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Chapter 5
The afternoon became more embarrassing as Mrs Thornton insisted on coming in and meeting her parents, her father introduced himself. “You must be John’s mother, I’m Richard and my wife Marie is indisposed at the moment, but she would have loved to of met you”, at this Mrs Thornton humphed thinking unlikely. Mrs Thornton told John she would pick him up in an hour as he had jobs to do, Margaret led him to her bedroom and shut the door as he had a look around trying to figure out her likes and interest then cursed himself for being silly while Margaret assumed, he was judging her. She cleared the books off her desk to make room as John remarked “bit of a reader, are you? she replied, “It’s better than reality sometime”, and resumed clearing the desk.

Margaret wanted to work on the mistreatment of workers while John wanted to work on the hardships of the bosses creating a huge argument. “How can you say that when there are so many bosses enjoying luxurious holidays while a “lowly worker” is struggling to get by, hoping daily that they still have a job!” She exclaimed, “it’s not my fault that most of them drink their money away while the economy is getting tighter!” he argued back. Did this man always have to be insufferable, arguing with everything she said like she didn’t know what she was talking about! “fine I’ll research my topic while you research you and let the best man or woman win”, she snapped, finally they agreed on something. She was grateful when it was time for him to leave while he was frustrated that every time they spoke it turned into an argument.