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Chapter 10
John was waiting by Margaret’s locker with a nervous but giddy smile he was certain that she would accept him and that his dreams would come true which was the opposite of Margaret’s thoughts as she was hoping to avoid him since he confused her greatly. John’s smile fell as he saw Margaret spot him and quickly walk the other direction, so he chased after her before he lost his confidence and yelled out I like you, come to the annual Mill’s party with me, as they came to an empty corridor earning him a glare and Margaret pulling him into an empty classroom. John took this as a good sign and pulled Margaret to him and kissed her on the lips, to Margaret’s shock she was eagerly kissing him back, playing with his hair but was broken out of the spell when her back hit the wall and pushed him away. “What do you think you are doing? You should ask a girl before kissing her, don’t I get a say in this? Why would I go to the party as your date, we can barely stand each other, next time keep your feelings to yourself! And on that note, Margaret stormed away, leaving a stunned John behind and crashed into a girl she recognised as Bessie from the school office on her first day.
“Oh wow, I have never seen John Thornton lose control like that in all the years I have known him, he must really like you”, Bessie exclaimed earning her a puzzled look from Margaret, “oh sorry I’m Bessie, I believe we met on your first day, sometimes I say things out loud when I’m meant to think them”, this time earning a smile and invitation from Margaret to sit together at lunch. Margaret was so excited about the prospect of finally making a friend in this god forsaken town, that she almost forgot about the kiss, the forbidden lovely, she meant atrocious kiss, John Thornton stole her first kiss, she didn’t know to be happy or angry about it or maybe focus on the math problem. Margaret and Bessie were having a great lunch catching up with each other’s lives until Margaret accidentally let John slip into the conversation and Bessie’s eyes lit up, like Margaret was in denial about her feelings for him, which she was most definitely not, how dare Bessie insulate such a thing! Oh no she was going to have to face him when he comes for his tutoring lesson this afternoon, so Margaret thought fast and asked to hang out with Bessie, who agreed but said it would have to be at Bessie’s house since she had to babysit her baby brother while her father was at work.