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Ultimately Fucked

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It's always late when Eijirou hears that knock on his door. It's always after everyone else has gone to sleep, that he hears Katsuki knocking on his door. 


As always, he stands up and opens it, seeing the blond stand there with his pillow and blanket wrapped around his shoulders and head, like a weird cloak. 


"Are you gonna let me in or do I have to sleep in my room tonight?" Katsuki asks, voice uncharacteristically quiet and shy. 


Eijirou feels his heart soften and he steps aside, swinging his arm out in a welcoming manner. He watches Katsuki walk in and lay his stuff on his floor after pulling out the soft, thin mattress that he keeps under Eijirou's bed. 


Ever since his kidnapping incident, Katsuki has been sleeping in his room, after threatening to kill him if he ever told anyone. Eijirou hasn't told anyone, even their teachers, because while he doesn't understand what Katsuki's feeling, he knows that, as a friend, he has to support him. Has to help him through this. 


Eijirou turns off the light and pads to his bed, carefully stepping over Katsuki, but is stopped by a hand on his shin. He looks down, even though he couldn't see anything, confused. 


He hears Katsuki sniff heavily and is shocked by how shaky his voice is when he asks, "C-can you sleep with me tonight?" 


The hand leaves his shin, leaving behind a warm spot and Eijirou lays down behind Katsuki. He keeps his distance, knowing how much the blond hates being touched, and pulls his own blanket off his bed and wraps it around himself.


Katsuki trembles and Eijirou knows he's trying his best not to cry too loud and it fucking breaks his heart. Every now and then, small choked sobs leave Katsuki and even without touching him, Eijirou knows his entire body is tense, near painful due to how tight his muscles are. 


He knows because he's had those same feelings, sobbing in his bedroom at home, hating the way his body looked and felt. He almost reaches out to touch Katsuki, but stops himself, knowing how much Katsuki hates being touched. 


Katsuki shifts and suddenly Eijirou is very aware of a face in front of his own. A hand touches his, and he can feel Katsuki scooting closer to him, tucking his head underneath Eijirou's chin. 


Knowing what he wants, Eijirou snakes his arm underneath Katsuki's neck and runs his fingers through his hair. He lets the blond sob into his chest, letting all that fear and uncertain feelings flow out of him. He wraps his other arm around Katsuki, pulling him closer and burying his face into his hair. 


Eventually the cries quiet and stop and they lie in silence. Eijirou keeps running his fingers through his friend's hair, breathing in his sugary sweet scent. He can feel Katsuki draw nonsensical scribbles on his chest and he knows that a mix of emotions are running through him right now. 


"Sorry," Katsuki whispers, voice raspy and quiet. "For, y'know, getting your shirt wet. And hijacking your floor space." 


Eijirou laughs softly and brings his lips to Katsuki's forehead to kiss it gently. "It's okay. I don't mind." 


The blond continues on, saying, "It's just. Ever since the… y'know… it's hard to sleep by myself. The nightmares are one thing but the lying awake, waiting for sleep, is what scares me the most. What if the warp gate opens and I'm taken again, and no one notices? What if they actually, somehow, convince me to join them?


"What if I become a villain and hurt someone?" His voice gets even quieter, genuinely terrified, asking, "What if I… what if I hurt you?"


"You wouldn't, Katsuki. I know you wouldn't. You're too stubborn, too much of a hard-headed bastard to let anyone convince you of anything!" Eijirou says, pulling his friend out from his neck and pressing their foreheads together, headbutting him gently. "Besides. I think you'd see me and immediately switch sides, if they convinced you somehow." 


He can see Katsuki's crimson eyes watching him in the dark and he blushes, realizing just how close their faces are and by association - their lips. Immediately, he feels bad about thinking like that. 


Katsuki sighs, his hand grabbing Eijirou's shirt and asks, "You're right. Can I kiss you?" 


The suddenness of the question makes Eijirou's cheeks flare hotter and redder, but even so, he nods quickly. He desperately wants to capture Katsuki's lips and kiss him stupid, but lets the blond take control, waiting for him. 


The kiss is soft, and warm, and it doesn't last for nearly as long as Eijirou wants it to. He almost chases after Katsuki's lips, but stops himself, berating himself for being such a horny asshole. Maybe not as bad (or as creepy) as Mineta, but still.


He can still feel Katsuki's lips on his own, as he really, really wants the phantom to be real again. 


"Can I kiss you again?" he asks, trying his best to not sound as desperate as he feels. 


Katsuki lets out a soft laugh and nods, leaning in again, smiling as they kiss again. He makes a muffled surprised noise when Eijirou turns them so that he's on his back and the red haired boy is straddling him. 


"Is this okay?" Eijirou asks, looking at Katsuki's face in the dark. 


His eyes have adjusted since he turned the lights off and he can see Katsuki bite his lip and smile shyly. He's never seen the explosive blond act this way before and it sends tingles zipping down his spine. 


"Yeah," Katsuki breathes. "This is just fine." 


He puts his hands on Eijirou's hips, running his palms up and down his sides. His warm fingers roam Eijirou's back, fingertips dipping into the dimples at the base of his spine and following that long spinal valley up to his shoulder blades. His hands start to slip down to the front of Eijirou's chest and the red haired boy stops Katsuki, putting a hand firmly on his chest. 


"I gotta tell you something first, if we're gonna do this," Eijirou whispers, a tinge of uncertainty in his voice. 


Katsuki tilts his head and hums. 


Eijirou sighs, looks away and looks back before saying, "I'm trans." 


Blinking for a moment, Katsuki takes a moment to think and understand what his friend said. Finally, he seems to understand and makes a face. "Who gives a fuck? You're still a dude, right?" 


That wasn't the reaction Eijirou was expecting and his pause and surprised look betrayed that. "Uh. Yeah." 


"Perfect," Katsuki murmurs, trailing a thumb across his friend's bottom lip. "Answer this for me then. Is there anywhere you don't want me to touch or acknowledge?" 


"Um. Not really. Why are you-" 


Katsuki waves him off, saying, "Deku and I used to mess around, and he's weird about some stuff. Anyway. Where were we?" 


Eijirou smiles and leans down, kissing him softly, grabbing his wrist and guiding his hand down to his chest. He sighs as the blond gives an experimental squeeze and relinquishes his wrist. 


It's not long before Eijirou can feel something against his abdomen, and he grins, breaking the kiss to look at Katsuki. The blond rolls his eyes, hard. 


"Oh, yeah, yeah. Real funny, I'm hard. And just how wet are you, Eijirou?" Katsuki asks, squeezing hips and smirking. "Speaking of wet, I haven't been able to stop thinking about eating you out… can I?" 


Eijirou's heart skips a beat and he nods enthusiastically - maybe a little too hard because Katsuki laughs at him. 


"Okay. Lay down and I'll show you what real pleasure is," the blond growls playfully. 


Laying down, watching Katsuki kneel between his thighs goes straight to Eijirou's clit, and fuck, he's already breathless. Katsuki wraps his hands around the red haired boy's thighs and yanks him closer and smiles at the shocked yelp the boy lets out. 


Katsuki kisses his friend's thighs, never breaking eye contact the entire time, kissing over every damn inch of real estate he could reach. He mouths at Eijirou through his thin, cotton boxers, relishing how breathless he was with barely any touching at all. 


"You're easy," Katsuki murmurs, helping the other boy out of his underwear, laughing when he kicks him in the back. 


"Shut your fucking face, Katsuki," Eijirou hisses, faux-anger betrayed by the wide smile on his face. 


As soon as Katsuki's mouth gets on Eijirou, he gasps and moans, propping himself up on his elbows to get a better view. Katsuki eats Eijirou like he's the most delicious thing he's ever had, in the history of his life, licking and slurping and only coming up to breathe or suck hickeys on Eijirou's thighs. His hands squeeze his thighs or his hips, hard enough sometimes that the red haired boy is worried they'll bruise. 


Eijirou moans, letting his head fall back, gripping onto the blanket like a lifeline, grinding his hips onto Katsuki's face. Suddenly, Katsuki's mouth is gone and Eijirou whines pathetically, squirming. 


"Can I finger you too?" Katsuki asks, tone almost matching Eijirou's. 


"Yes, please, just please don't fucking stop!" Eijirou says, desperate. "Please, please, put your tongue back on me, I'm so close." 


Hearing that, Katsuki quickly wets his fingers in his mouth and attaches his lips to the other boy's clit, slipping his fingers inside of him. He sucks gently, using his tongue as liberally as he can, pumping his fingers in and out, in and out, dragging the pads of his fingertips against Eijirou's g-spot hard. He hums, panting, gripping onto his friend's thigh like an anchor. 


Eijirou's hand is over his mouth, muffling his loud moans, hips grinding into Katsuki's face and fingers. He reaches down and gathers a fistful of the blond's hair, his other hand on his own thigh on top of Katsuki's. 


"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Eijirou whimpers, vision blurring with tears. "Please, man, I'm so close." 


Just then, Katsuki stops, panting and catching his breath as he sits on his heels, pulling off his own boxers and stripping off his shirt. He apologizes before settling back down and resuming his previous actions. Running his free hand up Eijirou's tummy, he hums, circling the other boy's clit with his tongue. 


Eijirou clenches down, walls pulsing and he runs his fingers through Katsuki's hair, moaning. "Don't stop, don't stop, fuck- ah - just like that, Katsuki, please…" 


Katsuki doubles down, using his free hand to play with Eijirou's nipple, running the pad of his thumb over it repeatedly. He feels the warmth of the red haired boy placing his own on top of his and looks up. 


He watches as Eijirou cums, head falling back and body shuddering, Katsuki's name rolling off his tongue like a prayer, walls clenching around the blond's fingers. Gently, he pulls his fingers out and wipes them off on the blanket. 


Panting, Eijirou meets Katsuki's eyes and asks quietly, "Can I ride you?" 


Katsuki's breathing hitches momentarily and he kisses Eijirou, cupping his face. Breaking the kiss and nodding, they switch positions and Katsuki puts his hands on his friend's thighs, rubbing comforting circles on them. 


Eijirou carefully guides Katsuki's cock inside him after rolling the (conveniently nearby) condom on, and groans, sinking down to the base. 


"Fuck," Katsuki moans, nails digging into Eijirou's thighs. "Awesome." 


Eijirou laughs softly and asks, "Awesome? That good, huh?"


Slowly, Eijirou gains a smooth rhythm of bouncing his hips, leaning forward and setting a hand on Katsuki's chest, setting the other next to the blond's head. The size of Katsuki alone is mindblowing, but the spots it can reach within him even more so. 


Katsuki reaches up and peels off Eijirou's shirt before running his palms down the whole front of his friend's body. His hands go back up and cup the other boy's chest, fingers tweaking his nipples. He can't help the smile across his face when Eijirou grabs his wrists and puts his hands on his neck. 


"Fuck," Eijirou moans, rolling his hips on the downward slope of his movements. "Choke me… please-" 


Bucking his hips up every now and then, Katsuki squeezes Eijirou's throat gently, and uses his other hand to guide the red haired boy's movements. 


Eijirou smiles, eyes half-lidded, and he knows that they've crossed a line they can't uncross. Honestly, they crossed it when they kissed. And he knows that neither of them want to uncross this line. He's okay with that.


He reaches down to touch his tummy, and laughs quietly, quickly grabbing Katsuki's hand, touching the same spot. 


"Do you feel that? That's you," Eijirou says, breathless, in awe. "It's bulging." 


Katsuki gasps, not moving his hand, staring at the spot. "Holy shit. Holy shit, that's so fucking hot." 


Katsuki's hand is warm against his tummy, on top of the blond's cock stretching him to the fullest, where it reaches the deepest recesses inside him and Eijirou can barely hold on any longer. It's all he can do to even keep himself quiet enough as to not to wake up their classmates, but Katsuki letting go of his neck to use his thumb to torture his clit just adds gas to flames. 


"Cum for me, baby, cum for me," Katsuki begs, "Wanna feel you cum again, please." 


Eijirou whimpers, already overwhelmed and tears welling in his eyes. His vision blurs and he says, "Make me cum, Katsuki, wanna cum all over your big cock- ah - fuck, please, I'm close. Are you close too? Want you to cum in me." 


Katsuki growls, grabbing Eijirou and flips them, pinning the other boy down and pounding into him mercilessly. His hand circles Eijirou's throat and he squeezes. 


"Your filthy fucking mouth is gonna get you in trouble, you cockdrunk whore," Katsuki growls, his attitude switching on a dime. 


Gone was the tearful, sweet Katsuki, here is the Katsuki you all know and love. 


Eijrou's vision is blurry and all kinds of fucked, his eyes rolling back into his head and he clings onto Katsuki's arms desperately. 


"Use me, use me, use me," Eijirou mumbles, half incoherently, "Use my fucking hole, it's yours, daddy, I'm all yours-" 


One more deep stroke and Eijirou is cumming, hard, blacking out entirely, back arching and head thrusting back into the pillows. Luckily, Katsuki had covered his mouth just in time, otherwise the whole dorm building would be awakened. 


Watching - and feeling - Eijirou cum, it's no wonder Katsuki came soon after, burying his face into his friend's shoulder, sinking his teeth in the meat there, muffling his moans. 


Gently, Katsuki pulls out, kissing Eijirou through it, taking the condom off and throwing it away. As the red haired boy comes back to the land of the living, Katsuki holds him through it, running fingers through his hair. 


"Welcome back, Ei," Katsuki says, kissing the boy's forehead. 


"Hi. You're way too good at that," Eijirou murmurs, planting little smooches on Katsuki's shoulders and collarbones. "We should do that again." 


Katsuki hums in agreement, tucking him even closer. It's not long before he hears soft snores and he smiles, closing his eyes and falling asleep as well.