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Chapter 6
How was she going to survive this assignment, they could not even agree on a topic, argh he was going to be the death of her! That night when Margaret fell asleep, she had the strangest dream, it was a nice sunny morning, and she was walking to the church in her wedding dress which was pleasant so far as this was her dream wedding. Everything was normal until when she got to the priest and said I do, it was John’s face she saw and his mother smiling in the crowd as the priest pronounced them husband and wife, luckily as he went to kiss her, she woke up with a scream and covered in sweat. “Thank god, it was just a dream,” she thought as she checked the time, it was 2 am, “looks like I’m not getting any sleep now,” she groaned, scared to see that atrocity again. So, she may as well work on her research and prove John’s opinion wrong, she’ll show him who chose the better topic.
The next day, John was waiting by her locker, with the goal of apologizing for losing his temper “why does she have that effect on me?” he thought as she turned up, when it came time to open his mouth to apologize or generally greet her instead and ashamedly, he said, “well someone didn’t sleep well last night, dream about me?” Rewarding him with a glare as she walked away but he was sure that he also saw her blush or was it the lights, probably the lights well, he just blew it. All john wanted was for Margaret to understand his side and maybe like him back even as a friend if she knew what it felt like watching his father work, day after day for his pride and passion, the Mill. His Father gave those who worked under him everything they needed and was an understanding boss but one day due to a worker’s negligence of throwing a lit cigarette into the cotton, the factory burned, taking his father’s life and two other workers with it. Due to this negligence, his mother lost a husband, him and Fanny lost a father, but they must keep his father’s dream alive which was why John and his mother have been trying to rebuild the factory ever since and John has vowed he’ll do whatever it takes and never let a negligent worker ruin his family again, if only he could get her to understand.