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Chapter 3
“Often talk to yourself”, john said as he startled her making her mess up her stroke, “only when I’m the only one talking sense” she exclaimed, accusing him of not being a gentleman for sneaking up on her. “I came to apologize for my behavior today and for not helping you up as you see I was late to help my mother at the mill”, he softly said as he bowed and kissed her hand, making her blush and apologize as well. They laughed and talked as she painted the mountains in the distance, she was starting to realize that he was a hardworking man and deserved another chance and that she could grow to like him, as she blushed at the thought. Well, those were the thoughts until he was an arrogant prick again saying that she could not walk home alone while he could, what year did he think it was! 1854!
The next few weeks passed peacefully, and to Margaret’s dismay school had begun, she was the new girl, yay? Why did her father do this to her? She could be listening to Edith gossip while they figured out what classes they shared, oh well let’s get this day over and done with. She got her schedule from the office and of course the first person she bumps into, literally bumped into, had to be him, John Thornton, the bane of her existence. “we need to stop meeting like this” he laughed, earning him a glare, “believe me it’s not intentionally done”, she snapped, not letting him finish his next sentence and walked away. Why did he bring out the worse in her, she wondered as he was having similar thoughts, would she always misunderstand him?