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Wait, are you flirting with me?

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Ahri hadn't been able to visit the boutique for the last few weeks because of the hectic schedule K/DA had to face after the release of their EP. And even though they were already done with the concerts, which they all enjoyed, there were still a lot of things left to do: promotions, fan signs, interviews, more promotions, among others.

And the fox, being the leader of the girl group was of course the busiest of them all. That was not something that bothered her. She knew the responsibility that she would carry when they voted for who would be the leader. But that didn't mean she didn't get a little tired sometimes. However, that was nothing that she or the other members couldn't deal with.

Before the release of MORE, there had been a lot of preparations that needed to be done so that the video and the EP would have a smooth sail. And all of them worked so hard for it.

The design of the outfits, the meetings, the collaborations, the choreography, the rehearsals, the recording process of the songs, the filming of the video, and a fucking ton of paperwork that had waited for her every moring.

And last but not least, there was Seraphine, K/DA’s latest addition.

Ahri didn't mind so much. In fact, she didn't mind at all

Everybody seemed to have liked the blue haired woman right away, and maybe she liked her a bit too much. The fox didn't know what it was, but every time she saw the younger woman, she would feel all giddy and her heart would start to beat as if she were racing against Usain Bolt.

You know what, scratch that. She did know the reason why she had been feeling like a high school girl who had a crush on one of her friends.

After a torturous month and two weeks of denial, Ahri came to terms with the fact that she had fallen for Seraphine.


She still remembered when Akali showed her for the first time a video of Seraphine doing a cover of their biggest (and only xD) hit at that moment, Popstars.

Ahri had a gift of some sort that allowed her to recognise potential when she saw one, and when she watched Seraphine with her former pink hair that looked like cotton candy, singing with her smooth honey-like voice through the tiny screen of Akali’s phone, she knew that the young singer not only had potential, but she also had talent. She would even say that she performed the song better than them.

After that, the gumiho only asked the rapper for a link, left a like and saved the video in one of her private playlists. 

Then, two years flew by and a comeback was already being prepared. 

Actually, the comeback had been in its preparation stage a year after Popstars, but the idea of adding Seraphine into the equation had been a last moment decision.

But oh boy, what a nice addition.

The whole K/DA team were gathered together in the studio discussing how to ensure that MORE would be their next big hit when Yasuo suggested doing a collaboration. This idea appealed to all of them and many important and established names in the music industry  had been thrown.

But when Akali mentioned this rising music genius who was gathering a lot of attention at that moment, the majority of her fellows seemed to like the idea, already looking for a way to contact her.

Some members of the team had been skeptical of Seraphine’s abilities, but then the rapper showed them just one, one video of her covering a random song they didn't even know the name of, and they were sold.

It seemed that the blue haired woman could easily charm her way to anywhere she wanted to.

Just how she charmed her way to the gumiho’s heart.

She could recall the first time she met her. If you asked the leader of K/DA, at first sight  she thought that she was just a cute 20 year old woman who happened to be an awesome singer and songwriter. A perfect fresh face for K/DA’s comeback.

Nothing more, nothing less.

However, if you asked Ahri about her, she would say that the first time she met her, she was completely blown away by the younger.

The fox had decided to contact her personally so that they could arrange a time and place they could meet up.

Don’t ask her how she got her number, she won't tell.

The place chosen to be their meeting spot was one cozy coffee shop where the young artist worked as a part time waitress.

The original plan was to go there with the rest of the members to discuss business, but after careful thinking, she opted for going alone since she knew that the rising young artist might be a little intimidated if all of them were together.

And she knew how Evelynn tended to be extra extra on first meetings, so she headed there alone.

When she sat on one of the tables near the window, waiting for her to finish her shift,  she thought that she was waiting for just a talented teenage girl who had many dreams and aspirations.

She didn't expect to find a gorgeous looking, youthful woman to approach the table where she was sitting with quick steps, a smile so bright that it could easily compete with the sun and delicate features irradiating warmth accompanied by a pair of blue hues that reminded her of the ocean.

The fox had been lost for words.

She only realised the beautiful woman was Seraphine when she introduced herself, feeling how soft her skin was as she shook her hand eagerly.

She wasn't able to form a coherent sentence until she let go of her hand, leaving electric trails where her ivory skin had made contact with her own.

For the whole meeting, she didn't know how she managed to keep a straight face when she was screaming inside, but she did. They talked about the collaboration, and Ahri asked a few questions here and there to keep things professional.

Little did Seraphine know that Ahri had been totally swept off by her, her sensitive ears enjoying every word the rising artist had spoken with her velvety voice which seemed to put the fox in a trance she didn't want to get out.

She had been completely enraptured by her, noticing how mature she was despite her young age, and how humble and sweet and kind she was and how she wanted nothing but the best for everybody.

The gumiho didn't think twice when she gave her the thumbs up.

Then, the rest of the members met her, they finally recorded MORE, which turned out amazing, and they eventually began to hang out with her and include her in their daily activities.

Akali took her under her wing and became great friends with her, Kai’sa became her meditation partner and Evelynn visited her apartment at least once a week to invite her for some afternoon tea and spend time with Bao, Seraphine’s cat. 

And Ahri? Well, she just kept falling more and more for her. 

In that short period of time, she learned more about Seraphine, and the younger found out more about her.

She was proud to say she was Seraphine’s favourite.

They would drink some coffee when the younger was not so busy dealing with customers, or she would invite her over and talk about anything and everything, watch a movie or chat with the rest of the girls, the fox panicking every time the younger touched her even though she knew it was just a casual contact.

That’s how the gumiho’s infatuation began to bloom into something more serious.

The mere thought of her would make a dumb smile appear, plastered across her face. She was running out of explanations when the other members asked her why she would smile like a fool out of nowhere. In fact, it was a miracle that none of the girls realised about her utter crush on her.

Long story short, she had missed the boutique and she was whipped for Seraphine.

“Aha!” Ahri exclaimed when she found the white blouse she had seen online, snatching it out of the VIP clothes hanger. She carefully eyed the piece of cloth, her eyes tracing every detail it had from the neck to the hem. Her thumb stroked the silky fabric, feeling how soft it was to the touch.

An hour had passed since they arrived at Luis Vuchi , and the gumiho finally found the damn blouse she had seen on the website. Evelynn asked her why didnt she just asked the staff, but the fox anwered something about ‘losing the thrill of the hunt’ or something stupid like that.

The fox’s brain worked in a peculiar manner, Evelynn thought.

“Did you find it?” the demon asked just for the sake of asking without actually being curious. She was just glad the fox had finally laid her hands on the freaking garment which kept her bound from finally leaving and going to a fancy restaurant to have dinner with her bestie. 

It was kind of a ritual they made after they graduated from high school. Only that they used to go to the nearest food truck back then.

“Yes!” Ahri squealed, her blue hues wide open with utter glee. 

“And what is so special about this blouse?” Evelynn asked, remembering how the fox had commented to her about it a few days ago, saying that it was a limited edition.

“Well!” the fox began, eyes burning with passion “this garment you see over here was made by Luis Vuchi himself, made with the finest fabrics you can find in the entire world, hence the price. Only five hundred of these are being sold in only th-” aaaand Evelynn stopped listening.

It wasn't that she was not interested in what the fox was saying. Not at all.

She just didn't give a single shit.

While Ahri was talking her ear off, the demon began to look at the people scattered around the shop out of pure boredom. After all, there would be at least 10 minutes until the fox noticed her lack of enthusiasm over the topic and chided her for being a bad friend, so she needed to kill some time.

She took off her posh sunglasses, golden slits scanning the area thoroughly, not missing any of the customers.

There was a man with his daughter at the sweaters section, the father looking at a tiny blue sweater hanging from his hand  before putting it over the little girl’s torso as if to check if it suited her or not.


Then she could make out what seemed to be a young couple at the jeans sections, looking all lovey dovey, the young man caressing the others low back while the woman gave him a quick peck on the cheek, eyes full with devotion.


Far from her position, the succubus spotted a dot of bright blue which was sticking out like a sore thumb. If she squinted, she could hardly see the left profile of a petite girl standing on her two feet, not moving an inch from her spot. She was just standing there like a statue.

A grimace formed around her lips, perfect eyebrows scrunched in bemusement.

Who in their right mind would dye their hair in a blue so gummy? 


Not giving it much thought, she moved on to her next poor form of entertainment.

There was a granny at the shoes section, holding a pair of really high heels, which was weird considering her age and by the look of the shoes she couldn't bear in her mind how on earth would the old woman manage to actually walk on those uncomfortable sho-

Wait a minute.

She only knew one person who had actually dyed her hair in that outstandish colour. And perhaps the only one she knew.

The demon sharply turned her head away from the daring grandma to go back to the blue stain, her neck almost snapping from the force. 

Luckily for her, the petite girl hadn't moved from where she had last seen her.

The demon squinted her eyes again, this time completely focused on discerning the girl’s face. She sharpened her gaze even more, her slits dilating until she looked as a viper ready to strike.

After a few seconds of carefully studying the specimen, she was able to confirm her initial suspicions. Standing there in basically the middle of the place, there was none other than K/DA’s rookie and good friend, precious owner of her favourite cat, no one else than the rising star Seraphine.

Evelynn was about to wave at her, but then something caught her attention.

The blue hair woman still hadn't moved an inch, seemingly glued to her spot, a stupefied expression plastered on her pretty face. Wide blue eyes were staring in awe at something in front of her, her head angled at 45 degrees up. There was a slight tint of red painting her cheeks, mouth a little agape, forming a smile that irradiated nothing but pure admiration and a little bit of fascination. She looked as if she was beholding a real work of art.

Curious of the woman’s astonishment, Evelynn followed her line of sight.

However, nothing prepared her to see the reason behind Sera’s dumb expression.

The thing that had the blue haired woman ultimately stupefied had been a big ass, overly extra poster, standing tall and proud, that reached to the fucking ceiling. A poster of nobody else but Luis Guchi’s favourite model, the queen herself, Ahri , wearing an off shoulder side slit,  elegant looking black dress that highlighted her visible clavicles, and exposed one of the fox’s long legs. The shoot had been taken as if she was walking towards the camera, her deep blue eyes making direct eye contact with it, accompanied by a cocky mischievous smirk that screamed nothing but ‘your daughter calls me daddy too’. 

You’ve got to be kidding me. Evelynn thought to herself, mentally shaking her head in disapproval.

The cherry on top was that Seraphine, with her mouth still agape and the same foolish grin, grabbed her phone out of her jean’s pocket and proceeded to take a picture.

A freaking picture.

The worst part was that she decided by herself, by no means forced to take a picture of the biggest idiot in the world, her good friend Foxy.

Did Ahri brainwash her? She decided that she should definitetely ask the fox some questions later, about what the fuck she did when she hung out with the rising star, worried that she had done some crazy macumba to her poor little Sera.

Tsk tsk.

“and that’s why this bad girl over here is pricele-, are you even listening to me?” the fox inquired out loud, an irritated frown at her friend's lack of attention. They had talked about this before, but the demon still wouldn’t budge.

She had to listen to all the boring cheesy, rainbow puke that was her relationship with Akali and give her a shoulder to cry... No, scratch that: snarl on, but when she was putting her heart and her soul on a beautiful description of something she was passionate about, Evelynn wouldn't even bat an eye. 

No fair!

Remember how she always hugs you when you're down?’ a little voice asked softly from the back of her mind.

I mean, yeah bu-

And when she took care of you when you were sick?

Anybody would have done tha-

‘And how she listened when you told her about your issues and, and she helped you out in every way possible?’ 

Ok, fair.

“If I’m being honest” the demon started, nonchalant tone, her eyes fixated to the front “I only listened to the first part, but I’m sure it was interesting” she said, trying to salvage the situation.

Not that it needed any salvaging, mind you. 

“But, look who I’ve found” she gestured towards the front, a small grin on her face.

Ahri curled an eyebrow in curiosity, slowly turning her head to the front to search for any familiar face.

A young couple trying on some matching scarfs, a little girl running around the store with someone who Ahri supposed was her father following her as he tried to get her to stop, an elder woman putting on a pair of… high heeled shoes? 


Nonetheless, no familiar face at sight.

“I don’t see anybody” she whispered after a couple seconds, blue eyes squinting.

The fox suddenly felt a pair of claws gently grabbing her chin to move it a little to the right. And that’s when she saw her .

The prettiest face she had seen in her entire life, the most beautiful woman in the world, so gorgeous that even Aphrodite would be envious. She already felt a smile tugging at her lips.

“Oh yeah, that’s the latest photoshoot I’ve done with Luis.” she smugly commented, brushing the nonexistent dust that was on her shoulder as if to say I’m so cool.

“I look sexy there, don't you think?” the fox crossed her arms, admiring the giant poster. She had been practising that killer smirk for weeks until she got it right, and the dress chosen specifically for her , had suited her like a glove. 

Meanwhile, Evelynn was asking herself why she was still friends with an arrogant imbecile. An irritated scowl appeared between her perfect eyebrows, releasing a loud sigh filled with utter disbelief. She couldn't believe the fox could be so dense at times.

“Not you, dumbass” she spat, her brain still processing how she could have missed a literal stain of bright blue. Seraphine was literally standing right there, but no, Ahri had to spot her own poster first.

The gumiho merely frowned in confusion, glancing at the diva to then look back at the front.

She scanned the area one more time, but still nothing. Just the same random people and her magnificent poster. Was Evelynn pulling her leg? She was genuinely curious now.

“If not me, then wh-” the gumiho freezed on her spot,  her blue eyes were suddenly wide open with her mouth a little agape as her fox ears slowly turned backwards until they were right against her scalp. Time had suddenly stopped and it felt as if everything around her had blurred except for a particular young woman. One that made her heart beat along her music and blush whenever she thought of her.

That was when Ahri saw her . The woman that had been living in her mind 24/7 rent free. The one that had to be tired for constantly spinning around her head.

That was the moment she finally spotted Seraphine .

She was just standing there, looking illegally gorgeous with those ripped blue jeans and that patterned white blouse that exposed both of her delicate shoulders, with her soft-looking blue hair tied into a high ponytail that looked so freaking cute on her.

And the fox didn't miss how she was looking at her poster.

Her poster.

Seraphine was looking at her poster!

Oh my god! Seraphine is looking at my poster, she is looking at it! Does she think I look good on it? Does she like it? She is smiling now! She’s smiling at my poster! And she looks so pretty right now! Are my clothes too old fashioned? Did I spill hot sauce in my blouse? Is she actually smiling at my poster? Do I have a chance with her?! Is she out of my league?! WILL I EVER HOLD HANDS WITH HER?!

Her chirpy cheesy thoughts contrasted with how she actually looked like on the outside.

Evelynn wondered what on Earth made her best friend look like she had seen herself in the mirror after a terrible hangover. In her head, it was just Seraphine, but Ahri’s reaction had been so... panicked? 

She thought that they hung out together…

Not thinking too much about it, she shrugged it off. Ahri could be extra at times anyway.

“Hey, Sera! Over here!” the demon yelled at her, waving her over elegantly with a clawed hand.

She expected the fox to have snapped out of her reverie when she called Seraphine over, but to her chagrin, the fox was still standing like a statue, her mouth still agape and her eyes still wide opened like plates.

What was wrong with her?

“Um, Ahri” she called for her, looking how the fox seemed immersed in her own world “She’s coming over, so, you might want to pull yourself together” she discreetly chided her friend for her out of place behaviour. The succubus didn't want Seraphine to think Ahri didn't like her or that she was unwelcome. Little did Evelynn know that Ahri actually liked her way too much .

But then the fox released a strangled sound coming from her throat, and that’s when the demon worried that the fox was actually resetting in the middle of a public place.

However, it was not Ahri’s fault. The thing is that she had tried to form a coherent answer, even a simple ‘Okay’ would have been fine, but her tongue was just not working. Seraphine had literally left her speechless.

The power Seraphine possessed over her almost scared her. She was glad the blue haired woman didn't know that she was the gumiho’s kryptonite.


“Listen here you little shit, don't you fucking dare to turn into a fox right now. I will skin you myself and use your fur to make a nice purse if you do because I don’t wanna deal with the stupid press and you might hurt yourself, like the last time you..” the demon began to threat the fox discreetly as she saw how the rising star was getting closer with every step she took.

Ahri screeched out of nowhere, startling the demon. 

For real, what the hell is wrong with her? the succubus wondered with a frown as she examined her companion. Did she forget to take her meds or something?

Oh my fox she’s getting closer, oh my fox she’s getting closer! Did I put on perfume? Ok, calm dow- she’s in front of me.

“Hello guys! How are you doing?” Seraphine cheerfully greeted them with a wide beam, her kind blue eyes making Ahri feel like home. There was this glow that seemed to surround her form, making it look as if she was an angel. And perhaps she was, since her beauty always left her breathless.

Damn, it should be illegal to be this pretty , the fox thought as she ogled at the younger woman, her mouth about to catch flies at any second.

Meanwhile, Evelynn was thinking about how to fix the gumiho without having to slap her and Seraphine was just super excited to have bumped into her idols.

“Hey Seraphine! What brings you around here?” the demon smiled, carefully elbowing the fox without the young woman noticing. She had to distract her from the mess Ahri currently was. Luckily for her, the blue haired woman didn't notice or prefered to ignore Ahri’s stupid expression.

That seemed to do the trick, since the fox quickly shook her head, snapping out of her reverie and finally coming down to Earth.

She blinked a few times, getting out of her initial shock. Her eyes made contact with expectant blue ones, and Ahri knew she had to make a move. How was she going to get the girl if she didn't even greet her in the first place? She was far more charming than that, so she had to act all cool around her. Or at least, that’s what Akali told her when she asked how she managed to date Evelynn.

“Hello Seraphine!” she abruptly blurted, her voice one octave higher while a foolish smile settled itself on her face.

Evelynn cringed at the sight, and Ahri slapped herself in her head. That had been way too chirpy and needy than she had expected.

C’mon Ahri, you’re better than that. You are Ahri fucking Foxy. The legit Queen. YOU are the one who makes ‘em blush.

“I mean-” the fox awkwardly cleared her throat, closing her eyes in concentration and a splash of embarrassment “hello Seraphine~” the gumiho greeted with a deeper, sultry voice that Ahri made sure it sounded sinfully hot. She slowly revealed her dark blue hues, fluttering her long lashes with lidded eyes as she lifted an elegant eyebrow. Her signature killer smirk replaced the previous goofy smile and a hand moved to rest at the fox’s side, her demeanor all calm and collected, confident . Ready to kill.

Or that was how she looked from the front.

Much better

The diva grimaced with her eyebrows hunched, wondering why her foxy friend was making the irresistible (vomit-inducing) face now of all times.

A blush spread across Seraphine’s pretty face, painting her cheeks in a light shade of red as she looked down at the floor, pulling a blue lock behind her right ear.

“He-hi Ahri! What are you guys doing here?” 

Ahri didn't fail to notice the way Seraphine stuttered. She patted her own back mentally, satisfied with the result.

Nailed it

Evelynn opened her mouth to reply, but the reply never came, as something at the corner of her eyes caught her attention. Something that was quickly moving.

“Oh, you know” Ahri coolly said, moving her blonde hair away from her eyes in an attempt to fluster the woman in front of her, the source of her sudden courage unknown “We decided to come here since Evelynn kept me hostage for five hours sitting on a stool…” the fox began to explain, making sure to stay calm and make herself look dashing, fluttering her eyelashes every now and then.

And she really looked calm and confident and charming .

But from behind, the demon noticed that it was a whole different story.

And she would have joined the conversation, but she couldn't understand what her eyes were seeing, a confused frown settling between her sharp eyebrows.

While Ahri was acting all cool on the front, the back view was a bit out of place . The fox’s annoying tail was erratically wagging in excitement, once again hitting the side of her right leg but with more force than before.

If she was being honest, the sight was nothing rare or weird. She would always do that when she was really excited for something, so what was so confusing about it?

Her gaze stayed fixed at the current source of itchiness, thinking of reasons behind the mysterious wagging.

The thing that irked the diva was that Ahri was frantically wagging her tail out of the blue. There was nothing nor no one to make her thrilled. 

So why was she wagging her tail? What was Ahri so thrilled about? What was the reason behind-

And then a lightbulb went on. A lightbulb she wished it had never had turned on.

No way.

She stared at the fox’s tail, at her stupid face and then at Seraphine with golden wide opened eyes.

There’s no fucking way.

She noticed how Ahri's eyes were sort of glowing with warmth, how her ears were all perked up, the almost unnoticeable curve of a smile full of something dangerously close to what Evelynn suspected was affection in a not so sisterly way and of course the over excited infuriating tail.

Oh my lord, there is a way.

Could it really be? the demon mused to herself, perking her sunglasses down to observe the current specimen better, analyzing every action and reaction that the gumiho provided.

Was she just seeing things? Was Ahri just looking at Seraphine in a friendly way or there was something more to it?

She checked the time on the silver watch on her wrist. 6:55 p.m , it read. 

The diva analized her options carefully as she pouted. There was about one hour left for dinner, and she was a bit hungry. But she could make an exception for that day. After all, there was an interesting riddle waiting to be solved. And oh, how she loved riddles. Especially those which involved her good friend Foxy.

She slipped her phone in the back pockets of her jeans, a wicked smile tugging at her luscious lips.

She didn't need dinner, she needed answers.

And she was going to get them.