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Chapter 7
She knew she had to face him sooner or later while she preferred later but English was first up, so she decided to act civil as it was the mature thing to do and as she hated to admit it, he was kind of her only friend here, well the only person she really knew. Moments like these made her realize how much she missed her cousin, wondering what she was doing now, if she was thinking about her as well. She was so deep in thought that she didn’t hear the teacher call her name, luckily John saved her by answering the question, “thank you John but I believed I asked Margaret”, replied the teacher before returning to his lesson. I gave him a small smile to say thanks, could I see john as my friend? Maybe if he wasn’t so confusing, he’s nice one minute then the next he’s just argh! Why can’t life just be simple like it used to be!

John’s heart fluttered when Margaret smiled at him, the teacher’s scorn was worth it, wait since when did Margaret have that effect on him, how is she breaking down his wall? His mother isn’t going to like it, but he is going to invite Margaret as his date to the annual Mill’s ball, he thought as he was imagining her hand in his. By the time he snapped out of his musings Margaret was gone, so was everyone else, oh well he’d be seeing her this afternoon for their study date, he meant session which reminded of her naive opinions about worker’s rights returning him to his brooding state of mind. Soon as Fanny got in the car after school, she had to open her mouth, “mama you wouldn’t guess what I heard”, usually they ignored her but this time his mother bit, “John defended Margaret to a teacher today, Mr Bell wasn’t happy about it”. This earned John a look from his mother, “mother that’s not what happened at all, Mr bell asked Margaret a question and I answered it for her, that’s all” he defended. Her scowl, became tighter as she informed him that, that Margaret girl was trouble and to be careful, this was going to be a awkward afternoon.