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high in the sky (figuratively and literally)

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“admit it hyung, wearing this was a mistake.” a chirpy voice spoke up and caught namjoon’s attention.

right next to him sat 3 boys who are obviously friends. they were around namjoon’s age and stood out like a sore thumb due to their brightly coloured hair. blue, pink, and blonde. it reminded of namjoon of his bleached hair faze.

just one glance at them and yes, wearing that was a mistake, namjoon answered the question that wasn’t even directed at him. the blonde sitting in the aisle seat was wearing a brown oversized coat that seems a bit much for a trip to finland, not to mention in a stuffy aircraft. the sleeves are rolled up chunkily to reveal fur padding inside. namjoon feels hot just looking at it.

“shut up, it’s called fashion you imbecile. you’ll be the one whining later when they blast the AC to max.” a boy- the blonde one namjoon assumed (who else would defend that rug of a coat with such passion?) fired back immediately. namjoon’s row was slightly in front of them, so he could easily see their faces. coat enthusiast lowered his arm that was propped up and only then did namjoon took a look at his face.

suddenly namjoon felt 10 times more hotter.

namjoon’s convinced that this guy came straight out of a japanese manga, probably a sign that he should stop secretly reading death note on his phone in family gatherings.

this boy is absolutely ethereal.

his cheeks were flushed- obviously from the heat, with blonde bangs falling above his eyes. namjoon found his eyes trailing down to look at the boy’s lips an unhealthy amount of times.

“dude, your hands.” blue-haired spoke up, his deep voice jolting namjoon back from his… imagination. pink haired laughed, eyes disappearing as he wiped his own (shockingly small) hands on anime boy’s pants. “clammy hands but not hot, got it.”

anime boy rolled his eyes dramatically, one look at his eyes and namjoon’s in awe.

“FINE. you win jimin. i have succumbed to your allegations.” he drawled out, hands emerging from the coat sleeve to fan himself.

“and you call me the drama queen.” jimin, shook his head, hands reaching to adjust the seat belt.

“god, it’s hot and i’ve got no where to put this coat. taehyung-ah, can you open the window?”

namjoon let out a bark of laughter.

he immediately shrunk (read: yoinked his entire body) back onto his seat and busied himself. the corner of his lips turning up.

he glanced back after a couple of seconds. luckily they didn’t hear his strangled sound of a laugh. the amusement bubbling inside of namjoon doubled when the other boy- taehyung, looked incredulously back at anime boy.

“what? yes i’m boiling. we went through that.” he replied and namjoon was struggling to fight off a smile.

“jin-hyung.” jin. “you want me, to open the window for you.” taehyung deadpanned. jimin was bent down, seemingly finding something from his bag, but namjoon could see his shaking shoulders.

“did i stutter?”

a string of chuckles came out from jimin’s mouth, as he sat up, face red with laughter, eyes forming crescent moons once again.

“open the window, on a plane.” taehyung continued, eyebrow creeping up.

“congratulations tae, you’re not deaf.” the sarcasm leaking from jin’s voice was hilarious.

“yeah… watch me do it.” stifling a laugh, taehyung turned towards the small panel of a window and made a gesture to grab the handle- well, a non-existent one.

jin realised.

“oh, OH.” jin stuttered, then his face flushed even redder, hands coming up to cover his face. the other two bursted out laughing. namjoon wanted to see jin’s smile. their laughs were infectious. some people shot them looks for being loud, but they didn’t hear the conversation like namjoon did.

namjoon chuckled to himself without thinking. then he froze when they turned to look at him. well nicely done namjoon!

without missing a beat, jimin laughed even louder, slapping jin’s arm as the blonde covered his face completely. namjoon could see the tip of his ears redden.

namjoon has a question: is it normal to swoon over a stranger of a similar age? 


fuck that stranger.

he had the audacity to laugh at seokjin’s mishap.

and that’s not even the worst part. he was cute and he had dimples, which is annoying because seokjin wanted to hate him but he couldn’t.

technically, all this didn’t matter since it happened three days ago, but seokjin holds and will continue to hold grudges until the day he dies. so fuck you, cute stranger.

seokjin didn’t have the time to fuss over mr. dimples because there are more urgent matters to take care of. such as meeting a big, big customer as a representative of his little company.

“please take a seat mr. kim. our ceo will meet you in just a minute.” the secretary smiled warmly, her gel-nails typing away on the keyboard.

“thank you.” seokjin took a seat on the couch next to the counter, feet tapping anxiously.

don't fuck it up seokjin. the whole team is relying you. seokjin pep-talked himself, probably earning weird looks from the secretary. he cleared his throat too many times for it to be considered normal. his phone buzzed in his pocket.


pineapples belong on pizza


11:12 [suckjin] : hey guys any words of support?


11:12 [yoon’s lovebot jimi] : u got thiiis


11:12 [tete<3] : fightinggg hyung:D


11:13 [min whipped] : not to be that discouraging bitch

11:13 [min whipped] : but the whole company is counting on you


11:14 [suckjin] : wow thanks a shit ton, yoongi


11:14 [hoebi] : i’m sure everything will go smoothly ^_^


11:15 [yoon’s lovebot jimi] : hyung when u come back we can have a party


11:15 [hoebi] : +1

11:15 [hoebi] : we should celebrate nailing such a huge client


11:16 [tete<3] : LMFAO nailing


11:16 [suckjin] : ...


11:16 [hoebi] : :0

11:17 [hoebi] : not literally.. nailing as in figuratively


11:17 [min whipped] : you think we don’t know that?


11:17 [hoebi] : -.-

11:18 [hoebi] : jimin he’s being mean to me again


11:18 [min whipped] : just joking hobi :))


11:19 [tete<3] : i just got chills


11:19 [hoebi] : nevermind be mean to me instead ㅠㅠ


11:19 [suckjin] : teach me things businessmen do


11:20 [tete<3] : they def don’t open windows on airplanes


11:20 [hoebi] : ROFLL BYE


[yoon’s lovebot jimi renamed suckjin to plane window opener!]


11:21 [tete<3] : JIMIB GOOD ONE


11:21 [plane window opener] : you little-twin-star-looking-motherfuckers


11:21 [yoon’s lovebot jimi] : WHAT KIND OF INSULT IS THAT


11:22 [plane window opener] : remind me why is jimin the admin again?


11:22 [min whipped] : because i made him it 

11:22 [min whipped] : problem?


11:23 [yoon’s lovebot jimi] : (✿ ♥‿♥) love u yoonie


11:24 [plane window opener] : y'all suck



“mr. kim? you can enter now.” seokjin could have dented his phone from how hard he pressed the off button. he walked over to the door and casted a look at the name plate on the door, trembling hands curling into a fist to knock on it.

mr. kim namjoon


god, he feels intimidated by the name already.

“come in.” a deep voice that just exudes power was heard inside.

shit, i’m fucked. seokjin gingerly opened the door, body tilting forward in preparation for a bow. a whiff of scented candle wafted through the room.

“oh, my.” the person suddenly blurted out. seokjin reddened in response, trying to decipher the tone of his mumble.

am i that horrible to look at? seokjin questioned in his head, coming up from his 90 degree bow to face the ceo and hopefully make a good first impression. although, seokjin felt like he already failed.

when his eye scanned over a dimple-adorned face, he knew that he was oh so very fucked.

out of all the people the ceo could be, it just had to, just had to be the person sitting across the aisle on his plane ride. and not just any plane ride, but the plane ride that he made an absolute fool of himself by demanding the airplane window to be opened.

“kim seokjin. jin. damn, i should have known.” namjoon let out a laugh, giving seokjin a smile that could only be described as painfully teasing. in a normal circumstance, the tension in the room would have been eased. seokjin, however, being the dense fuck he is, would burst out of the door and fled onto the streets if he could.

“i’m namjoon. kim namjoon. i assume you’re here to discuss about some of the details of the upcoming banquet.” seokjin nodded robotically.

“please have a seat. oh and by the way. nice to meet you, again.” namjoon grinned, eyes crinkling in a way that just shot through seokjin’s pounding heart.

seokjin held onto namjoon’s extended arm for a handshake and crap, his hands feels nice. dimples reappeared on namjoon’s cheeks and seokjin’s heart ached. it’s like god knew what seokjin was weak for and injected all those traits into a person.

“seokjin-ssi?” namjoon’s voice snapped him back into reality, and oh god, did seokjin just daydream in front of the ceo of one of the biggest companies in korea? seokjin is speechless at his own ability to lose focus.

“i’m so sorry. you were saying?” soekjin scratched his head sheepishly, earning a small smile from namjoon. “it’s alright, i’m sure it has been a long day. it’s a bit stuffy here don’t you think? would you like me to, i don’t know, open the windows?” seokjin nodded like any polite person would, but then the words registered with them.

he wasn’t sure if namjoon meant what he said, but judging at the sly smirk, he definitely did.

“hmm, maybe not. i have a growing rational fear of windows now.” seokjin huffed out, despite knowing his ears are bleeding red. that made namjoon chuckle out loud. the poor assistant sitting next to namjoon, however, looked befuddled as ever.

the meeting flew by with seokjin discovering how terrible he was at paying attention to actual important stuff. if it weren’t for the staff member who was recording details for later use, seokjin would have absolutely no clue what just happened.

“so it is settled. thanks you for your time today seokjin-ssi.” namjoon pushed up his glasses and looked up, the goddamned smile appearing once again. seokjin felt his face heat up again for the umpteenth time this day.

“likewise. thank you for choosing our service- uh hold on that makes me sound like an uber driver- um, our company, i-“ seokjin could see a hologram of yoongi facepalming at his disheartening attempt of sounding business-like. namjoon’s smile just widened, which might be a good sign. seokjin doesn’t even know anymore.

“here’s my business card so it’ll be easier to contact me in the future for any other enquires.” a palm-size silvery card was placed onto seokjin’s hand as the latter examined it carefully.


ceo of kim. corporates

kim nam-joon


+82 912-1204


the fact that seokjin sees this as a formal way of giving someone their phone number is depressing.

“thank you mr. kim-“

“namjoon is fine.”

“thank you mr- namjoon-ssi.” seokjin corrected himself before he could embarrass himself further. the assistant gestured to the office door which seokjin took the hint for.

“look forward to seeing and working with you soon!” namjoon waved from the desk and seokjin waved back before scolding himself for being too informal and resorted to a bow.

upon leaving, seokjin was called by the assistant. “seokjin-ssi, if you don’t mind me asking, are you friends with mr. kim?” the assistant, jungkook, read the name tag, asked.

seokjin shook his head. “no, not particularly. why?” that nightmarish encounter on the plane does not count as a proper meeting seokjin supposed.

“ah no. it’s just that i’ve never seen my boss smile and laugh so much during meetings with other business partners.” seokjin was taken back slightly, the beating of his heart pounding in his head so loud he’s afraid jungkook could hear it.

“so i assumed you were friends. but then mr. kim gave out his business card and i got more confused.” jungkook said with a thoughtful expression.

“why is that?”

“any enquires of partnership are always referred to secretary choi or me, as i'm his personal assistant. during other meetings, mr. kim just gives out our company’s business card, one without his own number.”

it’s probably unhealthy for seokjin's heart to be beating so fast right now. “oh… maybe he just sees the wedding catering as of utmost importance.” seokjin offered unhelpfully.

“i suppose so.” jungkook hummed. “well, it’s a pleasure meeting you seokjin-ssi. i have to get back to work now.” he smiled, bunny-like teeth on display.

“mr. kim wasn’t in a very good mood today, but i think he looked happier after meeting you. so, thank you for making my day a bit easier.” he laughed and waved at seokjin before disappearing into the corridor.

seokjin was slumped. the weight of the card feeling heavier in his sweaty palms.

well fuck. maybe making an absolute fool of himself in public isn't that bad after all. seokjin concluded, before sending a shit ton of keyboard smashes to the group chat.



12:39 [namjoonie] : thanks hyung :D



12:44 [mint yoongi] : for what?


12:45 [namjoonie] : letting him come instead of you 


12:45 [mint yoongi] : kind of regretting it since i get 78 "OMG" messages daily now


12:46 [namjoonie] : it's for the greater good hyung 


[mint yoongi renamed mint yoongi to min fucking cupid!]