approaching, each step setting off a small quake in the earth beneath his feet. Kara kicks the door clean off its hinges and saunters inside, leaving a trail of bloodied footsteps. The bullets rattle in the chamber of his revolver from the unsteadiness in his grip. His breath comes in and out of his aching lungs in quick succession, the cold touch of terror crawls down his spine like the drag of an ice cube. Slowly, his fingers release and the gun falls to the ground with a clatter.

“Please…please don’t kill me,” he rasps through the sob gathered in his throat as it chokes him. He feels almost faint but does not dare look away from the Kryptonian predator eyeing him viciously. It’s breathtaking in a lethal way, the crimson glow that slithers beneath her sun-kissed skin, the wicked grin that etches across her face, the glint of childish delight centred in her dark gaze. He can’t help but gape at her terrifying visage of death and destruction.

Kara raises an eyebrow at him mockingly. “Why shouldn’t I?” Before he can take his next breath, she closes the distance and curls her fingers around his neck, her thumb crushing his Adam’s Apple gradually. “Don’t you deserve to die like the rest of them?”

“Yes,” he wheezes, tears streaming down his beet red face. “I deserve it.” The guilt gnawed at him every day but he chose to ignore it, feeding himself the lie that this was all for the sake of his little brother who died tragically during the Daxamite invasion. Truthfully, it was all for him, a way to feel empowered and important, fighting for a cause that appeared noble on paper. “But I…I know…things.”

She scoffs but decides to entertain him a little. “Like what?”

“I-I-I know what Agent Liberty is planning,” he says frantically. “He…he wants to give humans powers so we can fight back against aliens. He…he had this…worm…creature and he put it this guy and after that….” He swallows thickly, averting his gaze for a moment as if in genuine shame. Kara doesn’t need him to finish, she’s all too familiar with that particular parasite. He looks at her again, clearly searching for some indication that she agrees his information is worth his life.

It’s not.

“No! No wait! Please, Superg—.” His pathetic pleas are cut short when Kara’s heat vision pierces through his skull like a knife through warm butter, searing his brain.

“Oops.” With an eye roll of disdain, she tosses his worthless carcass aside and rushes over to the cage to free the remaining aliens. She revels in their praise for a moment, turning her head slightly when she hears a familiar sound.




Lena paces around the first row of androids in her private lab, inspecting them like a drill sergeant would their new cadets. They’re made with Nth metal plated armour, stained in the dark red and blue colours of the House of El, equipped with sophisticated weaponry and defence mechanisms that can only be activated by her and Kara. The smooth, lustre finish is flawless, the design impeccable.

They’re perfect, the result of Lena’s brilliance and the technology collecting dust in the Fortress of Solitude. Kara was eager to provide Lena with access, surprising the CEO with her own knowledge. Lena was saddened to learn how the blonde was forced to strive for average when she arrived on earth, effectively denying the part of herself fascinated by science and advancement for so long. The product standing before her now is just a taste of the changes they will bring that will make earth the envy of the galaxy.

“Dr. Vose, have your team proceed with the second wave of production,” Lena says, eyes glued to the data on her tablet.

“Yes Ms. Luthor,” the man replies, bowing his head a little before leaving. He was one of many L-Corp employees who had pledged their allegiance to the new world order after Lena’s announcement of the company’s modified direction.

After fleeing a doomed planet, he arrived on earth where he struggled to find work despite his expertise in engineering. He had refused to hide his tusks just to make humans feel better about themselves. When Lena assisted Supergirl in his rescue from C.A.D.M.U.S years ago and learned of his background, she offered him a job, completely unfazed by his alien heritage. In fact, many of her employees were aliens, in open defiance of the pushback she got from investors and board members. She didn’t see why it mattered.

A video chat pops up on her screen. “Lena!” Sam exclaims as soon as the call is answered. “I’ve got news! The acquisition of Obsidian North has been finalized.”

Lena understands that taking over the world will require more than brute strength and force. Money and influence will be required and what better why to advance technology on this planet than cornering the market by eliminating the competition.

“Great work, Sam,” she says appreciatively.

“Also, I don’t know if you heard about Maxwell Lord?”

Lena quirks an eyebrow. “What about him?”

“He was murdered last night,” she whispers, leaning forward in her chair. “And— not to sound…insensitive— I think now might be a good time to snatch up his whopping two-thirds majority ownership.” Lena smiles, amused by the ambitious glint in her CFO’s eyes. “I agree. Put forward an offer.”

“Consider it done,” Sam beams.

“I know I’ve said this before but I really do appreciate all your help, Sam,” Lena starts, looking away for a moment. “I know that things may look a…certain way.” She thinks back to the carnage she saw last night that now dominated every news organization in the country. The government is controlling the optics, desperate to stop the masses from cheering on the fallen hero. So far, it isn’t working nearly as well as they’d hoped.

Sam waves her off. “Of course. Lena, I’ve known you a long time and I know that you don’t make any decisions lightly. And neither does Kara. You both saved my life, saved the world more times than anyone can count. I know that you’re doing all of this because you want the world to be a better place and I believe that you can do it. I want you to do it, I want that for Ruby. So I will do whatever I can to help, whatever you guys need.”

Admittedly, Lena was hesitant to share their plans of conquest, unsure of how her dear friend would react. But Sam, ever so supportive, had latched onto the vision immediately.

“Thank you Sam. It means a lot to me.” The pair exchange smiles before the call ends. Lena sets the tablet aside, exits the lab and heads up to her office. She’s been working for several hours straight, lots of business to catch up to after days of playing fugitive with Kara.

She stops just outside her office and stares at the desk where Jess sat dutifully everyday, diligent and at the ready. God she misses her, misses her genuine kindness stolen from the world far too soon. She halts in her tracks when she enters and eyes him standing in her balcony, totally unprepared for what would most likely be a painful confrontation.

Nevertheless, Lena steels herself and walks out to meet him, finally gaining his attention when she says, “James?”

He turns slightly, his forearms still resting on the railing in front of them. “Hey.” There’s something off about him that she can’t quite place, a stiffness to his gruff voice and an almost vacant look in his pitch black eyes. Were his eyes always that dark?

“What are you doing here?” she asks more coldly than she means to, her defences already flared instinctively. It’s the only way she knows to protect herself.

If he notices, it doesn’t show. “I needed to see you.”

She folds her arms across her chest, unsure of what else to do with them. “What for?”

“To know that you’re okay.” He straightens his stance, eyes narrowed in at the deep red bruising on Lena’s slender neck where her blouse remains unbuttoned. She made no attempt to conceal it with makeup. He frowns. “Is Kara hurting you?”

“No, absolutely not,” she answers defensively, lividly. Never once has Lena feared for her safety while in the presence of the rogue Kryptonian, even in the moments where she probably should have. There is something so addictive about the way Kara holds her, so dominant and strong, just enough to bruise but not really hurt. Even in the heat of passion, even in the depths of crimson swirling in her eyes, Lena could see the unspoken need for consent that would give her a chance to say stop. But Lena never did, she could never get enough of the power behind every touch as she relished being marked and claimed by Kara Zor-El.

“Lena, whatever Kara is doing to you, it isn’t right,” he says, closing the distance between them too quickly to be humanly possible. She steps back a few from the sudden closeness that no longer offered the comfort it once did.

“But she can’t force you to do anything anymore.” He reaches out a hand, half of his body still angled away from her. She just stares at it blankly. “I can protect you now.”

“What the hell do you think is going on, James?” she demands through gritted teeth, spurning the insinuation. “That Kara somehow coerced me?” She scoffs. “Kara hasn’t forced me to do anything that I didn’t want to do. I’m with Kara because I choose to be.”

“You...wanted this? You....” He trails off, balling his fist closely.

She sighs heavily. “This…this isn’t the way I wanted things to happen. You have to know that. And while I’m sorry that I hurt you, I won’t apologize for loving her.” A pained look spreads across his face, cutting Lena deep, but it’s quickly chased away by a contortion of anger and bitterness.

“You know, I really wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt,” he begins with sneer. “I wanted to believe that maybe you’re just a victim in all this, that maybe you’re just scared and confused. But you really are a Luthor, aren’t you Lena? So obsessed with power you would do anything to have it.” Lena trembles with a barely contained rage at his seething words, her chest heaving up and down with heavy breaths. James stalks its movement and smiles in way that reminds her of Lex, so full of malice. It’s a low blow and he knows it, just how sensitive she is about her Luthor genes, how terrified she is of being just as deranged as them. He has never allowed her to forget it.

He inches a little closer but his towering frame does not intimidate her. “Is that what drew you to her, even when you thought she was only human? Does it excite you? How many times did you think about her when I was the one fucking you? Is that why you never made a sound? Because you knew if you did, it would be her name you screamed?”

Her clenched jaw twitches uncontrollably under the strain. “You’re vile.”

His entire body shakes with mirth. “Me? You’re the one aiding and abetting a mass murderer and yet I’m the vile one?”

“I don’t have to explain myself to you,” she says in a icy, contemptuous tone that leaves him temporarily unsettled.

His gaze softens and he asks brokenly, “Did you ever love me?”

The answer falls from her lips like lead. “I tried to, I wanted to. But we both knew what this was when we started it, James.” Her relationship with him always felt as fragile as glass, like a house of cards waiting to collapse. It wouldn’t have been so hard if it was meant to be but neither one was willing to concede. Eventually Lena had convinced herself that she wasn’t cut out for love. And James let her believe it.

“So that’s it then?” He scoffs.

A sad smile tugs at the corners of her lips. “It was always inevitable, wasn’t it?” She turns away, hugging herself close. It’s too much, more than she’s willing to deal with right now. “I think you should leave.”

“I have to stop Kara,” he tells her, finally turning his entire body to her. That’s when she notices his fully healed arm, the purplish and unnatural hue to the prominent veins in his hand. “I have to be the hero this world needs.” His disturbingly dark eyes rest on Lena again, reminiscent of a black hole.

“It’s not too late for you to walk away. For you to be on the right side of history.” A lump moves from the base of his ear down the length of his thick neck and disappears again at the shoulder. He grunts a little from the discomfort of the parasite wrapping itself firmly around his spine, entwining irreversibly with his nervous system.

“James, what happened to you?” A startled Lena stumbles back when a fire engulfs his hands, the back of legs hitting the railing, trapping her in a corner.

“You know that old saying? Fight fire with fire.”

“You stole powers from an alien,” she gasps, a mixture of anger and disgust.

He nods, a smirk slowly emerging. “Turns out the Children of Liberty are a lot more resourceful than we originally thought.” Lena’s scowl deepens so much it threatens to become permanent. She had implored James to disavow having any connection to these dangerous fanatics weeks ago, an exercise in futility. When did he ever listen to her?

“So you’re working with them.” She shakes her head in disapproval. “Do you even know who these people are? Who their leader is?”

“Of course. So do you actually, we’ve all met before,” he says with deliberate vagueness. “Oh don’t look so shocked Lena! You said it yourself, why shouldn’t humans be as powerful as aliens?”

“Not at the expense of innocent lives, James!” she shouts, insulted that he would dare to compare her research into harun-el with this abomination. He simply shrugs, completely unresponsive to the fact that his own desperate need for power and recognition resulted in deaths. Maybe he just didn’t care anymore.

“I couldn’t just sit idly by and let Kara kill more humans like you do,” he spat.

“They deserved it,” Lena hears herself saying before she can think better of it. Fuck, why pretend anymore when Kara has given her the chance to embrace every depraved thought she kept hidden inside those little boxes.

“So does Kara,” he states calmly. “She’s a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. She will turn on you eventually Lena because you’re human too. You just can’t see it.” He edges into her personal space and grabs her shoulders roughly. He yanks her forward, his broad lips ghosting her ear as he whispers menacingly, “But you will soon enough.”

His grasp is strong, enhanced by his theft of power but it soon releases when his body is flung violently through the bulletproof window and into her office. Lena recoils involuntarily from the spray of glass but relaxes when she recognizes the black, indestructible fabric shielding her.

James picks himself off the glass covered floor awkwardly, wincing a little from the merciless blow that wrecked his entire frame. Kara’s eyes ignite with a white-hot fury as she stands territorially in front of the shattered doorway, blocking Lena from his view.

“You don’t touch her,” the blonde snarls like an enraged lion as she zooms over to him, pinning him against the wall with punishing jabs.

No one touches her!” The powerful, unearthly rumble in her voice raises the hair on Lena’s skin as it reverberates throughout the entire building like thunder. It was, undoubtedly, the most dangerous sound Lena has ever heard and yet, she has never felt safer.

“She is mine.” Rage bubbles over inside her, oozing out like liquid fire just thinking about someone else’s hands on Lena. It’s an unforgivable transgression.

“She doesn’t belong to you,” he croaks out defiantly, unable to shrug off the immense force of Kara’s punches but he manages to stand boldly. “I’m only giving you one chance to turn yourself in.”

Kara’s lips twitch upward into a cruel smile, red veins raised along her face, ebbing and pulsing in tune with the rise and fall of her breaths. “Oh how generous of you, Jimmy.” She chuckles darkly. “It’s almost sad that you’ve reduced yourself to this. It’s like you’re begging me to kill you.”

He yells out in frustration as he lurches forward gracelessly, connecting a right hook to her jaw. She doesn’t even acknowledge it, her head tilting slightly in annoyance as she delivers a disorienting slap to his face. He staggers back like a drunkard, a ringing in his ear that won’t go away, but arrogance prevents him from backing down while he still can.

She weaves and ducks effortlessly around the frenzy of fireballs and wild punches thrown aimlessly at her. Sweat rolls off his skin, soaking his close-fitting T-shirt as he stumbles forward, heaving with nausea. His momentum drops significantly, his heart beats erratically and his focus dulls as the parasite demands more energy than he can give. It was killing him. He reaches out to Kara, desperate to recharge but he’s too slow. She squints her eyes, activating her X-ray vision to locate the parasite fastened to his spine.

“You are truly despicable,” she says in a voice dripping with venom. She appears behind him in the blink of an eye and curls her fingers around his vertebral column in the same breath.

“Let me put you out of your misery.” Without hesitation Kara rips his spine out and disintegrates the screeching leech attached to it with her heat vision. James falls to the floor face forward, his eyes still widened in shock and fear, his mouth hanging open.

Lena lets out a long held breath.

“Lena.” Kara speeds over to her, brushing her knuckles along the flushed skin. The storm of rage and darkness dissipates from her features as she surveys Lena for any sign of injury. “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?”

She nods quickly, finally lifting her gaze from James’s lifeless body. “I’m okay.”

“You sure?” The softness in her voice draws Lena’s full attention.

“Yes darling I’m sure.” She places a hand on Kara’s broad chest, feeling her thumping heart beneath her fingertips. “How did you know he was here?”

“I didn’t. It was your heart. I heard it beating so fast.” One thing that Kara quickly noticed when she first came to earth was how distinct human heart beats were and Lena’s was, irrefutably, the most beautiful sound she has ever heard. It fluttered in a melody not unlike a siren calling sailors to jump overboard into the treacherous waters below.

Kara will gladly drown in it. Again and again.

A pinkness rises in Lena’s cheeks. “I didn’t know you’d be listening at all.”

“I am always listening for you, Lena,” Kara says softly, showing that rare form of vulnerability that only Lena is privy to. “Always.”

She wraps her arms around the brunette, pulling her into a warmth of reassurance and love. Lena nuzzles into the crook of Kara’s neck, burrowing into the solace of a killer without any scolding from a guilty conscience. That voice is gone now. They break out of the embrace when a shrill tone breaks the silence. Lena bends down and picks James’s phone off the ground.

An unknown caller appears. “Mr. Olsen. There’s been an attack on Shelley Island so we’ll need to regroup elsewhere.” His voice is rough with a slight inflection of panic but Lena knows it all too well.

We’ve all met before. James’s cryptic words play over and over in Lena’s mind and the voice on the other end of line solidifies a growing suspicion.

Her lips curl up into a wicked smile as she answers, “Hello Ben.”

Chapter Text

An eerie stillness engulfs the room.

Winn’s breath hitches in his chest like a bubble that’s trapped and can’t find its way out. It’s uncomfortable, pushing its way up his throat but not exiting. He wants to but he doesn’t dare shift his eyes away from the monitor even though he’s certain several minutes have passed since they combed through all the videos on Max’s server.

He doesn’t need the visual, he can practically feel the anger emanating from Alex’s trembling form, her fingers pressed so tightly onto the table her knuckles are blanching, aching to be flexed. She gives them no reprieve even as her skin seems to stretch beyond its limits, threatening to expose the fibres of nerve and bone underneath.

It’s a confession of sorts, an apology in some ways. Maxwell Lord seems genuinely remorseful as he speaks, his voice and demeanour void of the usual patronizing superiority. He’s humble, almost somber as he admits to his continued surveillance of Supergirl.

His drones captured one of Supergirl’s last missions as her heroic self. She flew alongside a train in Kaznia, the steam engine speeding forward with no way of stopping, the threaten of plummeting into the jagged rocks below inched closer.

The screams of terror transformed into cheers of hope when the passengers eyed that familiar red cape billowing in the whipping wind. The hero sped up and brought the train to a screeching halt with a powerful blast of her freeze breath. She hovered at the side of the train to wave and smile at the grateful passengers shouting praise for the incredible feat.

In all the excitement, Supergirl didn’t think to question why the exhaust above her has a faint reddish hue nor did she notice the conductor poking his head out the window. It’s a near imperceptible moment when his image inducer phases out to reveal a face Alex and Winn never thought they’d see again.

Otis Graves, apparently back from the end.

Max’s videos further explain how the red k formula was forced out of him by Eve Tessmacher who he had been dating for several months. Unbeknownst to him at the time, she was working for Lex Luthor. By the time he figured it all out, it was too late and his formula had been altered into something lethal and irreversible.

But he knew Alex would come to him seeking answers, despite how much she may not want to. He just needed to keep up the pretence of ignorance long enough to tell her what she needed to know. But as Eve hid behind the door with a loaded Glock and the intent to kill, all he could do is hope that Alex won’t throw away his card as she turns her back to leave.

“Lex did this,” Alex practically growls. “He’s been planning this for months and God knows what else.”

Winn looks up at her for a moment. “We need to show Lena and Kara.”

She nods as she pulls her phone out of her back pocket to call Lena but pauses when she catches a notification pop up on Winn’s computer screen and the worried look on his face that accompanies it. His nimble fingers move along the keyboard faster than Alex’s eyes can track as he explains rapidly how he set up a system to alert him of any remote access to the DEO mainframe. He leans back in his chair and groans, a rare curse escaping his lips.

The information the DEO had retrieved from Cyborg Superman’s hard drive was gone. Alex’s simmer finally reaches a boil when she eyes the authorization code flashing in bold letters.




“Hello Ben.”

The cold voice on the other end of the line causes him to instantly lose his grip on the burner phone. It collides with carpeted flooring beneath his brown Oxfords, saving the protection-less fibre glass screen from shattering irreparably but he barely registers the soft thud. The hammering of his heart as blood rushes to his ears and a heat creeps up the back of his neck are the stimuli he chooses to focus on. Well, it’s not much of a choice really.

When he placed that ill-fated call to Jimmy Olsen’s cell, he hadn’t in a million years anticipated hearing Lena Luthor’s emotionless tenor as the greeting. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t have bothered him, he would’ve brushed it off as nothing, denied anything that may or may not have popped up because of the implicating sentence he had just uttered. But these were different times now and while most of the world’s population bought into the government lie that Supergirl kidnapped Lena Luthor, Ben unfortunately knew better.

How long would it be before Lena’s massive IQ strung together the carefully laid out bits of truth? How long would it be before she passes along that information to the very, very dangerous alien who’s been hunting Agent Liberty and leaving a trail of bodies in her wake?

Ben swallows hard, swiping the sweat from his pasty brow with the back of his hand, trying (failing) to come up with an escape plan. There really wasn’t a single place on this planet he could hide from the deranged god hellbent on killing him. He slams his hand down on the desk in front of him in anger but the angle was off, causing a pain to shoot across his wrist.

“Fuck! Fuck!” His brain feels like a clock, ticking every second, each tick a hopeless, desperate thought. “Fuck!” He shakes his hand in the air, fingers splayed as if that would soothe the ache.

“Mr. Lockwood.” He nearly jumps out of his skin at the muffled utterance of his own name by the same PA that’s been doing it for the past month. “You’re on in ten minutes.”

“Got it, thanks Janet,” he croaks, trying to keep his voice even. He turns to the vanity in his green room and starts straightening himself.

Needless to say, the disturbing videos of the massacre on Shelley Island paired with Lena answering that desperate call reduced Ben to an absolute mess. He manages, with some mediocre success, to pull himself together— fastening the topmost button of his baby blue shirt in order to hide the body armour underneath, fixing the Windsor knot of his tie, smoothing out the lapel of his Armani blazer, ensuring the face of his Rolex sits perfectly on his wrist.

He frowns a little when he notices the errant strands of hair caked with so much sweat that they almost look gelled. He should really consider a full buzz cut.

The door creaks open.

“Just a second, Janet,” he says, combing through the rumpled mess on his head with clammy, trembling fingers. He stops cold when he look so over his shoulder in the mirror. It’s not Janet standing tall in the doorway. It’s not Janet glaring menacingly, arms folded imposingly, stance held confidently and exuding power. It’s decidedly not Janet.

He doesn’t move when she stalks towards him. He’s frozen, suspended in imaginary quicksand as he wishes the ground would quite literally swallow him whole.

Then he relaxes, regaining his Agent Liberty persona. “Lena Luthor,” he chuckles, lips etching into a cocky grin as he turns to face her. “What are you doing here? Want an autograph?”

“I think you know, Ben,” she says to him as she looks around the room disdainfully. “You’ve made quite a career for yourself. I guess xenophobia really pays in America. Doesn’t it, Agent Liberty?

She watches him carefully, noting the quick rise and fall of his broad chest, the flare of his nostrils, the intense glare of the hard brown liquid in his eyes. He’s as feral as a starved cheetah in the Savannah, so different from the distraught son who accosted her outside his father’s funeral several months ago.

His lips press into a thin line as he struggles to retain some semblance of control over his emotions. He doesn’t want her to see how unsettled she’s made him but she can sense it nonetheless. “What can I say? I’m giving the people what they want.”

She quirks an eyebrow in challenge. “Agent Liberty is what the people want?”

“Of course. It’s a voice to the powerless, to a revolution that needed to happen. And now that it has, you can’t stop it.” He reaches behind his back at the waist band of his tan trousers and produces a revolver. “You really shouldn’t have come here, Ms. Luthor.” He cocks the gun and aims for the space between her eyes but she’s not perturbed. More annoyed than anything else.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

“Why the fuck not?” he scoffs.

Because.” A dark figure emerges from the doorway behind Lena. His eyes open wide, a shiver of pure dread crawls down his spine, droplets of cold sweat fall from his brow into his face. The bullets in the revolver’s chamber rattle from the fright induced tremble in his grip. Despite every cell in his body screaming at him to run away, fear as him rooted in place.

The voice continues, dripping with acid, “If any harm ever came to Lena Luthor, I would rip whoever was responsible limb from limb and burn this entire world to the ground.”

Ben doesn’t dare to so much as exhale when Kara steps forward protectively but in a way that still allows Lena to maintain control of the situation. He tries to swallow the large, unmoving boulder in his throat but his mouth is too dry, his heart pounding too loudly in his ears.

“Who are you working with?” Lena asks, a warning layered in her words not to lie.

That doesn’t stop him from trying to evade as he tosses the gun to the floor. It may as well be a water pistol. “What makes you think I’m working with anyone?”

“No offence, but something tells me you don’t have the drive nor the resources to organize on this scale.” Her gaze hardens. “You sent your goons to L-Corp for kryptonite you shouldn’t even know about. So, spare me the trouble of being jerked around and tell me who you’re working with.”

As much as he resents it, he was always somewhat intimidated by Lena Luthor, by the way she carried herself high with an icy deadliness underneath her soft-spoken demeanour. Now, with a powerful Kryptonian standing next to her, eyeing him with a great intensity that no human could possibly manage, Lena is downright lethal.

In a few strides too quick for his eyes to map, Kara appears in front him and lifts his feet off the ground with one hand gripping at the collar of his shirt. Her eyes glow like the sun, the heat searing his skin due to the proximity. It feels like standing a little too close to a blazing inferno.

“Answer the fucking question,” she growls impatiently.

“It was Mercy Graves,” he answers through a series of pathetic whimpers. “But I-I-I don’t know anything about her, okay? I was just handing out flyers one day. She—she found me, gave me the gear and the equipment and hideouts and contacts.”

Kara’s eyes power down but not for his benefit he realizes as she turns to look back at Lena. Mercy Graves was a sore spot for the younger Luthor but she doesn’t dwell on it long as the dots began to connect themselves in her mind. The picture isn’t complete but she can see one part clearly now.

“Lex,” Lena says through her teeth. She barely spared a thought to the man since he stopped sending assassins after her and Morgan Edge took up the mantle. He must have somehow known she had figured out how to make kryptonite and tipped off the Children of Liberty to take it. She chuckles humourlessly. “Of course that bastard’s involved.”

“Lex Luthor?” Ben repeats in bewilderment, like someone who walked in halfway through a movie and can’t follow the plot. “I-I don’t know anything about Lex Luthor. I swear that—”

“Shut up,” Kara says darkly, punctuating the words with a harsh slap to his face. His ears ring, his vision blurs and for a moment, he’s almost certain his face broke free from his skull. He heaves out a mouthful of blood and a few loose teeth, sputtering wildly. With a firm grip to his shirt, Kara yanks him forward, practically dragging him out of the room.

She doesn’t let go until she reaches the stage, dumping Ben unceremoniously in front of the desk he’d usually sit behind as he spewed his hateful rhetoric and anti-alien propaganda. He opens his mouth to protest in outrage, anger outweighing the fear, but he snaps it shut the minute his eyes meet hers.

He’s heard about it of course, the way staring at Supergirl now feels like a promise of death but nothing could have prepared him for it. For the crimson flames that dance across her dark eyes, deep and devoid of anything remotely human.

Ben jumps involuntarily, an embarrassingly shrill and undignified sound escaping from his lips when Lena steps onto the stage to stand a few paces in front of him with Supergirl at her left flank. She feels somewhat nervous, knowing that what she’s about to do cannot be undone, but Kara’s strong presence next to her banishes all doubts and instills a level of confidence and determination she’s never experienced before.

“I’m ready when you are, Ms. Luthor,” a man says as he angles his camera, lining up the frame perfectly, proudly showing his third-eye for the first time. Ben’s face crumples in confusion, wondering why everyone at the station is rolling out the red carpet for this woman, unknowing of the fact that L-Corp is the silent majority owner of its parent company and that many of the employees he crapped on were aliens too.

“Attention citizens of National City and the rest of the world,” Lena begins, voice as measured and calm as ever. Lillian would be proud. “For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Lena Luthor and I’m here to clear up a few things. Firstly, I was never kidnapped by Supergirl. In fact, she and I are working together to protect you all and help make this world a better place, just as we always have. The government wants you to be afraid, wants you to believe that Supergirl and all other aliens are the threats because they are terrified of change and what that will bring. A world of peace, a world of technological advancement, of equality. A world where it doesn’t matter what colour your skin is, what gender you are or what planet you’re from. A world that doesn’t have to only exist in our imagination, a world that we can and will create together.”

Lena gives the cameraman a subtle signal so that he shifts the angle to a snivelling Ben. Kara lifts him off the ground and tears his suit off with a simple tug, leaving him in just a paramilitary uniform, stars of the American flag wrapped around his chest.

“This worm of a man is Agent Liberty,” Kara says, tightening her fistful of his matted hair. He squirms uncomfortably in her tight grasp, baring his teeth and fuming like a rabid dog. “The terrorist responsible for the loss of countless innocent lives. He represents the kind of hate in this world that has been left to grow toxic and incurable because those in charge continually refuse to do anything about it.”

She glances over at Lena and grins, a wicked and delighted thing. “But we will.” She pulls his head back with a sharp jerk that elicits an agonized howl.

“Wait,” he quickly begs, self-preservation finally kicking into overdrive. “Wait. Don’t kill me. Please, I have a family. I have a son! He needs me!” His eyes drift over to Lena, desperately searching for what he will not find.

“Come on! Are you just going to let her kill me?!” he demands with a untamed fury Lena’s been greeted with before.

“You and your crazed band of merry men have killed your fair share of aliens. You really think you deserve to live after all that?” Lena asks as she takes a step closer to get a better look at him squirming fruitlessly in Kara’s grasp.

“I am a patriot!” He roars indignantly, the tendons in his neck seconds away from snapping under the strain of his yell.

“You’re an extremist,” Lena corrects with a grimace. “It’s over for you.”

“Over? Over?! Agent Liberty was just the beginning of the end for them. I am standing up for American lives! Fighting for our planet! These fucking roaches don’t belong here. They all deserve to die for what they’ve done.”

He casts Lena a hateful glare. “And you. Fucking roach lovers like you deserve to burn with them.” His vehement shouts echo a certain psychopathy she had only associated with Lex until now.

She levels a heavy gaze, seething just beneath the surface. “Not to worry Ben, she’s not going to kill you.”

Kara shoves him forward, the abrupt motion causing him to lose his footing and fall awkwardly to the ground. Anyone lucky enough to survive an encounter with Supergirl should be elated but as a wave of apprehension washes over Ben, he almost begs for her to do him in. Several aliens converge on the set around him. He tries to scramble to his feet but he finds himself too petrified to even twitch a single muscle.

“However, I can’t speak for them.” Lena lips turn up into a cruel smile as the aliens march towards him with thunderous stomps. And he realizes with great finality.

His revolution is over but theirs? It’s as inevitable as the sun rising in the east, as spring arriving after winter, as the pull of the moon around the earth. And their revolution will be the last.

“Wait.” He manages to get on his knees, a fitting position for all the begging he was about to do. “Wait! Please! No! No!”

Kara places a hand on the small of Lena’s back as they walk away from Ben’s incessant, bloodcurdling screams that following them like an echo in a vast cave.

She only stops walking when Lena suddenly halts. “What is it?” she asks as Lena pulls out her vibrating phone.

“It’s Alex,” Lena answers, sounding more shocked than she should. Alex has been texting her for days but this one is short in its urgency, too pressing to be ignored. “She needs to see us. Now.”



J’onn leans back heavily in his seat once his ships touches down gracefully on the soil below. It’s been hours since he felt earth, hours since he agonized over the decision to even come here but now that he’s reached his destination, uncertainty overcomes him once more.

Then he reminds himself, he has to protect Alex and Winn, he has to save Kara from the pull of darkness threatening to consume the light within her. He can’t sit back, every second of hesitation is a second longer the red hue of intoxicating power pulses through her veins. Every second is a march closer to permanency.

He inhales deeply and keeps it there, centring himself once more before exhaling slowly. He exits the ship through the loading dock, halting in his tracks when several beams from ionized weapons are aimed at him.

“Identify yourself!” One of them orders in Kryptonian.

J’onn places his hands up, palms forward and open, the universal gesture of I mean no harm. “I am J’onn J’onzz, the Last Son of Mars.”

So you’re the Martian,” the woman says as she lowers her gun and motions for the others to do the same. “Kara and Mon-El mentioned you when they were here.” She steps forward with her hand extended in greeting. “I’m Thara Ak-Var.”

Ah, yes,” he says with a smile, giving her hand a firm shake. “Pleasure to meet you.”

She peers over J’onn’s shoulder expectantly. “Are they with you? Kara and Mon-El I mean.”

He shakes his head. “I’m afraid not. I’m here to see Clark— Kal-El. Something has happened back on earth that requires his assistance.”

Kal-El left for earth about a day ago,” Thara says, a puzzled look on her face, as if she’s thinking this is something that he should already be aware of. “But his wife Lois is still here.”

Can you take me to her?”

Of course.” J’onn follows Thara onto a hover craft, looking around as they travel quickly through Argo City. He can’t imagine how it must’ve been for Kara, to have to rediscover her home only to leave it all behind once again. He’s not sure he’d ever be able to do that if given the chance to live on the Mars he used to know.

They come a stop outside a large compound, the crest of the great House of El branded on the gate. Thara leads J’onn inside, calling out for Lois once they reach a large room with an open floor plan. There’s several plants lining the walls, a skyline for natural light to funnel through. It’s breathtaking, the way the difference in wavelengths caused by the artificial dome covering Argo makes everything have a somewhat magical quality to it.

“Thara,” Lois says when she rounds the corner, stepping back in surprise when she eyes the unexpected company. “J’onn? What…what are you doing here?”

“Something’s happened back on earth,” he tells her, slipping back into English. “We need Clark’s help.”

Lois blinks rapidly, face scrunched up in confusion. “What—I don’t understand. We received a distress call from earth two days ago saying that Superman needed to return. We—we thought it was you guys or the DEO.”

J’onn shakes his head slowly. “No, we never sent any message. That’s—that’s why I’m here.”

Lois regards J’onn carefully, studying him like a scientist observing an experiment they don’t quite understand the inner workings of. It’s not unknown to her, the contentious air that plagued every interaction between Clark and J’onn, but seeing the Martian here, the desperation in his tired eyes, the slight tremble in his hand clenched so tightly, Lois’s heart fights its way up her throat in response.

Whatever it is, whatever the situation Clark had unwittingly thrown himself into, it’s big. Massive really, if it has even the Martian Manhunter so on edge.

“What’s going on, J’onn?” Lois asks, divided between wanting an answer and not. She closes the distance, placing a consoling hand on his arm. “Tell me. Please.”

The set of J’onn’s jaw is so tight, Lois thinks it might be hard enough to cut diamonds. He exhales slowly, a deep measured breath. “It’s…it’s Kara. She was exposed to red kryptonite. We don’t know how or who’s responsible but it’s…it’s changed her. She’s not the same person we knew.”

“Red kryptonite?” Thara repeats from her post near the archway. J’onn and Lois nod in unison, both of them forgetting for a moment that there was a third person in the room.

“Kryptonite is radioactive fragments of Krypton that landed on Earth after the planet was destroyed,” J’onn explains quickly. “It weakens Kryptonian’s under the yellow sun and any high or prolonged exposure can kill them.”

Thara nods. “So…is the red kryptonite lethal as well?”

“Not in the same way,” Lois murmurs, swallowing thickly. The lump in her throat won’t go away, it balls up and settles, hot and sticky. “It turns off all inhibitions. Makes them reckless and callous.”

J’onn’s brow furrows, shoulders sagged with a burden that seems to grow heavier by the second. “It’s doing more than that this time. It’s unlocked all the darkness and rage that she’s kept buried deep down inside and now she’s consumed by it. She’s let go of her humanity completely, running on logical only, doling out justice the way she sees fit. We…we can’t reason with her anymore. If we don’t stop her now, she’s going to takeover the world.”

It’s the first time he’s put any of these feelings into words, the first time he’s ever voiced just how much of threat Kara has become. It’s never been lost on him, the great potential for destruction that Kara possesses, the internal struggle she has sometimes controlling that power.

But now, there’s no conflict in Kara’s mind, her singular thought of world domination and unrelenting obsession with keeping Lena are what drives her, what makes her so dangerous. So unstoppable.

“Lois?” J’onn says, eyes searching hers for some indication that she’s still mentally present.

When her throat starts working again she says, “There’s…there’s something you need to see.” She doesn’t wait to ensure that he’s following as she moves off in quick, slightly panicked strides. J’onn follows at a respectable distance, Thara in tow. They don’t stop stop until Lois pushes through a door. Though J’onn never been here before, he already knows what this is.

“Zor-El’s lab,” Lois announces as she walks over to a work bench. “Clark and I started doing through some of his research, seeing what might be useful to take back to the Fortress.” She pulls a notebook into view and flips it open to the page of interest.

“You know about the Matrix?” she asks, question obviously directed to J’onn.


“Well, take a look at this.” She shifts the book to give him a better look. J’onn inhales sharply when he takes in the Kryptonian formula he’s seen before in Lena’s lab.

“This…this is harun-el.”

Lois nods. “The witches weren’t the only ones working with it. Zor-El has several journals detailing his research into it.”

“He was trying to make Worldkillers?”

“I don’t think so but he was definitely trying to integrate it Kryptonian DNA and make super soldiers.”

“But what does that have to do with the Matrix?” J’onn asks her, unable to draw the connection.

“The Matrix uses optimal DNA samples, essentially allowing you to achieve the greatest genetic potential.” She flips to the next page. “Zor-El added harun-el to Kara’s DNA to make her stronger, better. To achieve perfection. He just never anticipated the effects under a yellow sun.” She tucks strand of hair behind her hair nervously, a characteristic J’onn’s never associated with her until now.

Lois’s teeth sink into her plump bottom lip. “I’ve…I’ve always wondered why Kara was so much stronger than Clark, than any other Kryptonian really. Now we know why. She was literally designed to be that way, from birth.”

“And with this new version of red kryptonite in her system, there’s really no telling what she’s capable of doing,” J’onn says, suddenly breathless, stumbling back a little as if he was just shoved.

“Clark’s in danger,” Lois says, the impact of her words now dawning on her. “If he fights Kara now—”

“He’ll lose,” J’onn finishes, glancing sideways at her, wondering if she heard she’ll kill him instead. “Is there anything here that you think might help us?”

“No. I…I don’t think so.”

J’onn nods, straightening himself. “Alright. I should get back. Maybe the two of us together can bring her down. We’ll figure out how to remove the red kryptonite afterwards.”

“I’m coming with you.”

He shoots her a stern look. “Absolutely not.”


“You need to stay here where you’ll be safe. It’s not just you that you need to think about.” Lois sighs, an audible resignation that by no means should be translated as full acceptance of the situation. With one final look, J’onn turns to leave, led back to his ship by Thara. The short trip there is quiet, both minds absorbing all the information given.

J’onn shudders at the thought of Kara possessing the same untempered power and twisted sense of justice that Reign had displayed. Perhaps even worse because deep down, this is Kara. That’s what makes the situation so heartbreaking, the truth that forces all of them to face.

This version of Kara, this dark and hellish creature was not born from a red glow beneath her tanned, diamond-hard skin.

It’s born from the pain of losing an entire civilization, the isolation of two decades in the Phantom Zone with no hope of escape, the denial of what made her the person she was in favour of fitting in, in favour of acceptance from a world terrified of what people like her can do.

It’s born from the anxieties brought on by all the losses, the never ending nightmares, the fears of losing control in a world as fragile as glass.

Red kryptonite unlocks all of that, channels it into a bottomless well of strength and focus, bringing absolute clarity. Allows Kara to be fully Kryptonian in a way she hasn’t ever been able to since the destruction of her home planet. And that is something that no one can fight.

May Rao’s light be with you,” Thara says once they reach the ship.

The Martian smiles appreciatively. “Thank you.” He boards the ship, giving Thara one final wave before he walks up to the bridge and charts a course for earth.

Chapter Text

It’s surreal being back here. The last time they graced the halls of L-Corp were under less than pleasant circumstances, tainted an awful shade of tense due to Lena’s tight-lipped attitude regarding Sam/Reign and her even shadier work with kryptonite.

Strides were made since then of course as Alex soon realized that, in the same situation, she wouldn’t have done anything differently. She liked Sam too and wanted to bring her back for Ruby.

Now, the air feels almost as stifling as she paces back and forth, eyes shifting impatiently towards the door every few seconds like clockwork. There aren’t many employees traipsing around but whenever she does see even a glimmer in her periphery, her head snaps up violently.

Winn remains still, leaning back in plush swivel chair, watching Alex and trying not to be affected by the obvious irritation radiating from her. The leather strap of his messenger bag groans when he tightens his grip nervously. He jumps involuntarily, a small whimper climbing out of his throat when Alex abruptly halts.

He follows her hardened gaze to the glass doors leading into the conference room where they were instructed to wait. Kara reaches forward and opens the door for Lena before following her in.

Alex suppresses the urge to eye roll at how chivalrous this depraved version of her sister is behaving. Kara sticks close to Lena like a shadow, dark eyes meeting Alex’s without a trace of emotion.

She may as well be an unimpressive art piece or generic seashell one has no interest in collecting. She tries to play it off, the knife slicing through her heart so hot and wrenching at the cold indifference. Instead, she shifts her focus to a receptive pair of green eyes.

“Lena,” Alex sighs, relieved and on instinct she closes the gap with her arms open wide. Lena jerks herself away from a growling Kara to step into the embrace, hugging Alex just as tightly. It feels right, like a long awaited reunion.

“I was worried about you, Luthor,” she murmurs into Lena’s shoulder, so softly it’s only audible to three of the four people in the room. “I’m glad you’re safe.” She looks over Lena’s shoulder as she pulls away and adds, “Both of you.”

“Both of us?” Kara repeats with a derisive snort. “That’s rich, considering the fact that you shot at me while I had Lena in my arms. And let’s not forget about you stabbing me in the back with kryptonite the first chance you got.” Alex feels a twinge of guilt. She didn’t want it, that green-filled dart encased in lead that grew heavier by the day in her pocket, weighed down by the truth of why she kept it. Though she had successfully pretended otherwise, Kara’s first red k episode terrified her, left her on edge.

It’s why she flinched every time Kara so much as raised her voice, whenever veins popped up against her impenetrable skin as she shook with barely contained anger, or the rare occasion she witnessed a broody Kara demolish the training room without breaking a sweat. Because deep down she knew, she always knew, that Kara is the most dangerous person on earth.

Alex tries to reign in the fight-or-flight responses wrestling inside her. “You—you burnt a man’s hand off and you weren’t going to stop there. I—I had to get you somewhere safe.”

“Safe?" She scoffs. "The DEO has kept kryptonite for years, turned against me without hesitation. It has never been a safe place for me. All it did was provide another way for you to control me. You can’t stand it now, can you? The fact that I’m finally free of you.”

Alex can’t formulate a response. Lena gives her a sympathetic look, one that draws the redhead’s attention back to the warmth she can no longer expect from Kara. That’s when her eyes flicker down to the indicative bruising around Lena’s neck, peeking out from the collar of her satin shirt and the topmost buttons left undone. She pulls Lena aside, placing herself between the CEO and a displeased Kryptonian.

Sister or not, Kara doesn’t appreciate the idea of anyone else touching Lena. Nor is she willing to tolerate it.

“What the fuck did you do to her?” Alex demands, jabbing an accusing finger at Kara who doesn’t even budge under the scrutiny of her gaze. Her expression is indecipherable but Alex wagers it borders closely with rage.

“Alex,” Lena starts, placing a placating hand on Alex’s raised shoulder. “It’s not what you’re thinking—”

Alex raises an incredulous eyebrow at that, thoroughly unconvinced. “Oh you have no idea what I’m thinking right now.” She wants to kick herself for not doing more to help get Lena away from Kara, for basically leaving a lamb in the den of a ravenous lion. Kara could’ve killed Lena at any moment, just for shits and giggles.

She throws a disparaging sneer Kara’s way. “You know, despite how far you’ve gone, I never thought you’d do something like this. The Kara I knew would never—”

“How dare you,” Kara grits out through tightly clenched teeth, nostrils flared at the insinuation she won’t allow Alex to finish. Her voice is low and dangerous as she takes a menacing step forward. “I would never hurt her.”

Despite her bravado and outrage, Alex can’t help it. She instinctively cowers back, not unlike a small prey being approached by a large, carnivorous predator.

“Lena is mine,” the blonde says with just the right balance between possessive and loving. It’s unhinged and unquestionably dark but it always settles low in Lena’s belly and leaves her slick against her underwear. The twitch of Kara’s nose and the outline of a smirk on her lips tells Lena that she knows it too.

“She’s not some object for you to own,” Alex argues feebly, taking offence on Lena’s behalf.

“Of course not.” Her gaze softens as it falls on Lena. “She is the only one worthy of me. The only person I will ever belong to.” Lena gasps, a sharp intake of breath at the sincerity pooled in Kara’s dark eyes, at the way someone who’s transcended this world still looks at her like she hung the moon and stars.

It’s the kind of love that Lena’s never thought to question, the kind that vouches for itself over time. The kind that’s so raw and visceral that no amount of red kryptonite can ever erode it. The kind that she shouldn’t want, not like this.

All heads turn when Winn awkwardly clears his throat. “So um…there’s a thing that you guys need to see.”

“Right,” Lena nods, motioning at the seventy-two inch monitor mounted on the wall across from them. Winn establishes a secure connection to L-Corp’s network and sends the information from his tablet to the screen with a drag of his finger.

It’s hard to tell how much time passes as they go through each of Lord’s files but Winn presses on, interjecting as needed.

Lena is mostly unreadable, the only indication that she registered anything at all is the bulge in her cheek from the tightness of her clenched jaw. If she pulls it any further, the bone might actually split down the middle.

Kara’s eyes dart between the information on display and Lena, as if she’s trying to determine what the CEO is feeling. Alex watches them both, sticking as close to Lena as Kara will allow her.

Lena’s heart is racing, so many questions answered but so many more risen. It certainly does bring things into perspective, brings clarity to Lex’s anonymous backing of the Children of Liberty and Kara’s rather sudden red k exposure. But it also opens up of the floodgates of negative emotions Lena only associates with her cursed family name, the foremost of those being anger—at Lex and herself.

How did she not see this coming? How could she have allowed herself to let her guard down for even a single moment? How could she underestimate just how insane her psychopath of a brother really is? She should’ve known that Lex would never rest, that his propensity to obsess over the unobtainable would never leave him be. She is a lot like him in that regard after all.

“So Lex is playing both sides,” Lena finally says after God knows how long and her throat starts working again. “Typical.”

Alex nods slowly. “We really should’ve taken this whole Agent Liberty thing more seriously. I mean, who knows what else Lex has his hands in.”

“It wouldn’t have changed anything,” Lena tells her, folding her arms across her chest, still engaged in a staring competition with a screen. She thinks if she had Kara’s heat vision, she might’ve melted the LCD by now. “Lex’s endgame is the same as always. He wants to be humanity’s saviour and rid the world of aliens. This is his way of accomplishing both at the same time.”

She scoffs, picturing Lex quoting some old proverb along the lines of kill two birds with one stone. Or perhaps something more Machiavellian. It is rather brilliant in an infuriating way.

“And Kara has been playing right into his hands,” Alex says, casting a concerned look at the blonde creature wearing her sister’s skin. Kara has never felt so alien.

“How have I been doing that?” Kara asks, eyes still trained on the last file Winn pulled up. It contained the modified red kryptonite formula that Lex had developed, an isomer of Maxwell’s original structure.

Alex steps around Lena to stand directly in front of Kara. “How? With everything you’ve been doing! All the killing and destruction and everything else that you can’t take back. The entire country is in a state of emergency because you, Kara. The world is terrified of what you’re doing.”

She swallows thickly, bile rising like a tide up her throat. “Now you’re out there encouraging other aliens to do the same as you. Don’t you see that all of this is exactly what Lex wants? For aliens to become the threat to unite humanity behind him?”

She takes a step closer, desperate eyes reaching for any semblance of the sister she knew, the sister who crash landed on earth over a decade ago. The sister who snuck out to take her flying, who taught her about the stars, who held her through every shitty thing that’s ever happened. The sister she didn’t want but will do anything now to have.

A chill falls over Alex’s entire frame when the Kryptonian’s dark gaze settles on her, harsh and penetrating. “That doesn’t matter.”

“It doesn’t—of course it fucking matters! He poisoned you with red kryptonite Kara and Lex—”

“—is a dead man,” Kara states calmly, cutting her off with a dangerous edge to her voice. Her eyes flash a violent crimson, eclipsing the vanishing traces of blue. It’s almost demonic. “You seem to think that he is in control of the situation, that he controls the narrative the mindless masses will follow. They are sheep after all. He thinks it to, so convinced that he’s going to win but he won’t. None of these fools will because I am the one in control. I am the one with the power.”

A wide and narcissistic grin etches across her face. Alex tampers down the desire to punch her. “This world needs me to rule it and nothing—especially not an inferior man—is going to get in the way of that.”

Anger continues to climb up Alex’s chest like a nasty case of heartburn. It settles, somewhere in her throat and won’t go back down. The Kara she once knew was gone, replaced by a some otherworldly being that runs on logic and reasoning only. Arguing with her was a waste of oxygen.

“Lena, tell me you don’t agree with this. We—we have the evidence now, we can expose Lex for what he is. We can do things the right way.”

“You’re a lot of things Alex but naïve isn’t one of them,” Lena says, meeting her gaze. “The government is clearly corrupted by Lex and even if they weren’t, stopping him would never be that simple.” She sighs. “Kara and the aliens didn’t start this war. Humans—Lex and others like him—they did. This is only going to end in one of two ways.”

Alex shakes her head, trying to banish the voice ringing in the back of her mind that Lena is right. She can’t accept it. “This isn’t right. None of this is right.”

“No one is asking you to join us,” Kara snaps, red cracks slithering across her skin, dark and imposing. It hits Alex like a sharp punch to the stomach. “You can remain loyal to a government you know is corrupt and immoral like you’re so accustomed to doing. You can even side with the alien hating scum out there. Frankly, I don’t care what you do. So long as you stay out of my way, we won’t have any problems.”

“And if I don’t?” Alex challenges, taking an ill-advised step towards a seething Kryptonian. “What are you going to do? Fucking kill me? Are you going to kill everyone who doesn’t agree with you?”

“We’re going to minimize the deaths as much as possible,” Lena quickly interjects, the tension growing so thick and heavy she can practically reach out and touch it.

Alex scoffs, hands balled and trembling at her sides. “Minimize the deaths? Do you even hear yourself? Thousands of soldiers were slaughtered, Lena. Is that what you call minimizing?

“You mean the soldiers who were locked and loaded with kryptonite weapons from the DEO?” Kara demands angrily and accusingly. “The soldiers who had every intention of killing me and any other alien present?”

Alex flies into defensive mode. “And why do you think that is, Kara? Huh? What did you expect? You attacked the DEO and—”

“You morons attacked me first. I will do whatever I deem necessary to neutralize anything that threatens my life and what we’re trying to achieve.” She glances over at Winn when he shifts in discomfort. “And what of your loyalties?”

“You know I’m always on your side, Kara,” Winn replies without missing a beat. “Now I-I won’t kill but I’ll do whatever else I can to help you and Lena.”

Kara regards him carefully before she nods, seemingly satisfied. “Good.”

“Alex,” Lena says, drawing the agent’s attention back to her. “What about you?”

“I don’t know,” she admits, pinching the bridge of her nose. She lets out an exasperated sigh. “I just…I don’t know. It’s not that simple.”

“Well, I’ll make it easy for you,” Kara says pointedly. “You’re either with me or against me.” Alex looks up, meeting Kara’s glare head on. Despite everything that’s happened, the idea of being against Kara didn’t sit well with her at all. But could she really swear allegiance to a regime she didn’t fully support? Could she turn a blind eye to the tyrant Kara will become in her quest for power and control?

“We’re done here.” Kara casts her a dismissive look, chilling in its stark emptiness and the absence of the warmth it used to house.

Alex moves forward to block Kara’s path. “Wait.” The Kryptonian tilts her head curiously. “I uh—There’s something you should probably know.” She takes a deep, unsteady breath. “The government. They found out about your identity from…from Maggie.” Her voice breaks at the end, ragged and strained.

“I know and I’ve already dealt with it.”

“You….” She swallows hard, taking in the meaning behind Kara’s words, the glint of god-like arrogance in her steely eyes. There’s no question about it but she doesn’t have time to feel devastated. That’s not what she wants to feel.

Alex’s fist moves of its own accord, launching forward with all the strength she can muster and connecting with something so solid and powerful. It’s as effective as butterfly wings against a mountain, as idiotic as throwing rocks against a tank. Her thumb breaks first as the impact travels from her closed fist up the length of her arm and reverberates down to her toes. It fractures the bones along her wrist as her hand practically compresses into a two dimensional structure.

Lena and Winn gasp simultaneously, eyes blown widen in shock at the audacious act rather than what caused it. Kara barely acknowledges the contact, eyes gleaming with cruel amusement. “I’ll let you have that one. But if you so much as breathe near me again I will—”

“Darling,” Lena says, stepping between the two before it goes any further. She places a calming hand on Kara’s chest. Kara deflates immediately at the touch as Lena slides her hand to the space between the Kryptonian’s neck and shoulder. “Maybe you should give us a minute. Please.”

Kara looks over Lena's shoulder as the agent cradles her broken hand, still daring to meet Kara’s gaze with a fierce glare. “Fine,” she says, not wanting to upset Lena. “I have things to do anyway. Are the bots ready?”

“Yes. They’re programmed through the AI in your suit.”

Kara smiles wickedly and it does all the right things to Lena. “Excellent.” She steps closer, taking Lena’s face in her hands oh so gently before capturing her mouth in a searing kiss. Winn tries not to cringe from his perch near the monitor, choosing instead to walk over to Alex’s hunched form.

The blonde pulls away, thumb stroking Lena’s cheek tenderly. “I’ll be listening.” It’s meant as reassurance to Lena but Alex can hear the underlying threat directed to her as well. Before Lena’s next breath, Kara speeds out of the building and takes off, shaking the entire structure with the sheer force of it.

“Listening to what?” Winn asks.

“My heartbeat,” Lena answers as she closes the distance to Alex. The agent jerks away from her. “Alex please. Come down to my lab and let me help you.” Alex concedes, rather reluctantly, and allows herself to be led down to the sub level. She looks around the foreign yet familiar looking space, standing awkwardly near the door. Lena motions for her to sit on a stool in front of her work station.

“Mind if I hop on?” Winn points a thumb at the covet-worthy screens and processor occupying a corner of the lab. “Maybe I can find out what else Lex is planning or where he is now.”

Lena smiles. “Knock yourself out.” Winn vibrates with excitement as he walks with purpose over to the monitors, cracking his knuckles and rolling his shoulders. He plops down and starts clacking away. Lena reaches down carefully and props Alex’s crumpled hand on the lab bench.

She frowns disapprovingly. “I get that you’re angry but punching Kara was really stupid.” She grabs a small cylindrical container and releases the nanites inside. With a simple command to Hope, the nanites form a brace around Alex’s hand.

“You didn’t know about Maggie.” Alex winces a little as they slowly shift the shattered bones into place, fusing to repair them one by one. She can’t help staring in awe at the ingenuity.

“No,” Lena sighs, turning her attention to a tablet screen, making a few adjustments. “I am so sorry.” Alex nods, teeth sinking into her lip to keep from breaking down completely. “This shouldn’t take too long but you’ll need to wear this for a few more days to ensure you heal properly.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem.”

“Not…not just for this.” She lifts her gaze to Lena’s and exhales heavily. “Kara. The last time this happened, she didn’t trust any of us enough to let us in. She had to go through it all alone. And the suit? She might’ve been killed by now if it wasn’t for you.”

Lena chuckles softly. “And here I thought you’d be pissed at me.”

“I’m not,” Alex says, smiling faintly. “I just…I need to know. Did you ever have any intention of curing her?”

“Of course I did,” she murmurs, managing to hide how insulted she feels being questioned this way. “I ran the tests, I conducted brain scans. But my brother doesn’t create anything with a failsafe.”

Alex visibly tenses. “What—what do you mean?”

“Lex reworked the formula to be irreversible, to create lasting changes. There’s no undoing it.”

Alex wants to reject that, wants to push them both to believe otherwise but a part of her has already accepted it, already embraced what’s going to happen. What needs to happen. She hates that part. “So you’re really doing this then. With Kara.”

Lena nods, observing her closely. “I know that things are messy right now but the government has to be held accountable for their failings and deceit. The world will be a better place for it in the end, Alex. I promise you that.”

Alex straightens, pulling her hand back. “And who will hold you and Kara accountable when you’re the ones with all the power?”

Lena’s mouth opens and clicks shut.

The question hangs there for an eternity. Alex eventually slides off the stool and walks away, knowing that there is no answer.



Lex drags a palm down his face, trying to centre himself. Throwing things around, exploding because of Lena’s bold proclamation on national television, it’s unbecoming for a Luthor. When he had encouraged Lena to seize power and wield it fearlessly years ago, this isn’t what he had in mind. Lena was meant to stand by his side, a loyal sycophant who could pump out ideas for him to steal.

He takes a deep breath and fixes his cuff links, grimacing at the speckles of blood, ignoring the groans from the minion who incurred his wrath due to the unwelcome news. His day was going rather well up until that point.

“Try not to hurt the brand with your little temper tantrums dear,” Lillian says with a tight smile as she reclines in her chair, one leg lapped over the other. She lifts a cup of chamomile to her lips. “It’s counterproductive.”

He rolls his eyes, kicking the man on the ground in the stomach to shut him up. “You’ve made your feelings perfectly clear about my plan, Mother.”

“And yet you’ve continued, against my sound advice.” She places her tea cup on its saucer and tilts her chin up. “Had you kept me abreast of your plans earlier, things would have gone your way instead of this wild mess.”

“Things are going my way,” he grumbles, pouring out a glass of scotch. He downs it all in one go, swallowing hard and deliberate. “Had I known that all you’d do is criticize me at every turn, I wouldn’t have liberated you from prison.”

She raises a scandalized eyebrow. “Don’t get me wrong, dear. You’ve seized control of the government with your pocket candidate. You correctly anticipated Supergirl’s reaction to the red kryptonite exposure, wisely fanned the flames of hatred and war against the aliens. Hell, you even managed to convince the Man of Steel to return to earth. Well done. But you underestimated the Kryptonian’s importance to your sister. The one variable you failed to account for was Lena helping Supergirl.”

She couldn’t really blame Lex for not being able to identify what was so painfully obvious to her, the undeniable connection between Lena and Kara that could not be explained away by anything other than love. It’s something Lex has never experienced.

“Because of that, Supergirl survived the military and all the kryptonite that should have ended her life.”

Lex’s entire frame trembles with rage at the unsheathed truth of Lillian’s words. For all his intelligence, his years of meticulous planning, the careful placements and manipulations, he never once considered such a wildcard. Lena hated betrayal and often retreated from relationships once that happened. He was certain that same pattern would follow with Supergirl once her identity is inevitably revealed but instead, the opposite had happened.

The woman who abhorred his own ambitions, who singlehandedly landed him in prison and usurped his place in the family business, was now standing with a false god who could crack the planet in half on a whim. Loathe as he was to admit it, Lena’s involvement changed things significantly but if Lex was anything, it’s adaptable.

So, once again he takes a deep breath as he rounds the corner of the desk. He settles into the large leather chair and props his feet up on the solid mahogany frame. “Not to worry, Mother. My plan will still succeed, the Kryptonian will be destroyed—both of them. And I will do it my way.”

Lillian raises to her feet and waves vaguely at a screen. “Sure you can use the Medusa files from the DEO to recreate the virus that will wipe out all aliens but the Kryptonian will remain unaffected and she’s now protected from kryptonite. How will you account for that? Or are you really relying on Superman to fix that problem for you?”

Lex gives her a cunning smile. “Oh Mother. Do you remember when those savage Daxamites invaded earth? They brought a lot of little treasures with them, most interesting was silver kryptonite. Then of course there’s the red one and even blue. It made me think about all the possibilities out there, the different affects that they can have. Surely there is some variation that can permanently destroy these pious Supers. One that the Daxamites were too stupid to use.”

As if on cue, Otis swaggers into the bunker carrying a lead-lined briefcase. He nods curtly at Lillian as he makes his way over to Lex and places the case down on the desk near his feet. Lex motions lazily for him to open it.

Lillian gasps at the contents. “Is that—”

“Yes Mother, it is.”

“What are we calling this one boss?” Otis asks as he cleans his teeth with his tongue.

Lex cocks his head to one side, pensive. “I would prefer proper IUPAC naming but since we’re stuck with this rudimentary system, I suppose you’d call this one gold.” He chuckles darkly, eyes glazed with madness. “Gold kryptonite.”



Kara hovers just above the chaos swarming in the streets below, the demands for change echoed by the people. They worship her, follow her, look to her for guidance and protection. They’ve accepted her as their god.

She listens as her army marches forward, meeting the resistance from the National Guard effortlessly. She tears through their defences, swatting tanks aside with a simple flick of her wrist, catching missiles with her bare hands as easily as one would catch a tennis ball.

It’s hardly even a challenge at this point as she works to extend her reach across the country, state by state. But she did promise Lena she’d lessen the casualties so she makes her way over to Washington D.C to finally end it.

There’s a large military presence outside the White House and lingering in the surrounding streets. Each soldier stiffens when they spot in the air staring down at them malevolently.

“Stand your ground!” General Lane barks from the behind the barricades. “Stand your ground! Do not let her pass!”

Kara smirks as she lowers onto the ground, landing gently. “Is the president home?” she asks sweetly even though she can hear the man’s frantic pacing across the presidential seal. The cocking of guns is the only response she gets but before she can take another step forward, she hears someone call her name. Her true name. She turns, eyes widening at the sight.

“Kara Zor-El,” he says, arms folded over the symbol of El emblazoned on his broad, muscular chest. A long red cape flourishes in the breeze. “We need to talk.”

Chapter Text

“Oh no,” Winn gulps, covering his mouth with his hand.

Lena perks up. “What is it?”

He spins around in his chair to face her. Alex looks up from her brooding corner a few feet away. “I think I figured out what files from Henshaw’s hard drive Lex was after. It’s the Medusa virus.”

Alex stiffens, glancing sideways at Lena. “They need that isotope as the dispersal agent, right?”

Lena nods. “Isotope 454. I moved production to Metropolis last year.”

“We can’t let Lex get his hands on it.”

“Looks like we’re going to Metropolis then.”

Alex cocks an eyebrow. “Does Sam know? About…you and Kara?”

Lena nods again. “Yes. She’s onboard with it.”

She clenches her jaw but doesn’t comment any further. “How are we going to get there? It’s on the other side of the country and Lex’s cronies are probably there already.”

Lena smiles, producing a watch from her pocket. “Good thing I have this then.”

Alex grins in approval, a light returning to her eyes. She’s ready to shoot something. “I’ve always liked you, Luthor. Winn, see what else you can find out while Lena and I deal with this.” The tech wizard nods and refocuses on his screens.

“So, does this mean you’re on our side now?” Lena asks as she enters the coordinates into the watch dial.

“It means that I’m not about to let you go there alone,” she answers with a fond smile. “Kara would probably kill me.”

“Probably,” Lena hums good-naturedly as she opens the portal. They step through it and appear in the middle of Sam’s office. The CFO freezes for a moment but relaxes when she recognizes her unexpected guests.

“Lena.” Her eyes dart to the redhead. “Alex. What—what’s going on?”

“Isotope 454,” Lena replies. “Lex needs it for the Medusa virus.”

“Oh God,” Sam gasps, raising to her feet immediately. “Follow me.” She leads the way to the elevator that takes them down to the production level.

“Where’s Ruby?” Alex asks as they ride down the lift.

Sam turns to her. “At Lena’s safe house. She’ll be okay there. No one can get to her.”

Alex nods, relieved. “Okay. That’s—that’s good.”

“She’s missed you.”

“I’ve missed her too,” Alex murmurs, smiling softly. “And you, obviously.”

“Same.” Lena watches on as Alex’s cheeks flush a deep red and she drops her gaze shyly. It reminds her so much of Kara in the early days of their friendship. They step out when the doors open and make their way to the storeroom. Lena sighs in frustration at the broken lock on the safe that housed the isotope.

“Lena Luthor,” Mercy Graves purrs as she saunters onto the scene. Alex and Sam immediately put themselves in front of Lena. “I must say, you’ve impressed me. I always knew you had it in you to achieve this level of greatness. I just never thought you’d side with a murderous Kryptonian to do it, earth traitor.”

“Lex turned Kara into this,” Lena hisses, pushing herself out between the two woman standing protectively in front of her. “And I won’t let him cause any more damage.”

“It’s far too late for that,” Eve says in a sing-song voice as she enters, brandishing a semi-automatic. “The isotope is long gone.” Alex curses under her breath as she unsheathes her pistol from its holster on her waist. Lena trembles with rage on the spot, the edges of her vision blurred with a red tint at the sight of Eve.

You,” she growls, pointing at the short blonde. “You told Lex about the kryptonite. Stole my formula so he could make weapons for the government to kill Kara.”

“You killed Maxwell Lord too, didn’t you?” Alex says. Sam raises an eyebrow, certain that she’s missing some information but watches on nonetheless.

“I did,” Eve smiles, proud of her deeds. “Maxie was a good man but alas, a loose end that needed to go.” She aims the semi. “Just like the three of you.”

“Drop it Tessmacher,” Alex orders, cocking her smaller gun fearlessly. “Fucking. Drop. It!

“It really was a pleasure working for you, Ms. Luthor.” A frenzy of bullets hurtle towards them but Alex doesn’t flinch, doesn’t move. She keeps herself planted in front of Lena like a human shield and continues aiming. She waits for the bullets to burrow into her but it doesn’t happen.

Alex blinks, confused. “What the—” There’s a sleek android standing in front of them, stained in the dark red and blue colours she recognizes as Kara’s house colours. Another one appears directly behind Mercy and Eve, blocking their escape. Alex takes advantage of the distraction to shoot Eve in the shoulder.

“Fuck!” the blonde bawls out, dropping the semi in favour of pressing a hand to the shoulder gushing with blood.

Sam walks over and grabs the automatic weapon off the floor. “You were saying?”

“Go ahead and kill us,” Mercy says, jutting her chin at Lena. “Prove just how much of a Luthor you really are.” Alex looks back at Lena, at the conflict wrestling inside her.

The CEO steels herself with a deep breath. “You know where Lex is. Killing you would be short-sighted.”

Mercy smiles cunningly. “I’ll never tell you anything.” She bites down hard and collapses, convulsing on the ground as foam erupts from her mouth.

“Poison.” Sam looks at Eve for any signs that she had the same intentions. The blonde looks just as shocked as the three of them.

“Hope, take Eve back to my lab and secure her in the containment cell I made for Reign,” Lena says, tearing her eyes away from Mercy’s limp body.

“Yes, Ms. Luthor.” The androids take hold of the protesting woman before taking off.

“Nice one, Luthor,” Alex says, placing a hand on Lena’s shoulder.

Lena’s eyes gleam with something Alex can’t quite place. “You should know by now, Danvers. I’m always three steps ahead.”



Kara straightens, eyes narrowed at the inferior member of her race wearing a coat of arms he’s never fully understood. She appraises him and his self-righteous stance as he lands several feet away. The army goons surrounding them step back nervously to give the Kryptonians more space but do not lower their ineffective guns. Well, ineffective against her at least.

“About?” Kara asks, tilting her head to the side.

“I think you know,” Kal answers, blue eyes nearly identical to her own. They aren’t as ocean deep as hers, the gaze not as powerful or commanding but Kara can acknowledge the resemblance. Family is family. “I’ve seen it, Kara. All the bodies and destruction. This can’t go on.”

He swallows roughly against a harsh and ragged lump in his throat. “I don’t know what’s happened to you but—”

“Of course you don’t,” she chuckles derisively. “When have you ever been aware of what’s going on with me? It’s red kryptonite if you must know, a little gift from your old pal Lex Luthor.”

Kal gasps, a sharp pang of guilt striking him behind the ribs like a gong. “I-I-I’m so sorry Kara. I never meant for my strife with Lex to affect you. I’ve always tried to keep you as far away from it as possible.”

“Have you?” Kara challenges, her dark gaze causing him to stumble back as effectively as a shove to the chest. “Is that what you were doing when you let him turn the sun red? When you never told me what the fuck kryptonite is or what it can do? When you never even bothered to let me know that there’s a madman out there hellbent on ridding the world of us?”

His heart clenches tightly. “Kara, I—”

“Save your breath, Kal-El.” She scoffs. “Oh right, Clark. Rao forbid you ever use your true name.”

Kal’s brow furrows. “Clark is my true name.”

“Of course you would think that,” she sneers as they slowly begin to circle each other like two rabid dogs waiting to pounce. Every muscle in his body is tightly coiled and ready to strike at the slightest movement from her. Though he wanted to believe otherwise, Kara has his instincts frayed and on edge, a natural panic anyone would have to immediate danger. He’s only ever felt this way with Zod.

“You’ve never had any respect for our heritage, never intended to carry on our culture,” Kara continues, anger building inside and aching to be released. “Look at you, parading around as the last Kryptonian when everything about you is human. When you can’t even speak the language. Never bothered to fucking try. Pathetic.”

“You know I care about Krypton,” he insists feebly, convincing none of the ears present. “That’s why I wear this.” He grips the symbol of the House of El. Kara wants to rip it off. “To honour them. I share your loss, Kara.”

Kara halts and quirks an incredulous eyebrow. “You share my loss? Did you really just say that to me? You were a baby when it happened. You don’t remember anything, you don’t know a world beyond this planet and the ungrateful humans you align yourself with. I witnessed Krypton’s destruction, looked on in horror as flames engulfed my home and I was left with nothing. I said goodbye to my parents who tasked me with taking care of you. Do you know why that is, Kal-El?

He tries not to react to the obvious attempt to rile him with the use of his birth name. “No. You never told me.”

“You were never around for me to tell you anything,” she grits out, the back of her eyes building with pressure. “You dumped me with the Danvers and never looked back. Left me alone to adjust to a world I didn’t understand. A world that is so fragile and primitive. I nearly went insane because of all the noise, floated so high I felt like I might disappear into space. A part of me wanted to. Who would miss me? I had to carry the weight of entire culture on my shoulders and for what? What was the point staying alive when everyone I loved, everything I knew was gone?”

Her jaw clenches tightly. “I was sent here to protect you because that’s what our planet, our family stood for. Krypton was a community, one that operated on logic and reasoning, where all the petty things that hold this world back are so insignificant they don’t exist. Blood bonded us all.”

Her eyes flash up at him, dark and threatening and behind it all, sad. Her voice finally breaks, emptied of all the anger briefly. It’s suddenly like she’s thirteen again. “I was sent here to protect you and you couldn’t even bother to do the same for me.”

Kara’s words gut him sharply, delivered with so much emotion it feels like an actual blow. He thought that he had found absolution, that leaving Kara with Eliza and Jeremiah was the best thing. He had the Kents and wanted Kara to have the same loving human family. Surely they would be more than enough. They were experts on all things Kryptonian, they had a daughter, they were ready to be parents. He was not.

He hadn’t realized it then, the way Alex would glare at him on the rare occasion he came out to visit or even more recently after the Daxamite invasion. He figured it was residual resentment for the way Kara uprooted her life but was more than that. Alex knew what he had done and refused to accept the neat little bow he tried to tie it up with. Not even Lois knew and he realizes now it’s not respect for Kara’s privacy that caused him to withhold the story.

It’s shame.

“Kara please,” Kal heaves, clutching his chest as he steps forward unevenly. “I am so, so sorry. You have to know that I never intended to abandon you. I-I thought that I was doing the best thing for you, that I was protecting you. But you’re right. I couldn’t deal with the fact that you had this connection to our people. That I couldn’t even talk to you because I don’t know our language. The fact that Krypton could never live on through me.”

He exhales a shaky breath. “You’re better than me, Kara. The true heir to the House of El and a part of me resented you for that. So you must know that what you’re doing is wrong, that is isn’t the way. It’s not too late for you to stop.”

He extends a hand, eyes wide and beseeching. “Please Kara. I wasn’t there for you in the past. Let me be here for you now.”

She looks at his outstretched hand with a grimace, rage returning to her tenfold. “I am better than you, I’ve always known it. You were the first natural born on Krypton in hundreds of years. Quite the anomaly, riddled with imperfections. That’s why you’re weak, Kal-El. Why you lack purpose and loyalty. It’s not ingrained in you like the rest of us. I was meant to join the science guild, meant to continue to move Krypton forward, to make things better. I still have that drive, it’s never left me. I won’t fail this planet the way our parents failed Krypton.”

“You can make things better but this isn’t the way to do it,” he says imploringly. “We cannot impose our will on the world. We aren’t gods, Kara.”

Kara grins wickedly. “Oh you may not be a god but I certainly am. This planet made it so. It chose me to rule it.” Her gaze hardens, crimson swirling like a thunderstorm in her eyes and ebbing across her skin. It’s terrifying, the way the air around her seems to thicken, the faint crackles of a purple current gathering at her fingertips. “Do not interfere with my life, Kal-El. Walk away like you’re so accustomed to doing.”

He steels himself, rebelling against every instinct flaring up inside him to flee while he still can. “I can’t do that.” He squares his shoulders and widens his stance, feet planted firmly on the ground. “You took me down once when you had to and saved my life. I don’t want to fight you but I will do the same now if I have to.”

Kara can’t help it. She throws her head back and laughs, deep and maniacal and unsettlingly confident. “Do you remember what you saw that day? Who you thought I was?”

Kal nods slowly. “Zod.”

Kara smiles, wide and sinister. “Your worst enemy, a man you killed because you knew that was the only way to stop him. You gave it your all. Do you want to know a secret?”

Her dark gaze rests on him. His knees give slightly under the weight of it. A menacing whisper carries through the silence and settles deep within him. Bone-chilling. “I was holding back.”

A rumble echoes throughout D.C, shattering every window into a spray of glass, pushing back vehicles and bodies and unsettling the dust when Kara charges. Her fist collides with Kal’s face with enough velocity and force to propel the invulnerable Man of Steel clear across the city.

He shoots through several buildings like a ammunition from catapult before landing gracelessly in the middle of a busy street. The asphalt buckles and cracks and splits under the stark density of his alien body. He props up on his elbow, dazed by the sharp uppercut and the distinct taste of copper in his mouth. He jaw is tender, no doubt bruised and welted.

Kara flies towards Kal slowly. The scrambling bystanders—the man pinned under a fallen sign, the mother calling out for her missing son, passengers stuck in an overturned bus— they don’t earn any of Kara’s attention as she looks down at Kal disdainfully.

“Out of respect for our parents, I am giving you one last chance to walk away. Go back to Argo. Be with Lois.” She smiles like a devil. “I mean, I would hate for the baby to grow up without a father.”

That strikes a chord. With an animalistic growl, Kal unleashes his heat vision. Kara mimics him, cutting through his charge effortlessly.

“Ah!” He cries out, eyes clamped shut when her heat vision rips into his pupils. He blinks rapidly, vision slightly blurred.

She waits for him to recover, still floating in the air, perfectly at ease. “Stand down, Kal-El. Don’t make me kill you.”

While he’s panting, Kara hasn’t even broken a sweat. That pisses him off.

“I’m not going to let you hurt anyone else!” He launches at Kara like a rocket, forcing her up into the sky. She lifts her arms to shield herself from the flurry of punches he lands. Seems the blue Boy Scout does have an angry streak after all.

Kara strikes back, a sonic boom rippling from the contact when their fists met. It pushes them apart and leaves them hovering a safe distance away from each other. She flashes an amused grin and beckons him forward. He takes the bait.

They continue brawling above the city, trading powerful blows that sound like thunder to the onlookers below. A well placed bash to the chest sends Kal on a collision course through a row of skyscrapers that fall like dominoes.

The screams of all the people still trapped inside ring in his ears.

Kara just smiles.

His eyes glow furiously. “Enough!” He zips forward unexpectedly and grabs her by the waist, taking off in a straight line. Kara pounds fists of fury into his back like a sledgehammer but he only tightens his grip and continues at an upward tangent until they reach the stratosphere. The air is so much thinner and colder.

I am so sorry, Kara,” Kal says in broken Kryptonian. With a sharp turn he changes course and heads back to the ground with the speed and heat of a meteor, screaming the entire time, refusing to let her go despite the power of her blows bruising his skin.

Their crash into the ground leaves a large crater that wipes out an entire city block and reverberates across the state like a massive earthquake. They tunnel into the ground. The earth engulfs them as they travel through the layers of rock and stone making up its uppermost layer.

Kara claws a hand into the dirt and slows them down enough for Kal to unintentionally loosen his grip. She uses her other hand to grab a fistful of his hair and yank his head up. Without hesitation, she blasts him with a steady stream of solar power that pushes him up and out of the pit they just dug.

He lands on the surface of the crater, rolling until he comes to a stop. He lies on his back and coughs. She flies out behind him, landing on her feet before she wobbles and finds herself kneeling. Kal flips over, hand pressed against the side of the crater for support as he struggles to stand.

“It doesn’t have to be like this,” he says weakly, knees as shaky as his voice. “Please. This isn’t who you are.”

“What do you know about who I am?” she demands angrily, pushing the dust-covered hair out of her face as she stands slowly. “This is who I’m meant to be, who this planet needs me to be.”

“This planet needs you to be a hero. You are not evil, Kara. Don’t let this poison change you. The world should not fear us.”

“Fear and violence are the only things these people understand,” she tells him matter-of-factly. “This world is in crisis, Kal-El. If I have to be cruel, if I have to be a villain then so be it!”

Kal’s face twists in pain. Kara doesn’t care. “So this is what you want? To rule the world with her? With a Luthor?” He frowns, shaking his head. “That’s madness. You’re not like them.”

Kara’s chest swells with anger at the blasphemy. “Every god needs a queen and there is no one more worthy of everything I am than she is. Lena is a goddess in her own right, cursed to live among a people so beneath her, a planet that can never fully appreciate her brilliance. I am going to fix that and create a world that is finally worthy of her.”

She glares. “If you cannot speak of her with reverence and respect, do not speak of her at all.”

Kal swallows, trying not to show any pain as he rises to his full height, muscles bulging and rippling in his arms. “I won’t let you do this.”

“That would mean something if you could stop me.” Before he can say anything else Kara lunges and bangs her hands together, generating a wave that knocks him clean out of the crater and into an abandoned tanker. It explodes, enclosing him with flames and a strong mask of oil. He emerges from the smouldering wreckage, unscathed unlike the parking garage behind him.

“I can stop you and I will!” Kal zooms towards Kara, attempting to deliver a forceful punch that she dodges fluidly.

It isn’t enough to have power. Kara has focus like a seasoned warrior, years of combat training from a manhunter and even a few moves from Astra. The only advantage Kal has is experience and even that becomes minuscule compared everything else Kara possesses.

She matches him blow for blow, each contact sending shockwaves across the demolished street. Kal staggers back when she hooks him in the throat, wheezing slightly.

“I’m not going to let you become something you’re not,” he says as he advances with a deadly smack.

She takes it without any indication of pain before plowing a knee into his abdomen, cracking two ribs. Blood expels from his mouth and drips down his chin. He wipes it off and braces himself for the raged-driven onslaught.

It sends him crashing into a Big Belly Burger. There’s several patrons inside, understandably startled by his violent landing. Kara hovers through the entrance he created like a menacing shadow. The humans cower back, trembling in their places when she picks up a soda machine and tosses it carelessly on top of him.

Kal moves the groaning metal aside slowly, taking care not to harm any innocent civilians too afraid to escape. He tries to give them a reassuring look, motioning for them to stay back as much as possible.

Kara doesn’t even acknowledge them. They are as insignificant as the ants scurrying beneath her feet. Their lives belong to her.

“You are weak, Kal-El,” she states disparagingly. “And so unsure of yourself. Even in the face of everything, you’re still holding on to misguided morals. You’d rather die than let go.” Her eyes ignite a fiery red. “I can grant your wish.”

He cries out in anguish when it hits him square in the chest and pushes him back. He soars aimlessly through the air still followed by her heat vision as it extends beyond any distance he’s ever been able to achieve.

Kal descends in a desolate street some distance away but finds only a short reprieve before she lands on top of him with enough force to level the surrounding buildings and quake the earth down to the core. Kara twists her boot into his welted face, earning several groans. Her head jerks up when she senses it, the roar of several Humvees approaching them.

“No, stay back,” Kal murmurs wearily in warning to the troops as Kara turns to face them.

Kara merely smiles when the army fires, kryptonite bullets compressing against her suit and falling to the ground like heavy raindrops. Unimpressed, she speeds over to the nearest one and sets it ablaze before tossing it onto another with a simple flick of the wrist.

The others she freezes and rams through like a wrecking ball, scattering the frozen bits across the area. A few of the surviving soldiers start firing their handhelds, either too brave or too stupid to understand that they cannot win against her. Kara grabs two of them at the same time and hurls them into the bonfire she made moments ago with the Humvee.

The hum of an engine draws her attention to the sky as three fighter jets lock their aim. She flashes a sadistic grin at the remaining soldier on the ground before she flings him like a frisbee into one of the jets. He smashes headfirst through the screen, bringing it down into a building a few blocks away in a fiery explosion. Her heat vision slices through the wings of the other two but the pilots eject themselves before the planes become fireworks.

Kal jumps to his feet, fighting off the weakening effects of the kryptonite slugs on the ground in a futile attempt to catch the doomed pilots. A strong hand darts out to grasp onto his cape and wrench him back.

Kara grapples him into a chokehold and forces him to watch them splatter on the cement when they land. The impact pierces through his ears like a jagged knife and he stops trying to wriggle his way free.

No!” Kal screams, a broken sound that vibrates across the molecules around them. Under different circumstances, she might’ve felt moved by it. His face is beet red, tears pool in his eyes but don’t spill over. “Why Kara? They didn’t have to die! Please! You have to stop!”

“No I don’t,” she says in disagreement, tightening her hold like a vice grip. “They attacked me. I acted in self-defence. Don’t you understand by now what true power is? It’s deciding who lives and who dies. I have that power and I’m not afraid of using it. The world will be a better place because of that. Think of all the time you’ve wasted, the suffering that you could have prevented if you took the necessary actions to eliminate the threats. Lex Luthor would be charred to a crisp in the sun if you weren’t such a pussy. I’m not going to make the same mistake as you though.”

“This isn’t the way!” Kal launches upward and manages to free himself from her. He even manages a few tired punches. His arms are almost too heavy to lift. Kara catches his fist and presses down, satisfied by the faint but distinct sound of his bones crunching in her inescapable grasp.

Kal howls like a wounded bear. He has rarely ever felt pain like this. He drops to his knees with a thud, weakened and bloodied.

“You are a failure, Kal-El. You don’t deserve to wear this.” Her free hand grips the crest on his chest and tears at the fabric with a swift tug, leaving it exposed like the fraud he is. “I am the one who’s going to bring glory to the House of El.”

Kara shoves him back roughly and hovers a few feet in the air. “Nothing in the entire galaxy can stop me now, especially not you.” She channels Rao’s power once more, concentrated on the space where the symbol of El formerly donned his chest.

Kal’s pleas fall on deaf ears as she continues, grinning maniacally as the light dims from his eyes. Scorch marks mar his skin, blood trickles down the crown of his head and into his face but he’s still alive. She decides to let him stay that way.

“Take him to the Fortress and lock him in the red sun chamber,” she orders into the communicator.

“Yes, Kara Zor-El,” the A.I replies. Two androids appear. They lift an unconscious Kal off the ground and fly off. Until she settles on a permanent solution for Kal, he’ll have to remain there.

Kara takes to the air and travels at light speed back to the White House, unsurprised to find the army division still foolishly stationed outside. She could call the android fleet to deal with them or even her loyal followers would eagerly take on the challenge.

Kara does neither, unable to ignore a charge building inside of her that’s more powerful than anything she’s ever experienced.

She can’t contain it. She doesn’t want to.

Kara roars, tendons shot and pressed against her neck as she slams her fist down. A purple, crackling blast wide enough to cover the entire block where the White House stands radiates from her, eliminating all the soldiers at once through a violent electrocution. Normally something like that would leave her too weak to stand and deplete her cells, rendering her human. But that doesn’t happen. Instead she somehow feels re-energized, a power surging through her that’s new and exhilarating.

It wants to consume her. She lets it.

Kara bulldozes into the White House, making quick work of the Secret Service agents and their fruitless efforts to impede her. She makes an entrance through the ceiling right above the Oval in dramatic fashion. The heavy debris falls on two agents, crushing them instantly.

Baker yelps, frozen behind his desk. Lane produces a trembling hand gripped for dear life around a gun.

“Where is Lex?” she asks, practically growling as she closes the distance and swats the gun away, taking his hand with it.

Lane yells, blood erupting from his unintended amputation. He backs away until he hits a wall. Baker blanches from his perch but doesn’t flee, knowing it’s pointless to try. She presses a thumb to Lane’s ribs and fractures the frail man’s bones with just the tiniest amount of pressure.

Where the fuck is he?!” The volume of her voice rattles the already compromised structure.

“Ah! I don’t know,” the General croaks out, tears streaming down his face. “I swear! I don’t know where he is. He left D.C hours ago.”

“G-G-G-General Lane is working with Lex,” Baker stammers, flinching out of his chair when she glances over at him. He gulps, petrified. “But I-I-I’m not.”

“You think that exonerates you from justice?” Kara asks him, genuinely curious. She huffs when Lane starts speaking again, spewing out nonsense she can’t be bothered to listen to. Though years have passed, she hasn’t forgotten what he did to Astra. Nor has she forgiven it.

A grip of a chilled steel takes hold of his throat and tightens until the bones are crushed into fine particles. She drops his lifeless body unceremoniously and grins cruelly at Baker.

The white-haired man stumbles back instinctively, shoulders raised like a frightened animal. He trips, nearly falling backwards but she catches him by his tie and yanks him forward. His heart accelerates as he stares death in the face and self-preservation kicks in.

“Wait, please!” he whimpers helplessly. Kara cocks her head to one side, delighted. “I-I-I didn’t know what Lex was up to! I didn’t know that he was responsible. I didn’t—”

Kara cuts him off with just an icy glare she learned from Lena. “What you did is stand by while men like Ben Lockwood donned Halloween masks to terrorize aliens. You pretended to care about us because you wanted power but you sure didn’t waste any time showing your true colours. It’s because of weak-minded, spineless politicians like you that aliens can never find peace on this planet. You may not be working with him willingly but you allowed intolerant men like him to take over. You’re just as culpable as any of them.”

“Please, please don’t kill me. I-I-I’ll testify. I’ll tell the world about Lex.” His blazer vibrates, the default iPhone ringtone breaking the silence.

She rips it out of his pocket and smiles at the caller ID before she knocks him out with a conk. “Lex.”

He exhales sharply on the other line. “Kryptonian. How did you—” He cuts himself off. “You killed them all, didn’t you?”

“Of course I did,” she says, looking down at Baker. Well, most of them anyway. “What else did you expect when you sent them into battle against me? When you fed them false hope with your kryptonite bullets and grenades? If anyone’s to blame here, it’s you for underestimating my power. There is no limit to what I can do.”

Lex ignores that. “Tell me something. How did it feel, taking down your infuriating cousin? Kudos on that by the way. Very cinematic. Now you’re public enemy number one. A super-powered criminal.”

He laughs, loud and annoying. “Who knew you had such darkness lurking inside you? It’s better than I could’ve hoped for. After all the lives you’ve taken, the destruction you’ve caused. The world is terrified of you and—”

“—I don’t give a fuck about the humans and their meaningless opinions. They are inconsequential. Just like you. I am not interested in a democracy. So take that little victory if you’d like, it doesn’t change a thing.”

Lex has no retort for that, can’t stop the uptick in his heartbeat. Kara’s voice is devoid of the characteristic warmth and compassion he’s used to hearing. This is something else, something cold and calculating and filled with rage. A person who’s not afraid of doing what’s necessary.

“You’ve become a monster, Kara Zor-El,” he declares triumphantly. “And I will be earth’s saviour once I end you. No one will stand with you now. Isn’t that why you’re there all alone?”

“The only person I need is with me every step of the way,” Kara replies calmly despite his efforts to agitate her. “Lena and I are going to usher in a new era. A utopia. The earth will finally take its rightful place as—”

“—if you think that I will simply sit back and allow you to—”

“—allow me?” she chuckles menacingly, completely unperturbed. It sends a chill down the madman’s spine and raises his hackles. “I am the one giving you allowances. You continue to goad Superman and I because you know we won’t break the law, that adherence to your human morals is the only thing keeping you alive. But I am free of that now and I am going to enjoy killing you.”

Lex swallows thickly, disturbed by the truth in her words. He fumbles for a moment before settling on, “You can’t kill me. Despite our differences, Lena will never forgive you for it. She will hate you. Fear you.”

Kara scoffs at that. “Even if that were true, I will have the rest of eternity to make it up to her. We both know how forgiving a person she is. It’s one of the many things I love about her but I don’t share her sympathies. Start counting down the days, Lex. You don’t have many left.”

She crushes the phone in her tightly closed fist and looks down at Baker again, contemplating. He could be useful. Kara throws him over her shoulder and takes off in the direction of National City, leaving the West Wing in rubble.

Chapter Text



An earsplitting scream bounces off the walls.

Eve retches violently, blood gushing untempered between her fingers as she tries to apply pressure to the wound on her shoulder. As if a bullet from a trigger happy agent isn’t enough, a scalpel was plunged deep and ripped out without warning.

“Time isn’t on your side Ms. Tessmacher,” Lena says, twirling the tool in her hand, unmoved by the alarming blood loss, if the pool sullying the floor is any indication.

“Fuck you,” she growls through the pain shooting through her entire arm. “I’ll never betray Lex. I’ll always be on his side.” The blind loyalty would be admirable under different circumstances. Now, it’s just insulting, a reminder of yet another time Lex used someone to get to her.

Lena grits her teeth, pulling out a Beretta. She cocks it, aiming at Eve’s head. “I’ll only ask once more. Where is Lex hiding?”

“He isn’t hiding,” the feisty blonde hisses from the ground, slumping against the impenetrable glass walls of the cell. Her breathing is deep and laboured. It’s taking every ounce of strength just to bring air into her lungs. “He doesn’t need to.”

“Then where is he?” Lena demands angrily, patience wearing thin as paper. She tilts her head to the side when she sees Alex shift anxiously in the corner of her eyes. The agent wasn’t thrilled about Lena’s methods but quickly relented when Lena reminded her that the DEO was a black site for a reason. As much as she loathed to admit it, this isn’t anything she hasn’t seen or done herself, but only to aliens.

“I don’t know,” Eve says weakly, face turning a sickening white, temperature dropping rapidly. “He’s always moving. I was waiting for him to message me the new coordinates.”

Lena’s gaze drifts over to Winn who nods at the silent request, immediately connecting Eve’s phone to the computer.

Eve manages a spiteful smile, undercut by her current state. “But it doesn’t matter what you do. Lex is going to win, he’s going to be hailed as Earth’s saviour. They’ll all bow at his feet. Every alien on this planet will die, including your precious Kryptonian.” Her smile broadens and she foolishly adds, “I can guarantee that she’ll die screaming—”

Lena stands there, face cold as ice, still squeezing the trigger.



The powerful strike of a backhand jerks him into consciousness. When the darkness finally lifts, he cautiously surveys his new surroundings. The mounting confusion dies the instant he remembers that the White House was brought to absolute ruin by the wrath of a god he helped to anger.

“You’re awake. Good,” Kara says with a wicked grin. Baker’s stomach plummets to his ankles like a ship anchor when she steps closer. A mixture of ice-cold sweat and blood gathers on his dusty brow. It trickles down his face as he looks up, terrified eyes clashing with a pulsing red evil.

“Please,” he begs shamelessly, squirming in the chair only to realize that he’s completely strapped to it. “I-I-I swear to you that I didn’t know Lex is responsible for this. H-h-he has allies all over the world, there was nothing I could do! I—I’m begging you, please, just let me go. Don’t do this, you don’t—”

Baker cuts himself off when Kara takes a tablet from Nia. Her gaze hardens into cold steel and another shiver crawls down his trembling vertebrae. He shrinks back into the chair, trying to put as much distance between them as possible.

“Do you recognize this?” she asks calmly despite the rage swirling like crimson waves in her eyes.

“Yes,” Baker answers, voice watery and strained. “It—it’s—”

“The Alien Amnesty Act,” Kara finishes, face marred with hate. “A bill passed by Olivia Marsden for the betterment of aliens in this country. A bill that you pretended to support for your own selfish pursuits. But you never gave a fuck, did you? It was all pretence as you waited for her to fall so you could rise. The first executive order you signed into action was to repeal it. The second was to deputize the Children of Liberty.”

She pulls up a series of files that Winn hacked from the White House servers and watches the colour drain from Baker’s face. “Then, you authorized the DEO to kill me and every alien on sight, despite the years I’ve dedicated to protecting your worthless lives. You handed over the alien registry to Ben Lockwood him allowing them to target and murder us. You took campaign funds from Lex Luthor, continued to accept his payoffs, gave him control over the military. Yet, you think feigning ignorance absolves you?”

She shoves the registry into his face. “Look at their fucking names. They weren’t criminals, they were refugees with nowhere else to go. They just wanted a second chance at a normal life in peace but you and your loathsome kind destroyed that.” The tablet cracks and it’s pieces are tossed across the room. “Parents, brothers, sisters, friends. Children. Countless lives are now lost to us and for what?!”

Baker jumps, panicked by the abrupt shout, fresh tears springing from his eyes. “I’m sorry but I had to! I didn’t have a choice! The world was terrified of aliens and all the problems they bring. The Daxamite invasion, the Worldkillers. Then you—you started killing criminals. You destroyed the DEO, you kidnapped Lena Luth—”

Kara grabs his chin roughly, nearly cracking his jawbone, rattling his brain inside his skull with the movement like a pinball. His vision fades out for a second. “Keep her name out of your mouth,” she growls, teeth bared like a ferocious animal.

Baker can’t help trembling like a leaf in the wind when her eyes glow an angry red. The heat singes the tiny hairs on his face and warm urine stains his crotch when he fails to put a clamp on his sphincter.

“I warned you not to fuck with me, old man,” she continues, voice rough and menacing, “and as I said before, there is no escape from my justice. Nowhere for you or any of your co-conspirators to hide. You’re going to die here like the snivelling dog that you are.”

Her heat vision recedes as she motions for Nia to switch on the TelePrompTer in front of them. “But first, you’re going to read exactly what comes up on that screen. If you go off script….”

An agonized howl tears through Baker’s chest and out his throat as his pain receptors go haywire. He pants heavily, looking down in horror at his hand, bones now pulverized by just a tiny fraction of Kara’s strength.

“….it will be your head next time,” and nothing about it dares Baker to call her bluff. He’s seen her toss Superman like a wrecking ball into crowded buildings without batting an eye, smiling sadistically at the screams, uncaring of any collateral damage. “Do we understand each other, Mr. President?

Her tone is mocking and he can’t fault her for it. There’s no hope for him now, no one who can rescue him from the promise of death in her callous gaze. He resigns with a series of frightened nods.

The recording light of the camera comes on. Baker looks at the TelePrompTer defeatedly, accepting his fate.



“How are you holding up?”

Alex stops tentatively flexing her hand as Sam settles next to her on the floor of Lena’s lab, offering a scotch. Despite her initial skepticism and resistance, she can’t help admiring Lena’s ingenuity. It hardly feels broken at all.

She takes the glass and downs its contents in one go. She looks across the room at the containment cell, at Eve’s limp body and the bullet now lodged between her eyes. Much to her surprise, she couldn’t find it within herself to form a single word of protest.

“Lena told me about what happened,” Sam’s voice trails off for a moment. “With you punching Kara. And with…Maggie. I’m so sorry.”

Alex visibly tenses, teeth grinding together harshly. “Not exactly my smartest moment. But what else was I supposed to do? I mean, even though Maggie betrayed me in the end, she didn’t deserve to die.” She shifts, turning her torso towards Sam. “You know what’s really fucked? I can’t even be mad at Kara.”

Sam nods in understanding, “She’s your sister, it’s complicated.”

“It’s not just that,” Alex sighs, placing the empty glass on the floor beside her. She realizes, belatedly, that she’s about to share something with Sam that she’s never shared with anyone. Not even the woman she pledged to marry. “A few years ago, I—I killed Kara’s aunt and let J’onn take the blame for it. I comforted her, fully knowing that I was responsible for her grief. So how can I hate her for killing Maggie when I took away the only tangible connection she had to a world that she’s completely lost? When that’s never once stopped her from loving me? But at the same time, what about Maggie? I fucking loved her.”

Alex ducks her head and lets herself cry soundlessly when Sam’s arms circle her in a comforting warmth. “It’s okay,” she coos, running her fingers along Alex’s scalp. It reminds her of Eliza sitting on her bed after a nightmare. “You don’t have to sort out how you feel about everything right now. You’re allowed to process it. You’re allowed to grieve in whatever way you need to.”

Alex clings to her like a lifeline. She’s not sure how much time has passed when she finally pulls away, sniffling and wiping her tear stained face with the sleeve of her flannel. “Thanks,” comes the slightly embarrassed murmur.

Sam beams at her and Alex’s heart warms with affection in response. “Anytime,” she says, like it’s not a big deal, bumping the semi-awkward agent lightly. “I’m not just here for Lena.”

Alex follows her gaze over to the young CEO looking over Winn’s shoulder at a screen. They’ve been hacking their way through Eve’s phone and recovered tracking chip, narrowing down possible locations for Lex’s hideout.

“You really believe in what she’s doing with Kara?” Alex asks and for once, there’s no disgust or frustration in her voice, so small and tired.

Sam doesn’t miss a beat. “I believe in Lena, so of course I do. I trust her with my life—literally. She gave me my first big break when I really needed it, when everyone else wrote me off as a struggling single mom without letting me prove myself. I’m not an idiot though, I know that things aren’t going to be pretty, it rarely ever is. But that’s how the world works since the stone ages. I don’t agree with everything but I agree with the main point and that’s enough.”

Something bright is shining in Sam’s beautiful eyes and Alex finds herself smiling genuinely for the first time in days. Her mouth opens to say something but Winn calls out in excitement, drawing everyone’s attention to a large flatscreen.

President Baker looks paler than they’ve ever seen him, skin nearly matching his hair, tousled and matted in clumps of cold sweat. He looks absolutely petrified.

“My fellow Americans and citizens of the world. I come before you tonight to admit to the failings of the leadership in this government. We have demonized, brutalized and targeted aliens, those who have travelled across solar systems seeking asylum, those who needed a new home because theirs has been lost. Now, that unwarranted behaviour has birthed a harsh reckoning, a retribution of our own making. It was our reckless disregard for alien lives, the roles we played in their suffering and persecution that has led to their current uprising. They are fighting back and I implore all of us to accept the changes that will come about as a result of that.

“This government and many others around the globe, has been corrupted from the very beginning. Lex Luthor took advantage of that, working with terrorist groups C.A.D.M.U.S and the Children of Liberty to eradicate innocent aliens. He used the alien registry and unjust repeal of the amnesty act to further his own agenda, to project the false narrative that he is a hero but he is the true villain. He wanted this to happen, this chaos and unrest, for us to see Supergirl as a threat instead of the impartial protector she has always been. All of our released footage was edited to manipulate the public, to make you all afraid of the positive changes this new regime will bring. An era of perpetual peace and prosperity.

“This civil war gripping our country and spreading across the world must end. Aliens are not our enemy, they are not a liability or burden. They are and have always been our equals. Let it be known on this day that I, Phil Baker, 45th President of the United States, surrender this nation fully to Kara Zor-El and accept the punishments for my crimes. I strongly encourage other world leaders to do the same.”

Baker’s eyes widen fearfully as a strong grip of death takes hold of the back of his head, another at the base of his jaw. Then it pulls and his body crumples, neck twisted at an unnatural angle.

Kara grins, all white teeth, before the feed cuts to black.



It doesn’t take much after that.

The effortless toppling of the American government and landslide defeat of the impervious Superman sends the message loud and clear exactly where the power lies.

One by one, heads of governments and sovereignties worldwide are permanently removed from office. They scramble to fight back against the might of Kara and her zealous followers out for blood and vengeance as she viciously tears through Europe and Asia. South America and Africa. Their pathetic defenses do nothing against her, like a child throwing pebbles at a tank.

But what hope is there to prevail over someone who can catch missiles and rip apart steel with her bare hands? Someone who has transcended beyond anything this primitive world has ever seen? Someone who is blessed with Rao’s infinite power?

There is none.

Fear and utter dread scents the air as Kara saunters through palaces and parliaments, perfectly at ease. Her movements are fluid and swift, ready to carry out righteous judgment. She’s half-way through Buckingham—a pretentious structure she can’t wait to demolish— when another swarm of soldiers bomb her with bullets and grenades.

Any semblance of victory is killed the moment her loud, maniacal laughter cuts through the noise. It rattles the windows, the doors, the precariously hanging light fixtures and the hearts of every human present. Even these fools know that sound is a herald of death, that black cape its harbinger.

Nothing can stop her. Not Superman or J’onn, kryptonite or red sun grenades or even diplomacy. The opposition bolts like scampering deer.

Whimpering cowards are dragged forcefully from their hiding places under desks and in panic rooms as the heavy iron doors are torn clean from the hinges. The stomach-dropping sound of metal groaning is the last thing they hear. Those who manage to flee are hunted down and slaughtered like animals on Kara’s wicked command.

The arrogant prime minister kicks frantically at Kara’s shin. He snarls and snaps, calling her one filthy alien bitch to the next, demanding she release him. Kara merely smiles, happy to oblige as she drops him. His body cuts through the air like a sword, colliding with the solid earth below.

There is no escape from her twisted form of justice, not for any of them. Even the ones on their knees in outward and transparent surrender, even those willing to repent. Too little, too late, as the humans say.

The rest try to resist, too lost in their own hatred and ignorance to accept the inevitable rise of her limitless power. They think this is like the Daxamite invasion but oh they forget, she was on their side. So was Lena. It shows the sad reality, how much this fragile world needs her, depends on her good will but she has no more left to give.

The scattered factions of C.A.D.M.U.S and the military, still hellbent on destroying all aliens, continue with their fruitless efforts to kill her, daring to defy a merciless god.

They retaliate brutally and indiscriminately on Lex’s desperate orders to kill any alien—or anyone really, human civilians be damned— on sight, earning more of her ire. Kara lands in the middle of the scrimmage with enough force to level the entire area. Her vision goes red as she rips the madman’s bigoted allies limb from limb, chuckling darkly at the sickening snap of bones, brittle as glass.

Kara hovers over their smouldering remains, eyes ignited with rage, blood dripping from her hands, lips curling up in merriment at the piercing cries from below. She revels in it, their useless pleas for clemency. She will not stop until the Earth is purged of their filth. That’s why she’s here, the true mission she is meant to carry out.

It’s not a pretty sight out there, the charred and broken corpses piled up in the streets— aliens and humans alike—as each side of the war strikes with extreme prejudice. But everyone knows it will only end one way.

People try to stay in their homes, huddled close together, whispering reassurance to frightened kids and praying for the chaos to end. One family startles when a tank smashes through their living room, crushing the father instantly. Kara floats into their space, hands clasped behind her back. She unleashes her heat vision when two soldiers crawl out with their guns drawn.

She turns to the family briefly, relishes the way they drop to their knees where they belong. It’s not in fear, it’s open worship. Her smile is sinister yet angelic, the picture of a beautiful monster. Then she flies away, shaking their ruined townhouse.

They watch as the entire planet burns with the inextinguishable flame of a new god’s fury.



Alex isn’t even sure why she’s here.

Kara’s apartment is a mess, courtesy of the FBI’s failed attempt to find leverage. Outside isn’t any better, Alex barely made it through the chaos and looting in the streets, first stopping at her studio. The scene that greeted her, Maggie with a gaping hole in her chest, lying next to the sawed-off shotgun Alex kept in her safe, forever etched into her memory.

She springs into defence when the door creaks open.

“Alex it’s me!”

“Oh J’onn,” she sighs in relief, lowering the shotgun. “Where have you been?”

“I went to Argo to get Clark’s help,” J’onn starts, closing the door behind him, nearly falling backwards when Alex barrels into him. He wraps consoling arms around her and sways. “Are you alright?”

“I don’t know,” she murmurs into the wool of his sweater, clinging tighter. “How’d you find me?”

“After I came back I went to my office but you and Winn weren’t there, so I did a psychic sweep of the city. I could only find you though.”

Alex’s brow creases as she pulls away. “I left Winn at L-Corp with Lena and Sam a few days ago.”

“Is he…is he working with…them?” J’onn asks, rather stiffly.

She bites her lip and nods, “Yea,” before leading him further into the loft and collapsing onto the sofa.

J’onn doesn’t sit, feels too on edge. “Lots has happened.” He looks across at her, suddenly apprehensive about his plan. “What happened here? Why does it look….”

“Like a war zone?” Alex supplies. Another explosion goes off nearby. He nods slowly. She sighs and proceeds to fill him in on everything he’s missed: Lex’s involvement in poisoning Kara, the conspiracy of the government, Superman’s savage beatdown. Maxwell’s files. James’ death. Maggie’s.

It seems ceaseless as she goes on. J’onn’s expression slips between grim, anger and shock. He sinks into the sofa by the time she’s done, knees suddenly weak and untrustworthy.

“So Kara’s done it then,” he says, tone somber.

Alex looks up to meet his gaze and the silent question there. “It’s all over now. Kara has an army of aliens and androids carrying out her orders. She nearly killed Superman in front of the entire world. People are actually supporting her. They think she’s a god.”

“And the formula? Can’t we make an antidote now?”

She swallows thickly but the lump in her throat doesn’t move. “No. It won’t undo the changes to Kara’s brain. And even if we could do it, she’s too powerful now. She’s…she’s….”

“Unstoppable,” J’onn whispers, leaning back in his seat. “I learned on Argo that Kara’s father added harun-el to her DNA but he never thought about the effects under a yellow sun, how she’d evolve. Now with red kryptonite, she’s capable of anything.”

Alex only nods, too numb and desensitized given the events of late. After a beat he asks, “So what do we do now?”

Her grip tightens around the barrel of the shotgun. J’onn’s brow furrows deeply, clearly recognizing the DEO issued weapon Alex had for one purpose only. “There’s only one thing we can do.”



Lena threads her fingers through her damp hair, about to tie it back in a ponytail but changes her mind, letting it flow wild and free. She’s back at the safe house, deciding to stay with Sam, Ruby and Winn after days of silence from Kara. It’s the safest place for all of them, hidden away from the chaos.

She watches the footage from her androids whenever Kara changes course but she knows the images will always be the same, all endless carnage and innumerable casualties. Why had Kara done this without checking in? Why had she chosen the most violent option when she promised not to?

She wants to call but doesn’t. A part of her is afraid to confront the reality of Kara being completely lost to the spell of madness. What could Lena do if that were true?

She sighs heavily and puts on one of Kara’s Oxford shirts, leaving it undone as she exits.

Kara is standing in the bedroom, just a few feet away. Blood stained her suit and spattered across her face, features turned into something sharp and dangerous under the shadows. Lena doesn’t know whose blood it is but she knows it’s not Kara’s. That does bring some relief. The blonde is as still as a statue, built like one too, muscles firm and imposing against the mesh fabric.

It stirs something in Lena, the red veins popping out against Kara’s tanned skin, the power she wields with indomitable confidence and certainty.

She still loves kind and gentle Kara, the one who listens to 90s boy bands and thinks Disney movies are cinematic masterpieces. Kara with her ponytails and pastels, her cardigans and sunny smile. But there is something so addictive about Kara all feral from a good fight that gets Lena’s blood pumping.

Lena doesn’t say anything, just watches. Kara watches her back, gaze dark and feasting like a cheetah on the pale flesh left exposed by a shirt she recognizes as her own.

Crimson ebbs with her breathing, slow and measured. She licks her lips, eyes tracking every subtle sign of arousal in her lover as she says, “Hi Lena.”

“How did you know that I was here?” Lena asks, tilting her chin up in arrogant Luthor fashion.

Kara smiles, sharp as a blade, and Lena feels herself getting wetter by the second. “It wasn’t hard. I just had to listen.”

“The entire compound is soundproof.”

“I can still hear you,” and a shiver spikes up Lena’s spine, one mixed with fright and pleasure. Kara approaches her at a humanly pace, almost regal with her strides. “Your cute camouflage trick with the walls doesn’t work on me either. I’ve been watching from outside for a while now. You look gorgeous as always.”

Lena tries not to react to the compliment. “How?”

“I’m getting stronger by the day. Rao favours me.”

The evening’s rays stretch into the room through the window as if on cue, bestowing Kara with even more power, declaring her the chosen ruler. There doesn’t seem to be any limits now as the blonde continues to evolve beyond what Lena initially predicted when she first studied her samples. That seems so long ago now.

A hand presses against the doorframe, crushing it without conscious effort. The splintered wood falls onto Lena’s shoulder and Kara’s eyes gleam with childish amusement at her obvious irritation.

Kara leans down until they share the same air. “I said that I will always be listening for you, Lena. I meant that.”

Lena scoffs, lowering her eyes. “Well, you’ll have to excuse me for questioning that, seeing as though you ghosted me for days.”

Kara smiles again, bare knuckles brushing across Lena’s cheek. “Oh baby, I know you missed me, but surely you can understand that I’ve been busy. The world was ripe for the taking so I acted. Now, it’s all ours.”

She closes the tiny gap to kiss Lena but catches Lena’s cheek instead. A splayed hand to her chest leaves her suspended. She blinks down at the simmering brunette, puzzled and displeased by the blatant refusal.

So she asks, “Are you upset with me?”

Lena almost scoffs again at the redundancy of the question, deciding to answer it with one of her own. “What do you think?”

Kara straightens and has the gall to look guileless. “Not sure. Given the scale of what we’ve accomplished, I figured you’d be in a much better mood.” A warm hand cups Lena’s face gently and she can’t help melting at the touch. “I can smell how excited it makes you feel. Why are you trying to hide that from me?”

Lena’s jaw clenches tight as she subconsciously rubs her thighs together, unable to refute. There will never be a time where she isn’t excited by Kara but she doesn’t have to give the unbearably smug Kryptonian the satisfaction of a verbal acknowledgement. So, she hangs on to her waning resolve and fixes her hardest glare.

“This is not what we talked about, Kara,” she says, pushing against a rigid body forged from steel. It’s like trying to move a mountain. “Killing the president like that? Those other world leaders?”

Kara’s hand drops like an anvil. “You saw the files, all the corruption. They deserved to die for their complicity—”

“It should’ve been a discussion at least!” Lena yells and Kara finally lets herself be shoved back. Her dark eyes flash a threatening red but she says nothing.

Lena ignores the impulse to run. “I saw what happened, what you did. Some of them surrendered, you didn’t have to execute them. And all of those civilians caught in the crossfire of a war they never asked for? Did they deserve to die?”

“Casualties of war, sad but unavoidable,” the blonde declares with a nonchalant shrug. Lena nearly breaks at the cold indifference. “What do you think would happen if I had granted those so-called leaders the privilege of their deplorable lives? They would try to rise up against me, and disrupt the peace we are going to build on top of the ashes of their demise.”

“That’s not even the point,” Lena huffs at the cavalier attitude. She takes a beat, gathering her thoughts. Kara waits, eyes trained on her. Whatever she has to say, she has the Kryptonian’s full attention. “I accepted that people were going to die, that some of them deserved to die. But not the way you’ve done it, not at the expense of so many humans. I-I told you Kara, from the very beginning, protecting innocent lives has to be the focus. It’s the only thing I ever asked of you and then you just—”

“Lena,” Kara says like a warning through gnashed teeth, placing both hands on the wall at either side of the brunette’s head. Tiny cracks begin to form from the growing pressure. “I will not allow the xenophobic scum to persist and grow like weeds in our Eden. I had to cut out the cancer from its source, rid the Earth of this poison once and for all. I cannot stop to worry about every insignificant human that gets killed in the process. Their sacrifice will pave the way for a world where violence is no longer required.”

She exhales softly when the uptick in Lena’s heart rate hits her ears. “We’ve discussed this before.”

“We did discuss this but you still went ahead with whatever you,” she punctuates it with a finger to Kara’s chest and Kara visibly winces, “wanted to do. So I guess that my opinion means nothing to you then.”

“It means everything to me.” She sighs, choosing her next words carefully. “I meant no disrespect, my love but this new world that you crave, it comes with a price. They started this war with their hatred and intolerance. I am the one who ended it. I will always do what is necessary, whether you approve or not.”

Lena inwardly seethes. “We’re supposed to be partners, Kara. Or did you forget that? You can’t just decide things without telling me. Otherwise, what’s the fucking point of any of this? Why am I even here?”

“We are partners,” Kara insists, troubled that she’s given Lena reason to question that. “In everything we do.” The wall buckles and splits under the force of her hands but Lena doesn’t flinch. “Baby, don’t you get it? Every decision I’ve made has been for you and I don’t regret any of it. I did what needed to be done to bring this world under my control. Now, I’m giving it to you, just like I promised I would.”

Kara’s fervent gaze is resolute and Lena’s skin strums with unbridled desire like a plucked guitar string. The frustration and tension seeps from Lena’s body like the opening of a valve. She can’t deny the way it makes her feel, the fact that she has remained the singular focus of Kara’s unhinged mind, the fact that she can thrive freely in Kara’s darkness.

Just knowing how dangerous Kara is, how powerful she has become, how cruel she can be, oh it might actually be insane, this incessant need Lena has for Kara’s touch, the only thing that can satisfy the void that runs so deep and insatiable in her soul.

Lena swears she can taste it, the burning want that radiates from Kara. Slowly, the shirt drops from her body and pools at her feet. She runs a hand along Kara’s clavicle, up the high collar protecting her neck, thumb tracing the strong line of her jaw.

“You’re giving the world to me?” she asks with a quirked eyebrow as she wraps her fingers around Kara’s throat.

Kara remains motionless. “Yes. It’s what you deserve. Do all the things you’ve ever wanted to do. Make it in your image.” Her eyes are still assessing, still seeking permission.

Lena grants it with a simple nod.

An iron grip finds her waist immediately, sure to paint bruises on her skin like art on a canvas. She can’t suppress a shudder at the thought of what those large hands are capable of, what the entire world has witnessed these past few days alone.

How those hands pummelled into the man once touted as the most powerful being on Earth with the force of an asteroid. How every blow resonated in the ground beneath them with aftershocks that reduced buildings to rubble and decimated the nation’s capital. How a frightening crackle of purple energy wiped out an army battalion and brought entire nations to their knees.

Now those hands are on Lena’s admittedly fragile body but there isn’t a single concern or doubt in her mind. Only anticipation at the pleasure she knows they can deliver, just as immeasurable and generous as the pain. Lena touches bare skin when the suit dematerializes and leaves the Kryptonian god in all her naked glory.

A current travels through them as the heat grows to a peak. They surge forward in unison, claiming each other’s mouths in a fierce explosion of thirst and dark lust.

Nimble fingers card through soft, golden hair, moving Kara’s head towards the optimal angle. Kara growls into Lena’s mouth, tongue slipping inside so hot and demanding. She takes Lena deeply, stealing the sweet air from her lungs. A strangled sound erupts from Lena’s throat and her other hand shifts to Kara’s torso, to the muscles so hard and rigid and warm beneath her firm press.

Bed,” Lena orders but everything about the tone screams out a desperate plea.

Kara’s hands reposition to the back of Lena’s thighs, lifting her effortlessly. Her lips never break away from the kiss, earning another groan at the intoxicating display of raw power. Lena can feel, rather acutely, just how drenched she’s getting, rubbing against a chiseled set of abs as her mind clouds with the knowledge that Kara can break her in half if she is ever so inclined.

She sinks her teeth into Kara’s plush bottom lip and pulls seductively, delighted at the growl that rumbles in Kara’s chest. It drives her positively mad with desire. She locks her legs around a toned waist and lets her hands roam, mapping out the contours of Kara’s body wherever she can reach.

Kara presses Lena into the mattress with little ceremony. If it weren’t for the sudden appearance of a flesh coloured shaft strapped between her legs, Lena wouldn’t have known she had moved at all.

Kara continues her heated stare, greedy eyes raking across the exquisite woman that belongs to her. Muscles ripple across her powerful arms and broad shoulders as her body drapes above Lena, a demon under the guise of an angel. Every inch is carved from stone and moulded into perfection.

“You’re beautiful, Kara,” Lena murmurs, placing a hand on the small patch of dried blood on Kara’s face. “So fucking beautiful.”

Kara leans into the touch and smiles. It’s so reminiscent of the reporter Lena first fell in love with, the superhero she admired, eyes full of earnestness and compassion. Now there’s only savagery, so brutal in its contrast, the forewarning of the one-woman onslaught she’s capable of carrying out.

She tracks Lena’s downward gaze to the strap-on. “Do you want it, Ms. Luthor?”

“Yes,” Lena hums around the thumb pressed gently into her mouth. She bites down as hard as she pleases. “Are you going to give it to me?”

Kara’s smile slips from sweet to impish so seamlessly, “I’ll give you anything you want. So tell me.”

“I want you to ruin me for anyone else,” she whispers, ready to meet her end in golden waves and midnight eyes dancing with a crimson fire.

“Haven’t I done that already?” Kara husks out a chuckle, shifting her position to line up the tip of her cock with Lena’s dripping entrance. She leans down and runs the tip of her nose along the sharp angle of Lena’s jaw as her hands run wild across Lena’s body. A blazing heat takes hold of Lena’s breast and she can’t stop the series of moans and curses that escape her.

Haven’t I?” Kara repeats as if she doesn’t know the answer. She licks at the pulse on Lena’s throat before her lips latch on to the breast she was holding.

“Yes, you have,” Lena hisses, hips bucking uncontrollably at the ravenous mouth secured on her skin. A rapid pull tears a breathless gasp from her lips and leaves her clenching tight around nothing as the tip of Kara’s cock presses just outside of reach. She shoves a hand through golden waves and tightens a fist.

“Stop teasing me,” she growls, unable to stop her body from responding. She can feel Kara smirking around her erect nipple. Kara releases it with a loud pop and moves on to play with Lena’s other breast with the same vigour as if she hadn’t heard Lena’s words at all.

“Patience.” She takes both of Lena’s hands and pins them above her head with just one of hers, fingers curling tight around delicate wrists. Lena cocks her eyebrows at the cunning smirk erecting across Kara’s dark and handsome face.

“Keep them there,” and it’s a command, one Lena struggles to obey. Kara’s tongue drags a heat across sensitive skin, flushed and strumming. Lena writhes beneath her and feels quite ready to combust.

Eventually, Kara pulls back with a devilish glint in her eyes and Lena can’t stop her from forcefully drawing out another kiss. Kara sucks on her tongue, satisfied at the vibrations of a moan climbing up the quivering woman’s throat. She’ll draw them out of her, one carefully measured and provocative touch after the other.

Kara slides her free hand down and slips a finger between her folds as if she’s testing, sampling. Her thumb strokes light, almost leisurely across Lena’s swollen clit. “Fuck. You’re so wet.”

“No shit,” Lena snaps, hips jerking as she tries to grind on Kara’s hand. The steel grip around her wrists tightens but she doesn’t mind the slight pain.

“Don’t move either,” comes the second command. “Not until I let you.” Another finger delves inside and it takes everything Lena has not to roll her hips. “You’re so tight.” As they pump lazily inside of her, she quickly finds herself driven close to the brink of what she can tolerate.

Kara flashes another smug grin, gleeful at every helpless whimper and shudder from Lena. She builds up her need expertly. “I love it when you’re like this.”

“Like what?” Lena pants, desperate but she will not beg. She knows that Kara can’t deny her for long.

“Warm, wet and naked for me.” Her touch turns reverent. “Rao, you’re perfect, Lena. Worthy of the House of El.” She lowers her body so that her lips can rove across Lena’s ear. “You’re all mine.”

That wave of manic possessiveness is all the warning Lena gets before Kara’s fingers disappear and a silicone cock pounds into her with a single thrust. The Kryptonian’s breathing turns heavy as she releases Lena’s hands, her death grip tearing at the sheets, fingers gouging the mattress.

And there it is, the slip of Kara’s impeccable control as the haze of possession finally takes the wheel. Lena can feel it in the tremor of the bed frame as the headboard slams into the wall, synchronized to Kara’s cock hammering into her core.

Kara’s exploratory kisses become another deep fucking of Lena’s mouth as she probes and licks and tastes and enjoys making Lena come undone. She drives harder and harder, spreading the brunette out as far as she can go.

Lena screams her throat raw and drags her nails along Kara’s back with enough force to severely maul any human. Kara nips at her tender pulse point, leaving an irregular pattern of marks where others have begun to fade.

“You’re mine,” reverberates across Lena’s collarbone and down to her spasming cunt. Her toes curl and her skin practically vibrates straight to the bone as the ecstasy builds. Another collision leaves a spiderweb of cracks in the drywall as the bed squeaks. The reinforced steel may as well be matchsticks against Kara’s boundless strength. “Mine.”

“Yours. Only yours,” Lena cries loudly as she clenches and unclenches around the shaft, as Kara whispers erotic praise that carry her closer to release.

Blood roars in her ears like choppy waves, pumping hard from her heart and guttural moans spill one after the other from her lips. Her entire body jerks into an upward arch as a current runs through her, one of unimaginable and sinful bliss.

Lena comes hard and it’s breathtaking.

“You’re so good, baby,” Kara whispers as her movements slow in pace. She prolongs Lena’s string of orgasms with gradual thrusts and softer kisses until Lena’s fully satisfied. Then she pulls out carefully and settles beside her, tossing the strap-on to the floor.

Fuck,” Lena groans, heart pounding out her chest, lungs burning for more oxygen. She’s barely holding onto consciousness, already feeling sore in all the right places. “You can’t stay away that long ever again.”

Kara’s gaze turns fond as she gently moves the hair out of Lena’s face. “I won’t have to. The world is ours now. Humans and aliens can finally live without strife. We will rebuild in unity and strength under one rule. We can make your dream of a perfect world a reality. Your brilliance is going to lead us forward.”

A blush dusts Lena’s cheeks the loveliest shade of pink. Kara stretches to open the top drawer of the nightstand and presents a mystery box. Lena’s eyebrows arch upward and suddenly she’s alert, already certain of what the box contains. With great effort, she props herself up against the cracked headboard and turns towards her lover, breath hitching in her chest.

“On Krypton, marriages were arranged based on compatibility,” Kara begins, voice soft and light. “So I tried to find my match when I came to this planet but I didn’t know what to look for. If it was even possible to be with a human, things are so different here. I had to be different here.”

Her eyes shine with a sincerity that makes Lena’s heart feel like it’s about to burst, overflowing with warmth and love. “Then I met you and everything fell into place. You reminded me of home with your inquisitive mind and sophistication. I was in awe of your strength, your resilience, your genuine belief that the world can be better. Even while I was hiding my identity, I was always my true self with you. You made it so easy, the way no one ever has. I wanted to tell you everything, wanted you to know me.” She lowers her eyes briefly. “I wanted you but I didn’t think you’d feel the same way about me.”

“I’ve always felt the same,” Lena says quietly, squeezing Kara’s bicep, wondering how she ever gave Kara such an impression. “Always.”

Kara smiles, almost shyly, and slowly opens the box. Nestled inside the satin lining is an intricate bracelet made of Nth metal, embossed with the crest of El in the middle and Kryptonian symbols on either side. The silver accents shimmer beautifully, even in the dim light of the room.

Lena’s breath is stolen away and tears blur her vision when Kara traces over the symbols and says, “I hope you know that nothing in the entire galaxy will ever mean more to me than your love and acceptance. You are my heart, Lena.” A warm hand reaches out and caresses Lena’s face tenderly. “My yellow sun.”


“Will you marry me?”

Scarlet tendrils slither across her skin, beneath the blood speckles on her face, timed with the rise and fall of her chest. Her pupils are blown, leaving only a thin outline of blue and crimson swirls within them so hypnotically.

It’s wicked but Lena doesn’t think she’s ever seen anything more glorious. “Yes,” she breathes immediately, “darling yes.”

Kara beams and fastens the bracelet gingerly to Lena’s waiting wrist. They both stare in appreciation at the view. It rests there boldly, a tangible sign of the unbreakable bond that forever draws them together, even in the darkness that lurks between them.

“I love you,” Lena whispers before Kara captures her mouth once more but softly, languidly. She loses herself in the addictive feel, in the way Kara trails an affectionate hand down the length of her side, so different from the dominating grip just minutes ago. She’s soon cradled closely in strong arms and loses the battle against sleep, nuzzled against a solid, comforting warmth.

Kara intently watches her, not needing much of it herself. Lena looks so peaceful, so ethereal. A true blessing from the gods, the ideal match. Her eyes only leave Lena when a message from the Fortress is displayed on the communicator:


Greetings Kara Zor-El. The All-Star Program has been completed.



It’s all unravelling, in spectacular fashion, for all the world to see. Not that Lex would admit that out loud to anyone, especially not Lillian who’s current expression reeks of self-assured I told you so.

All that meticulous planning and payoffs to useless politicians and sycophants. The fucking aggravations of bearing witness to a world so enamoured with aliens in capes. A world that can’t see the danger they pose, that their immense power needs to be destroyed if it can’t be controlled by Lex.

Now, Supergirl and her forces have complete control over the planet. He’s left without any influence or allies, hiding away in another dimension because he knows death is coming for him. The world still thinks that he’s a villain, they still worship a false god. Lena betrayed him. Lane, Eve and Mercy are dead. So what? He’s not particularly bothered. That would require an admission of defeat.

Lex Luthor does not lose, he will not lose. Kara Zor-El is not meant to lead the Earth. What does an alien from a failed world know anyway? He is the one burdened with excellence, with the charge to fix humanity and he will be the one to guide it.

So he turns to a last, desperate resort.

“Are you still certain about this?” Lillian asks and nothing about her tone betrays any motherly concern.

Lex doesn’t bother answering as Lillian gives him a tight smile, the polar opposite of reassuring, still not fully onboard but at least she’s here. She’s the only one now.

She gestures for him to lie down on the examination table and carefully undoes his tie and unbuttons his shirt, leaving his chest bare. He squints when a blinding light turns on from above him.

Lillian pulls her glasses down from their perch on her head and flicks a large gauge needle, disrupting the viscous serum. “Let’s begin.”

Chapter Text

Lena cracks an eye open slowly. Then the other. The first ten seconds or so of every morning affords her a moment of suspension from the chaos that is her life now. For those blissfully ignorant moments, she doesn’t remember all the violence and destruction and the role she played in allowing it to happen.

A heavy arm around her midriff tightens possessively. Warm puffs of air hit her nape with every soft exhale coming from the Kryptonian god cradling her close to the chest, like a child clinging to their favourite teddy bear.

Lena manages to turn, body teeming with a delicious ache and she can’t help smiling at the peaceful look on Kara’s face. This is the only time the blonde looks vulnerable, looks completely incapable of the devastation she’s wrought on the world. But Lena knows that will disappear the minute Kara’s eyes flash open, swirling with a crimson bloodlust that will never be sated.

But Kara will also look at Lena with deep fondness and love, as if nothing else matters. She will hold Lena gently, carefully, despite her capacity to crush Lena without trying. Even while Kara is under the spell of rage and madness, she will never raise a hand in violence against Lena and despite herself, Lena has never feared otherwise. It should worry her, being the obsession of such a powerful and intelligent creature she can never leave but Lena just feels flattered. And wet.

With great effort, Lena manages to slink out of Kara’s steel trap hold. She grabs her robe off the hook near the bed, throws it over her thoroughly marked frame, and pads toward the ceiling-to-floor window. The view is still serene, most of the uninhabited terrain remains untouched, hidden away as it is from the rest of the world.

Lena looks over her shoulder at the slumbering blonde, at the currents of red streaking across her naked body. This Kara is different, yes, in multiple ways. She doesn’t have that same compassion, lacks that optimism. Instead she possesses the malevolent god complex Lena had once accused her of having. This Kara is dangerous, ruthless, the stuff of nightmares, everything Lex and Lillian had drilled into Lena’s head about Kryptonians.

And yet, Lena’s heart still flutters behind her ribs when her eyes meet Kara’s. Her mind is still occupied with warm thoughts of Kara. She still desires nothing as much as Kara. She doesn’t and will never regret choosing Kara. Maybe that makes her a monster too, just like them.

She plays with the bracelet on her wrist, made of intricately woven Nth metal and platinum, bearing the symbol of Kara’s family and home, carved with Kryptonian promises of unity and love. Her chest warms as her fingers trace over the glyphs she doesn’t know the translations of but in her heart, understands. The same way she’s always known and understood Kara, even at her darkest.

“Good morning,” comes a voice soft and sweet from behind, followed by strong tanned arms wrapping securely around Lena’s waist. Lena relaxes into the hold immediately, sagging against Kara’s solid form.

“Good morning,” she whispers, cheeks flushed when Kara slips her robe down one shoulder and begins nipping playfully at the exposed area. Lena rocks back and Kara sways with the movement. “Didn’t you bite me enough last night?”

“You like it,” Kara replies simply, teeth scraping a trail to the column of Lena’s neck. Hot breath falls close to the shell of her ear as long fingers are splayed rapaciously over her flat stomach.

“I do,” Lena groans, bottom lip caught between the clamp of her teeth.

“Hmm. Is everything alright?” the blonde asks quietly, lips grazing across pale skin. It’s distracting, the way Kara’s hand wanders further south and over a neat crop of glistening hair. The way she sucks Lena’s earlobe into her mouth. The way Lena’s thighs are slick against each other, clit throbbing almost painfully. She stifles a moan and tries to clear her head.

“Yes,” she answers honestly, leaning away from Kara. Now she’s pressed against the glass and Kara moves in fluidly behind her, blocking her in. She spins around, hot skin of her back clashing with the cool window. Dark eyes look at her, tracking the bob of her throat when she swallows hard. “Everything’s fine.” She punctuates her point with a chaste kiss that Kara eagerly accepts. “I promise.”

“I missed you in bed.” A strong hand falls to Lena’s hips, thumb rubbing featherlight circles on the angry purpling jutting out. Another shoots out palm first near Lena’s head, fingers tapping small, spidery cracks into the supposedly bulletproof window.

Kara’s lower lip sticks out, her brow furrows and her words come out speculative, “You are…displeased with me.”

“I’m not,” Lena rushes to assure, willing her heart to slow its marathon. “It’s just,” she sighs, averting her gaze for a moment, “there’s a lot of work to do. Getting the world back on track. Helping everyone heal from…everything that’s happened. What if we get it wrong? What if we make things worse? What if—?”

“That is your anxieties talking,” Kara interjects firmly. “I have no such qualms. My faith in you is well placed. Your vision of the world is impeccable and I am here to ensure that you succeed.”

Lena looks up at Kara carefully, eyes searching for a hint of dishonesty. “Do you mean it?” She places her left hand on Kara’s bare chest and the effect is immediate. Kara’s eyelids flutter and she sighs contentedly, as if Lena’s touch is all that she craves in this world.

“I mean everything I say to you.”

“Even when you said you’re giving the world to me?”

“Of course,” Kara murmurs, lifting Lena’s hand away so she can entwine their fingers. Her forehead collides softly with Lena’s as she adds, “I know you don’t approve of my methods but it is all for you, Lena. It’s always been for you.”

She squeezes Lena’s hand, a wordless request to meet her eyes. “You deserve it all. I want you to do with the world as you see fit.” She pauses, face darkening. “There are some things still requiring my attention though.” Lena tilts her head curiously. “CADMUS trash is still out there, scattered and scrambling and dwindling in numbers but a problem nonetheless. Then there’s the matter of your family.”

Lena stiffens, her free hand balled tightly at her side. “You are my family, Kara Zor-El,” she says emphatically. “Not the Luthors. Never them.”

Kara smiles sweetly, pleased with Lena’s vehement words. “Not to worry, my love. I guarantee they will be nothing but a stain of the past soon enough.” She tucks an errant strand of hair behind Lena’s ear. “I will not allow anything to get in our way as we rebuild the world together. But before we do that,” she grins, unhinged excitement gleaming in her eyes, “I have something to show you.”



“How do you feel?”

The goon currently trapped in Lex’s vice grip, squirms and claws uselessly at his hand. Lex tilts his head a little, honing in on the rapid rush of blood pumping aggressively through the frightened man’s veins, the way his lungs scream and burn for oxygen. It’s so euphoric, having the power of life and death like this, pulsing between his fingers.

He squeezes just a tad more and a loud crunch echoes in the large space of his hidden bunker. The light dims in the eyes of the nameless henchman and something wicked darkens across Lex’s face.

Super,” Lex huffs out with a deranged sort of thrill. So, this must be how those insufferable Kryptonians feel, truly powerful and completely untouchable. He looks down at his hands, at the black raised veins pressed beneath his papery skin. It’s a remarkable thing, this harun-el his baby sister managed to replicate.

It’s not lost on him, the delicious irony of needing this alien element in order to snuff out the extraterrestrial vermin endangering humanity. But desperate times, as they say, and Lex can acknowledge in the privacy of his mind that things had played out differently than he intended.

Supergirl wasn’t exactly reduced to a rampaging monster or an agitated bull like he anticipated. She caused destruction yes, slaughtered thousands—hundreds of thousands even— and incited an uprising, but every move was carefully crafted. Calculated and meticulous. She didn’t lose control, ironically, it seems that she gained it. Resolute clarity. Unwavering focus.

Something tethered her to her cause, kept her somewhat grounded.


Apparently, he doesn’t know his sister as well as he thought he did. Or maybe, this was all due to her fraternizing with a flying blonde in a red cape. He knows the allure of these so-called heroes all too well. It’s the same fascination that pulled him into the orbit of Clark Kent, sensing the steel beneath that mild-mannered reporter act. But unlike Lena, the rosy lenses were soon removed because what these invaders represent is the beginning of the end for humanity.

Humans are facing an extinction event, one that can only be mitigated by Lex. It doesn’t matter that these sheep-minded fools can’t see the bigger picture, that they are far more interested in branding him with labels like narcissist and homicidal maniac.

Superheroes have the appeal with their shiny hair, earnest smile and seemingly selfless intentions. Anti-social billionaires like him get accused of extreme xenophobia and most people feel inclined to act otherwise even if they might agree.

Lex buries a fist through the wall several times, marvelling at how the stone crumbles like papier-mâché. He doesn’t notice Lillian silently observing his child-like approach to testing his powers as he rips through more of their hideout in a frenzied mix of delight, envy and rage.

“Let the record show that I advised against this,” Lillian murmurs from her perch. She idly stirs two sugar cubes into her orange pekoe before taking a grateful sip. She has long since abandoned the effort of steering Lex away from his reckless choices. This, using an experimental and untested drug, one that Lena deserted once she was taken captive by her sickening affections for Supergirl, might just be the craziest thing her son has ever done.

Lex rolls his eyes, completely unbothered. Lillian muses quietly that that must be a benefit to sociopathy.

“Noted, Mother,” he says exasperatedly as he tosses a heavy piece of machinery across the room. It’s an act of intimidation, of reminding Lillian exactly who is in charge here.

“But trust me,” he continues, “you will realize that my way is the only way soon enough. And so will the rest of the world. They will all see Supergirl for what she truly is. A false god.” He opens the lid of the heavy lead case on the table, face glowing with mania from the gold luminescence of the contents.

A malice grin spreads across his face when he declares, “But first, I want to see the Kryptonian bleed.”

Silently, Kara watches as Lena looks around, gazing with a wide-eyed curiosity at the ice structures housed in the Fortress of Solitude. A small cloud of cold air escapes as a gasp through her lips as she looks up at a towering ice sculpture of Kal-El’s parents

Kara wonders how disappointed they would be if they could see their son now, bloodied and beaten, unable to recite the passages of the Book of Rao. She doubts they would disapprove of his expulsion from their house. He’s proven himself unworthy in every possible way.

“This is…incredible,” Lena eventually breathes and that word doesn’t even come close to how she feels. Kara smirks, taking Lena’s hand to guide her to another section of the Fortress. She knows that Lena has heard about this place before, this hidden haven that houses knowledge and technology beyond anything this primitive world has ever seen.

She knows of Lex’s maddening obsession with it, with uncovering its location and pillaging all its secrets. The gall of his belief that humanity is entitled to this, to the last vestige of the House of El. She intends to wipe that unearned arrogance from the face of the planet permanently, along with the other intolerable trash.

“Thank you,” Lena says, turning on her heels to face Kara. “For sharing this with me.”

Kara smiles and for the first time in as many days, her eyes are not under the siege of anger. “I’ve always wanted to bring you here, Lena. And soon,” she takes Lena’s hand, eyes trained on the marriage bracelet, “it will be just as much your home as it is mine. But the reason I brought you here is this.”

Quick fingers dance across the obviously alien keyboard and a small console that reminds Lena of a centrifuge hisses open. There’s a small vial inside. Kara plucks it out of the chamber and presents it to Lena.

“What is this?”

“The first time I came to the Fortress, I scoured the database looking for a way to get rid of my powers,” Kara explains. “I used to hate them so much, thought of them as a curse. I broke everything around me, I couldn’t afford to even let myself feel anything because my emotions made controlling my powers more difficult. They never admitted it but I know that Eliza and Alex were afraid of me. I felt like a monster.”

“That’s not who you are,” Lena whispers instinctively, despite knowing that Kara has done monstrous things. Kara doesn’t mind the name, she’ll act like one if that’s what they really want.

She brings Lena’s hand to her lips and lays kisses to each knuckle. “I found something else instead, a way to grant humans the power I so foolishly wanted to give up.” She holds up the vial. “It’s part of my father’s research, a serum made from my DNA. I never thought I’d actually use it but.”

Her thumb brushes across the cool skin on the back of Lena’s hand. “Lena, anything short of an eternity with you is unacceptable. I said that I will take over this planet with you by my side forever and I meant it. Everything I’ve done has led to this moment. This final piece.” She presses the vial into Lena’s palm. “You are mine, just as I am yours. Always.”

Lena looks from the small cylindrical glass in her hand to Kara’s expectant face. She knows that, even though it’s obvious that Kara wants her to take it, the blonde is ultimately leaving the decision up to her. And it’s an easy one to make.

Then Kara shifts in discomfort as a message only she can hear disrupts the calm stillness of the Fortress. It’s bold and taunting and makes her blood boil. “Come find me.”



Winn helps himself to a bowl of Lucky Charms, no doubt present in Lena’s pantry because Kara loves the sweet, marshmallow treats. He opens the microwave once it beeps and pours the warmed milk over the cereal before settling in the living area. His tablet is upright on its kickstand, an algorithm fully running through the CADMUS locations from the DEO and cross-referencing from the tracker he found embedded under the adipose tissue in Eve’s neck.

He jumps when the couch dips on his left side. Sam chuckles, “Sorry.”

“Jesus,” and a hand comes up over his racing heart. “Don’t sneak up on me!”

“Sorry, sorry,” Sam repeats but the barely repressed smile betrays any sincerity. “Have you seen Lena?”

He shakes his head and leans towards her, voice dropping to a conspiratorial whisper, “I think Kara came back last night so….”

Sam’s eyes are huge. Winn doesn’t need to finish. “Right.”

They both turn when Alex steps through a swirling portal pulsing violet light and onto polished floors. “Hey,” she says, stepping further into the room when she spots her friends.

“I didn’t think you’d show up,” Sam smiles, clearly pleased at being wrong. Alex debated for days ever since she stormed out of L-Corp, pausing only to let Lena press a portal watch into her hand pre-programmed with the safe house’s coordinates.

“I didn’t either,” she replies honestly and then she points to Winn’s tablet. “What are you guys working on?”

“I’ve been trying to narrow down locations for Lex’s hideout,” Winn informs her. “But,” he swipes at the screen again, bringing up some more incompressible coding. “I think I found something even better. Look,” he points and Alex nods even though it’s clear she has no idea what she’s looking at, “all of the locations Eve has been to in the past week have the same trace amounts of particle residue that Lex’s portal watch emits. It’s slightly different from Lena’s.”

“Meaning?” Sam stretches the word.

“Meaning that we couldn’t find Lex because we were looking in the wrong places.”

Alex’s face turns pensive. “You mean…he’s been hiding out on other planets?”

“Planets, dimensions, the pockets in between them,” Winn surmises.

“So he could be pretty much anywhere.”

Winn nods. “Yes,” and there’s a very smug glint in his eyes, “but not only have I locked on the portal’s unique signature, I’ve also detected two openings a few minutes—at Luthor Mansion and Mount Norquay.”

Alex opens her mouth to comment on how suspicious that is but stops when the windows lower and Kara flies in with Lena gathered in her arms. Kara sets Lena down gently, soft expression morphing into an agitated sneer the moment she eyes her sister.

“What are you doing here?” It comes out in a snarl.

Alex steps back immediately, establishing a safe space between them. Then she reaches behind her back and produces the shotgun. Kara’s eyebrows arch, no doubt recognizing the weapon Maggie attempted to kill her with. Reloaded the chamber enough times to use nearly all the kryptonite bullets.

“So,” Kara starts, gaze hard, “it’s yours.”

Alex swallows thickly but the lump in her throat doesn’t budge an inch. She walks forward and places the gun on the coffee table. Winn migrates as far away from it as possible on the couch. Sam looks between the two sisters warily. Lena steps closer to Kara, placing a hand on a tensed bicep in a silent plea to stay calm.

“Yes,” it comes barely above a whisper but Alex knows Kara can hear her just fine.

The Kryptonian’s expression remains eerily inscrutable. “Why?” It’s just a simple question, not angry or hurt but Alex feels the weight of her answer as it forms on her tongue.

“Because I’m terrified!” she shouts and the only perceptible change in Kara is the slight twitch of her clenched jaw. “I have been terrified since the day your powers developed and you tore the front door off. You dislocated my shoulder when you grabbed me too tightly. You almost burned our house down because of an argument with Mom.”

She turns her face away, somewhat ashamed of the words but doesn’t stop. “And despite the fact that you learned how to control them, a part of me has always been afraid that one day, you’ll get too angry or too sad and not be able to control them any longer. And then you got infected by red kryptonite and you caused so much damage. You broke my arm and I was the closest person to you then. But that wasn’t even the scary part anymore.”

She looks at Kara again and finds that the blonde’s dark eyes have never dropped. “It’s…it’s the fact that you enjoy it. That you enjoy hurting people. That you’re capable of committing atrocities.” She exhales heavily. “I have been fighting against it and I am so tired, Kara. I didn’t want to accept it but you are an actual god compared to the rest of us. And there’s nothing I can do to stop you.”

“So this is you surrendering?” Kara strides towards her, stopping when she reaches the other end of the table. “Now that you have no other alternative. Now that your contemptible government has been reduced to ash and the world sits in the palm of my hand.”

“I…I was never against you, Ka—,” Alex tries to say but Kara’s menacing laughter cuts her off instantly.

“Really?” The blonde clicks her tongue in disagreement and when a violent, ominous red slithers across her face, Alex involuntarily shrinks back. “Were you not the one who injected me with kryptonite? Was it not you who locked me up without due process when all I did was defend my people? Were you not prepared to put a bullet between my eyes for the sake of humanity?”

Alex nods slowly. “Yes but I only did those things to protect you,” she implores desperately. “I didn’t want the guilt of what you’ve done to destroy you.”

“Admit it, Alex,” her mouth twists on the name and it strikes Alex in the gut like a sucker punch, “you don’t care about aliens. You took joy in beating them up, shooting at them, throwing them in the darkest hole without a fair trial. We are not people in your eyes, especially if we don’t look like you. Just abominations unworthy of protection. Never the victims, only the threat.”

Alex wants to argue, wants to protest against such a horrific statement but she can’t. She had once said that she only knows three good aliens— J’onn, Kara and Clark. She had once shoved her gun down the throat of a Worldkiller— no, a scared woman who couldn’t control her transformation. She had run Astra through with a kryptonite sword not to save Hank but because she didn’t believe the general was worthy of redemption.

All along, she was more like them than she wanted to believe, living and breathing for a compromised DEO. The same organization that would have gladly killed her sister with her at its helm. She hangs her head and murmurs, “You’re right.” She looks up at Kara, tears welling in her eyes, blurring her vision. She sniffles. “Okay, you’re right. But Kara, please. You’re my sister and you always will be. Nothing will ever change that.”

Kara picks up the gun. The metal groans under the pressure, yielding to the shape her fingers dictate. She circles Alex with purposeful steps and Alex’s pulse hastens.

“I killed Maggie,” she states, almost gleefully, without a single shred of remorse and Alex tenses at the reminder. “I reached into the chest of the woman you claimed to love and I ripped her heart out.”

Kara’s lips curl into a wicked smile as she halts behind Alex. It would be so easy to kill her. A nail jabbed into her carotid artery, her L4 vertebrae plucked to leave her paralyzed but aware, her bones ground into fine particles one by one. What does she deserve for all her transgressions? Her flagrant defiance? Something drawn out, painful and specific.

“Then I crushed it into pulp,” Kara goes on casually, as if she didn’t just have homicidal thoughts about her former kin, “and left her there to rot like the dirty traitor she was.” Alex jumps, startled by the fingernail dragging down her nape. She winces when blood is drawn from a shallow and precise nick in her skin.

“You choose to side with me now,” Kara chuckles darkly, attuned to the roar of blood racing throughout Alex’s body, the hammering of her heart into overdrive. She relishes every beautiful sound of terror and the complete absence of air entering Alex’s lungs, as though fear has rendered her incapable of the innate act.

It’s pathetic how fragile these humans are, so ignorant of just how much control it takes not to break the world apart much less their brittle, glass-like bones. Their skin has the consistency of tissue paper to her and she has long since abandoned the drive she once had to be careful. They all belong to her now. They bend to her will as their god. She can break them if she wants to.

Alex fights to reign in the impulse to flee, knowing the moment she moves may be her last. Kara is an apex predator, waiting for any opportunity to pounce, unconvinced of her true intentions. So she tries again, “You forgave me for Astra. How can I not do the same now?

A solid hand clamps over the back of her frail neck and words are whispered harshly, “I should have killed you.”

A gasp is swiftly stifled when the grip moves to her throat, unyielding at the base, and her heart lurches behind her ribs. Fright seeps into her bones like water into soil. “But then, you grovelled and begged at my feet so I granted you clemency. And even now, you truly believe that it was justified, don’t you?”

Alex grits her jaw but doesn’t dare to fight the grip slowly constricting her airflow. Kara is messing with her, like a cat playing with a mouse just for the thrill of it. Simply because they can.

Nevertheless, she says carelessly, “As if you don’t feel the same about killing Maggie.”

“I don’t need justification. I killed her because I wanted to,” and the retort takes Alex aback. “Because you chose her over me. Because you told her a secret that wasn’t yours to share, while forbidding me from telling Lena. A woman you never made an effort to know.” Anger slips and all seven bones in Alex’s neck creak. “I need to punish you, remind you of how this works. Who I am. Your life, Alex. It belongs to me and you had no right to give it away.”

There’s a pause as Kara removes her hand and Alex’s knees nearly give out. With the grace of a lion, Kara glides around to face her. “You know that and yet, you still defied me. You resent me for it because no matter what you do, you cannot escape me. That’s why you killed Astra, isn’t it? You hate me for being a god. Envy my power. Do you deny it?”

Alex mentally gropes for words before settling on, “No. I don’t deny it.”

Kara’s face remains impassive. “Congratulations on saying the first honest thing in a long time.”

Alex swallows hard, throat and mouth dry as sandpaper. “Even so, I do love you, Kara,” she says again, genuinely. “I love you and I will follow you anywhere. Even straight to hell.”

Kara’s gaze is penetrating, searching for any sign that falsifies the declaration. “You were my first companion on this planet,” she acknowledges finally, “but I certainly don't need you now.”

She snaps the barrel of the gun and throws it back on the table with a clatter. Her eyes don’t soften but there’s an acceptance in them. “Don’t make me question your loyalties again.”

It’s a thinly veiled warning that there will be no third chance and Alex lets out a shuddering breath she hadn’t realized she was holding. She nods quickly.

“Now that that’s settled,” Kara says, turning her attention to Lena, “it’s time to deal with Lex.”



Lex reclines in a plush swivel chair with his feet propped on a sturdy desk, more at ease than he has any right to be. He’s currently in his secret lab affixed to the Luthor Mansion, a place he often sought refuge as a teenager from a drunk and heavy-handed father.

He tosses an L-Corp sponsored stress ball up and down as he waits. He knows that Supergirl would have heard him over the high frequency generator he used to broadcast his bait and that Lena would decipher the coordinates quickly. It’s just a matter of waiting.

A purple light catches in his periphery and he turns his head in time to watch Lena and Supergirl step out of a portal. He catches the ball and squeezes, deforming the foam material and grinning ear-to-ear.

“Lena,” he greets with fake enthusiasm, putting his hands out in welcome. His cool, blue eyes dart over to Kara and he sneers, “Kryptonian.”

Kara ignores him completely, keeping her back straight and posture intimidating, even to Lex. He unconsciously swallows hard, unnerved by her cutting focus.

Lena ignores him too, shifting her attention to Lillian’s lithe form some distance away from her golden boy. “Mother,” she scoffs, “I suppose it should come as no surprise that you’re here, helping him.”

Lillian cocks a scandalized eyebrow. “And there you go with your usual brand of self-righteousness. You really do believe you’re the good Luthor.” She pauses to roll her eyes dramatically. “Such a ridiculous notion. Especially when you factor in your dalliances with,” and her face contorts in disgust, “Supergirl.”

“There’s no good or bad,” Lena replies simply, folding her arms across her chest. “Just those who deserve to live and those who don’t.” Kara smirks in approval.

“I have to say that I disagree,” Lex pulls his feet down and stands, straightening various parts of his pinstripe, three-piece navy suit. He grins at Lena with crazed delight. “But it is good to see you, sis. I was so worried when I heard you were kidnapped by this barbarian.”

A loud growl rips from Kara’s chest but Lena’s outstretched arm stops her from lunging for Lex. “Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, why don’t you save us the trouble and surrender now. You’ve lost, Lex.”

Lex throws his head back and laughs wildly. “Have I? Come now, Lena. Remember, I am the one who invited you here in the first place.” Lena suppresses the urge to inform them that Winn had found this location as well as his little dimensional hiding spots. He can have this moment in the sun if he wants it.

“And why did you?” Kara asks, uncaring of an actual answer.

Lex’s eyes gleam with mania, preening at the chance to monologue. “Because I have something that might be of interest to you,” he reaches into the inner pocket of his blazer and produces a small remote, “see this? It’s a trigger for a rocket I have set to launch the medusa virus into the atmosphere.”

He grins ferally and his full attention drifts to Kara. “Your people truly are something. Creating a bioweapon of such wicked intent. Oh,” he cradles the remote to his chest, “I am impressed.”

Before his next breath, Kara appears in front of him, grabbing him by the lapel with one hand and jerking the remote away with the other. She crushes it instantly but he only laughs more.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Lex tuts when her grip moves to his throat. “You can’t kill me. Not unless of course, you’re willing to kill them.”

Kara’s eyes narrow, slitting red. “Kill who?”

“Aliens!” he exclaims with the excitement of a five year old on Christmas Day. “The ones you call your people. Here’s a little secret for you.” His voice drops several decibels and he seems overly pleased with himself, “I have rigged the rocket to launch the second my heart stops beating.”

His eyes shine merrily and it takes all of Kara’s self-control not to punch a hole straight through his chest. She activates her x-ray vision and sure enough, there’s something resembling a pacemaker fastened to Lex’s heart.

Lex peers over her shoulder and shoots a smug grin Lena’s way. She merely glares back. “Nanotechnology is truly a marvellous thing, sis.” He curls a hand around Kara’s wrist unexpectedly and wrenches free from her grasp quite easily. She looks up in bewilderment but in Lena’s eyes, he knows she’s already figured it out. “And so is harun-el. Thank you for trusting Eve with all your secrets.”

Black veins are raised along the side of his face, near his depraved eyes and malicious lips turned up into a psychotic grin. “You know, I used to think that you and Superman were the same,” he addresses Kara, completely out of the blue. “I watched what you do. Well,” he shrugs nonchalantly, “what you use to do. Flying around the city, saving people, posing for pictures with Sunshine Scouts. So inspiring,” he laughs mockingly. “And you know what I discovered?”

Kara clenches her jaw. “No but I get the feeling you’re going to tell me.”

“Why not? You’re here, I’m here,” he laughs again but this one is warm, happy and strangely unlike him. “Why not talk about it?”

“Why not?” she agrees dryly. She wants to slam his smug face into the wall repeatedly but she holds still. She can’t risk killing him. For now.

“The difference between you and Superman.” Lex’s gaze roves lazily over her, narrowing when she can’t control the very slight movement of her hand—a twitch of muscles and power aching to be unleashed. His eyes glint with something real and corrupt. “Do you want to know what it is?”

“Enlighten me.”

Lex laughs and it's such an annoying sound. “The so-called Man of Steel thinks he is so good. So righteous. A regular human.” He stops to gauge Kara’s reaction but her expression is as unreadable as ever. “But he is no man at all. He is an alien playing at being human. It’s vile,” he hands it to her like a fact.

“Now you,” he continues, gesturing in her direction but his gaze is on Lena now. Lillian smiles tightly from her perch, calmly sipping her tea. “You know that you’re different. You know you’re not human. You’ve always known it and more importantly, you don’t want to be human.”

“Humans are beneath me,” Kara says simply, clasping her hands behind her back. She makes sure to hold his gaze. “You are beneath me.”

Lex’s entire frame shakes with untempered rage, knuckles blanching as his hands curl into fists at his side. He’s seething. His jaw works for a few moments and then there’s something wild blazing in his eyes, despite how cold they appear. “That’s why I chose you instead of him. Because you are the true representation of your abhorrent race. You are fully Kryptonian, with all their superiority and inflated self-worth. And where did it get any of you? You destroyed your own planet due to hubris.”

He cradles the elbow of one arm in his other hand. Then he makes fist, props his chin on the top and peers through his eyelashes thoughtfully. “Tell me,” he starts conversationally, “What’s it like having an entire planet screaming inside your mind?”

Kara’s eyes flash, burning and building with pressure. It’s Lena who steps forward and demands, “What do you want, Lex? Or did you just call us here to gloat?”

His head whips towards her, grinning gleefully. “I am so glad that you asked!” He looks at Kara again. “I want to take my rightful place as this planet’s saviour. They wouldn’t believe me when I warned them of the monster caged inside you, Supergirl. And now that I’ve let it out, it’s time for me to slay it.”

He walks back over to the desk and pops open the lid of a lead-lined container. When he turns to face Kara again, there’s a glowing yellowish rock in his hands, refined into the shape of a dagger.

“Don’t you agree?” He throws the words out there, not expecting an answer. Kara clenches her jaw tighter and stares at the dagger in Lex’s grip. He follows her gaze and smiles wickedly. “Gold kryptonite,” he supplies, “a wonderful thing left behind by those idiot Daxamites.” He twirls it around in the air. “So what will it be, Kryptonian? Try to kill me and risk killing the entire alien populace. Or,” he holds up the dagger at eye level, “prove you can still be heroic.”

Kara looks back at Lena, a silent conversation exchanged between their gazes. Do you trust me? is what Lena’s eyes are asking. So Kara takes a breath and nods, only once, saying nothing as she approaches Lex. She stops a few paces in front of him.

He clears his throat and orders, “Take it off.”

She follows the instructions and Lex’s eyes widen when the suit dematerializes, leaving her in black leggings and a skin-tight tank with the symbol of El resting over her chest. She stands barefooted, unarmed and yet, remains powerful and completely undaunted. That should concern Lex but it somehow doesn’t.

He closes the distance until they’re standing toe to toe. “The world will thank me.” And without waiting another second, he plunges the dagger into Kara’s neck, smiling in premature victory.

Then it dims because Kara doesn’t go down.

Her eyes burn white-hot and dangerous, her skin and hair glows like the sun as the radiation is absorbed from the dagger and into her, reducing it to a colourless hunk of rock that crumbles between his fingers.

He stumbles back in shock and confusion as Kara merely chuckles, feet lifting triumphantly off the floor. Golden wisps of light and power dances around her body, infusing her with even more strength and Lex still has the audacity to be pissed and indignant about it.

When Kara’s eyes, just a flaring ultra white, turn on him, a terrified yelp is pulled from his lips where he tried to hold it behind his teeth. Kara stalks towards him and a grip of severing iron takes hold of his throat. He squirms as the third-degree burns imprint on his skin. He claws desperately at the hand pressed firmly against his quickening pulse in futility, despite his powers.

“Oof!” A steel fist rams into his abdomen with the force of speeding train, shattering two of his lower ribs, but her hold on his neck prevents him from moving with the momentum. His eyes bug out cartoonishly from their sockets. A copious amount of blood erupts from his gaping mouth and splashes onto the unblemished floor.

Kara smiles cruelly through it all. She glows like an angel but even Lex knows mercy will not be granted from her. She wants the world to burn, destroying him and other like-minded fools in her cleansing fire.

“How—?” He tries to ask but Kara has punched him again, much harder this time, cracking several more ribs and his sternum in the process. He hurtles through the ceiling and across what must be several miles before landing gracelessly in the streets of Metropolis. His face drags painfully across the concrete as his body decelerates, ripping up the worn asphalt and tracking dirt into open wounds.

Blood drips like a leaky faucet from his nose. He pinches it cautiously and confirms it’s indeed broken. Slowly, he leans against the rubble gathered behind him and inches to stand, feeling the strain in every muscle.

The ground beneath him quakes, sending him flat on his ass again when Kara lands. Cracks travel through the already damaged concrete with every step she takes, a golden aura whipping around her that feels like certain death.

An unfamiliar sense of dread overwhelms Lex as he scrambles, hands clawing frantically through the buckled asphalt as he hauls himself as far away as possible. And as his heart slams violently against his chest, he remembers. So he turns towards her, straightens his torn and dusty suit.

“You can’t kill me,” he says with a self-aggrandizing air. His hands stretch outward like a magician at the end of his performance, basking in the audience’s praise. Cold, demented eyes remain fixed on her. “They will all die if you do.”

He expects her to backtrack, expects her to allow him to flee to some corner of the universe where he can lick his wounds, re-evaluate and reclaim the life she has stolen from him. He thinks he knows her.

Kara takes great pleasure in disillusioning him of the notion. “No they won’t,” she appears in front of him without warning, “But you will.” And in that moment, Lex realizes. He is but a mere mortal who has started a war with a god he cannot win.

He has gambled and lost.

Chapter Text



Good soldiers fall in line with the chain of command. They follow orders without hesitation, without explanation, without question. Their loyalty is absolute. Their execution of duties is thorough.

Alex can’t believe she’s seeing those traits in Nia Nal. She hadn’t understood why Kara had insisted that the cub reporter should accompany her and Winn to Mount Norquay to stop the medusa launch. But now, as Nia bobs and weaves around the blasts of kryptonite from Otis’ chest, Alex begins to see why her sister seems to trust this rookie superhero so much.

Nia is quite formidable, holding her own against a highly trained mercenary with relative ease. Otis growls in frustration as Nia forms a sharp whip with her dream energy that makes him lose balance.

It doesn’t hurt any less though, the obvious lack of trust Kara has in her. Alex needs to prove herself worthy, to earn her place at Kara’s side again. Somehow. She knows that but it doesn’t make it any easier. At least Lena appears willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and something tells her that it’s the brunette’s influence that stopped Kara from snapping her neck like a twig.

Now, with Winn hunkered down at the control panel entering Lena’s kill code, Alex just stands guard, feeling utterly useless. Nia delivers another punishing blast of dream energy that flings Otis across the room and she seems very pleased with herself.

Perhaps Alex should’ve just stayed behind, clearly she’s unneeded. But she doubts Sam would’ve needed her help, despite having her hands full with the acquisition of all the world’s corporations. The CFO has a careful eye, integrating all the relevant businesses into L-Corp’s portfolio and dissolving the rest.

So Alex leans against the wall, eyes trained on fluid movement as Nia dodges and smashes her fist into Otis’ face repeatedly.

He cries out, tumbling backwards, convulsing in the throes of death and Nia pounces gracefully. She grabs the chunk of green rock housed in his chest and hauls it out. The life drains from his eyes like a dying lamp as they roll back in his skull. Nia tosses the kryptonite aside and Alex doesn’t say a word about the life she took so casually.

“Lena,” Winn whispers into his comm link. “It’s done.”



Lena watches as her brother is catapulted through the crumbling ceiling. She feels nothing. Kara looks back at her, seeking permission to follow. Lena nods and the Kryptonian launches out the hole, following Lex’s quickly vanishing flight path.

“It seems you do have your Kryptonian pet on a leash after all,” Lillian says with a hint of something bearing jealousy as she approaches Lena from across the room. “Lex was convinced that you wouldn’t risk alien lives just to end his but I wasn’t.” Lillian smiles tightly, eyes crinkling with age. “I guess you really are a Luthor after all.”

Lena turns her gaze from the gaping hole above her to Lillian with great disinterest. The taller woman is wearing a tailored pure white suit and matching ivory heels, hair pinned and wrapped up in a bun atop her head. She looks every bit the matriarch that made it her mission to crush the hopes and dreams of a four year old girl.

“I guess I am,” Lena sighs, folding her arms across her chest, “but even so, I’m not the type to risk innocent lives if it can be helped.”

“Innocent?” Lillian repeats, incredulity sparkling like embers in her eyes. They remind Lena of Lex’s, inhumane and deadly, searching for any signs of weakness to exploit, any follies to toy with just for their own amusement. Just so they can hold onto their fleeting status as the most intelligent and capable people in the room.

“You really believe these despicable creatures are innocent,” she spits out. What an irascible woman. “They have invaded our planet. They have come here with the purpose of endangering our very way of life,” she slams a trembling fist down on the table. Lena cocks an eyebrow and Lillian scowls at the indifference.

“Aliens like Superman,” she grimaces, as though the word causes her physical pain to force out, “who turned the world against your brother. Lex has fought to save them from their own stupidity and they rallied against him because of those superheroes.”

“Lex went insane,” Lena says calmly, feeling a sense of déjà vu. Sometimes, she isn’t sure who is more of a lunatic among the three Luthors left.

“Lex wanted nothing but the prosperity of humanity,” Lillian counters and Lena rolls her eyes, “and he would have accomplished greatness, fixed this planet for generations to come.” She casts a venomous look Lena’s way. “You could have led humanity by his side. It’s what he wanted after all, what he still wants despite everything,” and based on Lillian’s tone, Lena can tell she’s tired of Lex’s fixation on his rebellious sister. Frankly, so is Lena.

“But you chose her,” comes the burning accusation and enraged blaze in Lillian’s eyes. She actually sounds betrayed, as if she isn’t the one who plunged knife after knife into Lena’s back. Never mind every instance of her dangling her affections, giving Lena just enough to crave more, to keep her coming back. Never mind the verbal lashes from a hot tongue, as scalding to her skin as a branding iron.

Lillian takes an unwise step forward, so sure of herself. “You chose to stand with these freaks of nature, Lena,” she frowns in disapproval. “Over your own kind. It’s disgraceful. I thought I raised you better than that.”

At that, Lena laughs dryly. “Please. You raised me to doubt myself at every turn. To think that society was the problem and not the sins of this family,” she swings out a hand, gesturing at the ostentatious portraits and priceless, irreplaceable sculptures lining the room. “Humans cast me out in the cold, content to flay me for crimes I didn’t even commit. I may as well have been an alien.”

“And what? You think you’ll find a place with them?” Lillian challenges, and it’s already clear what she thinks. “With that Kryptonian psychopa—”

Lillian’s head snaps sideways at an alarming speed, cheeks branded with a handprint and stinging from the strike. It’s unclear what freezes her, the unexpected backhand or the shock of its delivery. But she hangs there, the momentum sends her staggering, back colliding hard with the exposed brick and she rests against it for support. Her vision whites out at the edges and a faint runs high in her head.

She’s not sure when Lena got so close, close enough for her to reach out and rub the fine fabric of her deep maroon suit. The strength behind the slap is astonishing, nearly freeing her jaw from the rest of her skull.

Lena waits patiently for Lillian to lift her swimming head. She hadn’t expected control to come so naturally to her but then, she’s maintained tight restrictions on herself constantly. The slap wasn’t an unhinged moment of anger. And it serves its purpose, humbling Lillian, reducing her a small and manageable thing.

At the sight of bright red trickling from her split lip, Lena produces a handkerchief and dabs the spot gently. Lillian flinches at the touch, strangely caring in the aftermath of something so violent, almost as if Lena wasn’t the one who hit her at all.

There’s an unknown power radiating from the fingers pressed beneath her papery chin, tilting her head to the right angle. Suddenly, Lillian’s aware of just how fragile and weak she is in comparison. She swallows hard, feeling like a canary trapped in the claws of a fickle cat.

“I have found my place,” Lena begins, tone light and eerily calm and it sends a shiver down Lillian’s spine, “Kara and I are going to lead the world into a future that’s bright and prosperous.” And when she smiles, Lillian’s blood turns to ice in her veins. “It’s just a shame you and Lex won’t be around to see it.”

Lillian jerks her chin away in panic, heart pumping painfully. “You—you can’t kill, Lex,” she rasps, lip quivering. “You said it yourself, you won’t risk their lives.”

“I did,” Lena agrees freely and the ease of her stance makes Lillian edgy. “Which is why I sent my team to Mount Norquay to disarm the rocket and destroy the virus once and for all.” She holds her hand out, idly inspecting her blunt nails. “It really is fortunate that Lex loves to hear himself talk so much. Gave them plenty of time to work while he puffed his chest and paraded around under a false sense of security.”

Lillian’s mouth drops open comically and Lena can’t help chuckling at the display. It’s not often the woman lets her composure slip, lets emotions other than extreme malice and envy overtake her features. The rush of blood reminds Lena of a waterfall, choppy currents, plunging towards a deep bottom. It’s oddly thrilling, the way her skin prickles with power, demanding to be unleashed.

Lillian slumps against the wall again, knees as stable as jello. “And the kryptonite?” she asks weakly. “Why didn’t it work?”

Lena doesn’t owe her an explanation but until Kara returns with her brother’s head, she supposes she has the time. “Harun-el if you must know. There’s still so much about it that isn’t fully understood but it does seem to have an effect on the other forms of kryptonite. I first noticed the phenomenon when I treated Sam last year. I tried to supercharge the green kryptonite and ended up making the gold version. Then, I thought I could use it to nullify her powers but her body adapted to protect against it. Over time, she eventually developed an immunity to the green kryptonite as well. I saved samples, good data collection like you taught me.”

Lena tucks her handkerchief into a stunned Lillian’s breast pocket. “What? You thought that Lex was the only one paying attention to what the Daxamites brought with them?” She smirks. “I was on the ship and Rhea liked the sound of her own voice just as much as Lex. So, after I found traces of harun-el in Kara’s DNA, I used it to make…well,” she throws up a hand, “I guess you could call it a kryptonite vaccine.”

Lillian swallows thickly. “If that’s the case, why didn’t her body purge the red kryptonite?”

“Because Lex messed around with the formula,” Lena explains, gaze hardening. “And its effects are psychological, not physical. But then, Lex is used to toying with things he doesn’t fully understand, isn’t he?”

Lillian says nothing.

“I will admit, I didn’t expect the gold kryptonite to have any effect at all but,” she smiles, eyes lighting up, “it seems my darling Kara is even stronger than any of us realized.”

Lillian nearly gags at the endearment. “So it seems.” She clambers back instinctively when Lena steps closer, flinching when fingers hovering over the blush blooming on the right side of her face.

“Are…are you going to kill me?” The question escapes in quick pants. Despite herself, she’s afraid to die, especially alone, especially at the hands of a woman who was once a bright eyed little girl starving for love.

Lena cups her cheek tenderly, face sincere, “No, I’m not.” But the words don’t placate at all. They’re not meant to.

A portal opens behind them. Lillian finds herself being shoved through and she loses her footing on the other side. They end up in a defunct CADMUS bunker, Lillian isn’t sure which. She looks around the abandoned space and panic spikes when she eyes several limp, mutilated bodies hanging from chains on the wall.

“You see, Lillian,” Lena drawls from behind, startling the older woman with the use of her name more than her sudden speech. “I’ve always preferred a more…subtle approach.”

She waves at someone, a muscled and tall alien Lillian confirms with a horrified look over her shoulder. “Ms. Luthor,” the alien nods reverently, blue glyphs covering its entire upper body and bald head like tattoos.

Lena grabs Lillian roughly at the jaw. The words fall heavy from her lips and burn like acid, “You tried to kill the love of my life. And for that, you will suffer. Slowly, painfully. Until you’re begging for death.” A thumb swipes away a tear Lillian didn’t even know she shed. “But it won’t come, I’ll keep you alive.”

Lillian’s head bobs when Lena drops her grip.

“Lena,” she starts, knowing there’s nothing she could say to change her fate. She clutches at air. Proud as she is, Lillian isn’t above pleading, grovelling at Lena’s feet if it will guarantee survival. “Lena, let’s talk about this. Please.”

Lena tilts her head, pretending to consider, just for the sick satisfaction of watching relief weakly flicker across Lillian’s face. Truthfully, if Lena had only herself to consider in all this, maybe Lillian would have chance to slink away into the underground on the promise to never resurface again. But Lillian was culpable in this plot against Kara and that was her mistake. Out of everything Lena could forgive, Kara is not one of them.

Lillian’s eyes bulge when Lena nods to the alien waiting patiently for orders. “Lena, please! Don’t do this!”

A shriek rips free from her throat when the large alien grabs her and drags her off. She begs, screams for mercy but Lena just watches as her minion gets to work, chaining Lillian with tight clamps at her frail wrists.

And oh is it freeing, how little Lena cares. Her villainous, manipulative family has coasted along off her goodwill for far to long, lulled into complacencies because of how she continuously stayed her hand. Kept herself under rigid control. But not anymore, not with all this power brimming at her fingertips.

She doesn’t bother informing the woman that the alien happens to come from a planet known for its unique torture techniques. That CADMUS murdered his wife and unborn child.

And as a blade slices clean into Lillian’s stomach with careful precision, Lena turns to leave.



The sun is bright above her.

She coasts over the warm currents, suspended weightlessly and unbridled power swarms her like a golden mist. She feels strength flowing in her body, surging through her veins, and her skin strums with it.

It’s all-consuming. It’s bright and hot and absolute. She welcomes it. She doesn’t have hold back, doesn’t have to deny herself the true power waiting for her to accept. She doesn’t have to rebel against every instinct, every drive that makes her an alien.

Oh how good it feels to be this powerful. To be a god.

She looks across at Lex with a malevolent smirk that makes him squirm helplessly in her grasp. It’s a good look on him, feeling as inconsequential as he truly is. An annoying little insect scurrying beneath her feet just like the other nonentities. His pulse is erratic as his heart beats wildly around the cage of his ribs.

It’s beyond pathetic, how a man such as Lex Luthor could ever think to be a match for her. For the last scion of the great House of El. For one of the brightest minds of a race light years ahead of these scrabbling fleas that call themselves superior. Self-aggrandizing fools, all of them. Wastes of space that will be eradicated brutally. With her beautiful and brilliant queen by her side.

There’s just one little thorn that needs to be disposed of.

Humanity, as she has come to know it, is perfectly embodied by the man currently barking demands at her. Rage has him frothing at the mouth like a rabid dog and his face is beet-red.

“Are you really willing to risk their lives?” Lex demands incredulously. “I thought you’d at least pretend to care about the people you claim to fight for!”

Kara lands with a resounding crack beneath her bare feet and rolls her shoulders just for show. Lex jolts, still trying to pry the steel hand from his collar. “I do. Which is why I allowed your incessant monologuing. It gave you a false sense of victory while your rocket was rendered obsolete. Much like the rest of your inane little plan.”

Lex’s heart leaps to his throat, his stomach plummets to where his ankles are and his entire body trembles with fury and fear in equal measure. “How the fuck did you—?”

“I don’t have to explain anything to you,” Kara cuts in and with that she tosses him clear across the street and into a deserted building. He bulldozes through a series of walls and eventually lands on his side. He coughs, expelling a mouthful of blood and loose teeth as he props up on all fours. His limbs tremble, struggling to support his weight and the ringing in his ears won’t go away.

Before he can recover, Kara is on him. “But I will give you a chance to fight for your life.” A swift kick to the gut sends him soaring through the wall and into the next building. It feels like all of his ribs have snapped now.

Like most cities at this point, the streets of Metropolis are emptied, civilians having fled to their homes or sought refuge elsewhere while Kara’s regime fought against the army. There are dead bodies scattered around, unidentifiable from all the burning and maiming. It’s a graphic sight. Lex retches and his abdominal muscles ache with the effort.

He blinks away the darkness gathering in his field of vision, trying to regain his focus. It doesn’t matter that the gold kryptonite was made inert. It doesn’t matter that his own enhanced abilities bring him no sense of comfort or hope for survival.

I can still win, he tells himself. Lex Luthor doesn’t lose he plays like a mantra.

His head jerks around, cautiously surveying his surroundings. He’s in an office, the entire floor is abandoned, a few corpses on the floor and slumped over the top of cubicles. He squints at the name plate on the desk closest to him.

Lois Lane.

Ugh. He’s at the Daily Planet and suddenly feels sick about it. A hand flies up to his mouth when he hears her land. It rocks the building like the aftershock of a massive earthquake and Lex’s heart beats out a panicked staccato. With the sounds he can’t control muted under his hand, Lex crawls quietly to the overturned desk.

It’s a pointless exercise, hiding from an all-powerful being who can hear every shift of atoms in the air but instinct has taken over. Just like an animal in the wild, Lex hunches over, making himself as small and inconspicuous as possible.

Kara smiles haughtily. She already spotted him, before she even arrived, but she decides to go with it. She doesn’t think Lena will mind if she has a little fun.

“Why are you hiding from me, Lex?” Kara asks rhetorically, voice booming in the open space as she saunters across the floor. “This can’t be part of your plan. Or is it? It’s so hard to tell, given how everything you’ve touched has gone up in flames.”

He jumps when a large object—looks like an office copier— crashes down next to him. His back is pressed against the stainless steel table and his mind races to figure out an escape. The only thing outweighing the drive to recklessly throw himself at Kara is the desire to live.

“Tell me,” Kara pauses, tearing through what sounds like a section of the drywall. “What was your plan exactly? Infect me with red kryptonite, I’d go mad and you would be lauded as the man who put down the big, bad Kryptonian?”

She laughs loudly and Lex’s angry tongue nearly gets the better of him. “So much for that. The only thing you’ve managed to accomplish is signing your own death warrant.” A fist breaks through the desk, narrowly avoiding Lex’s head. He lurches forward, crawling on his belly like a snake.

Kara kicks the chipped remains of the desk aside and approaches him with baleful steps. “Did you remember to count, Lex?” A burst of heat vision singes his facial hair as he stumbles back. “Did you count as the sand drained from the hourglass? Did you count your days, knowing they would be your last?”

With the ignorance of a Spanish bull, Lex lunges, fist drawn back and launched forward with all the strength he possesses. He roars, black veins straining beneath his skin, spit spraying from his mouth. Kara holds up a palm, catching his trembling fist. The contact sends a shockwave across the room, overturning desks, chairs and scattering papers.

Lex pants, chest heaving from exertion.

Kara just laughs. “Oh you really tried there, didn’t you?” she says derisively. Lex is thrown into unconsciousness for a few seconds when the strike of backhand connects to his face. “How does it feel, Lex? Being so utterly powerless even after all your scheming?”

“I'm not powerless,” he growls before attempting another blow. It lands solidly with her face but she doesn’t even flinch. A twinge of pain surges through his entire arm and vibrates down to the bone. “Ah!”

Kara laughs again and it sets Lex off.

He yanks his hand away and continues with an onslaught of furious fists. “Fuck you!” He roars, anger taking over, bloodying his bruised knuckles with every blow. It echoes like thunder but Kara remains unaffected. “You think you’re superior to me? To me? I’m Lex Luthor. I am the man of tomorrow! Earth’s saviour and you are nothing. Just a false god without a home. I will kill you and your kind. Then I’ll kill Lena—”

A vice grip forms around his throat, swiftly denying him oxygen as his feet leave the ground. Kara pulls him closer and he struggles to turn his face away from the fire raging in her eyes. He claws at her hand, breath ragged and she smiles cruelly before slamming his body through layers of concrete and drywall.

He skips like a stone across a calm lake, body dragging painfully along the cracked floor when he lands in another building. A wrathful growl rips out of his throat and he collects himself quickly.

He’s in an apartment this time. There’s a family here— a man, woman and children— cowering in a corner, as far away from his inelegant touchdown as possible. They must not have had anywhere else to run to but Lex doesn’t feel any sympathy for them.

Driven by sheer desperation and a burst of super speed, he grapples the man into a chokehold, kicking the wife back when she tries to grab her husband’s hand. Lex spins around and presents his hostage to Kara when she appears at the makeshift entrance.

Her hulking presence hasn’t diminished by a fraction in the absence of her intimidating suit and billowing cape at her back. She floats above the floor menacingly, muscles rippling with every movement of her arms. She seems even bigger somehow, taking up more space in the room, thickening the air with a violet current crackling at her fingertips.

Lex hates it. He wants it for himself. This power, all of it, is rightfully his.

“You are going to let me leave,” he announces slowly and Kara cocks her head to the side. She radiates ceaseless heat and immeasurable power. She has never looked more like a sun god than now, the chosen daughter of Rao. His angel of brutal vengeance and death.

“If you don’t, I’ll snap his neck,” Lex hisses as he tightens his grip to show he is not bluffing.

Not that Kara thought otherwise. She knows Lex will gladly skin his own mother if it means getting what he wants. She does find it amusing though that after everything, Lex is still under the illusion that he has any control here. That he’s any better than the man whose life he’s trying to barter with. Is this truly the formidable foe Kal-El faced? So far, Kara is thoroughly unimpressed.

“You really think you know me, don’t you?” Heat vision pours from her eyes and bores two holes through the head of the civilian and strikes Lex in the face.

With a startled gasp, Lex drops the deadweight, rubs at his eyes and looks back at Kara in horror. It’s subtle, the slow revelation that this whole plan has been a giant misstep. A fatal miscalculation, one he cannot undo.

“The thing is that you don’t, Lex,” Kara says and her gaze shifts to the sobbing woman holding her children close. “You have absolutely no idea who you’re dealing with. You know Clark Kent. You know Superman.” She carries herself with a regal air, “But I am Kara Zor-El and I will happily kill every human on this planet if it means killing you too.”

Lex gulps audibly as cold sweat beads along his creased brow. Unconsciously he steps away until his back hits the wall. He considers using the woman and her kids as a distraction but then Kara starts speaking again.

“I read the file the DEO had on you when I first met Lena,” she tells him, “I wanted to know what kind of person could ever betray someone as amazing as her.”

“As if you didn’t betray her yourself!” Lex yells, tendons shot against his neck, eyes wild.

Kara ignores the outburst. “You leap at the chance to teach the world lessons. To prove that your insane machinations are what’s right for this planet. But, for all your so-called intelligence,” Lex tenses at the dig, “you don’t seem very adept at understanding that I have been allowing you to live.”

Without warning, she lunges, flipping him upside down as she launches into the air and through every floor until they reach the roof. She climbs higher and higher and Lex’s screams are swallowed by the wind whipping around them.

He coughs violently, dust, thin air and his hanging position wreaking havoc on his lungs. She pulls him up effortlessly with one hand so she can swing him back and forth like a pendulum. They’re just below the stratosphere, pressure crushing his diaphragm.

“You don’t understand that I am not my cousin,” her voice carries from above . “Kal-El is soft, weak, a human in every way that matters and a Kryptonian in none. He is inferior to me, just like the rest of you mindless drones. He is misguided, allowing the symbol of my House to become a prop, a commodity in gift shops and plastered on posters. He promoted a distorted idea of peace and ascribed to the great lie of the American way. He turned a blind eye to the depravity of this world.”

She drops him a little and, in spite of his enhanced physiology, Lex screams and whimpers, truly afraid for his life. “But even he knows that we could end your miserable life at any given moment.”

She pulls him back up again, high enough to free his tie from its tucked place in his waistcoat. She moves her grip and lets him hang precariously from it. “You know that too and despite what you say, you thought you were safe with Kal. But you were right to fear me.” She gains more altitude and when she’s satisfied she releases the tie.

Lex howls like a wounded bear as he free-falls, body cutting through the air sharply. His lungs crystallize and it’s near impossible to breathe. His arms flail and he thinks his heart stopped for several beats and he curses this fucking harun-el for not giving him the gift of flight. He’s scrabbling at his watch but can’t steady his hand fast enough.

He hits the concrete with a loud, sickening thud, face first. His nose, broken as it is, flattens further against his face. Fresh blood pools from multiple places and he’s only clinging to life because of the black serum pumping through his veins. There’s a smaller crater formed from the impact and he manages to roll over onto his back. It hurts so much just to bring air into his lungs.

“It makes you quite foolish though.” Her tone is so conversational as she hovers above him. They’re exactly where they should be, Lex rolling in the dirt with the rest of the rabble. “The way you’ve continued to taunt and provoke me. To antagonize me with your xenophobic campaigns.”

Kara smiles down at Lex and it’s a terrifying contrast to the sunny smile he’s seen her wear before. “I do have to ask. If you hate and fear us as much as you claim, why do you continue this game? Why would you run the risk of us ending you one day? If you’re so smart then truly, you must’ve learned by now? How dumb it is to wake up a monster.”

Lex moans on the ground as she picks his limp body up by the collar. She shakes him merrily, keeping him awake when his eyes threaten to cover with darkness. He’s not allowed to die, not until she’s ready. The glow has receded from her eyes, leaving them an endless black void, almost like a shark’s with the same predatory threat.

“You tried to kill me, tried to turn me into a pawn in your silly game,” she smiles at his weak, indignant protests. “But you just don’t understand the true gravity of what you’ve done. You’ve freed me from the shackles that kept me from reaching my full potential, from the little voice that kept me from burning this world to ash. So really, if I’m a monster, you only have yourself to blame. Because I have wanted to kill you since that day I read your file. And now,” she leans down to him, tilts her head and grins wide, showing teeth, “Now I can.”

With the last reserves of strength he has left, Lex reaches for the dial on his watch and presses it twice. Seconds later, unmanned Lexosuits surround them, aiming their kryptonite weaponry.

Kara looks around with great disinterest but drops him unceremoniously when one of them begins to fire at her back. Lex takes the opportunity to scramble away from her, summoning one of the suits to arm him and three to serve as decoys. The rest converge on Kara, attempting to bring her down as they advance with a steady stream from their modified kryptonite ray guns.

It’s useless. Kara just stands there, like someone in a downpour of rain rather than a lethal, specialized weapon. She turns to Lex and flashes a wicked grin that causes his heart to return to his throat. Ever the self-preservationist, Lex flees the scene. He activates the lead lining in the suits, attempting to hide his vital signs from Kryptonian detection.

Kara watches him. Contrary to his beliefs, he can’t hide from her. The lead, the kryptonite, it can’t impede her. Even though he’s out of plain sight, she can still see him. She can see the surface of the moon from here if she wants to.

The nine remaining suits descend on her when she moves off to follow him, attempting to hold her back but she doesn’t budge. They’re not strong enough. Her heat vision makes quick work of them, powerful hands ripping apart the platinum plating as though they’re wrapping paper.

Where’s the challenge?

What a shortsighted fool Lex Luthor has turned out to be. He assumes so much and all of it is incorrect. Always relying on her goodwill, believing that she’ll remand him to a justice system designed to cater for rich white men. But then, he's never been able to see the big picture, just the little cut out that he’s interested in.

Kara catches up to him rather quickly, picking out which suit is his. He summons the others to attack her but it doesn’t halt her own assault. It seems almost pointless as he wrestles her in the sky, his gauntlet breaking apart with each collision to Kara’s face. She wonders how long it will take for the realization of defeat to finally sink in. If it will sink in at all.

Growing bored, she grabs his helmet, tears it open and holds his head in place as they travel across the length of a building. Kara presses him close and delights in his screams as he is rammed through glass and steel.

“You wanted the power of life and death,” she says once they outrun the building and Lex hangs lifelessly from her grip despite still breathing. “But you have no idea how to wield it. Let me show you.”

She dips downward and Lex’s stomach moves to take residence high in his chest as they dive towards the ground. He cries out when the bones in his spine splinter with the impact to the ruined concrete. It ripples across the open space, kicking up dust and light debris.

Kara looms over him, a powerful hand still pressed against his rapid pulse. “You wanted to be the hero of this story when you’re the one who freed the beast,” she curls her fingers, popping the bones in his neck slowly.

Lex thrashes as best he can, having lost some mobility and though the harun-el is working to heal him, it doesn’t seem fast enough for Kara’s deadly pace. He manages to connect a right hook to her jaw, eyes widening in pure terror when her head doesn’t even move. Instead, his fingers shatter in three different places.

“I am your god,” she reminds him, picking his broken body off the ground effortlessly. “This world is mine. Your sister is mine,” she adds with a smirk. “It’s over for you.”

“No,” he chokes it out, around the hand cutting off his oxygen and the blood pooling in his mouth. Several bones are crushed, organs punctured and his left arm droops abnormally, likely the result of a dislocated shoulder.

Kara turns at the sudden whoosh of super speed. Lex peers over, vision blurred at the edges but he’s certain that Lena is walking towards them. He tries to open his eyes wider but the weight of his swollen lid is too much.

“Hello my love,” Kara greets Lena guilelessly, as if she isn’t covered in Lex’s blood. “So glad you could join me.”

“I see you’re having fun, darling,” Lena purrs, cupping Kara’s cheek, thumb smearing a trail of blood the same shade of Lena’s lipstick. Kara hums happily in response, relaxing at the touch.

“Lena,” Lex wheezes, air escaping from his fractured windpipe making a high-pitched whistling sound. His head turns toward her and he blinks slowly. “Lena, help me.”

She cocks her head to one side and nods at Kara. “Hello Lex,” and suddenly the hand holding him upright is gone and he falls back to the cold ground awkwardly. He cries out, a sharp piece of metal debris gouging between his shoulder blades. Blood drops are repelled from his gaping mouth. He looks up and all he can see is Lena as she crouches next to him.

“You have to help me, Lena,” he rasps, throat dry and aching. Under any other circumstance, in the presence of anyone other than his sister, he’d never make himself small, pitiable. But Lena, she has a hard outer shell with a soft underbelly. He’s certain of that much, that she will be his salvation, just like all the times before. “Come on.”

“No I don’t,” Lena says simply and Lex ignores the pain, eyes flying open in outrage and disbelief. And as always, his own hubris drives him towards the edge of the abyss.

“Lena,” he tries to growl warningly, the way that used to make her cave to whatever he wanted from her. Fighting to hide the permanent wince, he props up on his elbows and slowly pulls himself to sit upright.

“Don’t be a little bitch—” He hacks up a black, viscous liquid, sneering ugly as his mouth fills up with it. His chest rattles with the effort it takes to bring air into his battered, wilted lungs.

“Lena….” He struggles to keep his eyes from rolling back. “We’re blood. It’s…it’s you and me, little sis. Remember?”

“We may share blood,” Lena allows, “but we’ve never been family. You don’t understand the concept. And how could you, Lex? You’ve never stuck by my side, never loved me unconditionally, never showed an ounce of loyalty. Love was rendered a currency of control and you fashioned it into a knife and stabbed me in the back repeatedly. You never wanted a partner, you wanted a sycophant,” she spits the word out and Lex’s face twists with a special brand of anger. “You painted me a colourful version of the future you thought I’d accept. One that would make me acquiesce to your deluded image and remain under your thumb. And when it didn’t work, you tried to kill me.”

“Lena,” Lex snarls but in his weakened state, it doesn’t have the desired affect. He leans forward and feels the protest in his damaged spine. “You’re being absurd. Sure, I may have used you as it suited me but you think that she,” he pauses to jab a finger Kara’s way, “isn’t doing the same?”

He chuckles weakly, black goo trickling from the corner of his mouth and down his slackened chin. “Kryptonian’s are incapable of love,” he drags the words out with cruel intent, “and she is no different.”

“I guess this is the part where you say you love me,” Lena scoffs.

“Love is valueless,” Lex tells her, daring to inch even closer. Tremors travel through his hand as he reaches for Lena’s arm. She stiffens and holds up a hand to stop Kara from advancing. Lex’s eyes flicker between the two women and despite himself, he marvels at the influence Lena has over the Kryptonian practically wrapped around her finger.

“I respect you,” and Lena’s never heard something so honest coming from him. But then, like most things, Lex’s compliments were conditional, prone to expiry. “I pushed you to be better, smarter. I wanted you by my side because you were worthy. I made you into what you are! And you owe it to me now—”

“I don’t owe you anything,” she interjects, face contorted into a mask of hatred and malice he’s only ever seen staring back at him in the mirror. It’s unsettling, how cold and calculating her eyes are, the shiver it spikes up and down his trembling spinal column like an electric current in a copper wire. “My obligation is to the world. A world that will never know peace so long as you’re in it.”

“Lena,” Lex manages to croak out a disturbed laugh. He tries to swallow but there’s no moisture in his mouth. His grip tightens as hard as he can muster around Lena’s bicep but she hardly acknowledges the pressure.

“Come on. Despite how much you hate me, we both know that you don’t have it in you to kill,” and it’s crazy to Lena, how much he seems to believe that, how untrue a statement that’s always been. She killed Jack after all, condemned several Daxamites to certain death, shot Eve execution style. And she’d do it all again in a heartbeat. She did it for the betterment of the world. She did it for Kara.

“Lena,” he tries to jerk her forward but she pries his hand off instead. He yelps as his fingers are bent unnaturally and the bones crunch in her closed fist. His hand drops like an anvil when she releases it, a mess of cracked bones, blood and severed nerves.

Lena cradles his face in both hands and he flinches as the soft pad of her thumb sweeps his cheek. She smiles gently. She runs a hand over his smooth head, strokes his beard softly and like a self-assured asshole, Lex allows himself a moment of reprieve.

His eyes flutter close, his heart slows its marathon. He thinks he has won, believes that he holds Lena’s heart, that she’s still that awkward little girl who looked up to him. Who needed him. Who loved him more than anything.

Then a delicate hand curls around his throat and his eyes rush to open in shock.

Lena comes closer, dragging his upper body forward. “Oh but you forget, dear brother,” she whispers softly, voice sweet as toffee, and Lex nearly cries when she adds, “I’m a Luthor too.”

He doesn’t have it in him to scream as his body is propelled upward with enough speed for the air to nearly rip his flesh clean from the bone. It gets colder and colder as they travel but he doesn’t shiver, doesn’t protest. He might not want to say the words, but in his heart he knows he has lost.

Lena stops just above the earth’s atmosphere, suspended in the weightlessness of zero gravity. Kara is at her side, unchanged despite being exposed to the vastness of space. They float gingerly towards something, something hot. Scorching. It’s too late by the time Lex’s lagging brain figures out what it is.

They hover several feet away from the open inferno of the sun. Kara’s skin glowing, energized tenfold by the proximity. He opens his mouth to beg, to reach that part of Lena that once cared for him but the expansive void around them swallows his words. Tears spring from his eyes and he struggles in Lena’s grasp, skin darkening from the immense blaze.

“Lena!” he says soundlessly. His eyes are huge, last supply of air snatched from his lungs.

Lena looks at Lex one last time before she finally lets go, flinging him towards the sun. His body spins around aimlessly before being engulfed by the greedy and unforgiving flames.

And as Lena watches her brother and his insanity burn, all she can do is smile.



He has no idea how long he’s been dipping in and out of consciousness, rocked like a canoe adrift in a choppy sea.

When his vision finally clears, it doesn’t take long for him to register exactly where he is. He tries to move and is instantly reminded of his brutal defeat when a sharp twist of pain radiates across his torso. He looks down and gasps at the scorch marks etched across his skin like tire treads on asphalt. There’s dry blood stuck in clumps near his hairline, ugly purplish bruises cover his entire body and his right leg is numb.

He tries wiggling his toes but nothing happens. His split lip is throbbing when he darts out his tongue to wet his lips but there’s not enough moisture in his mouth. He certainly can imagine that he looks as shitty as he feels. Then he realizes, with sudden horror, that he isn’t healing at all as he lies down in red sunlight instead of yellow.

A flash of a shiny material catches his attention.

“Kelex!” He calls out, struggling to sit up from the cold ground, banging a fist against the impenetrable ice to get the android’s attention. He cries out in agony, only to belatedly realize that he used the hand Kara had crunched in her grasp. She was so much stronger than him, even more so now and he feels it in every protesting cell as he struggles to move again.

“Kelex. Kelex, get me out of here.” The robot servant doesn’t even acknowledge his presence. “Kelex!”

Kal stares in open-mouthed disbelief, as the android continues about its business. He hits the ice again, wincing at the action but doesn’t stop. Bloodied imprints mark the spot. “Kelex! Why are you ignoring me? It’s Kal-El. Don’t you recognize me?”

“I know exactly who you are. Son of Jor-El and Lara,” comes the monotonous reply. “But you are no longer an authorized user of the Fortress commands.”

“What? How is that—?” Kal cuts himself off. Kara must have been here and revoked his access. There’s no way for him to get it now. But even if there was, what could he do? Kara’s power is magnified to new extremes, Kara knows how to tap into her detached and logical Kryptonian nature, a concept he has never learned, too preoccupied with his obsession to be human.

It seems almost fitting that he has now been rendered a stranger to this place, this foreign remnant of a world he has never known or understood. Jor-El’s memory crystal trained him here, taught him about his powers and his responsibility to be a symbol of hope and goodness to the people of earth.

But he’s never fully grasped the gravity of that, of what it means to bear the symbol of the House of El, the legacy that comes with his family name. And how could he when he has never taken the time to embrace his Kryptonian heritage? When he instead clung to this ideation of humanity, this misplaced desire to be a Kent when he should’ve been proud to be an El?

He lifts his head when someone taps on the ice caging him, eyes widening. His family crest has never looked more menacing. “Kara,” he groans, fighting to stand and pain ripples through his legs with the effort. He takes in the blood soaking her hands, splattered across her chest. The scent of death clings to her. “What—what happened?”

His eyes narrow in suspicion when a slow smile spreads across her face. He presses a palm to the frosty wall. “What have you done, Kara?”

“Everything that you failed to do,” she answers, gaze hardening, boring into him with disdain. She pinches a small object between her index finger and thumb and presents it to Kal.

He squints at it a few times, vision compromised and blurry, but lets out a startled and breathy gasp in recognition. “You killed him,” he says sombrely, eyes trained on the monogrammed cuff link as she presses it into a thin metal sheet.

“Actually,” comes a familiar voice and Kal’s gaze tracks over to the smaller frame stepping closer to Kara. His jaw clenches tight and it hurts.

“I killed him,” Lena says, sounding almost smug about it. Kara certainly is, beaming with approval and pride.

Kal gapes between the two. “Lena how could—” He blinks rapidly. “He was your brother!”

“He was,” Lena hums noncommittally and Kal is visibly unsettled. She seems so far removed from the shy teen girl he met the first time Lex brought him to the Luthor Mansion. Her hair was longer, thick-framed glasses perched on her nose, rifling through college level physics textbooks with rapt fascination.

That’s not who she is now. Powerful, confident, sure of what she wants. Both of them are.

“You loved him, didn’t you?” Kara asks sweetly and Kal glares at her through the thick rime. When he says nothing, she goes on, “Of course you did. And you enjoyed his obsession. You believed these mortals just needed someone to save them from themselves. That you were sent here to protect them. Act as their shining light in the darkness.”

She laughs at the absurdity of it. “How many lives have been needlessly squandered just to feed your ambitions? To allow your twisted game with a madman who should’ve been put down from minute one.”

“I could have saved him!” Kal bellows and his muscles burn as he slams a fist at Kara, catching only coldness. A pain throbs angrily in his hand but he doesn’t drop his glare, twisting his crumpled fist into the frigid barrier between them.

“If that’s what you think,” she places a palm on the adjacent control panel and the prison hisses open. Kal steps backward but Kara hasn’t moved. “Then you are just as insane as he was.”

“So now you’re here to kill me? Is that it?” he demands, fists unsteady at his side, chest aching with every drag of air into his lungs, blood spotting along his bronchi. He doesn’t sound or appear fearful. Just resigned, as though waiting for his execution.

“If it were up to me, you’d be dead already,” Kara says coldly. “But unlike you, I have respect for our House and what our people stood for. So I’ll let you alive.”

Kal lets out a relieved breath, eyes shutting for a brief moment.

“J’onn will be taking you back to Argo,” she informs him, “where you will remain for the rest of your days. Because if you set foot on our planet again, I will rip you to pieces.”

He swallows hard, muscles coiling at the threat he knows will be acted upon if necessary. Small movement at Kara’s side shifts his attention back to Lena. She’s holding a small rock, glowing a bright yellow as it sits in her opened palm. “What is that?”

“Gold kryptonite,” she answers, “as we speak, it’s taking away your cells’ ability to process yellow sunlight.”

“What?” He stumbles back as though shoved in the chest, nearly tripping over his strangely numb feet. He flexes his hands but it’s hard to tell if there’s a difference, being as depleted of energy as he is after all this time soaking up red lighting. Even so, he knows better than to question a Luthor when it comes to kryptonite.

“Think of it as an added incentive for you not to return,” she smiles broadly and Kara chuckles at what must be a pathetically stricken look on his face. “Consider yourself fortunate, Mr. Kent. I don’t forgive those who try to hurt Kara quite so easily. But,” she shrugs a little, “I owed Lois a favour.”

Kal grits his jaw. His thoughts are swimming. He touches his chest, the spot where he once donned his family crest and realizes that Kara wasn’t wrong, that he is undeserving. He slumps against the frigid wall of his prison and shakes his head stubbornly. “I’m not leaving.”

“It’s not up for debate.” Kara grabs him carelessly, ignoring his agonized cries as her grip tightens over bruised flesh. She understands of course, the humiliation of returning to Argo only at the mercy of Earth’s new god and her queen. He’s supposed to be Superman, the most powerful being the universe and she barely broke a sweat slamming him into the dirt.

He protests as she half-carries him out the Fortress, pulling weakly at her grip around his shoulder. Cold breeze nips mercilessly at his vulnerable skin and he shivers uncontrollably. She tosses him into a snowdrift next to J’onn’s feet.

J’onn says nothing, though his eyes hold many unshed tears. He swallows thickly and hoists Kal up into a fireman’s carry once it becomes clear the man is incapable standing on his own. There’s many emotions flashing across J’onn’s usually stoic face but he doesn’t give voice to any. What else can he say? What else can he do?

Lena, Alex and Winn made their choice. James and Maggie are dead. Crimson still slithers sinisterly across Kara’s face, eyes gleaming with cruelty. He can’t change any of that right now.

He manages a jerky nod at Kara and Lena before turning on his heels and walking up the platform. He gingerly places Kal on the ship’s makeshift med bay before heading to the bridge. He sags into his seat, fingers drumming out of tune at the helm.

As the ship lifts off slowly, he pulls a small, circular device from his pocket, one Kara had shown him excitedly once. A gift from her Earth-1 friends, she had called it. He tucks it back safely from whence it came and charts a course for Argo.



“So what now?” The question draws Kara’s attention away from the bioship shrinking in the distance. Nimble fingers reach out, thumb finding the hinge of Kara’s jaw, pressure and warmth building at her nape. There’s hunger and heat in the viridian gaze that meets her eyes and Kara cannot look away.

Lena is breathtaking, Kara can’t help thinking it. She is vibrant, radiating with her own beautiful madness that pulls Kara further into her orbit, ensnared like a lamb. Even at the start of their friendship, even with Kara tripping over her words, she knew that there was an inherent danger to Lena. A sharp edge that could draw blood even from impenetrable Kryptonian skin. A darkness thick as smog and deeply alluring.

Lena is stunning in a way no one else but Kara can appreciate. Her mind is filled with immoral pleasures that only Kara can see. She emits power and wickedness. A smirk etches across her face, clearly pleased by the effect she has over the Kryptonian, the prospects of their future together. A future that’s malleable, a planet now ready to be crafted into the pinnacle of excellence by her unyielding hand.

“Now,” Kara’s grip finds Lena’s waist, tugging her as close as possible. Lena’s grasp tightens at the base of Kara’s throat and the blonde barely suppresses a groan. Her lips ghost over Lena’s, breath hot as she whispers, “Now we rule the world.”