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Happiness [LSZ x JL]

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Lan Sizhui was coming back from his job as a teacher at a nearby school. He opened the door to enter the house he and his husband shared, and let out a sigh of relief as he finally loosened his tie while walking to the living room. He placed his things on the couch and looked up towards the clock on the wall.

He sighed again. 'I guess Jin Ling hasn't come back yet huh...' Sizhui goes to their bedroom and changes out of his work attire into something more comfortable to cook in. 'I guess I can start making dinner if A-Ling is going to be a bit late...'

Lan Sizhui says in his head while he rolls up the sleeves of his shirt. He then smiles sweetly at imagining his husband coming home, tired from work and enjoying the dinner he made for him. That gave him a bit more motivation, so he started to get to work on making dinner.


"I'm Home..." A very exhausted Jin Ling says while he tries to contain a yawn. "Welcome home A-Ling!" Lan Sizhui walks to where Jin Ling was and gave him a soft smile while grabbing his things. "How was your day A-Ling?" He says while Jin Ling gives him a small smile of his own and whispers a 'thank you.'

They had arrived at the couch and Jin Ling sat down while Sizhui placed Jin Ling's things (along with his) in their bedroom. He comes back and sits down next to him.

" was a bit more exhausting than usual, but It was pretty fun and entertaining to watch the kids try to use a bow." Jin Ling chuckled, "Almost no one could hit the target that was placed in front of them, but...I liked how determined they were. It was refreshing ya know?" Sizhui smiles and nods, "I bet it was."

Jin Ling lets a sigh of relief as he feels his husband getting closer to him and cuddling with him. He hugs Sizhui back, and Sizhui chuckles at Jin Ling's softness and clinginess. (Which obviously he didn't mind at all. He knew that Jin Ling was pretty tired from work.)

Lan Sizhui was gently massaging his scalp. His fingers were weaving through Jin Ling's silky, soft, brown hair when he suddenly gets a mischievous thought. He grins mischievously and brings his lips to Jin Ling's ear. He then softly blows into his ear. Jin Ling jumps slightly and his ears start to turn red. "W-What are you doing?" He says with embarrassment while he covers his sensitive ears with his hands.

Sizhui was almost drooling at how cute Jin Ling looked. His cheeks were tinted a soft pink, he was being so very tsundere at this point. Sizhui chuckled at his cute husband. He tenderly lifted Jin Ling's chin and gave him a soft peck on the lips and says with a lively smile, "A-Ling Are you hungry?"

Jin Ling tries to compose himself, but his cheeks wouldn't cool down. 'Cute!' says Sizhui in his head, while Jin Ling tries to turn his face away from his husband in more embarrassment. He then nods and tries to stand up, but Sizhui doesn't let him. "Uwah!" Jin Ling falls back into the grasp of his husband and he blushes a deeper red. "A-Yuan?!"

"A-Ling did I ever tell you how cute you look...flustered like this?" He says this with a glint in his eyes. 'Oh, shit...when he gives me this look..oh crap...' Jin Ling flushes redder like a tomato, but after a while, Sizhui drops the gaze. "Sorry, A-Ling...I wanted to tease you..."

He giggles at the sigh of relief that Jin Ling exhaled, but then he grins once more and whispers in Jin Ling's ear, "But just because I'm stopping for now...doesn't mean I won't take you tomorrow...~" He likes his ear lobe and chuckles once more at the low moan Jin Ling lets out.

"A-A-Yuan!!!" Jin Ling yelled with bashfulness. Lan Sizhui only smiles back at him while he helps Jin Ling up from the couch to walk to the kitchen to eat the dinner Lan Sizhui had made...

After they had eaten Jin Ling had told Sizhui that he would wash the dishes since Sizhui had made the delicious meal that they ate, so he wanted to at least do that for him. Sizhui gave him one of his signature smiles and thanked him by giving him a kiss on his forehead and going off to the bathroom to take a shower, leaving a very red Jin Ling.

Afterward, when they both were ready for bed, they cuddled, talked about their day more, and finally, when Jin Ling let out a yawn, Sizhui asked him. "Are you sleepy A-Ling?" He says this softly, and Jin Ling sleepily nods and cuddles even closer to his husband.

Lan Sizhui tenderly smiles at him and covers them both more securely under the covers and kisses his beloved on his forehead. "Goodnight my A-Ling..." He says while turning off the lamp next to him, and after he heard Jin Ling's breath slow, he closes his eyes and hugs Jin Ling a bit closer...and lets slumber consume him...

Hello! I am back again with another Mo Dao Zu Shi fanfic! This one is going to be centered around Lan Sizhui and Jin Ling. It will be following after the events of my other book, "Heartfelt," but not the epilogue.

This is way before the epilogue, but it is after Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen's children were born. So, hopefully, you guys enjoy this chapter! ^^ And again, if you find any errors or any weird sentence structures, please let me know!