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What Happens At All-Stars

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Huang Shaotian, unlike many of the experienced Gods, didn’t dislike All-Star Weekend.

Sure, it was designed to be interesting for the fans, not for them, and sure, the whole thing was a hassle. Still, the challenges were fun, the stakes were low, and the chance to hang out with friends from varying teams was unmatched.

After another completed weekend, Huang Shaotian could be found doing just that. He was sitting between Yu Wenzhou’s legs in their hotel room, an assortment of friends in various positions on the furniture. It was fun to catch up, and the get-together got even better when Li Xuan ordered food.

The relief from finishing a busy weekend, combined with the late hour, wore inhibitions low.

And really, what with how many of the pros Huang Shaotian knew had hooked up at some point over the years, it wasn’t a surprise when the conversation turned to sex.

“Oh yeah? Funny how I don’t remember you saying that last month,” Fang Rui said.

“Fang Rui, have some tact,” Wu Yuce entreated, looking slightly embarrassed.

Huang Shaotian perked up at the opportunity for gossip. His conversation with Chu Yunxiu was at a natural stopping point, so his attention shifted to Wu Yuce and Fang Rui.

“You two were together? Tell me, tell us all about it,” he said gleefully, eager to pry.

Fang Rui looked at Wu Yuce, who took a deep breath before answering. "Yeah, after our match… He texted me, and well, one thing led to another."

"Understandable, Fang Rui's like that," Lin Jingyan chimed in.

"Hey!" Fang Rui responded, indignant.

"What? He's not wrong," Chu Yunxiu added.

"Everyone's so quick to turn on me," Fang Rui dramatically lamented.

"It's not a bad thing to be eager," Ye Xiu said. A few of the others, who by now were also watching the conversation, chimed in assent.

It appeared Fang Rui was still in the mood to be dramatic. "Well, now that you know this about me, you all need to share some information too, it's only fair. Old Lin, this is your fault, you go first."

Huang Shaotian knew that much of the group already had experience with Fang Rui’s enthusiasm--really, some pros might have missed their calling as gossip bloggers-- but Lin Jingyan courteously refrained from pointing that out. Instead, he paused, catching Zhang Jiale’s eye. When the other nodded, Lin Jingyan said, "Zhang Jiale and I hooked up shortly after joining Tyranny. Is that enough for you?"

"Not just me," Zhang Jiale said, from where he was laying on his stomach across the other bed in the room. "Vice-captain, tell them about you two and Captain." That was new information for Huang Shaotian; he wouldn't have guessed Lin Jingyan to have experience with Tyranny's other generals.  

"A threesome??" Chu Yunxiu exclaimed.

Zhang Xinjie nodded. "We were all interested, it only made sense."

"You haven't, Yunxiu?" Su Mucheng asked.

"No, never," she replied. "Wait, how many of you have?"

Huang Shaotian raised his hand, along with most of those present.

"Damn," she said.

"Su Mucheng and I had some fun with Sun Xiang back in the Challenger League," Xiao Shiqin volunteered.

Huang Shaotian knew that Su Mucheng could make her own decisions… but still, Sun Xiang, during the Challenger League? The same Sun Xiang who had acted as though he was above everybody else? Huang Shaotian turned to Su Mucheng. "No way, what's he like?"

She thought for a moment. "Responsive," she settled on.

"He takes very well to positive reinforcement," Xiao Shiqin added.

"Sis Su, you seem like the type who could handle him," Zhang Jiale said.

"Oh, I am," Su Mucheng replied, giving one of the sweet but scary smiles that made Huang Shaotian run hot.

"We want details," he demanded.

Su Mucheng thought for a second. "Fang Rui, you tell them," she ordered, making it a command.

"Yes ma'am," Fang Rui responded immediately, prompting a few chuckles. "What?" he said in response. "Mucheng is very skilled. And she's gorgeous, especially when she's sitting on your face."

Huang Shaotian could feel a tickle of arousal starting to build. He knew firsthand how exquisite Su Mucheng looked while she took her pleasure, and the memories were pleasant.

"Xiao Shiqin's exceptional people-reading skills surely transfer as well," Li Xuan said.

"I can confirm, it’s true, he’s incredible. I think the Tacticians have special powers for being really good at sex. ” Huang Shaotian shared his thoughts on the matter.

Lin Jingyan nodded to show he was following. “You would know, Xiao Shiqin and Yu Wenzhou.” He paused. “Maybe Ye Xiu too?”

"And Zhang Xinjie!" Huang Shaotian insisted.

"When were you and Vice-captain together?" Zhang Jiale asked.

"Same time as Xiao Shiqin," Huang Shaotian responded. He took a deep breath. Arousal was pooling from recalling and discussing his sexual experiences; he was starting to get hard.

"The same time as you were with Shiqin," Zhang Xinjie clarified, "I'd been with him before."

"All five of us had sex," Yu Wenzhou said, leaving no room for misunderstanding.

Huang Shaotian supposed he would find a fivesome to be entertaining news, too, if he wasn’t already aware. The group certainly seemed interested.

"Really? A fivesome? And with Ye Xiu?" Wu Yuce expressed his surprise.

"I was with the four as well, a different time" Wang Jiexi said, speaking up for the first time.

"You have to tell us more about that," Li Xuan said.

Wang Jiexi shook his head, refusing.

"Fine, then, Huang Shao," Li Xuan amended.

Wang Jiexi might be too polite to share details, but Huang Shaotian wasn't. “It was incredible,” he said honestly. “They challenged me not to make any noise, and then they all ganged up on me.” After he spoke, he shifted his position with a hint of self-consciousness about his growing erection. Yu Wenzhou wrapped his arms around Huang Shaotian’s torso and squeezed gently, nonverbal reassurance and encouragement to sit still.

"What happened when you lost?" Zhang Jiale asked.

"Hey, who says I lost?" Huang Shaotian retorted.

"Didn't you?"

Huang Shaotian paused, unable to deny it. "Fine," he said, flushing. "I got spanked." He was fully erect, and even the idea that everybody could see it was… not a discouragement; in fact, the thought made him harder. If they were going to take a step back and change the subject, it might be a good time, before he got even more worked up. Although…

“How many?” Wu Yuce asked. Huang Shaotian looked over and saw that his pants were also looking a bit tight, and his gaze towards Huang Shaotian held interest. “You don’t have to answer that,” Wu Yuce added quickly. “Only if you want to.”

Huang Shaotian wanted to. His eyes swept the room, and he saw a number of interested looks. He wanted everybody to keep looking at him with that edge of desire. He wanted everybody to want to watch him.

“I do,” he said. Then, instead of continuing, he twisted back to look at Yu Wenzhou. And, because Yu Wenzhou was the best partner, on the battlefield and off it, he caught the unspoken request.

“I’m all for watching Shaotian work himself up from talking about sex,” he started, and paused to allow for some chuckles. “Still, it seems prudent to make sure you all are comfortable with where this conversation is going. We can change the topic if anybody would like, no questions asked or judgement.”

A brief pause fell over the group.

“I’m interested,” Su Mucheng spoke up.

“As am I,” Zhang Xinjie said, getting that glint in his eyes like he was about to enjoy making Huang Shaotian fall apart.

His friends were openly taking in the sight of him aroused, and Huang Shaotian shifted under the power of everybody’s gaze. His heartbeat pounded, and he could feel his breath start to quicken. He knew it wasn’t normal to want this type of attention from his friends, and Huang Shaotian felt a pang of embarrassment, but more than that, he liked it; he wanted to continue and craved more.

One by one, everybody confirmed that they wanted to watch him.

“Wang Jiexi?” Xiao Shiqin prompted. He nodded; nobody pressed further.

“Shaotian?” Yu Wenzhou asked softly, checking in. Huang Shaotian knew that he could say ‘no’ at any point. He also knew that he could say ‘yes’.

“Ask me ask me,” he said, leaning back against Yu Wenzhou’s firm presence. “You want to know about me having sex? I’ll tell you all about it, just ask.”

Huang Shaotian felt Yu Wenzhou’s foot against the inside of his ankle; he flushed, but he obeyed the unspoken command to spread his legs. That changed the way the fabric of his pants restricted his cock, and he drew in a sharp breath.

“The question, then?” Ye Xiu prompted.

“Fifteen hits,” he responded, immediately picking the train of thought back up.

“Good,” Xiao Shiqin praised.

"Wenzhou didn't go easy on him, either." Zhang Xinjie added.

“He did at first,” Huang Shaotian amended, “but I can take more than that, Captain knows, we’ve done it before.”

There was something so thrilling about being exposed for everybody to see, and Huang Shaotian’s cock was throbbing in time to his heartbeat. He shifted, surprised by the tiny jolt of sensation just from the way his pants dragged against his skin. He wanted more.

Yu Wenzhou’s right hand moved to curl loosely around his wrist. That was fine; Huang Shaotian hadn’t been planning to touch himself.

"You like it rough, huh," Su Mucheng said, drawing from experience.

"I do," he said, exhaling on a noise somewhere between a sigh and a whine. "Sometimes. Not always. Gentle is good too. Slow is good except when I get teased endlessly because someone won't go any faster."

He looked around the room, reveling in the hungry looks on his friends’ faces. Huang Shaotian was delighted by the attention, loved the power he felt from receiving everybody’s focus. He was putting on a show, and he wanted to captivate his audience.

Ye Xiu wore a smirk. "Don't pretend, you like that too."

Another wave of heat ran though Huang Shaotian. "All right, it's true, even if I wish you would get on with it, I like it when you tease until I'm sensitive, I like it when you keep me on the edge of feeling good and wanting more. It feels so good when you finally give me what I need and when you tell me I’m good for waiting so long."

"How about having your hair pulled?" Li Xuan asked.

Huang Shaotian tipped his head back while he imagined the sensation, exposing his throat. He wanted somebody to take advantage and bite at the sensitive skin. "Yes,” he said breathlessly, “yes, very nice. I’m not fragile, you can be a little rough.”

“We didn’t do that,” Zhang Xinjie observed.

“Next time,” Huang Shaotian said, the words coming out as a plea rather than an offer. “I’ll get on my knees for you, you can use me as you please, tug me around. I know you don’t like that but I do, I want you to.”

“Would you want us to see?” Fang Rui asked.

Huang Shaotian was hit by the mental image of everyone watching him pleasure Zhang Xinjie. Maybe he’d do such a good job that they’d all want to take a turn with him next. His hips tried to thrust forward at the idea, although his spread position prevented much leverage. The ghost of sensation was a tease, almost worse than nothing. Almost.

“Not now,” Yu Wenzhou warned Fang Rui, although Huang Shaotian wasn’t paying much attention. He knew, not right then, and everybody else surely knew too.

"I’d want that," Huang Shaotian said breathlessly, cutting off Fang Rui’s response of acquiescence. “I want all of you to watch me, yes. I’ll be so good for all of you and I want you to notice.”

“So impatient,” Chu Yunxiu chided. “Captain Yu, does interrupting earn a punishment?”

A needy moan escaped Huang Shaotian at the thought of being punished, and he arched against Yu Wenzhou even as the other responded.

“It does,” his captain said. “Any suggestions?”

“Hmmm....” Chu Yunxiu said. Huang Shaotian could barely wait for her to answer, but he kept his mouth shut, knowing that interjecting would not help his case. “It’s not much of a punishment for him, but all I can think about is putting that mouth to better use. Mucheng says he’s really good.”

“Shaotian?” Yu Wenzhou asked.

“It’s true, I’d enjoy that,” he admitted, beginning to feel desperate. “But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. I can make it really good for you, you’ll see, and wouldn’t it be fitting for you to do what you want regardless of what I’d like? You shouldn’t deny yourself just because you want to punish me,” he begged.

“Compelling point,” Chu Yunxiu said, sending another flare of victory and arousal through Huang Shaotian.

“After you take care of Yunxiu, what do you want next?” Wu Yuce prompted.

Huang Shaotian didn’t have to pause before answering. “Finger me. Stretch me open.” He felt desperate to be touched and could only squirm helplessly from where he was on display, his legs still spread.

“Gently, or quickly?”

“If you’re not fast enough I’ll push you on a bed and ride your fingers myself,” Huang Shaotian threatened. His breathing was running ragged, but that had never been enough to stop him from talking.

“Sounds like somebody’s angling to get fucked,” Lin Jingyan remarked. Another flare of arousal passed through Huang Shaotian at the image.

Yes,” he choked out, “please. Bend me over the closest surface and fuck me, I’ll be tight from the quick preparation but I’m ready, get on with it.” Huang Shaotian could see that Lin Jingyan was hard, and he was hit with equal measures of gratification and desire. He wanted everybody to get off to how hot they found him, and he wanted Lin Jingyan’s cock buried deep inside him.

“What if he wants to take his time?” Xiao Shiqin asked.

“Save it for round two,” Huang Shaotian insisted, far too worked up to even consider slow and gentle sex. He wanted more and he wanted it right then if not ten minutes ago. Yu Wenzhou’s hands moved to brush his nipples, and Huang Shaotian immediately let out a loud cry and thrust his chest forwards.

“How many rounds do you need?” Su Mucheng asked. “We might have to pass you around in order to satisfy you. We’ll all be watching.”

Huang Shaotian’s heartbeat was throbbing through his head. Tightness was building in his groin, and he distantly realized he might come like this, untouched and with everybody’s eyes on him. He moaned.

Please, I want more,” he begged. “You can give me what I need and make me come for you again and again until I can only squirm because it’s so good but it’s so much, or you can take what you want from me and fuck me hard without concern for my pleasure, I’ll get off to it myself, you don’t need to worry about me, just take what you want, either way.”

“Which do you want?” Fang Rui asked.

“It doesn’t matter,” Huang Shaotian said desperately. The words were spilling from his lips with no filter behind them as he strained for more, thrusting his hips into empty air. “You can do what you want to me, I just really really want to get fucked while you all watch and you can see how much I’m enjoying it, I’ll enjoy it, I want you to enjoy watching me.”

Huang Shaotian felt precariously balanced on the edge of orgasm. His whole body felt hot, and he could feel his pulse everywhere between his head and his dick. Yu Wenzhou was now pinching his nipples through his shirt, and the sensation was just shy of too much, too concentrated, but it wasn’t, because he needed more. Something had to give.

“We’re enjoying watching you,” Wang Jiexi said.

“You look incredible like this,” Ye Xiu said, continuing the thought. “Desperate and writhing from nothing but your thoughts and our words. You’re so good for us.”

The words sent a jolt of arousal through Huang Shaotian’s chest. His jeans brushed against him just right, and Yu Wenzhou was still playing with his nipples, and Huang Shaotian could feel the muscles in his groin begin to tighten. For a brief instant, his need for touch spiked; he squeezed his eyes closed and let out a needy moan. Then, the sensation tipped over, and his cock released pulses of come in his pants. Relief hit Huang Shaotian as he rode out the sensation.

As the blood stopped pounding through Huang Shaotian’s ears, he could feel his breathing slow. He took a moment to breathe and let his awareness of the world come back, starting with Yu Wenzhou’s warm arms that were once again holding him close. Slowly, he opened his eyes, and a self-satisfied smile found its way to his lips at the expressions on his friends’ faces.

Zhang Xinjie appeared in front of him holding a blanket, and Huang Shaotian gratefully let him drape it over his front, covering the wet patch on his pants that made him cringe. Although he’d loved all the attention a moment ago, it was quickly turning into too much.

“All right, show’s over,” Ye Xiu announced, drawing the eyes off him. “My room’s three doors down, if you need somewhere to blow off steam.” Following him, the crowd began to disperse. Huang Shaotian hoped nobody else was in the hallway.

As the last few people were filing out, Su Mucheng came back, holding a bottle of juice. She handed it to him, then she leaned over to kiss his forehead, then left, closing the door behind her. Huang Shaotian drank and then stood to place the bottle on the bedside table.

“Pants off,” Yu Wenzhou suggested, and Huang Shaotian complied. He used the fabric of his underwear to wipe off most of the fluid.

“You too,” he demanded, because he was Glory’s top opportunist. Yu Wenzhou smiled fondly and stripped his pants off, although he left his boxer briefs on.

Although Yu Wenzhou’s erection was flagging, Huang Shaotian could see that he was still half hard. His partner followed his gaze, then waved him off, saying “There’ll be plenty of time for that later.”

“But…” Huang Shaotian protested.

“I want to take care of you right now,” Yu Wenzhou insisted softly. “Will you let me?”

Huang Shaotian considered. He was tired, and he was feeling a bit shaky. “If you’re sure…” he said uncertainly.

“I’m sure,” Yu Wenzhou confirmed. “Come lay down with me.”

He crawled under the covers on the bed, and Huang Shaotian followed, twining his legs together with Yu Wenzhou’s.

“You were amazing,” Yu Wenzhou said. “Nobody could take their eyes off you, I was watching them.”

Huang Shaotian preened and wriggled closer, letting the praise wash over him while he basked in the warmth of Yu Wenzhou’s arms.

When he felt ready, he rolled over and stretched, yawning as the late hour made itself known.

“Back with me?” Yu Wenzhou asked quietly.

“Yeah,” Huang Shaotian said, his voice coming out cracked.

“Was it good?” Yu Wenzhou asked.

“It was incredible,” Huang Shaotian responded. “I had no idea I could do that.”

“I’m glad you liked it,” the other said. “How about a quick shower and then sleep? The other bed’s nice and fresh.”

Huang Shaotian got out of bed and stretched again. “Sounds great,” he said. “Can I get you off in the shower?”

Yu Wenzhou chucked. “If you want.”

“I do”.

“Then, by all means,” his partner said, “lead the way.”