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Siblings are great (but a lot)

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The Justice League had been in the middle of a meeting, discussing a random country’s sudden hatred of them, when the zeta tube powered up.

Clark raised a hand to silence the others, his teammates immediately coming to attention. His furrowed brow softened and he turned to look at Bruce who automatically sighed. Then the door of the meeting room opened.


“Bruce? Oh shit.”

A young man dressed in civvies with a yellow domino mask and a backpack froze in the doorway.

“Shit. I’m so sorry, Batman. I didn’t know that you were in a meeting.”

“It’s fine, Signal,” Bruce stood and gestured towards the teen, who moved closer after a moment’s hesitation, “is something wrong?”

“No, I-“ he twisted his hands together, cast a look around the room, where the other League members were looking at him in interest, and leaned closer to Bruce, “I just needed a quiet place to work on some cases...and homework.” He blushed.

Bruce’s eyebrow twitched upwards, “Are the others too loud?”

“They’re great! Love them, but they’re-“

“A lot.”


As Signal relaxed at Bruce’s small smile, Clark spoke up.

“What about Red Robin’s apartment?”


The scoff of disbelief was immediate, Signal’s cheeks darkening when he realized who he had just scoffed at.

“Um, sorry...normal I would crash there, but Red’s gotten maybe 3 hours of sleep for the past 2 days, and was, to my knowledge, on his 10th cup of coffee today. He has a business proposal he’s working on. I kinda don’t want to deal with an addict.”

Bruce’s head had slowly lowered into his hand the more Signal spoke. Hal was trying very hard to keep a straight face.

“Signal," Bruce's voice was slightly muffled by the hand covering his face, "You can work in my room until the meeting is done. Then we’ll move to the monitor room and work on cases together.”

“Oh, Bruce, it’s fine you don’t have to-“

“I want to. Besides, I also need a break from your siblings now and then. This is a good excuse."

Bruce held Signal’s gaze until a smile broke across the teen’s face.

“O-ok. Thanks, B!”

“The room is down the hall. Second door on your right.”

Signal nodded, waved awkwardly to the rest of the League, and left the room.


Bruce turned back to his teammates. “Sorry about that. Back to business.”

“That was the cutest thing I’ve ever see-SHIT!”

Hal dropped out of his chair to avoid the Batarang that was thrown in his direction. Barry choked on his laughter.

“Like, I said. Back to business.” Clark bit his lip to keep himself from commenting on Bruce’s amused smile.