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holding onto you

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Sunlight spills in from the opened curtains, illuminating the darkened apartment and along with it, the two other people laying in bed with Fumi. Forcing her eyes open, it comes to her as no surprise when she sees both Tamao and Yachiyo still resting. 


In any other situation, perhaps she would have reached out or shifted herself into a position to get a clearer look. However, the weight resting on top of her restricted her movements. Right, it was her turn to be in the middle this time. 


A warmth swells in her chest when she sees the way Yachiyo has her face tucked into the crook of her neck, light breath fanning against her skin. Meanwhile, Tamao had an arm lightly draped over both of them. The light hits their faces at an angle that makes it hard for Fumi to tear her eyes away. 


Instead of getting up and untangling herself from what was essentially a pile of limbs, the blonde allowed herself this moment of peace. Between preparing for upcoming exams and other plays, no one had protested again Yachiyo’s request to relax this weekend (not that either of them could refuse her in the first place). 


“Fumi…” Yachiyo had called out, clinging onto her girlfriend’s arm with an exaggerated sigh, “Can we please just stay home this weekend?” 


The blonde stared at her, eyebrows raising at the sudden clinginess as a light blush dusted her cheeks: being openly affectionate in public was something she was yet to feel accustomed to. Her eyes darted to their surroundings out of pure embarrassment before meeting Tamao’s eyes that sparkled with something akin to amusement and fondness. Suddenly her face got even warmer. 


“If Fumi’s okay with it, I don’t see why not.” Tamao finally chimes in, looking back to her for confirmation. 


The blonde nods in response, keeping her eyes trained forward as they continue walking down the sidewalk. “If you wanted to stay over, you just needed to ask.” 


Anyone else might have mistaken that for annoyance or anger. However, Tamao knew better than that based on the small smile twitching at the corner of the blonde’s lips as Yachiyo continued to cling to her, which is a dead giveaway to her other girlfriend. 


At the recollection of events, Fumi can feel a familiar burning sensation coming to her face that only intensifies as she feels Yachiyo shift event closer to her, nose brushing against her neck once again. 


She should probably get up. 


Somehow, Fumi manages to carefully disentangle their limbs, stretching out as soon as her feet touch the cold apartment floor after rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. Tamao and Yachiyo most likely won’t wake for another 30 minutes which is enough time for her to get something started in the kitchen. The refrigerator opens with a bit of a creak and hums as she stares at the contents remaining. 


Thankfully, there’s enough to make breakfast for the three of them. Eggs? Her eyes continue to scan the contents of her mildly pathetic excuse for a fridge until she finds what she’s looking for. 


Okay. Eggs, rice, and bacon. Very classy.




“Bacon frying on the pan, eggs are out on some plates already, and the rice cooker is on..” The smell of food has already filled the air by the time the former edel steps back to make sure everything is in order. The sound of sizzling can probably still be heard from outside her kitchen as she mumbles, walking back to the frying pan to flip over anything that’s already cooked. 


Having her girlfriends eat anything burnt? Absolutely unacceptable. Of course, she isn’t a bad cook. Far from it, actually. This is just.. one of the many ways she can show her appreciation (not that she would ever say that out loud). 


With her focus directed to cooking, Fumi fails to notice another presence enter the kitchen until a pair of arms delicately wrap around her midsection. The sudden affection instinctively makes her stiffen for a moment. 


There’s a soft giggle that’s right up against her ear and her heart soars. Tamao. 


Tamao rests her chin on Fumi’s shoulders while she continues to cook, humming in content. “Good morning, Fumi.” Any stiffness from before has completely melted away. “That looks like it tastes good.” 


“Good morning,” It’s no surprise that Tamao is the first to wake after her. In fact, she probably should have anticipated it. Then again, Fumi isn’t complaining. “Is Yachiyo awake yet?”


“She said she needed a few more minutes.”


“I’m surprised you managed to leave the bed without her protesting.”


Tamao laughs again at this, “I wouldn’t say she protested but.. It took a little bit of convincing.” 


Fumi can already hear Yachiyo’s soft whining from the previous times she’s tried to (unsuccessfully) leave the bed on the rare occasions that she wakes up before her. 


Speaking of Yachiyo, it seemed that she was, in fact, awake. Judging by the sound of a chair being dragged out and a soft thud, it’s easy to assume that she’s finally up. Upon hearing the noises, Tamao moved her head off her shoulder, still keeping her arms loosely around her waist. 


“As much as I like staying like this, I should go set the table.”


Fumi lets out a sigh at that, leaning back into Tamao for a moment. The bacon could sit on the pan for a few more seconds. 


“Thank you for making breakfast.” Her girlfriend giggles at that, pressing a kiss onto her cheek before slowly removing her hands. 


As soon as her arms were gone, Fumi’s attention went back to their food. “This should be done in a few minutes. I’ll be there soon.”


Tamao leaves after that and the blonde can hear the way she greets their girlfriend with the same soft tone from earlier. From what she can hear, Yachiyo still sounds tired. Instead of leaving the kitchen with the bacon, Fumi figures that she can spoil her girlfriends just a little bit more. 


Five minutes later, she comes out of the kitchen with the rest of their food and a cup of coffee. Yachiyo looks up at her in surprise when she sees the beverage placed in front of her. A pair of blue eyes stare into her own and Fumi can’t help but feel a little self conscious, averting her gaze to the side. 


“What’s this for, Fumi?” The teasing lilt in Yachiyo’s voice does not go unnoticed and the embarrassment only increases tenfold.


“You.. sounded tired.” Fumi mutters, sitting back in her own chair. “I figured that might help.” 


“Special coffee from you? Am I special?” 


“Shut up and drink the coffee, Yachiyo.”


The pink haired girl giggles in response but picks up the cup anyway. “Since you asked so nicely.” 

Fumi had kept her gaze away until Yachiyo actually started to drink the coffee, waiting to see her reaction.


“Ah..” Yachiyo blinks once and then twice before looking back at her. The expression on her face was priceless. The pure look of both embarrassment and shock at the taste would be one that Fumi would ingrain into her mind. “You remembered how I like my coffee?”


“I-- Of course I did.” 


“I appreciate it. You didn’t have to though. ” By now, it seems that Yachiyo recovered from her initial shock based on the knowing twinkle in her eyes. However, while her tone was teasing, it’s clear that there is still honesty in her words.  


“I know I just-- you know..” 


“You just?” It seems that an indirect response wasn’t enough to satisfy her. Unsurprising--very much like Yachiyo--but embarrassing nonetheless. 


Their eyes meet and with the look she’s receiving? It’s impossible for her to stop herself from giving in. 




 “I…” the former edel lets out a sigh, “..wanted to. You’re always tired and I thought that this might help.” 


“Well someone’s certainly being honest this morning..” The pink-haired girl’s brows shoot up at this, clearly amused by the way Fumi scowls at her. “You care about me~” 


“Shut up and eat your breakfast before it gets cold.”


“You do~”


Fumi turns her head away at this, moving to help herself to some of the food and as a very poor attempt to hide her blush from Yachiyo. 


Meanwhile, Tamao watches them in amusement, smiling at the sight of both of her girlfriends’ antics. However, just watching can be a bit.. boring. “Yachiyo?”




“I’m not sure that you’re in any better position to be teasing her seeing as you know how we like both of our teas.”


“That’s because you make it in front of me so often.” 


Tamao raises a brow at this, clearly unconvinced. “Yes, because so many people would come running from their schools the moment they find out one of her girlfriends is sick.” 






Tamao meets her eyes only for Yachiyo to look away. 




“You say that like you guys wouldn’t have done the same.”  And to think that just moments before, Yachiyo had been so confident in teasing Fumi, who seems a little more than relieved to have the focus taken off of her. 


“Well, we’re not the ones who actually did it.” 


“Shut up.” 


Tamao laughs at that, choosing to drop it for now. As entertaining as it is to tease Yachiyo, they probably should at least finish eating before things got out of hand. 




As per request, the plan for today was to stay home. On normal occasions, Yachiyo wouldn’t have minded doing things on the weekend. It is free time, after all. However, much to her chagrin, a certain blonde happened to be overdoing it this week. 


“Let me just go and clean th--”


And as if on cue, Tamao sits down right next to Fumi, putting a hand on her thigh to keep her from sitting down. 


“Actually, Fumi. I’ll be taking over for now. You go rest with Tamao. Put on a movie or.. something.” Yachiyo snorts at the bewildered expression on the blonde’s face as she saunters off, leaving the living room to the other two. 


Breathing out a sigh of defeat, Fumi looks to Tamao, who seemed to have been staring at her the entire time. She could only stare back in awe as Tamao’s eyes crinkled as she smiled at her, moving to embrace her side. 




Her girlfriend outstretches her arms for a hug and well.. who is she to deny that? 


Fumi leaned into the embrace as Tamao pressed a kiss to the top of her head, wrapping her arms around her comfortably. “You’ve been working hard this week, haven’t you?”


Working hard would probably be an understatement. With her studies, trying to help Tamao with the upcoming plays, and her job, it’s usually not an issue. However, it would be incorrect to say that she isn’t tired. 


Fumi only hums in response now that her eyes are closed, inhaling the scent of her own shampoo on the latter. 


Meanwhile, Tamao made the effort to comb her hands through her hair, understanding that this week had been rough, in more ways than just one. 


“I visited Shiori this week.” 


Tamao doesn’t say anything and only continues her ministrations to give her more room to speak. 


“She was.. really happy that I came.” 


“Did you take pictures?”


“Yeah,” Fumi pats around her pockets for her phone, turning her head to unlock it before showing Tamao. Both of them were smiling. They looked happy. It’s hard to believe she could even make such an expression. “It had been a while since we last got to meet up after her birthday.” 


Shiori looked brighter. Better. Stronger. 


“You guys look cute.” 


Fumi chuckles at that. “Yeah, I guess we do. I took her to that one place you mentioned before. That cafe you recommended last week.” 


No one says anything after that, silence filling the air with the exception of the sounds coming from the kitchen where Yachiyo was still cleaning up. 


“We got into an argument.” she whispers carefully, almost like quiet was so fragile that any loud noises would cause an avalanche. 


Tamao pauses at that, a hand hovering over her hair before resuming its previous ministrations. “What happened?”


“She says she’s interested in someone but she refused to tell me. I don’t doubt that this girl is bad but I was worried and I tried prying but somehow it spiraled into an argument and I.. don’t know.” 




“Does that make me a bad sister? We were having a good time catching up and I ruined it. Again.” 




Somehow in her rambling, Tamao had managed to sit up and adjust their positions so that they were sitting once more. 


“You’re sisters. You both love each other and care. However, it’s impossible to think that you won’t fight. One argument won’t be the end of it all.” 


That’s what I thought too but look how that ended. 


It’s a petty and mean thought, the kind that hasn’t resurfaced in a while. Fumi thought she was better than this already. 


“But what if it is?” The question is quiet, hesitant. The connection she has with Shiori still feels fragile, like one mishap could shatter everything again. Just like it did before


“Both of you have worked through far worse before and you can do it again. You just need to trust her and communicate.”


Fumi still doesn’t seem convinced.


Tamao looks at her and sighs, gently placing a hand on her cheeks. “You are only one person. It’s okay to not know how to fix things. You don’t have to do it alone. Yachiyo and I are always here for you.” 


It’s scary how easily these words comfort her. It doesn’t make things immediately better but the weight on her shoulders from carrying the burden feels a little lighter now. 


“You’re.. Right. Thank you.  I really needed that. ” Fumi sighs, “I’ll try calling her later.”


“Good.” Tamao smiles at this, tenderly brushing the side of her face with her thumb.


The affection has her heart melting and Fumi can’t help but lean into the touch, letting her eyes close. She’s gone soft. Far more soft than she would like to admit.


But it’s for her girlfriends, so just maybe... she doesn’t mind. 


The silence is interrupted by Yachiyo, who takes it upon herself to bring both of them into a quick hug. 


“If I hadn’t known any better, I’d say that you two forgot about me.” The pink haired girl huffs, pretending to be slightly offended by placing a hand over her heart. 


Fumi rolls her eyes, leaning back into the couch. “I could never. Not with someone as loud as you in my kitchen.”


“You love me~”


“Yeah, yeah,” the blonde chuckles, “I do.” 


The three of them fall into a comfortable rhythm, eventually deciding to watch a movie and spend time in each other’s presence. 


Fumi may not have had the best week but with the support of her girlfriends, it isn’t so bad.