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“Are you hurt?” Childe asked in the warm glow of the inn room the two of you were staying in. Your eyes met his, cold blue eyes staring into your own and expecting an answer. It wasn’t like he needed an answer from you anyways. There were multiple cuts on your body and bruises adorned your skin from head to toe. It wasn’t your fault the Ruin Guard decided to spin on you when you were near it and you couldn’t dodge on time.

But, despite having the many injuries on your body, they were all minor injuries anyways. They would heal on their own.

“Not really. I’ll be fine,” you answered him, shifting on the bed and wincing from the soreness. You heard him ‘tsk’ before a hand firmly wrapped itself around your wrist and yanked you forwards.

“Hey-” you were interrupted when you met his eyes again. They were devoid of anything, narrowed in a glare that paralyzed you.

“You know I hate being deceived. Show me your injuries, [Name],” Childe ordered you.

And who were you to deny him. His grip on you loosened when you took off your jacket to reveal your bruised and cut arms. They weren’t deep wounds, but they still stung and ached. You heard him hum above you before grabbing the bandages beside him. His slim fingers worked deftly to wrap you in bandages. Every so often, you would hiss in pain due to how tight he was wrapping you up.

You had to admit… feeling his hands on you felt nice. His gloves were off, as wearing them would not only get in the way of treating your wounds but also for sanitary reasons, so you could feel every single touch from him. His fingers would brush against your skin, setting the area he touched ablaze. You had expected his hands and fingers to be rough and calloused from many years in battle. Surprisingly, they weren’t. They were soft to the touch, warmth radiating from his fingertips. You knew he was just treating your wounds, but the way he touched you and the way his eyes were so… hardened and cold was sending your mind into a place where it shouldn’t be venturing. And don’t get started on his hands and how rough he was handling you and your injuries.

Childe’s close proximity to you wasn’t helping any of this either. You could feel the heat radiating off of his body as he leaned closer to you to inspect your body of any more injuries. His breath fanned against your skin when he got close enough, sending shivers down your body that you prayed he didn’t notice. Despite being a literal killing machine, he surprisingly smelt nice too. You had expected him to smell like blood and sweat, but you could only smell the ocean that he enjoyed watching so much on him. Well, the ocean and sweat… and maybe a little bit of blood from earlier too.

“You’re making it real obvious that you’re ogling me with your eyes right now,” Childe’s voice came from above you and snapped you out of your less than innocent reverie. Blood rushed to your face at what he said, sending you into a flustered mess.

“Wh-what are you talking about?”

“Don’t lie to me, you were thinking about being ravaged by me weren’t you.” He lowered himself so he could meet with you, eye to eye. You gulped at the proximity and tried to lean back, only for the redhead to lean forwards. The corner of his lips quirked up into a smirk as he watched you try to come up with a comeback. “Just say the words and I’ll do what you want me to do, [Name].”

You don’t know what came over you. Maybe it was the adrenaline from the Ruin Guard battle from earlier, or maybe it was the heat of the moment that urged you to do as he pleased. Regardless, as soon as the words came out of your mouth, Childe surged forward and captured your lips in his with a searing kiss.

The both of you fell against the bed, with you underneath the towering Snezhnayan. His hair brushed against your face as he kissed you again and again. His hands roamed your body; one moving up to grab one of your hands and intertwine your fingers with his while the other explored your body. You felt him feel your chest, brushing against your nipple through the cloth of your shirt before slipping underneath it and groping your torso. Every noise you made, every moan and yelp from how hard he was kissing you and feeling you up, only urged him on.

Childe pulled away from you, breath fanning across your face as he gazed at you. You were a mess, cheeks flushed and lips bruised from the way he was kissing you. Oh Archons… if you continued looking at him like that…

He leaned forward again, lips pressing against your jawline before trailing down into your neck. You felt his tongue against your skin as he began to suck and nibble at the sensitive skin.

“Hah… Childe…,” you breathed out, free arm wrapping around Childe’s head and hand burying themselves in orange locks. You heard him hum, felt him sink his teeth into the juncture of your neck. You hissed in pain at the sudden pain, hand tightening around his. “You’re going to leave a mark.”

He didn’t seem to care as he bit again and again, leaving you a flustered and bruised mess underneath him. You moaned out his name and wriggled underneath him to try and get his attention away from your neck. You wanted more, needed more. “Childe… please…” you pleaded as he bit into your collarbone. You ground your hips up to meet his and he groaned at the sudden pressure that was rubbing against him.

Your name left his lips in a whisper as he shifted up to meet your lips in another kiss. He let go of your hand and let it join the other in roaming the rest of your body. You felt his hands dip underneath your pants and undergarment and-

“Ah-!” you moaned sharply, turning your head slightly when you felt Childe’s fingers rub against your area. He hummed above you, capturing your lips again and swallowing the noises coming out of you as he played with you down there. You mewled in his mouth as your legs wrapped around his waist and ground up against his hand. You wanted more pressure, more of his fingers playing with you, more of anything from him.

The room felt like it was spinning from the way Childe was rubbing up against you, the pressure and pleasure within you building up from his deft fingers. Just a few moments more, a few more rubs and you would reach your high. Another moan left your lips as you moved your hips with his fingers, riding his hand and chasing after your high.

You heard him chuckle against your lips as his hand pulled away from you and removed your legs from around his waist. You whined knowing you knew that he knew you were right at the edge and were just about to cum on his fingers. “Eager, are we?” He laughed again as he watched your face scrunch up into a pout. “Oh, don’t make that face. I’m not done with you just yet.”

And just like that, he found his way in between your legs again. He rubbed himself against you. You couldn’t help the pride that surged through you when he moaned after feeling you against him. “You feel so good, [Name].”

You sighed when he finally slid inside you, your walls clenching against him as his dick went further and further into you. Oh… he filled you up so well. He felt so good inside of you and hearing him breathe out your name above you heightened the feeling tenfold. He whispered your name once again, praising you for taking him in so well, before he began to thrust in and out of you. His pace was slow so he wouldn’t hurt you. But as much as you appreciated him taking your comfort into consideration, you wanted more of him.

“Childe…” you whined against him. You heard him laugh in your ear, burying his face into the crook of your neck. His arms slid to your waist and hooked your legs around him. He pulled out until just the tip was barely inside you before roughly thrusting himself back inside you. This time the pace was rough and quick, the slapping of skin and skin filling the room along with the wet, sopping noises of his dick sliding in and out of you.

It wasn’t long for you to reach your high, crying out Childe’s name and clenching his orange locks in your hands. He groaned in your neck as your walls clenched his cock. He came shortly after you did, sinking his teeth into your shoulder as he stilled and filled you up with his cum. The atmosphere was thick as the both of you panted in each other’s arms and waited for your high to come back down. There was a moment or two of silence before Childe slid out of you, lips pressing onto your neck and shoulder in comfort as he pulled you into his arms.

“Are you hurt?” Childe asked again, resting his chin on your shoulder as he peered up at you. You hummed in response and tried to get as close to him as possible before sleep took over you. His arms tightened around you comfortingly and you smiled at the feeling.

“Never been better.”