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When Hongjun stepped into Li Jinglong’s room, A-Tai was already there, adjusting the cords securing Li Jinglong’s wrists to one end of his bed-couch. As he continued to protest, A-Tai gleefully tied a silk black strip around his forehead, covering his eyes.

“Now, now, Zhangshi, you heard what the Emperor said before our last mission!” A-Tai tutted. “If you destroyed any more imperial property, we were to make sure you didn’t follow us out on the next mission as a punishment! And what happened the last time?”

There was a pause. Li Jinglong muttered, “My sword attack accidentally made a pavilion in the palace collapse.”

“Yes!” trilled A-Tai. “And yet you refused to stay at home for this mission like a good boy, so I have had no choice but to tie you up!”

Qiu Yongsi coughed as he carried in a jar of salve, which he passed to Hongjun. Hongjun gave him a confused look, and he said, “For Zhangshi’s wounds.”

The disastrous mission was a few days ago, and the chaos caused by the sword attack going rogue had ricocheted back on Li Jinglong too. Some falling rubble left him bruised and bloodied, with several nasty cuts on his torso that needed regular applications of healing salve.

“Yes, Hongjun, please apply the salve all over him while we’re gone,” said A-Tai. Bafflingly, he winked. Hongjun only felt more confused.

“Let’s go,” called Mo Rigen from the main courtyard to A-Tai and Qiu Yongsi.

“All right, we’re going to go fight the yao. We’ll be back! Keep good watch over our Zhangshi. We wouldn’t want him escaping while we’re gone!” warned A-Tai, snapping his fan open and swanning out of the room. Qiu Yongsi followed, and soon the group of three left the Department of Exorcism.

“Ahaha…” Hongjun laughed weakly, looking back at Li Jinglong, who was firmly trussed to the bed, only wearing his white inner clothes, and blindfolded. He was tossing his head back and forth and struggling; he clearly didn’t enjoy the position he’d been put in.

Hongjun still felt completely thrown. What was even happening, and why had he become Li Jinglong’s warden?

“Hongjun,” said Li Jinglong pleadingly, looking in his direction. “Untie me and take off this cloth over my eyes.”

Absently, Hongjun found his eyes drawn to how Li Jinglong’s struggling made his undershirt rise up, revealing a strip of smooth skin at his waist, and how under the clothes, his biceps strained as he tugged his wrists against the cords. His collars were falling open indecently.

“Hmm,” Hongjun said. “But Zhangshi, I need to put this salve on your injuries, and it’s going to be easier to do if you’re not moving around.”

After a long pause, Li Jinglong ground out, “Fine. But untie me once you’re done.”

“Do you promise not to try and join the mission?” Hongjun asked, just to be sure. “I can’t untie you unless you do.”

Li Jinglong was silent, apparently unwilling to make that promise.

“Mmm, I’m just going to start with treating your cuts, okay?” said Hongjun, eager for some reason at the prospect of exposing more of Li Jinglong’s skin. He knelt beside the bed and opened the jar of salve, sniffing it experimentally. It smelled medicinal, herby, and... also a little sweet. Hongjun’s nose twitched.

Most of Li Jinglong’s injuries were under his clothes at the moment, and some were wrapped in bandages that Hongjun would have to take off. Hongjun undid the ties at Li Jinglong’s waist and pulled the two sides of his shirt apart, exposing his broad chest. Mottled bruises were dotted here and there, and red cuts crisscrossed his skin. 

Hongjun giggled, remembering how he’d also pulled open Li Jinglong’s shirt to feel for the Heart Lamp soon after they met. “You know, this isn’t the first time I’ve had to do something like this to you. Let’s hope no one suddenly comes to the Department of Exorcism this time. They really got the wrong idea!”

“Hongjun...” Li Jinglong grumbled, his face looking a little red under the blindfold. “Just get on with it.”

“Okay,” sang Hongjun, grabbing the jar and using two fingers to scoop up some of the thick, clear paste. Carefully, he dropped a few big globs of it all over Li Jinglong’s chest, then started spreading it in.

He didn’t know why, but it felt really good to be touching Li Jinglong like this. He quickly got lost in the sensation. Li Jinglong’s tawny brown nipples were revealed like this too, and when Hongjun ran his thumbs over them in the process of rubbing in the salve, Li Jinglong jerked and let out a strange, low sound.

Hongjun wanted to hear more of those sounds.

There were some cuts around Li Jinglong’s neck and shoulders, and Hongjun ran his fingers along there too. The edges of his shirt were bunched up around his arms, and Hongjun went under the fabric to make sure the salve got everywhere, his fingers tracing Li Jinglong’s firm biceps and triceps. The cords securing his wrists together and his arms held over his head and tied to the bed meant that his muscles were flexed, and Hongjun pressed fingers into them to see just how hard they were, enjoying the feel of it.

When he looked down again, Li Jinglong’s exposed chest was rising and falling a bit more frequently. His face was flushed and his breaths were coming in pants.

“Zhangshi, are you okay? Does it hurt?” asked Hongjun.

Li Jinglong turned his face away from him. “No, it... it doesn’t hurt... just hurry and finish up,” he said, his voice tight.

Hongjun was pretty much done with his chest, but some of the cuts and bruises ran under Li Jinglong’s waist, so he should really get his back too. “Zhangshi, I think you need to turn over so I can do the wounds on your back.”

Somewhat reluctantly, Li Jinglong lifted his hips up and turned to one side, awkwardly. Because his wrists were bound fast to one end of the bed, Hongjun had to help him slide over onto his front and get his shirt pulled up and out of the way.

For some reason, Li Jinglong’s back looked even more enticing, and not just because his back muscles were on full display and rippling as he struggled faintly against the cords. There was just so much skin there, and Hongjun realized he couldn’t wait to touch it. He dipped his fingers in the salve, then started rubbing it in everywhere here too. When he got to Li Jinglong’s waist, he realized there were some bruises that went under the waistband of his thin white pants, and slid his fingers under it earnestly.

At that, Li Jinglong jerked again, almost twisting away. “You don’t need to touch there,” he muttered.

“But Zhangshi, if I don’t get the salve on all your wounds, they’ll hurt for longer,” Hongjun protested. He couldn’t help tugging down the waistband of Li Jinglong’s pants a little lower, revealing more of his ass. And then, almost in a trance, he made sure to coat that skin with the ointment too. A sweet smell floated up into the air with each application.

“Hmm... why does it smell so good...” Hongjun murmured to himself, bringing his fingers up to his nose and sniffing again. It was much sweeter now, and just inhaling it made heat flare up all inside his body. He took another sniff, entranced and well on his way to getting addicted to the smell. Idly, he rubbed some of the salve against his cheeks. Heat bloomed under the skin there, surprising Hongjun.

“Zhangshi, this salve... It makes your skin feel hot, right? Are you getting overheated? Do you need me to take off any of your clothes?” asked Hongjun.

“No,” came the reply, almost muffled by the mattress.

“Hmm, okay, then I’m going to flip you back over,” said Hongjun.

“Ah, don’t—” cried Li Jinglong, but Hongjun was already tugging on his hips and pulling him back to his original position. Unfortunately, since he’d lowered Li Jinglong’s pants before, the movement only pulled them lower, and when he was hauled over, his very hard, very red cock popped free of the fabric, bouncing on his stomach.

Li Jinglong struggled at his restraints, obviously wanting to cover himself, but Hongjun was glad he couldn’t. Somehow, he had never seen anything so fascinating.

“Zhangshi,” he breathed, unable to take his eyes off it. It was so beautiful, just like Li Jinglong himself, long and curving upward. The skin looked so soft. Hongjun wondered what it would feel against his hands, in his mouth—

“Hongjun! Don’t look—” Li Jinglong cried, thrashing harder under the restraints, his biceps bulging again.

“Zhangshi, that looks painful,” said Hongjun, dazedly. “I think I need to help you with that.”

Li Jinglong choked. “Hongjun, don’t! I think A-Tai put something in that salve, I really don’t feel right, and it’s obvious you don’t either. You shouldn’t—”

But Hongjun wasn’t listening anymore. All of a sudden, he needed to make sure he had touched Li Jinglong absolutely all over. Including there.

His blood felt like it was singing in his veins, mana humming through his meridians. He knew there was something in the salve that was affecting both of them, throwing off their judgment, but it also allowed him to see what had always been there between them ever since the day they met. Now that it was out in the open, he was incapable of stopping himself from acting on it, just as Li Jinglong appeared to be incapable of stopping himself from responding to it.

The jar of salve all but forgotten, Hongjun moved in closer until he was running the tips of his fingers along Li Jinglong’s cock, slowly, from base to tip. Li Jinglong moaned, and Hongjun needed to hear more of those sounds from his mouth. He enclosed his hand around it, and felt how hot and pulsing it was. The skin really was just as soft and velvety as he’d thought, and instinctively Hongjun bowed his head and started licking around the head.

“Ah!” Li Jinglong cried out, writhing underneath him.

That was a good reaction. Hongjun wanted to draw out more of those.

He took the whole tip into his mouth, sucking and licking around it. He didn’t know what he was doing; he was entirely following his instincts and dazed by the sweet smell of the ointment. Lost in the feel of the velvety skin he tasted there, he pulled off to nuzzle his cheeks along the hot length. Li Jinglong was making weak, broken noises, which emboldened Hongjun to try taking more of him into his mouth. This time he swallowed him down almost to the hilt, using his hand to fondle Li Jinglong’s balls and base at the same time, and was rewarded with more tortured groans and shudders. He gave a long, powerful suck, and Li Jinglong almost arched off the bed.

Hongjun pulled off again, Li Jinglong’s cock falling from his mouth with a soft pop. Suddenly, his own pants felt altogether too tight. In an odd trance, he undid the drawstring and let them fall to the floor, stepping out of them and tossing them aside. Now he was bare from the waist down, and he realized that he wasn’t just hard himself—he also felt strangely empty between his legs. There was something pulsing there that needed to be filled.

Spellbound, he reached for the jar of salve again, dipping two fingers in for a sizable scoop of it before rubbing his hands together. One hand went to Li Jinglong’s hard cock, pumping it slowly up and down as Li Jinglong moaned and panted even harder than before, while the other went behind him to rub along his hole. He didn’t know what was compelling him to do this. None of it was anything he had done before or even considered, but now that he knew what their bodies could do together, he couldn’t get enough. He needed to keep going and make them both feel as good as possible. He liked Li Jinglong a lot, he had ever since they met, and it just made sense to do this with him. He didn’t know why they hadn’t done it sooner. Li Jinglong clearly wanted to too, judging by his physical reactions.

The salve’s warming effect made it easy for him to slip a finger inside, then one more. This way, it was like fire was lighting him up from the inside, spreading all over his body. Was Li Jinglong feeling this way too, ever since Hongjun first rubbed the salve onto his skin? He felt himself get even harder at that thought, working another finger in and wiggling them as deep as he could. On accident, his fingers brushed against something sensitive inside him, and he gasped and tightened his hold on Li Jinglong’s cock.

He needed more of that sensation; he needed to use something to reach it better. His eyes slid over to Li Jinglong’s thick, reddened cock, and he bit his lip. He wanted that. Abruptly, he slipped his fingers out of himself, loosening his grip on Li Jinglong, and moved over to straddle him on the bed.

Li Jinglong must have realized what he was about to do, because he groaned out warningly, “Hongjun—”

But Hongjun ignored him in favor of lining himself up and sinking right down on that deliciously hard length. There was a sting as he stretched around it—Li Jinglong’s cock was much bigger than his fingers had been—but the warming salve soothed it away almost instantly. Once he was used to it, he started moving his hips up and down experimentally, exploring all the different sensations. Everything felt so good. Why hadn’t they been doing this the whole time? How come no one told him about this thing they could do to feel good together?

As Hongjun rode him, starting slow at first and then getting faster, he looked down and noticed Li Jinglong’s nipples glistening from the ointment. He couldn’t resist reaching down and thumbing them, which made Li Jinglong gasp. Emboldened, he tugged and rolled them between his fingers, unable to get enough of the reactions that caused. When he pinched them, Li Jinglong cried out wantonly.

“Hongjun,” Li Jinglong panted out, sounding desperate. “Take off the cloth. I want to see you.”

Hongjun smiled. He wanted Li Jinglong to see him too. He reached down to tug it off, only to be taken aback by the naked hunger and desire in Li Jinglong’s eyes. His brown hair was down, fanning out all over the pillow, and his face was flushed. His lips looked so red.

“Zhangshi,” he murmured, in awe. Then he bent down and Li Jinglong surged up to meet him. Their lips met in a frantic kiss, Hongjun’s dusky pink hair falling in a curtain around their faces. This was another thing Hongjun had never done before, but he picked it up quickly, spurred on by the pure lust singing through his veins. He nibbled and bit at Li Jinglong’s lips, and he moaned when Li Jinglong’s tongue slipped into his mouth. All of a sudden his remaining clothes felt too hot, and he leaned back a little to pull off his shirt. Li Jinglong watched him raptly from below. Once all his clothes were tugged off, he put a hand behind him for leverage and rocked back, grinding Li Jinglong’s cock along every inch of his insides and relishing in all the sensations that sparked.

When he looked over to give Li Jinglong a mischievous grin, he saw how his lips were open and parting, and how his eyes were filled with pure adoration.

“Hongjun, you’re so beautiful like this,” Li Jinglong said, biting his lip.

“Oh?” hummed Hongjun, enjoying the feel of Li Jinglong’s praise sinking deep into him. “Have you wanted to do this with me this whole time, then?”

He wasn’t expecting Li Jinglong to look him very seriously in the eyes. “Yes,” he answered, honest and unswerving.

Hongjun’s mouth dropped open. Then he decided he needed to kiss Li Jinglong again, right away, so he rocked forward to catch his lips. When he did, it gave Li Jinglong the leeway he needed to lift his legs and hips up and start thrusting into Hongjun from below. Hongjun gasped, breaking the kiss, and leaned his weight onto Li Jinglong’s chest to give him better access. The salve on Li Jinglong’s chest rubbed against his own skin, driving him even crazier with how it made heat flare and pool within him, and he wound his arms around Li Jinglong’s neck and clung to him desperately. It all felt too good, and he didn’t even know what to do with himself.

“Hongjun, untie me...” Li Jinglong pleaded. “I want to touch you. Please let me touch you.”

Hongjun hummed. He wanted that too, and he was pretty sure Li Jinglong wasn’t going to run off on a mission now. With a flick of his wrists, he undid the ropes holding Li Jinglong tied to the bed. As soon as his hands were freed, he put them on Hongjun’s face and kissed him properly, even more desperately than before. But it wasn’t long before his hands were roving greedily all over Hongjun’s body, spreading more of the salve everywhere and making him feel even more sensitive. Li Jinglong tweaked Hongjun’s pink nipples too, making them shiny with salve, and Hongjun gasped as he felt himself grow even harder. Li Jinglong looked down and then wrapped a hot, slick hand around Hongjun’s cock.

It was too much. He came almost as soon as Li Jinglong put his hand on him, his cock still pounding up into him and hitting so many wonderful spots. White streaks of come coated Li Jinglong’s chest, painting an obscene picture. He could feel himself clench down around Li Jinglong as he squeezed his eyes shut to ride out the white-hot sensations.

When the waves of pleasure finally receded, Hongjun was still dazed from whatever had just happened to his body. Aware that his face was flushing, he flopped listlessly onto Li Jinglong, who tilted up his face and kissed him feverishly. Hongjun returned the kiss, lazy and strung-out.

Li Jinglong pushed back against the bed to lever them both up into a sitting position in the middle of the couch, tugging Hongjun until he was seated firmly in his lap with Li Jinglong’s hands splayed across his ass.

Hongjun gasped. He was too sensitive now that he’d come, and in this position, Li Jinglong could reach even deeper. He clung tight to his shoulders, bouncing up and down as Li Jinglong thrust up wildly. “Zhangshi... Zhangshi...” he murmured like a refrain.

“Hongjun,” Li Jinglong responded, even as he pressed Hongjun as close to his body as he could and bit at his neck. “Hongjun, are you really okay with us doing this?”

“Why are you asking that?” Hongjun replied, sluggish and confused. “I thought you wanted to?”

“Of course I do,” Li Jinglong muttered immediately, but he still sounded agitated.

“Then there’s no problem,” said Hongjun, smiling sweetly as he caught Li Jinglong’s lips again, sucking them into his mouth before moving down to nip along his neck, not entirely gently. “I want to do this with Zhangshi, so I am.”

“Hongjun... You’re so bad for my heart,” muttered Li Jinglong, shaking his head. But a smile tugged at his lips, and he dipped his head back to Hongjun.

As they lost themselves in kissing each other once more, Hongjun started to feel so deliciously lethargic that he just couldn’t hold himself upright anymore. Slowly, he started to fall back against the narrow bed, tugging Li Jinglong down with him. He followed obediently, pressing Hongjun into the bed. He sprawled out onto it, savoring the cool fabric under his back and the weight of Li Jinglong on top of him. 

Then Li Jinglong lined himself up and thrust back into him slow and sweet as Hongjun dug his heels into Li Jinglong’s back. It felt so good that he knew he was getting hard again, especially since Li Jinglong was kissing and nipping at the sensitive skin at his neck and lightly biting and sucking his nipples until Hongjun was panting in ragged breaths. Before long, the thrusts turned fast and desperate, and Li Jinglong caught up one of Hongjun’s legs and swung it over his shoulder, pressing a kiss to the soft skin of Hongjun’s calf before gazing down at him, his eyes blazing with some emotion Hongjun couldn’t identify. Then he started pounding into him again, this time in earnest with a steady, fast, relentless pace that soon had Hongjun writhing below him, his hands scrabbling on the mattress with uninhibited abandon. Then Li Jinglong’s next thrust hit on that most sensitive spot inside of Hongjun, and he cried out helplessly. 

Li Jinglong smiled, and kept at that same angle, his thrusts turning faster and wilder. He smeared a hand through the salve and come on his chest and then took hold of Hongjun’s cock, now fully hard again. Hongjun moaned loudly, unable to get enough of Li Jinglong’s hot hand palming him and rubbing him up and down. Li Jinglong kept hitting that spot inside him with unbelievable precision, and before he even knew what was happening, his vision went white and he was coming for the second time. He cried out, and when he could see again, a thin fluid had spurted onto his chest. Li Jinglong dragged his fingers through it, then brought them up to his lips to taste. He gave Hongjun a roguish smile that Hongjun had never seen on his face before as he licked his fingers one by one. Hongjun’s leg fell from Li Jinglong’s shoulder as both his legs splayed open and then hooked around Li Jinglong’s waist, pulling him closer. He wound his arms around Li Jinglong’s back, raking his nails possessively along the slippery skin there, deep and hard enough to leave scratches behind.

“Gege,” Hongjun whispered in his ear, his own voice sounding throaty and hoarse. “I like you so much...”

Li Jinglong’s hips stuttered. He thrust in faster and faster, uncontrollably, until he let out a ragged cry and Hongjun felt something hot pour into him. He tightened around Li Jinglong, feeling a mysterious urge to take in everything Li Jinglong had to give him and keep it there, keep him there.

Li Jinglong collapsed on top of him. He hadn’t pulled out yet, and Hongjun didn’t want him to. Feeling suffused with a pure and transcendent sort of contentment, Hongjun held him as tight as he possibly could.

“Zhangshi,” Hongjun murmured. “When can we do that again?”

Li Jinglong huffed into his ear. “You’re out of control.”

Hongjun giggled and pressed a kiss to his zhangshi’s addictively sweet skin.