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Chapter 9
The almost disastrous kiss plagued both Margaret and John that night, Margaret was surprised that neither of her parents noticed, well if they did no one questioned it, she excused herself to talk to Edith which reminded Maria Hale that they were no longer near friends or family. Edith could not stop laughing as Margaret narrated her tale about John Thornton and it was starting to make her regret telling Edith, but she had no one else to tell or talk to, not even her mum paid attention to her these days it was like Margaret didn’t exist, this town going to be the end of her. Ever since they moved nothing had been going right, her parents didn’t care about how she felt, she loved them dearly and respected her father but could someone other than John Thornton please notice her! While she was having these thoughts an epiphany hit her, her assignment would be more authentic if she took it to the streets and saw it through the people, yes that would show John where him and his opinions stood even if he has gorgeous eyes and luscious looking lips, she needs to stop hanging out with him these thoughts are getting out of control.
John laid on his bed and every time he shut his eyes, he saw her dreamy eyes looking at his lips with desire as they leaned into the almost kiss, he barely even registered the car trip home or eating dinner, everything else was a blur and he didn’t care. This gave him the extra push to invite Margaret to the Mill’s annual party, he would wait by her locker and stare into her fiery eyes and, these thoughts were interrupted by the knocking at his door, meaning it was his mother, if it was Fanny she wouldn’t have bothered knocking and forced the door open in a dramatic motion. Since it was his mother entering the room, he knew she had something important to say and he was not going to like it one bit, “yes mother” he greeted her as she entered the room, “John I’m concerned about you and hear me out I only say this because I don’t want to see you getting hurt but that Margaret Hale is nothing but trouble, I don’t trust her one bit”, Mrs Thornton replied. And with that she bid him goodnight with plenty to think on, but one thing was for sure, what he feels for Margaret he has never felt for anyone before.