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candid camera

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“God, look at you…” Yuichi whispered, gently rolling his hips up to meet Adachi’s as they sunk back down. He curled the fingers of his left hand on Adachi’s thigh and carefully balanced his phone in his right, trailing just above the record button to he could stop the minute he was told to. It had been an impulsive decision on his part, a moment he wanted to capture because Adachi was just so amazing.

Adachi let out a shaky breath, biting down on his lower lip as he brought himself back down to rest on Yuichi’s cock. His skin was covered in the lightest sheen of sweat, worked up over hours of foreplay and teasing. His own erection bobbed with each motion, precum dribbling from the tip and down the shaft. His mouth dropped open with a moan, rocking back as he brought his hand up to cover it.

He thrusted back up, “I want to hear it, Kiyoshi…”

“K-Kuro…Yuichi…” Adachi dropped his hand down, bracing it on the bed as he pulled himself back up. His chest heaved with each pant. Yuichi was almost tempted to drop his phone so he could go back to pinching and stroking at his nipples, still dark from previous attention. Almost being the key word.

He kept his phone as steady as he could, capturing as much as possible on the small screen. “I’m going to look at this all the time. You’re gorgeous. Absolutely amazing. How did I get so lucky to have all of your firsts?” His left hand trailed from Adachi’s leg, over his hips, and across his stomach before finally circling around his erection. He rubbed his thumb along the slit, smearing precum over the head. “I can’t believe you’re all mine.”

It was just enough to bring Adachi over the edge, as he slammed down one final time. He tightened around Yuichi, shaking as he spilled over his hand and onto his stomach. He grinded his hips down, licking his lips before managing to say, “You too…”

That was enough for Yuichi to drop his phone, not even bothering to turn off the recording as he let it fall onto the bed.