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Ineffective Seduction

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Bakugou’s been trying to seduce Kirishima for some days now. Unsuccessfully so. He’s in pre-heat. His omega scent is strong. And alphas can’t help react to strong pre-heat omega scent, especially when targeted the way Bakugou has been targeting Kirishima.

And yet – no reaction from Kirishima.

There is clearly a reason and Bakugou is going to find it.

Usually when Bakugou has a problem or a question he's willing to get help with, he goes to Kirishima first. Obviously that's not an option now. And he'd rather avoid the so called Bakusquad for now. He's almost certain they'd tease him and he's not in the mood for that.

So he bangs on Deku’s door. The two of them have patched things up considerably during the past couple of years and Deku has known him from way before he presented so maybe he could shed some light on Bakugou's problem. And more importantly - he'll shut up when Bakugou tells him to!

When Deku opens the door, Bakugou pushes past him to enter the room uninvited. And almost doesn't succeed because Deku has shot up like a weed during their second year and hasn't stopped fucking beefing up. And now Bakugou looks tiny compared to him and he hates it.

But whatever. He's in.

"Oi Deku, you're an alpha, right?!" he asks and flares his scent at its most potent, "Is my scent not strong enough or some shit??"

Deku doesn't even look at him, much less answer his question before skirting around him and opening every window in the room. Only after taking a breath from the fresh air outside does he turn around to face Bakugou.

"Weak is definitely not a word I'd use to describe it, Kacchan. So maybe don't go into an alpha's room and let it out like that unless you want to act on it. It's not very wise."

Bakugou rolls his eyes.

"I can fucking take care of myself, Deku. If anyone tries anything funny, I'd blast their stupid knot off!"

He takes a better look at the alpha, the way he stands just a bit too awkwardly, and the way his eyes shift too much, and the way his cheeks are too red-

"Are you fuCKING HARD, DEKU?!?

The reaction is instantaneous. Deku's hands come to his crotch to hide the bulge there and his cheeks get even redder.


Bakugou scrunches his nose. Technically if his scent is working, he should've expected it to work on Deku as well but he has never considered the man in any sexual manner whatsoever so him reacting takes Bakugou by surprise. But now that it's clear that his scent is actually working…

"Why the fuck does it work on you and not-" he cuts his question short. He came here only to find out whether there was something wrong with his scent. Not to talk about his crush and failed seduction attempts! Maybe Deku will not realize... ah fuck, who is he kidding, of course the nerd will.

"I see," Deku says and Bakugou huffs, "Is Kirishima not reacting to, attempts?"

Bakugou grits his teeth.

"Obviously not or I wouldn't be here with you, shithead."

Deku completely ignores the insult and starts muttering to himself instead. He hasn’t grown out of that particular habit and it's as annoying as always. Bakugou is about to leave when Deku speaks up again.

"It's surprising to be honest. I thought he was into you."

"What?" It's out of Bakugou's mouth before he can think twice.

"I thought he likes you. Ever since first year actually. So it's surprising he's not reacting to you. Especially considering how strongly you... advertise yourself."

Bakugou is so stumped he completely misses the last part, luckily for Deku. Kirishima likes him? No, Deku thinks that Kirishima likes him. But then again, much as it pains Bakugou to admit it - Deku is right most of the time. Or maybe that's what he wants to think. In any case - he has no business here anymore. He learned that his scent is working but he still doesn't know why it's not working on the alpha he wants. So he turns to leave but before he opens the door, Deku calls out to him.

"I don't know why Kirishima isn't reacting to you but maybe it's because you spend a lot of time together? An omega scent tends to become less ‘efficient’ the longer time an omega spends with an alpha. It still should be very intense though so... I’m not sure."

Bakugou opens the door. He doesn't have anything else to go by so he'll latch onto Deku's suggestion for now.

"Good luck, Kacchan."

Bakugou ignores him and Deku is not surprised. The door closes.

Bakugou has to test Deku's theory about proximity being the issue. And even though he wanted to avoid speaking to the Bakusquad about it, he's left with no choice. He spends the most time with his friends after all.

And out of the two alphas, Mina and Sero, Mina has by far more experience being an alpha. So he'll go to her first. Maybe as a fellow alpha, Kirishima has confined something in her. The thought doesn't sit well with him though.

Mina welcomes him in her room, more surprised than anything.

"Hey, Bakugou, wotcha doing here?"

Bakugou puts his hands in his pockets. He feels so awkward. He hasn't thought about how exactly to ask the question and now Mina is looking at him expectantly.

So he just blurs it out.

"Is my scent less effective on you because we spend a lot of time together?"

Mina blinks at him.

"Is this about Kiri?" she asks after a few seconds.

And Bakugou is immediately on the defensive.

"Fuck no, I'm just asking you a simple question!"

"Right, it's definitely about Kiri." she grins at him, eyes sparkling with mirth.

Coming here was clearly a mistake. Bakugou goes for the door but Mina is faster and stands between him and freedom.

"Oh no you don't! Was this why you constantly smelled ready to get dicked down last week? Because you were trying to get Kiri into your pants?"

Bakugou bristles at the wording even though it's technically true.

"Fuck off! Not everything is about Kirishima!"

"Yeah, but this is! And it's not going well, is it?"

The excitement suddenly leaves her and she seems upset.

"I've noticed Kiri's not reacting to you right. Your scent is strong and enticing. And sure, being close to you most of the time dulls it a bit but definitely not enough for an alpha to be so calm about it. I mean, I'm basing this on myself but I've been in pre-rut most of the week so maybe I'm not a good judge. I don't know, it's just... weird. I know Kiri likes you, so why isn't he reacting?"

Bakugou should feel reassured. Both Deku and Mina are so certain that Kirishima likes him. But facts have been pointing in the opposite direction. And Mina's sad mood gets to him.

"Well, maybe he doesn't like me anymore," he says, voice weaker than he meant it to be.

"Oh, Bakugou," Mina cooes at him and he realizes that he's let his sad omega scent loose without meaning to. He still has bad control over it that he needs to work on. But Mina's releasing her own comforting alpha scent to calm him down already. And he wants to resist. He really does. Except he doesn't.

She steps closer and he doesn't stop her. When she wraps her arms around him in a hug, he lets it happen for a few long moments before stepping away. But he can't deny he feels much better.

Mina smiles at him reassuringly.

"I don't think Kiri doesn't like you anymore. There must be something else to it. Maybe ask another alpha. Or talk to Kiri-"

"No," he interrupts her, "But uh-… thanks," he mumbles the last part and shoots out the door.

Bakugou may not take Mina's suggestion about talking to Kirishima but he takes her other one - talking to another alpha.

Sero may have presented just a week and a half ago but at least he's not close to a rut so his senses should be clear. Bakugou knocks on his door next. When the alpha finally opens it, he looks like shit. Even his voice is tired.

"Dude, unless this is super important, it better wait at least a few days because there's only so many times I can jack off in a day before my dick falls off."

Bakugou is completely taken aback.

"What the fuck, Soy Sauce?!"

Sero simply ignores him before going on what clearly is a rant. He's usually laid back so seeing him like that is surprising.

"Between Kaminari being in pre heat and having the worst self-control possible and constantly getting in my face, and you trying your best to get Kirishima to fuck you into next week, I've been jacking off so much my dick hurts."

"What the- You've been jacking off to me?!?"

"To your scent. It's not personal, trust me. I've been jacking off to the scent of all omegas within scent range and it's been hell, man! It's all too much and I'm so not used to it yet! Mina said it will get better but that can't happen soon enough! I want to be lucky like Kirishima. He said he didn't even get like that after he presented. And apparently ruts are supposed to be much better but-"

Sero continues to ramble but Bakugou's mind is stuck on one thing. He has completely forgotten about the initial hell alphas go through when they present. A time during which all omega scents are much more potent to them. And Kirishima didn't get through that? Why? Or did he downplay it? Bakugou himself presented after Kirishima but Kaminari presented before Kirishima. Maybe he can tell him whether Kirishima truly skipped the 'alpha hell'.

Sero snaps his fingers under Bakugou's nose and frowns at him.

"If you have time to space off, I take it whatever you want to with me can wait. Now excuse me, I have an urgent problem to take care of downstairs."

With that the alpha closes the door and the wind it creates tells Bakugou exactly how crap Sero still is at hiding his aroused scent.

Well, that was awkward. Time to speak to Kaminari.

Kaminari’s room… well, it stinks.

"Fucking hell, Pikaсhu, open a damn window!"

Kaminari rolls his eyes but does as he's told.

"Like you're one to talk, Mister 'Kirishima Please Knot Me Already'. You ain't subtle, you know."

Bakugou bristles but it's mostly because those words shouldn't be coming out of Kaminari's mouth. It doesn't sit right with Bakugou!

"Whatever. Listen here, I have one question and the faster you answer it that faster I'll be out of here and the smaller chance you'll have of getting your face exploded."

"Yeah, yeah, shoot, Kacchan."

Bakugou grits his teeth.

"You presented before Kirishima did so I need to know whether he really skipped the 'alpha hell'. Did he not react to any omega at all?"

Kaminari's lips stretch into a grin. Bakugou raises a hand and Kaminari's grin lessens a bit.

"Alright, I'll answer! He didn't react to anyone. Not that I know of. It was weird, you know. Newly presented alphas are so fun to tease so of course I teased," Kaminari says and ignores the growl from Bakugou. "But he didn't react at all. I thought maybe his nose was stuck or something but he aced that scent based training later that day so it couldn't have been that."

Right. That information isn't really useful to Bakugou. But at least Kaminari answered him without being an ass. He wouldn't thank him of course. But maybe an advice...

"Hey, Pikachu, don't tease Soy Sauce too much or you won't have a knot to sit on when he finally realizes your plan."

He doesn't wait for Kaminari's reply and exits the room swiftly.

Bakugou is getting desperate for answers. All those conversations he had and for what? He still has no idea why Kirishima isn't reacting to him. Or to anyone really. None of his friends had any answers. And they were the closest people to Kirishima. Who else can he possibly ask? Except Kirishima, of course.

The idea is so sudden it feels like those light bulbs in animated movies. Tetsutetsu! He and Kirishima are very close. He may have answers that his friends don't. Bakugou doesn't like the idea but he hopes it's true nonetheless.

It's not unheard of for students from class A and class B to go to each other's common rooms. Bakugou has never done it before so it raises a few eyebrows. But nobody stops him when he takes the lift to the dorms.

Tetsutetsu's room is on the same floor as his and Kirishima's. And there are only three rooms on that side of the floor. Bakugou tries to imagine the building from the outside in order to guess which door to knock on. He chooses the first one.

He guessed right.

Tetsutetsu is standing in the doorway, looking at him in surprise and confusion. Bakugou pushes past him, having almost as hard of a time doing that as he had with Deku. Fucking tallass huge alphas. Funnily, he didn't mind that Kirishima is also a tallass huge alpha.

Bakugou doesn't wait for the other to start complaining and just shoots a question. It's very vague and utterly unhelpful.

"The fuck is wrong with Kirishima?!?"

Tetsutetsu blinks once. Twice.

"Bro..., what? Shouldn't you-"

"Why isn't he reacting to me?!?"

Bakugou is getting frustrated. This is not going how he would've planned it to go. If he had planned it. But he hadn’t. So here he is. Getting emotional with Kirishima's double.

Tetsutetsu sighs and rubs his temples.

"Shouldn't you be having this conversation with-"

Wait a second! Kirishima's double. The two alphas are so alike in so many aspects, so maybe... He's being stupid, he knows that. And yet... Maybe Tetsutetsu's reaction will give him some clues.

"Just so you know - I'm not coming on to you!" Bakugou says before flaring his scent at full strength. "From zero to ten, where zero is completely undesirable, and ten is irresistible, how do you rate my scent?"

A few long moments stretch before Tetsutetsu opens his mouth.

"Did you hit your head somewhere?"

"Just answer the damn question, Tin Can!"

"Will you go to Recovery Girl if I do?"

"I didn't fucking hit my goddamn head!! Now ANSWER THE QUESTION!"

"Fine, jeez! A six-ish, seven maybe."

Six... maybe seven. What? Does Kirishima also think of his scent as a six maybe seven? Is this why he doesn't react to him?

"Dude," Tetsutetsu says, "Your emotions are all over the place and you're stinking up my room. I'm taking you to your friends."

That snaps Bakugou from his stupor.

"But I'm in pre-heat!" He says as if this explains everything.

"Yeah but I'm not doing anything about that! Bro Code."

What Bro Code? No, nevermind.

"I'm in pre-heat so my scent is at least a solid nine!"

"Not to me it isn't." Tetsutetsu shrugs. "But then again, no scent is more than a seven anyway so it's not that yours is bad or anything. Same goes for Kirishima as well. Though he'd probably give you an eight because he's really into you. Maybe even lie and say ten."

Bakugou doesn't know how to feel. He's told once again that Kirishima is into him but at the same time that he'd rate his pre-heat scent only at eight. And that's because he likes him!

"And," Tetsutetsu continues, "You want to seduce him, obviously. Or you wouldn't be here asking me shit. So it's perfect! He's been into you for ages, man! He'll be so happy you're finally returning his feelings! Though he's not gonna just react to your scent. You gotta tell him you want him."

Bakugou is hesitant and the alpha picks up on it immediately.

"Actually, we’re doing that right now!"

Hell no!

But there's no stopping Tetsutetsu. Threats don't work in the slightest. And Bakugou isn’t above trying his omega charms but they'd be useless if his pre-heat scent is rated six maybe seven.

So he just... trails after Tetsutetsu and tries to convince him that he can confess to Kirishima on his own. Tetsutetsu doesn't believe him. And before Bakugou knows it, they're in front of Kirishima's room.

Pride is the only thing stopping him from running to his room and hiding there. He expects Tetsutetsu to knock on the door but instead the alpha turns towards him.

"Your scent has dissipated so ramp it up again. It may not be very effective on Kirishima but it still smells nice."

And of course because he's told what to do, Bakugou suddenly doesn't want to do it. Even though he had no problem releasing his scent to two other alphas just today.

But Tetsutetsu has no patience for his stubbornness. Swiftly he reaches for one of Bakugou's covered scent gland and gives it a quick rub before his hand is swat away. But the action has an effect. And while Bakugou does his best to contain his scent, it's still very noticeable.

"Now," Tetsutetsu says, "It wasn't difficult, was it?"

Bakugou huffs and steps away from the alpha.

Tetsutetsu knocks on the door three loud times and several seconds later Kirishima opens it. The two alphas greet each other with way too many 'bros' and 'dudes' and banging their hardened forearms together. Bakugou almost forgets his anxiety when he rolls his eyes at them.

Key word: almost.

Kirishima seems to pick up on his anxious scent and turns to him.

"Is something wrong, Bakugou?"

Bakugou does his best to keep the scent to a minimum and shakes his head in a silent 'no'.

"Not anymore," Tetsutetsu says. "Now that he knows you haven't been ignoring him on purpose and that people like us just aren't affected by scents all that much. He thought there was something wrong with you."

Kirishima blinks in confusion. Then he turns to Bakugou again, ready to reassure.

"I would never ignore you on purpose, man! Unless I'm really angry with you, I guess. But I swear I haven't done it on purpose lately!"

And Bakugou just knows that Kirishima has not realized what kind of ignoring Tetsutetsu was talking about. But before anyone has time to further explain, Kirishima frowns and turns his attention to Tetsutetsu.

"What do you mean people like us are not affected by scents all that much?"

Tetsutetsu is looking at him in complete silence for a few moments. Then his mouth opens slowly.

"Bro...., are you serious right now?"

Bakugou wants to know what Tetsutetsu meant as well. Up until now he thought it was just something personal that both alphas just happen to share. But now Tetsutetsu made it sound like they were part of a group.

"Who are people like you, Tin Can?!?" He asks but is completely ignored.

Tetsutetsu keeps his attention on Kirishima.

"So, you're telling me that scents being way less potent to you than people describe them didn't seem suspicious?"

Kirishima continues to be very confused.

"I just thought they were exaggerating..."

"What about the 'alpha hell' after presenting? You didn't experience that. There's no way you thought people were exaggerating that!" Tetsutetsu keeps pushing.

Kirishima rubs the back of his neck.

"I thought I was lucky to miss it."

"What about when an alpha is aggressive?! They make other alphas aggressive as well but not you, right? Surely that raised a few flags, bro!"

Kirishima looks properly embarrassed now.

"I thought it was an anger management issue."

It's clear that Kirishima has no fucking idea what he is. And Bakugou is too frustrated, among other things, to think about the answer. But he is really losing his patience and is about to demand an answer but Tetsutetsu speaks first.

"Bro, how did you not notice you're an Alpha Prime?!"

And it finally clicks in Bakugou's mind. It all makes sense now. Why Kirishima is exceptionally good at anything scent related. Why he skipped the 'alpha hell'. Why he's always the one putting an end to pointless alpha brawls. And most importantly - why no omega scent really affects him. Bakugou feels so much better now! It's not his scent that's at fault. And it's not that Kirishima isn't interested in him as an omega. He's just a fucking Prime!

And the moron totally didn't realize that! Bakugou could've been spared the emotional rollercoaster if Kirishima had just realized that and told him! Although, Bakuygou himself should've put the pieces together. All the evidence was there. He really hasn't been thinking clearly huh…

Bakugou's thoughts are interrupted when Kirishima finally speaks.

"I… I can't be a Prime. They're super rare, aren't they?"

Bakugou knows exactly what Kirishima's thinking. And he kind of feels bad for insulting him in his thoughts. It's not that Kirishima has been completely oblivious. It's just that he really didn't think he was unique enough in any aspect, including his dynamic. Bakugou wants to reassure him but while he's looking for the right words, Tetsutetsu beats him to it.

"We are but so what? You're definitely a Prime, bro. If I knew you haven't figured it out, I would've told you weeks ago. Anyway, now that's all cleared up…," he says and moves behind Bakugou, pushing him towards Kirishima slightly.

And Kirishima's attention is now solely on Bakugou. He is still confused, though now for a different reason.

"Well," Tetsutetsu whispers to Bakugou, "You said you can tell him yourself. Go ahead then or I'll do it for you."

Bakugou is not good with confessions. He'll either fuck it up it or make it sound weird. He's good with actions though. And like hell he's letting Tin Can confess for him! So he reaches for Kirishima's neck and tugs down. He still has to lift himself on his toes to reach the alpha's lips though. Kirishima has grown so much... not that Bakugou is complaining.

When their faces are close enough that it's impossible for Bakugou to miss, he closes his eyes and leans the rest of the way. Kirishima's lips are soft and warm and perfect against his. He presses more firmly and he expects Kirishima to press back.

Kirishima doesn't press back. He's completely still. Unresponsive.

Bakugou breaks the one-sided kiss and takes a step back. He wants to flee. He's not one to run away usually but now he wants to fucking hide. For an unspecified amount of time.

On his second step back he bumps into a solid chest. Hands come up to his biceps to keep him in place. A relaxing alpha scent making sure he doesn't panic and accidentally go into heat early as a result.

"Oh no you don't! I told you he's into you and I know what I'm talking about!" Tetsutetsu says and then his focus changes to Kirishima. "Yo, what are you doing, bro?! Kiss back!"

Bakugou can practically see Kirishima snap out of his shocked daze. He realizes that the alpha was just surprised. And his confidence returns fully when red eyes focus solely on him once again and a pair of big hands cradle his face lovingly.

He waits for Kirishima to come to him this time though. And he's not disappointed. The alpha's lips feel so much better against his when they’re responsive. Bakugou melts into the kiss, hands grasping at Kirishima's t-shirt.

He feels the solidness of Tetsutetsu's chest disappearing and vaguely hears steps down the corridor.

Kirishima's pumping out so much happy scent it's completely overpowering Tetsutetsu's calming one that still lingers. And Bakugou quickly decides that it's his favorite scent in the world. He wishes he can wrap it around himself like a fluffy blanket.

Kirishima tilts his head slightly and parts his lips just enough for Bakugou to catch on to his intend and part his own as well, letting the alpha's tongue slip past.

The kiss deepens and it sends a pleasant thrill down south that only gets stronger the longer they kiss. Bakugou may still not be close enough to his heat to produce slick easily but if they keep at it in the hallway, he eventually will. And he doesn’t want that.

Besides, the pain of craning his neck is getting a bit too much. So he pushes almost unwillingly against Kirishima's chest and they separate, lips and cheeks red.

Kirishima beams down at him, grinning widely. He pulls him through the door and closes it behind them. He leans against it and combs through his loose red locks with his fingers.

"Wow, I just can't believe this! Any of this!" He exclaims and then laughs with joy before continuing a bit unsurely, scent souring just a fraction. "This is not a one time thing is it? Because of your pre-heat? It doesn't look like that but I have to know for sure."

Bakugou guesses that's what he gets for not confessing using words.

"Tch, of course not, idiot. Like I'd need anyone for a measly heat. Even if they're an Alpha Prime."

Kirishima beams down at him with renewed elation.

"I still can't believe I'm a Prime. That's so wild!"

"It suits you," Bakugou says softly, steeping closer, crowding the alpha against the door.

"Yeah?" Kirishima is looking down, tongue coming out to wet his lips.

"Yeah. It's hot." Bakugou hopes his half-closed eyes and smirk look attractive. He has practiced that look a few times but it always made him feel a bit weird seeing himself like that. However, it's doing wonders on Kirishima.

Bakugou's giddy that he has that kind of effect on an Alpha Prime. And he didn't lie - Kirishima being a Prime does things to him. Very pleasant things. He didn't think it was possible, but Kirishima has just become even more of a catch than he already was.

He lifts himself on his toes for another kiss, this time wrapping his arms around Kirishima's neck. The kiss is more intense than the previous one, lips parting wider, pressing against each other harder.

Kirishima's hands feel solid on his waist, sliding slowly down the curve of his ass. Bakugou anticipates the squeeze. He was hoping for it after all. What he doesn't see coming is being lifted up with little to no effort. His legs wrap around Kirishima's waist on their own will.

And then Bakugou’s face to face with the alpha. So close that he can see exactly how much Kirishima's pupils have dilated. He loves the look. He loves that he put it there.

Maybe he starts purring then. Maybe it's when his neck is peppered with so many kisses and tiny nibbles that the skin getting red. Or when he's carried to bed and have every piece of clothing slowly removed from his body. Or when Kirishima removes his own clothes. Or when their naked bodies press together and fit like puzzle pieces. Or when Kirishima's hands leave his skin hot and tingling where they touch. Or when he's filled so well he knows that the next heat will be no problem with a mate like Kirishima.

Or it's when he falls asleep in his alpha's arms. It's hard to tell and he doesn't care.

The next day he's woken up with a kiss and he purrs again.