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A wolf is still a wolf

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By the time they’ve cleared the camp it's already close to sun down. Aether and Razor are exhausted, sweat and grime making their clothes stick to their skin uncomfortably.

The wolf-boy looks over towards his friend taking in the damage. There’s a small cut down the corner of Aether’s mouth and a small gash across his left arm, one wrong move left his side open for a hilichurl to attack. It’s not too deep, Razor thinks, a bit of crushed wolfhook should close the wound, maybe he could li-

“Hey. You okay Razor?”

The boy in question jolts at the sudden voice, disrupting his train of thought and flushes a soft pink at being caught staring.

“Y-yes, fine!”, the wolf-boy exclaims, rosy pink cheeked and confused at the weird feeling in his chest. It’s like he feels hungry but he’d eaten so many hash browns before they set off. So why does he feel like this?

Aether looks at him a little confused but gives him a small smile in acknowledgement, Razors’ always been a little odd, so this is nothing new.

“Ow!”, seems like smiling isn’t the best thing to do right now, the cut across his lip opens again, blood slowly trickling down his chin. Aether grabs at the end of his cape reaching up to dab at the blood. Well he would’ve if Razor hadn’t grabbed at his wrist, warm calloused fingers gripping firmly, bringing it back down at his side.

Now Aether is really confused this time. The seemingly wild boy before him seems even more so. His red eyes have darkened to something predatory, pupils dilated, soft panting breaths leaving his mouth. Razors’ grip around his wrist tightens painfully making Aether let out a sharp gasp of pain, teeth clenching against the discomfort.

“R-razor what’s wron-HEY! Stop that hurts!” Aether cries out struggling against the other boys hold. The blonde brings up his other hand to push at the other’s chest but it’s futile once Razor grabs that wrist too, grip just as unforgiving. Aether’s scared now, scared cause he doesn’t know what’s got the other male so worked up, tears start collecting in the corners of his eyes, not yet falling.

Razor advances closer, hot breath fanning across Aethers’ lips, his grip around the blondes wrists loosening completely, hands traveling up to hold Aether’s face. “Razo-” is all Aether can get out before there’s a tongue licking into his mouth. It’s animalistic in the way Razors’ tongue strokes at his own, sliding across his teeth, almost coming close to choking him. Aether just stares too shell shocked to move, whether to fight back or reciprocate. There’s drool creeping out of the corner of the blondes mouth mixing with the blood that’s still dripping down his chin.

Razor makes a pitiful whine, he really is just like a wolf sometimes, and gives one last lick this time over the cut on Aethers’ lip, lapping up the blood, and pulls away hands falling from the other boys’ face.


What he sees turns his blood cold.


Aethers’ face is a mess. There’s blood around his mouth, lips red and swollen, his eyes are wide, tears freely flowing now. He’s clutching at the end of his cape still, trembling slightly, (though he doesn’t understand why) and Razor can see red finger shaped marks around the boys’ wrists. The wolf reaches out a hand but Aether jerks back out of his touch, curling into himself.

“Stay away!” Aether shouts, falling to his knees, his head tucked into his chest.

Razor steps back in alarm at the others outburst, even though instinct is telling him to go towards his lupical, he whines but stays put respecting the others' command. He’s still so confused on what happened. Who hurt his lupical? Why is the other so scared of him? He licks at his lips in thought and the coppery tang of blood assaults his senses making him gag at the taste.

Why is there--Oh. Razor quickly looks down at the boy in front of him, panic setting in, and suddenly it makes sense now. He did that. He’s the one who hurt his lupical. Razor feels sick with the knowledge of what he's done to his friend, he drops to his knees, hands coming up to vigorously wipe at his mouth. Tears collect at the corners of his shut eyes, soft sobs and a mantra of sorry, sorry, sorry leaving his lips.

Aether watches him quietly sob his apologies, he’s still scared he’ll be attacked again but watching the confusion and then sudden realization fall over Razors’ face makes him think that the other boy didn’t mean to attack him after all. He slowly gets up and pads over to the wolf-boy, he’s cautious in his next move, and takes the boys’ hand softly away from his face.

Razor sniffles and looks up into golden eyes. The boy before him kneels down so they’re eye level, “I-It’s okay, I know you didn’t mean it, Razor.”, the blonde says, mouth trembling up into a smile. Aether strokes shaky fingers over Razors’ own, a small comfort in this mess they’ve found themselves in. They’re close again like before but it’s calmer now, just the soft sniffling breaths and barely audible stokes of fingers across skin creating a tranquil atmosphere around them.

“I’m sorry...hurt you..” sighs Razor, closing his eyes and leaning against the other boys’ shoulder, nuzzling into his neck. He expects to be pushed away but thin fingers weave through his unruly hair, untangling knots between each stroke. Arms come around his shoulders pulling him closer against the blonde, Razor loops his own arms around the boys’ waist bringing him just as close, even if he’s still wary of his actions. A soft barely there kiss against the wolf-boys’ head answers his worries and has him relaxing in Aethers’ hold, nose brushing along the blondes collarbone taking in the scent of him, the scent of home.