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we’re blinded by love, sweet and playful (our future is bright and dazzling, colorful)

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“Hyung.” Hoseok threw open the door to their home studio. “Joonie. You’ve been in there for eight hours. Come out. You were gone for seven months, can’t this wait for a few days?”

Yoongi didn’t even look up, just hunched further over his keyboard. Hoseok sighed and let the studio door close behind him, the studio plunging back into near darkness. The glow of Yoongi’s monitors illuminated Namjoon behind him on the couch, hunched over his own laptop and typing like a man possessed. 

Hoseok heaved another sigh. He walked over to the windows, yanking the blackout curtains back and flooding the studio with bright sunlight. Yoongi honest to god hissed, cowering away from the sunlight while Namjoon startled so violently his laptop was forcibly ejected from his lap. 

Hoseok narrowed his eyes, crossing his arms as he glared at his boyfriends. Yoongi squinted up at him, then scooted his chair until his face was safely in Hoseok’s shadow. Namjoon seemed a bit less vampiric, picking his laptop up from the ground and adjusting his glasses. “Seriously, what’s going on with you guys? You just got back from tour, the company gave you a month off, I thought we were gonna go to Thailand and try out those new sex positions we saw in that porno Tae sent us. Instead, you come home, we fuck once, and then you vanish into the studio muttering about finding a mystery rapper and haven’t come out since!”

Yoongi blinked, his nose scrunching up in a way that made Hoseok want to coo and boop it, but he shook himself and reminded himself to stay strong.

“How long did you say we’ve been in here?” Namjoon finally croaked, then grimaced at the sound of his own voice. “Jesus.”

“Eight hours. This is ridiculous. You guys are obsessed, and honestly I’m getting a little bit jealous of this mystery man. So either tell me how I can help because I have more common sense than the two of you combined, or stop obsessing over this guy and come pay attention to me!” Hoseok flailed his arms about for emphasis, channeling his inner Jimin. “I missed you! You were gone for over half a year! I have needs! Cuddle me!”

Namjoon stood and made his way over to Hoseok, who tried to ignore how his boyfriend was wobbling on his feet. He draped himself over Hoseok’s back, burying his face into his neck. “Sorry Hobi.”

Yoongi blinked again, then buried his head in his hands. “Fuck Seok-ah, I hadn’t even realized, I’m sorry too.” He swiveled back to his monitors, but Hoseok moved to stop him from clicking out of the tabs, dragging Namjoon along behind him.

“While I accept your apology, I also want an explanation.” Hoseok looked up at the screen, then froze when he saw the name in the search bar. 

“Sorry, you’re looking for j-hope?”




J-hope was born when his boyfriends were on tour.

Hoseok had been over at Jimin’s apartment. Jungkook and Taehyung weren’t currently there, having decided to follow around Hoseok’s boyfriends on the asian leg of their tour as groupies for their vlog. They had not informed Yoongi and Namjoon of this fact, apparently wanting the full groupie experience without, as Tae put it, ‘preferential treatment from the artists themselves.’

It was ridiculous. Both Jimin and Hoseok had repeatedly told them so, told them Namjoon and Yoongi would literally give them backstage passses for free, but they insisted they wanted the authentic groupie experience. Hoseok had given up after that.

Groupie experience or not, it meant that Jimin would be alone in their apartment for a few weeks and since he claimed he would wither away and die if he had to live alone Hoseok had agreed to move back in with him until Tae and Jungkook were back.

Honestly Hoseok might stay even after they got back for a little while, he didn’t like staying in an empty apartment either. He’d leave once he got sick of the bed rotation- for some ridiculous reason the three of them refused to buy a third bed so they rotated weekly between two beds and a hammock.

Hoseok had given up on asking why. 

Jimin was currently helping him settle in by dumping half of Jungkook’s clothes out of the dresser onto the floor to make room for Hoseok’s wardrobe. Hoseok was stripping the sheets off the bed- he had no idea who slept in it last but it had suspicious purple stains that he wasn’t even going to attempt to guess the origins of. 

“Hyung what’s this? Namjoon-hyung’s lyric notebook?” Hoseok turned to see Jimin flipping through a small black notebook he must have pulled from Hoseok’s bag, and Hoseok’s eyes widened.

“Ahahaha yeah, it must’ve gotten mixed up with my stuff when I packed.” Hoseok laughed nervously, dropping the sheets in the laundry basket he had brought from home because the last time he visited, he saw Jungkook carrying his laundry in an honest to god terrarium. “You can just throw it back in my bag, I’ll bring it back to the apartment when I go back to water Joonie’s plants.”

Jimin’s eyes narrowed. “You’re lying. What is it?”

Hoseok tried to stall for time, pulling out his own sheets and starting to wrestle the fitted sheet onto the bed. “It might be Yoongi-hyung’s, both of them use notebooks like those.”

“This is your handwriting hyung, Namjoonie-hyung’s handwriting is much prettier and I can’t even read Yoongi-hyung’s handwriting.” Jimin narrowed his eyes, closing the notebook. “Are these your lyrics?”

“Promise not to make a big deal out of it.” Hoseok pleaded, walking over and taking the notebook from Jimin. “Yeah, they’re mine. I dunno, I guess I got inspired by hyung and Joonie. When I was younger I loved watching the rappers in the underground, and I rapped a few times. It was never anything serious, I put all of my energy into dance, but I still enjoyed it a lot. I gave it up after high school when I was working my ass off not to starve to death.”

He opened the notebook and flipped through it, wincing at some of his older work. “They’re just lyrics. I have a few half formed beats but it’s nothing serious, just something I’ve been fooling around with for a few months now.”

Jimin clapped his hands together excitedly, face lighting with a smile. “Hobi-hyung that’s awesome! You should totally keep going, have you told your boyfriends? Are they going to feature?”

“God no.” The words left Hoseok’s lips immediately. “No.”

“Why not? You know they’d love to help you, they’d be so excited!” Jimin protested, tugging Hoseok over to sit on the bed then crawling onto his lap. “Are you going to surprise them?”

Hoseok wrapped his arms around Jimin’s waist and hooked his chin over his shoulder. “Jimin, you’ve listened to their work. I just- I dunno. This was just something I wanted to try, I’m not expecting anything big to come out of it.”

Jimin scoffed, wiggling around until he was facing Hoseok. “Self-deprecation doesn’t suit you Hobari. Your boyfriends are gonna be gone for seven months, we are gonna make you a mixtape. It is going to be a kickass mixtape and even if you end up not showing it to your boyfriends or even releasing it, it will still be amazing and I will listen to it at least three hours a day.”

Hoseok tilted his head as he looked at Jimin, then grinned.

“You know what? Fuck it, I’ll make a mixtape.”




“So let me get this straight.” Jin began, staring intently at Hoseok. Eomuk, perched on his shoulder, did the same. It was slightly unnerving. “Your boyfriends, with whom you have been in a loving relationship for four years, don’t recognize the sound of your voice?”

“Apparently.” Hoseok confirmed miserably, trying to stay still as Odeng scampered up his arm and into his hair, making his home on the crown of Hoseok’s head. “But to be fair, they’ve never heard me rap, maybe my voice sounds different?”  

“I’ve listened to the mixtape Hobi, it’s obviously you, you have a very distinct voice.” Jin said dismissively, rolling his eyes. “And despite the aliases being identical with only one letter’s difference, it never occurred to them that their boyfriend, Jung Hoseok, Hope of Hope on the Street, is in fact j-hope?” He held his yogurt-covered fingers up for Eomuk to lick and raised a single eyebrow, a feat which Hoseok admired immensely. 

Hoseok sighed, nodding. “Also correct. Yoongi-hyung even told me that they had to put a filter on my name because almost all the results that came up were me.” Odeng chattered loudly then jumped off Hoseok’s head, gliding onto Jin’s other shoulder.

Jin carefully picked up Odeng and placed him back in his cage, then set Eomuk next to him. He closed the cage, turned to face Hoseok, and promptly lost it, falling sideways as he clapped his hands together with glee. His sugar sliders started chattering along with him, creating a cacophony of voices just enjoying Hoseok’s misery.

“Hyuuuuung, you’re supposed to help me, not laugh at me.” Hosoek whined, half heartedly slapping Jin’s arm. “What do I do?!”

The sugar sliders quieted down when Jin stopped laughing long enough to sit up, wiping tears from his eyes. “Oh I am never going to let Yoongi-yah live this down, this is too good.”

“Hyung, you don’t understand. I thought they’d calm down after a little while and I’d tell them then but it's been three weeks. Namjoon named his new succulent j-hope. They both asked me, completely independent of each other, if I thought j-hope would think they were cool. They’ve added every song on Hope World to every playlist they’ve ever made, and before you ask, yes, that includes our sex playlist. Hyung, I swear to god I heard Yoongi-hyung moan j-hope while he was inside of me.

At this Seokjin snorted and had to clap his hands over his mouth to prevent another laughing fit. Hoseok ignored him, he’d been holding this in for weeks

“They both have been pestering me relentlessly to listen to the mixtape which I have been refusing to do on principle. Literally their lives now revolve around j-hope because once they fixate on something they do not fucking let it go. It’s driving me fucking insane. I am the boyfriend they left alone for half a year, I deserve their love and constant attention, not fucking j-hope .”

“You do know you are j-hope, right?” Seokjin asked suddenly, looking warily at Hoseok. “It’s important to me that you know that.”

“You see what they’ve done to me?! I’m jealous of myself!” Hoseok threw his hands up in the air. “I need this to be over. What the fuck do I do? I should’ve told them earlier, they’ve built this j-hope figure up in their heads to be this amazing rapper and it’s just me!” This had been growing for a while, festering every time he heard his boyfriends praise Hope World or mention a lead they had on j-hope. “They really like Hope World. They won’t stop talking about it, I feel like if they knew it was just me they wouldn’t- I don’t know. It’s all such a mess.”

Seokjin glared at him, his amused air evaporating so quickly Hoseok was a little scared. “It is not ‘just you’ Jung Hoseok. You are amazing and talented and worthy of everything that your boyfriends have said about you, whether or not they knew they were you.” He stared at Hoseok intently. “Don’t bring yourself down like that.”

Hoseok concealed his embarrassment with an uncomfortable laugh, ducking his head to hide his blush. “Aish hyung, you know that’s not what I meant. I just meant that when they finally realize it’s me it’s going to be a bit of a let down, seeing as I’m not a new rapper they can collab with or whatever.”

“And why is that? Do you not want to rap anymore?” Jin asked, still frowning. “I thought you liked it.”

Hoseok spluttered. “I- that’s not what I mean! I don’t know!” He ran his hands through his hair, two seconds away from pulling it all out. “I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. First I have to figure out how to tell them.”

Jin nodded, pacified. Odeng chattered again from his cage, and Jin reached over for the bag of fruit, popping some sliced strawberries through the bars. “Well, do you think they’ll figure it out on their own? They’re not trying to contact agencies, right?”

“No.” Hoseok muttered miserably, and he could just feel himself pouting. “I still haven’t replied to their message on Soundcloud, and now it’s too late because they think it’s because my company won’t let me.”

Jin looked like he was about to start laughing again, but a glare from Hoseok quickly sobered him. 

“No one can deny they’re musical geniuses, but I think that’s where their intellect ends.” Jin sighed. “I mean you could always just tell them outright, but that’s boring. What do the others think?”

“Jimin wants me to create a second identity for j-hope and pretend we’re separate people, then meet with them wearing a disguise.” Hoseok started reciting monotonously. “Then, he wants me to seduce them as j-hope and once I climb into bed with them I will whip off my disguise and scare them into having an early onset heart attacks and then move back in with him.” Hoseok rolled his eyes, pushing his bangs back. “Needless to say, I will not be doing that.”

Jin stifled another laugh. Hoseok appreciated that he was at least pretending not to be endlessly amused by his struggles.

“Tae thinks I should start an online correspondence and collab with them virtually, then confess my identity on my deathbed. I’m a bit offended he thinks I’ll die first, but that’s neither here nor there. I asked Kookie what he thought I should do, but I made the mistake of doing so while Jimin was doing squats so he was essentially useless.” Hoseok concluded. “So what’s your input, hyung?”

They were both distracted for a moment when Odeng chattered loudly, apparently finished with his strawberry slices. Jin took his time to anwer, feeding more berry slices through the bars of the cage. 

“If you’re certain they’re not gonna figure it out on their own- which, based on what you’ve told me seems to be the case- you will have to come up with a way to tell them.” He finally said, sitting back and wrapping his arms around his knees. “You could just come out and say it, but like I said that’s boring and honestly they deserve to suffer a bit for not recognizing their own boyfriend’s voice.”

Hoseok laughed, running his hands through his hair again. It was getting long, the dark bangs falling into his eyes. Maybe it was time for a haircut. Or dye job. Or both. It’s been a while since his hair was anything but black or brown. He misses his red hair.

“Just make sure you tell them on your own terms. You don’t even have to tell them if you don’t want to. It’s your art.” Jin reached out and ruffled Hoseok’s hair, then pinched his cheek. “Don’t rush it, because from what you’ve told me you have nothing but time to figure this out. It’s all up to you Hobi-hobi, me and the babies will support you whatever you decide to do.”

Hoseok blinked at the unexpected sincerity. He felt his cheeks heat up. He and Jin were the same in that they would rather die than express their feelings through any written or spoken medium, which made Jin’s words all the more devastating.

Disgusting. Couldn’t be him. Hoseok would continue showing his support through back hugs and interpretive dance. Jin and his simple kindness could fuck all the way off.

“Out of all the advice I’ve gotten this sounds the most sane.” He said after a period of silence where he fought back tears. “Honestly fuck Jimin for convincing me this was a good idea.”

“You’re absolutely correct, this is all Jimin’s fault.” Jin held up a piece of strawberry in a toast. “Fuck Jimin.”

“Fuck Jimin.” Hoseok echoed weakly, flopping onto his back, closing his eyes and pretending for a minute that he could just make Jimin solve all of his problems.




As usual, Hoseok heard Jimin before he saw him. 

“Hyuuuuung, Kookie says he’s not gonna respect the rotation order because we didn’t ask him first, tell him it’s not our fault he was camped in a tent in Japan when we decided.” Jimin whined, slouching into the room and collapsing face down onto the bed besides Hoseok. “He’s stronger than both of us, if he decides to violate the Sacred Rotation Order it’s going to be Lord of the Flies up in this bitch and I refuse to die to an overgrown rabbit!”

“Ssshh!” Hoseok hissed in return as he reached over to his laptop and turned his mic off. 

Jimin sighed, rolling over until he was lying in Hoseok’s lap. “Did they fall asleep again?”

“Just hyung this time, I’m not sure what Joon is doing.” Hoseok said fondly, looking at his boyfriend who was fast asleep on his laptop screen. Yoongi had called right after he got to the hotel from the concert, but it had only taken five minutes for his eyes to start drooping and within ten minutes he was out for the count. It was adorable. Hoseok’s heart hurt. “What were you saying about Lord of the Flies?”

Jimin ignored him in favor of snatching the notebook from Hoseok’s lap. He flipped through the pages, eventually landing on the lyrics Hoseok had just been working on. Hoseok debated trying to grab it back, but this was Jimin. There wasn’t a piece of him that Jimin didn’t know and besides, he would just whine until Hoseok gave it to him voluntarily. 

“I don’t get how you’re not annoyed every time they fall asleep on you. If my boyfriend fell asleep in the middle of Facetiming me I would scream until he woke up then dump him on the spot.” Jimin glared at the top of Yoongi’s head on Hoseok’s laptop screen. Yoongi started to snore.

Hoseok winced and turned the volume down. 

“I don’t mind. I can’t imagine how exhausting being on tour must be, they need all the rest they can get. The fact that they try to call even then is what matters to me.” Hoseok shrugged, staring at his boyfriend fondly. “I mean obviously I’d rather be talking to them, but this is ok too.”

Jimin looked at him disdainfully, but dropped it. “How’s the mixtape coming along?”

Hoseok blew out a sigh. “I end up trashing at least half of what I write, and don’t even get me started on producing, learning the user interface is frustrating enough without even going into producing itself. But it’s satisfying- I think as I work more and get better it will start to come more easily. At least I hope so. I really want to get it done before Namjoon-ah and Yoongi-hyung get back.” 

They were silent for a few moments as Jimin kept flipping through Hoseok’s notebook. Eventually he stopped on a page towards the back, smoothing out the crease and handing it to Hoseok to see.

“I like these lines-” Jimin was cut off by a loud bang from Hoseok’s laptop. Both boys jumped and twisted to look, just in time to see Yoongi bolt up and glare at something off camera.

“Sorry! I’m sorry! I meant to close it softly, my fingers just slipped.” Hoseok heard the rambling voice of  Namjoon, and Jimin giggled from beside him. 

“I’ll leave you guys alone, come get me when you go to bed, I want to cuddle with you as much as I can before Kookie comes back and monopolizes you.” Jimin wrapped Hoseok in a hug, squishing their cheeks together. “Tell Joonie-hyung I said hi.”

Hoseok pressed a kiss to Jimin’s forehead then let him go, turning back to the laptop and unmuting his mic.

Yoongi was rolling his eyes and muttering something under his breath, then his eyes widened as his gaze landed back on his laptop.

“Shit Hoseokie, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to drift off.” He apologized, running a hand through his bedhead and blinking the sleep out of his eyes. 

“It’s fine hyung.” Hoseok reassured him. “You can go to sleep, I won’t be offended.”

“No.” Yoongi adamantly shook his head. “What were you saying?”

Hoseok sighed inwardly, but there was no changing Yoongi’s mind once it was made up. Hopefully when Joon came over he could convince him to get Yoongi to go to bed. 

“We were talking about the show. Me and Jiminie watched Tae’s livestream, don’t think I didn’t notice you and Joonie cutting half of the choreo from Respect in favor of throwing water on each other.” Hoseok narrowed his eyes playfully. “I worked very hard on that choreo hyung.”

“I still can’t believe those brats didn’t tell us they were following us, we would’ve let them stay with us instead of camping in tents outside the goddamn stadiums.” Yoongi groaned, and it didn’t escape Hoseok’s notice that he subtly skirted around the second half of Hoseok’s comment.

Hoseok let it slide for the time being, choosing instead to laugh and clap his hands together. “Then they wouldn’t have gotten the real groupie experience, hyung! Although I do wish they had gotten better tickets, you and Joonie were just small dots on the screen and I couldn’t hear very much over Tae screaming the lyrics along with you.” 

“We could’ve given them goddamn backstage passes if they had just asked.” Yoongi rolled his eyes, rubbing a hand over his face. “I can’t talk about them anymore, they’ll just give me another migraine.”

“Are you talking to Hosoek?” Namjoon asked, finally appearing on screen. His face lit up when he saw the laptop, and Hoseok grinned back.

“Hey Hobi. Miss you.” Namjoon was dressed in sweatpants and an oversized hoodie, enormous glasses perched on his nose. His hair was fluffy blonde and freshly washed, making him look years younger. 

Hoseok’s heart couldn’t take this. Three years and he still hadn’t acclimatized to how fucking adorable his boyfriends were. He always laughed when he checked Tae’s stan twitter account and saw half of their fanbase was convinced they were hardened hip hop rappers just based on their stage presence and discography. Hoseok knew the truth.

“Miss you too Joonie.” He cooed, wanting nothing more than to reach through the screen and pinch his cheeks. “Do you have an answer for me as to why you cut half the Respect choreo?”

Namjoon shot a panicked glance at Yoongi, who stared flatly back. He looked back at the screen and Hoseok smiled at him, letting him know he wasn’t serious. 


Namjoon’s shoulders dropped in relief, smiling back with his dimples popping. 

“We’ll do it next time Hobi, promise. How are you? How did the deep cleaning of the apartment go?” Namjoon asked, and besides him Yoongi dropped his head and giggled into his sleeve. Hoseok missed them so much it was a physical ache in his chest, he had no idea how he was going to do this for six more months. 

Hoseok ignored the ache in favor of narrowing his eyes to stare suspiciously at his boyfriends, but he decided to let it pass without comment. “I’m doing alright. The babies are having a comeback soon so me and Jiminie have our hands full with that. This choreo may be my favorite yet.”

“That’s awesome Hobi. How about the dance crew?” Namjoon asked, jabbing Yoongi with his elbow. Yoongi’s head shot up as he pouted at Namjoon, who rolled his eyes and gestured towards the camera.

“We haven’t signed up for any competitions in the near future, but Wings announced their next competition date, it’s about two months after you guys get back. The theme is temptation, which will be fun to choreograph.” Hoseok winked at the camera, both of his boyfriends smiling widely in response. “It’s an interesting format this year, it’s all duos. I’m pretty excited, Wings has to be my favorite showcase.” Hoseok grinned, getting excited just thinking about it. “How are you guys holding up?”

Yoongi smiled. “The concerts have been going well. I had missed being on stage, it’s been what, almost a year and a half since our last tour? Too long.” 

Despite his smile, Hoseok could tell Yoongi was still fighting back exhaustion, his eyes beginning to droop again. He rested his chin on his hand, eyes almost slits as he stared at Hoseok.

“Go to sleep, both of you.” Hoseok scolded affectionately. “I’ll be here tomorrow. Take care of yourselves.”

“I’m fine Hob-ah, I wanted to get some reading done tonight anyway.” Namjoon shook his head, but as Hoseok watched, Yoongi’s chin slipped from his chin to his elbow, burying his face in his sleeve. His shoulders started rising and falling steadily, and Hoseok knew he was out for the count. 

“Take me to the other room, let hyung sleep.” Hoseok ordered quietly, wanting to avoid waking Yoongi. Namjoon nodded, slowly climbing off the bed and taking the laptop with him. It took a few seconds for Namjoon to get into the other room across the hallway, but soon enough Namjoon was situated on the bed with the laptop in front of him.

“How is hyung? He seemed exhausted.” Hoseok questioned, concern bubbling up. This had seemed like more than just post-concert exhaustion; he hadn’t missed the dark circles under Yoongi’s eyes. 

Namjoon sighed, rubbing a hand over his face. “You know how hyung gets, always trying to do more than he should. I’m pretty sure he didn’t sleep last night.”

Hoseok frowned. “And you couldn’t convince him to get some rest?”

“You know how he gets.” Namjoon just repeated. “You got him to drop off though, I think if he can just slow down and let his mind rest he’ll drop off. You’re good at getting him to do that.”

Hoseok hummed softly, quietly pleased. He glanced over at the calendar he had hung up on Jungkook’s wall. It had every detail of Namjoon and Yoongi’s schedule for the next seven months, and tomorrow had an orange box denoting a flight day. 

“You get some sleep too Joonie, it’s late and you have a long flight tomorrow.” Hoseok said, looking back at Namjoon and smiling softly. “Text me when you land and get to your hotel.”

Namjoon nodded, suddenly looking like he was seconds away from dropping off himself. 

“Go to sleep Joonie.” Hoseok smiled, and when Namjoon nodded he ended the call. He looked down at his lyric notebook, reading the lyrics Jimin had said he liked. 

If I, to someone a strength, to someone a light. I wish I could be a piece of peace

Yeah. He liked them too. 




“I’m home!” Hoseok yelled as he kicked off his shoes and toed on his house slippers, arms laden with groceries. “Can someone help me with these?”

“Coming!” Namjoon called back, stumbling into the hallway and grabbing the bags from Hoseok. “How was the store?”

“Store was fine, banana milk was on sale so I got extra for when Kookie comes over.” Hoseok said as he walked into the kitchen, Namjoon trailing along behind him. “Is hyung home? A monthly farmer’s market started up while you guys were gone, I usually go with Jin-hyung and Tae and I thought you both might want to join tomorrow morning.”

He set his groceries down on the counter and opened the fridge, putting in the milk and other refrigeratables. “Yeonjun-ah dyed his hair today, pink suits him! Reminds me of when you had purple hair. Obviously you look gorgeous in any hairstyle except for that godawful perm hyung showed me pictures of, you’re lucky he didn’t leave you then, honestly, but anyway I would not be opposed to you going back to purple.” Hoseok closed the refrigerator, turning back to grab more groceries on the island before he stopped and looked at Namjoon. “What? Do I have something on my face?”

Namjoon was standing in the middle of the kitchen with groceries in his arms, just staring at Hoseok. He had just gotten his roots redone so his hair was back to being completely blonde, which Hoseok whole heartedly approved of. Hoseok smiled nervously, a little self conscious, and Namjoon blinked and set down the groceries, shaking out of whatever trance he had been in.

“I missed you.” Namjoon said firmly, pulling on Hoseok’s arm and guiding him towards the living room. “C’mon, we can put these away later.”

“Kim Namjoon you know how I feel about leaving chores for later.” Hoseok grumbled, reluctantly allowing himself to be pulled into his boyfriend’s lap on the couch.

“But I’m here! Don’t you wanna poke my dimples?” Namjoon pouted. Hoseok laughed, shifting around until he was straddling his boyfriend. His dimples were faintly visible even through the pout, and obviously Hoseok wanted to stick his fingers in them for the next few hours because that was something he could do now after he’d been deprived for seven months, but the groceries were in his line of sight, his eyes drawn to them them every time he blinked, and he just can’t live like this.

Hoseok sighed, taking Namjoon’s face between his hands and squishing, eliminating the threat of dimples.

“I do. I’ve wanted to poke your dimples every time we Facetimed for the last half a year. But right now, I cannot possibly do that while the groceries are in my line of sight.” Hoseok said very seriously, keeping Namjoon’s face squished between his palms. “Give me five minutes.”

“Fine.” Namjoon mumbled through squished cheeks, laughing as Hoseok immediately scrambled off his lap and half ran into the kitchen. “I’m timing you!” 

Hoseok giggled, yanking open the cabinets above the sink. With Namjoon shouting time updates he finished in record time, shoving the last of the bags into their Adult Bag of Bags.

“Done! See? It doesn’t even take that long, there’s no point in procrastinating on it.” Hoseok grinned as he skidded back into the living room. “Easy peasy.”

He settled back down besides Namjoon this time, wiggling under his arm. Hoseok had been clingy his entire life, and seven months without his boyfriends had only increased that trait tenfold. Namjoon tugged him closer, pressing a kiss to the top of Hoseok’s head.

Hoseok hummed happily, eyes sliding shut as Namjoon started running his hands through his hair. 

“So I started reading this book called Demian.” Namjoon began. “It’s about this guy named Sinclair, whose life sucks, so he keeps looking for mentors to tell him what to do to make his life not suck.”

“Aren’t we all?” Hoseok muttered, and Namjoon huffed a short laugh.

“Yeah, it’s a pretty common goal. Anyway, the whole point of the book is that he isn’t seeking mentorship or outside instruction, he’s actually seeking enlightenment. His friend, Demian, who guides him to that enlightenment ends up being his inner self, so the whole time Sinclair was just trying to find himself. It brings up some very interesting questions about temptation and the evolution of youth.” Namjoon continued, his hands never pausing as he stroked Hoseok’s hair. “I thought of you because you mentioned Wings was based around temptation this year.”

Hoseok nodded, wrapping his arms around Namjoon’s waist more comfortably. “Me and Jiminie just started talking about our routines yesterday, we registered a few weeks ago.”

“Do you need music recs?” Namjoon asked, shifting so he wasn’t smushing Hoseok’s arm. “Or me and hyung could produce something for you.”

Hoseok was about to open his mouth and accept, but then something occurred to him.

His boyfriends weren’t the only producers in the house any more.

“Thanks Joonie, but Jiminie and I already have some things in mind.” He said slowly. “What was the name of that book?”

A few days later, when both his boyfriends were locked in their respective company studios, Jimin came over to talk logistics for Wings and Hoseok pitched his idea. 

“And you can do this by the time Wings comes?” Jimin asked, glancing up at Hoseok. He was slouched on the studio couch, painstakingly taking apart the picture frame that used to sit on the desk. He and Yoongi were in another petty squabble, something about Yoongi insulting Jimin’s style- Hoseok didn’t know, he just let them go at it when they were like this.

 It was how they showed their love. 

“I can do it.” Hoseok affirmed, spinning back to face the monitor where he had the beat pulled up. “I want to find a piece to combine it with, really drive home the duo theme, make us stand out.”

Jimin hummed thoughtfully. “What if you used Lie?”

Hoseok’s eyebrows shot up and he spun around to face Jimin who had now successfully removed the picture from the frame and was in the process of meticulously cutting out Yoongi’s face with a box cutter. “The song you made for your class in college?”

“Look, hear me out.” Jimin began, setting aside Yoongi’s face and carefully starting to cut his own face from a picture he pulled from his pocket. “I know the song is cursed and I failed the course as a direct consequence of it-”

“You failed the course because your teacher told you to tone down the homoerotic subtext and you told him to go to hell.” Hoseok rolled his eyes. “The song isn’t cursed, your professor was homophobic.”

Jimin waved a hand in dismissal, clearly not concerned over the logistics. “Like I said, cursed. But the song is good, and more importantly, it’s centered around temptation, the theme of Wings and the book Namjoon-hyung told you about. It’s perfect, and it’s a starting point for you to build your song around. Plus it’s gonna be really fucking cool that we perform to songs that we both created.”

“Let’s do it.” Hoseok grinned, bouncing out of his seat and squishing himself besides Jimin to cuddle him into submission. “Ah Jimin-ah, this will be so cool.”

Jimin half heartedly tried to wiggle out of Hoseok’s arms, but gave up almost immediately and went back to fitting his face onto Yoongi’s body. The picture was of Yoongi and Hoseok cuddled together on the couch- Hoseok remembered it had been right after one of Yoongi and Namjoons’ concerts. Yoongi had fallen asleep literally mid-kiss, sprawling on top of Hoseok and snoring. Namjoon had found it hilarious, immediately going to take twenty pictures as Hoseok tried to get him to stop without waking Yoongi up.

It was one of Hoseok’s favorite photos, but he wasn’t annoyed Jimin was desecrating it because he had at least twelve more in his room.

“Jimin, that doesn’t even look natural- you couldn’t even see his face, it literally just looks like you’re putting your face in the middle of the picture.” Hoseok laughed, and Jimin turned to look at him with a triumphant look on his face.

“Exactly. This will show him.” He vowed, lifting the picture back into the frame and replacing the glass covering the photo.

Hoseok rolled his eyes and went back to sit at the desk, closing out of the production software. He glanced down at his phone when it lit up with a text, Yoongi telling him Namjoon’s phone died but he would be home in a few minutes. Hoseok reacted with a few dozen heart emojis. Yoongi sent him back a single black heart.

“Wait, hyung.” Jimin broke the silence, setting the photo frame on the table besides the couch, adjusting it so it would be plainly visible to anyone entering the room. “Your boyfriends are gonna be at Wings. If you use a song you recorded it’ll be pretty obvious who the rapper is, did you tell them you’re j-ho-”

“Don’t say that name, you’ll summon them!” Hoseok hissed, grabbing one of the stress balls on the desk and hurling it at Jimin. “This will be how I tell them. I’m gonna switch my alias to that name for dance from now on, so when they announce our names at Wings they’ll find out if they don’t figure it out before then. It’ll be undeniable proof, even they won’t be able to overlook it.”

Jimin squealed excitedly, but was careful to keep his voice down. “Hyung this is the perfect way to tell them, holy fuck. They’re gonna lose their fucking minds.” 

Hoseok grinned. “That’s the plan. I’m so tired of having to listen to my own voice when we have sex. Stupid,” he glanced over at the door furtively and lowered his voice even further, “ j-hope is ruining my sex life.”

“Hyung you’ve gotta stop treating j-hope like Voldemort.” Jimin rolled his eyes, cackling. “It’s not like your boyfriends are gonna appear-”

“Hey, were you guys talking about j-hope?” The studio door opened, and Hoseok buried his face in his hands as Namjoon walked in, looking exhausted from work but excited at the prospect of discussing his new favorite topic. “Jimin did you listen to his mixtape? Isn’t it great?”

“No way.” Jimin breathed, eyes wide with delighted disbelief. 

Hoseok shrieked into his hands.




“How are you already at the fortress?!” Taehyung yelled, furiously hitting his keyboard as Jungkook cackled loudly.

Hoseok looked up from his book, bookmarking his page to crawl to the end of the bed so he could better see Jungkook’s screen.

Jungkook and Tae had just reached twelve million subscribers on their shared channel so they decided to do a 24-hour gaming live stream to raise money to donate to UNICEF. They were on hour twenty one now, Hoseok had arrived around hour eighteen and had taken it upon himself to make sure they were hydrated and not in danger of hallucinating.

They were currently competing to see who could beat Minecraft the fastest, and honestly before today Hoseok hadn't even known you could beat Minecraft, he just liked building houses and collecting dogs. Their desks were facing each other for this challenge with their monitors obscuring their view of each other to apparently prevent cheating, which, again, Hoseok wasn't even sure how one would cheat in Minecraft but at this point he was too scared to ask. Hoseok didn't really get it, whenever he played Minecraft with each of them individually they had a pretty good time building houses and gardening, but that was probably because Hoseok didn't trigger Jungkook's fight or fight instincts like Tae and Jin did when they played video games.

“Make them shut up.” Jimin groaned from where his face was mashed into a pillow at the head of the bed. “For the love of god, make them shut up.”

Hoseok ignored him. If Jimin really wanted to sleep he could go sleep in the hammock, he was just in the room because his FOMO was crippling. 

“When was the last time you drank some water?” Hoseok asked the gamers as he eyed the energy drinks and empty soda cans piled between their desks, genuinely concerned about the state of their hearts.

“We ran out a few hours ago and couldn’t get up to get more.” Taehyung said, eyes still glued to the screen. “We’re totally fine though Hobi-hyung, we haven’t started hallucinating or anything.”

They were idiots. Smart, talented, kind, beautiful idiots. 

“Drink.” Hoseok grabbed his own water bottle and held it up to Jungkook’s lips, ignoring his panicked whines until he started swallowing. Once he determined Jungkook had swallowed enough Hoseok crawled to the other side of the bed and did the same to Tae, not stopping until the entire bottle was gone.

“Hoseokie-hyung, can you scroll through our hashtag on twitter and pick some questions for us to answer? It’s almost the top of the hour.” Taehyung requested, ducking a little to see the screen around the empty water bottle as he mashed the spacebar frantically.

Hoseok nodded and sat back on the bed, pulling out his phone and scrolling through the Vantae JK twelve million tag, looking for fan questions for the two of them to answer.

“BunnyTaehyung9597 wants to know what music you’ve been listening to.” He read after scrolling through about fifty questions about Jungkook and Taehyung’s relationship status. He had to give their fans credit for persistence if nothing else.

“These days I’ve been listening to alot of RM and Agust D, especially after attending their concert.” Jungkook answered, not looking away from his screen. “I've also been getting into Keshi, there’s a few of his songs on my playlist.”

Hoseok nodded, scrolling further down. He was just about to ask Jungkook and Tae when they were planning on doing face reveals when Taehyung spoke up.

“There is a mixtape release I’m looking forward to.” Taehyung actually looked away from the screen to smile at Hoseok, eyebrows raised. “I’m not sure when it will be released, but it will hopefully come out in the next few months. I’ve listened to a few tracks, I can already tell it’s going to be my new favorite album.”

Hoseok laughed and shook his head, feeling his face start to heat up at the praise. He had four tracks completely finished and he was almost done with another, Hope World. His copy of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was sitting next to Jimin on the bed with his lyric notebook, he had been planning on getting some more writing done tonight. That was, of course, before he realized how close Tae and Jungkook were to passing out and damaging their hearts for the next fifty years.

“I’m looking forward to it as well, the artist will definitely be my new favorite when they release the mixtape.” Jungkook added, and Hoseok couldn’t handle this.

“Ooooooh Jungkookie.” He cooed, scooting over the edge of the bed and reaching out to ruffle Jungkook’s hair. “I guess-”

“Hobi-hyung your fucking phone won’t stop vibrating.” Jimin whined, interrupting Hoseok. He turned back just in time for him to catch the phone before it smacked him in the face. 

“Jesus.” He swore under his breath, fumbling until he swiped and answered it without looking. “Hello?”

“What artist is Taehyung talking about?” Yoongi’s voice verged on a whine, and Hoseok could just picture his pout. His boyfriends must be watching the livestream, he knew they had a relatively clear schedule today.

Hoseok threw his head back and cackled, flopping back on the bed and rolling around. “Aish hyungie, are you jealous?”

“Is that Yoongi-hyung?” Jimin asked, sitting up and crawling over to Hoseok until he was close enough to be able to hear Yoongi’s voice through the speakers. “What’d he say?”

“Tell Jimin to fuck off.” Yoongi said immediately. “And I am not jealous, I’m just curious. He knows literally everyone, I wanted to know if there was an up and coming artist we should pay attention to.”

Well. Wasn’t that a fun question. Hoseok giggled nervously, already feeling the tell tale signs of nervous rambling that always occurred when he tried to lie. He just had to skirt around the question, just say no Hoseok it’s that easy-

“You fuck off!” Jimin grabbed the phone out of Hoseok’s hands, sending him a knowing glance before turning his attention back to swearing at Yoongi. “You can’t tell me to fuck off when all I’m doing is comforting Hoseok-hyung in your absence, you should be at my feet thanking me, and you know what? You've lucky I haven't decided to romance him and steal him away from you because you know he wouldn't be able to resist me-”

Hoseok rolled over, pressing his face into the sheets and muffling Jimin's voice.

He needed to finish this mixtape as soon as possible. He couldn’t take much more of this hiding.




“Never have I ever had a threesome.” Jungkook grinned, and Hoseok groaned as Jimin cackled loudly from his place on Taehyung’s lap. 

“Targeted attacks aren’t allowed! This is discrimination!” Namjoon protested loudly, but Hoseok clumsily patted his face to quiet him. 

“Ssshhh, just drink babe, let the baby do what he wants.” He mumbled, squinting to make sure he was patting the right Namjoon. There were three. Hoseok had a dream like this once. 

It was a fantastic dream.

“Wait wait wait wait no you guys don’t count as a threesome.” Jungkook waved his hand frantically, unbalancing himself and teetering on the edge of the couch. Jin caught him just in time and hauled him back up, ears bright red as he giggled when Jungkook then overcorrected and fell into Jin’s lap. “You’re in love and shit. You’re a- a throuple! Not a threesome!”

“I mean technically a threesome is just three people having sex.” Yoongi shrugged, casually taking a swig of his beer. “But I also know for a fact that we’re not the only ones in this room to have a threesome.”

The room filled with hoots and jeers as Taehyung and Jin both took a drink. Jungkook successfully fell off of the couch this time from the force of his laughter, screeching and bringing Jin down with him. 

Namjoon rolled his eyes but took a drink, softly laughing at the mess unfolding in front of them. Hoseok fumbled for his own beer, narrowly avoiding falling off of Namjoon’s lap.

Yoongi batted his hand away and grabbed the beer himself, taking a drink. 

“You’ve had enough Hoseokie, hyung will drink for you.” He moved Hoseok’s beer away from him and onto the opposite side of the table, out of Hoseok’s reach. 

Hoseok pouted, but Namjoon pulled him back more securely onto his lap and Hoseok’s train of thought was effectively derailed when Namjoon’s biceps came into his field of vision. 

Christ. They were as big as Hoseok’s thighs. Hoseok wanted to squeeze them.

“I actually think they might be.” Yoongi mused, alerting Hoseok to the fact that he had been thinking out loud, reaching out and making a ring with his fingers around Namjoon’s biceps. “Fuck Joon-ah, you’re becoming dangerous.”

Hoseok giggled and buried his face in Namjoon’s neck. In the background he heard Jin and Jungkook yelling at each other with Taehyung and Jimin egging them on, screaming insults and encouragement in equal measures.

This was the first time the seven of them had been able to gather since Namjoon and Yoongi got back from tour- filming, dance crew, and recording schedules were a bitch to coordinate. The evening had started out as a movie night- well, documentary night. It was Namjoon’s pick.

That was why the night devolved as quickly as it had. Documentary watching had turned into taking shots every time the narrator described animal sex in graphic detail, that devolved into kink shaming, then that devolved into never have I ever.

Hoseok had thought he lived a relatively tame life, but he was heading past tipsy straight towards drunk after drinking for six rounds straight, as evidenced by the complete disappearance of his brain to mouth filter.

“Joon-ah’s not dangerous, he’s too cute to be dangerous. He has dimples. No dimple can be dangerous.” Hoseok giggled, flailing an arm out to the side until he landed on something that felt like Yoongi’s head and stroked it. “Cute.”

“Aish I’m not a cat Seok-ah, stop petting me.” Yoongi laughed softly, removing Hoseok’s hand from his head and wrapping it in his own. “Has your tolerance gotten worse since we left?”

“Fuck off.” Hoseok lifted his head to glare at Yoongi, trying to yank his hand back. Yoongi refused to let go, holding on tighter and swiping a thumb over Hoseok’s knuckles. “ Rude .”

Namjoon laughed, wrapping his arm around Hoseok’s waist and tugging Yoongi closer with his other arm. Hoseok wiggled happily at the onslaught of physical affection, cheeks flushed red from the alcohol. “You’re both ridiculous.”

“Booooooooo.” Taehyung called from across the room, cupping his hands around his mouth. “Everyone boo the lovebirds.”

“Fuck off.” Yoongi flipped him off with his free hand, raising his voice to be heard above the onslaught of subsequent booing. “Whose turn is it? Jungkookie just went, right?”

Jungkook nodded from where he was now lying on the floor, half hidden by Seokjin sitting on top of him. “It’s Jimin-hyung’s turn.” 

Jimin’s eyes narrowed, a smirk beginning to spread across this face that made Hoseok’s blood freeze. That was not a good smirk. That was Jimin’s cartoon villain smirk that he thought made him look sexy even though they had all told him time and time again he looked like he was the joker after he had a stroke.

“He really does.” Namjoon mused, and Hoseok groaned and slapped a hand over his own mouth. 

“Alright, since Hosokie-hyung can’t drink anymore or else Namjoonie-hyung and Yoongi-hyung will kick us out, I’ll go for an easy one. Never have I ever wondered who j-hope is.” 

Jin started laughing, clapping his hands together and falling backwards off of Jungkook. Jungkook took that opportunity to scramble on top of Jin and plant himself solidly on his chest, reversing their position from earlier.

“Fuck off, we’ve been talking about him for weeks and you’ve never wondered?” Yoongi complained, taking a swig of beer and then grabbing Hoseok’s beer. “Hoseok I’m assuming you’d drink?”

Hoseok just shook his head, keeping his hand firmly over his mouth. Yoongi’s eyebrows shot up, hand paused halfway to grabbing Hoseok’s beer. “What?”

“Hoseok-ah there’s no way you’ve never wondered.” Namjoon tried to pry Hoseok’s hand from his mouth but Hoseok shook him off, absolutely not trusting his brain to mouth filter to do its job, especially on this subject. 

“I can vouch for him, I can genuinely say with one hundred percent certainty that Hoseok-hyung has never wondered who j-hope is.” Jungkook called from his place on Jin’s chest. “Pinky promise.”

Hoseok nodded emphatically along with him. Namjoon cocked an eyebrow, but thankfully turned his attention away from Hoseok to stare at the rest of the room. “You’re all liars. We’ve been asking you guys about him for months!”

Taehyung winked, making a show of setting his beer down on the floor. “Sorry hyung. Never had to wonder. Your turn to ask a question.”

“Wait.” Yoongi leaned forward. “You never had to wonder?”

Oh no. Oh goddamn it Tae.

“Hyuuuuuuung, it’s a game, don’t take it too seriously, whose turn is it next.” Jimin interrupted, waving his arms and successfully diverting attention onto himself. “Who’s gonna dare me to make out with Jin-hyung?”

“No, Taehyung-ah knows everyone in the industry. If anyone knows anything about j-hope, it’s Tae.” Namjoon joined in.

Bad. Bad bad bad bad this is bad-

“Hyung, if I did know, and I’m absolutely not saying I do, but if I did know there would be a reason I wouldn’t tell you the first time you asked.” Tae said, but his giddy smile wasn’t helping his case. “No clues about j-hope from me.”

“Why do you guys wanna know so badly anyway?” Jin piped in, successfully having escaped Jungkook to reclaim his spot on the couch next to Taehyung. “The mixtape was fantastic, I’ll give you that, it’s been months and you guys still haven’t moved on.”

Hoseok straightened up in Namjoon’s lap. He had been trying to figure out how to ask that exact question for months but had always chickened out before getting the words out. Honestly he had been half scared of the answer, the possibilities ranging from they wanted to beat up j-hope for releasing a mixtape that garnered so much attention to wanting to invite him into their bed.

“Well first off, like you said the mixtape is fucking awesome.” Yoongi said, absentmindedly swiping his thumb over Hoseok’s knuckles. “It’s genuinely some of the best music I’ve ever heard. And if nothing else, we wanna tell him how much we love it.”

“That’s the main part.” Namjoon picked up where Yoongi left off. “But also we really really want to collab with him. His sound is so unique and his style is almost a perfect contrast to ours, plus some of the wordplay and references in his mixtape were literally genius.”

Hoseok couldn’t do this. He couldn’t sit here and listen to this they needed to stop-

“Talent like that is hard to find.” Yoongi finished. “And if there’s even a snowball’s chance in hell that he would hear us out and agree to meet with us we wanna take it.”

“Well, I hope you find him.” Jin said after a few moments of silence, everyone in the room trying to school their faces into something neutral following Yoongi and Namjoon’s declaration. “I’m sure he’d be willing to collab with talented artists such as yourself.”

“Yeah.” Hoseok croaked, thankful he had the beer to blame for his flaming red face. “I’m sure he would.”




“Ah stop going on about effort and more effort, ah it makes my feet cringe!” Tae belted, imitating shooting Hoseok in the head as he spun away. Hoseok laughed out loud as he froze in place, waiting for the cue to move along with Tae.

Yoongi and Namjoon had been gone three months now and Hoseok was at the point where he had grown accustomed to their absence and stopped automatically going to visit their studio after work. Or, as Jungkook put it, he was no longer staring out the window and sighing mournfully wondering when his husbands would return from the war. 

Things were gearing up for the babies’ comeback so Jimin and Hoseok had been in the studio nearly nonstop putting together choreo. The babies had a ton of momentum from their unforeseen grand slam, and Jimin and Hoseok were determined to do their part in keeping that momentum going. 

Tae and Jungkook had joined them earlier in the night to help them with visualizing spacing and placement, and an order of pizza and a few beers later, that had devolved into covering and creating choreo for some of RM and Agust D’s older releases. Jin had wandered in at some point after he was done shooting and was currently cackling and filming them, probably sending the footage straight to Namjoon and Yoongi. 

Who knows if they’ll be able to hear anything over Jin’s laughter.

“It’s my fault? You’re joking right.” Jungkook jumped into the center and started strutting in place, Jimin barely keeping it together when Jungkook started spinning. “This is fair? Oh are you crazy?”

He started forward, his voice getting deeper than Hoseok had ever heard it, matching Namjoon’s voice on the recording flawlessly. 

“This is right? You must be kiddin me! You must be kiddin me you, you must be kiddin me!”

Tae took a running start and jumped onto Jungkook’s back, gleefully screaming the next lyrics in his ear. Jimin and Hoseok just doubled over and started laughing, joining Jin in his state of near-tears.

They managed to get it together for the final chorus, running through the simple choreo Hoseok and Jungkook had come up with, going heavy on the hip thrusts. A few measures before it was done Jungkook stopped singing and started yelling, hyping up Hoseok.


The other three joined in on the yelling and Hoseok laughed loudly, easily giving into their demands.

They call me !” He jumped out, letting the beat take over and free styling. His friends hyped him up, screaming when he dropped into a split and came back out and cat calling when he started rolling his hips.

The music came to a halt and Jin collapsed on the floor in hysterics, tears flowing freely from his eyes. Hoseok joined him, doubling over and struggling to breathe. The three youngest were laughing as well, hopping around the room doing random bits of choreo and aggressively hip thrusting.

God, Hoseok loved them.

“That was sent straight to your boyfriends.” Jin sat up and wiped a tear away, gesturing to his phone lying a few feet away. “I’m sure we’ll get a call soon- what time zone are they in now?”

“Umm.” Hosoek pulled out his phone and navigated to his world clock. “It’s about noon where they’re at.”

“Oh then we’ll definitely- and there they are.” Jin’s phone lit up with an incoming Facetime from Namjoon, and Hoseok called the other three over as Jin answered the call.

“Did you like the choreo?” Hoseok asked as soon as the screen loaded. Behind him Jimin collapsed onto the floor in giggles. 

Yoongi and Namjoon looked like they were in a hotel room, both of them still in their pajamas and wearing glasses. It was entirely possible that they had just woken up; Yoongi was buried in a sweatshirt and Namjoon, from what Hoseok could tell, was shirtless.

Oh shit. Boobs.

“Were that many hip thrusts really necessary?” Yoongi asked dryly, sending Jungkook into peals of laughter and tearing Hoseok out of his Namjoon boob induced trance. 

“Aigoo hyuuung! The song says fuck society, so we fucked society!” Taehyung flung himself over Hoseok’s back, grinning at the camera. “It’s our right as angsty millennials.”

“They have a point hyung.” Namjoon shrugged, dimples popping as he smiled at the screen. “You guys sounded great too, it was honestly a little surprising. Maybe when we get back we can all go to the studio and rerecord it, I would love to add more vocal diversity to the track.”

Taehyung didn’t respond verbally, just giggled and buried his face in Hoseok’s neck. Hoseok could feel his smile so he knew the kid was overwhelmed, so he reached up and scrunched his fingers through Tae’s hair, letting Jin answer Namjoon for them.

“I suppose I will honor you by allowing you to record my honey vocals.” He sniffed haughtily, but his smile betrayed him.

Hoseok tilted his head, thinking about the technical knowledge needed to re-record. He was pretty sure he’d be able to do it himself, they just needed a day when they were all free.

“You’ll finally hear Hobi-hyung rap! He’s gooooooooood.” Jimin rolled over onto his back, and Jin adjusted the camera so he was in frame. “Like, really gooooooood.”

Hoseok’s eyes widened and if Taehyung wasn’t koala-ed to his back he would leap up and slap a hand over Jimin’s mouth. Jimin was either drunk or overtired, there was no way he’d blow this if he was in his right mind. It was probably because Hoseok had played the few songs he had completed for his mixtape before they started dancing to his boyfriends’ material- he had wanted their opinion on the intro to Piece of Peace and they had harrassed him into playing everything he had finished.

“What was that Hob-ah? You rap?” Yoongi’s voice was laced with amusement, and Jin’s wide eyes met Hoseok’s right before Jungkook screeched and flopped himself down on top of Jimin, effectively muffling his protests. He looked up, giving Hoseok a scrunched bunny smile that Hoseok was physically incapable of not returning. Taehyung squeezed Hoseok tighter and started rocking them back and forth, Hoseok going along with it easily.

“Seokie here is good at everything he does, I’m sure he’d be an amazing rapper.” Jin covered smoothly, and Hoseok realized with a start that no one had answered Yoongi’s question until then. 

Hoseok focused on petting Taehyung, knowing that if he looked up at his boyfriends his expression would give everything away in an instant. Tae kept rocking them, starting to hum under his breath and distracting Hoseok from his boyfriends’ response.

He was tired. He missed his boyfriends.

He missed Yoongi’s big hands that completely engulfed his when they held hands and he missed the way that Namjoon backhugged him with his broad shoulders and thick fucking arms that were the size of Hoseok’s thighs he and he missed how he made Hoseok feel small and warm and he missed curling up with his boyfriends on the couch when they watched whatever Jin had appeared in most recently for date nights and-

He missed them so much it hurt.

Jin’s voice was fading into the background as Tae kept rocking and humming. He was warm. The floor wasn’t the most comfortable but he was half on Tae’s lap anyway at this point, and

“Hobi. Hoooooobi-” He heard a voice call softly and hands started brushing his bangs away from his forehead. He slowly blinked his eyes open- when had he closed them?

“What?” He murmured, squinting up at Jin, not remembering lying down. Jin shook his head and tsked affectionately, tilting the phone so Hoseok could see it.

“Say good night to your boyfriends. You and Jimin have both been overworking yourselves, we’re taking you home.” Jin tutted, and Hoseok turned his head to see Jimin passed out a few feet away, Jungkook now curled around him instead of on top of him. He was playing some sort of game on his phone one handedly, the other arm trapped in Jimin’s clutches.

Hoseok looked down and saw Taehyung had a leg hooked over Hoseok’s hip, face still buried in Hoseok’s neck, sending warm puffs of air every few seconds.

Jin’s words finally registered and Hoseok looked back up at the phone to see both of his boyfriends looking at him, identical fond smiles on their faces. 

“Ah, sorry, didn’t mean to drop off, I wanted to talk to you guys.” Hoseok tried to extract himself from Tae’s grasp, but the boy just grumbled in his sleep and tightened his grip on Hoseok. “Do you have to go? I can stay on a little longer, I’m not that tired-”

“Hobi, go the fuck to bed.” Namjoon said affectionately. “We can talk later, you and Jimin need to sleep.”

Hoseok gave up trying to escape Tae’s grasp, flopping down and allowing Tae to pull him closer and bury his face back in his neck. “We should take Jiminie home, but I promise I’m good to call, it’s only- hyung, what time is it?”

“It’s two in the morning Hobi.” Jin’s lips were twitching, obviously fighting a smile. “You’ve been asleep for two hours. C’mon, let’s go home.”

Jungkook looked over and nodded, clicking off his phone. He stood silently and pulled Jimin up, settling the smaller dancer on his back without waking him.

“Go home Hob-ah.” Yoongi’s eyes were sad, but he managed a smile. “Hyung misses you. So much. Now go to sleep.”

“Ditto.” Namjoon nodded, the same wistful sadness present in his eyes. “Bye Jin-hyung.”

“Goodbye Joonie, Yoongi-yah.” Jin cooed, wiggling his fingers before hanging up. “Alright hobi-hobi, let’s get you home.”




“I’m home!” Hoseok called as he walked in the apartment and kicked his shoes off, placing them neatly on the shoe rack and putting on his slippers. His shirt was almost entirely stuck to his sweat soaked body; he had forgotten to bring a change of clothes to the studio and he felt disgusting.

“Hey Seok-ah did you record anything in this studio when we were gone?” Namjoon called from their studio, and Hoseok looked up from where he was hanging his dance bag. “I found a file that was recorded when me and hyung were gone.”

Hoseok froze. He was sure he had deleted Hope World from their home computer, what the hell was Namjoon talking about? Had he actually left some of the tracks on the computer?

Yoongi poked his head out of the kitchen, looking at Hoseok curiously. Hoseok shrugged and made his way to the studio, mind racing, furiously trying to keep a straight face.

“I haven’t opened it, it’s titled ‘Hip Thrusts Baby.” Namjoon said as the two of them walked in, and as soon as he heard the title all the tension drained from Hoseok’s body.

“Aish, I forgot about that. Remember how we Facetimed you guys after giving Baepsae choreo?” He smiled, curling up on the small couch behind the desk. “You mentioned wanting to re-record adding our vocals. One day we all got bored and just decided to do it, you can listen and see what you think.”

Yoongi joined Namjoon next to the desk, leaning over and opening the file. The opening notes of the song began to play throughout the studio and Hoseok abruptly remembered how gross his shirt was. He pulled it off, not really paying attention to the music- he had heard it so many times already he was honestly kind of sick of it. One of Namjoon’s sweatshirts was draped over the back of the couch and Hoseok pulled it over his head, pulling out his phone with the intention of going through his email when the music stopped abruptly. Hoseok glanced up to find both Yoongi and Namjoon staring at him.

Yoongi blinked. “Did you mess with the mix?”

Hoseok frowned and tilted his head, trying to remember. “Not too much, the most I messed with the actual track was adding backing vocals and sound effects we did for fun. Oh wait, I think I might’ve changed the synth effect for the motif, but other than that I left everything the way you guys had it.”

“It sounds awesome Hobi, how did you even know how to do that?” Namjoon spun back around in the chair and pulled up the production software, checking Hoseok’s changes. 

“We’ve dated for almost five years now, I’ve picked up a few things.” Hoseok honestly impressed himself with how smooth that was. “But feel free to change it back, I was just messing around like we were with the choreo.”

Yoongi just shook his head and turned back to the monitor. “You made it better Seokie, there’s no way it’s going back. Honestly we could re-release this on our Soundcloud as is.”

“You’d better pay me then.” Hoseok teased, leaning forward and resting his chin in his hand. “I’m very in demand you know, you gotta make it worth my while.” He fluttered his eyelashes coyly, drinking up the praise. He might not be able to accept their praise for Hope World quite yet, but he’d take whatever praise he could get, even if it was only for some fooling around in the studio with Jin and the maknaes. 

“This your voice, right? Doing this verse?” Yoongi rewound to the beginning of Hoseok’s verse and let it play.

They had to be kidding.

”Yeah.” Hoseok said warily, staring at Yoongi nervously. He was going to put it together any second now, realize that Hoseok’s voice was the same as j-hope’s and while Hoseok had kinda wanted to reveal it himself at Wings he was tired of lying and he just wanted to have sex without having to listen to himself rapping about being someone’s strength.

”Wah, you’re so good Hoseokie.” Namjoon marveled. “I’m seriously so impressed, especially since you’ve never rapped before.”

This was hell. This was actually hell.

“It was just for fun.” Hoseok needed to change the subject, he couldn’t fucking do this.

He pulled Namjoon’s sweatshirt over his legs so he was curled up in a warm ball, resisting the urge to rock back and forth and scream his pain to the heavens. “Seriously it was all just for fun so we don’t need to keep talking about it, why don’t we go-”

Namjoon spun on his heel and strode towards Hoseok, who squeaked and tried to yank his legs down to defend himself or run or do something, but before he uncurled Namjoon was on him, leaning down and pressing his lips against Hoseok’s and biting down on Hoseok’s lower lip.

Hoseok opened his mouth immediately with an embarrassingly needy whimper, reaching up and looping his arms around Namjoon’s neck and rising to kneel on the couch. Huge hands wrapped nearly completely around his waist as Namjoon crowded more into his space making Hoseok feel even smaller as he pressed up against Namjoon-

“Yah! No fucking in the studio! Bedroom!” Yoongi interrupted, flicking water from his cup at the two of them.

“Wow.” Hoseok panted, eyes wide as he stared up at Namjoon. “I should rap more often if that’s the response I get.”

It was on the tip of his tongue. ‘I’m j-hope.’ It was right there. It would be so easy to tell them, then he’d probably have the best sex of his life-

Namjoon slid his hands under Hoseok’s thighs and lifted him up, effectively derailing Hoseok’s train of thought as he wrapped his legs around Namjoon’s waist. Yoongi’s hands were on the small of his back as he guided both of them towards the bedroom, and Hoseok abruptly decided it could wait.

He had more important things to do right now.




Hoseok’s head snapped up as he heard pounding on his apartment door, eyes wide. He wasn’t expecting anyone, had been planning on spending the entire night not moping, just missing his boyfriends a normal amount while spending their four year anniversary alone and not crying while watching a stupid basketball game Yoongi had illegally downloaded for their first stay at home date.

His boyfriends were on a plane all day today, so they couldn’t call, and Hoseok understood. Really. He had known what he was getting into when he entered a relationship with two famous artists.

But that didn’t mean it didn’t suck to spend their anniversary alone.

The banging stopped, and Hoseok didn’t have the energy to investigate, it was probably just someone at the wrong apartment anyway. The Lakers scored and Hoseok was just about to crack open another tub of ice cream when the loud banging started again and Hoseok jumped to his feet, nearly spilling his glass of wine all over the carpet.

“I’m coming, keep your fucking pants on!” Hoseok yelled when the banging didn’t cease, furiously dabbing under his eyes to try and erase any signs of tears because if it was Jimin at the door and he saw Hosoek had been crying he would go on a murderous rampage and Hoseok didn’t have the energy to talk him down right now.

He finally got to the door and quickly wrenched it open, staring at Jungkook whose fist was cocked to bang on the door again.

“Hi hyung, I have- were you crying?” Jungkook’s eyes widened, and Hoseok fixed on a smile that even he could tell how was fake, and it sucked, this whole thing sucked, he didn’t want to be crying he wanted to be happy but more than anything he just wanted his boyfriends here at home with him on their anniversary and fuck he was tearing up again-

“Hyung.” Jungkook stepped into the apartment, and Hoseok tried to laugh but all it took was one pleading look from Jungkook for a sob to escape, and he buried his face in his hands so he didn't have to look at Jungkook because he didn't want this to be happening he just wanted to watch basketball not sob all over his dongsaeng.

“Hyung.” Jungkook sounded devastated, wrapping his arms around Hoseok and squeezing him so tightly his feet left the ground. Jungkook walked them into the apartment, settling them down on the couch so that Hoseok’s face was buried in Jungkook’s shoulder and Jungkook had his arm wrapped around Hoseok.

Hoseok felt so gross. He hated crying, and more than that he hated people seeing him cry, but he couldn’t make himself stop. He could count on one hand the amount of times he had cried in front of people outside his family, he preferred a healthy dose of repression and monthly cry sessions while watching Animal Planet documentaries. 

It was a good system. Really. Jimin didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Hobi-hyung.” Jungkook shifted after a few minutes so he was kneeling on the ground in front of Hoseok, peeling Hoseok’s hands away from his face so he could look directly into his eyes.

“I have so many muscles.” The quiet intensity of Jungkook’s proclamation was enough to make Hoseok pause, tears coming to a halt as he tried to figure out where the fuck Jungkook was going with this.

“I am so strong,” Jungkook continued, “and I can use my muscles to punch your problems. I would do that for you. I know Rapmon-hyung is a pacifist and he would be disappointed in me but I would do that for you. I don’t like it when you cry.” 

Hoseok stared for him for a moment in stunned disbelief, then burst into wet laughter, burying his face in Jungkook’s shoulder again. Jungkook’s arms came up to wrap around him, and Hoseok couldn’t help but coo, all his sadness fading into the background as it was replaced with overwhelming fondness for his dongsaeng. 

“Ah Jungkookie, I’m afraid this isn’t a problem you can punch away.” He sighed, sitting back and running his hands through Jungkook’s hair, fingers tangling in the ends. “But I appreciate your offer, and in the future I will be calling you to open all of my jam jars.”

Jungkook nodded but still didn’t look happy. He pouted up at Hoseok, brows furrowed and nose scrunched and Hoseok found himself instantly succumbing.

“It’s my Namjoon and Yoongi-hyungs anniversary tonight. I just miss them a little bit extra.” Hoseok confessed, and Jungkook’s mouth dropped into a small ‘o’ of understanding.

He shifted and pulled out his phone, moving to sit on the couch besides Hoseok. “Rapmon-hyung sent me this, he said to secretly connect to your sound system and play it for you tonight, but I think it’d be better if you just listened to it now.”

Hoseok watched as Jungkook pulled up an MP4 and pressed play, and immediately introductory chords started playing from Jungkook’s phone then Hoseok heard his Namjoon’s voice start rapping.

It was definitely different from his boyfriends’ usual tone, softer and more laid back. It was a love track, and as Hoseok listened he felt his heart fill, felt like his boyfriends were here with him. Yoongi took over the second verse, ruminating on the complexities of love then bleeding into the chorus.

The track ended abruptly after the second chorus and Hoseok glanced over to see if Jungkook had accidentally pressed pause, but Jungkook shrugged, pocketing the phone. 

“They said it wasn’t complete, they think it needs a third verse but they couldn’t agree on who would do it or the tone or the lyrics. They were still arguing about it when they called me with instructions.” 

Hseok smiled, the tightness that had wound itself around his chest relaxing for the first time all day. 

“Maybe you could do the third verse when they get back.” Jungkook suggested, and Hoseok laughed softly, curling up and resting his head on Jungkook’s shoulder as he found the remote and pressed play.

“Maybe I will Jungkook-ah.” He said, running a hand through Jungkook’s hair. Jungkook hummed happily and squirmed into his side, eyes fixed in the game as the Lakers scored another two points.

Two months until his boyfriends would be home.

He could hold on for that long.




“Wah, this is amazing hyung.” Jimin marvelled, pulling off the headphones. “It will go perfectly with Lie.”

“I think so too. It’s not going to be a complete overlay, I was thinking about thirty seconds of Boy Meets Evil, the chorus of Lie, then going back to Boy Meets Evil for a mirror dance.” Hoseok explained, reaching around Jimin for the mouse. “If it cuts here-”

The studio door opened and in a panic Hoseok clicked out of the program, spinning the chair to face the door where he saw both his boyfriends staring at him and Jimin curiously.

“Hey Hobi, you wanted me to record something for you?” Namjoon asked, walking into the studio with Yoongi trailing after him.

Yoongi narrowed his eyes at Jimin sitting on Hoseok’s lap. “That’s my spot.” He muttered before curling up on the couch, pouting.

Jimin cackled, wiggling his butt on top of Hoseok’s thighs. “Jealous, hyung? You wanna hear about the time in 2015 when Hobi-hyung and I-”

“ALRIGHT!” Hoseok shoved Jimin off his lap, the boy easily sliding onto the floor where he curled in on himself, giggling. “Joonie I texted you the lines, did you get them?”

“Yeah I got them, interesting passage you picked.” Namjoon nodded, settling himself on the couch besides Yoongi and grabbing their portable mic and pulling out his phone. “Any chance you’ll tell us what piece it’s preceding?” 

Jimin snorted, then coughed into his elbow as he tried to cover up his laughter. Hoseok discretely kicked him, smiling pleasantly at his boyfriends. “You know the rules babe. No previews.”

Yoongi groaned, stretching himself out and over Namjoon’s legs. “But I wanna knowwwwwww.” He whined. “We let you listen to our half finished tracks.”

Hoseok rolled his eyes at his boyfriend’s dramatics, but conceded. “Fine. Once Joonie records I’ll let you listen to a few bars.”

From the floor Jimin raised an eyebrow at Hoseok, who shrugged. The first few bars of the song didn’t have vocals, so it wasn’t like he was giving anything away. It was drastically different than anything on Hope World, so the chances of his boyfriends calling him out were slim to none. 

Of course, he would’ve said the same about the chances of his boyfriends not recognizing over twenty minutes of his voice but here they were.

Namjoon grinned and nodded, clearing his throat. He held down the record button, then began speaking in English. “My sin was not specifically this, or that, but consisted of having shaken hands with the devil.” His voice was much lower and huskier than usual, and Hoseok subconsciously licked his lips and exchanged glances with Yoongi. “The devil held me in his clutches; the enemy was behind me.”

Namjoon let go of the button and looked up with a sunny smile that completely juxtapositioned his voice from a few seconds ago. “Was that good Hob-ah?”

Hoseok blinked, breaking eye contact with Yoongi. Nodded jerkily. Cleared his throat. “Um, you know what I think we could use a few more takes. Jimin I’m sure you have places to be-”

Jimin frowned. “You know I’m free all night, weren’t we-”

“I think Tae-ah mentioned having plans with you tonight, you should go check with him.” Yoongi interrupted him, but Namjoon put a hand on Yoongi’s knee, silencing him.

“I wanna hear the track now.” He directed this at Hoseok, who sighed mournfully. Oh well. They could always convince Namjoon to recite more later. He navitaged to his email so he could pull up the mp3 from the email he sent Jimin, careful not to open the song with the producing software. “Here.”

He pulled the headphone cord out of the speakers and let the opening of Boy Meets Evil start playing throughout the studio. It was difficult not to pull up the software and start fiddling with the beat again, but with two weeks left until the competition Hoseok had to accept what it was and just focus on the choreo.

Jimin jabbed his thigh and Hoseok abruptly realized the vocals were about to kick in. He leapt for the mouse but he fumbled it, knocking it off the desk.

Several things happened at once. 

One: The mouse landed on Jimin’s head, making him yelp in pain and jerk his head, flinging the mouse deeper under the desk.

Two: Hoseok shrieked and dove under the desk, frantically feeling around for the mouse.

Three: The vocals on the track began to play. 

“AaaaAAAAH DON’T LISTEN!” Jimin started yelling, shoving Hoseok to the side and joining him in desperately feeling around for the mouse. “SOMEONE TURN THE GODDAMN SPEAKERS OFF! AAAAAHHHHH-”

Hoseok heard fumbling from behind him as his fingers closed over the mouse and he shot upright, completely forgetting he was still solidly under the goddamn desk . He slammed the back of his head into the wood, screeching and dropping the mouse as his hands flew up to clutch the back of his head.

Jimin, still screaming, snatched the mouse and scrambled out from under the desk, jumping to his feet and finally pausing the cursed song. The room was silent save Hoseok’s wimpers, the back of his head throbbing in time with his heart.

“Well.” Namjoon sounded like he was trying not to laugh. “I will never question your devotion to keeping your work private.”

Hoseok, trying very hard not to cry, managed to shakily smile back. “You’ll find out at Wings like the rest of the world.”




Hoseok met his boyfriends like this:

“What the fuck is wrong with them?” Hoseok stared at his phone, in complete disbelief of the email up on his screen. “They fucking- what the actual fuck?!” 

“What is it?” Jimin asked, wandering over and sitting down besides Hoseok on the dance studio floor. “Did you hear back from RM and Agust D’s manager?”

“No, I heard back from RM and Agust D themselves.” Hoseok said faintly. “Fucking listen to this:

“Hope-ssi. Thank you for taking time to create a choreography for Respect. Unfortunately, our management team reached out to you without our knowledge or consent, and we would like to inform you ourselves that the choreography will not be needed as we are a hip-hop duo and not an idol group. We wish you all the best.” Hoseok’s voice rose as he continued through the message, practically unable to comprehend what he was reading. “What the fuck?!”

Jimin’s jaw dropped, and he yanked the phone out of Hoseok’s hands to read the message himself. “Are they fucking serious?”

Hoseok was seething. “I cannot believe I thought they were hot. This is just unprofessional! They’re performers throwing a fit over having to dance, jesus christ.”

Jimin pushed back his silver hair, shaking his head as he handed Hoseok’s phone back to him. “They’re insane. What are you going to do?”

Beomgyu walked back into the studio, making both dancers stop talking and focus on the practice at hand. The other members of Tomorrow by Together slowly filtered back in from their break, and Hoseok squeezed Jimin’s hand before hopping to his feet and addressing the younger boys.

“Jimin will be taking over for today, I have some business to take care of.” Jimin met Hoseok’s eyes and cocked an eyebrow, and Hoseok shook his head. “He’s gonna send me videos of the sections of New Rules we worked on today so I can make notes for tomorrow. Fighting!” He cheered on his dongsaengs, receiving an enthusiastic “Fighting!” in response.

Hoseok really tried to stay positive on his way over to the meeting. He really did. It was his brand, he was literally known to most of the world as Hope. 

But if there was one thing that Hoseok hated more than anything else, it was his work being disrespected, and that was exactly what the rap duo had done. They didn’t even look at his choreography, just assumed since he had experience with idol groups that that was all he knew! If they had looked at any of his credentials they would see his background in hip-hop, his street dancing awards, his fucking national title, but no!

Hoseok was going to rip them apart.

Since he had a scheduled meeting he was waved right past security and told he would find Agust D and RM in the practice studio down the hall. He opened the door without hesitation, taking a little bit of pride when he saw the two figures inside jump as the door banged against the wall.

“My apologies. I didn’t mean to startle you.” Hoseok said smoothly, closing the door gently behind him and striding into the room.

“RM-ssi, Agust D-ssi.” Hoseok used his Professional Smile, bowing and extending a hand towards Agust D. “My name is Jung Hoseok, also known as Hope. I’m your choreographer.”

Agust D stared at him for a brief second before shaking his hand, dropping it as quickly as possible. The two rappers exchanged uncomfortable glances with each other that Hoseok pretended not to see as he turned to pull his tablet out of his backpack.

One of them cleared their throats awkwardly and Hoseok turned back around and cocked an eyebrow, waiting to see which one would bring up the elephant in the room.

“You must not have received our email.” RM said awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck. “We’re very sorry to waste your time Hope-ssi but we actually don’t need a choreographer, there must have been a miscommunication between us and management-”

“You mean you don’t need an idol choreography.” Hoseok cut in, flipping on his tablet. “I did receive your email, but seeing as it was full of bullshit, I decided to come anyway.”

“Full of-” Agust D’s jaw dropped, and RM looked like he had never heard a human curse before.

“Full of shit, yes. Your management team told me that the two of you did not want an involved choreography like the choreographies my partner and I put together for Tomorrow by Together, and after reviewing your work and past stages I agreed. Did you even watch the choreography I submitted that was accepted by your management team, or did you just throw a fit because you didn’t want to dance, google my name and click the first link that came up, and decide to fire me?” Hoseok handed them his tablet which had the Respect choreo video pulled up and playing. 

RM held the tablet as he and Agust D watched the video and Hoseok watched their faces. They both seemed struck dumb by Hoseok’s little speech, which was what Hoseok had been going for. In this industry, if you let even one artist walk all over you, you were on a very very slippery slope that ended in gaining a reputation as a pushover and idols would take that as an excuse to get sloppy, and more importantly: lazy.

Hoseok was not a pushover. It didn't matter how stupidly hot RM and Agust D were, or how many times Hoseok had listened to their mixtapes on repeat, or how much he wanted the two rappers to like him because he'd had crushes on them since their debut and had screamed when their manager got in contact with him to design choreography for their next comeback-

He would be professional about this, put them in their place, make them dance for him, then go home to Jimin to cry and eat three tubs of ice cream.

“Hope-ssi, I think we owe you an apology.” Agust D said when the video ended, looking up at Hoseok with genuine remorse in his eyes, which surprised Hoseok. He had been prepared to keep snapping at them until they begrudgingly agreed to at least consider Hoseok’s choreography, Hoseok had never imagined them apologizing to him.

Despite his surprise, he still had a point to make.

“If you had looked a little bit further into my credentials, you would have seen that I’ve been involved in the underground scene since I was twelve, my background is primarily in hip-hop. I know you aren’t idols. You’re a hip-hop duo. And I know hip-hop groups don’t do the type of choreography that idols do.” Hoseok pushed even further, which he knew was risky, he was bordering on disrespectful, but this was something that was important to him, and even if he lost this job he needed to make sure that at least these two understood. 

RM handed Hoseok back the tablet, nodding furiously. “You’re absolutely correct, we are so sorry for being so unprofessional, management just blindsided us with the knowledge that you were coming in today to teach us how to dance and that was something neither hyung nor I wanted- but that’s no excuse. We will work hard.” He bowed, deeper than Hoseok had even expected, and that was what finally flipped Hoseok’s attack mode off, and he was finally able to take a deep breath and relax.

“It’s alright RM-ssi. Should we get started?” He smiled widely at the two rappers, setting down his tablet and taking a few steps towards the mirror. “Make sure you’re stretched out!”

“I’d like to stretch him out.” Hoseok caught Agust D muttering, and he made eye contact with the rapper in the mirror to watch the rapper’s face blush a deep red as he realized Hoseok had heard him.

“Take me on a date first.” Hoseok winked, then turned away from the mirror to hide his own blush.

And they did.

Two years later, after Namjoon and Yoongi successfully completed Jimin's 'So you think you can take my Hobi-hyung away from me' gauntlet and cemented Yoongi and Jimin's lifelong rivalry, he moved in with them. They got gross and domestic and talked about adopting a cat and naming it Jimin to piss off Human Jimin. 

A year and a half after that their popularity skyrocketed and they left Hoseok for the first time to go on the world tour they had always dreamed of, and Hoseok was so, so proud, and so, so in love.

Seven months after that landed Hoseok here, alone in his studio listening to his mixtape one final time before it was released and his boyfriends came home in the morning.

He spun around in his studio chair as Blue Side faded out, eyeing the clock on the wall as it inched towards midnight.

There wasn’t really a reason to wait, it wasn’t like there was anyone anticipating the release besides his four friends, but Hoseok was a stickler for detail and he wanted to do it right.

The clock struck midnight and Hoseok clicked upload, all the tension draining from his body as he watched the upload bar fill until it was complete, and that was it.

He released a Mixtape.

Hoseok laughed out loud, pride overflowing his body.

He was so excited to share it with his boyfriends. Maybe he’d bring it up when they were in Thailand having a sex vacation. Or for Christmas. Or his Birthday. Or Yoongi’s birthday.

Hoseok shook his head. It didn’t matter when he’d share it with them, he’d gather up the nerve to do it eventually.

After all, he thought as his phone lit up with an incoming call from Jimin which he already knew would be full of proud screaming, they had all the time in the world.




Hoseok knelt under the spotlight, head bowed. The stage was still and the audience was silent, had fallen quiet when the lights had come up.

“Boy Meets Lie.” A voice announced the english words in a gravelly tone, and the opening notes of Hoseok’s song began falling, each note bouncing, running through his body.

Hoseok didn’t have the words to describe performing. He heard some people blacked out, some were aware of every audience member’s gaze to the point where they became paralyzed.

Not Hoseok.

Hoseok was aware of every muscle in his body, every beat of his heart syncing up with the beat of the music. He could feel the base running up through the soles of his feet, up through his legs through his core through his lungs through his heart .

And then he moved.

The vocals tore through his body, ripping his arms apart, forcing him from his knees to his feet. He couldn’t let muscle memory take over, couldn’t fall back on the long nights of dancing and memories because this dance wasn’t smooth and practiced, it was raw, like something was tearing him apart from the inside and he fought-

The greed would become the trumpet heralding hell-


Hoseok reached for the heavens then forced himself back down, coming to a shuddering halt as the music cut off and his spotlight went dark, leaving the hall in complete darkness. The air was still, the only sound was Hoseok’s ragged breathing, and then-

Jimin’s voice began drifting through the speakers, the opening strains of Lie creating a haunting melody out of the silence. Hoseok felt, rather than saw the spotlight illuminate Jimin, blindfolded and vulnerable, the melody starting to flow through his limbs, head lolling.

Hoseok couldn’t turn and look, but he could see in his mind’s eye exactly how Jimin was moving, every twitch of his fingers, every contortion of his expression. 

And then the beat swelled and the spotlight on Hoseok started glowing, growing from a faint yellow to an icy blue as Jimin’s light turned red, and Hoseok turned to face Jimin, an arm reaching out as the audience started to scream and the music came to a crescendo-

Boy Meets Evil overtook Lie as Jimin transitioned from fluid movements to isolations that Hoseok matched move for move, their bodies an exact mirror. Hoseok had to hold back a smile as they both spun and dropped back onto one arm, other reaching for the skies before they dragged themselves up, slowly circling until they drew closer and closer like they were being drawn into each other’s orbits and then-

It’s too evil.

The music dropped out except for the haunting motif as Jimin dropped to his knees, arm weakly coming up to pull away his blindfold. Hoseok slowly walked over to him, footsteps matching the beat and he sunk down behind him, reaching around to grab Jimin’s face and cover his eyes as the spotlights shut off and the music abruptly came to a halt, the unfinished arpeggio floating into the audience.

There was silence, and then the audience started screaming, wolf whistles and applause ringing through Hoseok’s ears.

He and Jimin stood as the lights came back on, grabbing each other’s hand and bowing deeply. 

“I KNOW THEM!!! THEY LIVED WITH ME!!!” Came Tae’s scream from the audience, and Hoseok finally broke into a grin, vision almost completely obscured from the force of it. He could hear Jimin’s laughter from besides him, and together they stepped backwards and kept bowing until they turned and walked off the stage, the roar of the crowd fading.

“Holy fuck hyung that was amazing!” Jimin nearly screamed, spinning around and jumping into Hoseok’s arms. Hoseok caught him easily, spinning him around screaming into his shoulder.

“Jiminie Jiminie Jiminie Jiminie!” Hoseok screeched back until he hit something and the two of them went toppling to the ground. Hoseok wheezed as Jimin’s elbow landed in his gut, narrowly avoiding braining himself on the wooden floor.

They laid there for a moment, catching their breath. Eventually they gathered themselves and got up and Hoseok finally got a look at Jimin, saw his flushed cheeks and sparkling eyes. Jimin grinned at him, practically vibrating with excited energy. 

Wings was a unique competition. It was mainly directed towards underground dancers wanting to experiment with their style and step out of their comfort zone, hence the different challenges each year. They were scored by a panel of three past Wings winners based on originality, adherence to the theme, and technique. Since Hoseok and Jimin had been around since its founding they got to perform last, so they only had to wait a few minutes before the results were announced.

There was no podium, just one winner for the night.

“Think we got it?” Jimin asked, leaning his head against Hoseok’s shoulder as they sat together in the wings, and Hoseok just shrugged, more excited about reuniting with his boyfriends than the results of the competition.

“And the results are in!” The announcer boomed, and both Hoseok and Jimin watched as the man opened a sealed envelope with a flourish.

“Boy Meets Lie, performed by Jimin and j-hope!” 

Jimin screamed, yanking Hoseok from the wings onto the stage where their trophy was waiting. 

The audience was on their feet, hooting and cheering as Jimin and Hoseok bowed repeatedly as they accepted their trophy, holding it high above their heads as they bowed to the audience. Hoseok could see Taehyung and Jin going nuts in their seats, screaming and cheering wildly. He couldn’t see his boyfriends or Jungkook because of the glare of the stage lights, and his gut twisted with nerves for the first time all night at not being able to see his boyfriends’ reaction to his win.

Eventually they were able to leave the stage and were immediately greeted with high fives and hugs from the other dancers, everyone congratulating them and offering their praise for their performance.

Hoseok barely heard any of it, nerves setting in as he finally realized that his boyfriends now knew that he lied to them for months, let them chase fruitlessly after someone who slept in their bed every night. He knew he had his reasons but they seemed flimsy and unimportant now, and Hoseok had to shake his head to dispel this doubts.

He just needed to talk to them.

“Go take your makeup off in the dressing room, I’ll send them back.” Jimin read Hoseok’s mind, taking the trophy from him and shoving him in the direction of the dressing rooms. “Fighting!”

“Fighting!” Hoseok echoed, slipping through the crowd to get to the thankfully empty hallway. He ran up the flight of stairs leading to the private rooms, breathing a sigh of relief when he found an unoccupied one and slipped in. He startled a bit at his reflection in the mirror, still not used to seeing himself with orange hair. Yoongi had dyed it for him using their extensive collection of hair dye, even though Yoongi had sworn off all hair dye for the rest of his life. A few years ago Yoongi’s hair had been bleached so many times it had started to dry and fray to the point where it had begun to fall out, freaking the fuck out of Hoseok when he had tried to run a hand through Yoongi's hair and pulled out a fistful of split ends. Yoongi had thrown a fit and threatened to sue the company for emotional trauma and endangering their employee’s health, and his hair had been jet black ever since.

Hoseok grinned at the memory, letting it sooth his nerves as he searched for the makeup wipes he knew Jimin had stashed in here.

Thankfully, it didn’t take very long for his boyfriends to find him.

“Hey j-hope.” Hoseok heard a voice drawl from the dressing room door and he spun around to see his boyfriends, both holding huge bouquets with unreadable expressions on their faces.

“Hey.” He grinned nervously, setting down his makeup wipe. “What did you think?”

“That was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” Yoongi growled, stalking up to him and shoving the flowers at Hoseok’s chest then yanking him down into a searing kiss, biting at his bottom lip. Hosek squeaked in surprise and dropped the boquet, but quickly got with the program, letting Yoongi back him into the wall and get up in his space. “You’re j-hope. Oh my god I am so attracted to you.”

Hoseok laughed giddily into the kiss, their teeth clacking together before he gently pushed him back to look at Namjoon, who was still standing in the doorway with his own bouquet. “Did you like it?”

Namjoon rolled his eyes, nudging Yoongi aside and setting down his flowers on the counter before bending down so he could pull Hoseok into a kiss of his own. Hoseok’s eyes slid closed as he smiled into it, lifting up on his tiptoes to meet Namjoon halfway. Yoongi’s hand was still in his and his boyfriend tightened his grip, obviously not intending to let go anytime soon. 

“Jung Hoseok, you have been holding out on us. You’re j-hope, what the fuck.” Namjoon half laughed, cupping Hoseok’s face in his hands. 

Hoseok giggled, still jittery from the performance and the reveal but so fucking happy to have his secret out in the open.

“Surprise?” He offered, stepping forward so he was pressed up against Namjoon. “I’m your hope, j-hope!”

Namjoon’s hands shifted from cupping his face to rest on his hips as he leaned down to bury his face in Hoseok’s shoulder.

“I can’t believe we didn’t realize before, it’s so fucking obvious now.” Namjoon groaned, voice muffled by Hoseok’s shirt. “Even the fucking name.”

“You fucking filtered my name out!” Hoseok laughed loudly, and christ it felt so good to be able to finally say all this to them. “I couldn’t fucking believe it, we’ve been dating for four years and you didn’t recognize my voice! I have a very distinct voice!”

“God, we’re never going to live this down. The others know, don’t they.” Yoongi groaned, dropping his face into his hands. Hoseok cackled again, reaching out the hand that wasn’t patting Namjoon’s head to tug Yoongi towards them. 

“I recorded it all while you guys were on tour and bitched about it on a daily basis, there was no way I could’ve kept it from them.” Hoseok confirmed, managing to get his arm around Yoongi’s shoulders. “Don’t be mad at them, though. I asked them not to tell you.”

Namjoon laughed again, finally taking his head out of the crook of Hoseok’s neck to shake his head and sigh ruefully. “I should've known Jungkook knew, he would practically run out of the room every time I brought it up.”

Hoseok wrapped his hand around Namjoon’s, lacing their fingers together. He was still coming down from the performance high and his hand was trembling in Namjoon’s grasp, and Namjoon must have noticed because he squeezed his hand and brought their joined hands up to kiss his knuckles.

"He actually designed the album cover, isn't it incredible? He's so talented." Hoseok gushed over his dongseang, remembering how Jungkook had shyly presented it to him and told him he didn't have to use it if he didn't want to as if Hoseok would ever reject anything Jungkook made for him.

“Everything about Hope World is incredible. We should’ve known. God, all of the songs were just so you .” Yoongi dropped his hand to rest on the small of Hoseok’s back and his fingers started massaging the muscle there. “Maybe that’s why we loved it so much.”

“I just couldn’t believe you didn’t recognize my fucking voice .” Hoseok giggled, tipping his head back onto Yoongi’s shoulder. “I genuinely thought you were joking at first or trying to get revenge on me for not telling you. You’re both lucky I didn’t listen to Jimin.”

Yoongi shuddered. “Every day you don’t listen to Jimin is a lucky day. Park Jimin is a no good-”

“So does this mean you’ll collab with us?” Namjoon blurted out, thankfully cutting Yoongi off before he went on another one of his Park Jimin rants. “Please? We’ll submit beats to you if you want and oh my god we could write lyrics together in the studio- oh my god.”

“Are you getting hard?” Yoongi asked incredulously, tugging Hoseok back so he could check for himself. “Namjoon you’re fucking getting hard, get it together, we need to impress j-hope-ssi. We gotta be professional so he’ll bless us with a collaboration.”

“Well.” Hoseok said, smiling slowly as he eyed Namjoon’s crotch. “There are other ways I could be convinced.”

“You’re both horrible, oh my god, why am I dating such perverts, I just want to make music.” Yoongi whined, and Hoseok could only throw his head back and laugh.




“God Seokie, you look so hot.” Yoongi said lowly, stalking forwards and tugging on the harness wrapped snugly around Hoseok’s body. “We should’ve put you in Doir years ago, christ.” 

“Aish get off of me, we have to go on stage in two minutes.” Hoseok laughed, batting Yoongi’s hands away and straightening the harness. “I am glad you like it, do you think your fans will as well?”

Yoongi rolled his eyes, grabbing Hoseok’s hand and starting to tug him towards the stage life. “They’re all your fans at this point Hoba, ever since we released Tear it’s all ‘j-hope is my bias’ this and ‘j-hope is my bias wrecker’ that. You've turned me, a lifelong Agust D bias into the biggest j-hope stan alive. If you had photocards I'd collect them all.”

“Don’t be ridiculous hyung.” Hoseok rolled his eyes, but felt his cheeks heat up anyway. Damn them. “Besides you'll have to fight Jimin for that title, and I know for a fact he's already made his own photocards."

Yoongi's eyes narrowed to a glare. "He thinks he can just make official photocards without the label's permission? I'll sue the clothes right off his back, he doesn't know who he just messed with, by the time I'm done with him-"

Hoseok tuned him out. He almost felt bad for bringing that up but he had to deflect the compliments somehow, and bringing up Jimin was always the best way to distract Yoongi.

"Where is Joon-ah? Please don’t tell me he had another wardrobe malfunction, he nearly made my heart stop yesterday when he walked out with that shirt missing half its buttons.” Hoseok cut off Yoongi's rant, noticing the staff gesturing for them to step the stage lift and the abscence of their third boyfriend.

“I’m here! I’m here!” Namjoon jogged over to them, stepping on the stage lift at the same time as his two boyfriends, taking his place besides Hoseok. “And I still maintain that wasn’t my fault, the buttons were sewed on improperly.”

“Well, you didn’t hear us complaining.” Yoongi purred, reaching across Hoseok to trace his finger down Namjoon’s sternum, making him gulp. “What do you think of Seokie’s outfit?”

Namjoon’s gaze landed on Hoseok and his eyes widened like he hadn’t even noticed what he was wearing until that moment. 

“Holy fuck, you look incredible.” His eyes traced up and down Hoseok’s body, gaze beginning to darken. “You should wear that home.”

“Damn right he’s wearing that home.” Yoongi agreed, and the stage lift jolted to life, slowly beginning its ascent to the stage. “Alright. I love you both. Let’s fucking do this.”

The opening notes of Outro: Tear rang throughout the arena, and Hoseok felt Yoongi’s hand slip into his and Namjoon cup the back of his neck just as the lift stopped.

Hoseok's heart swelled, and they stepped forward together into the screams of the crowd.