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Wait, are you flirting with me?

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“... and that’s how we ended up in this wonderful place!- Ahri finished telling her story with an elegant chuckle, oblivious to the demon's lack of participation in the conversation. There were far more important matters to pay attention to, a matter which was right in front of her.

The way Seraphine laughed at her little adventure with her demon friend brought a feeling of warmth to her chest, observing how she closed her eyes and let her pearly teeth show, forming a beautiful smile accompanied by a light blush.

For a moment, Ahri was stunned by the natural beauty Seraphine had. She inhaled sharply and her curious eyes started wandering around her chin, to glance at her cute button nose to finally land at those ocean eyes that were staring at her soul.

Her eyes widened a little when she noticed that she had been caught staring. The fox awkwardly chuckled as she directed her gaze to the floor, feeling her cheeks hot as she crossed her arms around her chest.

Ok, this is embarrassing.

Little did  the fox know, but the blue haired girl actually dedicated a little smile at her, letting them both be engulfed by a comfortable silence. 

Neither Seraphine nor Ahri saw it, but Evelynn, who had witnessed the whole scene, couldn't help but roll her eyes at how cheesy and sappy and cliche the whole thing was.


“So…” the gumiho heard Seraphine begin, her eyes still glued to the floor. “Are you buying anything else or you guys leaving?”

Ahri processed the words and then realized that it was her chance to escape the situation she was in. She had yet again failed at making her feelings show and now she was stuck in an awkward conversation with her crush, whom she had been trying to impress for the past 12 months.

How fun.

At this pace, she was not going to get the girl.

“Um, yeah” the fox answered, finally lifting her gaze but still avoiding those enchanting eyes. “Evelynn and I are really tired from all the shopping we’ve done” the fox began to explain nervously, noticing how clammy her hands were. She hadn't got to buy the shirt, but she didn't care at that moment. 

Bitch can't even conf-

Oh, no

She had been busy judging Ahri's so freaking cliche romantic situation that she hadn't thought about the sneaky fox would probably try to get away from Seraphine as soon as possible if her theory was correct.

She contemplated her options, sharp eyes analyzing the scene before her. 

She couldn't miss this unique opportunity. The diva was so close to discovering the truth behind the gumiho's more than usually weird behaviour (even though she had a certain idea what the reason was), that surrender right then was out of the equation.

Her mother didn't raise a quitter.

“We have been here since 11 a.m” the diva saw everything in slow motion as the fox's lips moved, uttering those words that would mean the end of her plan.

The clock was ticking and she was running out of time.

Think Eve, think

It was now or never. A matter of life and death.

“And it's almost dinner time” Ahri then added to make her pathetic excuse even more believable. Her eyes widened, noticing how the gumiho was slowly getting away from her grasp.

She couldn't let that happen, not after this eye opening revelation.

“So…” the fox prepared herself, ready to bid her goodbyes.

It was at that moment of pure tension that the demon had finally made a decision. One which would not only benefit her, but also the whole world.

A determined frown settled between Evelynn’s eyebrows, rolling up the right sleeve of her black leather jacket.

“So, see ya tomorrow Seraph-”

Not on my watch

Actually” a sultry voice interrupted the gumiho, making itself present. The diva finally inserted herself in the conversation. Both sky and ocean hues were looking at her expectantly. A small sly smirk tugged at the corner of her lip

She was not going to let the fox away. At least not yet.

Evelynn took one step to the front so that her back was facing Ahri’s form, as a way of ensuring that the fox wouldnt intervene with her plans. She then took another step to be right in front of Seraphine, completely catching her attention now that the fox was out of sight. 

You may be her favourite but I’m the coolest, bitch.

The diva smirked, knowing fully well that there was no way her plan was going to fail. 

And what a plan she had.

“I have just remembered that I have to buy one more dress” the diva finally said casually, knowing fully well it was an utter lie. She didn’t need a dress, she actually needed answers…

But what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them.

“Wait, what?” the fox intervened from behind her friend, blue eyes expressing nothing but surprise. They had literally spent the entire afternoon looking for the “perfect dress”. 

What other dress did Evelynn need?

“Well, yes. Of course” the diva stated, trying to look as innocent as possible. “You also said that you wanted to buy a new shirt, didn’t you?” she turned her head around to look at the gumiho, her characteristic smirk plastered on her face.

Ahri stared at her in confusion, blinking a few times. She was a little disoriented by the sudden proposal. 

What was Evelynn trying to do? 

“I mean yeah but-” Ahri shrugged, to then be interrupted again .

“And you little Sera” she cut her before she could say something that might ruin her plan “will join us, too” the diva stated, turning her head back to the youngest.

The youngest suddenly widened her eyes, taken by surprise as well.

“Since now you are part of K/DA, I would also want to know your opinion” she offered her a smile, knowing fully well the effect she had on people.

Sharp golden eyes noticed the way Seraphine's lips slowly parted until her mouth was agape in surprise. A really faint blush painted her cheeks, ocean eyes wide open glistening with excitement.

Cayó como mosca la gil. Gotcha

She knew the youngest wouldn't be able to resist.

Damn, who would anyway?

“Re-really?” the blue haired woman then stuttered, still in shock by Evelynn’s proposal.

It wasn’t everyday that the Evelynn not only wanted her to join her to buy a dress, but also to know her opinion? Like, she was asking a mere mortal’s point of view? A mortal whose opinion didn't even matter since Evelynn was perfect in every way?

Seraphine was on cloud nine. In fact, she pinched herself to check it wasn't a dream.

The diva saw the point of her ears pink as her eyes were still looking up to her with eagerness, like a child who was about to receive presents for christmas.

The demon patted her back mentally, congratulating herself for being the baddest of K/DA.

“Of course, Sera” she replied casually with a chic grin, her molten gold eyes becoming a darker shade of yellow, slit pupils dilated.  

Seraphine's smile widened even more, growing more and more exhilarated as the seconds passed. She couldn't believe that the baddest of K/DA wanted her help.

Even though it’s true that they had recorded a single together, Serpahine hadn't had time to grow close to every member of the band apart from Akali and Ahri. 

If she was being honest, the first time Ahri introduced her to Evelynn, she had been a little intimidated by her. The demon had this aura that basically screamed “badass, keep out” and imposed respect which made the blue haired woman really nervous. But as time went by and they began to chat casually about life after heavy recording sessions, she discovered that the diva was everything but what the media said she was. 

She discovered a kind, funny Evelynn who was very protective about her members and would murder anyone who dared to hurt them. Figuratively and literally.

Nevertheless, she still hadn't had the chance to get to know her better because of the diva’s busy agenda, so now was the perfect time to bond a bit. And if Evelynn was asking, who was she to say no?

“Absolutely!” Seraphine half-screamed with a smile that could light up a whole town, throwing her hands up in the air. 


Ahri gasped, shocked by the scene playing before her. Her mouth uttered some kind of noise which expressed nothing but shock.  

The fox was freezed on her spot. Everything was happening too fast for her brain to process it and she had been practically left out of the conversation.

Her blue eyes were wide open, her mouth agape, the feeling of betrayal spreading through her veins.

Her eyes darted to Seraphine, then to Evelynn and then back to Seraphine, still wide open as if she had seen a ghost.

And that was when the fox exploded.

HOW COULD SHE?!-she screamed pitfully in her head- AFTER EVERYTHING WE’VE BEEN THROUGH?!

The fox had not wanted to jump into conclusions, but the evidence was scattered right before her eyes. She had every reason to believe her theories.

She could already feel the tears of betrayal forming around her eyes. It had downed on her like a bucket of cold water.

Because all the clues pointed to something she never thought it was possible, the thought of it making her insides churn.

The way Seraphine had blushed when the demon laid that indecent proposal, the way her eyes had glowed when she looked at her, how she smiled so brightly when the demon showed her deepest and most treacherous desire

Her shoulders hunched a little bit. Ahri didn't want to admit it… but she had to, for her own good.

This definitely was on top number one of top ten anime betrayals.

The fox clenched her teeth, feeling all and nothing at the same time. 

My ex best friend is stealing my girl- the fox blinked once.

Evelynn is stealing my soon-to-be girl - she then frowned.

It seemed that there was no hope left for the fox, but then, something powerful ignited inside of her. Something that was just too hard for her to ignore.

She didn't know what it was, but a sudden burst of energy cursed through her whole body and the thought of losing Seraphine was just too much.

And off she was.

THAT THIRSTY BITCH IS STEALING MY SERAPHINE!- the fox growled under her breath, feeling electricity coursing through her veins.

Ahri was seeing red at that moment. She was pretty sure that she would transform into a titan at any time.

“I’m glad you accepted Sera” she heard the mistress of seduction say, of course trying to get away with the blue haired woman to the dark paths of temptation.

But that was not all. The seductress even dared to do something that Ahri was sure crossed the line.

The demon dared to lay her filthy claws on the small of Seraphine’s delicate back, like the villain she was, trying to steal the princess away. Ahri being the defeated knight who only pathetically watched as it happened. Seraphine slowly slipping through her fingers like sand.

The fox felt her blood boil, her knuckles white from the force of clenching her hands as her eyes bore holes into the villain's skull.


Evelynn was sure that Ahri was throwing daggers towards her way by then, a wicked smile forming around her mouth.

She had noticed how Ahri’s aura had erratically shifted from stable and bright to completely distorted, shades of black, grey and red dominating the whole spectrum. 

Because, what better way to confirm that Foxy has a crush on Sera than to make the fox jealous?

To spice things up even more, the diva slowly cradled her hand around Seraphine’s back until she got her arm circling around her tiny waist, pulling her smoothly to her side as she slowly guided her away from the gumiho.

She was pretty sure that the fox was releasing steam from her ears right then. That made her smile wide even more.

Sometimes my genius is… it’s almost frightening.

While all of this happened, Seraphine may have looked calm on the outside, maybe a blushing mess, but she was screeching inside.

Oh my Bao Evelynn is touching me! She is touching me! OH MY GOD I CAN EVEN SMELL HER PERFUME!

Totally not fangirling.

Meanwhile, Ahri was fully prepared to straight-up murder the diva.


A frown settled between her eyebrows before Ahri decided to put an end to the demon’s terrorific reign.

Totally not jealous. Nope.

Decisive steps were taken towards their way, the sound of her heels against the marble of the floor making it even a more epic dramatic entrance.

Evelynn was trying so hard to contain a laugh.


Once she was at arms lengths, she decided to take action. Ahri looked like an angry wolf, ready to strike its prey. 

She positioned herself between the two women, grabbing the divas shoulder with a vice grip and then pulling her away from Seraphine until she no longer had her FILTHY HAND wrapped around her delicate waist. Simultaneously, with her free arm, she wrapped it around Seraphine’s shoulder and pulled her in, as if protecting her from the demon’s evil claws.

Sky blue eyes made contact with golden ones. One pair screamed bloody murder while the other pair irradiated amusement.

The fox, in her best attempt to assert dominance, dedicated a frivolous stare to the demon, narrowing her eyes to look more intimidating.

Evelynn was trying so hard to contain the laugh that had been threatening to burst for the past ten minutes. The fox had done everything she had hoped so, and unconsciously confirmed her theory.

Ahri the dumb fox had a huge fat crush on her good friend Seraphine.

Interesting~ the diva thought.

Meanwhile, Seraphine was a blushing mess. The way Ahri had wrapped her arm around her shoulder and then pulled her close to her chest had flustered the young pop-star. In an act of pure instinct, she subtly sniffed the fox’s impeccable white shirt, her signature perfume, Charmed, present in the air. 

She couldn't help but blush a little.


“What’s wrong, Foxy?” the demon asked with an innocent tone, offering her a cheeky smile as if to mock her. Golden eyes scanned Ahri’s form, looking at how she was acting all defensive. She had never known that Foxy could be so jealous .

The fox only stared at her, unconsciously tightening her embrace with Seraphine.

“Well, you see” she then replied loudly, oblivious of Seraphine’s breath right against her neck. She was too focused on not letting the mistress of seduction win. A staring fight began between the two, none of them willing to lose.

At this point, Seraphine lost track of the conversation between Evelynn and Ahri. Her brain was clouded, filled with nothing but Ahri

She was pretty sure that she looked like a tomato by then. 

But how could she not when the fox pulled her even closer so now her face was literally right against her neck? Seraphine was on cloud nine.

She was so close to her that she could now smell Ahri’s natural fragrance, which reminded her of a forest filled with blooming flowers and pine trees.

Her mind was doing short-cuts non-stop. All she could think was Ahri, Ahri, Ahri, Ahri .


The fox puffed out her chest, straightening her back to look taller. She had noticed how the demon was trying to push her buttons, but after years of being mocked, she had learnt how to control her anger. 

Evelynn only offered her signature smirk, which happened to also convey nothing but pure amusement, as usual.

In other circumstances, the sneer wouldn't have affected her since she was used to it. But now that the demon had threatened her love life, she only wanted to wipe that smirk off her face.

Her eyebrows were knitted together, her eyes staring coldly at the demon’s form.

She was not going to let Evelynn win this fight. Not even over her dead body.

“I…!” she began her great speech with courage, making her voice heard to both the mistress and Seraphine. She had to make herself sound and look imposing if she wanted to win this fight, a fight so epic that it would be passed on for generations.

Ahri smirked when she saw that Evelynn was no longer smiling. In fact, she looked dead-serious.That made her chest be filled with bravery. She had succeeded in intimidating the demon. 

The only thing left was for her to surrender. That was her only way out.

But then the unexpected happened.

“You what, Ahri?” a simple question was asked by Evelynn, sounding actually curious. 

Our hero blinked once, then twice. Her mind going blank.

Now that she thought about it, she what?

I… I what?

That was the moment she knew, she had fucked up. The fox only wanted the Earth to swallow her.

She had claimed victory too soon. She hadn't been expecting for the mistress of seduction to have a trick up her sleeve.

What she had intended when she had separated Evelynn from Seraphine? What was her purpose when she wrapped her arm around Seraphine and put a distance between her?

It was painfully obvious. She had just been jealous. Nothing more and nothing less.

But she couldn't  just say that in front of Seraphine. That would be too dangerous and would probably cost her their friendship that she cared so much about.

Fuck - the fox thought as she stared at Evelynn’s golden orbs, already looking for an excuse to save her sorry ass.

“I..uh” she pathetically faltered midway, noticing how that infuriating smirk was reappearing on the diva’s features. Damn, the bitch had known all along.

The demon then looked at her wrist to check the time as a way to show Ahri that she was taking too long to form a reply to a question so simple. The heel of her left feet tapping against the marble floor, the sound reminding her of a clock.

Ah, fuck

She felt a drop of sweat dripping down her back. Her eyes wandered to Evelynn and then at the space in front of her, not knowing how to proceed.

But just when the fox thought she had no hope left, a lightbulb turned on.

A perfect excuse suddenly made its way through the fox’s brain, one which she knew Evelynn would have no arguments against.

The thought made Ahri smirk this turn, dedicating a mocking stare at the demon’s form.

You thought you could beat me, succuhoe?

“Actually…” she began, the same way Evelynn had done not a few minutes ago. The demon seemed to notice this since she lifted an elegant eyebrow, as if challenging her.

Ahri kept her face stoic. All of a sudden she was a little bit hot, feeling a certain something against her neck. But there was no time to dwell on irrelevant things, she had to win this fight.

Unbeknown to her, the very thing that was blowing against her neck was nothing more and nothing less than Seraphine’s breath. By now, her body was basically pressed against the fox’s torso while her face was stuck on her neck. 

At this point, Seraphine was sure all her blood went to her cheeks from how warm she felt her face was. She couldn’t breathe that well, but she didn't dare to move because her legs were literally jelly, the only thing supporting her being Ahri’s body. 

Quick successive breaths were blowing against that porcelain neck that now that she had stared for God knows how long, it had become quite... tempting.

Her sky blue eyes fixated on the soft flesh of the fox’s neck, feeling a sudden urge to just get a little closer and press her lips on that beautiful…

Hold up

Her eyes widened a little, feeling another powerful blush creeping up her cheeks.

Seraphine, what the fuck are you thinking?!

“...I also want to buy a dress” the fox finally stated, a confident smirk on her face, still not realising that Seraphine was literally pressed against hair.

Evelynn wondered how long it would take her to realise the current position she was in. Knowing the fox, there were three options available: 1 She wouldn't realise, 2 She would realise in about 15 minutes, and last but not least 3 She would realise at 12 am when she’s about to fall asleep.

Why do I have a feeling it will be the last one…tsk tsk tsk.

But then it hit her.


Shooing those thoughts away for later, the demon returned to reality and looked at the fox, processing her words carefully. She lifted both of her eyebrows, her serious facade falling down for a second.

Did she really fall for it? Evelynn asked herself, surprised of how Ahri had literally walked into the lion’s den.

Then she looked at the way Ahri was staring at her, all challenging and superior that she knew the fox had fallen for it.

Evelynn wanted to laugh, not believing how easily she had fallen into her trap.

The demon was a little bit surprised but she was not going to let up this incredible opportunity to just go away. Of course not, in fact, she was gonna take all the advantage she could.

She had a lot in store for the gumiho.

The mere thought of it made her smirk widely.

“If that’s the case...” the demon replied, looking down at the floor, as if she was defeated. 

Ahri smiled, the feeling of good old victory swelling on her chest. She had finally defeated the demon.

Now surrender

“...then let me help you pick one~” 


Then she noticed how the little shit was smiling as if she had won the lottery, golden iris dripping with amusement.

You have to be fucking kidding m-

I can help you as well if you want” Ahri suddenly felt something soft against her neck, which sent a quiver down her spine. 

What the- the fox stiffened her stance.

Slowly, her eyes darted downwards, only to find a radiant blue mane burieds against her nape. 

A furious blush made it to her cheeks when her brain put  two plus two together and realised that:

1 That mane belonged to Seraphine. 

2 The things that had been itching her necks were probably Seraphine’s lips

3 How close they were right then.

The fox blushed even more, her face matching Evelynn’s red purse.


She just wanted the Earth to swallow her.

AHRI DO SOMETHING! Her brain shouted.

Ahri quickly unwrapped her arms off Seraphine’s shoulders and then grabbed them to gently  push her away from her form so that they were at a considerable, healthy distance. 

Ahri then took a look at Seraphine, just to check if she was okay, of course.

The young woman’s face was red as a tomato (probably for the lack of oxygen, Ahri deduced), and her wavy hair was a little bit disheveled, but nothing that a few strokes couldn't fix.

Nevertheless, she was still as gorgeous as ever, to the fox’s eyes, and her lips were still as pink and kissable-

Go to horny jail! A voice in her head yelled, clearly disappointed.

The fox harshly shook her head, erasing those thoughts as she quickly released the grip on the other girl’s shoulders as if she had been burnt.

Evelynn could only chuckle as she witnessed the scene before her, not of amusement, but of pity.

She then decided to have mercy on the fox and release her from her torment.

Ahri looked so red that the demon feared she was about to faint.

“Sera will be the judge” she then uttered, catching their attention. One was staring at her with sheer panic as the other was smiling.

Why is she smiling? Evelynn wondered for a second.

Ah, she was probably intoxicated with Ahri’s cheap perfume.

Evelynn chuckled to herself internally.

“Yeah! I promise I will be a good judge!” Seraphine suddenly cheered, her arms up in the air.

She sure looked as if she had no clue about what had been going on.

“Let’s go then” Evelynn stated, walking towards Seraphine’s form, wrapping her left arm around her shoulders just to annoy the gumiho.

Ahri saw how they were about to walk away, yet again trying to steal Seraphine away from her.


The diva didn't manage to take a step when she suddenly heard the most pathetic excuse she had ever heard in her entire life.

“Guys, I’m cold” Ahri said with her arms crossed, rubbing her arms as if she was trying to warm herself.

Evelynn cringed inside, feeling second hand embarrassment. That day was just a little bit windy, there were heaters scattered everywhere around the mall and everyone was wearing short sleeved t-shirts.

If her sunglasses lived, they would probably be crooked.

The demon looked at the hopeless romantic with lifted eyebrows as if saying “seriously?”

The gumiho responded her not with words, but with tow lifted eyebrows as if saying “try me bitch”

“Well, warm hugs for everyone!” the youngest among them cheerfully chanted, giving both Ahri and Evelynn a side hug.

Just for a moment, Evelynn’s facade dropped down, just realising how kind the youngest was.

Would Ahri be good for her? She seriously wondered, her eyebrows knitted in worry and doubt. Because although she is a kind hearted fox, she could be a little hard to handle sometimes, especially when she turns into a mutt out of nowhere and runs around the house for three hours and what if she hurts her? Seraphine would probably… she kept thinking about that as she gave Seraphine an unconscious pat on her head, realising how caring the girl actually was.


Ahri felt her blood boil, not believing how Evelynn just wouldn't give up annoying her.

In an act of desperation, she gave Seraphine a quick, short feather-like peck on the top of her head, just to let Evelynn know that she was not going to give up that easily.

Not that she had dreamt of doing that for weeks. Nope, not at all.

The fox then looked at the front as if nothing had happened and proceeded to scream in her head.


Seraphine looked calm on the outside, but on the inside she was fangirling so hard that she could almost cry.



Evelynn just couldn't believe Ahri had actually done that.

She slowly blinked twice and shook her head lightly.

I don’t know if that was utterly smooth or straight up stupid.

After an epic 10 minute long boss battle and an internal monologue, the trio finally proceeded to walk to the shop.

Evelynn thought it was finally over, but then she noticed something from the corner of her eye, hovering in the air behind Seraphine’s back.

The demon turned her head a little, only to find Ahri’s magnificent middle finger up, obviously directed at her.

Is this a joke.

Not being one easy to let up, the diva moved one of her lashers and poked the fox’s ass with the pointy end of it.

That earned her a squeak from Ahri, making her smirk.

“Are you okay, Ahri?” Seraphine innocently asked, having felt the fox’s form flinch a little.

“Worry not, it was just a shiver” she answered nonchalantly, disimulatiingly cristalyzing her tail.

The demon suddenly felt a sharp pain on her butt, making her almost release a yelp but controlling herself at the last second.

Two can play this game.

That’s how Evelynn commanded all her lashers and Ahri fanned out her nine tails, an epic battle taking place behind Seraphine’s back.

The blue haired woman felt a light breeze hitting her lower back, giving her goosebumps.

“It is indeed cold, Ahri”.

“Told you Sera”. She answered as five of her tails stopped three lashers from hitting her butt and the other three attempted to smack the diva’s.

“Yeah, better bring a jacket next time” the diva mentioned as her remaining poked Ahri’s side.

“For real, I just felt a cold breeze behind me” Seraphine commented offhandedly.

Both demon and fox widened their eyes, lashers and tails hanging still in the air, not daring to make a move that would give them away.

Ahri frantically tried to come up with an excuse, as she did all in her power not move her tail that was about to graze Seraphine’s back in an attempt to hit the diva’s left cheek.

“Uh…” the fox trailed, her eyes madly darting around the mall.

“Someone must have left a window open” replied Evelynn without missing a beat; looking around dramatically for the offending —non-existent— object.

“YES!” the gumiho screeched, startling the girls and gaining the attention of a few passersby.

Evelynn cringed, Seraphine winced and Ahri cleared her throat.

“I mean, yes, that's probably it” added Ahri quickly with an awkward smile.

Seraphine nodded her head, seemingly convinced by that, and they carried on to their destination.

That was close, thought both mythical beings.

However, after a few seconds of walking in silence, the rising star’s mind did a double take as it made a curious observation that left her wondering if she was missing something.

There are no windows in this place...