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Chapter 4
Her first lesson was English which was normally her favorite subject but guess who had to sit next to her, yes him again! John Thornton, he was everywhere! The cherry on the cake was when the teacher added it to the permanent seating plan, but the best part was yet to come, they had to pair up for a presentation and she was stuck with the only and only, John Thornton, him of all people, worse first day ever! She was stuck in these thoughts until she noticed, he was intently staring at her and rudely snapped “Can I help you?” she remarked with attitude, “As I was trying to say when would you like to work on the presentation you want to start working on the project?” he snapped back. Margaret felt a bit embarrassed for snapping at him and got flustered, but she couldn’t let that show and replied, “Fine if you are so worried about the project this afternoon at mine”, afterwards giving him her address on piece of paper and stormed out. If she were game to look back at him, she would have noticed him smiling giddily and gazing at her writing dreamily.
Thank God school had ended for the day, the worse first day was over, this thought excited Margaret until it dawned on her that she agreed to meet with him this afternoon at her house and groaned inwardly regretting her snap decision in English. As she was about to peacefully walk home and forget anything John related, John offered her a lift since he was going there to study anyway, not just because he was excited to see her, she was about to politely refuse when his mother told them to both hurry up and get in. She only accepted the lift out of fear of his mother who harshly introduced herself as Hannah Thornton but demanded to be called Mrs Thornton this cause John to shake his head and blush a little while Margaret just nervously nodded with a tight smile as she hopped in the car. Margaret was sadly also introduced to Fanny his younger and crazy sister who loved to gossip and talk, this made Margaret wonder how John was even related to these crazy people when he was so, wait was she about to compliment him? This was going to be a long ride home, they both thought, and they both were right for different reasons, John of embarrassment and Margaret of awkwardness and maybe fear of his mother who might murder her with one glance.