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Wait, are you flirting with me?

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“Isn’t she too young for you?”

Her ears perked down accompanied by an annoyed grunt at that.

“Excuse me? First of all, rude. Second, look who's talking? And third, are you telling me that I´m old?” She huffed, taking the binoculars off her nose to direct an irritated glare at her companion.

“Firstly, I don’t excuse you. Secondly, Akali is 23. For your last question: No, I´m just saying that you certainly look like a pervert pedophile hiding in a bush” the succubus stated calmly while looking at her silver claws.

It was around six o’clock in the afternoon. The sky was clear and the sun was beaming nicely, caressing the tall buildings and crowded streets. Birds were chirping happily and people were walking down and up the main square, stopping only for window shopping or entering a coffee shop.

Ahri and Evelynn were currently located at the park across the city’s centre.

 “Well!” the blonde hissed, directing an angry look at her so called best friend “If I’m the pedophile then you’re my fucking partner in crime!” she accused her, a perfectly manicured finger pointing at her direction.

The demon only casted an unfazed glance at her, before returning her gaze to her claws. She wasn’t going to waste her time arguing with a salty mutt.

Why is the owner of FOXY cosmetics hiding behind a bush? You might ask.

“Again” the diva sighed for the fifth time that day “Why are we here?” the tree she was leaning on wasn’t particularly soft to the touch.

“I already told you” the fox replied, resting the binoculars on her nose. “To watch out for Seraphine” she casually answered, scratching her right ear in the process.

Dammit those leafy branches were really starting to irritate her skin.

Evelynn only looked at her, a combination of disappointment and pity painting her expression. She sighed once more before getting herself as comfortable as she could against the rough tall tree.

“And tell me, Ahri” the demon started one more time, golden eyes observing the noisy crowd in front of her “Why would we need to watch out for her?” she asked, her tone laced with genuine curiosity.

“Because” she didn’t even take the binoculars off this time “that knobhead might try to make a move on her” she stated sternly, scratching her left ear this time.

That tween and Seraphine were currently chatting too keenly with each other; their faces too close for Ahri’s taste. Standing by a clothes shop located in the corner of the avenue, it seemed that they were waiting for the red light to cross the street.

Her hands gripped the binocular with more force at the sight, an annoyed scowl forming on her face.

The siren glanced at the stalker fox kneeling in the bush and then at the two young souls at the distance, an incredulous look painted on her face.

“She’s nineteen, I’m pretty sure she can handle the situation on her own” Evelynn observed, perching a leg up on the tree and crossing her arms.

“But she’s still too young for going on dates” Ahri said as a matter of fact, even though she knew it was a lame excuse.

Evelynn saw through her sunglasses how the gumiho’s tail was sticking out of the bush, the sunlight reflecting against it. For a moment, she considered telling her about it, but she was getting bored after all. A mischievous smile started to paint her beautiful features.

“Oh, now she’s too young?” Evelynn asked back, her voice tainted with amusement.

The gumiho decided to just ignore the siren, noticing how the cars finally stopped moving. It was their cue to cross the main avenue. The duo was about to start walking, but suddenly the boy stopped dead on his tracks. Seraphine looked at him with a confused expression, but then the boy gallantly offered her his arm, a cheeky smirk plastered on his face. Upon realization, the young woman only laughed coyly at his antics and then intertwined their arms together.

Ahri watched them like an angry hawk, her teeth grinding forcefully against each other. She also noticed how that dimwit’s smirk still remained on his arrogant face.

Oh how she wanted to wipe that stupid smile with a punch straight to his fuc-

“Ahri, I’m getting bored here” Evelynn complained, interrupting Ahri’s dangerous train of thought.

“Well!” the fox suddenly snapped, anger flowing through her veins from the scene she had just seen. “If you knew you would get bored then why the fuck did you agree to come here in the first place?!” she tossed the binoculars aside forcefully, turning her head to her side to glare directly at the whiny woman. A few of the bush’s leaves falling to ground from the force of the action.

Evelynn only raised a perfect eyebrow at her, watching with golden eyes the way her friend’s mood soured out of nowhere.

The gumiho’s tail was wagging anxiously from one side to the other, arms crossed defensively across her chest and her eyebrows knitted together.

The demon was about to throw her a snarky reply of how she looked like a child throwing a tantrum, but then sensed someone behind her, just a few metres away.

A quick sniff to the air and she knew who that person was.

An amused smile started to form on Evelynn’s lips.

 “I’m actually here just to have fun watching you get caught” she playfully mustered, taking one last mocking glance at her friend before disappearing into thin air, smoke covering the spot she had been standing on.

“Oh, really?” the blonde scoffed, grabbing the poor binoculars from the ground “And who says I´m going to get caught?”

Ahri had never been good at Math, but if her calculus were correct, Seraphine and Ekko were at least 500 metres away from her hiding place. There was no way she was going to get caught.

With that thought in mind, she rested the binoculars on her nose yet again and proceeded to look for a blue head among the crowd. However, she found none.

What the-

In a second, anger was replaced by concern, as she frantically tried to spot the younger girl in the packed streets of the main avenue.

She was just there! The fox thought to herself, holding the spying gadget in a more firm grip.

She looked at the street they were crossing, then at the overrated coffee shop at the end of the street, and back to the main avenue, still no sign of Seraphine.

 Her palms started sweating; worry was beginning to overtake her.

And of course, Ahri started to think about only the worst case scenarios.

Oh my god! What if she was kidnapped? What if that dimwit took her away? What if-

She was so engrossed in punishing herself for being such a fool that she didn’t hear the footsteps approaching her.

“Hey Ahri!” a melodious voice called out her name from behind, taking her out of her reverie.

Taken off guard from the sudden interruption, her body shifted abruptly, breaking a few of the bush’s branches in the process.

Her ears perked up at the honey like voice, and in an instant, she knew who that voice belonged to.


The blonde dramatically turned her head over, only to find the very person she was hoping she wouldn’t come across that day.

However, she was not prepared for what she was seeing, her mouth hanging agape at the sight.

All of the sudden, it was as if time had suddenly slowed down. Birds started singing a delightful tune, accompanying the girl’s entrance in an almost regal way.

Just behind her was the most gorgeous girl Ahri had laid her eyes on.

There she was, in all her mighty glory making her way towards the blonde with elegant strides and a beautiful smile, showing her pearly white teeth. The sun was gently caressing her silky smooth skin, making her look as if she was glowing, a white light outlining her delicate figure.

Ahri could not help but stare in awe, her cheeks tainted with a faint blush.

Seraphine was now right in front of her; her deep blue eyes shining with the usual warmth that always surrounded her. The wind suddenly blew, making her aqua hair fall down like a majestic cascade down her back, making the angel look more ethereal than she already was.

And then there were those lips, those glossy red lips that always screamed for her attention, making the gumiho want to just forget about everything and have a taste of those lips she wanted to kiss so ba-

“Sup Ahri”

And as if the spell was broken, the fox came back to Earth just by hearing that annoying voice she was starting to despise even more.

The blonde had been so entranced with Seraphine that she didn’t notice when Ekko had come closer, positioning himself right beside her with a cheeky smile. She took her eyes off the younger woman, blinking a few times before directing a poorly masked disinterested glance at him.

“He-“she coughed once, composing herself from the alluring scene she’d just witnessed “Hello guys!” she greeted cordially while awkwardly turning around from her kneeling position to face the duo properly.

“What are you guys doing here?” she asked coolly, trying to act casual as she hid the binoculars behind her back. She was hoping they hadn’t seen them, or else she knew she would be in a pickle.

The boy’s smile grew wider, an amused glint in his eyes

“Oh! We were just hanging around when I spotted your tail making funny patterns with the sun” Seraphine explained cheerfully, her chin pointing at her crystal tail reflecting the sunlight in different shapes and patterns.

 Ahri took a glance at her tail, mortified at the sight. She just wanted the Earth to swallow her

“So we decided to come here and say hi” he finished, that same smug smirk on his face.

She gazed at her tail once more and then at the boy, thinking about how bad it would be if she were to hit his face with it.

“Right” she said coldly, sending daggers towards the boy.

Ekko and Seraphine had been hanging out pretty often lately, something about a collaboration project. Ahri had been too busy thinking about how to spy on them when the younger woman told her about it.

But the fox knew better, and one thing for sure was that this Ekko boy had others, much worse intentions with Seraphine, ones that she didn’t like. Not even one bit. Or at least, that was what her foxy senses told her. She definitely wasn’t jealous; she was just being a good protective leader.

The fox continued glaring at the boy. It was as if Ahri and Ekko were having a staring contest, neither of them willing to give up. One pair of eyes was filled with displeasure while the other was covered with, was that amusement?

This only made the blonde even angrier, making her harden her stare.

Meanwhile, Seraphine was sure that if looks could kill, Ekko would be two metres underground, but didn’t comment about it.

However, what she did notice was that the growing tension between them was becoming too suffocating, and decided to step in before someone got injured. Nevertheless, she was not sure why Ahri was acting like that.

“So” Seraphine interrupted, her eyes wandering back and forth the two in front of her ”What are you doing here, Ahri?” she asked this time, redirecting her gaze at the gumiho crouching on a bush.

The blonde took one last look at the defiant imbecile who dared to challenge her and then turned her head to the left, her features softening at the sight of the younger girl.

“Eh” she began, scratching her right ear with the hand with the binoculars on. Seraphine was watching her expectantly, a small encouraging grin on her lips.

“You know” she chuckled awkwardly, taking a branch out of her hair “Just chilling” she finally said with the most convincing smile she could do.

“Just chilling?” the younger girl repeated her words with a bright tone “And what are the binoculars for?” she pointed out the gadget curiously.

Ahri looked dumbfounded for a moment. She started to think possible ways of how the girl managed to spot the binoculars, but then she glanced at her right hand and it hit her. She had been scratching her ear with the very same hand that held the binoculars this whole time. Her cheeks blushed lightly at the realization, face palming herself mentally.

How could I forget about that? And why is this bush so itchy?!

“Well” the blonde stammered, scanning every inch of the park to find a believable excuse “These are for…” and as if the heavens above had listened to her pleads, Ahri spotted an ugly looking pigeon sitting comfortably on one of the branches of the tree Evelynn had been leaning on a few minutes before.


There was a silence between them.

“What?” Seraphine questioned after a few seconds, a surprised expression in her face.

“In my free time I like to look out for exotic birds” the gumiho explained shyly, wiggling the binoculars for more emphasis.

Ekko tried to suppress a snort that was forming in his throat, lifting his eyebrows in amusement.

“But I thought there were only pigeons here in the park?” the blue haired girl asked again, a genuine look of confusion and curiosity in her eyes.

With that Ahri knew she was doomed.

She seemed not to be able to formulate any coherent answer to that question, her mind was blank. The blonde felt how her palms started sweating and her blush became more potent. She could pass off as a furious tomato by now.

“About that…” she scratched the back of her neck, accepting her defeat.

But then, just when it seemed that there was no hope left for the dejected fox, a low divine voice whispered in her left ear the following magical word.

“Doves” the voice cooed, only for her to hear.

Ahri would make sure to buy Evelynn a new pair of heels when she came back home.

“Doves!” the blonde blurted out, startling the pair for the sudden shout. She cleared her tone and continued “I usually look out for doves” she calmly revealed.

“I didn’t know doves were exotic” Ekko commented, raising an eyebrow in confusion.

Seraphine nodded her head in agreement as well, as puzzled as the boy was.

“Have you ever seen one?” Ahri retorted, making direct eye contact with him.

Ekko only stuffed his hands in his jeans pockets, before replying “Once or twice I guess”

“That’s because they’re quite exotic” the blonde stated smugly, a smirk plastered on her face.

The boy only gave her a skeptical look, still unsure of the gumiho’s response, but then shrugged and decided to let it go. The conversation was getting pretty silly anyway.

“You know, you kind of have a point” Seraphine observed, tapping her chin with her index finger, a hip cocked to the side.

The blonde only dedicated a small grin to her, noticing how cute the woman in front of her looked with that puzzled expression.

“Anyway, enough about me” Ahri declared, remembering the task at hand. She was not going to let that twinkle take Seraphine away from her.

“What are you guys doing later?” she inquired nonchalantly. She was hoping she could walk the younger girl home after she was done dealing with brushhead over there.

But of course, things were never as she’d like them to be.

“Oh, actually we were just about to enter that cozy coffee shop at the end of the street” the younger girl signaled to the overrated café the blonde had seen through her binoculars a few minutes ago.

For a split of second, Ahri’s ears deflated a little at the response, but then composed herself quickly. She had to look nonchalant if she wanted to get out of this unscratched.

However, the blue haired woman had a keen eye, and had noticed the sudden shift of mood. She sensed how all of the sudden, a gloomy, sort of disturbed aura had settled on the gumiho’s shoulders.

Her eyebrows knitted in concern when she saw how that spark so characteristic of the leader was missing, replacing it with cloudy eyes.

She was about to ask Ahri what was wrong, but Ekko interrupted her before she could even open her mouth.

“Well, it’s getting late” he spoke, taking a glance at the fancy watch resting on his right wrist for emphasis ”We’d better go Sera, before it gets crowded” he stated, seeing how more and more people were starting to enter the coffee shop.

The same smirk reappeared on his lips, before looking down at the gumiho with a mischievous smile. This only fueled the blonde’s dislike of him, wondering why he looked as if he knew something she didn’t. This fool was really starting to get on her nerves.

“Always a pleasure to see you, Ahri” he winked at her before turning around, starting to walk away from them with his hands stuffed in his cargo pants.

Ahri only scoffed in displeasure, a small frown on her eyebrows. He should be thankful that Akali and Seraphine were friends with him; otherwise the only thing that would be remaining of that jerk would be his scruffy dreadlocks.

Meanwhile, Seraphine was taken aback by her friend’s sudden departure.

“Wait!” she called out for him, watching how Ekko only continued his path.

She groaned under her breath, cursing silently at the boy’s attitude. Then she looked down at the woman crouching in front of her, giggling at the sight of the infamous leader of K/DA kneeling on a bush, with a few leaves stuck to her blonde hair and her pale pink hoodie. That was something you didn’t see every day.

Ahri had been so focused on boring holes to the boy’s head that she didn’t realize when Seraphine had bent over to be at an eye level with her, until she felt a pair of dainty arms wrapped themselves comfortably around her shoulders.

Her eyes widened comically at the contact, her body tensing at the unexpected touch, but then relaxed and encircled the woman’s slim waist with her own, relishing in the moment.

They stayed like that for a few seconds, Ahri blushing at the warmth irradiating from the lithe body against hers. She just wanted to stay like that forever, but knew she couldn’t.

Seraphine was the first to break the hug, now facing her with a small smile, cheeks slightly rosy from the hot weather that day.

“See you later, Ahri!” she chirped, giving the fox one last look before standing up and catching up with Ekko.

She saw how the girl threw a punch at his left shoulder before walking besides him. The boy only chuckled at his friend’s antics.

“Enjoy yourselves guys” the fox whispered, with a grin that didn’t quite meet her eyes.

A tired sigh escaped her lips as she watched how Seraphine and Ekko disappeared in the distance, leaving her all alone. Her eyebrows knitted together forming a frustrated frown.

A static purple glow started emerging next to her, contorting its shape until the outline of a body started forming. Then Evelynn finally emerged from the shadows, purple smoke surrounding her form.

“Are you okay?” she asked carefully, observing the gumiho with caring eyes.

Ahri was too busy staring at the funny patterns that formed from the light being reflected by her precious crystal tail. She wiggled her tail for good measure, seeing how the fragments of lights danced crazily on the ground and some trees.

“Why didn’t you tell me that my tail was shining like a disco ball?” she accused with a flat tone, a little smile starting to tug at her lips. At least she hoped she could lift her mood.

The diva noticed how the blonde deflected her question, but decided to play along, trying to take her friend’s mind away from the recent events.

An amused grin appeared in the diva’s lip, releasing a hearty chuckle.

“I thought you’d realize”

 She clearly hadn’t.

Ahri only smiled at their playful banter and then proceeded to stand up from her crouching position, removing the dirt from her light blue jeans.

Another sigh was released, her shoulders slouching a bit. Her plan had pathetically failed, and the prince had gotten away with the girl this round.

But hey, at least she got a hug from the princess, a small grin appearing on her lips.

The fox shook her head, shooing away all those gloomy thoughts away from her head.

“Let’s just go home, Eve” she mumbled, watching how the duo disappeared in the crowd. A determined look settled on her eyes. Knobhead had won this round, but she wasn’t one to back down that easily.

The demon saw how her friend started walking away from her lamentable hiding place, her blonde hair disheveled with a few stubborn twigs still stuck to it.

“Aren’t you going to check on her?” she inquired, trying to suppress the laughter that was starting to form around her throat.

“Nah” she shook her head, taking a look at the coffee shop a few blocks away from them. “Seraphine is busy” she answered, her blue eyes burning with something Evelynn was sure was jealousy.

Evelynn didn’t comment any further, a knowing smirk on her face and just followed the fox’s trail, heading towards the spot where she had parked her car.

The walk to the car was silent, only the demon’s heels filling in the comfortable silence that engulfed them.

“Thanks for lending a hand back there by the way” the blonde said while entering the succubus’ expensive sports car.

Evelynn might seem cold at first, but in reality, she deeply cared for the ones she loved. Perhaps she wasn’t the talkative type, but if Ahri knew one thing for all of the years of knowing her, she’d say that the demon’s actions were worth more than a thousand words.    

“Always, Foxy” the demon replied softly, taking a quick look at her friend on the passenger’s seat before pushing the pedal.

Ahri’s energy was drained, a headache threatening to appear in any second. After spending almost the entirety of her afternoon, crouching in a ridiculously itchy bush while praying the heavens above that one noticed her, the fox just wished to fall on her bed and relax for a while.

She closed her eyes with a heavy grunt, the soft vroom of the engine inviting her to fall asleep right then and there.

But before letting herself slip away from reality, a soft smile and deep blue eyes reappeared one last time in her thoughts, making her feel giddy and warm inside. A dumb smile made its way to her face.

She wasn’t going to give up on her anytime soon, was her last thought.