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Winter Songs (And so the Rain Falls)

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Yu Wenzhou is sick. It’s normal to feel ill during the winter season, but the team has a games coming up, and they need to practice. With those thoughts in mind, he hauls himself out of bed in order to get ready for training.


Fresh out of the shower and with non-sweat soaked clothes on, he feels a lot better, even with the heavy limbs and throbbing head. Closing his eyes, he revels in the quiet.

Faintly, he hears footfalls echoing down the corridor to his door, and the mechanical beeps of someone entering his pin. With a click, the door opens and Huang Shaotian bursts in.

“Capitain, Capitan, are you ready-” He pauses while taking in Wenzhou. “Capitan, are your feeling okay, you don’t look okay, are you sick, come on we shoul-”

Yu Wenzhou claps his hand over Huang Shaoitain’s mouth before he can continue. “I’m fine Shaotian, we should head down now, before we are late.”

Huang Shaotian regards him suspiciously, mouth opening to protest, but Yu Wenzhou picks up his notebook before sweeping past, already exiting the room.


The morning passes in a blur of mouse clicks and hazy pain, making focusing on even the most basic of exercises challenging. He can see Shaotian sneaking worried glances over his screen, but even keeping his teammates in the dark is beyond his capabilities now. He looks at the clock, good, it’s late enough.

“Training is over, you are all dismissed” He addresses the team. Slowly, his teammates trickle out, everyone ready to be done. He remains seated, too tired to even consider moving.

Huang Shaotian approches once the room is empty, “Capitan” he asks, voice uncharastically soft, “we should move to your room.”

“I still need to do some review work,” He protests even as he feels his eyelids drooping, “you can go ahead.”

Something in Shaotian sharpens, “Capitan, you look ill”

Yu Wenzhou starts, “I’m fine.”

Huang Shaotian glares “Tell that to your eyebags Capitan.”

He moves to turn away, but Shaotian catches his shoulder. He tries to pull back, but sick and weak, he doesn't stand a chance against his vice. Huang Shaotian pulls him out of his chair and ushers him down the hallway.

He can’t find the will to resist.


“I don’t need cough medicine Shaotian, my throat doesn't even hurt” He smiles softly, finding Shaotian’s fussing adorable. He sits on the bed, smothered in too many blankets, and propped up on just as many pillows, but he can’t find it in himself to be irritated.

Huang Shaotian’s cheeks puff out, insulted at the slight to his intelligence. Cute. “But Captain…”

“But nothing Shaotian, I’ll be fine.”


He patts the space next to him in a silent peace offering. Shaotian crawls over, settling next to him. Wenzhou leans over, resting his head on Hunag Shaotian’s shoulder.

“You know you can rely on us, right Wenzhou” Shaotian murmures, the words barely audible.

“I know Shaotian” He falls asleep with a smile on his lips.