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Chapter 8
It only took 5 minutes of John turning up for the arguing to begin, John was trying to explain how without rules then the workers could become a liability to the company, potentially a danger but of course it didn’t come out as it sounded in his head, firing Margaret up. Margaret was too busy being angry at John that she didn’t realise how close they had become (John had noticed hence the hard breaths), until she noticed she was stroking his chest, his muscly chest and the memory of her dream came back, and she quickly stepped back, more like leapt back causing her to fall over a book, cursing the fact that her room wasn’t cleaner. She mumbled her excuses and quickly left her room, leaving John dumbfounded and glued to the spot in amazement, Margaret couldn’t believe that they were that close, and she was positive that if he had tried to kiss her, she would have accepted it. John would have been her first kiss and it would have been amazing, I mean gross no. Where did these feelings come from and better yet, how could Margaret make them stop?
After Margaret and John awkwardly said goodbye, barely able to look each without getting nervous, her father had the audacity to remind him of the tutoring session tomorrow causing Margaret to internally complain and be excited at the same time. Wait did she want to see him again? Where did these butterflies in her tummy come from? John felt like he was floating on air when he got into the passenger side of his mum’s car, he could still feel where her hands were stroking his chest and remembered the fire in her eyes, having a little giggle at how she always clumsy around him, yep he was in love. Mrs Thornton noticed his dreamlike expression and frowned harder at the thought of him being in love with Margaret Hale from the south. She knew this girl was going to be trouble, she didn’t want her son’s heart broken but what could she do, he only had eyes for Margaret Hale, no matter how undeserving she was. While back in Margaret’s bedroom she was pacing back and forward, questioning whether to consult with her cousin or not, oh Edith would have an absolute laugh, wouldn’t hurt to see if she were online, she also wondered if John was thinking about her as she was him.